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/vt/ input on this information ?

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>homo cocksucker
It's not worth a second of my time, couldn't care less.

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Impressive, very nice.

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gyat damn
i need to start watching kronii again

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Rough anal sex with Kronii

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Man, that ass... those tits... oh MAN

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I await the fanarts

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I want her to sit on my face

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anon you know we can see IP counts right?

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Built for vesper

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sure we didn't get head on but blessed sideboob and ass

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I quite surprised that she's didn't get nerf or censored like Coco

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Maybe Kronii isn't so bad

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Kronii deserves less

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The model was never the problem as you can see, it's the pilot that sucks majorly and is restricting Kronii's true potential.

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It was the type of responses i wanted

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she can suck my homo cock any day

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Yeah, my micropenis.

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>homo cocksucker
This is a thread about Kronii, make a thread about yourself if you want to bring this up

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perfect for vesper's dick she stole off

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Get to the back of the line.

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Her body built like the letters dP for double penetration

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why is such a good model wasted on some who hates it

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>getting kronii addicted to anal

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I want to fuck that underboob.

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>implying she isn't already addicted after Tempus ran a train on her

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That's kinda cringe dude, at least reset your router

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*spreads her cheeks*

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>ad hominem
Typical clockcuck

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Holy sex.

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God imagine how tight that is

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>why is such a good model wasted on some who hates it
The honest answer is that Cover has a stupid policy of not giving hololive talents any control over their model or default outfit so they sometimes get stuck with something they hate. Nijisanji has a pool of models they can pick from since they understand that a vtuber needs to have some input on what they will use. Anon you are missing the fact that Kronii has more reason to complain than any of her viewers.

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Typical closet dweller.

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Nijinigger, they do get input on their final design.

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cover always does a great job with the korean sex slaves

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>it's another "KRONII HATES HER MODEL" retard

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Yeah, what a dumb faggot. Kronii doesn't just hate her model, she hates vtubing altogether.

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Dat Ass!!

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>see ass
>instantly think about cock

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Gura said during her 1 year anniversary that Myth could request minor changes but that some of them had every request denied. Do you really believe that Kronii and Ina were okay with coomer bait outfits? The reason they switch over to new outfits or fight management for years to get a redesign is because hololive talents don't have any real input on their designs.

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I want her to shit on mine

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fpbp where's the lie?

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but I liked the fact her ass was so small compared to her tits, like in her original model. this just ruins it

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Anon, think of it for the porn.

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This guy watches Veibae.

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Her faces are meme material
And her ass is creampie material

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Her faces are meme material
And her ass is creampie material

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This, also, she killed most of her fanbase

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At least as far back as gen2 Subaru for example dictated her entire outfit, which was gaudy as shit until Ui pastelized it. I don't recall any of them talking about major model changes but at least earlier on I think the outfits were more a malleable thing and they could negotiate with their designer.
I wonder if holox was able to do costume tweaks etc., or more?

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Good Lord that Is fat

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Stop believing what vt says

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It's that simple

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Bitch has lumbar lordosis if it was normal that would look flat af

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I would dip my nose in a jar of lube and shove the whole thing inside her asshole just to snort up every atom of flatulence from that wonderful ass.

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on that day, the ass and tits were fat

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I hate Korean women

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all i can think is the bimbofication meme pose, it looks the same
kronii WILL sissify kronies

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>All of this for Vesper
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous