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Now that the dust has settled, what did Sora mean by this?

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she wants people to see her more erotically

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didn't she say on stream she just sung her lines and did the moaning strictly from a business perspective and didn't even realize how spicy the lyrics were until her chat pointed it out? then for the Idol Showdown game, she once again started moaning for the sake of her character receiving damage and I don't think she even thought anything of it.

Conclusion: if Yagoo told her to bend down and receive his dick, she'd do it strictly because it's an order and she wouldn't feel anything from it, and that makes me hard as diamond

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what about the people that already view her erotically?

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can someone shop mori out of this picture ty

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They’re already on the right track.

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She said her next outift is going to be a departure from her norm. I'm hoping for something lewd.

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do it again but with feelings this time

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>Now that the dust has settled
kys, I didn't even read the rest of your post or look at your image

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doesn't her normal outfit show quit a bit of tummy? (which is quite common with the talents i notice)

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She's already a hag. She needs to get laid badly is what she means.

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Yes the default is quite fetishful.
But her casual is schoolmarm-tier with that long skirt.
It'll probably just be an ankimo or sorasaurus suit thought.

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sora fucks her bear at night she equiped it with a bad dragon dildo

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the mustache will certainly be new

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Do it yourself faggot. It's a simple background so won't be hard.

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Sora sex

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Fun fact, it was Suisei who invited other members after Sora told her that it would be nice if they did a collab on this song.