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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Niji EN
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-JSeFfovhNsEhftt1WHMvg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nijisanji_world

Pomu Rainpuff
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4nMSTdwU1KqYWu3UH5DHQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PomuRainpuff

Elira Pendora
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIeSUTOTkF9Hs7q3SGcO-Ow
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EliraPendora

Finana Ryugu
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-J8uIXuLZh16gG-cT1naw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanaRyugu

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN: https://teamup.com/ks1nymurwq8u6ngmhn

To watch streams at the same time: https://niji-mado.web.app/home

Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
you only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>4983419

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Elira in Finana's stream!
She'll be sacrificed soon!

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I love Pomu!

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This stream is unexpectedly fun.

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Is it rare for vtubers to read their marshmallows unless they have a stream planned? I know I can always sc but I like the anonymous of marshmallow.

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I want to smell pomu's body and breathe in her woodland scent

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>>5010983 retard-kun...

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She could sell rebranded Irish Spring as fairy scented soap as a publicity stunt.

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The best NijiEN, Hana

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The fuck is going on?

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Why did Bonono turned irish on the lasT round ?

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Pain Pomu

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pomu got GAME'D by the two biggest tryhards

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it's a fetish

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Holy shit all these Hana screams

>> No.5029368

why, ye feelen skaerd?

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Fisch won with big brain play again

>> No.5029382

it's my fetish

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Elira LOVE

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I'm gonna be honest even as a Pomudachi I didn't expect her to be so good at collabs outside her gen. Her and Hada really carried this collab.


>> No.5029393

Oh my god, I forgot there were 10 people in the collab and thought Hari was Remi the whole fucking time, paying minimal attention. I completely forgot Remi was only on bilibili and thought Hari was just streaming on both sites... I was so confused by the blue and orange and thought it must have been an error... I'm sorry.

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Same as her last big brain play in a collab: hide in the first area.

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I love this mermaid!

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No worries. Just forget Remi entirely.

>> No.5029435

>Not watching every POV simultaneously

>> No.5029437

Elira is so shy...

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What are the chances there's a collab in the future? Really want to see a Pomu/Hada one.

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I subbed to Derem and Hari I would sub to Remi but Bilibili is ass.

>> No.5029451

nervous shy dragon
imagine the sweat

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nijisanji love!

>> No.5029465

God, I love Elira's little smug "heh heh heh" laugh.

>> No.5029467

Never, they all hate each other now and NijiEN is disbanding.

>> No.5029468

Rude, Remi was cute and funny.

>> No.5029480

She has a Twitter.

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Unity love!

>> No.5029485

Bon love!

>> No.5029489

Bon seems like a cool guy

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>> No.5029494

No reason why there wouldn't be, depends entirely on how interested they are

>> No.5029496

She pretends to be convincingly. There are no emotions behind her words.

>> No.5029497

Hada for rounds 3+, she basically becomes the protagonist there.

>> No.5029505

these are so cute

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I want to see hada/anyone

>> No.5029512

This. She maybe be streaming on the bugmen platform but Remi was surprisingly good.

>> No.5029513

I don't even know what Hari sounds like. I haven't heard her this stream.

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thank you staffu-san

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Bros I am in love with Hana

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Previous thread:

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At least you can follow her on Twitter.....

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That was a fun collab

>> No.5029530

Is it common to have collabs with different branches? Hopefully this opens the door for that.

>> No.5029537

All of these smaller Nijisanji members banding together to have a good time... comfy Nijisanji hours

>> No.5029539

Anon, she IS a bug.

>> No.5029549

Okay, she sounds cute.

>> No.5029552

salty fish calling out remi lmao

>> No.5029554

Anon... did you see when this thread was started?

>> No.5029557

Fish Seething!

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>> No.5029563

Hmong vs Han reenactment

>> No.5029564

>salty fish
T o T

>> No.5029565

Not uncommon, but I wouldn't say it's very common.

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>> No.5029572

Wtf Finana...

>> No.5029574

Finana HATES remi

>> No.5029575

Finance will remember this.

>> No.5029576

the last one which was another among us collab was 4 months ago

>> No.5029577

Come on guys I already did that.

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>> No.5029586

I don't think she even lives in China, her English is too good.

>> No.5029587

Is Remi's kayfabe a sea slug

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>> No.5029590

Finana holy shit.

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Rate the collab

>> No.5029598

No, but the intention is clear
>send the some random JP niji to the gaijin collabs and let the gaijin collab with each other
>don't let these gaijins near us grorious japanese

>> No.5029603

Remi's English is cute

>> No.5029604

Does nijipex count?

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>> No.5029612

Based Remi for making fish salty

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>> No.5029617

Remi lol

>> No.5029621

remi deserves to not be called a bug

>> No.5029622

I think there's likely to be one, especially since they did this during the weekend of nijipex and most of the other English speaking JP chuubas were scrimming all week for it.

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>> No.5029626

>So scared I started speaking Chinese

>> No.5029627

How are you still here? The rope is that way. The gap in power levels is embarrassing, even Nyanners stomps you freaks.

>> No.5029634

bon seems like he's drunk all the time and has to physically get himself together to sound coherent.

>> No.5029636

Finana deserves what she got.

>> No.5029637

eh not really, it was mostly nijiJP other than Bora

>> No.5029638

Hari and Remi sounds exactly the same holy shit.

>> No.5029640

Anon, rich Chinese students go to America for a few years then go back home. That's how it works. I've met many of them.
Accent has nothing to do with anything.

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Remi was cute and I liked her this collab and I won't even bother to excuse this apparent haram heressy.

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>> No.5029653

Fish is a true toxic gamer
Also poor Pomudachi, your PPshrinkage…

>> No.5029661

Sukoya was a nice pick, she cute.

>> No.5029665

cute chink

>> No.5029666

Yes, it's why I called him a retard.

>> No.5029672

That had a bunch of non-Nijis in it, and Bora was the only non-JP from within the company.
Didn't Chihiro catch some flak for the odd roster on that event?

>> No.5029674

Pomu is so happy!!!!

>> No.5029675


>> No.5029678

Pomu cute

>> No.5029684

Nyanners thinks you’re a pedophile Anon…

>> No.5029685

Fuck, it's all so cute.

>> No.5029686

ok, this chink is kind of cute

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>> No.5029696

>one word response
Go back faggot

>> No.5029704


>> No.5029711

weak bait

>> No.5029715

derem... teetee...

>> No.5029716

I'm gonna fuck the bug out of this chink!

>> No.5029718

No you go back, fag

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File: 838 KB, 1200x849, Elira_sings4[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fj463rd.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Elira CUTE

>> No.5029725

I don't have the image on hand but someone please tap the sign

>> No.5029727

Those people don't bother learning English. They live in a bubble in a Chinese-owned condo complex and only hang out with fellow rich Chinese in school and hate interacting with non-Chinese.

>> No.5029731


>> No.5029735

Fuck I wanna be Bon so bad

>> No.5029739

Oh god Derem is so cute

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>> No.5029741

Hada cute!

>> No.5029742


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>> No.5029748

that's probably nyannerscuck or someone just as bad, ignore him and move on

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>random jp
Sukoya has the best English in JP after Yumeo and hskw. She's also done collabs with Hana and Taka before. in other words you're a fag

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Captain LOVE!!

>> No.5029765

stop shitting up the thread and making retards reply

>> No.5029766


>> No.5029772

>send this
>jp niji
Anon that's not even remotely true.

>> No.5029774


>> No.5029781

Retarded holofag

>> No.5029788

Picture perfect ending.

>> No.5029791


>> No.5029794

Elira with the MC energy

>> No.5029795

it bothers me that the perspective is off on her right foot...

>> No.5029796


>> No.5029797

Okay I will be subbing to Hada. She was pretty fun this collab.

>> No.5029798


>> No.5029799

True Worldwide Unity! Feels good being a unity chad. i love every branch so much

>> No.5029805

This stream was kino I hope there's another collab outside of Lazulight soon

>> No.5029810

Elira getting the last words in she is truly the leader of not only EN but all of niji

>> No.5029812

I guess making a thread 25 seconds after >>5010983
Is enough for you to call them retarded. Good to know.

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I will have to rewatch this from different perspectives

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>> No.5029821

>As you could tell, every one of us had a lot of fun!

Elira, aren't you forgetting about Finana...

>> No.5029828

Usually don't like these posts, but we need to quickly change subject.

>> No.5029831


>> No.5029836

Maybe Finana wil actually start interacting with her senpai more after this

>> No.5029837

Bora does it almost everyday or atleast weekly, stuff like this is just kind of a special event set up by staff. There's nothing stopping Finana and Remi from collabing and re-enacting some Han vs Hmong conflict if they really want it.

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>> No.5029848

She was okay.

I had one chinese girl I was partnered with on a project in college that later asked me to help improve her english during Summer break. I turned her down because she was a bug.

>> No.5029851

>upcoming collab
what do you think they will do?

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>> No.5029858

11/10 pure kino cuteness

>> No.5029861

I hope some competent clipper makes a good video of this collab including all the different povs

>> No.5029862
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>> No.5029864

So which thread do I post in if I want to talk about my new found love of Captain

>> No.5029869


>> No.5029871

ABSOLUTE KINO, I hope we can get megaslut HSKW for the next one

>> No.5029873

Feels so weird that even though hololive is better known globally nijisanji is actually better at bringing the global feel (this collab + virtual strike)

>> No.5029874

reading superchats
autotuned sheesh

>> No.5029875

Absolutely based

>> No.5029881

Pure unity + fun/10
It was also really nice to hear Hari speak more english.

>> No.5029889

That sheesh in the end/10

>> No.5029893
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i like him

>> No.5029894

Pomu's Conan moment was legendary. I need to rewatch it. Hopefully someone clips it.

>> No.5029896


Staff-san LOVE!!!!!!!! WE LOVE NIJISANJI!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.5029899

I liked, it was very fun watching finance and hada pov 10/10.

>> No.5029901
File: 1.62 MB, 2960x1440, Screenshot_20210613-011102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

moving so I don't have my pc/10

>> No.5029903

That one Hana clipper might do it since she's in the collab. Or he might only do clips of Hana's perspective...

>> No.5029904

NijiEN threads allow discussion of her

>> No.5029911

otsupp you absolute DUNCE

>> No.5029914

Now that its over I feel so empty

>> No.5029921

Fish kissed me TWICE

>> No.5029931

I wanna be a nijichad too/10

>> No.5029933

I am glad she got her confidence back after the imposter round she was beating herself up a little about throwing. And she was so cute at the end

>> No.5029937

>Pomu and Elira just straight up finish stream after it ends
>Finana has a spambot in chat then does what her senpai does and reads the donations
The other two must have been tired.

>> No.5029938

Finana: thank you thank you! see you guys on twitter!

This twitter addict...

>> No.5029941

I was excited for this anyway but my expectations were easily surpassed.
Little to no awkwardness between all the gens, tons of great moments.
Only problem is that I now have to watch more Hada, Derem and Hari... and I'm sad I probably won't be able to watch Remi

>> No.5029943

Double kiss!

>> No.5029946

Time to jerk off and go to bed

>> No.5029947

Not during schizo hours though

>> No.5029949

Japanglish kino/10

>> No.5029952

Cute KR fight/10
Hari's English is pleasant to listen to, how often does she speak English in her streams?

>> No.5029953

Wait a minute, what happened to Hana's father again?

>> No.5029954

based phoneposter

>> No.5029958

Finana just kissed me TWICE, I'm not a virgin anymore!

>> No.5029960
File: 394 KB, 1460x1211, CUTE_HADA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess that's what I am now lmao. Captain Hada is very cute!! Don't you think so too?

>> No.5029963

Might get called a fag for this but I have no animosity towards Chinese people and enjoy interacting with the ones that aren't trust fund kids. Still fun to call them bugs on here though, I'm sure they understand since they do the same thing on their forums.

>> No.5029964
File: 119 KB, 300x300, Cool Hada.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5029965
File: 662 KB, 500x281, CAF6FEE2-21B4-4841-9804-8B7645289B6A.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How dare you assume my gender?! I am the mtf that used my now decrepit member to spray my seed deep into the Deep Sea King’s ass, who then birthed the Brapfish you now love. Bow down to the Shartemis you worthless faggots.

>> No.5029966


>> No.5029975

Your oshi was amazing in this collab, Captainschizo! I hope she'll collab with the EN girls again soon!

>> No.5029979

Do people believe Elira when she says she's shy now? I remember one guy in the thread being weird about it and refusing to believe it.

>> No.5029980


>> No.5029986


>> No.5029988

Absolutely amazing/10

>> No.5029989

It's almost 1:30AM where Pomu is, and she's been trying to fix her sleep schedule for work, so yeah probably tired.

>> No.5029991

Make sure to leave some likes for us to fap to too, Fina.

>> No.5029996

>schizo hours
Which one? the dragonzhizo, the fish grooming or the /pomu/?

>> No.5029997

finana secret endings

>> No.5029999

This Is Nijisanji/10
It was great seeing them break through the ice and have some fun moments. I agree with the other anons that I could definitely feel the worldwide nijisanji unity from this collab.

>> No.5030004

holy shit i had fun, this collab is amazing, we need more of these /10

>> No.5030012

Probably got uncomfortable with how much chat thirstposts about him when he's on.

>> No.5030014

She mostly streams on schizo hours though.

>> No.5030023

The EN-discussion-only schizo

>> No.5030024
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>> No.5030031

The dead hours

>> No.5030033

Hada is LazuLight's adoptive daughter.

>> No.5030037

He's a pretty cool dude.

>> No.5030039
File: 314 KB, 564x444, 1623297379162.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Little to no awkwardness

>> No.5030043
File: 266 KB, 1536x2080, E1wQIcUVUAExeI2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hana already worrying about if she did her best including everyone...

God I'm so proud of her, she's come such a long way since more than a year ago.


>> No.5030044

world peace/10

>> No.5030045

Fun collab.

>> No.5030053


>> No.5030061

Nah, you're not alone, I consider there to be a difference between zhang & chinese. It just happens that a large chunk of chinese are zhangs, but not all

>> No.5030066

Janny oughta step up and start banning the faggot.

>> No.5030075

This is true.

>> No.5030076


>> No.5030077

Niji overall seems like they actually get along together. I always got this vibe from Holo collabs that it was forced and everyone is trying to not say certain things.

This all felt extremely natural. Glad I gave it a shot.

For a Niji newbie like me who would you recommend?

>> No.5030078

deadhours are fine, else we might turn into /hlgg/

>> No.5030079

He's busy working on his new novel apparently and also isn't in the same home as Hana atm due to work reasons. He'll probably be gone for a little while longer.

>> No.5030081

Schizo hours are now because there's always some faggot trying to police what can be posted in NijiEN threads during dead hours.

>> No.5030087

Amazing collab, I can see why everyone respects Hana so much. Finana and Pomu going gamer mode was the icing on the cake. 11/10 easy.

>> No.5030091

All of NijiEN did well to display their charms, but I think Pomu being older and having no nerves really shined. Hope she gets to collab with other nijis.

>> No.5030093

Hana's such a sweet girl. I hope more people give her a chance because of this collab.

>> No.5030101

I'm sure they have multiple times, but it can't be helped if they use a vpn...

>> No.5030107

which vtubers do you like?

>> No.5030111


>> No.5030119

I'll always ask the same question, what are your interests?

>> No.5030122

>All these eigo streamers hiding behind the ID and KR banner

>> No.5030125

This is pretty much exactly how I feel too the EN hololive collabs are so fucking awkward and forced

>> No.5030128

NijiEN thread Anon amogus

>> No.5030132
File: 602 KB, 3606x4096, Bun_Hada.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope so too! She seems to genuinely enjoy these collabs and has very much expressed the intention to collab with everyone (and she means EVERYONE) in Nijisanji!

She's got a long road ahead of her, but I believe in Captain!!

>> No.5030142

Same, it's their government that's fucked up. The people are like people anywhere else: some are nice, some are assholes.

>> No.5030144
File: 141 KB, 300x300, Ryu_Hari_Headshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hari AFAIK mostly speaks KR due to that being the majority of the people in her chat. In the few times I saw her though she replied in EN to EN questions though.
Maybe that'll change to the collab though, I'm sure if more people speak english to her in chat that things will gradually change.

>> No.5030147

Good, because I'm Chinese myself, but born and raised in burgerland and I'd hate to be associated with zhang behavior just because of that fact.

>> No.5030149

NijiEN is the best one for a newbie, then ID/KR most of them speak in English i think.

>> No.5030152

Can we add captain to the teamup schedule?

>> No.5030155

>Debut in small region
>Oh shit we don't have that many viewers from just our region, better lean on english to try and get more fans

many such cases

>> No.5030166
File: 276 KB, 732x720, s0250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The United States of America isn't the only country with english speakers wow imagine that

>> No.5030168

It's not that Nijis as a whole get along but they aren't pressured to interact with anyone they don't get along with. Friendships feel more organic compared to Hololive where the fanbase harasses talents until they collab even if they don't want to collab.

>> No.5030177

English just does better numbers.

>> No.5030189

>still have Remi's stream open
>randomly hear EHLEERAH

>> No.5030194

NijiEN collabs are always great while HoloEN one are hit or miss yes, but I won't go into tribalism here. Anyways, which kind o streams do you like?

>> No.5030201

I really hope we see this group collabing with each other in the future. this was a blast to watch. Remi was really cute and so was Derem they were the only ones i wasn't famillar with.

>> No.5030209

Any Chinese that does not express anything that gets close to pro-CCP sentiment is suspect but mostly ok, especially if they live outside of China. Remi seems cute!
It's not so much the Chinese talents that are shit, it's mostly the fans. The talents tend to be ultra-weebs, which is why they're engaging in a Japanese hobby

>> No.5030219

10/10. Super fun, remi was a cutie I love her and everyone I'm already subbed anyway This collab had so much heart and is making me get even more into nijisanji. I'm such a faggot.

>> No.5030223
File: 1.29 MB, 1920x1080, deadhours.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was a sweet collab, really warms my empty heart in these darken hours. Hope you anons have a good day! Godspeed

>> No.5030233
File: 536 KB, 4096x2892, E3gH754VcAETsLV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anons happy that people might check out other livers because of this collab
>anons interested in other livers because of how they were in this collab
I like this.

>> No.5030240

did you forget that EN is basically a universal language my dude?

>> No.5030241

I like Polka and Nene

I like rpgs and MMOs and cute girls and comedy geniuses.

>> No.5030245

I hope they get Yumeoi next time so that more people will seethe

>> No.5030248

Being able to speak English isn't so special anymore after the internet boom t.seanig

>> No.5030263

Yeah that collab wouldn't work with Holo EN as shown in the only two collabs of Among Us they did together.

>> No.5030270

>I like rpgs and MMOs and cute girls and comedy geniuses.
Nui Sociere

>> No.5030273

>Captain gets a collab with Lazu each week but the only games they'll play is Valo and PEX
would you take this monkey paw wish?

>> No.5030277

Yeah both were super cute. I don't want my hands to get full following more than two vtubers since my main hobby is vidya but I hope for more collabs with anyone. All Nijis are so much fun.

>> No.5030279

Yeah, she's usually been focusing on growing her KR-only fanbase specifically first, especially with how she handles her streams and such, maybe that'll change after this. Doesn't change much for me since I already watch her a fair bit anyways, but it'll be good for her! I'd love to see KR grow in this way.

It'd make it feel like a weird parallel to K-Pop groups rising.

Unfortunately, anon, Captain does no such thing as Schedules... it's all gruella streams. Your best bet is having a bot track her twitter for any stream announcements and such, because that's only when she usually does it. Also she's busy for like, two more weeks, so don't expect to see much from her for a while.

>> No.5030281

Fuck now I see Hana as Sora with friends

>> No.5030291

Did she talk about what games she'd prefer to collab in or is she open to anything?
Checking out her channel earlier, I saw that there was a lot of >Apex starting out, but it seems like she tried a lot of different things as well, so I'm also hopeful for the future of her channel!
Not to annoy you too much, but do you have vod recommendations for her?

>> No.5030299

English is literally the most used language in the world.

>> No.5030303

I'd loathe for anyone to associate me with my government and I'm sure that's the case for most people throughout the world, so if anything I feel sympathy for zhangs for being stuck with the actual bottom of the barrel.

>> No.5030316

Tsukino Mito then

>> No.5030326

You would love Nui

>> No.5030327

Ban Hada from the threads!

>> No.5030328

Man, this collab was sooo good, now I want even more ID/KR/EN collabs, but please god anything but APEX.

>> No.5030333

Not all Zhangs are bugman

>> No.5030339

I think she's just recapping the stream for her COP.
From translating a few chat messages, they seem to have enjoyed it.

>> No.5030341

Don't forget Remi's fairly impressive English. Shame she's only on Bilibili.

>> No.5030343

Maybe captain will accompany fish when she inevitably goes on a shooter arc

>> No.5030347

Nijichads just can't stop winning, I hope we get more international collabs soon, especially when each one of them always ends up being ultra kino.

>> No.5030352

It honestly could, the problem they had was mixing in too many JPs that know 0 english. If it was just Coco and maybe Suisei plus EN and ID there would be no issues.

>> No.5030353 [DELETED] 

Keep her name out of your mouth Nijinigger!

>> No.5030358

How old is she anyway? From what i've seen from her she's probably in uni.

>> No.5030363

>I always got this vibe from Holo collabs that it was forced and everyone is trying to not say certain things.
Nijisanji livers don't ALL get a long. But the ones who are close collabs freely with one another. They just ignore all the ones they don't care about. This is what makes them more genuine.

>> No.5030366

I want to vomit in Sukoya's mouth and force her to drown in it

>> No.5030370

Yeah those two interacted a lot in the game

>> No.5030379

sell me on pomu nijifags, i'm lookin for another vtuber to stalk

>> No.5030387

A hard sacrifice to bring, but if it frees Pomu from Apex...
Unless it's just my meds not kicking in and their last Apex collab wasn't as miserable for her as it seemed to me.

>> No.5030390

Nui(RPG nut), Shizuka Rin (FFXIV nut)

>> No.5030401

IN and ID were pretty close but...
Bora aside, KR has done occasional collabs with ID but a lot of the IDs deliver content in Javanese or the other Indonesian languages and most of the KRs do content in Korean.
Bora is basically honorary JP at this point, she'd be even more distant from her branch mates if management had allowed her to accept the invitation to join CR while still being a NijiKR
Ibrahim has good English too
KR has a Japanese student studying in Korea. English is taught in school in Korea anyways and English is common throughout SEA

>> No.5030410

Didn't Hada say there's another one in the works? Or is it a KR only one?

>> No.5030421
File: 237 KB, 1920x1080, E3uvA_SUUAAkGOd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Live sex in 3D in 5 and a half hours

>> No.5030431

Are you a millennial and have at least some knowledge of /jp/ culture? Then Pomu is for you. She's an old soul

>> No.5030445

They're three lovable dorks whose close friendship and constant, funny shenanigans make them a joy to be around. Finana is extremely horny and grooms us to an absurd degree. You could probably get her to say racial slurs on stream with the tiniest bit of effort, considering how filter-less she is. Please don't though. Elira is a cute girl next door normie with a cute laugh, great speaking skills and excellent chat interaction. Pomu is more of an oldfag than any person on /vt/ or /jp/, is a weeb supreme, has an amazing character and an incredibly cute voice. She's dying and constantly references it. She's had the worst luck of any human being on earth and non ironically is affected by a Navajo sand curse. She's a bit more distant with the fans compared to the others but still has great chat interaction like the other two.

>> No.5030446

>This is the content holos will never have

>> No.5030448

>1-2 Switch
will they switch positions?

>> No.5030488
File: 366 KB, 400x354, 1621945548412.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kino in the making

>> No.5030497


>> No.5030507

I have no beef with Chinese people, just with their government and anyone who's acting like an asshole. Remi was cute in this collab and so were the other members outside the EN branch and I hope they're all able to collab again.

>> No.5030541

It seems as if everyone inclined a bit from that collab. It's good to see some lesser known Nijis get some love.

>> No.5030548

she has a very soft enjoyable personality, check out her zatsudans or her last minecraft stream and dont forget to stay for the afterchat

>> No.5030553

Rin plays a fuckload of FFVIX and PSO2, take a look at her twitch account. Azura plays FFVIX as well https://twitter.com/Azura_Cecillia/status/1403303986254389249 take a look at the ID branch and search their names + PSO2 or FFVIX and I'm sure you'll find something, maybe nothing recently but definitely some VODs.

>> No.5030560

That was a very cute and kino collab and I found a bunch of new people to follow.
I generally don't talk in chats so I hope my fellow EOPs dont make asses of themselves.

>> No.5030571

She's not that DAIsenpai to Sukoya though since she debuted just about a week before Sukoya

>> No.5030575

Would feel the same tbfh

>> No.5030579

Sounds like something Fish would write.

>> No.5030582

I'll check them out thanks

>> No.5030591

Oh yeah, she said that but I also don't know if its across branches or her own branch.

>> No.5030596

She's cute!
Chinks who go to prestigious or private school are guaranteed to learn American english. Pronunciation is really emphasized so they don't get weird accents like SEA.

>> No.5030598

this is actually driving me insane. my range is banned for months on multiple boards, but they cant get rid of actual shitters like that faggot anyway.

>> No.5030613


>> No.5030620

I find her voice and demeanor to be grating.

>> No.5030622
File: 590 KB, 1176x832, 1623085831841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remembering when Finana called Sukoya Sukoya-san instead of Sukoya-senpai and now I want to punish her for disrespecting her senpai like that.

>> No.5030628

holy shit I just checked Remi stream, she joined the discord call and the rest of the gang still hanging out in voice call

>> No.5030629
File: 34 KB, 339x374, pomusus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pomu WILL eat that 100k kiwi pizza!

>> No.5030645
File: 41 KB, 748x266, Screenshot 2021-06-13 at 00-37-47 Pomu Rainpuff 🧚🍂 NIJISANJI EN on Twitter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5030650

Odd roster is simply because there's not enough player despite the meme of Nijisanji=APEX

>> No.5030651

Yeah they just don't have to keep up the family facade

>> No.5030656

uh is she allowed to be streaming that lol

>> No.5030658

Huh? You seem to forget that she no so subtly seethed about getting killed so many times by Remi. So just the opposite.

>> No.5030660
File: 58 KB, 1024x1024, 1621364109658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's a sweet office lady with a buttload of stories to tell about her life. From the time she used to be a tomboy as a kid, the time her entire neighbourhood got cursed and died of cancer due to being built on an indian burial ground, attending a wedding in school girl cosplay, getting a possibly inbred kitten from a cat hoarder, these odd moments really come even when just playing Minecraft.
She's also a diehard otaku and a relatively old one. This may or may not filter people, but I just know I love Pomu and I'm glad she's doing great.

>> No.5030670

No, she thought they were still streaming thats why she joined it lol

>> No.5030688

Tomoe don't look...

I too, would like Sukoya to spill my intestines and puke all over it

>> No.5030690

I don't think anyone liked her in this collab, sell fishcoin now

>> No.5030692

I heard you guys have a farter

>> No.5030705


>> No.5030724

Remi liked her
or maybe she just wanted to make Mao proud by exterminating another Hmong traitor.

>> No.5030734

Pomu's "I'm Pomu" scares me now. I'm going to have nightmares for weeks.

>> No.5030748

Also the time she "accidentally" bought a physical copy of a little sister loli incest visual novel.

>> No.5030754

That's just her being herself, and that also why she's being ranked as the most hated vtuber on nrkm ranking

>> No.5030763

Luckily I saved a 1 min replay, lemme edit it to only audio

>> No.5030768
File: 2.44 MB, 1334x750, FD332E54-F1E4-42C9-A57E-51DD1FE6DB4E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This Chink has one cute design

>> No.5030775

So smooth

>> No.5030787

And the time she was unknowingly invited to some Japanese new-age jazz meeting and feared she was going to be sacrificed

>> No.5030792

She has some hot competition with Finana on the scene. Give it a few months.

>> No.5030796

Kanda is the one person who verbally bitchslaps her, which is why GunKan is so entertaining.

>> No.5030797
File: 430 KB, 1710x2195, Pomu_sings[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Feuywtw.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Elira? Elira??? Who killed my girl?

>> No.5030799

Pomu playing NKODICE on friday! She'll finally get some ochinko!

>> No.5030801

what the everliving fuck is a 殺

>> No.5030813

Based, post it asap

>> No.5030823

Not super common, but it's not really unheard of either. There's been plenty of ID/JP collabs of different types, and it helps that most of the foreign branch talents have some basic Japanese. There's also more than a few JP livers with decent-enough English (aside from Sukoya, I know Hoshikawa, Yumeo, and Gwelu all have serviceable English, and many more are game enough to try with what little they know).

>> No.5030825

jazz cult*

>> No.5030827

It was a genuine accident! She didn't know what it was! She's not a degenerate! or she wasn't yet at least.

>> No.5030836
File: 473 KB, 1132x721, 20210613_014308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pomu is playing NKODICE with Elira https://twitter.com/PomuRainpuff/status/1403950601348829184

>> No.5030838

literally Kill
t. chink

>> No.5030845

This sneaky little fairy

>> No.5030846
File: 131 KB, 1110x1261, Hada_Ponytail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what games she'd prefer to collab in or is she open to anything?

She hasn't said anything specifically, but going back to what she's said in her talk streams, she seems very open to generally collabing with any game that she can learn it seems. She certainly has a huge preference for FPS games, but as we see in her recent streams, she's been moving to a wider variety of games in general.

> do you have VOD recommendations for her?

Yeah, I generally always recommend her To The Moon gameplay stream because she just shined a lot in that one game specifically, and that was when a lot of people started to really fall in love with her (me as well)

Buuuut since it's a 6 hour VOD it might not be everyone's cup of tea. She also excels with talk streams in general, and I always like listening to her voice in the background.

Her Mario streams and the recent Rhythm Doctor stream are actually pretty hilarious too, especially since she's so prone to gamer rage (which was why she took a break from APEX in the first place)

That's the guess, she also talked about in a past talk stream (and the legendary talk stream that actually turned into an unarchived stream, I'll link it in a bit) that she's only been able to get her driver's license fully just now, and because of how weird the system is in Australia, it's speculated that she might be around 21 years old or somewhere around that.

Probably in Uni most likely, but not really sure since in the first few weeks after she debuted, she was pretty active all around and streaming quite a bit. So who knows.

*karaoke unarchived stream here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1h2aJoMlo2CfDifZkNy_2D2BID758oREl?usp=sharing

Not sure. We really don't have anything on it yet, all we have to go on is that it'll be some sort of big collab again. How long that will take will be a mystery, but we should hear about it eventually at least. Still very much excited nonetheless.

>> No.5030851

If you are talking about Pomu's tweet she is thanking Sukoya for killing her and saying it was an honour.

>> No.5030854


>> No.5030866


>> No.5030868

It is one schizo in these threads that hate fish

>> No.5030869

Listen to this cover anon, the lyrics are about drinking vomit

>> No.5030875


>> No.5030876
File: 998 KB, 2487x3372, 1621203678989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5030901

I'm sorry anon, but it is impossible to buy physical copies of eroge without knowing that it is r-18

>> No.5030903

Finana for the most hated vtuber? I doubt it

>> No.5030910


>> No.5030915

>MANKO dice
>comfy minecraft
This looks like a pretty good week.

>> No.5030916

>Genshit Impact
geez they're really dabbing on H*lol*ve with these permissions huh

>> No.5030934


>> No.5030935
File: 211 KB, 600x600, chad pomu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Doom 1

>> No.5030938

she is a sweet working oldfag that have a lot of stories of weebness and misfortune

>> No.5030939

Wait i thought it was about doing drugs

>> No.5030942

Fish not invited for being TOO horny.

>> No.5030948

That is simply not true because I've seen people other than myself posting like that.

>> No.5030949
File: 1.26 MB, 762x1200, file (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5030957
File: 1.19 MB, 900x695, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we get a "I'm Pomu!" The Shining edit? Any drawfags around?

>> No.5030963

Oh shit nice

>> No.5030964

God I hope so.

>> No.5030965

Not those anons, but based, thank you. Do you have a QRD on why it became an unarchived stream? I've watched her a couple times now and she referenced it here and there.

>> No.5030970

I guess that guy who kept going on a chilla's art got his wish

>> No.5030986

its even better because its going to be endurance doom

>> No.5030997

You've gotta be kidding me...

>> No.5031000
File: 847 KB, 3840x2160, E1e0b6uWQAMguUP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finana love! I love this cute, perverted, Dorito-munching zoomer mermaid!

>> No.5031004

Speaking of international collabs there was this thing last year

>> No.5031010
File: 382 KB, 828x784, pomu getting clobbered at a concert.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has 30 years of awkward stories to tell. Like getting punched by a wota at an idol concert.

>> No.5031015

She sang a couple songs that can't be archived because copyright

>> No.5031020

What is nkodice

>> No.5031023

I love this little sea slug

>> No.5031026

well she said she wanted to eventually

>> No.5031029

If anything Genchink is the one thing that makes me dislike Nijisanji.
At this point I know that they are being paid to promote it and there is probably even more to it than that.
I bet if any EN says "Taiwan" even once, their accounts will insta-disappear.

>> No.5031030

here you go, sorry for the clitty clack, the sound is from Opera, I was typing when that happened.
They seem had fun talking lol

>> No.5031043

I love Nifoursanfour!

>> No.5031051

>Talking about bewbs and eroge on stream
Oh no no no bros I am afraid Pomu has turned into a Vshojo whore...

>> No.5031058

They put paid promotion on the streams when they are being paid to promote it anon.

>> No.5031069
File: 680 KB, 775x935, 1622410468920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>oh shit i love when chuubas appreciate retro games
>i'm both moving and graduating uni on the 19th

>> No.5031073

You roll dice with hiragana written on them. Lewd words are almost guaranteed to come out.

>> No.5031081

archive time

>> No.5031091

I can't believe that's Finana's real voice

>> No.5031093

How naive.

>> No.5031100

To be honest if Finana wasn't part of NijiEN I'd probably hate her too. The other two girls reign her in pretty well and their chemistry in collabs makes her a lot more enjoyable. Her solo streams are more grating to me than her collabs for this reason, but usually they're in the chat to prevent her from going full zoomer or reading anything too cringe from chat.

If anything that just shows the NijiEN girls are so good together they could've probably even gotten along with Kiara who suffers from being the only extrovert in her branch.

>> No.5031109
File: 380 KB, 1736x2456, 1607687970751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fish and HSKW sex collab soon pls

>> No.5031133



Why??? Even Elira's clipper is a fucking holonigger...

>> No.5031149

I hope Hana is able to stop by. She'd love this.

>> No.5031153

It's literally illegal otherwise.

>> No.5031162

remi was so cute during the collab

>> No.5031166


>> No.5031178

So company wide when they are doing shill streams they put paid promotion on the stream whether it be some shitty mobile game or Konami but you think they make an exception for certain Genshin streams but not the other ones where they do put paid promotion on it?

>> No.5031179

this. >>5031058 You notice it on Hana's PSO2 streams.
Elira genuinely enjoys the game, the other two have been talked into it and Pomu is a gachafag anyway.

>> No.5031180

It's 1993 doom too, so retrofags are going to have a blast.

>> No.5031182

I've enjoyed her Minecraft streams pretty well. She obviously just needs her 'tism engaged.

>> No.5031184

Glad I didn't subscribe

>> No.5031205

Anon most of them are gacha addicts, ganshin is just the current hot shit

>> No.5031206

They literally get very good numbers when streaming genshin, you don't need a bribe when the game itself is beneficial to you

>> No.5031222

I think Remi's getting her chat to help her write collab/thank you letters too right now

>> No.5031229

I think fish is getting better, her two best solo streams have been the miitopia one and the last minecraft one

>> No.5031230

Fucking retarded holofag

>> No.5031232

>Elira genuinely enjoys the game, the other two have been talked into it
Yeah and Pomu doesn't even seem to be THAT into it. Someone recently asked if she would roll for Klee was she was like "uhhhhhhh I haven't thought about it yet".
I guess she plays it for the views.

>> No.5031265

She sang a bunch of English songs, a bunch of K-Pop songs, and, worst of all... a Disney song.

Suffice to say she got bonked by management afterwards lol.


>> No.5031270

This made me think less of Elira. But I guess she is a bit of a brainlet as seen in this collab.

>> No.5031285

She isn't a whale, and was hesitant to drop $100 on pulls, while Finana dropped $300 like it was nothing (not sure how much Elira has dropped so far)

>> No.5031299

I love her voice but her antics are hit or miss for me.

>> No.5031306

Pomu's 100% playing it for the views. She was interested in the game for sure but the second stream around she could barely pay attention to the story. Basically powered through the stream by sheer force of simping for the cute girls despite the gameplay/story not being her thing.

>> No.5031309

So the truth comes out. She will inevitably be the worst of her gen, the only reason she is ahead of Pomu in subs is because Susan didn't fuck her over. If you only like her because she has a shiny corporate seal, then you don't like her.

>> No.5031312
File: 414 KB, 1583x2048, E3vVdUsUcAAXq8o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can't wait for the next APEX thumbnail

>> No.5031314

holy shit, I can't believe that finance said that about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

>> No.5031323

God fucking damnit. I get it when the channel is just a random vtuber clipper, but this faggot clipped only Elira before. Hell, look at the name of the channel.
What a faggot

>> No.5031345


Amazing, thank you so much <3
Let's hope the captain will get the recognition she deserves!
At the very least, I'll definitely watch her whenever possible

>> No.5031348

>Remi mentioning Finana various times
What is she talking about, any chink bros here?

>> No.5031352

I understand why people would dislike her, but for me personally I find any annoyances I have with her comes down to her obvious inexperience with streaming. I can see her getting better over time.

>> No.5031356

I wouldn't care so much, except this was streaming the same time as the amongus collab...
What a betrayal.

>> No.5031366


>> No.5031373

Bandwagoning holofag clipper got bored of nijisanji after not even a month

>> No.5031376

I don't actively dislike her though, and she is getting better.
My point is more that vtuber fans are pretty fickle and the line between "cute zoomer" and "cringe normie whore" is pretty thin so it takes something extra to make most people give that type of streamer a chance. She really isn't that different from most Twitch girls but since she gets along with her genmates very well it makes her good points shine and makes it easier to grow to like her.

>> No.5031378

Actually cute, I really should watch more of her.

>> No.5031384

Laughing at hmongs

>> No.5031418

jk she's just sending her a message right now

>> No.5031419

I don't really care at all. Maybe it will do well in views and get more people to see the Elira clips.

>> No.5031427
File: 149 KB, 128x128, hada_lag.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glad to hear that! Hope you enjoy your time in the kaizocruise!

>> No.5031428

He's literally a bandwagonner that got into vtubers after coco just like most cancer, I'm not surprised, probably wanting to boost views leeching her graduation

>> No.5031430

That too

>> No.5031431
File: 350 KB, 1444x2048, E3vQgNSUcAEtkpH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to forcefully push Finana down! And then make sweet love to her

>> No.5031432

she fucked up

>> No.5031434

>no guys you shouldn't spam her chat for now on in vengeance it's fine
>she didn't do nothing wrong so leave her alone please
>no don't send her DMs either

>> No.5031438
File: 475 KB, 1607x2700, 1623301101326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's saying when she found out Finana's a Hmong she knew she had to kill her every round due to her race being traitors to China that collaborated with the CIA to undermine the people's revolution. Her chat are praising her for her service to her country after killing Finana so many times.
t. EOP

>> No.5031441

Good for him. If he gets traffic with Holo stuff it helps promote Niji, too.

>> No.5031444

can you download streams from bilibili, I wanna watch remi pov but don't really want to use the site

>> No.5031445

>the line between "cute zoomer" and "cringe normie whore"
You sound dangerously similar to a holofag.

>> No.5031464

Fucks sake, just admit you don't like her and wouldn't care if she graduated already.

>> No.5031468

Maybe we'll see him change the channel name soon. What if he was an Dragonfag that got introduced to vtubers due to NijiEN and now he's checking out holo's dragon?

Think of the implications!

Really, though it does feel kind of sad to see this happen if my stupid scenario isn't how it happened

>> No.5031483


>> No.5031506

Maybe a channel that is dedicated to clipping Elira shouldn't upload a hololive clip.

>> No.5031510
File: 306 KB, 500x500, 1622320272047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hornypost for fish but I actually don't even watch her. However I don't dislike her either, in the phasmophobia collab she was hilariously autistic even if she gave the other 2 a hard time for it. She the heel of the group and does a good job at it, just make sure she doesn't bring up apex collabs ever again/

>> No.5031513

>Suha and two graduated members
it's tough, with Yuya's graduation tomorrow only 3 of the original 10 (the E&C transfers and wave 1) members will be left

>> No.5031515

Have you looked at his community posts? The faggot shares provocative art of vtubers to get likes and links his videos in the descriptions of it.

>> No.5031517

If I become a member of a nijisanji chuuba, will I receive after sex photos from their irl collabs?

>> No.5031537

Only if it's Hoshikawa.

>> No.5031544

>What should I say?

>I love you, Finana. I love you.
>I'm sorry for killing you today.
She seems to have gotten confused a bit on whether she should use killing, eliminate, or murdered
>It was really fun playing with you.
>I wish we could collab in the future

>> No.5031551

REMI LOVE, I really wish this cute slug wasn't just on bilibili, even twitch is bearable by comparison, she was adorable in this collab and I wish her the best.

>> No.5031561

If she leaves an archive you can just use youtube-dl

>> No.5031562

>doesn't like to lose
>doesn't like to do anything with a risk either
>will deny doing anything wrong no matter what
It was sort of funny at first but it got old quick.

>> No.5031566

god CCP-chan is so fucking cute, I kinda want to watch her

>> No.5031568

True she's such a brat, normally I'd cringe at how she behaves but posting in these threads constantly about wanting to punish or rape her for being a brat is more fun and makes her bratty moments enjoyable.

>> No.5031580


>> No.5031614

So what's the long game here? Worm into relevancy then use her influence to assert Chinese supremacy?

>> No.5031633

I hope EIGO WAKARANAI gets clipped.

>> No.5031637

If you become a T3 member you sometimes get invited to the orgies. Haven't been able to go during the pandemic though so I just watch the livestreams while jacking off.

>> No.5031638

It's really not that weird for fan content people or audiences to have some amount of overlap for the HoloEN and NijiEN girls.
Although it felt weird to hear the names of a bunch of Ame paypiggy regulars in the NijiEN superchat streams the first few times.

>> No.5031646

Not everything has to be zhang conspiracy anon.

>> No.5031677

Do you really think they'd risk legal trouble rather than just saying the stream is sponsored? The game is popular on its own, very few people would be put off by it being an ad stream who wouldn't be put off by it being Genshin in the first place.

>> No.5031689

Playing video games
and enjoying them

>> No.5031698

Remi really likes finana huh

>> No.5031719

I don't give a fuck really, but seeing a hololive clip in my youtube feed is just... Disappointing.

>> No.5031722

Sure it does, as those who don't do these sort of things "disappear".

>> No.5031724

That's adorable.

>> No.5031725
File: 9 KB, 218x175, 1622085520581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy GETS IT, this BRAT needs to be DISCIPLINED

>doesn't like to lose
>doesn't like to do anything with a risk either
>will deny doing anything wrong no matter what
Crap she's literally me.

>> No.5031726

>What if he was an Dragonfag that got introduced to vtubers due to NijiEN and now he's checking out holo's dragon?

>> No.5031728

Everyone loves Finana except the schizos who take things too seriously.

>> No.5031737

Clearly The clipper uploaded it to the wrong channel and has multiple clipping accounts

>> No.5031747

It's unfortunate, honestly, but yeah. KR Gen 1 as a whole was destined to fall apart, still a real shame to see Yuya graduate, she's speedrunning as many collabs with all her friends and make as many memories as she can in her last few weeks but man, I still find it painful.

Since this is Nijisanji though, I know that Graduation never really means a definite end for the vtuber themselves. It just seems like Yuya is going to get super-duper busy in her future full-time job and her already insane studies (Korean Universities are fucking insane btw) that she just won't be able to feel good staying on a long hiatus like others in JP (Sukoya, KTRB, Roa) that she just decided she's better off graduating instead.

I hope she'll be happy and successful though, and I also hope, with the new generation of KR here bringing a lot of attention from the wider EN fanbase, that Nijisanji KR will grow even more, and Yuya can graduate and be happy to see the branch she'd played a major role in cultivating to where it is now grow even more.

... sorry for the long post, I just get really emotional when it comes to Nijisanji KR

>> No.5031768

With how they handle the thumbnail and the naming of the video, I kinda believe this

>> No.5031770

No, she just noticed how salty Finana was and so took extra precaution to fluff her ego to avoid any hard feelings. Because she is wiser about her career than Finana is.

>> No.5031772

He's either a newfag or shitposting

>> No.5031788

Artists who post unfinished work all the time are the equivalent of TBAtubers

>> No.5031790

nah, those dedicated clippers never stay loyal because posting clips of a single vtuber doesn't bring the big numbers, every single one eventually starts clipping others

>> No.5031799

>except this was streaming the same time as the amongus collab
I mean, the shitpost review is at a consistent time every week. Not that Nijisanji should plan around it or anything, but it's not like that was intentionally streamed over the collab, it just turned out that way.

>> No.5031800

I wouldn't say Roa feels good about being on a long hiatus but I have no idea what's going on with her. Not sure why they're keeping her on hiatus so long when Meiro is long gone and her fans dipped with her.

>> No.5031805

They still produce content unlike TBAtubers though.

>> No.5031808

Give him some commission money to help engage him intellectually

>> No.5031810

Same, if anything, just the fact that she got to collab with EN and Sukoya will probably get her a lot more popular in bilibili itself. There were a ton of kino moments in this stream, and the clippers there will undoubtedly make TL'd clips of them, so even more advertisement for her.

The cute sea slug will incline bro, just believe!

>> No.5031818


>> No.5031832

Do you think the company is preventing Roa from coming back or something?
She'll return whenever she feels she's ready

>> No.5031833

Just like I thought the first Finana schizo already came. Really makes you think how mentally ill someone has to be to consistently force some kind of controversy when nobody gives a shit. Genuine fucking schizophrenia.

>> No.5031850

There's got to be some nuance between holonigging 'holy shit she looked at a dude sideways once' and just not wanting vshojo style whores talking about their period diarrhea.

That said that discussion is neither here nor there because Finana isn't even close to it. If you pay even a little bit of attention it's really easy to see that she cares a lot about her work and is trying her very best. Or at least that's the vibe she gives off on-camera and nothing seems to contradict it.

>> No.5031859

I'm sorry but I don't comprehend one word sentences. Are you requesting meds? I am not a doctor.

>> No.5031864

Those who actively oppose those sorts of things disappear, those who don't participate just don't participate.

>> No.5031868

>Great chemistry among all of them despite being relative strangers
>Never a dull moment or downtime
Are all niji collabs like this? That was extremely good, and that bonniver guy's a fucking chad.

>> No.5031881

After being away for so long it probably gets even harder to return, there's no way she can't make it awkward

>> No.5031887

Wow, Finana actually garnered MORE hate from this collab than anything. Maybe she really does get off to it?

>> No.5031888

she said she want a collab with her...

>> No.5031902

Remi is singing in english right now if you want to check it out

>> No.5031903

Don't make posts like this here, holofag
Make an anti thread if you want to

>> No.5031912

No, only one person here hates her, that person being yourself.

>> No.5031919

I don't want to derail things too much, but god, recently I spend a had spent a few hours reading into the shit Roa pulled with Meiro, and I fucking hope she never comes back.

>> No.5031925

I thought people were doing clips because they were fans...
I mean, what is the point of making a clipper channel dedicated only to ONE vtuber if you are not a fan.

>> No.5031950

>I fucking hope she never comes back
Sounds like you read a heap of bullshit, probably in the holoshit threads
How did you come to the conclusion that Roa is in the wrong?

>> No.5031952

I think Roa herself is just nervous as heck and at this point is probably just wanting to comeback already but really unsure about what to say or do concerning the drama from back then.

After all, she'll definitely think, of like: "Should I brush it off? Or should I address it first then continue as normal? Maybe I shouldn't even address it at all since it's been so long now?" overall, from what other livers have said on how Roa's doing nowadays, she's doing fine already, she might just be nervous on what to do.

Though honestly, I could care less about the bullshit that happened so long ago at this point, but I'm not her or the majority of her fans, just a single EOP in a sea of Japanese viewers...

>> No.5031965

her voice is really good

>> No.5031969

You clearly didn't read enough

>> No.5031975

>please make a thread about Finana
No thank you. And if you constantly talk about Hololive you will give newcomers a sense that Nijisanji is second rate. Please stop.

>> No.5031985

Kill yourself, holofag

>> No.5031986

Seems like a fan to me, I see him in her stream chat all the time even donating I think. You can be a fan of more than one vtuber or vtuber company anon.

>> No.5031996

There's a theory that Anycolor is sheltering her for now since some stalker got too close to figuring out where she lives.

>> No.5032002

damn the pronunciation is on point

>> No.5032004

I remember Miko talked about this when she came back from her long hiatus, and that was under way less murky circumstances. Roa probably has no idea how to come back, even if she apologizes a lot of Niji fans won't know who she is because she's been gone so long and won't know what she's apologizing for.

You're either shitposting or grossly misinformed, she did nothing wrong besides being slightly unprofessional due to not going through management and trying to handle the situation discreetly instead. Meiro was a complete menhera and after graduating she immediately did an ASMR featuring a slutty bitch character based on Roa just to mock her.

>> No.5032021
File: 60 KB, 640x640, E3Qy4TDVgAcl2z3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

too obvious dude, do your bait reps and try harder next time

>> No.5032023

>my reddit dragon quit so now I see chang conspiracies everywhere

>> No.5032038

It's just weird he would taint his channel like that, but being someone who was introduced to vtubers by coco he probably can't even fathom the idea of someone not being her fan

>> No.5032043

Generally yeah, there are obviously a very few edge-cases, but overall, Nijisanji has the collab formula down to a T at this point. They can even do spontaneous International collabs with the most random people that probably never met each other (or even probably understand each other; look at the Noraneko collab with Taka) and somehow make things entertaining.

And yes, Bonnivier is a chad. His voice is great.

>> No.5032051

You didn't read enough, but to clear it up:
That was not Meiro's actual accent, and she has been involved with plagiarism scandals before then. She was absolutely trying to copy Roa and then threw a fit when she didn't get her way. Even Narukami (the fucker) ended up turning against her as new information came out.

>> No.5032062

I mean she has already talks about how much time she puts into preparing her streams and her character before

>> No.5032099

Isn't it mental that every ID streamer is completely chill and enjoys fishing?

>> No.5032100

>I constantly talk about hololive in a niji thread

>> No.5032102

It's not about tribalism. I just want to see Elira clips on a dedicated Elira's clipper channel, not some random hololive stuff.

>> No.5032112

Hotel California now

>> No.5032114

Scattershot approach never works because you get less stay power. Being a dedicated clipper to 1 vtuber/1 group gets a lot of repeat clicks. Someone who watches an elira clip will want to see more clips of her, if your account has 30~ clips of her then it's a good chance you get 30~ views just from one person clicking out of curiousity. This pushes it up on the 'recommended' rating a good amount for those who've watched other clippers elira clips.
People looking for redditdragon clips won't bother with the rest of the channel at all it'll just be one video that gets a few views then they move to another clipper.
yeah I know, but how else would you take "guy known for elira clips would rather watch other vtubers over her"

>> No.5032118


>> No.5032127

Don't get me wrong, everybody (including the management) in that situation was a fucking autist.
Roa's request was absolute autism, that ALONE was enough for condemnation. She should have been disciplined for trying to control another talent. But then engaging in actual intimidation by demanding "face to face talk" and refusing to include management seals the deal. She's a piece of shit.
Having the same accent is not plagiarism, even if she had previously engaged in actual plagiarism (which, sure, would make her pretty shitty).

>> No.5032138

But I like her even more now after seeing a new side of her, anon-sama!

>> No.5032160

>holo gets disappeared
>as time goes they all garner hatred from holodrones who defend the company above all

>niji disappears
>as time goes on they grow more beloved (Tsumugu, Gilzaren, Roa)

I wonder why

>> No.5032169

most of ID uses english or Indonesian, mainly depends on the chat or if they can convey stuff better in one or the other and some can switch languages if needed
also ID uses Indonesian more then java, its basically the lingua franca for Indonesia since they have so many local languages, tho riksa is know to do Sudanese streams from time to time

>> No.5032173
File: 469 KB, 2480x3508, 1600613216346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5032179

You have no idea what you're talking about and should at least have the decency of admitting that you're heavily misinformed, you sound like the tourists on the first day this story broke out

>> No.5032180

Kind of a weird choice to upload clips that aren't of the vtuber in question I agree. Maybe he was just hoping it would do numbers and boost traffic to the other clips or something.

>> No.5032194

F-Fast, sugoi!

>> No.5032196

Grats on derailing thread with your outdated shit, keep at it

>> No.5032198

It's a fictional accent, the literal only reason to use it would be to plagiarize Roa.
If someone started talking like Mickey Mouse as a character and not as a parody they'd probably get sued because Mickey Mouse's accent is entirely part of the character's brand.

>> No.5032212
File: 348 KB, 877x1210, 71559515_p19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gilzaren isn't fucking dead anon

>> No.5032223

She's been doing monthly voice pack, so despite she's hasn't streaming she's still active as Nijisanji member.

You wasn't reading deep enough, Meiro is pathological Liar.

>> No.5032226

Can we talk about debiru? I think she(they?) is cute.

>> No.5032230

IIRC Roa's accent isn't even real dude. It's not her accent because it's not even an actual regional accent, it's one she made up for her character. Meiro copied it and Roa was perfectly reasonable to ask her to stop doing that when it's a trademark of her character.

>> No.5032232

Her singing is literally too good man aaaaaaaaaaaa I love her

>> No.5032236

did anyone?

>> No.5032242

Can you link the thread you got this information from?

>> No.5032259


>> No.5032271
File: 697 KB, 3000x3000, E1p0003VkAIaNte.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5032273

Roa's stuff is done and over with. Stop replying retards

>> No.5032288

Who would have thought the NijiEN thread dead hours would turn into a Roa/Meiro debate.

>> No.5032294

Really? Only thing I really noticed was that she wasn't as talkative as she usually is, but I just assumed she was just being considerate to all her kouhais here.

>> No.5032317

That's schizophrenia of the highest order but at least it's a semi-subjective opinion, even if it's fucking retarded.
I think only /vt/ could be mentally ill enough to claim that having a similar unoriginal fictional accent is plagiarism.

Thing is, I don't care that much for Meiro except having sympathy for what was clearly a successful attempt to intimidate her. She seems unstable and could very well be a pathological liar - as I said, everybody was fucking dumb in that situation. But Roa was the one that started drama by pushing the accent idiocy.

>> No.5032346
File: 76 KB, 750x579, 1F9A8E57-1F5C-4E73-AFF3-8D719BCB43A4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry anon but we all unanimously decided that we can talk about any nijisanji content here. Did you miss the poll? We also frequently talk about Hololive too so pull up a chair.

>> No.5032351

But I miss Roa...

>> No.5032357

He's an imbecile faggot who is a holofag, much like most of the retards on elira discord. This faggot is also in there.

>> No.5032358

yeah imma need you to translate these nip runes for me anon

>> No.5032370

Please don't ignore me holofag
Where did you get all that information from?

>> No.5032374

Roa wasn't the one who pushed the accent theft thing. Their fans kept spamming in their chats and asking about it even though they had never interacted, forcing her hand just to make them stop.
At least do your reps if you're gonna bring up old drama.

>> No.5032387

>frequently talk about Hololive
Let's not go too far, unityanon. That's not unity.

>> No.5032398

Is there any chance she'll start doing English streams on YouTube?
She could heal the Civia shaped hole in my heart

>> No.5032426
File: 216 KB, 1920x1080, E3R5unPVcAU1fso.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

7 and I DM Finana a tribute.

>> No.5032432

Isn't that a good thing? I mean 90%+ of the western audience is holofags, if they weren't winning some of them over at least EN would be going the way on IN.

>> No.5032434

It's not blasfemy but it's retarded when the channel is literally dedicated to a nijisanji en member. But what should be expected from the type of holofan with no awareness who already put lots of hololive references anyway in other clips. This was a question of time to happen when the priority lies on holo and when there's no interest in actually watch nijisanji itself.

>> No.5032435

Google translate is literally enough for that anon.

>> No.5032449

Fucking everywhere - archives, narukami, l3ddit, wikis. Probably why I ended up thinking everyone's a dumbass in the end.

>> No.5032465
File: 1007 KB, 600x474, 1622161106937.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Amamya love!

>> No.5032473

OOHHHHH Actually a good rendition of Country Roads for once that isn't just riddled with squeaky voice bullshit that doesn't even fit the song.

Remiiiiiiiiiiiiii why you so cute aaaaaaaa

>> No.5032474


>> No.5032480
File: 69 KB, 732x720, 1621137526925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5032481

I want to squeeze her cheeks until they bleed.

>> No.5032492

The opposite of tribalism is unity. You push for tribalism.

>> No.5032495

Dead hours
This compilation channel is quite popular lately and you don't need english subs to enjoy them

>> No.5032498

why would she? she has more freedom to do content she likes on bili than she would on yt

>> No.5032504

>We also frequently talk about Hololive too
nah that doesn't count

>> No.5032514
File: 913 KB, 3508x3508, 1623450606901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too, anon
She's too adorable

>> No.5032516

>that country roads cover
Wow she is good

>> No.5032519

no thats the schizo that spammed the threads for a week any time a non EN was mentioned. The fag feels vindicated now because of the dumb meiro/roa shitting

>> No.5032535

Aren't chinks not allowed to stream on YT?
I'm a newfag and didn't really pay attention to holoCN early on.
So close...

>> No.5032537

NTA but
>Actually I was sick at the end but I was sick?
Google translate doesn't work for shit.

>> No.5032540

Yeah unironically this, she wouldn't be able to sing or watch half of the shit she usually does on Bilibili at the moment if she was on Youtube.

>> No.5032543

Cringed when I read that comment. It might be retarded but acting all tribalistic and insulting towards people who have been otherwise doing a good job of promoting the talent just makes Nijisanji fans look bad.

>> No.5032544

That actually makes sense.

>> No.5032555

Is she following you?

>> No.5032567

Anon, Meiro being a liar about the accent is because people know about her roommates and she's isn't a complete beginner since she's has been streaming before joining Nijisanji so her being nervous then going for that "Hometown" accent is a lie.
Also would you think a girl who is 20 or under would confront a 30 years old?

You know he actually made mistake, Even Buddha have much better coverage

>> No.5032574

This collab was the start of the Niji uprising.

>> No.5032575
File: 3 KB, 684x30, count.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it's going okay bro.

Drawing a blank here.

>> No.5032589

You can fix the grammar by just inferring to what the poster said. Basically it's "Actually I was sick, but did anyone notice I was sick...?"

>> No.5032599

>Aren't chinks not allowed to stream on YT?
They're not allowed to have Twitter either, so I assume she's not living in China right now.

>> No.5032610

And you were wondering when schizo hours were. Time for me to fuck off now that the thread has gone to shit. I have some minecraft streams to catch up on.

>> No.5032613

anon, thats not actually a bad move. hololive fans that watch his hololive clips will get served by the algorithm elira clips too.
ultimately he propably just wants more traffic on his channel, but by doing so theres more exposure to nijisanji too.

>> No.5032626

I don't actually care if she lied - the accent autism is autism. HOWEVER, the only thing that might sway me is if this is true: >>5032374
It doesn't relieve Roa of all responsibility, but if it really was chat being dumb, then that would make it easier to let it go.

>> No.5032673

Yeah honestly even as a hardcore nijifan who avoids hololive stuff a ton, I really don't think this is all that bad. You gotta admit that all them Hololive terms and references are all the rage in the EN market still, and the fact the guy decided to try and boost his channel through a Hololive clip is smarter than anything desu.

He still posts Elira clips anyways so I don't see the problem here.

>> No.5032687

Roa is legitimately 16 and 15 at the time, which is why I personally hold nothing against her.

>> No.5032693
File: 54 KB, 200x200, 1621893563390.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can tell the collab was a success by how many newfags found their way in here in the last few hours.

>> No.5032710

That's great and all, but don't call your channel Pendora Box Ch if you're going to clip low effort holoshit Butt Plug memes in an effort to get more views

>> No.5032734

Not お腹鳴ったんだ means that her stomach was rumbling

>> No.5032741

while I am happy for the girls' sucess i really wish these newfags would stop mentioning hololive

>> No.5032744

Missed the poll, but a Roa/Meiro debate is totally out of left field. I was more expecting people to be talking more about all the Nijisanji members who were in the collab, not about the drama between those two.

>> No.5032788

I find it believable enough, especially since that was the time that Roa's (and Nijisanji's) fanbase in general was full of your typical schizos and autists you'd see from modern holoEN chat, but turn all that into JP.

Shit changed over time since Hololive got bigger and eventually overtook Nijisanji numbers even in JP, thus taking with them all the dumbass bandwagoners. But yeah, it was really fucking bad at the time.

>> No.5032790

Tap the glass

>> No.5032803

so we can only talk about nijisanji other than en when you say so?

>> No.5032828

Then I'm the dumb one, thank you anon, I'll start doing my JP reps next time instead of being a filthy machine translation fag.

>> No.5032837

We did that for like 1000+ posts already. The last thread hit the post limit even. Vast majority of posts in this thread are also about the collab, things aren't so bad even if some schizo is dredging up Roa drama.

>> No.5032852
File: 120 KB, 1139x1080, 159907794048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn this schizo is really dedicated in his anti-finana posting. His samefagging is pretty obvious so i hope anons learn to recognize and ignore him and not give any (you)s.
Also, i bet it's the same guy who doxxed her early on and now he's getting desperate since people have just come to love her more over time.

>> No.5032853

Not going to post your groupthink meme just because you forgot to save it. You'll have to go back to twitter and get it.

>> No.5032863
File: 1021 KB, 2979x4096, E3qCHqMVUAAti8O.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will check Bonnivier out now, as long as it's not APEX.

>> No.5032879

It's not like I hate Roa or something, but it's just really shitty how, from my perspective, her (or chat's, indirectly) pointless and dumb complaint lead to someone losing her job. I really love her design and it's annoying how I could never watch her now because it'd leave a bad taste in my mouth.

A lot of people were introduced to Niji through NijiEN, it's new territory for a lot of us.

>> No.5032886
File: 441 KB, 576x536, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do note that Remi the cute sea-slug is still singing some songs even now, so if you guys are interested then...

>> No.5032899
File: 792 KB, 640x947, 1622159004243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5032901


>> No.5032910

His APEX stream is interesting because he's good at it, check this one out

>> No.5032912

He's not even that bad, Anon, chill. You're going a bit schizo too now.

>> No.5032923

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, dramafags and tribalfags.

>> No.5032940

deepl actually is translating that correctly though.
but you still should do your reps though. learning a language is a skill that will pay off eventually, even if you learn it for a dumb reason.

>> No.5032955

I am listening and falling in love incredibly quickly from her beautiful singing and cuteness from the collab. Please collab often little sea slug, I want to see you all the time now.

>> No.5032958

She sang Freesia when I tuned in

>> No.5032979

You don't actually have to become a schizo to fight a schizo

>> No.5032985

How?? I found hr channel and I can't even fucking tell if she's live, or where to click.

>> No.5033021
File: 1.73 MB, 1614x1177, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a "live" button if you're on her channel.

>> No.5033052

Then let me tell you, her being a liar is exactly the point.
It wasn't even spam, it was asked by viewer because Meiro SUDDENLY change her accent despite her character bio mentioned her character came from Kyoto, breaking RP is normal but breaking RP to mimicking a fictional accent and claiming it as hometown accent(to this day people still didn't know what that accent she's talking about) is weird.

Roa trying to talk to her first, but she's keep ignoring her and even started to passive aggressive "i was bullied", this is where Management started to came in.
If you don't care, then don't talk like you know at all.

>> No.5033058

Doesn't mean she has to stop doing Bili streams but just occasionally throw a youtube stream like Civia did

>> No.5033068

Some karaoke is a comfy way to wind down after a collab. The guitar is comfy too.
This >>5033021
But this link is the live channel. Yes, it's a weird site.

>> No.5033071

Very understandable, yeah. Both of them were at fault really, it's just that for a lot of people it really was very shitty that Meiro sperged out so hard against Roa who was very clearly a minor and much younger than her.

I don't condone it, but it's definitely easy to forget that Roa still had a hand in making this shit blow up in the first place... I feel really bad for her overall though, she probably got traumatized by it. Especially because of what Meiro did afterwards...

>> No.5033098

Here anon https://live.bilibili.com/22778596

Holy fuck what the hell is her chat making her say. She's said FACK YOU. Like 5 times now lol.

>> No.5033125

> but it's definitely easy to forget that Roa still had a hand in making this shit blow up in the first place
Nah, that blame still on Meiro passive agressive and Narukami report.

>> No.5033126

It's your mistake for being here during the dead hours anon.

>> No.5033136

Thanks, there we go. She makes even bugspeak sound cute!
I wonder how common EOP messages are in billiblli chats, lmao.

>> No.5033172

probably fairly rare, if anything, it maybe other CN fans who know a lot of English tricking her into saying fuck you using chinese and japanese characters looking at the superchats lmao

>> No.5033178

20 character limit is really hard to say anything in english on bilibili.
I really wish I knew too lol

>> No.5033200

>20 character limit is really hard to say anything in english on bilibili.
That's on purpose.

>> No.5033206

>System Tip: Beeping live content and interactive comments must strictly abide by live norms, strictly prohibit the dissemination of illegal and illegal, vulgar and bloody violence, smoking and alcohol, rumor-mongering and fraud and other bad and harmful information. If there are violations, the platform will be banned until the permanent suspension of the account Oh! Pay attention to rational reward, strictly forbid minors live or reward. Please do not believe in all kinds of advertising information on the platform, beware of being deceived.
God, the Chinese internet is a parody of itself.

>> No.5033213

I hope all these newfags slurping up every bait they can find fuck off soon.

>> No.5033247

oh I know that's the reason, bugs dont want gweilo invading their website.

>> No.5033257

>She's said FACK YOU.
I saw one chat message call it out as clipbait kek

>> No.5033265

Meiro did multiple streams about being asked to "fix" her accent within weeks of her debut, long before the discord logs showing Roa contacting Meiro. The original move to ask Meiro not to use Roa's accent came from Nijisanji management and was completely reasonable considering that Meiro had shown no hint of any accent in her audition materials, nor the hours worth of archives from her plagieristic titty ASMRist past life.

>> No.5033269

>lead to someone losing her job
...you do know how that happened right? It's not like Meiro lost her job over this. She was going to graduate because she tried to pull the same "ask to graduate when I don't get my way and then take it back" stunt twice and got told "No, its final" the 2nd time. And that only became termination when she leaked private conversations to Narukami.
If it wasn't for that the accent thing probably would've been resolved normally, or it wouldn't and people would've just (correctly) called her a leech, but it escalating was 100% her own actions backfiring.

>> No.5033285

someone posted a screencap of bilibili liking Pomu or something, and in that one there were a few english comments

>> No.5033316
File: 399 KB, 815x489, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're pretty self-aware and riddle all these kinds of dark humour everywhere.

This end title card is cute as hell though wtf.

As expected. You can never escape the clipbaits even on Bilibili...

>> No.5033342

Anon, you are being retarded. It was a screencap of the commenters calling Pomu the traitor when she was clearly the traitor that one round.

>> No.5033386

>They're pretty self-aware and riddle all these kinds of dark humour everywhere.
Anon, that's an actual system notification of the site itself. And those terms are Chinese legal terms, mostly referring to political speech and just speech the government doesn't like in general. I'm just pointing out how insane Chinese internet is, that's all. The west is getting there, but it's still so much worse there.
And holy shit, the end screen is beyond cute.

>> No.5033395


>> No.5033429

So the management fucked up, and Roa did nothing to prevent it, and actually just encouraged it by contacting her. But still, that does make Roa less responsible, thanks for the info, even if it doesn't change my opinion completely.

>> No.5033453


>> No.5033458

The person you are replying to is just a chinese shill that tries to prey upon people's good nature.

>> No.5033476

Although thinking about it, it does seem a bit too much to expect a teenager who feels lucky to have a job like that, to stand up to management. But still, she really didn't have to contact her with what was pretty much intimidation.

>> No.5033525

What intimidation?

>> No.5033565

I wanna lick Ban Hada's thighs!

>> No.5033583

So...anyone here like Nijisanji EN?

>> No.5033593

Asking to speak without management and "face to face". It probably wouldn't be intimidation in the west but considering Japanese social standards, especially work social standards, it's very easy to see it as a form of intimidation.

>> No.5033600

Do you know how long it takes bilibili to process a stream? I was hoping to archive it along with the other POVs.

>> No.5033602


>> No.5033613

Come back when it's not dead hours.

>> No.5033618

Right here bro I love all three of them!

>> No.5033623

Nijisanji has an English branch now? That's pretty cool.

>> No.5033624

To all the anons who are seriously replying to the anti-Roa faggot, kill yourselves you retarded naive cunts. He just wants to shit up the thread like always and you're too fucking retarded to see through it for the billionth time. Fuck you.

>> No.5033628

They have to manually check it for any potential comments against the state first.

>> No.5033684

If you see that meeting "face to face" to talk as an intimidation that's mean you actually know that you doing something wrong.

>> No.5033686
File: 974 KB, 734x360, 1623301189460.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>like always

>> No.5033702

Take your meds.

>> No.5033713

Is there a way to give thanks to Staff-san for the kino Amogus collab? Where can we legally ask for more of this?

>> No.5033737

I genuinely can't tell if this is a joke.

Probably Twitter? Not sure, I'm new to ni four san four.

>> No.5033755

It's a joke but also not.

>> No.5033762

Hell i would argue that "meet me in office with management" is actually much more intimidating.

>> No.5033786

You could tweet under the hashtag or maybe
and write something positive?

>> No.5033790
File: 866 KB, 2480x3508, E3Z44TcVUAEknZ3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zoomer mermaid love and lust!

>> No.5033831

Starting an 4chan activist e-mail campaign to push the agenda of... praising fun collabs and the lovely talents that participate in them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.5033853

Who knew Staff could actually be competent? I agree whoever organized this deserves to at least know he did an amazing job.

>> No.5033870

I don't but judging from her archive, likely within 24 hours

>> No.5033894

No need to samefag.

>> No.5033899

I definitely don't mind praising them for this, it was fun. But how much work is there, really, in setting up something like this? I mean they literally just played amogus for a couple of hours.

>> No.5033969
File: 136 KB, 1200x800, D1EbVrPV4AEVmDe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon. I'll check her channel later then.

>> No.5033998

Meiro would've lost her job regardless of Roa anyway because she was caught plagiarizing a completely different thing for the "original animation" project she tried to start up.

Being a braindead simp crying about Meiro "losing her job" when she immediately went back to her 150k+ subscriber titty ASMR channel to make R18 hate parodies of Roa while Roa is STILL on break after 10 months is completely retarded.

As a separate choice, maybe you could try subbing to Soraboshi Kirame, Meiro's sole genmate who was left completely fucked over by Meiro's bullshit with one of the lowest subcounts in Nijisanji for half a year until she finally inclined with a good performance in Nijisanji's mahjong tournament in January.

Note that by contrast, Meiro had the fastest growth to 100k subs in Nijisanji history yet she intentionally never collabed with Kirame, going so far as to one-sidedly cancel Kirame's participation in the animation project (mentioned above) where Kirame was originally supposed to contribute voice acting. Kirame only held a single zatsudan to talk about Meiro after the incident where she couldn't even express sadness, only disappointment, because Meiro was a self-serving bitch who never bothered to cultivate even a modicum of intra-gen comradery.

>> No.5034025

Sir this is Nijisanji Global thread. Of course we do.

>> No.5034046

You underestimate how stupid complicated organizing simple collabs can be, moreover with so many branches and VirtuaReal which is basically a sister company to Nijisanji.

>> No.5034051

considering the disaster zone some hololive duo collabs can be I imagine they made sure they all met up prior and made sure they could connect and play together and iron out any technical difficulties pre-stream.I imagine most of the difficulty was just finding a three hour segment of time where everyone is awake.

>> No.5034087

coordinating 10 people all around the world who all also have like 3 different timezones to deal with certainly isn't an easy feat.

Just imagining all their managers trying to schedule this and them having a headache finding a good time for everyone... that should answer it for you.

I mean, they don't really do this all the time, but the fact that they tend to do these kinds of cross-branch collabs pretty frequently in Nijisanji is still something to be commended for.

>> No.5034194

You're right, I genuinely don't. I'm sorry, but just because a company makes something that people can organise in an hour with a couple of messages. I've DMed for almost 10 people before, sure, it can be a pain to get everyone involved, but it's really not that crazy hard. Extra bureaucracy (which I doubt Nijisanji didn't have to do) is not work, it's a symptom of a badly run company. Still, though, they did a good job, I'm just saying it probably didn't take that much work.

Fair, I guess. Don't want to make it seem like I'm shitting on them, they did do a good job - especially if they chose talents based on how they'd get along and if they worked on the technical stuff.

>> No.5034196

Kirame is such a good girl too, really deserved better.

>> No.5034219
File: 254 KB, 1920x1080, E3vuEunXIAQNZ5j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Elira's schedule

>> No.5034248

Just a couple of messages exchanged on discord asking for everyone's best time to collab doesn't seem very complicated to me
Especially when they've done a bunch of these World collabs in the past

>> No.5034251

ah fuck more apesex

>> No.5034273

huh, never seen a vtuber stream this, isn't it a VN or something?

>> No.5034287

The layout and the amogus chibis setup that most of them used is probably from the staffs

>> No.5034293

Damn, only interested in Genshin and Hades. Guess I'll stick to Pomu and her god tier schedule this week.

>> No.5034355

>interested in Genshin
I'm honestly kinda jealous, I can't stand that game.

>> No.5034365

its uh a puzzle game, a lot of demon waifus from that game and many art and porns of them when that game came out
google it

>> No.5034378

Since it's dead hours, here's a pretty fun NKODICE clip just so you know what kind of weird stuff you might be getting into later with Pomu playing it.

Also just to shill Hayase Sou as well.

>> No.5034396

Aren't the chibi drawings done by Fish? Or maybe I misheard it

>> No.5034402

I'm the Anon that spent over 200 days in that game and genuinely loved every day until recently. I don't actually want her to run around and do random shit, that's boring. But watching opinions and reactions about the story is god tier entertainment for me. I love the story in that game.

>> No.5034414
File: 82 KB, 1053x116, 1562482011501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5034417

It's an extremely short puzzle game (visual novel elements). She'll finish it in one stream.
The girls are of extremely low quality and I still question to this day how it got popular. I guess perhaps it's the FREE price tag slapped on it and Red-it culture.

>> No.5034451

I think she realized, she pulled the schedule tweet

>> No.5034462

A puzzle game, actually. I was surprised too when I first checked it out after seeing fan art for months.

>> No.5034489
File: 255 KB, 1920x1080, E3vwH2dX0AEy0Aq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yea she fixed it now

>> No.5034516

this retarded dragon and her timezones....

>> No.5034528

fucking bitch

>> No.5034531

timezones are hard, please understand

>> No.5034540

Looks like Elira and Pomu have Minecraft scheduled on the 16th at the same time, hope it ends up being a collab with Finana joining in. That would be kind of like their 1-month celebration (Eli and Pomu on 15th, Finana on 17th)

>> No.5034671

Good schedule I think. Nice to see a one channel collab as well as the Minecraft collab on the 16th, maybe Pomu can get a boost.

>> No.5034675
File: 215 KB, 1600x1200, E3q3WljVIAAsTdJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pomu couldn't lie to save her life in Amongus, but she's still cute.

>> No.5034758

A good liar knows when to lie. She stood to gain nothing from lying. It's a game with no consequence. She won more admiration for "failing" to lie. I will continue to watch her words.

>> No.5034889


>> No.5035269
File: 15 KB, 90x54, numbers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

when will nijien get the numbers that low/mid tier nijijp gets?

>> No.5035276

She almost fumbled her chance to extinguish Finana. She's not too bright but that's one of her good points.

>> No.5035280
File: 658 KB, 2121x3000, E3QPwmmXIAA6gme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I liked watching My gamerwife navigate the social dynamics of Amogus, really speaks to her social intelligence.

>> No.5035346

And lack thereof.

>> No.5035385

It'll be a while before they get higher numbers, they need something huge if they want to break the 3-4k barrier.

>> No.5035404

She showed us that she's dangerous and can't be trusted. That wasn't her father as we had thought. It was the warden.

>> No.5035408
File: 411 KB, 544x890, EtCtqXjUcAEqGzF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't use her for your numberfagging, holofag

>> No.5035446
File: 2.03 MB, 1920x1080, 1604548570273.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It was the warden.

>> No.5035608
File: 333 KB, 1920x1080, E3kppLaVUAUNtv8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sometimes I wonder how much power this cute mermaid is hiding.

>> No.5035682

Holy shit, I missed a fair bit when I went to eat lunch in the middle of the stream, I'll have to check the archive again, it seems Hada and Hari had a literal K-Drama moment.

>> No.5036525
File: 52 KB, 800x529, 1622260701721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so has there been a collab that's only Finana and Elira yet?

>> No.5036731


>> No.5036844

Only partially, for about an hour, during Elira's NijiWorld MC server tour on the 8th. Pomu joined the two of them after about an hour.

>> No.5036901

If you count smaller collabs, the last one was Miyu & Yuya collab 2 days ago.

>> No.5037120

I was doing my sleeping reps, how was the collab, is it worth to watch it?

>> No.5037138
File: 572 KB, 1164x592, 1597528861076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5037227

its pretty great but if youre expecting much in terms of strategy or mind games prepare to be disappointed

>> No.5037242

It was really damn good and everyone was cute and fun.
Watch Pomu/Finana perspectives, Elira was a bit too shy.

>> No.5037258
File: 418 KB, 1448x2048, E3cz3orUYAI9RnA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a short collab, give it a try
Although I am an elirafag, I must say that Pomu's perspective is the best.

>> No.5037357

It was absolute kino all around. Very worth it to watch, as for which POV, any one of them is good honestly, and each one has its own appeal desu, I'm still going through all the other POVs I missed and I'm having a blast still, one of the best ones from what I've seen and also heard from other people is Captain Hada's POV, Elira's POV, Pomu's POV, Hana's POV, Finana's POV, and for good audio quality overall, there's Sukoya's POV.

Very good collab all around, I'm hoping more people get to see just how fun this whole collab is, there's already a ton of potential amazing clips to come from this, so yeah.

>> No.5037432

Will NijiEN girls ever have a collab that is not worth watching?
Their group doesn't have any unlikable members, unlike in other EN vtuber groups.

>> No.5037490

It wasn't just the NijiEN girls though, the entire group did great. The one round they did with the fake Japanese where Sukoya couldn't understand any of them and they couldn't understand her speaking normal Japanese was so funny.

>> No.5037516
File: 1002 KB, 2346x1168, GunT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speak for your own oshi

>> No.5037606

holofag tourists sure love to discuss numbers and drama

>> No.5037657

Yuropoors got too cocky

>> No.5037667

Thanks will definitely check it out now.

>> No.5037689

It's up now if you're still here

>> No.5037719

The one time she tried to be persuasive, she failed and was executed.

>> No.5037769

She almost got away with it but didn't know when to stop talking

>> No.5037791

She showed a lot of foresight in how she wanted to approach killing people.

>> No.5037902

It was unfortunate, but well, she was up against her own mortal enemy by then... the fisherman.

If she'd maybe managed to convince Bon enough, and Pomu wasn't as insistent as she was (holy fuck was she hilariously toxic by then) then she'd have definitely gotten away with it. Fuckin smart move to take out Captain as soon as she could though, she was always going to be a thorn in their side just because of how good she is at persuading everyone (unless Bon, once again, fucks it up)

>> No.5037967

Every round seemingly proved that the imposters were better off leaving Bon and Elira alive because they were more concerned with "participating" in the discussion than having anything meaningful to say. Oftentimes leading to misleading everyone else or spreading outright lies just for the sake of talking. Fucking Elira losing them that one round by accusing Pomu out of nowhere...

>> No.5038040
File: 58 KB, 1000x662, Bonnivier Pranaja.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly I can't even blame Bon for it because otherwise he'd get audibly drowned out by the sea of pussy every round kek

>> No.5038117

It was a bit cringe when he tried to interject into Pomu and Finana's argument telling them he'd decide when he had no idea what was going on and was just going off who sounded more convincing.
I suppose it worked out in the end since they ejected Finana first but it was entirely on a whim and they would've absolutely lost if Pomu got ejected instead.

>> No.5038162

They had one impostor left so they just had to eject both of them. It didn't really matter in what order at that point.

>> No.5038180

>holy fuck was she hilariously toxic by then
As opposed to Finance?

>> No.5038263

I love Finance!

>> No.5038273

so for the ones who either were only subbed to niji EN or weren't subbed to all of the involved in the collab, did you sub to new vtubers today?

I only didn't know Remi and I created a bilibili account just for her.

>> No.5038281
File: 116 KB, 768x1024, E3MN69VVUAgczAU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Elira is a cute!

>> No.5038296

>he surrendered his credentials to chinks
I hope it was a throwaway email

>> No.5038326

I'd sub to Derem because she was cute but it seems like she mostly streams in ID.
I was already subbed to Sukoya and Hada.
Nari barely talked so I couldn't tell if I liked her.
Bon is a m*le and Hana is a menhera so no thx.
Remi is cute as hell but no way I'm watching Bilibili.

>> No.5038415

you are both faggots

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