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Anyone gotten further with fauna? I'm starting to think it's impossible. I had excellent RNG and nabbed the attack lowering flower for my weapon along with a single throaway stamp upgrade. I feel pretty robbed from casting my special and still dying too.

before achievements I used to call this mode, fauna stands straight based off of a nip mtl video.

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Fauna is pretty easy mode. Main weapon only shreds with Shiraken/Aquakin/Ghost, and collab runs are pretty simple as well with Sake Flower and any high damage collab you want.

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Only suggestion I'd have is to fish for EN Curse weapon, since it is the highest damaging non-collab item. Also, unless it has been patched, Plushie is broken when interacting with armor items like the Platemail, as the damage over time portion completely ignores the damage reduction bonuses on other items, so you still take full damage.

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I mostly have the armor for additional damage but I guess I could try more survivability.
I actually got further without the curse weapon. you really need as much knockback as you can get, and I had another advantage in a knockback axe too. I really dont think it can be done unless you luck out and get a collab to spawn on top of you.

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Use Shion. When you use her Ult to jump, you can still move while in the air and it wont count as "walking". Use that opportunity to grab anvils and/or flee from bosses.
I'll be waiting for you to comeback to thank me, anon.

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