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HoloID is now fully part of the family. I assume this is how they're sneaking in StarsID.

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JP Stars flopped, Tempiss is on life support but the ID branch of homos will save them all!

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ID5 will debut before EN gets a 3rd female wave.

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>PERMANENT audition page
pack your bags, it's DOA already
we know how the permamnent audition page for EN turned out, barely any promotion by the management for over 20 MONTHS, now they're doing it for ID too?

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ID4 (male)
ID5 (male)

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I made promise with Allah.
If they make starsid.
I will track them down and kill all of them when they stream.
Allahu Akbar!

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idbros love males so I can see that happening

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just cursed like sailor and they be the brotuber they looking.

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well niji id males are retiring right? i'd be happy if taka got in i like him :)

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Kek ID4 here we come. ENsharts stay losing

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nijiID disprove that.

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that's the problem

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And tempus proving it how?

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IDchads whats your status? Ready to fuck kaela brains out?

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80% of tempus viewers are indos and they are doing much better than jpstars and some nijiEN

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I mean didnt yall the one always talk about number and money.
even it SEAmonkey money its still money.

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Indonesian have cuck fetish
StarID will be massive

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Are you one of the 5 SEAmonkey posters who shill whorolive while shitting on other agencies?

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StarsID will play mobile legends letsgo

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Go back to whatever shitty discord you came from
Br^onna T^ylor deserved it btw

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better than gacha chink shits

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If you want to watch SEA manlets, go watch NijiEN.
Nobody will watch starsID because it's confirmed that they're SEA. At least NijiEN has the ambiguity and doesn't make it obvious majority of them are SEA. Women don't want that and men won't watch SEA males.

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Yep. HomoID is comming.
It's the same tactic they used for HomoEN

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They should spin off all the males to a different company and completely separate the brands.

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if you ever let starsID come into fruition you can be assured that your oshi's gonna end up getting harassed, doxxed, blackmailed, stalked, groomed, assaulted, traumatized, raped, killed in that order sooner or later
unless they're being very strict and decide to solely hire verifiable faggots only
well the males would still end up with the same fate but i dont care about them

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Godspeed, Akbro.

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EN3 will debut at connect. It's fucking obvious and I'm shocked people are retarded enough to think otherwise. Kiara even hinted at a new gen soon

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>>49460908 (me)
be announced* not debut, obviously

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So we beating HomoJP record for branch with longest time between gens...

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Oh yeah it was a stupid long wait, not gonna argue there

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I'm no longer surprised at this point.

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you mean autistic kid?

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ID is the real EN branch

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So you be saying I can pass the audition just by mentioning my height?

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The same was said for the overhype of holoween

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they do this yo keep talent coming , i mean even if they chosen by management they would debut on spesific date, maybe one of the reason they took so long to debut
>to find the right one

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They do this to hide the fact that they will only be hiring males now. Just like they did for EN

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reine gonna offcollab with dudes lol

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>they'll announce EN3 right after the Link Your Wish HoloFes to ride the 3D debut hype
>they'll announce EN3 right after ID3
>they'll announce EN3 right after Uproar, it's too crowded right now
>they'll announce EN3 on Golden Week, THE EN3 IS REAL
>they'll announce EN3 on June/July
>they'll announce EN3 right after Tempu-bahahahahha
>they'll announce EN3 right after summer, just you see
>they'll announce EN3 right after Council anniversary
>they'll announce EN3 right after Myth anniversary
>they'll announce EN3 on October, look at all those free days, they can even be horror themed
>they'll announce EN3 on November before the holiday season
>they'll announce EN3 right before HoloX's anniversary, trust the plan...
>they'll announce EN3 just before New Years, trust the PLAN
>they'll announce EN3 right after the new Tempiss gen no one asked for, TRUST YAGOO
>they'll announce EN3 before Our Bright Parade HoloFes, just think about the potential watchalong kino
>they'll announce EN3 right after HoloFes and both ID3 and Uproar anniversaries, y-you can't have a gen announcement on a Fes
>they'll announce EN3 this first week of April, the timing can't be more perfect
>they'll announce EN3 on either Golden Week, again, or the first week of May, again, YOU GOTTA BELIEVE, THE EN3 IS STILL REAL
>they'll announce EN3 right before the HoloEN concert for yet again another unfulfilled kino watchalong
>they'll announce EN3 on the HoloEN concert in LA, get hyped fellow EOPs
>they'll announce EN3 right after the Tempus anniversa-ahahahaha
>they'll announce EN3 after Council anniversary (2 YEARS WITHOUT A NEW GEN BTW)
>they'll announce EN3 after Myth anniversary
>they'll announce EN3 on October, look at all those empty weeks again, you gotta believe me this time
>they'll announce EN3 on November before the holiday season
>they'll announce EN3 on the actual fucking holiday season, just in time before ShilloX's 2nd Anniv
>they'll announce EN3 right after Tempiss 2 celebrates their anniversary that should have been EN3's in the first place
>they'll announce EN3 right before 2024 HoloFes so they can watch JP7 and maybe even ID4 show off their 3Ds, boy I sure wish they could have joined them, if only...
>they'll announce EN3 right before politicians and think tanks use chuubas as a scapegoat for the upcoming US elections
>they'll announce EN3 when...
>they'll announce EN3...

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Ollie would rape all StarsID so we can't let that happen for their own safety.

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Stop talking to yourself. My checkpoints are Q4 of last year or this year. That's it.

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They feel the EN market is saturated while ID has still room for more growth. What they don't realize is the EN girls are just lazy.

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so gang member is autistic?

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>ID has still room for more growth.
And Cover decided to kill it with this Homo audition announcement

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I want to believe it but after the absolute shithouse cover and en management has been running since tempus came out I genuinely can't believe it'll happen.
Or worse it'll be a monkey's paw version where they all model themselves after the utterly horrid nijien style so you can't get away from the males even if you ignore collabs.

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boy if you thought the EN homos were bad wait for the ID
JP strongly avoid girls
EN marginally avoid girls
ID will spam girl collabs as much as they can, they'll be borderline sexpests
also can we get a big lmao for the fact that HoloEN was so utterly abandoned they are 2 years and still no gen 3, stuck at 10 members for so long, still in such a shit state there are barely streams up and collabs, the branch has lost all its hype and they basically run on fumes?
>>>they'll announce EN3 on the HoloEN concert in LA, get hyped fellow EOPs

This is really their last big chance, if they don't do it then it might be delayed until late year, if it happens at all in 2023

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Hololive Productions branding would indicate auditions for StarsID.