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Pure, Unconcentrated Shee edition.


Kawaii Idol Project Original Song:

All song covers:


>Gen 1
【Charlotte Suzu シャーロット・スズ】

【Isla Coleman アイラ・コールマン】

【Nene Amano 天野寧々】

【Reina Sun レイナ・サン】

>Gen 2
【Lua Asuka 飛鳥瑠藍】

【Namiji Freesia ナミジ・フリージア】

【Shee Icho 銀杏しい 】

▼Kawaii ""Friends""
Prism >>>/vt//ppg+/
Tsunderia >>>/vt//tsunx/
AkioAIR and Not-Not-CyberLive >>>/vt//aa/
V&U >>>/vt/vnug/
Reina's pet crustacean Ebi - https://twitter.com/ushioebi
Nene's pet crustacean Kani - https://twitter.com/Kanikanizawa
Rei Tadano - https://twitter.com/zinseifunTai
Shabel Tonya -https://twitter.com/ShabelTonya
Mogu Muge - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKj-DqyMpHgYNB3-9lZq8-w
CherryPie - https://twitter.com/AuriLunami
and (You), the viewer!

Previous thread: >>50085249

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>nami and shee overlap

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Nami making certain sisters seethe

Shee rebelling against a god that wants her dead.

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Nami paypigs meltdown lol

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this no bgm shee stream is unnerving

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>pcg still not in kawaii Friends despite multiple collabs

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Nami's sweaty smelly armpits.

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The girls might be friends but the threads aren't.

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Nami is rigging this in the same way the whorse did her ducknaming fiasco lol

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Slim Namiji




Normal Nami

Clothed Nami

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Yeah but this way is based because it's dunking on the discordtroons instead of catering to them

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is it time for shee suffering

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nami btfo

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>all by AnimeExpo in the same days
imagine not going to see your oshi in person at the concert and the massive orgies after lmao

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namijiroo my beloved

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it's always time :(

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> Niji EN concert
> FEESH and Elira
> Selen not even there
Damn that's rough
At least Pomu is there I guess

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Selen is having a fat menhera arc

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yea it's giving me a boner

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>NijiEN once again overlapping Kawaii
its intentional at this point, they're scared of the Kawaii incline

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Shee used the most incompetent PC repair person in existence

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shee is training to get her boxing revenge match against PC repair lady

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kawaii's is one day before, they got lucky

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lol. lmao, even.

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nami's kissable ears

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>some dude kisses Nami ears on VC
it's over...

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Nami boobs

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Yea me

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look at them so white that tender cartilage perfectly round smooth
i can't wait for regular 3d ears
i need them

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hi old man mage

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Just caught up on the last thread, the discord seethe was hilarious.

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keep it up Kevin

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Seeing Shee's background and bgm come about after the silent blackness feels like she's truly fighting back against the chaos...

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I'm watching all 4 currently live Kawaii and Kawaii Friend Phase Connect streams at the same time to get them more closely associated on the algo

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>massive orgies
a couple of hairless kemonomimi'd men cavorting on a hotel bed is hardly an orgy anon

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the fuzzy audio is a chaotic mood

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>I never understood the obsession with being tanned
tanned namibros...

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me btw

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Actually funny

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Jeez Nami I dunno.

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shiger my beloved

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The chaos has changed her...

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Shee's giggling is so fucking cute bros I CAN'T DO THIS

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Make her darker until she understands

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damn shee got hot, those brows

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This is what haunts the dreams of PC repair lady

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Nami please, you are soaking wet for Leona

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I'm reporting all Phase Connect streams as sexual content, then using my alt account to report them as misinformation.

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I got fooled into thinking that some of their girls are actually ok. Turned out that 99% of them are "I'm not your friend you dirty incel" types + react content streamers, fleshtuber collabers, etc. And on top of that, most of their fanbase is pure garbage. I was indiferent before, but now I'm glad that phase is removed from friends. They have less than NOTHING in common with Kawaii. I still consider Prism our friends and I will RAPE Nia to prove it !!!

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>5 pm EST
>deletesisters clock in

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Here it is, the discordtroon meltdown recap from earlier.

Nami fat lol

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I finally played Q remastered. This shit is so easy it's hilarious. Only later levels are tricky.
This just made me love our Gaming Female Experience company even more.

>> No.50138788

Despite the typical anon's "fuck you for liking what I don't like", to me it's nothing personal. They're free to like their shitty chuubas with their shitty streams. Just don't pretend like you belong here, too.

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You forgot the Kevin ReGODlado screencaps

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he is there, I would never forget our trooned out juggalo soldier against discordfaggots, Kevin ReGODlado

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>Nene interacting with Phase girls on twitter
it's over

>> No.50139265

Oh my bad, thought you forgot him because the screencap was under the "Kbezon and Hannibal come back" thing

>> No.50139321

they hate her unironically lol
based kayfabe

>> No.50139385

DELETESISTERS DON'T LOOK AIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE https://twitter.com/amanene_kawaii/status/1661842549642780672

>> No.50139474

Nami is not a mean person. I dont know where is that "ice queen of kawaii" reputation coming from. Every time I watched her streams she was very sweet.

>> No.50139488

Am I supposed cry or something when the girls try to network?

>> No.50139507

God I hate discordfags kek

>> No.50139514

Airi is a hag. It's fine.

>> No.50139580

nene is networking and replying to another vtuber, this means they're LITERALLY besties, sisters...!

>> No.50139637

These "people" are are digusting. They aren't just seething they are actually making threats and shitting on her. Some fans they are. I really hope Kawaii gets big enough to where they never even talk to these freaks again. Fake fucks.

>> No.50139673

REAL fans btw

>> No.50139826

>I really hope Kawaii gets big enough
This would unironically mean coom baiting non stop and doing react content plus a ton of ASMR. Company would completely lose it's appeal. I doubt that any of us would stay for that shitshow.

>> No.50139858

>I really hope Kawaii gets big enough
fuck no

>> No.50140019

peak schizogroomer behavior, whipped in chat but schizo where she can't ban your ass

>> No.50140065

Kbezon outing himself as an unhinged psychopath and Kevin becoming based, all over the course of one stream. Did not expect either of these in my Nami livestream bingo card

>> No.50140183

Hannibal and Kbezon, Gary to a lesser degree, outed themselves as retarded groomers.
Huere is a discordmod and from fucking Brazil so I never had any hope for him.

>> No.50140220

go back to your trooncord freaks

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>one of the main things she says when she finally gets drunk with other kawaii girls is how much she loves herojis
>gets treated like this
poor nami, she deserves better (me btw)

>> No.50140279

My favorite part of this is that Nami will DEFINITELY see this image.
She'll read their chats/supas in stream but you know in the back of her mind she's facepalming whenever she interacts with those retards.

>> No.50140314

You think wanting a bearable live chat makes me a discordnig? What level of newfag is this?

>> No.50140338

She's going to learn the same lesson that Isla learned: anyone who goes on discord is subhuman, spies exempted.

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File: 373 KB, 488x492, 1684336598962621.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spies exempted
we do what we gotta do

>> No.50140506

You are unironically braindead. If we were getting some decent new viewers I would be fine with blowing up, but it's all minecraft, roblox and COD/APEX/Valo kiddies or complete coomers that only watch ASMR. How many anons from here already admitted that they ONLY watch ASMR streams

>> No.50140572

Reina is live btw

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Weina live btw

>> No.50140616

How many people will ACTUALLY show up in person to the concert?

>> No.50140634

I only watch Nene when she does ASMRs.
Lua and Charzu are my bread and butter.

>> No.50140782

>to just get my money back
et tu, karhall...

>> No.50140833

>I only watch Nene when she does ASMRs.
Same. Nene is just the ASMR girl for me
Shee is my oshi, I've watched nearly every one of her streams since debut and have been a member for over 7 months. I watch a lot of Isla and Charzu too

>> No.50140841

reina cute

>> No.50140912

discord not even once

>> No.50141006

I think that was just a response to the analogy, not that he would personally do that as a reaction to this

>> No.50141065

it's literally "vtubers owe me sex" but it's Nami and pfps lol

>> No.50141442

So they got mad over literally nothing? Lmao

>> No.50141516


>> No.50141571

I'm one of the guys who is both in the discord (helps for tracking and giving gifts) and I lost several numbers games and coinflips. I just ignore them when they get fucking menhera like this. They're just crying.

>> No.50141635

based vesperam

>> No.50141865

Yes, that's the embarrassing part.

>> No.50142652

sexo con la Reina

>> No.50142674

wait... kevin was based all along?

>> No.50142798

Someone make that astronaut Always has been meme but with this caption

>> No.50142801

As a loyaltyKING he was always based, everyone just forgot because a salty treasonkek linked that 1 video of his

>> No.50142804

No. Just less insane than the rest of the discordniggers

>> No.50142815

He is such a troon he trooned around and became based

>> No.50142820

At least more based than the entire discord.

>> No.50142859

He's too retarded to be either based or cringe, those labels just don't work.

>> No.50143003

>being a retarded chat sperg that annoys everyone, including Nami
>unironical troon supporter
>unironical Ukraine tranny (and I'm not even pro russian but pro Ukraine supporters are braindead)
>worships Vaush
Yeah...him just saying something against discord troons is not enough for Kevin to become based all of a sudden. But this just speaks volumes about the faggots that lurk here.

>> No.50143079

the german ukrainefag did pretty well too

>> No.50143162

he is cringe but he actually cares about nami done some of the nicest things for her same cant be said for the discordkeks literally saying they wont support her because she hurt their feewings

>> No.50143168

you glow, kb. Go back

>> No.50143266

Yeah...it's not because he's a hardcore SJW and troon backer who's claim to fame was shitting up Nami's chat on the regular. Everyone called him autistic and thought he was annoying until Nami banned him, then he suddenly became a chat celeb and everyone loves him. He shit on discordnigs like everyone else does, how is he 'based' all of a sudden?

>> No.50143427

Back to discord, tranny, we like Kevin, the loaltyGOD here.

>> No.50143445

I'm not even on any discord. Kill yourself retard.

>> No.50143519

>doesn't shame my opinion is a troon from discord.
You are correct for once.

>> No.50143526

how does it feel knowing that nami has seen what you're really like now? she will pick kevin over you always you fucked up

>> No.50143527

Today was not your day, Hannibal... it's ogey

>> No.50143532

>then he suddenly became a chat celeb and everyone loves him
Because 4chan crowd is made up of reddit contrarians. They love going against the grain just to go against the grain.

>> No.50143780

This. Kevin really does seem to care about Nami. I remember when he got her those cameos from that Inuyasha actor and Selen too if I’m not mistaken. He even got one from Batman’s voice actor before he passed away. I see him in a better light than those discord psychos that exposed themselves today

Go back anon. Kevin is based

>> No.50143928

Reina being goofy on stream, so cute

>> No.50143952
File: 193 KB, 1194x1698, 543678776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reina is trooning out

>> No.50143969

Why are you seething? Kevin is cringe but it's not like it matters that much.

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File: 424 KB, 878x993, snort.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

weina dork lol *snort*

>> No.50144139

I'm not a fan of name dropping / making chatters pseudo celebs. Nothing worse than half of the thread being kevin this, code that, kill yourself <insert name>, etc.

>> No.50144215

Kill yourself Andrew

>> No.50144327

Kevin is a /here/oji, don't forget anons.

>> No.50144350

4chan shat on "namefags" since forever. Why does people hating on namedropping surprise you?

>> No.50144398

Blame Nami and Reina who keep on namedropping him, regardless, Kevin was good today, you can't change that.

>> No.50144485

I don't even use discord. Do you just call anyone who disagrees with you a discordtroon? We all laugh at discordnigs here, but you're sucking off an actual autistic troon supporter just because calling him based and rallying behind is the hot trendy thing here. Chat celeb worship is a fucking cancer on this general.

>> No.50144498

/pkg/ is reddit. what a surprise.

>> No.50144524

Nami and Reina namedrop Kevin on stream all the time, send maros and tell them to not mention him lol

>> No.50144557

Kevin is on discord too, which is hilarious. People saying go back to discord are retarded lol.

>> No.50144622

He gets a pass today. Kbezon and Hannibal take the troon crown today. Gary too, but he was smart about it.

>> No.50144707

we are heckin wholesome here not like those evil toxic incel gfe loving discord groomers

>> No.50144752
File: 2.13 MB, 1200x1750, FvSZY5GWIAABMAP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was waiting for Rei and Cuckdom to explode in today's ASMR but it was Nami's groomers who had a melty.

>> No.50144807

Yeah, but 90% of the posts in /pkg/ are always about namefags and people shitpost about kevin being "based" every thread. I was just wondering why he was seething now rather than at any other point.

>> No.50145024

Before today, those "Kevin is based" posts were just memes. Today he actually did something based.

>> No.50145411

I've always shat on Kevin in the past, just because he's annoying. Even back when /pkg/ started begging Nami to unban him. The Kevin blowing just reached another high today.

>> No.50145435
File: 3.23 MB, 1276x2048, 5656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sexo con la Reina

>> No.50145496

she looks like she claims virginities as a pastime

>> No.50145529

I may take even reddit over discord at this point.

>> No.50145603

He was based on the gen3 graduations too, keep on stacking the wins.

>> No.50145664

yeah mine

>> No.50145725

you're doing the /pcg/ thing where you call milquetoast opinions that everyone shares "based"

>> No.50145907

Glad we agree that Kevin is based deleteschizo

>> No.50145982

anytime, phasenig

>> No.50145985
File: 15 KB, 554x554, FwW_rxaWwAAGsAW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And you're acting in defense on bloody discord. My man... talk about shameful.

>> No.50146044
File: 197 KB, 330x301, 1675007736784774.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kbezon and Hannibal are two of the most well known Nami regulars, Gary is a long time Kawaii fan.

Seeing them sperg out like that and unironically anti Nami, saying shit like
>im not supporting any other shit with rewards
>I hope there is never another donothon
>people who gave her money have a right to care, it wasn't a small amount of money
over a joke, mind you, makes Kevin look like a normal dude, even if he is a trooned out juggalo who keeps saying retarded shit in chat

>> No.50146049

i want you to point out the exact part of my post that was defending discord

>> No.50146191

that is why parasocial is bad kevin is the ideal viewer

>> No.50146199

and mine

>> No.50146218

Shitting on discordtroons is only a good thing. I just can't stand the Kevin worship, or the chat celeb blowing in general.

>> No.50146225

Getting overly defensive about Kevin posting when he shat on discordfags is a direct defense of them.
I can't stand him, but today he is GOD.

>> No.50146261

Kevin is parasocial too, just not a dumb groomer.
He doesn't have the mental capacity to be one lol

>> No.50146573

>Getting overly defensive about Kevin posting when he shat on discordfags is a direct defense of them
this is a completely retarded post and you should feel bad for writing it
i hate Kevin because he's trooned out blight on Nami's chat, shitting on the groomercord is cool and all but don't assume im on their side just because im shitting on Kevin as well

>> No.50146795
File: 821 KB, 980x1200, 1683119225205267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sex with the queen

>> No.50146963

>Kevin does nothing wrong
>discord literaly anti-post about Nami
>"Guess I'll shit /pkg/ complaining about Kevin"
Please, jump from a tall building or something.

>> No.50147080

that's how i read it as well, if it was a situation where you didn't get the food you paid for, just ask for your money back. hannibal should chargeback his donothon payments if he's actually serious.

>> No.50147398

you really are a special breed of retarded, aren't you

>> No.50147489

you just chose the wrong time to shit on Troonvin, today was one of his ultra rare wins lol

>> No.50147527

hags together strong

>> No.50147584

>every thread is filled with jokes referencing the "secret knowledge" of the talents irl info

>> No.50147668
File: 65 KB, 960x931, 1684510529634508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Charzu is my niga

>> No.50147696
File: 2.73 MB, 4032x1960, 20230525_195156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finally got mine bros

>> No.50147723

Charzu is one of the good ones frfr mein fuhruer

>> No.50148039

I like Nene plush more but this gremlin is growing on me

>> No.50148649

I'm jealous

>> No.50148804

This is what bothers me the most. It's like literal 15 year olds constantly bringing up how they posess "SIKRIT KNOWLEDJ!".
It's like yeah, discord troons bad, twitter troons bad, we here are le based ones because we drop subtle doxx hints every thread. And you want some of the girls to be /here/? They will just end up hating both discord trannies and /here/ trannies, become jaded and you will eventually get a chuuba that hates her audience.

>> No.50149008

prepare to be called a discordtroon for criticizing /pkg/ even despite the constant fucked up dox mentioning that occurs here
even the shitter generals usually have more respect for their talents' privacy

>> No.50149240

Nami is sassy rather than being an "ice queen"
What was the origin donothon goal anyway? Just a member pfp drawing stream? Or is it a reward specifically for donors above certain threshold?

>> No.50149255

>And you want some of the girls to be /here/
deluded fag lol

No one wants them /here/ but they come anyway because they can't stop egosearching (looking at you Nene). They have jannies anyway, they can delete anything they want if it's too bad.

>> No.50149417

>They have jannies anyway, they can delete anything they want if it's too bad
Jannies don't give a shit most of the time unless images are posted, and even then it takes them hours to do anything about it. /vt/ jannies infamously don't actually care about dox unless it's related to Holo or Vshojo, in which case it gets deleted in a matter of minutes.

>> No.50149527

I sure hope they hate us /here/niggers

>> No.50149560

They delete rather quick, if they aren't doing it it's because you're not reporting or you are false reporting

>> No.50149798

Phase jannies and Idol jannies are very quick deleting any reference to doxx info. Maybe Kawaii should get better jannies.

Light doxx jokes are fun to me anyway, because if you know you know, if you don't you don't. If the chubbas read them who cares. Don't come here or just get better OpSec next time so it doesn't even start.

>> No.50149938

>deluded fag
Yeah, thats totally not why Nami is so popular here despite streaming garbage games, and literally acting like a flesh streamer behind an anime avatar.
Literally take any mediocre chuuba and make them visit this shithole once, and all of a sudden she is /OURGIRL/!
Who are you kidding. You faggots love attention more than chuubas that supposedly come here for egosa. If Nami wasn't here, literally no one would talk about her. Feel free to prove me wrong. What are Nami's qualities outside of being /here/ ?

>> No.50149953

wtf reina raided lilypichu

>> No.50150002

>Light doxx jokes are fun to me anyway, because if you know you know, if you don't you don't
Mentioning a certain talent, certain game and then a certain race is not "light doxx", and it happened a million times so far. It's cringe.

>> No.50150033
File: 1.92 MB, 780x448, 1681593429493439.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yeah, thats totally not why Nami is so popular here
you got the exact wrong idea

>> No.50150196

Ok, what else, you said we were full of doxx.
That one barely counts.

>> No.50150260

I was about to stop my light doxxjokes but seems like I found a new reason to keep going. Cope and seethe, I guess.

>> No.50150293 [DELETED] 

the discordnig is seething kek

>> No.50150301

>Light doxx jokes are fun
Comes off as immature most of the time. The same details are constantly brought up or made fun of anyway. Charzu's identity is brought up and "joked about" every thread, so it's less "if you know you know" and more common knowledge at this point because anons refuse to stop mentioning it daily.
>Don't come here or just get better OpSec next time so it doesn't even start
Fair enough point, this isn't exactly meant to be a safe haven for vtubers either. I noticed that /jidf/ gets especially uppity about this because their girls are unapologetically /here/ and they don't want anyone to say anything that may upset them. Literal Reddit behavior over there.

>> No.50150436
File: 138 KB, 630x723, 7675656800909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I namipost because I want her to read absolute garbage and get annoyed by it when (if) she visits the threads.

Wihout that, I would talk abOUT her because she shat on discordtroon on stream, has few very based takes, and MASSIVE TITS. Also to shit on her dumb takes.

>> No.50150463

We all know what the subtle nods to sekret nawledge actually is. It's doxxfags lording their faggery over everyone else who respects the talent's privacy and somehow thinking that makes them bigger fans.
They made Isla cry. They should die.

>> No.50150506

>comes off as immature most of the time
seems like a (You) problem, I will continue calling Shartzoo my nigga, thank (You) very much.

>> No.50150523

>Shartzoo my nigga
Morgan Freeman is my nigga

>> No.50150601

>actual doxx

>> No.50150631


Why isn't Nene streaming, tomos are useless even to shill their own oshi

>> No.50150690

they are defending Nene in the Aletta bait thread, please understand

>> No.50150908

>everyone that is bothered by subtle doxx posts in this thread is AN ACTUAL DOXXER THAT ALREADY DOXXED SOMEONE!
Wow you faggots really love doing your mental gymnastics just to make yourself look better. Whatever doxxtranny. Keep being "le heckin based" reddit contrarian and continue with your "light doxx" jokes.

>> No.50151126
File: 139 KB, 1055x935, EbiKnees.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ebi isn't actually a real shrimp

>> No.50151197

Ebi is a troon

>> No.50151206

Of course she is. Every vtuber model accurately represents what she is in real life.

>> No.50151211

Pink Rei

>> No.50151327

Go ahead anons, make your doxx jokes for the 100th time, it gets funny after that.

>> No.50151409

mogu is better

>> No.50151442

>still hasn't provided any examples except for charzu
Told you already, jump off a tall building.

>> No.50151533

Lua large chinese? Is that even doxx?

>> No.50151582

Mentioning their ethnicity is dox

>> No.50151699

Reina latina dumpy

>> No.50151761

She talks about it on stream.

>> No.50151881

Sure, gonna doxx the talents to prove that there's doxx, go back to watch Aletta or the stupid orange cat.

>> No.50151945

>have nothing
Thank you for you concession, now GTFO

>> No.50151994

Shee latina dumpy

>> No.50151995

Not really, if it's mentioned during stream or a conclusion drawn from information the girls shared themselves. I don't think Lua has ever mentioned that she's Chinese but just based on things she said and her mannerisms it's just the conclusion most have come to. Charzu's ethnicity, on the other hand, is only known because of dox info and she hasn't really said anything during streams that would have led anyone to figure it out otherwise. Calling Reina and Shee latina isn't dox because it's a joke. They're both almost certainly white no matter how badly I want them to be latina

>> No.50152061

Isla SEA accent

>> No.50152467

I hop we get more comedic ASMRs from Isla one day. Just went onto the "beating you to sleep" one and noticed the timestamps were gone. Must've been a doxfag who wrote them.

>> No.50152487

Kill yourself Gamer

>> No.50152882

Made this point some threads ago only to get "it's just shitposting teehee" replies.
/pkg/ is no different from the discord in that they love sucking their own dicks, while turning their cheeks away from some of the shitty retards that are around them

>> No.50152936

cry more lol

>> No.50153071

Yeah but our dicks are big and theirs are small so we win.

>> No.50153198

case in point lol

>> No.50153222

I love a good discordkek meltdown. Nami groomers always seemed fishy to me.

I remember one time they kept trying to make her look at her Throne because someone bought her a thing and he wanted to see her reaction on stream. I think it was Hannibal lol

>> No.50153271 [DELETED] 

this is the equivalent of saying it's better when we do it
discordnigs discuss dox info all the time and we shit on them for it, but when we do it it's 'just a joke' and anyone who says anything about it is just whining?
call me a discordtroon or whichever buzzword you want grab from your bag but that's fucking childish

>> No.50153300

the fact you took the time to make this speaks volumes
those discord guys are and will always be better humans than you

>> No.50153344

go back

>> No.50153414

discordnigs (kawaiicord) never discuss doxx. We shit on them because they are massive faggots.

The real doxxers are in private discords that our spy network doesn't have access to and even if they did, they would go straight to management.
Remember nothing about Isla or the siren incident ever made it /here/.

>> No.50153596
File: 72 KB, 680x387, FtwBt4AXwAAXrS-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ebi is a rape victim. (all me)

>> No.50153637

post her troon hands, troonraper

>> No.50153681

those weren't troon hands, they were just the average brit goblina hands

>> No.50153764

The doxxknight was posting tax documents, floorplans, names, addresses and didn't Kawaii say they were taking legal action in response. I think making jokes about "charzu company" is pretty harmless by comparison, especially when charzu calls herself morgan freeman, keeps talking about being fatherless, did that one karaoke with a bunch of certain ethnicity songs. Charzu probably lurks here and thinks it's funny.

>> No.50153832

cute voice means cute face

>> No.50153863

let /pkg/ be the judge then

>> No.50154438

god i wish

>> No.50154498

pretty sure someone posted her hands in a previous thread a day or so ago. too lazy to go and look though

>> No.50154795

schizo rei

>> No.50154800

Charzu getting desperate, pandering to piss- and brapfags now she doesn't have to do this to herslef

>> No.50155244

I am on the shitter as I'm typing this. This content appeals to me.

>> No.50155463

Guys do you think that this concert will make or break Kawaii as a company and be a deciding factor in their direction for the future?
If it fails, will they still even bother with the idol gimmick? Todays audience on the EN side are all "Idol culture BAD!" trannies.

>> No.50155479

Large Chinese is technically not even about Lua, it was originally about the whorse because the Chinese balloon happened to be trending at the same time that architects were architect posting about her
A lot of Lua Chinese posts are just jokes about her being loud and she's never outright stated she's Chinese but with all the stuff she's said about her life, at this point the "birb dimension" kayfabe is essentially a formality that only gatekeeps tourists like Proskekt Furrist (although I'm sure even that treasonous literal wrench buyer must know by now)

>> No.50155879

I wonder what Lua's opinion on the CCP is

>> No.50156491

It won't break Kawaii. It really can only help them. Kawaii's identity as a company has only been strengthened by the toll the Idol Project and everything that's happened since it began. The girls are closer than ever and you can really feel the mutual love they all have for one another as comrades-in-arms, so to speak.

I ofcourse want the concert to succeed and be the first step in kawaii becoming one of the great pillars of the vtubing scene.
If what the girls have said holds true about management wanting live events to become a regular feature of the kawaii experience the real test is going to be whether they can establish an effective touring circuit and built a consistant and reliable live audience. If they can do that even if they remain a middle power they can carve out a niche for themselves as the definitive idol experience in the western world vtuber or otherwise.
If that fails then they will need to reevaluate their goals and and how they're going to get there.

I'm optimistic, I believe in Kawaii.

>> No.50156630
File: 40 KB, 552x698, Idol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50156637

Lua loves Capturing Cute Peepees

>> No.50156723

yeah mine

>> No.50156790

I also like to sing 00's era anime OPs while taking a dump

>> No.50156892
File: 1.59 MB, 560x720, cutedance1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50157068


>> No.50157247
File: 1.15 MB, 560x720, cutedance2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50157301

Those workout streams are paying off

>> No.50157613

Goodnight Nami!

>> No.50157792

Not watching the stream, but has there actually been a meeting of idols? Or is Charzu just baiting people?

>> No.50157826

Tweet was unusually curt, even for her. Hope she's not letting 3 retards sperging out over nothing get to her.

>> No.50158737
File: 337 KB, 720x1060, stabbed.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they say never go to bed angry because you'll never wake up again

>> No.50161108

nami killing the discordtroons...

>> No.50161133
File: 73 KB, 680x603, ftwf9g890fg8089fdg8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she saw me (raping her)

>> No.50161571

nami killing necromorphs...

>> No.50162236
File: 266 KB, 448x998, chibi nene groovy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

chibi nene is so cool

>> No.50162304

nami killing me...

>> No.50162461

Nene is destroying my nutbladder. call 911, i'm not gonna make it to july 1

>> No.50164119

Did the discord fags really shit up the thread after going schizo LIVE on nami's stream?
I don't really like vague pseudo-dox posting neither but try to make it less like butthurt damage control next time.

>> No.50164444

Imagine if Nami saw this >>50138529 and everytime one of these faggots tries to coddle up to Nami she'll know what kind of a two faced grooming cunts these shitheads are

>> No.50164575

Hey Nami, when you wake up, you should just tell management and I'm sure they'll be okay with you banning them.

>> No.50164709

Yep, it's all discordfags. Whatever you don't like, you just say it's discord or twitter trannies or roastis or phase raiders. See how easy it is? You have a variety of choices for your list of copes.
Holy shit kawaii fanbase is unironically completely retarded.

>> No.50164782
File: 56 KB, 919x87, 1666015518585491.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50165039

I'd say who it really is but I don't wanna catch a vacation

>> No.50165267

theres no way she hasnt seen it

>> No.50166559

I'll make one case for discord retards. Nami is maybe a good person and will deliver on all her promises/dono rewards, but I honestly wouldn't blame the fans of any vtuber ever for sperging out about dono rewards because Vtubers are SCUM and just a bunch of scam artists in general. Many of them promise a lot of shit and then try to find ways for the community to forget about it so they can drop it. Because everyone is a yes-man faggot and no one likes to complain and they absolutely count on it.
I know at least 10 other small corpo chuubas that tried to weasel their way out of delivering on dono goal rewards. Hell, even Sava was one of them. I heard some people complaining about Nene's rewards but I'm not sure if that's from fanbox or donos...I don't know because I don't follow her.

>> No.50166655


>> No.50166758

The nene fanbox complaints was that she was slow and behind, she caught up and never missed any of the rewards, nene is a professional after all. Same with her donothon rewards i have no worries about her not delivering

>> No.50166883

This is true
The many vtubers have been flakey on their dono goals or cause big yab right after a donothon. Ever since the donothon meta take over small corpo/indie, this has been the norm, which put a lot of fans on edge. Sava and Letti did it for kawaii. However, most do it in a subtle way by just disappearing and ignoring the the promise. They usually hope the viewers will eventually forget. Nami is already doing.a PFP drawing stream to fulfill that part of her donothon goal so she's not gonna dodge it.
Nene had to cut off certain part of her higher tier fanbox but eventually delivered all of the promised reward prior the cut off.

>> No.50167205

Also, I have no idea what was the detail regarding to Nami's dono promise. Did she promise to draw all the PFP of the people who donated a certain amount? Or did she just promise a member PFP stream?

>> No.50167494

Lua is eating a burrito bowl with a lot of guac

>> No.50167499

>They usually hope the viewers will eventually forget
Flesh streamers do it too. From what I've seen, it's usually like "Chance to 1vs1 me in a X game", and then a ton of people donate for it and they just forget about it. When people bring it up, they get banned by his mods.
It's like why even promise shit then? Just say "Hey, throw money at me for no reason".

>> No.50167951

They do it because it's just easy to just throw out promise and goad in donation at the moment. They know most viewers are there short term and/or don't catch all of the stream/content. Many viewers will move on or forget regardless of whether the content is delivered or not. Many aren't regular watcher and assume that the contents were already delivered. Therefore, they can just drag their feet and don't have to deliver the promised goal at all. Maybe if some really dedicated long time paypigs really ask for it, they might eventually deliver to them to placate them and keep them happy. Since only those few remember/keep track after a period of time, it's easier to deliver the promise on a much smaller scale to those viewers then.

>> No.50167965

>We say good morning and good night when she tweets, and even talk about how much we love Nami when she's streaming without caring if she will ever read it or not
>Discord groomers shit talks her mid stream while they are also in the chat acting completely different
>They also come here trying to damage control
I feel bad that she has do deal with a bunch of two faced pieces of garbage

>> No.50168315

y'all goofy lmao

>> No.50168946

I will wait for Kani.

>> No.50168958

Isla suffered the same fate, its almost like discord fags are shit people on the inside and hide it so they can try to get closer to there oshi

>> No.50169000

Maybe she's holo EN 3 lol

>> No.50169201

doxxniggers kys

>> No.50169231

Them also trying to pin doxx shit on here is funny. The only doxx we ever got here was when one of the betrayers made a retarded decision and doxxed the other betrayer on stream and we even tried to help, but since the one that got doxxed used to visit the thread she deleted everything right away.

>> No.50169370


I think she is more likely to end up in Idol, but I will wait for my kani.

>> No.50169414

Not only did I get my pfp drawn, I wasn't a faggot about losing the first 5 times. It's almost like it's a fun little drawing and they're not being chill

>> No.50169509

I wasn't really familiar with the nami's dono goal, can you clear it up for me?

>> No.50169512

That is a very cute narrative but I'm neither a Namifag or a discord troon and I was the one complaining about subtle doxx "jokes" for quite some time now. You are now literally acting like catalog trannies that always post that stupid <insert thing> deflection thread, whenever something happens. Like people cant mention 2 separate things at the same time.

>> No.50169548

Members get their pfp drawn. She never made any claims about who is going first or how long it would take.

>> No.50169552

Nami is a troon

>> No.50169612
File: 56 KB, 403x354, 1662267600587430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're a massive gay faggot.
Every single one of your posts are bad and shit the thread. We have to find a schizo name for you.

>> No.50169707

I want to doxx Isla

>> No.50169821

I want to dock with Isla

>> No.50170006

That's kinda mess up for them to complain then. I thought it was some sort of dono reward for people donating specific amount. Did they expect to have priority or guarantee just because they are big donor? Of course whoever ends up getting drawn is purely up to chance because it's unrealistic for Nami to draw ALL of her members, which can be hundreds, especially with gifting. M
By chance, some people will lose out and never get drawn, but that's perfectly understandable. It's just a fun content and the point of the stream is to have members getting a chance to switch their PFP to something hehe funny (but not too inappropriate) and make Nami draw it live on stream. However, the discord groomer treat it like an occasion to get special treatment from Nami.

>> No.50170007

>Them also trying to pin doxx shit on here is funny
this especially when kawaii is literally taking legal action against discord doxxers wont be surprised if there is a secret doxxcord for every girl

>> No.50170068

I hate fat women

>> No.50170078

I mean, yeah, basically. Some people will always miss out, she's not going to be doing these until the end of time.

>> No.50170204

>do you think that this concert will make or break Kawaii as a company
No, first of all what is failure? at worst they continue as they are, I see no reasonable scenario for the concert to make them lose popularity. If you mean failure as they don't become the hot new sensation and blow up, there is no reason to stop the Idol project, specially on the first event, they said multiple times they are doing it not just for the fame and money but also as a passion project.

>> No.50170246

>Did they expect to have priority or guarantee just because they are big donor?
Yes, and they didn't just complain they attacked her for it. Man children that can't control their emotions.

>> No.50170297

She will, there is no reason not to.

>> No.50171124

Shee didn't update us on twitter about the refund, hope it went well.

>> No.50171827
File: 852 KB, 1503x1127, 1682860785407773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just blew a fat load to Nami

>> No.50171963

Vnu bros
Liora bros
I don't feel so good
Why are all shee's friends so cursed...

>> No.50172080
File: 3.69 MB, 240x427, NEW DRAMA[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fpuwgc6.mp3].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50172548

micropenisCHADS we winning today

>> No.50172744

What happened to Liora?
Btw do we have any Prism guys here? I'm curious did the new gen also make others incline a bit.

>> No.50172921


>> No.50173063

1 year ago

>> No.50173665

things have changed...

>> No.50173826

they're all Korean so nothing of value was lost

>> No.50173905

Take note Benji. Only Chinese and Japanese OL hags are safe.

>> No.50174112

Comparing a chuubas present self to their early/debut self is always a trip. More often than not their voices change and their personality does a complete 180 since they're comfortable with their fans at that point

>> No.50174802
File: 553 KB, 583x711, 20230410_053146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love Shee

>> No.50174873

Several of us will, plus there will be newfags thanks to the marketing.

>> No.50175338

I doubt many randoms who have never heard of kawaii would show up just because they saw a couple of advertisments

>> No.50175455

I want to repair the PShee while being a woman

>> No.50175903

There was another thread insulting Nene? Is it down already?

>> No.50175980

>new whorse model looks exactly like the one she had
Koshita should pursue legal action

>> No.50176052

> Chinese woman
> get a knock off model
It's fitting really.

>> No.50176070

it doesn't look that similar, unless you are saying that every white haired anime girl with long hair and purple eyes looks the same.

>> No.50176109

Most of the accessories are way too similar

>> No.50176119

looks like a knock off of her old model.

>> No.50176130

Didn't take her long to realize she needed the tools she had at kawaii to be successful. Now all she can do is make copies of them.

>> No.50176212


>> No.50176213

anti threads come with being notable in any capacity, it really doesn't matter much

>> No.50176223

Like half of VNU girls is actual Korean lol
Liora is one of the few Korean I kinda like enough to overlook some of the flaws. Her zatsu is always great and her unhinged menhera is something else. I would be sad if she's gone.

>> No.50176296

I never watched Liora, but after watching her stream where she tossed out the idea of a cuck podcast I knew I wasn't missing much because she's no different from every other Korean woman. Wouldn't bother me at all if she was gone.

>> No.50176676

I started to watch her stuff today just because of that slime on her head. It's nice.

>> No.50176706

She made it herself

>> No.50176796

she is actually high iq

>> No.50176806

Report his account to get him shadow banned

>> No.50177194

Isla sex btw

>> No.50177310

Man the whoretomos support even a fucking traitor

>> No.50177441

Lua is about to turn 1 year older.... but at least she got a cake

>> No.50177613

Just tuned into her stream for a few minutes to see it. She mentioned something about knowing the truth and she is very frustrated that she cant say what she wants to say, that she just wanted to keep making people happy and not fight anyone.
I thought she is way past this but I guess not. Gotta milk that victim narrative.

>> No.50177722

>clicking on her channel

>> No.50177770

that was because of my troll and now that I know it works I won't stop.

>> No.50177922
File: 19 KB, 313x198, 767655566.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

these fucking whoretomos man...

>> No.50177944


>> No.50177985

I wonder how many notable namefags HAVEN'T been seen in the traitors chats at this point

>> No.50178035
File: 25 KB, 616x462, 1351632825413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

chocolate cream puffs