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The one with the Mount Fuji.

Here we discuss 4 talents who went on a journey to bring happiness to the world. Come join us, let's have a good comfy time.


Airi Viridis

Mozumi Pichi

Elia Stellaria

Buddies list


Previously on /same/:

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Mozumi Pichi - RagTag archive: https://archive.ragtag.moe/channel/UCJGTtJdw1gtJKyMm0Fq2eng

Elia Stellaria - RagTag archive: https://archive.ragtag.moe/channel/UC0lSxKAt9osiA29vnk1R4sg

Spica - RagTag archive: https://archive.ragtag.moe/channel/UC58Ng5nTN3aiVveus4DEEDg

Airi Viridis - RagTag archive: https://archive.ragtag.moe/channel/UCFcdX8we6-tSndu6w4bwnag

/same/ archive: https://disk.yandex.com/d/tc6kz_kIKeriIA

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Man, what a retard, jeez. But at least I'm happy that Elia once again said that she just wants to move on and not dwell on the past

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Also, 100 gift memberships dropped, go grab them!

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Assertive Airi roleplay sex

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I wish she would just ignore obvious bait

>> No.50177871

bruh, how?

>> No.50177993

Coddiewomple waited right until the stream end to sneakily drop them. It failed, because Elia was still in the chat.

Yeah, hopefully next time she'll just ignore and ban these idiots.

Platinum greentext

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She hurt her own celebration and let it end on a downer note by letting an obvious troll get to her. People bringing Kawaii up at this point are just stirring shit, there's no genuine appeal any corporate shill would listen to at this point and the more she responds the more they will try and hurt them with it. Assume anyone at this point is acting in bad faith or doesn't have enough tact to be in any community.

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Fuck off, we're full.

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What would she need to do to get accepted (back) into the buddies?

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We don't know. It's up to the buddies themselves to decide that.

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Rate it

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It's a lot cuter than I expected.

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Doggo's status: hurt

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It's very cute and I like it, the face has that early '00s to it

>> No.50178628

*early 00's vibe

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There’s something slightly erotic about those skinny thighs

>> No.50178803

juicy banana thighs

>> No.50178879

no horse ears to cum on/10

>> No.50179143

Poor doggo

>> No.50179191

walmart aletta

>> No.50179265

will cum because I'm not a horsefucker

>> No.50179300

it's not bait if it's true

>> No.50179461

Very cute, but the sexy alter ego skit is going to be a harder sell with how innocent it is. I am unreasonably sad at thin thighs

>> No.50179850

I always thought garters straps would suit her really well, so i'm pleased. Fluffy hair too

>> No.50180567

Eli cute! I hate that Metamorphosis is what everyone leaps to whenever braids are involved, let a man enjoy a girl with a lot of hair.
Also: knock knee sexo.

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horsefucking aside, I'm going to miss the potential in horse gags, there's not much you can do with an angel deliveryman, Goose is the only natural joke that's come from it so far. Banana gag needs to take a backseat, was happy it carried over but it was much better as a background thing, now it's like her Bazinga. It was nice callout for fans, but it's starting to be too lulrandom with it being lore related.

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Here's the real question: how does Elia feel knowing her brother's probably gotten off to Mozu's ASMR?

>> No.50181603

I could call you a fag for the purpose of baiting (you) even though it’s 100% factual

>> No.50182497

do we know her height?
also, there is something weirdly... cute about her garters straps, not lewd, not sexy, just cute

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>There is a non-zero chance Elibro will meet his oshi whose ASMR he has cum to
Don’t know if I should be jealous or not. If I were ever in that position the spaghetti flowing out from my pockets would be enough to feed an orphanage for a week

>> No.50183356 [DELETED] 

It’s not really *that* weird if you think about it: if you think of them as just a group of friends it’s be like getting off to your sister’s friend group.

Doesn’t make me any less jealous though.

>> No.50183548

Honestly I’m a little disappointed that Elia felt the need to send her bro to check out whatever Discord they’re using. I feel like you can’t simultaneously separate yourself from it while also “checking in” (by proxy) to see what’s going on.

>> No.50183669

Mozumi Pichi...

>> No.50184113

>another members only post

>> No.50184164

Hold on Mozzubro, August is not that far away (unless she decides to reveal her model earlier)

>> No.50184213

Greys dont deserve updates. They don't even deserve streams, do something else with your time if you cant afford a membership

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>> No.50184509

she doesnt see greys as real fans, she's not comfortable around them. She talked about it as Sava in a members only stream

>> No.50184658

>Buddies planned to meet up in bongland
>Elia finds out her brother wants to fuck the cat
>They indefinitely postpone for mozu's sake
I can see it. time to guess what superchats are his

>> No.50185204

That would be funny as hell

>> No.50185300

they probably did it together

>> No.50185530

I should realize where I am before asking this, but did she really? I used to donate but not member back then because I dislike recurring payments and felt like using streamlabs would let her keep more of my money for no real effort on my part.

>> No.50185575

>your vtuber sister will never give you a handjob whilst whispering all the dirty shit your oshii shared with her into your ear
Why even live

>> No.50185640

no but she did say she feels more comfortable and intimate in members only streams

>> No.50185674

I don't remember her ever mentioning anything like that, if anything she always says that she's grateful to everyone and just watching her, even while not being membered to her is a big support for her already. She does tend to open more on members only streams tho

>> No.50185695

>your vtuber sister will never give you a slow, sensual BJ where in between bobs of her head she describes, in exquisite detail, the heft and sag of Mozzu’s copious tits and the length and texture of her treasure trail

>> No.50185753

Pretty much every vtuber feels like that

>> No.50186011

God I hope mozu streams today

>> No.50186055

>Are you thinking about her now, big bro?
>You are, aren’t you?
>Imagining it was the smelly beast giving you this sloppy head, thinking of how warm her big tits would feel grazing against your thighs
>She’s asleep in the other room, you know. If you listen you might hear that slow, soft breathing you like so much.
>Ehehehe you’re even stiffer now that I said that, that ASMR must have really done a number on you
>No, I don’t mind that you like her more than me. I mean, I have eyes, I can definitely see her appeal
>Pity though, you’ll *never* get to see her the way *I* have ehehehe
>What’s that mean? Oooh don’t worry about it bro.
>You’ve been so good to me, how about this? I know she’s a heavy sleeper. Why don’t we go in there and I’ll let you blow all over my face while you study every curve of her sleeping body, sound good?
>Mmmm I knew you’d like that

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guys stop being disgusting, Elia reads these threads

>> No.50186323

I’m sorry for disgusting you Elia, but it’s not my fault you and your friends make me feral

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>mozu wakes to find this cunt destroyer over her

>> No.50186632

With a larger sample size have we determined that number of Mozzu streams is inversely proportional to hornyposting? Mozzumites really do start breeding when left on their own,

>> No.50186673

well, she can't stream while edging, anon

>> No.50186761

Take notes from Takanashi Kiara, a fellow orange woman, Mozzu

>> No.50187086

mozu is pure sex, mozu's soul is the most wholesome sister-girlfriend on the planet and I lose all lust for 3 days when she streams

>> No.50187333

Elia is the whores poster, she loves it.

>> No.50187459

At least these hornyposts are written somewhat tastefully

>> No.50187462

lol imagining this (and everything it infers) is way too funny. “I keep saying ‘Whores’ but nobody’s joining in!” “Post it again in the next thread.”

>> No.50187682

I’ve notice this too, the less Mozzu the more horni

>> No.50188470

My Mozzu fantasies are too explicit to post here, but I appreciate those who do.

>> No.50188586

You can’t just say that and walk away

>> No.50189573

Except he just did that, but I appreciate him actually being true to his words

>> No.50190522

If you're a member and slept through Spica's watchalong I would encourage you to watch the VOD. We had tons of fun, she liked the movie, and we got some great bonus content at the end

>> No.50191099

A reminder that the archives have to be re-archived because in a month RagTag will cease to exist

>> No.50191196

well shit

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I miss Spica

>> No.50192330

I miss Spica too… I wonder what it would take to get her to cover Dango my nigga during her upcoming mashup stream

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File: 524 KB, 1170x611, 5F093DD9-AF8C-4ABD-A1E8-B245A375D91E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spica LOVE!!!

>> No.50195459

No one will know I love the Buddies

>> No.50195572


>> No.50196805

I was looking through the Sava clips I’d saved to get an idea about what might be good to grab and came across Christmas again.

Christ this still hits hard what the fuck

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File: 713 KB, 1067x600, C88A5A49-F17D-4FC8-B363-B738D2799BA2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Consume the sloog

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File: 861 KB, 1122x1591, AC7F72E8-F8E0-4560-B5AD-2A9E8DD8DB3B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She ate it!

>> No.50199561

Yeah, I still keep thinking about that stream from time to time, it left a big impact on me

>> No.50199586

It should have been me

>> No.50200129

Kamendroid seems really talented, I’m happy they’re making Mozzu art if only my skeb artist would get back to me…

>> No.50200132

Elia's stream starting!

>> No.50200273

Kamen is cool, that art with naked Mozzu is just NGHHH

>> No.50200294

Even if it's as a byproduct of Mozzu horny I'm surprised Elia got a greentext before Spica.

>> No.50200345

Spica is too pure to be lewded

>> No.50200798

Sounds like a challenge, Anon.

>> No.50200859

Kamen is based, hope they keep up the art it's hard conveying mozuisms to skebs but he gets it if they're /here/ pray that they get inspired by the greentexts
hope it gets forgotten about and not archived anywhere it's like a precious private memory for the people that were there, shit newfags can't get in on

>> No.50200921

This. There is a reason she was voted most seiso by a wide margin during Airi’s “Who Dunnit?” stream.
Let’s keep it that way, please don’t lewd my oshi when it’s clear she’s really not comfortable with it

>> No.50201088

Full agree. It was really personal, and she unlisted it. If people care they can find it.

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File: 416 KB, 709x891, 3F178E89-EF44-4607-A555-02B1999AEBD1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yea, destroy the machines, no machines, only tradition
>Oh no, we left one alive
Based uncle Ted enjoyer Elia

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I can't even trick myself into thinking she can be lewd like Airi. She would talk over the whole experience as you're trying to get into it and then display such a complete inept understanding of some function of sex that it completely kills your drive like 'Oh my GOD I didn't know there was a bone down there, is that why they call it a boner???'
The only thing her fingers should flick is her Ukelele strings.

>> No.50201683

>Oh my GOD I didn't know there was a bone down there, is that why they call it a boner???'
I read this in her voice because it’s really easy to imagine her saying that

>> No.50201748

what's the qrd here
they don't have wiki pages im scared

>> No.50201833

cute indie girl group
check 2nd post

>> No.50201847

One time 4 girls left a corpo and then 4 unrelated buddies debuted a few days later Look at the second post.

>> No.50201862 [DELETED] 

>They are Buddies
>We love them
>They’re right to be afraid

>> No.50202033

ah didn't expect those links, ty

>> No.50202038

Should be noted there wasn't any huge yabs, just a behind the scenes disagreement we don't know about

>> No.50202552

Elia's approach game: *strips*

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>> No.50203056

Do the thug shaker Eli

>> No.50203564

Didn't watch any of her PLs but Elia is pretty cute

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It should've been me, not him!

>> No.50203883

Unless you're only watching for entertainment, her inner circle and favourites has already been established. So you won't be acknowledged as much

>> No.50204294

t.fag who was banned for spamming some unfunny shit and thinks there's a cabal

>> No.50204676

Elia needs you to fit it in the appropriate hole

>> No.50204879

I usually lurk in her streams, but when I do chat she seems to read my comments on stream pretty often. Don't be a schizo

>> No.50205322

Oh yeah I noticed the common thread & remember that coming up in chuuba news, forgot all about it until now.

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What the fuck was his problem

>> No.50206880

I'm not retarded so I don't watch vtubers to be acknowledged by a woman

>> No.50206933

The world is so gay now it's unbelievable.

>> No.50207786

Mozzu liked a saya no uta gif

yes I'm stalking her likes don't act like you're better than me

>> No.50207868

Not surprising since she actually wants to read the VN on stream

>> No.50208177

Elia is trying to groom kids, wants to discuss so-called 'pony points,'

>> No.50208284

She'd said she was wary of doing it under her Mozzu persona though, maybe she's reconsidered.

I was thinking how awkward the scenario she described was. Like would I need to pretend I didn't know who she was? Would I need to create a whole new account just to keep up the kayfabe?

>> No.50208406

she should wait until she gets her pettan model then make it a members series for maximum immersion.

>> No.50208792

IIRC she was wary of doing that because the VN has some NSFW content, but the version sold on Steam has it cut (unless you apply a patch to get it back), so I see no problem with playing it as Mozzu.
Even if she were to create a new persona just for that, I wouldn’t create a new account myself. Of course she knows who’s watching her, why hide?

>> No.50208949

A man can dream ToT

>> No.50209038

iirc she mentioned the possibility of recording and uploading it in the member's folder instead of streaming it

>> No.50210440

Spill it, I heard Elia had a mis-click and I've yet to see any shots of it.

>> No.50210520

Don't talk like a drone and she'll recognize you easily.

>> No.50210569

Who do you hate the most in chat?

>> No.50210780

Jojo's Bizarre Reviews

>> No.50210787

sorry anon, nobody watches elia here

>> No.50210994


>> No.50211058

Bruh her name has been mentioned multiple times, try be a human bean plz but yeah dem numbers I thought at least 1 clipper is attached to these girls.

>> No.50211179

Sayuri, but not much. All the really bad faggots have left and it's only the odd grey irregular creep now.

>> No.50211269

I mean you're crazy if you think we're going to just feed a catalog tourist some ammo which he will then proceed to immediately post in the catalog and try to get his post featured on Banned VTuber Memes.

>> No.50211448

I think I’ve seen some Elia clips in my recommendations actually, can’t remember who makes them tho.

Several people including me are watching (although I’m dosing off because it’s really late in my time zone and I woke up early, so I might quit for tonight and watch the end of the VOD tomorrow)

>> No.50211464

My bad white-knight sama, Jesus Christ

>> No.50211585

Aha. And there it is. Thank you for confirming my first impression of you was indeed correct and I was right not to spoonfeed you. See the people who don't have bad intentions wouldn't be so easily filtered like this, but it seems you do.

>> No.50212053

Elia is gone til Monday…
Next stream is Spica tomorrow!
Have a good night/day anons, don’t let the thread sink!

>> No.50212124

Airi video soon too, RP expectations?

>> No.50212337

Wouldn’t say it’s soon, she’s only posting it tomorrow, but I think she’s gonna go with some comfy scenario

>> No.50212518

Are there holes for the wings in the jacket? It would be nice to have a view from behind

>> No.50212583

There's an exposed back on the stream.

>> No.50212683
File: 2.97 MB, 4096x1523, FxDQnslWYAEahXT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

full thing is up on twitter, no holes since her back is exposed damn slut

>> No.50213532

Found it anyways, how's life as a tool like btw?

>> No.50213551

I'll respect Spica and the wispicals and not dwell, but the idea of her starting out like that and slowly getting quieter is pretty hot.

>> No.50213898

Yeah, I'm sure you totally have it and that's why you didn't post it.
We know this thread is under constant attack by bitter people from the other company, always looking for a way to "get back" at the supposed "villains." We're not going to make things easy for you. You'll do the work just like everyone else.

>> No.50213958

>spent several hours scouring videos for a misclick
>it was probably just a pon moment and nothing like a discord leak
you sure showed him

>> No.50214065

Just call them retard and laugh them off, don't act too defensive it shows your hand.

>> No.50214382
File: 238 KB, 315x455, sp2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you tease her more with foreplay
>she gets into the mood a bit more and stops talking as her breathing hastens
>you push her back and aim to stick it in
>"Wait there's more? Oh my GOD it goes in there!? EeewWWW! That's weiiIIEERD"
I can't do it. I hope her model has the same shit eating grin as her temp

>> No.50214654

Spica threesome with Tasili and Mr. Lion when

>> No.50214864

Don't involve me in your dirty fantasy

>> No.50217843


>> No.50218368

kek just fell for the same video

>> No.50218451

>'Oh my GOD I didn't know there was a bone down there, is that why they call it a boner???'
>easy to imagine her saying that

would probably go like this https://youtu.be/FRSr_8J5QvQ?t=8838

>> No.50219665

Don’t know, don’t care. If it was anything too bad corpo shills would be flooding the catalogue with it

>> No.50219853

Even if it wasn't anything bad they would be doing that. That's how you know it's nothing, because there's not even any room to spin it into a bad thing.

>> No.50220311
File: 28 KB, 627x176, Screenshot 2023-05-26 212410.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Absolutely cursed

>> No.50220848

New Elia member post. It feels like a good chunk of the middle of it is addressing what happened at the end of her model reveal stream. Or am I just being a schizo?

>> No.50221587

It's probably part of it. She's always been good for getting one guyed and it did put a pretty big damper on what should be a celebration. The other part is that she's obviously the least over the whole thing of the buddies and she's trying to convince herself as much as everyone else.

>> No.50221667

It wasn't anything bad, but the white knights here are hilarious.

>> No.50221677

Could she catch a fucking break for once please? Can't replace it either and even if mites would buy whatever she puts out it will torment her if its not up to scratch for herself. Fuck everything
Hope it's about something in the TotK stream, I missed it but I hate that she would dwell on one thing for so long after having another fun stream with everyone.

>> No.50222828

Mozzu love!
I would break down after all those setbacks with the merch stuff holy shit.

>> No.50222860

>Hope it's about something in the TotK stream
She mentions the model reveal immediately before the part of the post in question

>> No.50225212

I never thought I'd see someone unironically using that phrase in 2023. How out of touch are you? Do you also whine about "SJWs"?

>> No.50225604

Cause using Simps doesn't have the same effect, if you had half a brain you would already realize you are being lead on like
said. This is why being conditioned to be a door matt and a cuck gets you laughed at.

>> No.50225854

Calling people Matt is well over the line.

>> No.50227213

Fuck Matt I hate that asshole

>> No.50227422

I apologize for my horrible spelling, it is low tier bait after all, and to all the Matts out there who never asked for this.

>> No.50228289
File: 1.57 MB, 1170x1114, 6E89ABC9-12D5-455C-BABD-9A708F11ACFE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope Spica’s model’s eyes are as sparkly as they were in this skeb

>> No.50229741

but will the eyes be jiggly?

>> No.50231068

Time to sleep, if you niggas need something to post about what are your favorite streams playlists from the buddies you watch and why?

>> No.50231814
File: 1.41 MB, 1920x980, times.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just have some moments I like from each streams. I have my private timestamps I like to go back to and watch, things like Spica being cute, songs I like etc

>> No.50232150

Is Airi the only one without a non-ragtag PL archive? The others are around in reliable enough places. Ragtag seems to be the only place that has close to a full Airi though.
Just don't want to waste too much effort archiving where it's not needed.

>> No.50232828

Any of their collab playlists. They are great individually but absolutely wonderful together
Also Airi’s ASMR playlist if I’m in the mood

>> No.50233696

Ragtag warned us far enough in advance that I'm pretty sure someone will make a complete backup of the entire site before it gets shut down. I don't think anything from Ragtag is going to be lost forever.
If they had just pulled the plug without warning, that would have been devastating, but thankfully they didn't.

>> No.50234798
File: 504 KB, 1170x994, 1E1778A1-4D13-4DD6-9142-610DAAA2F359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update on Mozzu’s tablet. Sucks about her pen, but at least the tablet itself isn’t broken

>> No.50236042
File: 731 KB, 947x1170, 2D9270ED-066E-461E-9A0D-EB0DA717DDC2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50236110 [DELETED] 


>> No.50236562

Someone made a google drive for her, but I don't think they're /here/ and I haven't seen it posted before.

>> No.50236573

She’s cuter than I thought

>> No.50236804

Suggesting to her that she could ask her family if they know someone that does hobby electronics / jewlery is both too obvious and too far into concernfag territory, right?

>> No.50238328

If there's one thing I've learned about VTubers, it's that there are no boundaries. Treat them as if you know them personally.

>> No.50239039

How do you think Airi would feel or react to reading this? Or even just knowing such a degree of overt eroticism was associated with her? Not criticizing, just curious about the speculative answers of such a hypothetical, even if it may never happen.

>> No.50239050

Goodnight /same/ hopefully I’ll wake up in time to catch some of Spica live

>> No.50239085

Sleep tight, Anon.

>> No.50239557

Not concernfagging, but I think she's already tried all that.

I really hope you're not being serious.

I'm actually curious too. The greentext is tastefully written, so she might even approve it, who knows.

Good night, don't oversleep!

>> No.50239796

What kinda tablet is she using? I imagine Wacom would be easy to find replacements.

>> No.50239926


>> No.50241278

Don't fall, Spica is in less than 2 hours!

>> No.50241427

what's a mashup you want to see other than dango my nigga >>50192330

>> No.50242053


>> No.50242162


>> No.50242304


>> No.50242318

>stream with males
eliafags... not like this...

>> No.50242529

Considering the stress she went through this morning, she deserved a drink

>> No.50242618 [DELETED] 

Is that her boyfriend lol

I always thought she lived in some run down apartment full of garage sales stuff but that looks prim and proper.

>> No.50243134

Spica in 30 minutes

>> No.50243474

>can’t be consistent to save her life
I take it back Mozzu, you really are a woman after all

>> No.50243941
File: 11 KB, 563x62, dasc_587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50244270

Wait, wasn’t her aunt the one that nursed her back to health the last time? Does she have some sort of fetish?

>> No.50244288
File: 28 KB, 1180x123, dasc_589.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50244458

That's called "being a loving aunt'. Also it wasn't her who got her drunk last time, but her cousin. Give her a break, she's struggling to finish the merch for us before the deadline, she'll need that bottle to celebrate after she's done with it (I just hope she won't go overboard with it)

>> No.50244995
File: 61 KB, 973x353, 1685119313974780.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mozzu read the fucking Saruei autism shitpost lmao

>> No.50245281


>> No.50245879

>Spica on
>day instantly gets 5 times better
How does she do it?

>> No.50245896

Times I think about getting checked for assburgers and ADHD, but then I know the only help they'll give me, is a self-help pamphlet that just says "try harder".

>> No.50245901

Spica has lost it

>> No.50246113

Spica played All Star

>> No.50246339

Now playing her mashup she did for Filian

>> No.50246408


>> No.50246426

Sounds like a lot of cope centered around Mozzu being duplicitous (second time this week)

>> No.50246859

Rolling in the Deep + Crazy

>> No.50247323

that was a good one

>> No.50247984
File: 339 KB, 852x852, FxIxIO7WIAMFxta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50248438

Why would it matter that it was her cousins that got her drunk? The result is the same.

>> No.50248474


>> No.50248672

it's now on screen on Spica's stream

>> No.50250497

I'm glad Spica can keep me up to date on the important Javake lore

>> No.50251459


>> No.50252097

why do people care about that shit?
I'm a textbook example of autism but never got interested in getting diagnosed
won't make me more autistic, won't make me less autistic, won't change the way people look at me or treat me, won't change the way I treat them
unless you want pills or whatever they give you (which I don't cause fuck taking mind altering drugs) what do you get from being diagnosed?

>> No.50252174

You're looking at it from (based on demographics) a male perspective. Women crave that kind of thing because they're looking for belonging and having a stamped Certificate of Autismo lets them do that.

>> No.50252213

you're not a woman

>> No.50252337

Because people are different. Some people don't care about that stuff, and that's okay, while others want to know the answer because that will give them some closure, and that's also okay.

>> No.50252357

women love that paper shit

>> No.50252378

it helps to know what's wrong with you

>> No.50252417

Spica is sad she can't raid the buddies
Make waiting room, buds

>> No.50252585

Spica is gone...
...and she raided Lumi, which means that she'll text her thanking for the raid afterwards

>> No.50252781
File: 16 KB, 612x72, AAA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spica wants to make a real attempt at Hajimete no Creep...
Can't believe my recycled joke got a reaction from her

>> No.50254127
File: 672 KB, 2067x2894, 1685025297747743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50255187


>> No.50255836
File: 166 KB, 322x360, 1683807832660603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50256763

I’ll never be able to look at this drawing and not get horny again

>> No.50257243

Wait, at first I thought her aunt had gotten Mozzu a new pen, but she found a whole new drawing tablet? Can you just buy one in (seemingly?) rural Norway?

>> No.50257383
File: 312 KB, 600x600, EAC734B8-94C7-403E-847D-4712D50D047C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wake up 30 minutes into Spica’s stream
>Listen comfy in bed while drifting in and out of sleep as Spica serenades me
>Fully awake now, watching the VOD from the beginning
It’s like I get to experience it for the first time twice

>> No.50257527

Even if it's extremely rural part of Norway, it doesn't mean that Mozzu's aunt couldn't drive to the nearest electronics shop and buy a tablet there. Judging by the time passed between her tweets (9 hours), there was more than enough time to do that

>> No.50257576

Her aunt got her an intuos, which is a non-display tablet. It's just a drawing surface you hook up to your PC, not a full display you can actually see shit on while you draw. It's hard to describe, do a quick google and you'll get it. It's basically a fancy drawing mouse.

They're way cheaper and more common than a full display, doesn't really surprise me she was able to scrounge one up, however rural the place she is.

>> No.50258907

You can also buy a tablet off Amazon and have it arrive within like an hour if you pick the fastest shipping, which I would have done for her if she was Airi. Amazon has warehouses everywhere.

>> No.50258934

>Hating on K-pop and and easily offended ignorant twitter troons
Holy based

>> No.50260735
File: 305 KB, 1170x669, 0C3652FD-7AAC-4348-B918-BBDC1E8A978B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Elia got poked in her eye while getting her haircut. Hopefully she wasn’t poked with scissors!

>> No.50260749


>> No.50261988

I'll poke her in the eye if you know what I mean

>> No.50262467

Now that's the greentext I'd like to see

>> No.50263570

Greentext anon please make it happen

>> No.50264636

Elia /meat/...

>> No.50266230
File: 290 KB, 600x600, VhJiZM6-Ks3DgwOZjpiQBA_flip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50266626
File: 3.91 MB, 456x430, eyelia.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this the eye that gets poked with my dick?

>> No.50268302
File: 183 KB, 448x448, TKvdirtzZD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss Elia. Wish she didn't take so many days off from streaming now.

>> No.50269137

Finally anons started discussing Elia too, I'm happy now

>> No.50270509

Does wanting to fuck her eye socket count as discussion?

>> No.50270615

Well, even before there was stream discussion

>> No.50270871

Yeah, she even has an anti doing naughty things in the thread now. Couldn’t of seen this coming when the links to her streams used to never even get posted on time /here/

>> No.50271691

>Less than an hour till Airi’s video
>Still no tweet or premiere waiting room for it
Is she going to upload it without a premiere, or is she in a post-surgery painkiller coma and forgot about it?

>> No.50273049

She might have forgotten about it, it happened in the past already

>> No.50274041

Looks like she really forgot after all

>> No.50274513
File: 37 KB, 600x159, air.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe she dreamed she uploaded it and now she'll never remember she didn't.

>> No.50274587
File: 2.20 MB, 1170x1114, sparkly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50276300

That sparkles so bright you’d be able to see it with her eyes closed

>> No.50276425

Airi love
/same/. Would care more if I could get a disability check from it

>> No.50276525

isn't that all her """asmr"""?

>> No.50277557

>all of elia's fans are happily talking in discords rather than coming here in shame
Healthy community, most potent groom capabilities.

>> No.50277967

The Elia discord is anything but shameless.

>> No.50280362

I want my Mozzu back waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh waaaahhhhhhhhhhhh wwwwaaaaaa

>> No.50281318

Least needy Mozzu fan

>> No.50281481

Just a little bit longer!
A’ight anons, have a good night/day, we have Spica to watch tomorrow. Don’t let the thread sink!

>> No.50281836
File: 276 KB, 855x788, chibi-elia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is the only version of Chibi Elia this one that looks like it's crying?

>> No.50282028

There's a whole series of them with various emotions.

>> No.50283001

The break from Mozu has been pleasant. It's let me catch up on vods and when she gets back to streaming I enjoy her more since I've taken a break from her

>> No.50283301 [DELETED] 

Do you know where they are? I looked through her media tab and that was the only one I could find.

>> No.50283309 [SPOILER] 
File: 779 KB, 1200x1135, da025da332585e5a67b58b762ccd6c47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She looked good with her hair like that, all that mess of buns and braids now framing her round face like a dumpling
>Her eyes catch yours, you can't hide your lust. She shoots a knowing glance, one you know well
>The usual exchange, you offer her a helpless shrug
>'you punk' she lets out a wheezy laugh before guiding you to relax in a chair
>She gets to work, lowering to her knees, removing the cloth and coming face to face with your lone trooper, standing to the brim with attention
>A coy laugh fills the room 'I should have gotten some popcorn, I didn't know we were watching small soldiers'
>Her deep voice, it still manages to send shivers even though the words cut close
>She lifts a hand to pull an absent braid back, force of habit
>She winks up at you in a way that says 'silly me' only to catch herself in pain, it's only then you notice her eye is a little bloodshot
>'it's daijoubu yeah yeah yeah, just a little pokey action from the hairdressers'
>'pokey action? sus.'
>'Matte what do you mean sus?!!' she wheezes
>wanting revenge for your earlier, you send your one-man unit to march, swaying back and forth in an intimidating swagger
>'pokey pokey~'
>Oh fuck
>the chair slides back, you lose your footing shooting further forward than you intended
>You only meant to gross her out by shaking your snake
>It's then you realize a sickening warmth forming around your shaft, you dare to look down.
>Beneath her bangs, where an eye brimming with lilac and love should be juts a stick of meat
>She's stunned, her vacant gaze half-cocked staring up at you, mouth ajar
>Where are the screams though? The world is deadly still
>You look closer
>A smile
>A smile?
>Its. Wrong.
>You blink
>W r o n g
>An eye, not a face, stares up at you, anything resembling human now absent.
>Your shaft is thrust in the iris, a color of such vibrant kaleidoscope, majesty and horror that words do not describe it
>You slip towards the pupil. Reality, what little of it remains, crashes over you like an avalanche of needles
>'be not afraid'
>You blink once more
>Her 'head' is close to yours now, surrounded by a triage ever-shifting circlets emblazoned with ever-shifting eyes, staring emotionless, unjudging
>You try and glimpse the facial features beneath, but it's as if your vision is blurry. No, like the memory is actively being scrubbed away, a dementia dream
>Where ribbons once rested gently on her wings now feature the same legion of soulless stares, warping a symbol of hope for that of despair
>At last you realize you're still... w a r m... Still connected. The eye you had unintentionally violated embraces you, like a father's handshake and a mother's hug
>You feel it first in your mind, cracks forming, reality bending its own rules, all that you know shattered
>In a rush the sensation escapes you, downward, outwards, waves of fear wash away from you and replaced by an ecstasy only felt between that fragile whisper between awake and oblivion
>As if the plug on reality was pulled, your sanity and consciousness are pulled into the eye, a sensation of your very being and the very universe itself engulfing the connecting point between your shaft and the eye
>You release, a pleasure so horrifying and supreme it breaks every taboo and establishes every tradition, you fade.
>'ayayaya, you weren't supposed to see that'
>'blame powers greater than I for this cursed moment'
>'don't worry I will make everything okie dokie artechokey'
>you rise with a start, it's your bed.
>you were sure something horrible happened, something unspeakable
>a hand settles you, you look over to see Eli, a new haircut, but the same smile you know
>you stare into her eyes for comfort
>for a moment you were sure you miscounted
>'Well everything is daijoubu--
>cause I got my eye on you.'

>> No.50283587 [DELETED] 

Do you know where they are? I looked through her media tab and that's the only one I could spot.

>> No.50283902

Members folder maybe? They were showcased on a very early stream too, the first one I think.

>> No.50285644
File: 24 KB, 512x384, ipgxi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon, I knew you would come through
>cause I got my eye on you

>> No.50289229

While obviously I think the tone of her tweet would be very different if she had actually been poked in the eye with scissors, I find the complete lack of concern here to be a little strange.

>> No.50289293

>Elias bro comes here to hornypost mozu
>Sees this shit
My sides

>> No.50289489

>obviously I think the tone of her tweet would be very different if she had actually been poked in the eye with scissors
>I find the complete lack of concern here to be a little strange
I think you just answered your own question. We wouldn't be joking about it if it were anything to really be concerned about

>> No.50290577
File: 1.13 MB, 1500x1500, 1685048501860779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50293361
File: 18 KB, 583x116, s.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dumbo devil update
She read the greentext and had to scrap the planned beach video

>> No.50293420

Spica in 9 hours and 30 minutes

>> No.50294153

>I’ll upload it tomorrow
Wait so are we getting two videos tomorrow or one?

>> No.50295384

Need Mozzu...

>> No.50295468

mites were birthed just to suffer

>> No.50296003

I'll never forgive her for this unless she gives 20 minutes of kisses the next asmr

>> No.50297752

She read the greentext and had to scrap the planned beach video I guess we know the answer to this now >>50239039

>> No.50300358

Good night I love Mozzu

>> No.50300470

Have a nice rest, I think Mozzu’s a piece of shit.

>> No.50300551
File: 80 KB, 736x735, 1671132993709691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Elias bro

>> No.50301931

spica only tomorrow, I hope you get the affirmation you want to hear bros. Mine is "mozu misses you too'

>> No.50301966

Kind of, but she's my piece of shit and I love her too

>> No.50304430
File: 376 KB, 1170x796, 1B5502DD-0E61-4796-BF87-F80B98E29778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are some people in this thread who need to hear this and who it’s probably directed at

>> No.50305827

Posting in dead community

>> No.50307927

I blame Mozzu

>> No.50308706

She has a lot to answer for, to be fair

>> No.50309063
File: 87 KB, 742x306, IMG_3136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, mites prepare to engorge yourselves, haters get new things to hate I guess.
I’m assuming she means Monday, but this is from the woman that made a WR like five minutes before midnight just so she could say it was the same day, so who knows

>> No.50310532


>> No.50311319

I wonder what her next schedule will be. Also, tomorrow is a collab I guess?

Absolutely based as always, especially second tweet

>> No.50311444

>I wonder what her next schedule will be.
One stream that becomes a three hour zatsu then no streams after she drinks a whole bottle of booze and gets sick again.

>> No.50311495

Oh, so she advises people not to eat sugar but she's actually pretty unhealthy, huh?

>> No.50311547
File: 180 KB, 1728x1080, 50486ae71620460e89ee9e207ef6fd7d_large[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50311631

How new?

>> No.50313284

What does it all mean?

>> No.50313349

It means exactly what it says

>> No.50314929

Don't forget about Spica's stream in 2 hours~

>> No.50315651

Spica's new art sneak peek for members. Very cute.

>> No.50316700
File: 373 KB, 309x176, 1684252899124971.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50317742
File: 48 KB, 400x400, LYNjZL3qCM3DgwPe4qfYDg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50318018

pushed back an hour
now in about an hour and a half

>> No.50318313

mozu will drink that in private or give it as a gift. Which is good, the amount of tourist cunts that acted like they were big supporters of her last time because they went in expecting to heckle her and got the feels instead was shit. I don't want another few weeks of bloat cutting streams short either

>> No.50318988
File: 794 KB, 728x611, 1685026313237885.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50320517

I'm tired of prechat

>> No.50321193

>mozu will drink that in private
You're thinking about this the wrong way. My problem is that she drank, got sick and was convalescent for like a week. The problem's the drinking happening, not the venue in which it is drank drunk? I've never been clear on this

>> No.50321306
File: 15 KB, 342x113, Screenshot 2023-05-28 080330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wrap it up, boys. Buddies taking L after L lately.

>> No.50321519

Puzzle with Spica!

>> No.50321774

I feel bad for people waiting to get the notification and missing out.

>> No.50321987

How urgent could this email possibly be that it can’t wait til after her stream?

>> No.50322180
File: 375 KB, 827x827, FxN6a9pWIAAorVE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

puppy mozzu... I'm a weak mite. I forgive

>> No.50322223
File: 108 KB, 725x184, E6E22655-2A24-48FB-AE07-8DEA0A53F455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spica HATES AI, she can write it herself!

>> No.50322231

Just sayin', >>50082144

>> No.50322871

she's also tired to actually stream something like this stream

>> No.50323287
File: 6 KB, 318x58, dasc_602.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spica has a cute Spica art for members

>> No.50323486
File: 191 KB, 733x353, 65E5FCDF-C7B7-4E55-BC36-A2380E97907C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next buddies collab unsure when its going to happen

>> No.50324495

Spica outsourcing the gameplay to her viewers, pioneering

>> No.50324845

Your move, creep

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