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How to stop tribalism between Holo and Niji fanbase

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kill this board

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Shit down this board? Most casual fans seem to get along.

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You don’t.
Next question.

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You can. Now we fight.

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Look outside of this board. It's that simple.
That said, it is right to look down on NijiEN fans.

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Get rid of all Nijiscum. Boom. No more Holo -Niji tribalism because there is no more Nijis. Peace at last

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Niji vtubers when they think they are safe and nobody is watching

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Why? the tribalism is one of the more entertaining aspects of vtubing.

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Nuke SEA

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ban nijisanji discussion

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Its not even that bad SEAnigger

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There problem solve

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ban SEA

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>tribalism is not bad if we do it
Nijinig logic, you deserve your karma

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>Discord leak drops about nijisanji livers making fun of council

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the fans get along fine, its only retards on here that don't even watch streams trying to stir shit up.

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Simple, stop the niji talent themselves from being catty cunts and forming cliques that will attack even their own.

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when did I say any of that retard? All im saying is Fulgur making a light jab at Holo with his friends isnt the end of the world unless your a SEAnigger

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what tribalism? Like legit this meme is any other corpo other than vshojo vs holo

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there isnt tribalism anywhere except here, and its mostly by retards who dont even watch streams

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As long as Nijisanji management continues being the way that it is, tribalniggers will always run rampant, no matter how much the talents may smooth things over. That's not even to mention the incompatible fanbases between Hololive and post-Luxiem Nijisanji.

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File: 1.81 MB, 480x334, When you fell for me[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fi4ccxr.mp3]I was too blind to see[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fuuf5e7.mp3]the loli in my anime meme cover[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F8l3r36.mp3].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sex collab

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Holo Niji rivalry bad. Vshojoniggers have been getting too cocky.

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You can't. It's the Nintendie vs Sonygger of /vt/. And Vshojo is Xbox. Indies are PChads.

It's leaking to twitter and youtube recently because of dramatubers.

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kill nijiniggers.

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*kill SEAniggers

Both sides have schizophrenics from those shithole islands. Why don't you make a compilation of the schizo that falseflags with Pomu pictures all day?

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>he still thinks seaniggers are responsible for the majority of shitposts here
Nah, anon. That'd cut down the shitposting by 40% AT MOST.

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Why would people make a compilation of nijinig shitting on each other? Ask vox sis that make a compilation on hex violation to help you then.

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Mass graduation of niji fans from real life
Phase ones too while at it

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>Why don't you make a compilation of the schizo that falseflags with Pomu pictures all day?
Those are nijiniggers too. They love cannibalizing each other. There's no bigger niji antis than niji fans. But then, the audience reflects the streamer.

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They will not divide us

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Remember when they doxx zaion irl home address, nijinig will never admit it after zaion talk about the doxx on stream.

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I want Rosemi to lose her virginity to Kiara in an inter-company orgy

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Making jabs at nijisanji is not the end of the world either

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Nuke Luxiem and all the waves after them. Fanbase went to absolute shit after chinksisters and twitards became the majority.

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>Light jabs
Dosent matter just proves that the organs and the nijiniggers are equally rotton you started it and it's not going to end.

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>Muh you tribalfags are retarded i am here to enjoy chubbas
You don't have the right to speak here hololive board hololive thread be in your shitshow if you don't want to be a part of this.

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The bad Niji fans are from SEA and China. It comes back to your shithole islands either way.

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You can't stop the all out war

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You mean like Depressed Nousagi did to holo members behind a paywall? And then his SEAgroid fans acted like it never happened when he came back?

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I love being a hater

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God that faggot is so pathetic crying on stream and all about being called out for selling dox info on patreon, as if he was the victim exactly like a troon , i hope he gets drowned by a Tsunami

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kys pippiger

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I'm okay with this because I'm imagining Phase Connect as the autistic /pol/ack cousin at the family reunion who can't help talking about red pills while everyone else is trying to have a good time. And that's funny. Where do the Israeli children fit in though?

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yeah totally light jabs when said guy was going to graduate because of this if millie didn't persuade and cheer him up
bet if it was holos doing the same in that leak you only consider them as snakes and human trash nijinigger

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kiara is the runt of HoloEN but by comparison she outshines any NijiEN. That's why she colabs with them, as an ego boost

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(((IdolEN))) is that little cousin that runs around without their diaper, repeatedly screaming their name for everyone to see. Slightly autistic, they might or might not grow out of it which could be a problem down the line. All you can do is hope for the best, make them laugh, and ruffle their hair because they're cute and funny.

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Kill every single person that likes vtubers, ban they from all social media and forbid any knowledge about them to be spread in the society.

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adorable, God i love jews

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Just wait anon, I'm sure Ron Puddingfingers will go after lolis and vtubers next as his next scapegoat after he is done with roons and coons

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Should have shut down dramatubers permanently, nothing but trouble.

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Reminder that most of /v/'s console warriors were revealed as turd worlders on /v/ when the April Fools board merge happened. I bet it would be even more blatant on /vt/. Spics and SEAniggers are behind company wars and numberfagging.

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A-Soul creates an EN gen

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Unity is an illusion

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Force nijiniggers to leave and use that board one of them hobbled together out of dirt and mud

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You can't. It's endless (You) farming, get used to it
>bottom pic
Will niji fans burn their own company after learning that their concert has been canceled due to "covid"?

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Fucking die in a hole nigger, you and your TikTok reaction and "ahahah we are so 4CHANNERSZZ we are so BASED LOL XD XD XD"

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I like some of the Nijis and I don't mind the Niji fans, but the company is too focused on profit and unfair to their talents.

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the voices aren't real anon, you're safe

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By starting tribadism between Holo and Niji girls.

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Getting Nijifags to not be a bunch of shitheads and Anycolor to not be a shitty employer would clear out the majority of it.

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Disband NijiEN

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No wonder her CCV is Niji tier, LOL

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I wouldnt think about niji at all if i wasnt constantly confronted with this shit on /vt/ desu

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Yeah, let's get rid of one of two things that make this hobby fun you DUMB FUCKING FAGGOT
Tribal wars keep us engaged, keep us from leaving, keep us cheering for our team. Tribalism is so fucking cool because when enemy tribe is taking a loss, we are there to make fun of them, to rub the salt into the wound
We need this. This is human nature. We need to have an enemy and we need to fuck them to death

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Ban SEA and get out of China, there is no hope to reason with them.
Terminate all NijiEN except those in this picture plus Meloco, maybe Kotoka, I don't watch her enough but I'm told she is good.
Give Scarle ownership of her model and let her become an indie.
Give Selen to Hololive.
I think this has already been done, but fire those retard managers from HoloEN that continue to block all proposals.
Have Riku pull the final step of the Moguyacht plan, rebuild Nijisanji management structure from the ground up.

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It's always the seanig and latinx

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>Nijis predicted homo collabs at HoloEN

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Give me the absolute authority to ban anyone who annoys me.

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thread was over before it even began

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nuke south east asia

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this is basically sports for weebs

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Please tell me this has an Ugly Bastard tag

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These ones.

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No, 354840 does not have the Ugly Bastard tag, why do you ask?

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Pippa will collab with your Oshi and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

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>This is human nature
*Subhuman nature you shitskin: >>50109850

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Prop a third maybe even a fourth company up to be definitively in the same league. When there's only two there's endless fingerpointing between them

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>why do you ask?
I like seeing mesugakis getting corrected by fat old men but that is fine too

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>constant discord raids flaseflagging
>relentless mudslinging/smear campaign
>dox spams, camps in the dox site
>uses bots in the board to elicit hate
gatekeep more to prevent more mentally ill faggots joining, maybe?

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perish in hell faggot

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Nobody is fighting besides retarded nijifags and their stupidity. The NijiEN members are cringe as hell compared to their JP counterparts, and nijiJP has issues of their own

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systematically erase everyone who owns a twitter account via the construction of a series of so called "concentration camps" which they can then be coerced into via the promise of a free funko pop or nendoroid or whatever and immediately gassed to death

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I wouldn't be surprised at all if it's people projecting their shitty irl politics onto vtubers

if they're just projecting

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mass orgy

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nobody gives a fuck about Nijisanji, anon
move on

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I already sent cover the tweet and stream where pippa made fun of one of their talents being brutally molested, not gonna happen.

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Too bad Cover made it clear they have no concern over the private and past life of their talents and only concern themselves with what falls into their purview.

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How can you enjoy vtubers without tribalism?

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But they blacklisted phase connect? Iori isn't allowed to interact with her sister Watame

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Maybe it's more of Iori being a sub 30 ccv literal who of the company

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fuck you pekofrog poster