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I refuse to watch Aki because she doesn't care about foreign viewers otherwise she woulda have changed her channel's name.

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Holy sex. I think I’ll give アキロゼCh. a view, thanks OP!

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I learn Nihingo for watching her.

T. Reddit Rosentai

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Akinose doesn't care about (You) clipwatcher. Kill yourself.

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Aki once liked a comment i left on her video, she cares about me, ok?
Sounds like a skill issue on your part.

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EOP filtered

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Yellow apes like her deserve to be skinned alive and raped.

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glad i'm not alone here, although in aki's case i also don't like her PL's behavior. only one i've made an exception for is fubuki, and only because she does so many collabs with people i do like. i don't touch any of her solo stuff.

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Fubuki also didn't change her name and just like Aki she doesn't give a shit about people outside Japan. Hell even Pekora which is an ultra conservative nacionalist changed it

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Neck yourself Pablo.

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