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>not even a double date
Why is she so greedy?

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With all the cock on your mind she thought you'd like to have two

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It's always vesper.

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>give bae a chance bro! she chang-ACK

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>watch along
uh I thought Hololive didn't do react content??

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Barbie is kino

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did you miss the watchalongs from the others anon? or are you just new here?

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why is vesper so desperate for collabs with girls? is he doing it on purpose?

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Punishment Game

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Wow, you're really going for it again? I thought pumping your thread full of porn a few days ago midbroke you. Guess I need to do it again.

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based SEAGOD

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I wonder why Bae is the runt of council?

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>baecucks spams naked pics of his oshi for others to jerk off

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>creating fictional archenemy because he's so mindbroken about...
I'm not sure what I did. I think it's worth celebrating this Hololive milestone where the boys outnumber the girls in a collab.

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Bae has been a whore since debut
why do you care now?

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How did he even get involved in this? Didn't this start because Bae was spamming bettel's chat in his watchalong? Did she ask for another guy to join for some reason or did Vesper insert himself?

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I forget that bae isn't holoID and is in EN
she just has that vibe

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Bae wanted to do one with Vesper and Bettel. She said it in a zatsu some time ago.

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That exists?

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Nigga… he’s a chad sexpest wizard, he wants their malicious pussies for his vast collection so he can put them on display and water them with his hose

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Why Vesper? Just because she likes him?

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Did bettel get him to watch one and it mind broke him so he's been trying to get him to do a watch along for some time now.
I think Bae got involved cause she's talked about those movies before and popped up in bettels watch along chat or something

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Frankly kinda based

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that dude started the dm party the moment he got in

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He’s probably a incel the dudes in his mid 30s. He’s hanging around with women a lot younger than him, he would never have had the opportunity to do so as a normie wagie.

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God dammit bae, you were doing so well too.
At least this'll be an interesting experiment to see how bad a holo's viewership can get when you max out debuffs I guess.

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First collab partner when the homos debuted. She enjoys his energy.
No but Vesper talked about watching only one barbie movie with Bettel, he didn't know Bae wanted in until chat told him.

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>he didn't know Bae wanted in until chat told him
lol no he wants that tight young aussie cunt

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Because she's a zoomer and they enjoy making older people suffer, by nature.

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Because huh duh old man watching some kid targeted movie haha humor

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>She enjoys his energy.
More like sending him to spergatory.

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I think Bae just enjoys her anime men

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>I think Bae just enjoys her anime men
>Team kaworu
I think she's about to play some 4d chess on Vesper, and Bettel is just her unwitting pawn.

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I am anime men.

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Stay away from Bettel you whore.

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Baes community is unfortunately littered with actual beggars

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Bae was already railed by half of those guys at her dance school. Worrying about collabs with guys is the LEAST of your concerns.

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Because vesper is a poonhound, he's involved in every mixed collab.

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Netflix and chill with her favorite clown Bettel

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You guys are so desperate to be angry at Hololive

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Well maybe they should get jobs then?

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Blame the Vesper baiters in Bae's chat at the time she brought up Barbie movies. I would've loved to see this minus Ves but oh well.

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You can type in her chat together with other brats after she is done genital jousting with Vesper and Bettel

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What did ">he" mean by this?

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No wonder why /HiRyS/ hate them kek, they literally said nothing bad when someone mention Ame

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Is this the legendary Bae gfe?

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Watch as the posts go up but the IPs don't
Say hi to the dancing numberchimp

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why are sea like this?

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brats are fucking pathetic kek. hope they enjoy their oshi getting spitroasted on stream. who am i kidding, all of the 3 viewers she has left must be into NTR

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rat pussy

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I'm honestly perplexed how a harmless rat has mind broken someone this hard.

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Bae, Kronii
>Homo whores but no bf
Fauna, Mumei
Which pill?

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Bettelsisters ohnononono

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>she said she watching star before debut
>collab with a lot of star
Where are you people come from? Leddit? Bae GFE huh?

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Shouldn't Homo antis be thrilled that she's making them watch something so emasculating?

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Council is such a shitshow

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anyone with ears can tell Vesper is a gay man
Bettel already did the barbie stuff with his audience
emasculation doesnt work for them

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Do not let this distract you from the fact that she sought permission to play penis jousting game.

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I would put Fauna in a different category because of the way she treats her fans.

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Why does Baelz hit Axel? They're the 2 Aussies, why do she refuse to collab with him?

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unicornfags get btfo again. Please proceed to rope yourself after this and anyone below me. Also dont forget to keep your daily homoseethe threads everyday :)

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Oh. So this is why they appeared in her DMs

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Axel is grooming Japanese apex indies

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Another incel tears thread.
Get a life loser.

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Underrated post

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Axel is Japanosexual

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>does constant GFE streams
>lovebombs her brats daily
where do YOU come from? not even a thread reader

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2 aussies on the same stream would ban the channel they are in.
And Axel is a weaboo.

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no hes just actually japanese and wants to fuck other japanese vtubers

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Do you think this guy is in the thread?

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This post is the much rarer counterpart to the ones which get the "Who are you quoting?" replies.

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she literally shills Roberu, if you still unicorn her then that's your problem

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>the non homo collaber are the one who are actually being dicked off stream
that will never stop to be funny

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Cope. She's the one intruding Bettel's watchalong uninvited.


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and we remember why bae's channel is a shitter channel, but she never lied about it, credit to her on that.

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>Drag Mumei along
Homobeggars deserve a fate that is more painful than being drawn and quartered.

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She will never change

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You bet-whatever-that-faggot-fan-name-is should stay at your own lane jerking off to that faggot instead of coming here. kys

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Mumei already collabed with homos. Brats in particular would know that.

>> No.49867336

You ok bro?

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>It's always a gifted member
That feature was truly a mistake

>> No.49867353

>Mumei was already tricked once and will never be tricked again

>> No.49867352

>t. Prime retard
>inb4 passive aggressive homosis "oh no sweety"
Bae never a unicorn retard. Also i can't wait to see what happen after this. Every homo that collab with holo always suffer decline.
>t. Youtube Rrat peddler

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all talk no bite, you will never get rid of Tempiss when you westoid pussies don't have the same balls as japanese otakus

>> No.49867392

Dumbass, of course Bettel gave her the idea. Bettel said in his last Barbie Watchalong that he wasn't going to do anymore for a while, he's only doing this because Bae asked him to. You think Bettel was going to do this with Vesper alone? You're the one coping. Watch streams, dickhead.

>> No.49867400

Why get rid of them? Just stop watching the whores who collab with them. Have you seen Mori and Bae's numbers lately? RUMAO

>> No.49867401

Go go go we're almost at a 1:2 IP split. We can go even more mentally ill, look at them shit their pants

>> No.49867402

Why are you so butthurt is the better question

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joewari da...

>> No.49867453

list of who /HiRyS/ hates the most by descending order.

>> No.49867478

First time on 4chan? This is completely normal for any thread ever

>> No.49867507

He's the OP.
>53 ips
And he's definitely here, bumping his own thread.
I wish meidos just publicly execute these kind of shitpost.

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Nigga, why are you retards like this? She made it crystal clear were she stood day 1 but you mongoloids think anime girl acting cute without an anime man in the vicinity for a number of months means they're specifically pandering to your autistic need for no anime men. She owes you fags nothing and vice versa. Your own damn fault for being "bamboozled" this often.

Who the fuck cares? They want to do it so they're doing it.

He can do whatever the fuck he wants, keep crying faggot, inb4 calling me a tranny (trannies don't watch males), gay, or a sister. Chad brotuber laughing at you pathetic fags that lose your mind at every little thing male or otherwise. There's a reason every other board on this website makes fun of us.

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>never get rid of tempiss
>Vesper reaching sub 1k ccv.
Roru rumao, seem like the fans already leave.

>> No.49867555

>Popular demand

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At least use the ethnically accurate version.

>> No.49867595

I mean it's pretty unfair when you're so mindbroken that you're stalking the thread, constantly posting and messing up the ratio.

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just because theyre the same doesnt mean they have chemistry. Vesper and Shinri barely interact in Tempus despite being the old men of the group because they have no chemistry together.

>> No.49867658

>>49867392 (me)
where he said he wasn't going to ado any more Barbie watchalongs for a while https://youtu.be/QXTtFCFML58?t=12148


>> No.49867746

not a brrat but
why are you guys so mad?
she always was an holostar supporter she made it clear in her debut stream
why be mad for something that has a precedent? (boomer vs zoomer stream)

>> No.49867750

You gonna get banned for Racism!

>> No.49867762

>There's a reason every other board on this website makes fun of us
Careful now, SEAmod once banned me just for saying that

>> No.49867771

HoloEN is hitting a new bottom every week.

>> No.49867865

Gotta farm those (You)'s, even if most of them are from himself.

>> No.49867907

What would the board do without the approval of /pol/tards, or pol/tv/ards, or pol/v/ards. The board should really up its standards to meet those high bars.

>> No.49867913

>Chad brotuber
roru, rumao. This is your brain on faggotry

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NTR idol is an important niche to feel, need to capitalize on every audience. Good business acumen

>> No.49868092

>Implying this shit isn't a falseflag
Nigger pretends to be a brat/sapling and shits on other people all the time because he hates them. Then he falseflags as the people he shits on to make it seem like a fanbase flamewar.

>> No.49868135

Bae...stop tormenting that poor old man

>> No.49868141

Now now, my point is that when you point out what's going on he gets mad, especially when you make fun of the posters on this board, not even the streamers themselves. He doesn't like it when you hit the mark and it hurts his feeling personally

>> No.49868156

Can confirm I do this all the time

>> No.49868219

Those were two different answers to the same statement about her wanting to watch it with someone you ape

>> No.49868227

>even if most of them are from himself.
I know it's supposed to be a hot take because FULL anonymity is tradition, but I really wish IDs would be a more common practice among boards. Samefagging is the most annoying shit ever, could at least make it so it takes an effort.

>> No.49868230

Axel hates Vegemite so it's a turn off for her

>> No.49868271

>why are you guys so mad?
Because I hate Tempiss and Vesper in particular
I'd rather not see them involved in anything Hololive related at all, even if the girls like it

>> No.49868312


>> No.49868331

>getting mad at behalf of others
Do you also have they/them in your twitter bio? Just asking lol

>> No.49868370

You ok?

>> No.49868377

Nothing in that post suggests that I get mad on behalf of others retard

>> No.49868436

obviously not lmao

>> No.49868546

You implied that you don't watch her, anyway
Yaaas! We better cancel those gosh darn tempiss huwaito MALES amirite my fellow gigajacked 6'2'' unirornCHAD? KEK

>> No.49868571

Cool brain damage my dude

>> No.49868574

what a fucking cuck mentality

>> No.49868620

Actually you can blame the homobeggars in bae's chat for this one, they were the ones that suggested him to participate for whatever reason

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You just salty cuz grandpa got more game than you

>> No.49868781 [DELETED] 
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BASED. Cucklingchad btw

>> No.49868832

Are you scott k, i'm your biggest fans

>> No.49868843

it was just timming, nothing else, it was confirmed that they both watched that movie alone.

>> No.49868852

Because a homobeggar in her chat said "drag mumei along" and she didn't say "no".

>> No.49869002

so you're mad a beggar tried to beg and she respected moom's boundaries by saying no?

>> No.49869021

See >>49868219

>> No.49869022


>> No.49869060

Tricked? I say freed. Too bad she was easily lured in back to the gilded cage.

>> No.49869162

So why be upset at Bae (or any other Holomember) collabing with a gay man?

>> No.49869241

my bae membership renewed later today
goodthing I saw this thread and swiftly cancelled it

>> No.49869240

Fauna should collab with Vesper

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i'm really confused why it's being interpreted this way, are you guys pretending you can't read on purpose? There were a bunch of suggestions on who to watch Barbie with all at once and she read out a couple in a row. Would you be shitting your pants if she read one of the 40 comments saying DO IT WITH IRYS instead?

>> No.49869266

Bae actually invited him

>> No.49869337

as someone with zero stakes in this i might actually tune in, just so i can talk to my oshi about barbie since she's obsessed with it, feels fucking good not having to worry about homos encroaching on my 2view :)

>> No.49869436

Vesper : ryan gosling
Bettel : chink man
Bae : barbie

Nice self insert

>> No.49869503

>he doesn't know

>> No.49869561

>Mr. Yo Yabba Yabba
So he's the same as Uki?

>> No.49869572

im not pissed lol im wondering the same thing. if people here are actually threatened by a man with a nerdy gay lisp they have actual issues. most likely just a thread of bored shitposters that arent actually taking this shit seriously though

>> No.49869590

didnt know the Barbie movie was out

>> No.49869621

pretty much just a bear version of Uki except he wont show up unannounced to an off collab

>> No.49869704

This is the dumbest argument I've seen, you're definitely some retarded woman and you're definitely the same one that goes around accusing others of thinking of cock whenever theres a thread about male vtubers. You're the one who goes straight to the genitals first and always brings it up first in every thread.

>> No.49869756


>> No.49869767

so true sis

>> No.49869808

>not being watched by loli Holos
Wtf is this?

>> No.49869833

That is the standard lame ass gay/tranny tactic. If you dislike something that means that you are projecting. Everyone that ever had anything against the alphabet soup crowd, they just said that he is a closeted <insert sexual orientation>

>> No.49869851

Yeah Ok. homo hate. Whatever. The real question is how the fuck did she get perms for genital jousting...

>> No.49869868

Heads up for the retards here

Bettel is actually straight and will sleep with your oshi

>> No.49869888
File: 27 KB, 500x498, 1681136317573794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>getting this mad at a joke post

>> No.49869907

NTA but I accept this argument until people are making unsolicited daily homo threads and posting in them more than actual /mans/ posters post about the homos.

>> No.49869910 [DELETED] 

The other one is too, despite the 'h...he's gay!' cope. Glorious spitroast, take her back to her rave days

>> No.49869916

Hes close friends with froot of Vshojo, thats all you need to know about clown boy

>> No.49869945 [DELETED] 
File: 239 KB, 400x400, xNpnw7Fn_400x400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49869985

Yes we know he’s the one she cheated on her irl boyfriend with

>> No.49870167

Drama is fun

>> No.49870194

Brats like to watch.
NTR is a popular fetish after all.

>> No.49870224

Honest question to the two brats on defence duty in here.
What appeal do you have from watching Bae flirting in a watchalong with 2 guys? Wouldn't ANY other stream with her solo be better?

>> No.49870280

>please respond to my samefagging ban evasion i do everyday


>> No.49870281

we don't kinkshame here, if they like cuck content it is what it is

>> No.49870301

actual cuck lmao

>> No.49870328 [DELETED] 

>t. actual cuck

>> No.49870380

Could Vesper even miss one potential collab with hololive? He's done more collabs with hololive than with tempus this year kek

>> No.49870382

Roru look at him reset his vpn with every post

>> No.49870439

ok cuck

>> No.49870517

get him for offtopic, he's so mindbroken over the incoming NTR stream he's just going round in circles like a broken toy. love to see it

>> No.49870572

The barbie watchalong isn't even vesper's thing, i don't get why he has to tag along. Ollie joining would be more understandable because she recommended a barbie movie to bettel.

>> No.49870615

literally just made another reply to himself again underneath you kek

>> No.49870679
File: 745 KB, 1149x1080, 1662297007854907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for a reaction like this prob

>> No.49870690

>honest question in a bait thread

You have brain damage if you think any interaction with males = flirting. Rent free.

>> No.49870819

>Vesper is a gay man
Are Vesties still using this rrat. He doesn't even collab with tempus anymore

>> No.49871104

Watch her like a product on tv show than an oshi. Never sc, never member, so you don't have any regrets. If you like it, you pay for it. If you don't move on to another product.
It work everytime, people who doesn't like it will would stop donate and member, that it. Treat her like a side character like nijifag does and you could ignore her existance.

>> No.49871142 [DELETED] 

>this nigger thinks we cant tell he just responded to himself

>> No.49871158

Vesper was good when he debuted but too bad he just leeches off the holoen girls now.

>> No.49871242

>WoW collabs (At least 4 of them)
>Interview with members (4 of them with the new members)
>Old members vs new members l4d2
The hilarious thing is that he's done more with Tempus than any other, but keep writing your fanfiction.
Maybe by the end of the year you'll be half correct.

>> No.49871256

>Vesties on high alert defending Vesper any negative post possible

>> No.49871306

Based, parasocial bad
I care about vtubers like I care about a random chair in my house. If it breaks for whateve reason I can just buy a new one.

>> No.49871326

What the hell they're playing WoW now? I'm assuming classic?

>> No.49871327 [DELETED] 
File: 152 KB, 768x768, ed2704dcdac9f5f0eb5bd93d301c434d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because more PP for her

>> No.49871483

>All of these collab he sounds boring and death inside
>"YABBA DABBA DOO!!!!!"When collab with Kronii or Bae
Keep writing your fantiction, sister

>> No.49871554

>rat getting double mating pressed

>> No.49871624

>Implying you watch him to find out how he sounds
Damn, that's gay nigga. I just picked up the vod titles by looking at his channel and you're out here watching them.
I don't know, I assume it's classic based on the archives.

>> No.49871677

Watchalongs are GFE content I will not take my meds this is like inviting males to an ASMR stream.

>> No.49871730


>> No.49872032 [DELETED] 

I hate this board.

>> No.49872120

>why is she so greedy ?
I think you've got the wrong chuuba, that's Mori

>> No.49872125

You can always go back to twitter

>> No.49873662

BIG KEK for anyone who wrote a post with more than 20 words in it

>> No.49873846

Watching barbie? And these are supposed to be your bro-vtubbers? What a bunch of faggots. Hololive deserves to go out of business in the west just for the inclusion of these 8 useless faggots alone. I wonder if yagoo is bi and like cock on the low.

>> No.49874444

I this gonna be the one with gosling?

>> No.49874670

She should have joined NijiEN instead of ruining the culture of Hololive.

>> No.49874710

I know you're just shitposting but in 2 months every relevant brotuber and reactuber gonna go watch the live action Barbie, it's just media work it's bound to happen

>> No.49875111
File: 714 KB, 1200x960, 1682207351006833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he's actually homophobic in 2023 and somehow isn't even a religious fundie, but he loves watching anime girls.

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File: 55 KB, 298x188, 1675051028227387.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49875264

No straight male is watching barbie unless they're watching it with their kid. I'm sorry to tell you this but your fag group of vtubbers are just that FAGGOTS.

>> No.49875409 [DELETED] 

Homos and troons deserve the rope. There's only 2 genders. For someone who advocate for homosexuality you sure hate science proven facts about it. Find me in your shit bible where it says men can fuck men in the ass and that's okay because it isn't and it never was. Fuck off with your gay shit woman

>> No.49875476

Find where it says girl on girl is good too.
You accept one but not the other? Nice closet.

>> No.49875827
File: 145 KB, 800x789, 1679618162745616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You would upset and disgust any and every single member of hololive if you were ever to talk to them in any meaningful capacity beyond praise.

>> No.49875950

Imagine thinking homosexuality should be celebrated most of those jp girls would disown you.

>> No.49876020

Girl on girl is bad too but I enjoy it. I don't enjoy men and men that's gay and if your a man watching homos then you're a faggot too. Tempiss is for women and faggots not for straight males.

>> No.49876047
File: 486 KB, 640x639, 1683465972856611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't like the homos, but this one was good, fpbp

>> No.49876434 [DELETED] 
File: 672 KB, 846x1200, 1678927655840910 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bae was already railed by half of those guys at her dance school.
She is 147cm, right?


>> No.49876574
File: 421 KB, 800x800, Magni_kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49878673

Archive link?

>> No.49878759 [DELETED] 

he's a 30+ incel, this is why you should never hire virgins

>> No.49878841 [DELETED] 

Idk why y'all are worried, as if Bae would ever touch a white/asian guy lmao.

>> No.49878883

Sana would've watched Barbie with them...

>> No.49879139

there's only 1 gender.

>> No.49879424

i don't get it?

>> No.49881993

>he doesn't know

>> No.49882221 [DELETED] 

cucks lol

>> No.49882312


>> No.49882334

women have 3 holes

>> No.49882770

sorry numberfag but all EN are declined in your cuck narrative mind.

>> No.49882824

Sooooo, which barbie movie?

>> No.49883017

Maybe if the other girls weren't so afraid of clicking "Go Live" more than once a month, you people would get more girls only collabs.

>> No.49883028

Vesper went to great lengths to burn out the unicorns for Kronii so he doesn't seem to mind taking on that role. When they need someone for a HoloPro collab he volunteers. 1v1 collabs must have caused more problems with fans since they have exclusively switched over to group collabs.

>> No.49887479

>Bettel is watching Barbie
>Vesper and rrat will also be there

>> No.49887915

Sorry brrats but sometimes you just draw the short straw

>> No.49888837

you're either a virgin, a whore, or a married person that isn't pathetically watching vtubers
so you're not really insulting anyone here

>> No.49888851
File: 74 KB, 960x540, ea701f7682e5c01f5525a835fa8450c6e2303afa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bae badly needs a Dick right now.
She even planned to play this.

>> No.49888980

this board houses some of the faggiest, most hypersensitive excuses of "men" i've ever seen in 4chan.

>> No.49889111

Why do I only see homos in vtubing use this fucking retarded rizz word. Someone kill these faggots already

>> No.49889277

Unicorns don't give a fuck much about her tho. If this was fauna then you'd have a point. Most idiots here are actually just shit posting for shit and giggles.

>> No.49889450

That person has a womans name

>> No.49889952

I think most people generally don't care since Bae is a known whore, so it's not out of character and shouldn't surprise or get people shitposting. I do think the people who push the Bae gfe angle are fucking werid though.

>> No.49890029

Bae likes the barbie movies, she grew up with them and has watched all of them
She has already watched them with Mumei off-stream. Gura will never watch these movies with her so she got the options she had left who have never done it before to watch it instead. Just because she wants to see their reactions
Does that make sense for anyone who isn't the schizo samefagging his thread? sounds good.

>> No.49890190

Why are you replying to this thread so earnestly?
Half of it is just the same dude talking to himself.

>> No.49890198

How does Vesper keep getting away with it? I thought he was bad enough for fucking all of your oshis and getting suspended, anons. Not my oshi though of course.

And now he's getting ready for round two. Why do you keep letting this happen anons?

>> No.49890263

Yeah sorry, the IP count is more miserable than I thought
Looks like the attentionwhore got kicked out of global again, the usual

>> No.49890405 [DELETED] 
File: 477 KB, 840x1200, 1684704113296.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, I couldn't do it before, and since neither jannies nor meidos have bothered to b& OP?
Time for round 2

>> No.49890470

Damn bro you are really insecure.

>> No.49890479 [DELETED] 
File: 1.41 MB, 1200x1657, 1684704283633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bae is very sex, I recall that's what the discussion was about. Well, "discussion".

>> No.49890487

Is the /HiRyS/ list poster and the Baeschizo the same guy? they both type like ESL children and they are in the same thread right now.

>> No.49890535

At least sage the thread if your gonna spam it

>> No.49890547


>> No.49890598

>The schizo in global is obsessed with brrats
>The /HiRyS/ list poster is obsessed with brrats
Make the connection yourself

>> No.49890859 [DELETED] 

Spitroast rat on cock

>> No.49890929 [DELETED] 

Nice IP count thread
Please moderate and ban the samefag meidos, this classifies as spamming
Thanks in advance

>> No.49890991 [DELETED] 
File: 3.66 MB, 2093x2295, 1684704471138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, so now you delete stuff, yet the several shitpost of this samefag stay up.
You know, you could ban the piece of shit instead. He's been shitposting, trolling, and flooding threads for more than a year. Should only take a second to see he's the same person if he's using a different IP. Maybe even ban his specific internet provider (I know you can do this, you did it with a company in my country).

>> No.49891077 [DELETED] 

The jannys think theres a statute of limitations when it comes to deleting trolling threads that are targeted harassment
How embarrassing to sign up for a payless job you suck at and want to pick favorites

>> No.49891139 [DELETED] 
File: 846 KB, 2893x4092, 1684704956972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or do I need to report him? I've done it plenty of times before and he still keeps going, sometimes you guys don't even delete his posts (no, this is not announcing a report).

>> No.49891240 [DELETED] 
File: 473 KB, 4096x1504, 1684705168256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think so. I've seen posts close to bump limit get deleted.

>> No.49891284

Choccy milk from Sana's udders

>> No.49891314

I think this is the post that broke him lmao

>> No.49891527 [DELETED] 

Dude literally cherrypicking a samefagged thread instead of banning the OP

>> No.49891600

He will never recover from this

>> No.49891821

That wasn't even porn.
Still, it'd be better if you deleted the thread before/after permabanning the samefag.

>> No.49892627


>> No.49892730


>> No.49893149 [DELETED] 

Boy the brrat janny really went wild in here lmao

>> No.49893287

kek fpbp

>> No.49893339

collab watchalongs just seem kind of lame.

>> No.49894909 [DELETED] 

>brat defenceforce gets banned
>the supposed 'schizo' stays up
fucking kek, brats on suicide watch

>> No.49894985

>He's still going
Jesus fucking christ what an obsessive underage pig

>> No.49895117 [DELETED] 

Get fucked ESL monkey

>> No.49895284

They can be fun. Take for instance the Gura and Ame watchalong of Die Hard. Or Kronii and IRyS watching the avatar movie. Shit was kino. But having too many people does start to defeat the purpose of a watchalong. Wasnt this supposed to be a Bae and the clown thing? Why is Kroniis boytoy there?

>> No.49895293


>> No.49895489

He was always supposed to be a part of it was well from the moment she mentioned it

>> No.49896707


>> No.49899333

I thought she's the GFE of EN?

>> No.49899488

>necrobumping your own homosexual thread

>> No.49899585

Kek good one

>> No.49899699

Literal page 11 bump kek, he was so desperate he couldn't even get a new IP

>> No.49900781
File: 1.87 MB, 2000x1600, YABBA DABBA DOO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

unity and work with the boys, a i can't a i anixity a busy
unity/collab with girls

>> No.49900958

Not him but this is definitely some reddit shit humor, if you were from 4chan you'd call him a niggerfaggot, not this roundabout politically correct way

>> No.49901383

do people unironically like holostars? why not just watch nijisanji instead? serious question

>> No.49902082

Hi guys, why are you so obsessed with bumping an anti thread and "fighting the schizo" you've made up in your head? Can I ask why you think chasing him like some kind of retarded tom and jerry will make him stop? Or is, maybe, just maybe, ignoring him the answer so I can stop seeing your shitty threads bumped 24/7?

>> No.49904418

2%sanji don't have vesper,bettel nor magni

>> No.49904758

I dont like the insane fujobaiting niji EN does or their rabid fans and my JP reps arent up there enough to watch the JP males like Belmond or Yashiro.
Vesper doesnt fujobait/discourages shipping shit in his streams and I enjoy watching him from time to time when he plays something interesting. simple as.

>> No.49904768


>> No.49904814

so true sister

>> No.49904953

Do newfags think it needs to be in all fields?

>> No.49912717

but I was told Bae was GFE... what happened?

>> No.49912970

T. Shitty schizo who keeps bumping his thread
It has been 5 page 11 bumps now

>> No.49913066 [DELETED] 

Cuck bump

>> No.49913482

>2:30 hour bump
How about you guys stop being lazy and create some threads instead of bumpwatching?

>> No.49914127

Can Kronii even handle Barbie?

>> No.49914174

He's a great conversationalist.

>> No.49914294

Esl confirmed, sea confirmed, thread watcher and shitflinger confirmed

>> No.49915278

You are gay

>> No.49917625


>> No.49917841
File: 99 KB, 1850x227, asofrightnow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Annnnd it got rescued out of page 10 / 11.
By someone who's IP didn't make the count go up.
What a shocker.

>> No.49917967


>> No.49920214

Is your oshi this boring that you'd rather obsess over threadwatching than her streams?
Rent free

>> No.49920605

He can do both, it's still funny to see the schizo perform his live dance show. It's free entertainment so why not?

>> No.49921776

There wouldn't be any such threads if there weren't any rotten apples in Hololive.

>> No.49921878

pls do it more i need more bae porn

>> No.49921931

I request more bae porn, I'd also appreciate council porn in general.

>> No.49921964

never gets old kek

>> No.49922054

shut up bettel

>> No.49922113

He it did again in one of today's hlgg's, I hope someone got a screencap before he(?) deleted it

>> No.49922471 [DELETED] 

Bratcucks grtting uppity

>> No.49922516

I know you're frustrated but it's always important to proofread your posts before posting

>> No.49923266

Ye true, can smell the greasy seethe as they camp the thread for over a day rumao.
Rare schizo W

>> No.49925432

Anyone that posts below me is tsundere for Bae

>> No.49926927


>> No.49927034

Why don't you just express your unresolved feelings for her?

>> No.49927665

I'm glad someone is catering to the NTR audience. And double NTR at that
Sasuga, brats...your oshi is so kind to you

>> No.49927764

You forgot to change your IP this time

>> No.49928177

mhm sandwiched rat...

>> No.49928367 [DELETED] 

If you hate this dude just sage bump this faggot, why are new fags so retarded.

>> No.49928370

There's probably some straight men out there wanting to see Margot Robbie as Barbie.

>> No.49928553

I just want to see me on the big screen

>> No.49928565

Cope, she is not your friend. She is free to do whatever she wants.

>> No.49928616

But the lovebombing...the gfe valentine streams...was it all a lie? I'm so upset rn bros. Why is bae doing this to me

>> No.49928689

It was at this moment that his brain shut down

>> No.49928707
File: 176 KB, 366x558, watameevil.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok cool, it's over drive time

>> No.49928753
File: 193 KB, 598x536, 1684360986993841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This is the dumbest argument I've seen, you're definitely some retarded woman and you're definitely the same one that goes around accusing others of thinking of cock whenever theres a thread about male vtubers. You're the one who goes straight to the genitals first and always brings it up first in every thread.

>> No.49928778

Cmon man, stop outing yourself as a poorfag

>> No.49928814

Most obvious falseflag. No brat gives a shit about the cuck streams, we knew from day 1. That's why she's the best, she doesn't cater to unicorns

>> No.49928815 [DELETED] 
File: 59 KB, 287x369, seetheium.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49928827
File: 203 KB, 320x320, 1684715157765221.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The earth will soon retake itself.

>> No.49928859

This thread might have hit a new record in the amount of page 11 necro bumps I have seen, he was extra desperate today

>> No.49928868
File: 859 KB, 2500x2500, 220615162812-02-barbie-movie-gosling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm watching Barbie to add to my collection of Ryan Gosling reaction images, it'll be refreshing to add some Bloomer reactions to the general Doomer majority.

>> No.49928887
File: 14 KB, 267x259, 1684086699274703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he thought he was past multiple layers
>But he never left first

>> No.49928988

I refuse to believe women are funny

>> No.49929489


>> No.49929810

I am the nut cracker

>> No.49930153

Bettel has done like 3 drunk barbie watchalongs in the last 2 months

>> No.49930319

Which movies though?

>> No.49930845 [DELETED] 

damn OP i know you want to be spitroasted by Bettel and Vesper but this is just getting ridiculous now

>> No.49931489

The best way to stop home collabs is to flood their art tags with homo x holo porn to make them uncomfortable. But you need to actually use their art tags.

>> No.49931597

>bae hides behind gfe after male collabs
>kronii hides behind moomers after nale collabs

>> No.49931665 [DELETED] 

Cuck bump

>> No.49931927

no one cares that much otherwise they wouldve already done it. only worked on Regis anyways since he's sensitive

>> No.49931997

Then there wasn't enough spammed on all of their art tags

>> No.49932040

Oh man, I am SO excited for all the baettel art after this Collab...hot.

>> No.49932254 [DELETED] 


>> No.49933842

>How did he even get involved in this?

He plays WoW with Bettel and apparently Bettel has been trying to get him to watch Barbie movies with him so

>> No.49934005

Bae might be from Australia but Axel is a hyper Aussie, he'd be calling her a right cunt within 5 minutes of their collab start

>> No.49934148

Yeah, it's WoW classic every week

>> No.49934258

>Anon just finds out that /vt/tards have no spine and can't do anything properly

>> No.49935086

ship name...Baettle

>> No.49937845


>> No.49940439

Mommy Faufau collab with Vespie uwu?

>> No.49941198


>> No.49945083


>> No.49946292

Up in the name of Fauna

>> No.49946484