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Name a bigger fall from grace.

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The Mori of HoloJP with worse talent stack

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I can't stand her, but she seems to be doing fine?

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>Name a bigger fall from grace.
Ollie. I'll add Luxiem at the end of the year at their recline pace.

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rushia, kson, pikamee

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anything pink

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your mom giving birth to you

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Dishonorable mention to Guntson and the retard thr33 and the entirety of Niji En.

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no way, Laplus is actually funny in streams.

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The fall you took when your mother dropped you as an infant

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Rushia, since she actually was in a supreme position at one point. Lappy is more like the missed potential that never lived up to the hype.

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there's this company that used to be the biggest vtuber one in Japan.

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I have mixed feelings about Laplus. At least she understood how insignificant she is without Hololive and is trying to cater to Holofags. In her weird, warped way, but nonetheless - she's trying.

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KSON revealing her true self. And maaaybe nyanners.
Any adult person knew how dishonest and leechy Russia was and that Fauna was a basic bitch. BUT if Pika actually join Vshojo, handsdown her, no contest.

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>founding member of NijiEN
>reduced to a 3view

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Nijisanji EN in its entirety. What a clusterfuck.

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Being a basic person makes for basic streams. Even underage children that made her fanbase got bored. Its a shame because her first streams were much more fun

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come home

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Rushia, no context. She was THE top superchat earner across all of vtubing for multiple months. And she lost it from being a tech-illiterate.

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Wasn’t even because she was tech illiterate. I think she would have recovered if she didn’t go full blown menhera and break her contract

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I dont think there is any grace from manipulating lonely people into giving her money, when she is rich and her fans are well... Lonely japanese males who, considering situation in Japan, are likely unable to afford living

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female spotted

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I'm sure Cover regrets making her the the "leader" of her gen but at least Koyori took over that role with how hard working she is.

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> she understood how insignificant she is without Hololive and is trying to cater to Holofags
And she’s doing that by going on offpakos with male ecelebs, spreading the covid she got from said ecelebs to the rest of holomems, playing fps with males for over 5 hours a day but not being able to play one hour with holomems because “she has motion sickness” and resuming rm activities with her party whore friends? Weird way to cater to holo fans if you ask me.

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threadreader, too.

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Coco for me personally. I want to remember her fondly for who she was, but I can't help but feel disappointed everytime I see her doing something as Kson now.

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Why are you forcing this meme so hard?

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The audience should hold some accountability too. Your intensions of protecting everyone will lead to mass unnecessary censorship of literally anything remotely bad

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oh, /vt/‘s very own lapcuck. I see you’re a seething eop as always.

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>Why are you forcing this meme so hard?
Fauna fell extremely far considering how highly she used to be regarded. It wasn't a huge shock when Kronii shot herself in the foot because because she clearly has issues but Fauna was supposed to be better than that. The foot bullet came out of nowhere with her.

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Nice to see La+ still finds a way to make you mad even when she's sick.

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No one in Hololive can "fall from grace" because the brand still makes them money and guarantees them an audience no matter what retarded shit they say or do. That's why so many apply and are desperate to get in. It's guaranteed success and money no matter what.

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She still is highly regarded you brainrotted moron, the only people seething are a small minority of mentally ill retards who freaked out when they realized how pathetic they actually are.

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she was perfect...
i know i'm a pathetic thin-skinned schizo for even letting this impact my enjoyment but knowledge doesn't fix the hurt

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Right about what? I’m not that other dude no matter what the voices in your head are telling you. Instead of listening to them just go and learn japanese.

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Oh hey another thinly veiled numberfag thread

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Or guess what, she could just not be a slut. But man it's hard for them to do that.

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you don't speak Japanese.