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The one with the corgi.

Here we discuss 4 talents who went on a journey to bring happiness to the world. Come join us, let's have a good comfy time.


Airi Viridis

Mozumi Pichi

Elia Stellaria

Buddies list


Previously on /same/:

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Mozumi Pichi - RagTag archive: https://archive.ragtag.moe/channel/UCJGTtJdw1gtJKyMm0Fq2eng

Elia Stellaria - RagTag archive: https://archive.ragtag.moe/channel/UC0lSxKAt9osiA29vnk1R4sg

Spica - RagTag archive: https://archive.ragtag.moe/channel/UC58Ng5nTN3aiVveus4DEEDg

Airi Viridis - RagTag archive: https://archive.ragtag.moe/channel/UCFcdX8we6-tSndu6w4bwnag

/same/ archive: https://disk.yandex.com/d/tc6kz_kIKeriIA

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I think all non-dog looking dogs are disgusting and should be executed as well as their owners
mozzu love btw

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more complete list

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airi love mozu love. was happy to see that she's let loose in minecraft from airi stream today, norway sounds shit and stressful glad she's got something to cool off in her downtime now and airi has an excuse to interact with her friends more

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A’ight, have a good night/day anons, please don’t go schizo and don’t let the thread sink (I will keep bumping it for some time, but I’ll probably fall asleep while watching Elia)

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I still remember that one time from their PL when Mozzu raided Airi’s Powerwash simulator stream and stayed in her chat for an hour or so just to talk about what snacks she should bring to her. It was such a cute moment, shame that the off-collab couldn’t happen

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I hate this retard and that other dog that was crossbred so hard it has breathing problems because of how deformed his face is
at some point you have to realize playing god is wrong

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I think you should kys

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Elia is gone…
…and she raided Pomu. Guess I’m not falling asleep to Elia like I wanted at first

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the off collab falling through is beyond injustice I wish they would just drop everything and go even if we see none of it they deserve it

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Airi Minecraft was cute. I like dachshunds. Fuck your dog traditionalism.

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Money problem sadly, so let’s hope they’ll go to America instead

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Don’t fall!

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Airi is very cute today and I appreciated Mozzu’s cameo

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Spica love

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Elia love

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I hope someone plays this when it gets released for PC next month

>> No.50031776

Should be a pretty easy sell to Spica if she hasn't played it.

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I did suggest it on her Throne

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Airi love

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Spica is weird and that's why I love her

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It's another buddies making poor food decisions episode

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Her weird side is great and she's great at keeping a train of conversation going. All she needs to do is get invested in a big game series that she can claim as her own patch, like Pomu with metal gear.

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I hope they're applying for EN3

>> No.50039280

They seem really dedicated to doing their own thing. Not only that they’ve pouted a bunch of resources into it, no way they would apply for another corpo now

>> No.50039573

The popularity buff's certainly there but the only one I could think of potentially benefiting would be Spica just because it'd probably be easier for her to deal with music rights. Everyone else though... what would Mozzu even play?

>> No.50041385

30 minutes, slower than I expected to be honest

>> No.50042383

That’s what makes her special. You can tell she isn’t trying to pander to her audience, and gets real actual joy from streaming for us

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Holy Mozzu SEX

>> No.50045303

Imagine the smell

>> No.50046685

Not gonna let you die this time

>> No.50047604

A truly valorous anon. The buddies are honored.

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I got so scared when I suddenly saw a video in my recommendations called “Spica’s Vtuber Graduation Announcement”, only to realise that it’s an old one that she unprivated for members.

>> No.50048418

Elia starting

>> No.50048950

Hope we don't hear that song again anytime soon

>> No.50049022

Okay, the wait is worth it, not gonna lie

>> No.50049101

give us some rrats, why do you think they left the old place?

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>Realize if they ever got hololive big they wouldn't be able to engage with chat anymore
This paradox of wanting them to be successful but not lose the chat dynamic

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Spica in Elia's chat!

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and was in her own chat

Spica in 2 hours

>> No.50051871

Elia is gone...
Spica in 100 minutes

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Why is the board so fast today?

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Spica in 30 minutes

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HoloEN auditions announced

>> No.50054224

Mozu call-in on Chapipi's stream if you care

>> No.50054346

Thanks for the heads-up!

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>> No.50054596

I love Mozu's energy, it's been a while since I watched her. I should watch her more

>> No.50054603


That was cute

>> No.50054633

Will Mozzu make an appearance on Spica's Minecraft?

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>> No.50054685

Fuck off, we're full

>> No.50054811

Spica practicing some ukulele

>> No.50055365

Has Spica played Minecraft on stream before? I mean, before the obvious server opening.

>> No.50055401

in PL? a few times. also on her ipad before.

>> No.50055488

Spica already died

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>> No.50056576

this floating farm is kinda annoying

>> No.50056729

Spica cute. I like her voice more than Miryu, sounds less forced.

>> No.50056762

literally the same

>> No.50056878

Spica having fun cooking

>> No.50057444

Spica doesn't have a chest...

>> No.50057523

It's what she wanted after all.

>> No.50057999

finally back to making path, the thing she wanted to do an hour ago

>> No.50058012

Listening to Spica’s thought process is so funny. Like someone said earlier, she’s so weird and I love it.

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path from Airi's to Mozzu's done

>> No.50058525

>that member post
she knows I'm using it for paizuri, no?

>> No.50058599

Spica wants to make an underwater house. Very ambitious.

>> No.50058715

I don't think boobapads are big enough to be used for that, unless you literally have a pencil dick

>> No.50059093

And she's succeeding!

>> No.50059522

Also the tits likely aren’t separate so it’s not really useful for that.

>> No.50059852

Spica is such a treasure

>> No.50060323

I only hope that the merch isn't too pricey (and delivers to where I live). Having a merch actually designed and illustrated by your oshi is very special, and I want to have it,

She is, and I'm glad that they went with the idea of a Minecraft server. Love it or hate it, the game is perfect for streaming

>> No.50060357

Spica doesn't know SAW

>> No.50060527

Considering her relationship with movies in general I'm not even surprised

>> No.50061085

Looking forward to that John Wick watchalong

>> No.50062252

Spica cute, but sadly also gone.

>> No.50062305

Spica raided just as Lumi stopped streaming
Nice VOD I guess

>> No.50062313

She's gone mate, she's gone...
And the next stream is also Minecraft

>> No.50062759

>they ended their streams at the same time

>> No.50063308

I mis Spica…

>> No.50065544

I was skeptical of the Minecraft server at first, but the content we’ve gotten out of it so far has been wholesome and enjoyable

>> No.50065573

My Mozzu reserves... my Mozzumium, it's running out! I- I'm gonna... regress...!

>> No.50065644

You fool, you should have rationed it

>> No.50065923

Hold on, just a little longer Mozzubro...

Yeah, I'm happy that they went with it, it's basically a bottomless well of content

>> No.50066207

Think about the merch, it's gonna be worth it

>> No.50067242

Re-watch the DX stream where she went off about Pokemon. I gave it a re-watch yesterday and had forgotten how unhinged it got.

>> No.50068391

That was a great stream. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll watch it before Airi comes on in a few hours

>> No.50070870

Page 10 bump

>> No.50071096

was that the one where she did a low key smash or pass list?

>> No.50071241

Yeah, that one

>> No.50072725

Airi's waiting room is up, last stream before her wisdom teeth removal!

>> No.50074652

I hope they're not.
Being a 3view as an independent, especially with such dedicated gifters as we're seeing lately, should be enough to live off of, without having to stress about a shitty boss who pushes their own agenda, or having to do tons paperwork like hololive girls do every time they sneeze, or being severely limited in what you can do on stream.
I hope they remain independent and keep streaming for us.

>> No.50076610

Bump, < 30 minutes till Airi. Here's hoping her teeth don't bother her too much.

Maybe Mozzu will make an appearance again? I'd prefer if she makes an appearance with her tits wrapped around my face desu

>> No.50077641

I wonder if she will find Spica’s tunnel

>> No.50077943


>> No.50078307

>Mozzu has a bunch of dogs

>> No.50078553

(You) me if that happens
going to bed

>> No.50079329

Airi abuses dogs. It's over

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>> No.50081175

I want to use a lead to drag Mozumi Pichi into my house-barn.

>> No.50081263

>said she doesn’t want to wear a choker
>force her into a straight up collar instead

>> No.50082089

Airi is having troubles making her architectural dreams come true.

>> No.50082144

Mozzu with the shock collar, on her knees begging like a dog.

>> No.50082610

Airi barricading herself...

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>> No.50083782

Airi being cute as usual

>> No.50084623

Airi doing impressions of the other buddies.

>> No.50085553

Airi's description under her video reads like someone's cover letter for a job.

>> No.50085628

Pick the biggest numberfag and she will betray the buddies.

>> No.50085897

lol it really does. interesting that she names orange woman as being one of her influences fine by me, I have a lot of respect for her too

>> No.50086103

Yeah, it's funny. She also spelled her name wrong.
It was in the later notAiri vid descriptions too. She must be attached to it.

>> No.50086909

Airi's done for the day.

>> No.50088769

There’s no way Cover would take a girl that has already ‘betrayed’ another Japanese company

>> No.50089140

Jago is a saviorfag.

>> No.50090698

Wonder whatever happened to all those shorts Mozzu said she had ready to go? I realize she’s busy but I figured that’s the kinda thing you upload and schedule.

>> No.50092343

I looked at the teamup and freaked out thinking I was missing the John Wick watchalong with Spica. It’s wrong on there, and is at this time tomorrow

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>> No.50092424

Never mind, I’m a retard who can’t read a calendar apparently

>> No.50094124

I miss Airi…

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On one hand I always want her to be herself, on the other “cum jar” jokes are tired as fuck and the only people that like them are “hi honey” types.

>> No.50097629

Be kind, her daughter died today

>> No.50097703

Maybe it’s an algo thing and she only wants to release them when she’s streaming to drive more traffic to her streams

>> No.50099783


>> No.50101189

Looking forward to the next buddies collab. The Minecraft and worms collabs were great

>> No.50102721

New Mozzu members post, can’t make any sense for what the first sentence means.

>> No.50102755

Smash Bros collab for Elia
Escape Simulator collab for Spica
Deep Rock Galactic collab for Airi

>> No.50102833

She's been watching another vtuber that her model artist drew. She won't be a pure little sister because she's Mozzu.

>> No.50102963

Ah thanks, that makes sense.
The way she phrased it (and coupled with her talking about rigging and such) I thought she meant that she’d designed another vtuber that had yet to debut and was wondering when she’d have had the time.

>> No.50103691

That does sound scarily believable, but I think she's only mentioned rigging herself right now. And reminisced over Chapipi.

She just hasn't revealed the artist yet so we can't "meet" her sister until she does.

>> No.50105611

Spica withdrawals…

>> No.50107305


>> No.50108563


>> No.50108833

>no Mozzu this week
>no more Airi this week
It’s gonna be a hard week (yes, I also watch and enjoy Spica and Elia, but still)

>> No.50109433

You should post Elia's stream and talk about it

>> No.50110711

Few months ago I saw people saying Airi was just not a good streamer, and I don't get that. I guess it's true that she's not for everyone, but she has her niche, and I am within that niche. To suggest she has absolutely no competence as a streamer is a very strange opinion to me. I would contend she is extremely good at the specific things she is good at, and if you are looking for those things in a streamer, she will be perfect to you. As she is to me.

>> No.50110853

I guess this is true for every streamer. Personally, I like her. She wasn't the first one from the group that I discovered (that was Mozzu), but when I finally decided to check her out I instantly liked her. Sure, she's still kinda new in streaming, but she knows what she's doing and what her viewers want.

>> No.50112024

People these days call everything AI it seems...

>> No.50112093

Airi might not compete at the top, but theres leagues worse out there, like any number of neckbeards that egomaniacal twitch celebrities have been throwing their charity viewers at recently, the ones that stream in uncomfortable silence.
Airi has issues capturing attention
>her voice is very airy
>she has a very start-and-stop speaking pattern
>she doesn't have any onomatopoeia tics like the other girls
>her screams hurts just a bit and contrasts far too much with her speaking voice
She wouldn't get showered in donations if people didn't find her reactions cute. She has decent interests and it's great when she gushes about them and she sneaks in shitposts with cute delivery that stand out more because you wouldn't see it coming from her. I hope her impish side stands out more with her new model, but it's going to be hard topping Peony in terms of matching model to soul perfectly.
her deep voice and German is pure sex and that's saying a lot since German is not a very sexy language
I'm waiting for her to start up an actual series too, Minecraft is a good start, but she's mostly just been fucking around with one-offs.

>> No.50112354

As much as I liked Peony's model design-wise, the way it was rigged was atrocious and made it look like she was constantly bouncing. I actually have come to like Airi's temp model better just for the fact that it's not swaying up and down all the time and I don't get motion sickness. Hopefully the same is true when she gets her real model.

>> No.50112938

Yeah it was a bit sock-puppet like, don't know if that's a rigging issue or the way she sits though. Hopefully she gets a different papa than before. Spica's temp model is the one I like the most, it brings out more of her personality, Miryu just looked too passive.

>> No.50114894

Spica playing more AI: The Somnium Files in 12 minutes

>> No.50114945
File: 179 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (29).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot link

>> No.50115218

She was not a good streamer simply for her trash audio setup.
The real issue though is that she simply did not hold a candle to the other girls in her gen, even Elia: she is basically discount Elia.

Gen3 was probably the most talented small corpo generation I have ever seen so her "competition" was unfair, but she still felt like the ugly duckling. If that's your niche then good, but she is just your average "uwu anime e-girl". And if "not being a twitch bitch" is your bar for a good vtuber then that says more about the EN side of things than anything else.

>> No.50115353
File: 9 KB, 225x225, ebi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That design
Uh oh, I think Ebi is going to get sued
saw her sucking up in the chat of one of the kawaii girl's streams addressing Gen3's graduation and being passive aggressive about toward Gen3's decision, I was a bit disappointed to see that

>> No.50115403

funny someone in Spica's chat told her to raid Ebi a few days ago
wonder what she'd say if Spica did raid

>> No.50115541
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I think Spica likes Mozzu

>> No.50115598

She's just like me...
Also, it's nice to see supportive comments in the chat

>> No.50115640


>> No.50115833

>I like mozzu
>she likes mozzu

>> No.50116144

Probably nothing, it doesn't hurt to be cordial even if she's disagreed in the past. It's if Ebi tries to wean into the buddies lives that would be a red flag for me, nothing worse than having a "friend" report back every mishap or plan you have with someone that hates you.

>> No.50116237

I'm sure Mozzu would say her secret is being mentally ill. For real though it's nice seeing other people give her some recognition.

>> No.50116938

>based on what

>> No.50117294

I'm calling 911, I think I'm dying

>> No.50117682

Youtube or OBS fuckery, I missed some seconds of Spica

>> No.50117719

and again

>> No.50117819

Yeah, some hick-ups here and there, maybe her IPS is being fucky

>> No.50118059

this game's "puzzles" are so lame, what a downgrade after VLR

>> No.50118904

finally did it
that last part really did suck for me as well

>> No.50119040

Spica is having Peppa flashbacks...

>> No.50119089

I wonder how many of her current viewers never watched that last stream

>> No.50119275

>John Wick watchalong at 4AM in my timezone
I honestly don't know what to do. I'm certain that I won't stay awake til that time, but should I set the alarm, or should I just watch the VOD next day...

>> No.50119572

Has she done watchalongs in her PL? If you know she has a lot of chat interaction it might be worth watching live, if not then you might as well watch the vod

>> No.50119887
File: 209 KB, 635x657, dasc_579.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think she accepted it

>> No.50120831
File: 672 KB, 2067x2894, Fw-wYuPaIAQ8eLC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50121354
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is it really rape if she dresses like this?

>> No.50121462
File: 816 KB, 728x611, Screenshot 2023-05-25 094941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mozzu unhinged tweets continue.

She's still in Norway until next month, isn't she? I know this is a joke but she'd said there isn't a McD's near her, right?

>> No.50121509

>will drink roadside pee
>won't drink chat's pee
She hates us.

>> No.50121728

Yeah, she's there til June.

>> No.50121794

Spica is gone mate, she's gone...
And she'll be back in 10 hours! Grab your memberships if you haven't yet, we'll be watching John Wick!

>> No.50121833

Spica watching her robot lady again

>> No.50121929

in case people want to watch

>> No.50121979

Spica Lumi off pako when

>> No.50122066

At this point I'm expecting a Spica/Lumi collab honestly

>> No.50122071
File: 52 KB, 1400x700, Literally me fr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>singing love songs to her oshi

>> No.50122114

what's a retro collab game they can play

>> No.50122294

I’d love to seem them play an old co-op side scroller like Ninja Turtles or Double Dragon

>> No.50122327

Battletoads for sheer meme potential

>> No.50124197

https://throne.com/kirispica/wishlist if anyone wants to buy it for her before I do it myself

>> No.50125112

What’s the benefit of using Throne over direct donos, just the idea that they can’t use the money for something else? I get the concept in theory but if you can’t trust them you shouldn’t be giving them your money anyway, I’d think?

>> No.50125381

Do it anon. It's the end of the month and I'm a bit tight on budget right now (and I'd rather get her a Steam key anyway, pretty sure it's cheaper on G2A)

>> No.50125492

I like the suggestion thing. For someone as indecisive as Spica, it might help with choosing what to buy.

>> No.50126187

I could have bought it had I not ordered headphones and speakers just this morning

>> No.50126584


>> No.50126857


>> No.50126966

Thanks for checking in Nene.

>> No.50127921

I hope Airi’s operation goes well

>> No.50128060

Check her last tweet with the skeb, she said it went successfully

>> No.50130562


>> No.50130624

And Airi...

>> No.50130710

We're at a point I'm not sure if this was a desperate plea for her return or an admonition of her actions.

>> No.50130724

At least with Throne nobody can make condom jokes about you

>> No.50131566

Ironic because she's the only one of the four I actually care about. I don't shit on the others in this thread out of unity but none of them really interest me except Spica and even then Airi is the only one that keeps me coming back regularly and I feel compelled to actively watch her. I don't complain when they collab with each other but I still don't really have a desire to watch them otherwise, only Airi.

>> No.50131851

Airi is my second favorite after Spica

>> No.50132182

Thank you anon for buying Ghost Trick (if it was really you)

We just miss her, but the merch must be made, so we understand everything and wait for her

>> No.50132225

What if you buy them condoms on Throne?

>> No.50132502

Same here

>> No.50132553

Then you still shouldn't say anything because they probably get off on your mockery.

>> No.50132570

It wasn't me. I was gonna wait for a bit. I knew based tasili would come through.

>> No.50132671

Eli in a wee bit


>> No.50132882

I was thinking of suggesting this excellent product to Spica
But I can't bring myself to do it.

>> No.50133111

Maybe I should suggest Ace Attorney to Spica, pretty sure she would like it.

>> No.50133306

>55 gallon drum of lube
Holy crap, even the biggest whore it would take years to go through that

>> No.50133537

Read some of the reviews if you have time, I've never seen so many legendary works of creative fiction in one place.

>> No.50133699

Thanks anon, they made my evening

>> No.50134225
File: 128 KB, 1170x438, 0EC7E59E-967D-42A1-88A5-B10F912FC111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven’t laughed this hard in ages

>> No.50134660


>> No.50135157

Will Eli or Airi play the newly released GOTY nominee LoTR game?

>> No.50135221

I mean, I would watch that just for the lulz, but I really doubt that anybody will play it

>> No.50135392

I would rather watch Mozzu play Boltgun

>> No.50135695

Eli sure has a lot of tech problems for someone who was supposedly a CS major

>> No.50136652
File: 479 KB, 1291x1271, 1685025297747743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw beach trip with the buddies
>A jealous Airi catches you sneaking looks at Mozus fat cat tits, Elis juicy banana thighs and Spicas cloudbearing hips
>She drags you to a hidden spot on the beach when nobody's looking
>Pushes up against you and scolds you in her yandere voice for staring at the other girls but not her
>Breaks character when she notices you swelling against the soft of her pressed-up closeness
>She pushes you down into the sand and gives a ditzy yabai' as she pretends to fall over on top of you
>before you can react, a tender hand wraps around your shaft
>'what if we did a little roleplay?'
>Sprawled over your chest she flashes a grin, pic related, hand snaking down beneath your shorts, stroking you beneath your shorts in rhythm with the tides
>'would you like mozu? then. lets. gao.' she lowers herself, releasing you from the burdens of cloth and into the comfort of her own breasts
>she brings you close, gradually increasing her bounces and being more aggressive with her squish, her breathing just short of licking creating a cloudy atmosphere at your tip
>she comes to a halt and lifts herself to straddle you, wedging the most excited part of your being between her cool thighs
>'matte, it's time for eli no? ayayayaya' her motion begins, thighs caressing at all angles, pushing in and around, your warmth spreading into the thighs
>she leans forward, whispering 'daisuki dayo' into your ear
>you arch, almost pushed over the edge, but she stops once more, lowering her hips to press fully against yours
>'lets not forget spica? hmhmhm~' in a singsong tone, begins swaying her hips back and forth, bikini damp from her own pent-up excitement, hand lifting up her bangs to show off her smug expression as she hums
>the friction tugs her against her bikini with each glide, pulling it down and exposing her, intermingling warmth between you two
>just as she's done coating you stemp to tip, she lets her hair fall again and leans in close to whisper
>'how. about. Ai. ri. shi. te. ru?'
>at last, she pushes her wholeness down onto you, ecstasy taking you both, her unexpected yelp riddled with pleasure
>her impish behavior comes to a halt as the sensation takes over, enrapturing her, breathiness gradually developing into desperate moans
>she's lost control of english, slurred german "Ich liebe dich" peppered between kisses over and over
>last fragments of restraint burnt away, your only goal is to unleash your entire being into this fragile but assertive demon
>you finish in each others embrace
>breathing slows, eyes locked, you share a tender but desperate kiss before drifting off in each other's embrace to the lull of the ocean waves
nobody notices mozu staring down at you like ceiling cat the entire time

>> No.50137269

>for staring at the other girls but not her
The fact that she's less upset over your looking and more that she wasn't included turns this good scenario great.

>> No.50137343

>slurred german "Ich liebe dich" peppered between kisses over and over

>> No.50138015
File: 1.21 MB, 1500x1500, spica dot dot dot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50138073


>> No.50138228
File: 120 KB, 692x678, IMG_3124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50138773


>> No.50139078

The only person that'd complain about potential costumes would be the other buddies, no?

>> No.50139425

mozu said in a stream before that nobody would tell the other buddies what to do, more likely eli's artist is a bananaphobe

>> No.50139434

Yeah, I’m not really sure what she meant by that

>> No.50139723

Jealous Starlings not wanting more banana/Stanana representation

>> No.50139822

That's why I was so confused. Admittedly I watch Mozzu more than the others so I don't know their personalities perfectly, but 'I want a goofy banana costume' doesn't seem like the kind of thing any of them would object to.
Like you said, maybe it is their artist. If Mr Koro can be a tree Eli can be a banana, I say.

>> No.50139901

does she mean a literal banana costume? as in posting 3D pictures wearing the costume on twitter and stuff?
that "protect the community" throws me off, might be a joke tho

>> No.50140095

Wait what? Do they know each other?

>> No.50140225

The better Lumi, Onolumi the /vrt/ queen if you were confused.
Yeah, they knew each other. Lumi would regularly visit Spica when she used to stream on Twitch. Spica is her oshi.

>> No.50140560

Thank you. I'm a dummy-dum-dum, I thought Spica had somehow raided the other Lumi whom I don't really like

>> No.50141141

Now this is a high quality greentext, my respects to you.
Also that spoiler made me kek hard

>> No.50142548

>whom I don't really like
Based. Keep lemon woman and her toxic ideas away from my oshi

>> No.50142702

You're right to dislike her. She's easily in the top 10 most vile people that get any form of discussion here, before Froot, Doxxane, and some others.

>> No.50142768

A’ight anons, have a good night/day, don’t let the thread sink! As much as I want to watch John Wick with Spica I’m probably gonna have to pass and watch the VOD later because I’ve been awake for 2 days straight and am already falling asleep.
Buddies love!

>> No.50144394

I might be needing to order this after all

>> No.50144562

Elia is gone…
…Spica in 2 hours

>> No.50144566

Elia’s done for the day.

Don’t forget that she has her model art reveal in ~9 hours!


>> No.50146497

I wonder what Spica will think of John Wick. She said she doesn’t like action movies, did she really get tricked into thinking it was about a man and his dog?

>> No.50146918

She knows it's an action movie. The question is whether it also have enough comedy to make her like it like Bullet Train.

>> No.50147437

there's a lot of visual and laconic humor which is what makes Wick good in my eyes, but if that doesn't appeal to her then Shoot 'em up is the next best bet

>> No.50149827

30 minutes, remember to grab yours

>> No.50150962


>> No.50151372

For a second I thought some madlad had actuality suggested the 55 gallon drum of lube and she added it

>> No.50151449

someone else can buy it this time, I've spent almost 600$ USD on Spica this month

>> No.50151473

Mozzu drinks 55 gallons of lube and eats one (1) egg

>> No.50151767
File: 183 KB, 1170x267, 3E189178-8426-42E1-ACE3-8F5C86F6FFD2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spica is eating popcorn for breakfast

>> No.50151858

We won't forget your sacrifice

>> No.50152244

The entire trilogy is free on Freevee, no need to pirate.

>> No.50152880
File: 54 KB, 498x498, 1668082225422993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50153542

Spica's mom speaks Russian
now we know why she always have borscht

>> No.50154387

She seems to like it so far

>> No.50154898

she's asking everything as it happens
top quality wmwgfe (watching movie with girlfriend experience)

>> No.50156373

This is a lot more comfy than I imagined

>> No.50157772

I don’t know the lore behind that one anon, but you’ve peaked my curiosity. Luna is the only holomem I watch. Mostly because I’m a fan of Hiro Kanzaki. Every since I heard Unfragment way back when, and sometimes I see him in the chat of her electone streams

>> No.50158422

Luna used to be a Niji vtuber who graduated because of intense bullying by the panda

>> No.50158713

10/10 watchalong

>> No.50159059

Spica vaporwave kino

>> No.50159552

Bonus ukulele after the movie

>> No.50159663

Now the gf is playing ukulele for you

Oh there's a fire alarm

>> No.50159762

She told about this oversensitive fire alarm thing before. Her dad never fixed it.

>> No.50160439
File: 524 KB, 1170x611, 8518E5FB-B6D3-4BEF-A472-4F4E98926FBF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50161031

Now kalimba

>> No.50161333

Spica's cute original song

>> No.50161856

Wasn’t expecting to hear a Spica orisong as a bonus to the watchalong

>> No.50162665

>Spica collabs on a musical with someone who is now in Vshoujo
wat? Any long time fan of hers want to spoonfeed me what she’s talking about?

>> No.50162767

Don't watch if you're a schizo

>> No.50163304

Spica raided into Elia's model art reveal happening in a little less than 4 hours

>> No.50163411


>> No.50163804

kek, thanks for the laugh. Good thing I’m not a schizo

>> No.50164407

No Spica for the next 31 hours...

>> No.50165434
File: 333 KB, 600x600, D8BAA144-3BD7-46C9-8AF5-CAE810248AC5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50167439
File: 138 KB, 500x500, 1684243747171448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50168971

Page 10 already how

>> No.50169138

The final yab has happened.

>> No.50169909

I can't believe the girl Airi collabed with is getting canceled.
They'll come for Airi next.

>> No.50169980

Is that really enough for people to spam the board with dozens of threads? I literally never heard of her till today. I swear people on /vt/ have no lives.

>> No.50171050

Alright, time to watch Spica’s VOD (and get a bit sad because I wasn’t there earlier)

>> No.50171516

>Spica’s mum speaks Russian
>Mozzu’s mum speak Russian

>> No.50172395


>> No.50172853


>> No.50173284

So here are people who'll be working on Elia's model:
https://twitter.com/louloulou_F - Model
https://twitter.com/justNovaj - face and body rigging

>> No.50173446
File: 20 KB, 421x197, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50173731
File: 677 KB, 707x640, 2023-05-26 115221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50173888

Roza Coatl

>> No.50173940

>Metamorphosis good end

>> No.50173986

Actually amazed it wasn't miyu, she seems like a yab waiting to happen.

>> No.50173997

>it's literally just aletta

>> No.50174367

>Spica praising Mozzu's zatsus
>Elia praising Mozzu's art skills
Feels good to be a mozzumite

>> No.50174399

As a Starling I have to admit that Mozu is incredible. All of them are great. I love the buddies so much.

>> No.50174464

Needed to have a plaid pattern somewhere to make it feel British

>> No.50174922

Discord groomers have abducted Eli's brother

>> No.50175084
File: 38 KB, 962x233, Screenshot 2023-05-26 043747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my god Eli is literally this, I thought this was a joke.

>> No.50175313

We need another archive

>> No.50175496

Oh for fuck's sake! Can we use archive.org for that? Do they archive YT videos?

>> No.50175640

So Elia is going to Japan in July, and they all debut with new models in August

>> No.50175689

Didn't mean to reply

>> No.50175861

The hell? What’s wrong with the thumbs up emoji?

>> No.50175870

I thought mozu's estimate was way out from that

>> No.50175911

It's the same as sending "K" because it became a suggested reply on most apps, making a no effort response even more no effort.

>> No.50176090

iirc she'd said late Summer/early fall so it's possible

>> No.50176129

Mozzu just said “later in the year”. I figured that would mean fall, but August makes sense too

>> No.50176338

I miss her

>> No.50176365

>Elibro is a mite
Didn’t see that coming

>> No.50176380

Same bro, we'll see her and her big stinky tits again soon.

>> No.50176427

Speaking of which, she appeared in Elia's chat briefly

>> No.50176471

Typed this and she appeared in Elia's chat.

T-this... power...

>> No.50176616

ywn be a jungle leech feeding on Elia

>> No.50176662

Okay, I want to put a leech in the next OP pic, but I'm not sure if anons would love this

>> No.50176708

>Not putting the actual model reveal

>> No.50176778

Hey, we have a theme here, and we're following it

>> No.50176853

I wouldn’t mind

>> No.50176864

Add a leech to the model, done and done

>> No.50176886

OK but you're inviting the "Kawaii leeches" joke or some shit

>> No.50177115

Yeah, I didn't think about that. Okay, I'll keep watching the stream then, and the next thread will probably has something Japan-themed.

This thread will sink faster than Elia posts her model on Twitter, and I don't want to post a screenshot from the stream.

>> No.50177321

Maybe a bucket hat that she said she wore to prevent the leeches from falling on her head

>> No.50177355

school shoes like the one eli was gushing about on her model could work

>> No.50177489
File: 20 KB, 239x68, as.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The retard who got Eli on this tangent in case this feels out of nowhere.

>> No.50177612

Thanks, from her comments I figured it was something like that but I didn't see what kicked it off.

>> No.50177626

It's alive! It's alive!

>> No.50177638

I was wondering where that came from all of a sudden

>> No.50178755