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How did she hide her tits this time?

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The usual.
But the side view shots are *chef's kiss

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I wished someone else got this model

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So does us all, IRyS would be unstoppable on that model

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Wait we got glorious sideboob?

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Indeed. Wada Arco's brilliant work doesn't deserve this cunt who doesn't even know Ahoy or Weather Hackers, let alone anything about making good content or being a decent person.

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so true sis

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You people (and even Irys herself, to an extent) fixates too much on outside appearances. What matters most is your personality

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I know you're calling me a Luxiem fujo or whatever, but there's no way they would know Weather Hackers lol

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stop thinking with your cock, the model's a piece of shit what are you on about

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seething 2view thread

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Coco was shit

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>Wada Arco's brilliant work

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Yes and ass too.

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Kronii is shit right now.

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kronii will never be as shit as coco

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would so bad

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Yugioh lookin' ass

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jokes on her, armpits are more sexual than her cow tits

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lol. lmao.
She's lucky she has a model boost. If she had Kiara's model, she would be a three view post male yab.

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Irys wants to be a loli

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we all know she's much chubbier then this.

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Kill yourself ESL.

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Who are you deflecting from this time? Fuck Kronii.

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>Fuck Kronii.

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There is nothing wrong with Kiara's model.
Kiara's problems are with her voice, same as Bae.
And both of them choose this.

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>So does us all
I wish the third world got rangebanned from posting

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I disagree. Coco was a lot of fun, had confidence and had a lot of fun with her model, even though the design was pretty weird. Kronii acts awkward and ashamed of hers.

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Maybe acting weird and prude is her shtick?
Ever think of that?

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>Hide the tits but pits on full display
I see this as an absolute win.

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It's literally in this OP >>50176777
Pretty meaty clock ngl.

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I thought you niggers hated kson and everything she's done now

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>How did she hide her tits this time?
She didn't but nobody in this thread actually watched her stream.

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Need for what?
Say it anon

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00's fantasy anime looking reject.

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>but nobody in this thread actually watched her stream
Correction, no one on this board watches streams, only reads threads and try to push dumb narratives