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Did you cry for me, /vt/?

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Yes, but only because I thought she wasn't coming back.

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So Pikamee was a lying whore who rode the controversy bus, troons were right, Kson is at fault for this all, Hololive ruins Vtubing again.

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I didn't cry, but I ranted for maybe 10 minutes on my own stweam

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No. I figured this would happen after she became friends with kson.

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Yes, but only when you came back

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I'm not sad just disappointed

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No because it was obvious to anyone with a working brain that she was jumping ship to Vshojo to be with her best friend Kson

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>rode the controversy bus
>went on hiatus without saying anything about it

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No. I don't even know who you were

>best friend Kson
Kson has no friends. She just has people to exploit

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she's cute and pretty much universally liked but I didn't watch one of her streams so nah lol I couldn't even if I tried to

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no, you could tell she was coming back somewhere by how nonchalant she was about the whole graduation process

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all according to keikaku

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And let the incels and dramamongers on twitter harass innocent people, nah fuck you man, she endorsed that shit with her silence. She could have cleared the record saying she was planning to graduate all along but instead had to leave that to Pomu who had people attack her too. This bitch is a fucking snake, so in a way she deserves her snake friends at vwhorejo

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overdesigned vshowhore model. Her old avatar is iconic and is sovl

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I'll never forgive Kson

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i don't cry for vtubers, but if i did, it would be over seeing someone's corpse paraded around disrespectfully

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She never did any of those things. You just projected your hatred of trannies unto her.

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It's not like she was dying

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>had to leave that to Pomu who had people attack her too
Not only that but Pomu denied knowing what she was going to do. She either was uninformed or had to lie for her. They've known each other for the better part of three years. Pomu organized a collab with the other members of her indie group all for her. And for what?

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I don't cry for pitypaiting whores.

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Seems like the only thing this prove is that anyone associated with kson is a snake deep down in their heart. They'll betray expectations and take the easy way out when its convenient.

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>Kson has no friends.
ask your oshi, she doesn't care about your gay tribal feelings

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Pomu is a horrible person regardless.

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Didn't cry for you Pikahenya~~~
The truth is I never love you

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What, did you expect Pomu to just say "Pikamee is graduating because she's moving to Vshojo"? She had to keep up some pretense.
Cry more dramafaggot, she is vindicated

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Yeah. Strangely, it hurts now even more because of that so I don't think I'll watch her again.

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her rigger is good but he loves to fuck up designs by adding a snout nose and slut eyes.

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I wanted them to not make a big deal out of something that mattered so little in the end.

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>make some big deal about leaving, crying and shit and making people legit cry over you like they sensitive pussies they are
>not even one month passes and you redebut
I don't understand how anyone who actually cared enough wouldn't be angry over this. To me it's the equivalent of an online friend pretending to commit suicide only to resurface after a while saying how they were in the hospital this whole time but the truth is they just wanted to not interact with anyone for a while so they try the worst way possible to make everyone leave them alone.

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No because I knew this was going to happen.

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>She endorsed it with her silence
This is really fucking stupid logic like holy shit.
Just because you are out there entertaining people doesn't mean you're responsible for baby sitting them on social media.

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What I don't understand is why she settled to VShojo and didn't go for hololive?

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I had a friend that did this once and I never spoke to them again.

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Good, lmao.

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I know the whole vtubing business is about emotionally manipulating lonely people into giving you money through a parasocial relationship but stuff like this still erks me. Acting like you’re leaving the business to squeeze every last penny you can out of their fans and then just turning around and starting again under a new name is so scummy. You could hint that it won’t be the end and they’ll see you again in some way but they you don’t get as much money from those idiots you tricked into grieving. Maybe I’m just looking at it wrong. Maybe it wasn’t about the money and it’s all about starting over with her own IP that she can take whichever way she wants, but I can’t ignore the way she went about it and took advantage of the situation for extra profit at the expense of fans.

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man, I wish I had a friend like kson that would get me jobs and maybe eat me out sometimes.

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>silence is endorsement
>speaking up have consequences

Great logic out there anon. Who said that everyone who bullied her is complicit again?

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>I know the whole vtubing business is about emotionally manipulating lonely people into giving you money through a parasocial relationship but stuff like this still erks me. Acting like you’re leaving the business to squeeze every last penny you can out of their fans and then just turning around and starting again under a new name is so scummy. You could hint that it won’t be the end and they’ll see you again in some way but they you don’t get as much money from those idiots you tricked into grieving. Maybe I’m just looking at it wrong. Maybe it wasn’t about the money and it’s all about starting over with her own IP that she can take whichever way she wants, but I can’t ignore the way she went about it and took advantage of the situation for extra profit at the expense of fans.

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1. She's friends with kson
2. If you collab with a holomem while outside of the company they won't hire you

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She did hint that she might be back though. She have said it but noooooo, its the fault of the troons and she will never be back.

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how the fuck does hololive come into play here

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Is Hololive even launching anything?

Also for Hololive, unless new debuts are coming soon, they are telling their hires to just keep working up until the debut date. They can even do the graduation just after their debut is over. This is to keep it vague that they will become Hololive.

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>Backstabs her friends and emotionally manipulates her fans to join Vshitshow
Hate level rising

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She did say at the end of her stream "mattane" in Japanese which means more like a "See ya later" kind of goodbye but that's it. The whole stream was spent acting like that was the end for good in order to really milk those red, $100+ "final" superchats from people.

I'm glad I only ever watch random indies when I feel like it or if I need some sound in the background while working on shit because getting this fucking attached to someone who doesn't even know you exist on the other side of the screen sounds like such a pathetic state to let yourself end up in, I don't know how others don't realize it'd be for the best to just not do that.

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Oh I didn’t see that. Where did she say it?

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Pika had the most obvious, least emotional graduation of all time. The only people the didn't pick up her repeatedly, blatantly, hinting that she'd be back soon are the ones that didn't watch her. Which is the running theme really, it's extremely obvious that none of these retards wailing about Pika know anything about her, they can't even convincingly pretend to be fans.

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>Vshojo are sojack poster.

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Fuck you Pikamee

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No. Bought some pikamee goods to flip, was more disappointed when the smooth voiced magnet girl left.

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Retard #1
Retard #2

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>Pika had the most obvious, least emotional graduation of all time.
Yeah because dedicating two weeks of streams to it screams unemotional. She could've just stopped streaming whenever she wanted and graduate without a real announcement but instead she chose to make a huge show out of it.

She wanted clout. Plain and simple. And money from the people who wouldn't follow her into her new persona.

It's not like this is the first time she's done something completely out of touch.

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literally what does hololive have to do with this situation in any way

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>If you collab with a holomem while outside of the company they won't hire you
Since when?

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Remember when Kson already had to make her stupid "she said see you again" tweet immediately after her graduation stream? Fucking annoying bitch. Well, I won't watch her on Twitch anyway.

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Ok in all honesty, the pikafags went full retard on this. the "trans brigade" was not that big and then they overreacted.

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It was pretty funny

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it wasn't pikafags, /pol/ /qa/ and kiwifags just jumped at the opportunity to obsess about trannies

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So hololive don't like trannie that bullies other, i love hololive now.

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I thought she was gone for good and now I feel like an idiot.

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This entire thing has made me respect Sana so much more for just leaving.

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She manipulated you, simple as.

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At it again.

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knew this retard was gonna listen to Kson yet again

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I'm not gonna get sad or angry at graduations again if they're going to fuck everyone over and join vshojo.

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I don't cry for women on the internet regardless of who they are

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I refused to watch her graduation because I only wanted to keep my happy memories with her, and before I even had time to reconsider all her content was just gone.
And now she's just back.
I'm happy she's still around but this bothers my autism AND I hate Vshojo so I'm not going to watch her.

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She might've hinted at her redebut if only she wasn't targetted by Twitter freaks at the time.
Just my guess tho.

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no. i could see this coming from a mile off.

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Sorry i don't watch people outside hololive.

Have you seen Veibae and NYANNERS?

no thanks.

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Given her skills, I thought she would never join Hololive.
And I was already prepared for this nightmare.

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Imagine sheding a tear for a streamer with an anime avatar lmao.

>> No.49396437

>with an anime avatar lmao.
implying crying for fleshtubers is more logical?

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She had a lot of subscribers, established and made herself known as Pikamee, if letting that go means caring about money and fame, then going to an expensive restaurant with tasteless food instead of high quality but cheap restaurant would be the same. Plus, coming back from that would also mean she has guts. To me, you look like one of those who actually wanted her to leave, now that you're trashing on her for coming back, scum.

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In a metaphorical sense yes, and now I feel retarded.

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pickamee pedo

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>hololive mention out of nowhere when it's completely unrelated to this situation
rent free

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>Did you cry for me, /vt/?
no, i just used you to further my political agenda

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I feel conflicted on this. On one side I'm glad she's not giving up on streaming. On the other side she really did milk her graduation hard with the drama surrounding it when by that time she most likely already got lured in by kson.
Also don't like twitch and her new model is quite soulless to be honest, so not gonna watch her often.

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no, because people dont actually die when they stop streaming as one character

and when they do graduate its usually because theyre gonna do something they want more, in this case stream in a different way

whats there to be sad about? its just like changing jobs or workplaces. but i guess if youre a NEET you wouldnt understand

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No, I hadn't watch a Pikamee stream for more than a year until her graduation stream
I mostly remember her for her kino 2020 streams like mario 64
I didn't give a shit about the HL drama, and care even less about model changes

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People want vtubing to be different to normal soulless jobs where you just jump ship every year or two without any care about anything but yourself

>> No.49398672

>independence is bad!
Typical slave asian mentality.

>> No.49398681

you can still be friends with some of your coworkers even after jumping ship to other jobs or quitting
>t. me

>> No.49398820

>vtubing should be about nothing but money
Typical consoomer yank mentality.
I'm also still friends with old coworkers and been involved in nepo hiring from both sides what's your point

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That's fucking embarrassing. Jesus christ. I never expected her of all people to do this.

I can't wait for her to go Kson and just start acting like a whore because I guess that's the only content women will produce without someone twisting their arm. So embarrassing. Jesus christ Pikamee.

>> No.49398878

Traitorous bitch

>> No.49398994

that people who look at vtubers as some sort of otherworldly thing where theyre not literal human beings are schizos

oh wow god forbid someone graduates and stops streaming and does something else that they wanna do

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It is infuriating. Everyone expects the whole "oh I'm your GF routine" and it's memed because we (most of us) know it's not real.

This was a manipulative sob story routine so she could squeeze out every last penny before joining a new organization. Vshojo really does just attract the worst fucking people. Almost every talent they had is a huge piece of shit and the fact that it's Pikamee, someone who seemed of excellent character, hurts even more. Can't fucking believe this. I am actually fuming.

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>Typical consoomer yank mentality.
JP fans are the consoomers. Even HoloJP is turning into the same brand-focused product-based shit as nijiJP these days.

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kson destroys Vtuber culture in literally every way possible.

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the only thing a troon is right about is that suicide is their only choice.

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go dilate and kys, you're out of options

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Your parents will bury you with your real name tranny

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Why didn't you stop her?

>> No.49399948

No, you joined your abuser. Stockholm much?

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No, she didn't endorse anything. She's an entertainer and a fucking foreign one at that. She's not obligated to know or understand the toxic political dynamics of english twitter. You have to understand how stupid all of this is. Woke dumbasses harassing her being followed by anti-woke dumbasses trying to hijack her as some emblem of some gay little anti-trans crusade is a very weird dynamic to an outsider.

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go back to twitter tranny and die

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I did pikamee, those who hurt you will never see the light of God again.

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As a public-facing entertainer you really are responsible for that, especially when there's a corpo behind you. These people don't have the freedom of dissociation

>> No.49400568

I cried like I cry at the ending of Gunbuster but it wasn't a happy ending

>> No.49400617

No you're not, and yes you do. You are not responsible for what your fans, or what people *claiming to be your fans*, do. Especially when it's weird petty shit like internet arguments happening in a community that doesn't even speak your first language.

>> No.49400659

After this, it proves she deserved the hate and she more than deserves all the hate to come.

>> No.49400671

Reminder that they will always betray you.

>> No.49401004

why hate. Just don't watch like all the other vshojo talents. I thought she was quitting because she was deperessed and didn't like vtubing anymore couldn't handle the pressure. seems retarded to leave a good model and presence she had built up for vshojo just because her friend who she could already collab with whenever she wanted is there. But hey if it makes her happy. I am just not watching

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Trannies are not human

>> No.49401836

This post was typed out by twitter freak fingers

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>troons were right
Woah now let's not say anything unreasonable here

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She is transphobic
She was so afraid she left her previous persona and went straight to the girlcock corp

>> No.49403310

god, vshojo models are so fucking ugly. Is this why ironmouse changes hers every other month?

>> No.49403626

"it was revealed to me in a dream."

>> No.49403658

Yes, cried for coco too

>> No.49403929

>inb4 "I love tenga, dayo" "Let me tell you about the time I took 3 dicks at once, dayo"
Why them?

>> No.49404100

look yourself in the mirror and convince yourself you aren't a repulsive subhuman
troons are all repulsive genetic rejects

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PSA, the troon which attacked pikamee looks like this
if you ever feel like you're ugly or fat, this piece of garbage exists

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1700s called, they want their haircut back

>> No.49404457

imagine being on HRT and still having severe male patterned baldness

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Is anyone actually mad about this? I feel like this is some kind of giant psyop to convince people that alot of people are mad when nobody actually cares.
I genuinely cant tell anymore what actually riles you retards up

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thanks anon, you've reminded me that no matter how shit i feel about myself, ill never look like that

>> No.49404821

no one is mad
they're just disappointed

>> No.49404889

look at the clown world
everyone is sick to their core with this woke shit
how many companies have ruined IPs that we've enjoyed by pandering to subhumans
>fat acceptance
>society being baseded up
>people getting uglier by the day
>twitter subhumans
tell me that all is right with the world

>> No.49405168

You are not human kys you hormone junkie woman hater. Infact stop being a coward and take real meth so you get back to doing whatever gringos in America do you dumb pillbilly freak.

>> No.49405249

lets be real, meth junkies are still fuckable
they on the other hand, are not

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Post glows so hard gotta wear shades

>> No.49406444

kson is a fcking cancer maaan. i hate her even more

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hey don't bring him into this!

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I don't care about any of the /pol/shit but I do think what she did is pretty fucking scummy. I'm gonna be internally associating her with the Kson cesspool for awhile

>> No.49409915

Why did Pikamee lie to us?

>> No.49410230

They're not vshojo's models, they're the talents models. This is what henya wanted to be. It isn't like holo or niji where they provide the model. As for mouse, she probably likes models like women likes shoes. Since mouse is supposed to be bedridden I imagine she can't line her closet with nice shoes so she gets models instead

>> No.49410632

I mean Pomu did mention that Pikamee was planning to end contract at some point

>> No.49410660

But when she got her new model at Vtoms everyone said it was shit

>> No.49410696

What was the reason for her graduation again? It couldn't be harassment since she's moving to the tranny capital, Twitch, and she's still on twitter. Was it because of money?

>> No.49410881

She's repenting for her sins

>> No.49410918

Yes, every model she had any input in was horrible. She just likes trash.

>> No.49410978

She's been on Twitch for about two years, moron.

>> No.49411285

Graduations only make me sad when the person graduating doesn't want to.
Pikamee clearly wanted to graduate even before the twitter freaks and the current context, so yeah.

>> No.49411390

VOMS is a small company and can't do the shit she really wants to do. Vshojo has money and can get her the shit she wants to do. thats pretty much it, anon.

>> No.49411907

I was sad, but now she's gone and made sure I won't feel bad for her.

>> No.49411989

Being "friends" with the greedy incompetent ex-dragon is no reason to commit professional suicide.

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>> No.49414250

Anon... that's just female nature. It's called monkey branching.