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>mogs your oshi
>mocks your favorite company
>laughs at your dick
>sends you into a seething frenzy
>becomes BFF with nyanners
>posts porn of herself on 4chan
>talks about gross disgusting shit on stream
>doesn't apologize
>doesn't give a shit
The epitome of based

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yes, based Zhang cocksucker. Get ready to clean her cooch every night after the Zhangs finish gangbanging her

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shift clicking on this thread when I get back to the catalog

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as opposed to the entire Holo brand that gets fucked for months by zhangs now

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All true but this is still a thread made by a false-flag anti trying to dog whistle other antis to shit on my based succubus.
t. Veichad

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>as opposed to the entire Holo brand that gets fucked for months by zhangs now

Anon none of the hologirls bent the knee even based Reddit dragon left because cover is starting to bend the knee where this one here openly panders to the Zhang in Twitch & Twitter.

Did you by any chance lose your ears & eyes Anon?

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>left because cover is starting to bend the knee
>starting to
Because they didnt immediatly apologize and support the one china policy when the taiwan stuff happened. Did you by any chance lose your memories Anon?

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>>mocks your favorite company
She mocked Kisaragi?!? Fucking bitch

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I fucking hate her, she is even right about cover. I still hate her but in the way I greatly respect and admire her.
the power that women can get using their gender is crazy - this is why most foolishly think they are special, but only perhaps 1 in a million utilises this power the "right" way, and one of them is veibae.
she knew how disgusting and how much people including me will seethe when she talked about period diarrhoea. but she knew shes invincible so thats why she said it.
fuck you veibae, but I respect you pal.
all I can do is kneel and hope you dont corrupt my oshi. please dont do it. I can do nothing but beg.

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since when does she pander to zhangs u schizo

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false flagger

>> No.4943928

Is is so hard to not care?

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>hope you dont corrupt my oshi
She will. Oh how she will.

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Kek keep projecting holochink, don't you have to write an ode to the one china policy to save your oshi from graduation?

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So are we now pretending the cover message wasn't made for a rogue chink much like a lot of what happened in their chinese channels or are these rrats from newfags?
Surely they realize there were plenty of reasons why nobody has used the message of back then in their rrats and shitposts for 9 months despite it being common knowledge

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She also spends the money you give her on getting guys on chaterbate to jerk off so she and Nyanners can watch.

>> No.4944503

Will she ever pay the rent?

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>Posted porn of herself on 4chan
I'mma need source on that, chief

>> No.4944538

better than spending your money to pay a company that punishes her for saying taiwan

>> No.4944559

Sounds based

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Her voice is absolutely mesmerizing. Never have I though someone talking about menstruating fist-sized chuncks of flesh could sound so pleasant.

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Did you miss the
>laughs at your dick

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How can she talk about all that disgusting shit explicitly whilst having posted pics of her roommate? I wanna believe she’s unfathomably based but my conscience holds me back.

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All the things you just counted implies she's a pretty fucking horrible person that people never even like to talk to. But i guess cucks like to be humiliated

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She commissions r34 of herself / her friends all the time and had a spell when she'd often post it on the lewdtuber general before discord / twitter

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The guy got paid for the privilege of having the girls stare at his dick with great interest while he masturbates, she can laugh all she wants but that sounds like a win for him.

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Holy fuck you are pathetic...how did you end up like this?? lol

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kek she really doesn't give a fuck
imagine if this happened on a holo or niji channel

>> No.4945351

Did she triple down on the hololive shitting after the Coco announcement or did vshitshow tell her not to as it probably would have fucked their company for further collabs down the line?

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such based chink friends

>> No.4945382

fuck her and her fake voice

>> No.4945430

Holy based. She take jabs at hololive casually like there’s no tomorrow.

>> No.4945537

I dont watch her, the most I've seen were a few clips. Can someone tell me why she's a zhang cocksucker?

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She dabbed on holobronies which automatically means you're a Zhang

>> No.4945609

This entire narrative started after coco's graduation by a dedicated schizo basing his entire delusion on this one 10 month old tweet

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She just likes sucking cocks, doesn't matter whose.

>> No.4945640

Unfortunately, one of the shitty things about being relevant is that you can't just do anything you want because a bunch of people will want to see you fail.

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Reeeeeee v-shojo whores are taking over /vt/(sniffy still counts idc what they say) Rèèeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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>uhuhuhu I'm allowed to boast my political views, unlike some vtubers
>she says while backing the fuck out of the video as soon as it gets political
What did she mean by this?

>> No.4945799

I dont know why I expected there to be an actual legitimate reason when I asked, thanks for spoonfeeding me though.

>> No.4945811

she`s a literal edgelord

>> No.4945848

She's allowed to, doesn't mean she will.

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>replies to himself

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>laughs as the soldiers march on tiananmen square
get fucked holochang

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The only thing that is redeemable about hololive was because of their spamming autistic fans on /jp/ to create /vt/ and that's about it.

>> No.4945934

This is actually true by the way.

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>> No.4946020

wtf delete this right now

>> No.4946046

shes ok but her nu debut fans are the most insufferable people making me not want to associate with her
>hay guys she did this thing lmao BTFO am i right! shes not like the other vtubers haha, did she make you angry because shes not the same haha I bet you're seething right now
>wow she did a vuagely womenly thing on stream holy shit my dick I just want to fuck her shes so sexy
Theyve reduced her entire personality to lol sex and shes not like the other girls

>> No.4946087

Gross e-whore, you should be ashamed.

>> No.4946113

It's called samefag tourist

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Guess I am going to create a CB account to make sure the V-shojo cast watch me jerk off fantasizing how they watched me, anyone got big dick pills that work above average(not hololive chink size)? I guess Mel is to blame for introducing them there?

>> No.4946209

Kek, how have the zhangs not targeted her yet for that?

>> No.4946235

The epitome of subhuman retard you meant anon

Being subhuman doesnt equal based, quite the opposite in fact

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after the SJW-tier crusade holofags went on when she was announced to collab with kiara (and which persists to this day with schizoids still trying to cancel her over absolute nothingburgers like >>4945369 ), I'll gladly post smug veis at them anytime they get BTFO

>> No.4946247


Wasn't that essentially her to begin with?

>> No.4946318

die norm, subhumans are the only based people

>> No.4946335

lurk moar

>> No.4946351

Can I jerk off on CB with nyanners and Veis real life pics and are they above 18 on those so I dont get in trouble?

>> No.4946421

soulless americans are just as bad as the chinese

>> No.4946430

how do I lurk inside your imagination, rrat?

>> No.4946450

In other words watch nijisanji?

>> No.4946459

She’s Polish-British

>> No.4946465

Subhumans are the only subhuman people you actual faggot

The fact that both dont care about different stuff doesnt mean theyre both equal, youre a subhuman 80iq thats why you like veibae

>> No.4946515

do you really care that much how other people spend their money?

>> No.4946527

>You can show Nyanners your dick
>You might even get a tip for it

>> No.4946531

Based stinky succubus

>> No.4946728

You don’t even watch VShojo

>> No.4947437

Can she write off r34 commissions as business expenses?

>> No.4947675

I don't mind if vshoujo collabs with my oshi because that means she's still around, coco mind broke me I haven't said a single negative thing about any vtuber since, because one day you might wake up to find out shes gone

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>> No.4949504

>a /vt/ fag of all people comes with a "holier than thou" attitude towards a vtuber

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This bitch is so fucking hot but I hate her so much

>> No.4950064

Based tribalfaggot. How did you know that >we were behind it?

>> No.4950287

>its another veikeks cope thread
Still butthurt about the canceled collab I see

>> No.4950301

Her voice is so annoying.

>> No.4950869

>commits the greatest sin of being boring
doesn't matter how based you are if you're boring

>> No.4951286

>can't identify a bait thread made by antis and instead falls for it full force

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>click on vei thread
>favorite it
>check back later for hilarious cope replies
>comedy gold

>> No.4951743

I learned a lot about female anatomy with Vei.

>> No.4951790

>vei exists in her current state for months
>nobody gives a shit
>kiara says she wants to collab with vei but isn't allowed to
>a few rrats start to surface
>kiara confirms the collab
>suddenly vei receives harassment on every platform, forgotten clips of her from last year get posted daily on /vt/and are spread so far that even plebbit and youtube comments talk about them, holofags demand excuses for the clip where she criticizes cover, openly discuss how to gatekeep her on this very board, start the zhang narrative after she's proven right and coco gets chink'd out of hololive
Idk just a hunch

>> No.4951859

based gatekeepers lol

>> No.4952068

Yet you "based" gatekeepers still lost to zhangs. Enjoy you oshi's inevitable graduation.

>> No.4952072

Is not as if VShitters aren't shilling hard their shit company lately after Coco's announcement right?

>> No.4952156

Vei is based af.

>> No.4952171

Literally who?

>> No.4952194

the irony being that gatekeepers act just like the bugmen they despise

>> No.4952221

Holy shit when will you veikeks stop coping and realise that the shit that Vei got was never about her comments about Cover, and instead it was because she's a e-thot trying to leech on the success of Hololive? Her comments were only used as a excuse to get her collab canceled.
Everybody that lurks here knows that the people here never liked Cover

>> No.4952316

I think the most impressive thing about her is that she manages to speak with an insufferable valley girl accent despite being br*tish

>> No.4952391

She's basically female XQC

>> No.4952432

Is it leeching when Vei wants to collab with a holo that gets less viewers than her? Vei has surpassed Kiara in live viewers a while ago.

>> No.4952605

holy shit you're a double retard. falling for bait vei threads and bait vshojo threads.

>> No.4952644

Anon... Nobody is shilling, people are using Coco's graduation as an excuse to shitpost and you're falling for the bait.

>> No.4952842

Veibae is the personification of Aloe's old degenerate coomer shitposting which got her axed from hololive. She's the anti-aloe. Her entire shtick is being awful.

On one hand she's powerful enough to unite antis across the world against everything she represents. On the other, I'd love to see her ruin hololive just to spite Cover in an "actions have consequences" sort of way for their firing of the good debil.

If Cover wants to chase soulless corporate garbage like idol culture and kill everything good about hololive, the I see no reason not to UNLEASH THE RHUBARB.

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>watch the highlight video
>"guys period blood."
>"guys cum"
>"guys penises"

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People were trying to salvage hololive. The cocockalypse made everyone realize that Cover's a lost cause. Nobody cares about Vshoujo collabs anymore. In fact, let the trash mingle with Trash.

I've already found my coping waifu. She's not the same as she was before, but she herself didn't become any less based even after having her soul ripped out and replaced. Everyone shits on cTubers, but I'm starting to warm up to the idea of never losing anything anymore. From my perspective, Cover is evil.


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Her hands holding the controller are integrated into her live2d avatar. Doing such interaction takes literally 5 minutes of work or less.
Why can't a multi-million company, such as Hololive do that? Why are they so awful when it comes anything technical?

>> No.4953325

dumb stacy wearing an anime avatar

>> No.4953493

>anon clipped my timestamp shitpost
Uh based?

>> No.4953541

Why are people calling her based when she clicked out of it?

>> No.4953573

You missed the obvious Hololive bashing afterwards

>> No.4953635

She still clicked out of it like a pussy. If she had said that while the video was still playing, she would have been based.

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Vei is the girl Mori wishes she was. A song like "Off With Their Heads" suits her far more than Mori.

>> No.4953678

Her watching more than 3 seconds of that video is enough to make china seethe. You can also hear that she doesn't feel bad about showing it on stream at all.

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