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Coco got hassled by management for months before finally getting fired for showing a Taiwanese flag on stream. Meanwhile in the west: https://youtu.be/BzR_-XsmBas?t=303

Remind me again why you choose to support Cover and their tightly leashed vtubers instead of actual free talent?

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Just watch NijiEN. No drama, no incompetent management. Just three cute anime girls playing games together.

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Kek, actually based.
Have any zhangs reacted to her showing that?

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So where is she saying that Taiwan is a country in this stream?

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Nice try OP no bait will ever make me give this whore a view, even with adblock on

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Post timestamp and I'll let the chink know.

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Veibased is too much for this board to handle. We’re all inebriated by idol copium.

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If they think they're above idol culture than why are they riding the coattails of idols instead of just streaming in a hot tub like the other whores
Oh that's right because they're dog ugly

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>watches the whole thing when it was clear what was it about


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>haachama is gone as well
It's not too late to apologize, holobronies. Just kiss the womb tattoo and repent.

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I dislike this woman, but that’s pretty based.

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I'm sorry vei-sama...

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Vshojo chads, I kneel before you

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playing that clip and then sucking holocns talent off is pretty twofaced

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Zhang fears the Vshojo

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Vei-sama..... I prostrate

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Why not watch regular twitch thots or better yet talk to real women if you like trashy whores? What extra experience are you getting from the whole vtuber thing?

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shame she doesnt stream anymore

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Veibae's source

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now this is based

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>no incompetent management
brapfish couldnt even debut

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I got algo'd a Veibae clip and found it entertaining. Might investigate further after July 1st

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I'm sorry veibeya... I'll lick your pussy too if you want...

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Ok this is epic
SEAnigs fuck off

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Is this bitch the vtuber for antis?
I see her pics constantly with tribalfags.

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This reply.. This is going to be VOMS Jinx 2.0

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3dpd is fugly, i dont care about personality i just wanna talk with cute sexy png

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She emanates an aura of forced seethe that tends to bring /vt/ incels to their knees, which is why using her in bait posts is common.

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why don't *you* talk to some real women so you won't remain a pathetic incel?

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Vei is the furthest thing from an idol vtuber, so people like to post her if they want to bait.

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My honest response?

I HATE twitch, that's it, oh and our time zones means I'm asleep, meanwhile most of the hololive crew stream before midnight my time which works just fine, I don't mind her.

But frankly that clip she knew she could have gotten into trouble, she's just lucky chinks aren't overly attached to her and any watching would most likely have already adjusted to western society

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at this point you are spamming this shit, you are making me want to wheelbarrow the shit out of them

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Get squashed bug man.

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Why is this bitch so hot?

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Pffft yeah see how much that lasts.
The only way to have career ending drama free vtubers is to watch independent ones.

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It's too fucking hot.

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daily reminder veiwhore started as a e-thot whore without a cam and leeched all the way through
she has the same personality of any random e-thot in twitch, so it's safe to assume that her viewers are scum of the internet. nyanners does not deserve to be lumped with that worthless cumstain.
imagine going so low as to call veiwhore a talent

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>theres no games
>im waiting for my new model
>oh no im sick
>sorry on my period
>oh, sick again!
>its too hot now
>oh wow my period starts again in 2 days!
using the heat as an excuse would be much more believable if it wasn't excuse after excuse after excuse for months

hold on, ill get a graph. pic related

sub 1h/day streamed soon

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>29C expected in London
Damn…I don’t know where she lives but that’s rough

>> No.4993889

>too hot to stream today and tomorrow
>dont want to stream on nyanners birthday
>period pain
>prepping for dnd
theres the excuses till next weekend too.

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I forgot English people can't take basic heat

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No air conditioning.

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wow, just like the majority of the world!

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who the fuck is even that, chink bug

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Pretty sure Vei and the other girls will join Nyanners' birthday stream at one point.

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she promised a long stream today, i believe her with all my heart

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There's zero chance of a stream this weekend. maybe a 1-2h react stream tomorrow if youre lucky. better luck next Saturday.

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Veisimps could power the world with all the spinning they've been doing for the past few days.
Every single rrat she shat out of her fetid snatch is still wrong, from the aloe graduation shit that she pulled out of her ass to the misconceptions about idol culture.
Just cause Cover is incompetent, which we've known since even before the Holocaust, it doesn't mean that talentless whore is vindicated.

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>Stage 2: Denial

>> No.4998950

that's stage 1 idiot

>> No.4999076

>No streams

>> No.4999142

Why do people praise her for being based? She clicked off it once she knew what it was and then tried to save face by saying "oh no i'm gonna get fired haha..."

>> No.4999198

"I actually... I hate that. Like, that side of Hololive that roleplays. Because it like, when you know, about all like the uhm... background stuff, that they have to do just to be in Hololive and how they have to be roleplaying it's like spooky. Hololive personalities don't own their model. They don't have any decision making when it comes to how they look like. They don't own their YouTube or their social media. If they get fired, they lose everything. Yeah, it's called graduation, it's so fucked up, dude! Fuck that shit! You get graduation into homelessness that's so fucked! [reads comment: They promote their talents as idols.] Yeah, fuck, then they get doxed and shit. I dunno I hate it. I like, I like the uh, streamers, I think. I don't know, I don't know like what I like. I like the roleplay but the whole idol culture is so messed up. It's hard for me to watch Hololive a little bit. It feels really scripted, no? Yeah I think, I think that they just have to stay in roleplay. They literally support a terrible company. After the actual idols that have left Hololive talked about it, and the way that they're treated... Keep defending it dude."

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This was literally a fucking rrat.

>> No.5002359

Veitrannies don't care, they've as much concern for the truth as their oshi

>> No.5004329

waste of money. And perfect to fuck up your lungs with legionella

>> No.5005439

>vtubers can only be idols
I came here to laugh at you specifically.

Also almost all of them have done "hot tub streams" already. Get with the times, grandpa.

>> No.5005468

I will when she stops babbling like a retard.

>> No.5006862

Hololive is just so holo on the inside.

>> No.5007027

isn't she really popular in china? what's their opinion on this?

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Vwhore lovers needs to get laid asap or must be game ended for the goof society.

>> No.5007461

In Japan, not China

>> No.5007524

I won't stop at kissing her tatto but her pussy, thighs and boobs

>> No.5007666

>reaction “content”
remember when people tried to band together to get reactionfags banned off all platforms for being the lowest effort someone could put in to making a vid?

>> No.5012857

Hope she sees this guys.

>> No.5013220

Look up John Cena's embarrassing apology video about taiwan.
If she was more popular or part of a larger company she'd be getting the axe

>> No.5028245

She's unaxable. Even if Vshojo threw her out she'd just continue as an indie like she did before. Literally the only way to stop her is to get her banned from whatever streaming website she's using.

>> No.5032122

What opinions does this hoe even have besides leeching and sucking dicks?

>> No.5032190

I can watch YouTube videos on my own, thanks.

>> No.5032461

it's highly possible that she will, many VShojos browse 4chan.

>> No.5032636

*sigh* chu~

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>> No.5032984

I'll agree to it as long as she's bound and gagged because as soon as this bitch starts talking it makes me want to slam her face into a wall.

>> No.5033111

Vshojo is fucking Stadia.

>> No.5033425

I think you got Holo and Niji mixed anon, Nintendo es more lax these days and doesn't censor shit meanwhile Snoy is doing exactly that and it's hurting them, which really fits to what's going on currently.

>> No.5033509 [DELETED] 

Nintendo is still notorious for censoring 1st party titles. Playstation and Xbox both do censor 3rd party titles though yea

>> No.5033547

Might as well be certain, Vei has admitted to lurking this board before.

>> No.5034245

Lol coco proved veibae was right about hololive management.

>> No.5034701

true gamer moment

>> No.5035311

What veibae mentioned about Hololive management and their talents was and is a load of hogwash, don't try to revise history now.
Again, you can't claim vindication for being generally right about something if the extremely specific things you pulled out of your ass and refuse to own up to was are false as false can be.
Neither can you claim prescience from a posteriori knowledge after you were proven to be pulling rrats out the snatch.
Literally why do you play defense for this talentless whore anyway paypigs?

>> No.5035338

was and are false*

>> No.5038451

>Literally why do you play defense for this talentless whore anyway paypigs?
Her voice makes my dick hard, I can't help it.

>> No.5038533

sony literally owns niji

>> No.5038878

>ToS can't post political videos
I don't use twitch, but I'm willing to bet it's fine if it doesn't conflict with their politics and every western company bows to chinks like the cucks they are.

>> No.5040807

Her voice is the absolute worst thing for me. Especially the way she pitches every single sentence of hers up at the end where it makes her sound whiny or like she's always asking a question

>> No.5044034

>successful independent chubas
Fixed for you. Unsuccessful indies graduate to join these black companies. That's why you need to watch indies that wouldn't join them.

>> No.5044201

Vei is the really hot Stacie I knew in high school that I hated because she was popular and ubernormal but still had a massive crush on

>> No.5044580

because she was blatantly lying Even if Hololive management has done questionable things (it almost certainly has, at least in recent history) at the time Veibae was almost certainly not telling the truth. She sights having met people who were ex-Hololive Idols who talked bad about the company after leaving, which sounds believable until you realise that this was BEFORE the Taiwan incident. Holo-CN was still around, so the only two people she could have been talking to were Hitomi Chris and Mano Aloe, both of which only speak Japanese. And even if we assume they magically bridged the language barrier, I highly doubt either of them would have said what they said. Aloe('s roomate) has only ever said positive things about Hololive, and Hitomi chris never even debuted.

I'm not riding Covers dick, I'm saying that Vei is blatantly lying.

>> No.5044601

basically all of them are really hot though

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>Aloe('s roomate) has only ever said positive things about Hololive
haha yeah...

>> No.5044765

Where is the chink anon that is hating on V-shojo threads while having Amy Schumer rent free in his head on each post?

>> No.5044862

Anon I 100% believe that Vei has met Hitomi Chris and she revealed the dark forbidden past of Cover. Upon hearing these words Vei's hand shook with an unfathomable rage as she declared "I will crush this black company!"

Not shitposting Aloe's former roommate was fucking pissed at Cover management for Coco's graduation and basically said you can only rely on yourself, your friends, and your fans. Basically slamming the door and saying "I am never going to work for corporate again fuck corporate they are all the same. They treat you like a tool and then toss you to the wolves at the first sign of trouble."

It was pretty cool. Love me shounen protagonist triangel.

>> No.5044868

anon, you're the one with chinese anons in your head rent free...

>> No.5044891

Theyre more entertaining

>> No.5044899

What's the percentage of chinks that watch hololive bug man?

>> No.5044915

how would I know. You're the one thats obsessing over them.

>> No.5044917

The talents really like Hololive, can't say the same to Cover tho

>> No.5044999

I might do. Kiara is going on 1 month vacation, so I need to fill the hole hole. Which of these girls is more like her?

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File: 644 KB, 821x1024, 1623535509411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5045088

who cares about their backstories? All they're going to do is play video games and do zatsudans anyway.

>> No.5045108

>check out all these wacky roleplay scenarios we came up with that are forgotten within about 15 minutes after debut
maybe cover could put some of this time and effort into getting better rigging for their models

>> No.5045140


>> No.5045179


Amy schumer

>> No.5045191

>vshojo whore
pick one

>> No.5045231

Vei-sama... I apologize.... *kiss*

>> No.5045266

you forgot the fact that they have two (2) confirmed TROONS

>> No.5045281

>Tiananmen square

>> No.5045388

the whore chink slave would like you

>> No.5045671

they are boring except Pomu

>> No.5045984

>muh lore
They don't even care about lore, for the better or worse. But I guess they are more interesting. Are most Nijitubers really just a bunch of normal people?

>> No.5048196

>Kiara is going on 1 month vacation
Where was that announced I don't watch her.

>> No.5048228


>> No.5048256

She is so edgy, I love her.
Instant sub

>> No.5048264

The only thing wrong with her is her brain.

>> No.5048306

Nijisanji has unironic faggots in it so miss me with that shit. I'd rather watch vshojo than lgbtqabcd fags.

>> No.5048738

She has the best emotes.

>> No.5048764

Are you the chink anon that is hating on V-shojo threads while having Amy Schumer rent free in his head on each post?

>> No.5049014

Mayuzumi stays in character and even is expanding his lore. They have Vampires, all kind of Demons, Heroes, Witches, a sea slug... a dog, like not a girl with dogears but a shiba dog. A barkeeper who owns a bar in the "dream world". Subaru (holo) is a normal person but still very interesting so is Mashiro (niji) but yes a lot of nijis are going to school/university lorewise.

>> No.5053760

People memed Aloe as the ceo of sex because of her off color Twitter remarks, but that wasn't the entirety of her personality and she could go at least a single stream without devolving into a degenerate coombrain.

Then there's veibae, the unironic cynical predatory groomer who's entire shtick is being a literal succubus and feeding off the lust and money of her majority male viewers. I shitposted about watching her before ever doing so, and realized within 2 minutes that her entire streaming persona is single-mindedly devoted to lurid seduction and profit...on an all ages platform that's supposed to be about chatting and video games.

I wouldn't say anything if she was on chaturbate or onlyfans where people know exactly what they're getting themselves into. However, fact that she's streaming on twitch is horrifying. These types of anime characters were only attractive and endearing when they weren't real. When you're dealing with a real live interactive virtual succubus who plays the part uncomfortably well...there's some serious unfortunate implications at play regarding content moderation and segregation on twitch. To be clear, veibae's a modern day adults only phone except twitch is promoting her to children and everyone gets to join the call.

Normally I wouldn't care about the chillunz because most people use them as an excuse for blind puritanism. But criticizing Vshoujo relative to the rest of the vtubing community is like criticizing people at a pride parade who go dressed in thongs and display their kinks in full view of the public. There's a line and they've crossed it, at least by not just joining melody on chaturbate. Or even streaming in youtube, where the 18+ controls make it impossible for people without approved 18+ accounts to stumble upon that kind of content. Letting this happen on twitch...it's just hot tub streams all over again. Except in the case of vahiujo tge softcore stead is audio instead of visual.

This shit is a happening waiting to happen that only gets a pass because people son't realize the lengths some vtubers are going to seduce and corrupt their audience. I wouldn't want to be around or supporting it if a parent ever caught their child watching Vshoujo, because that's gonna be a bad look for all involved. Last thing I'd want is to be accused of being part of a grooming gang of men that tries to drag young men into financial and psychological exploitation by an unabashed seductress.

>> No.5053902

>Except in the case of vahiujo tge softcore stead is audio instead of visual.
the softcore porn

Fuck autocorrect.

>> No.5054255

No thanks, I prefer watching something actually interesting, not another thot going
Anyone who likes Vshojo is less than a cockroach.

>> No.5054515

Pomu is cute.

>> No.5055617

If she called them men with voice changers then she wouldn't be any better than what normies who don't watch vtubers. How can she believe all those things.

>> No.5056039

Sorry i am ESL does off color remarks mean fucking with random strangers for money?

>> No.5056229


>> No.5056541

muhmuhmuh clipfaqs. Everyone in hololive watches clips because they can't be bothered to watch a 7 hour stream. There a clips about it.

>> No.5057082

This is what happens when you get your info from 4chan and Twitter without really caring if it's true or not

>> No.5057930

Calm down you autistic fucks

>> No.5057994

I'm still waiting for your explanation Veikeks.

>> No.5058022

Aren't they collabing with trannies and saying political shit on twitter already?

>> No.5058368

Keep seething vfags, the bitch will forever be blacklisted by Cover

>> No.5059173


>> No.5059568

I'm sorry that nobody shares your interest in your western SEX vtuber

>> No.5059695

How is the fish having a panic attack when she was supposed to debut a fault of management?

>> No.5059972

Nobody cares about cover, zhang. It's inferior.

>> No.5060008

Don't you schizos have anything better to do?

>> No.5067025

OP is probably just Vei egoposting.

>> No.5068630

I fucking love Veibae.

>> No.5069599

Is just one week anon

>> No.5069624

But my manon, I was already a demon worshipper.

*Licks the tatoo anyway* Arigatou Vei-sama.

>> No.5069867

Hello, based department? Yes, I would like to report in...

>> No.5069933

>You get graduation into homelessness

Actually, I won't blame vei on that one. That actually goes to millennials and zoomers who put streaming as a life long lasting career on society and think it should be treated as the same level of high profile jobs.

>> No.5070144

>Zhang fears the Vshojo

That explains the random hate coming out of nowhere about that company after Coco's announcement of leaving.

>> No.5070960

>Where is the chink anon that is hating on V-shojo threads while having Amy Schumer rent free in his head on each post?
Reading this sentence increased my frenzy meter.

>> No.5071254
File: 382 KB, 558x705, Watamelon as the game sphere.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ITT Vwhorejos shills pretend they are smart and that their oshi didn't fall for the shittiest of rrats in recent memory.

>> No.5071344

lol i just saw them in the froot anti thread >>5034944

>> No.5071472
File: 480 KB, 500x686, 1623215935968.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No drama


>> No.5073153

I actually want and don't want Vshojo to go throught the same hell Holo went cause of china, see how their managers act and be like: ''yep, vshojo is clearly way better'' or ''Faggots just bent the knee''. I'll stop supporting holo when they return to china, that way I know they wanted coco out for real. The creative differences they talk about... let's be real, no company wants their talent to go so over the edge like coco did with some stuff, remember the Vshojo girls had to stop posting porn of their models in their twitters cause of that and we don't know what other restirctions they will put on them because of wanting more advertisers.

>> No.5073319

kek the star eyes and the vacant retard expression as she watches it
veibae is unironically based
but she is also a disgusting cunt who makes me seethe from rage in 1 in 10 times I see a clip of her
A true bitch, and a stupid cunt if I ever saw one
but I think she is a great fun person honestly
But great work ethic

>> No.5073387

They're not forbidden from retweeting porn it was advice given to them to help attract sponsors. Mel still does porn and even got a DL-Site sponsorship this week while Zen and Silver made alt accounts and they just retweet their porn there.

>> No.5077343

Vei is actually a gigastacy, cucks hate her cuz she speaks facts

>> No.5077498

I only sport the og vtuber, the giga stacy that started the ebola chan memes

>> No.5077538

Because nobody in vshojo knows how to be funny or entertaining. Once they figure that out I'll give them another shot. Enjoy your daily Amy Schumer Netflix special streams.

>> No.5077605


She probably does and laughs at how much she lives rent free in vt.
In fact i reckon, she got even more popular thanks to her anti’s. Bad rep is still fucking rep

>> No.5077638


>> No.5077718

>chink slave

>Has a history of insulting china

>> No.5077771

Kill yourself moralfag.
Laws are spooks. Morality is a spook. Children can’t be corrupted because corruption doesnt exist, its a made up concept

>> No.5077787

>esl english
Ok zhang

>> No.5078012

No they don't retard. Nijisanji only sponsored by Sony Music. Not owned by Sony

>> No.5080031

>Too nervous to answer the door to a delivery guy

>> No.5083223

Holy shit, blessed post

>> No.5083500

She’s just lazy. You can tell she’s the kind of girl who fucks random men from tinder on a weekly basis.

>> No.5088842

I was enamored by her until I discovered her voice was fake. Well that and apparently streaming yourself browsing youtube is considered content somehow.

>> No.5089182


>> No.5089249 [DELETED] 

So she's a chink lover? She's probably happy coco is fired.

>> No.5089963

she's a literal incel

>> No.5093918

Give an example.

>> No.5096726

Why the hell does she fake the voice if it sounds so shit?
The whiny tone she always has is god awful

>> No.5096922

For there to be drama, there has to be people who care to create drama

>> No.5104791

English speaking VTubers from English speaking countries don't really have to worry about China, which is the target market for much of Japan's media.

>> No.5104959

> that and apparently streaming yourself browsing youtube is considered content somehow

It's the most popular form of content on Twitch aside from esports.

>> No.5106216

Coco presents herself as a dragon the literal symbol for Chinese royalty while telling her one million subscribers that Taiwan is a real political nation because google the richest company in the world mandated it


A 1k averaging vtuber who presents herself as a maid servant and a science fiction free use onaHole watching a 2 minute child's video on YouTube while stating that she isn't allowed to have political opinions while shutting the childrens video off because it had political jokes.

>> No.5106284

Why would I trust someone who got fired almost immediately? Everyone who gets fired shit talks their company. Judging by her YouTube channel I doubt she would have achieved much even if she hadn't left.

>> No.5106369 [DELETED] 

>be me
>derpin on Youtube to watch le Veibae
>suddenly, wild donation appears!
>Vei derails her whole stream to start gushing about how grateful she is for donations
>le monkey face

>> No.5108599

>dragon the literal symbol for Chinese royalty
retard doesn't do history reps.
reach dynasty had their own animal representation, just like different zodiacs,
some had the tiger some had the swan, the dragon was only the symbol for 2 dynasties.

>> No.5108650

try harder zhangs

>> No.5111180

Don't forget we also have other dramas in Nijisanji. For example, this Ars vs pigeons, https://youtu.be/DQYeqS09bCw?t=3988, where Ars ended her stream abruptly and got angry at her viewers.

Then we also have other dramas within Nijisanji where fans harass the talent of who they can and they can't collaborate with because of shipping, much like Hololive's attitude with men talking with Hololive.

And then we also have the Rion/Hina drama where they all of a sudden stopped talking, and Hina changed her backstory.

And then we also have Nijisanji members with dedicated anti. Chihiro, Kanae.

Anyone who thinks Nijisanji do not have drama are not Nijisanji fans, or are EOP, they have only seen the surface of the water.

>> No.5115551
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I kneel.

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>> No.5117300

Nijisanji certainly have drama, sure. But none of them came from the management themselves. Just from fans and antis or from their own talents. Unlike certain black company like Cover.

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>posts westshit
>uses the word "holobronies"
Need a reminder who the actual "bronies" are?

>> No.5117338

>in the West you're allowed to say things that'd be taboo in China
No fucking shit. Try getting her to say the N word, shill for lolicon or criticize BLM.

>> No.5117919

Holobros... we keep getting L's after L's....

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