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New bits of information dropped

So far:
???? ????? - Alien girl - Moon Jelly - this is obvious
But what about the rest:
??????? ?? - who
??? ????? - who
Any ideas?

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Can't wait for them to get fired and lose any rights they had to their models and identity.

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List of names from wiki
??????? ??
Kuzuryu Io
Nishida Ao
Project SP
Sephira Su
Shigure Ui
Yashiro Ai

??? ?????
Ars Almal
Emi Suika
Gin Ginjo
Han Chiho
Ika Gayou
Ilu Fluor
Inu Aruse
Joy Hi7ki
Kat Volts
Kei Nagao
Kou Uzuki
Lee Shion
Lua Asuka
Mai Rubee
Mia Runis
Nai Nohni
Nao Naoki
Nei Ponto
Ojo Ginjo
Ray Omega
Rei Omega
Ren Zotto
Rin Asobi
Rio Omega
Sai Roose
Sun Kenji
Sun Reina
Suo Sango
Vox Akuma
Xin Asura
YUI F-022

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Poor Michiru. You just know not a single soul is going to show up for her. Sometimes I look at things like this and get sad knowing that I can't save them all.

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What kind of idiot would sign away their character for a free model and then break contract? Imagine being that dumb.

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Definitely Shigure Ui and Ars Almal

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Avril Lavigne

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Thinking that they are going to be money launderers?

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Too early for Zaion, maybe next invaders wave. Lisa I doubt it considering phase poachers annoyed most of the potential candidates.
One apparently knows JP.

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>pipggers harassed her for months to join phase connect
>implying she will join just to become pippas pet

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>has a friend in the company
>won't join despite a great opportunity
the door is open for her, and she won't walk through it?

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Great opportunity of the exact same numbers situation she already gets and the worst viewers in vtubing?

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The one on the left is almost certainly Slugma.

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Big News

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Too early for either of them. Tsunderia let the talent go but they have to wait six months before joining anyone in order to keep their models.

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Also Lisa is listed in a completely different section than Phase Invaders so no chance.

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left is presumed to be umiushi urara, the former tsunderia manager with a new model
middle is probably moonjelly
no clues on the right one

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>fishman went and got a music manager
>may or may not have also poached slugma to help out
I think he's trying his best to get her there but we don't know if it'll be good enough. At least phase will probably get purin when the six months are up though.

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>phase will probably get purin
why would phase WANT purin exactly?

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Fishman is a big fan

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another cunny and gets on really well with the rest of the girls

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Anybody recognize this one? I'm not really getting it.

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Seems more likely than ever that it's Moon Jelly

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I would pick her because of this. Please come to Europe Phase Connect.

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she's already burning jet fuel to get the mail, why not?

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redebuting to an adoring audience is going to be the illusion that moonjelly sees as she finally succumbs to starvation in an alley in KL

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Fishman is a cunnysseur and a saviorfag and Purin is the mother of all sadgirls.

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One of them has to be the slug.
/pcg/ is not ready.

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Her name is Dizzy Dokuro, doesn't fit any of the name lengths. Sorry anon.

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Aren't invaders the branch for adopted chubas with their own models? Shouldn't it be trivial to find out existing ones that match the silhouettes? At least for the first two, there aren't that many with drills or stars.

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Anon, you are blind. The middle one is moon jelly, which is what op says, but her model is a new one.

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I can never predict her next move

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None of these are the invaders.

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Elaborate farther.

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The black goat of the woods with a thousand young told me so in my dreams

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Well, those are invaders and talent confirmed it.

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First of all those are not invaders those are gen 3.
Brand new models, new characters. Old people.
People say one is likely moon jelly based on a catch phrase and a tweet of her implying she's "moving".
The other is the old tsunderia manager slug girl, based on the mention of being dizzy, and her personal account changing to that name and some vague connections to phase connect.

No clear hint exists regarding the other one.

Invaders are another thing, they will keep their characters.
There are some announced but we have no idea who they might be.
Maybe Purin, she has not been deconfirmed yet and she seems pretty close to the company.

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>First of all those are not invaders those are gen 3.
Imbecile, they are doing meet and fucking greet and only invaders are teased rn
Rie confirmed silhouettes being invaders.
Jesus, shut the fuck up with this routine, retard.
>jelly based on a catch phrase
And the fact the silhouette in question has alien antennas.
And just now they revealed the letter count in their names
???? ?????

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What's the point of being an "invader" if you get a new model anyway

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I didn't know what Rie said and I had not noticed that the ????? actually corresponded to name.
Look this was the narrative like a day ago.
Yeah seriously what is the point?
I guess so they don't give up their model in case they leave they can still have it?
Or to openly say "yeah this vtuber everyone knew is this new vtuber" without the retarded PL autism while still letting them have a new fresh model?
Maybe just so fishman can make use of the premades he got lmao.

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Moon Jelly is well known music producer/vsinger even in indie vtuber community

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>Or to openly say "yeah this vtuber everyone knew is this new vtuber" without the retarded PL autism while still letting them have a new fresh model?
Idol corp openly used Kyoresu's pl to advertise her.

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>I guess so they don't give up their model in case they leave they can still have it?

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kek what a terminated bitch

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Supposedly she had a buy-out clause but couldn't afford the price tag (considering she couldn't afford a new computer she desperately needed, that isn't hard to believe)

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2 Tsunderia + moon jelly

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Cucked by the contract.

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poach connect

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What are they going to do with a talent like Moon Jelly?

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Waste it

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Same. Michiru is actually a very good streamer and pretty funny too. But with most of phase fans being in normal time zones, and her only speaking limited English, when you type to her in English, it's hard for her to gain traction.

When she does phase weekly or collabs though, you can see she's a big fan favorite

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I hate that the silhouette looks like the size profile of Satan. Pointy nose goatee, horns.

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Cool, more people that Pippa has to carry

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>I think he's trying his best to get her
Lisa isn't that big of a Fish.

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Moon Jelly's model is a complete filter. She herself probably knows this. Lumi and Yuri received new models after joining. It's not insane to imagine that Jelly might join with a new model from the start, instead of within a few months of her Phase debut. The star theme clearly carries over if she wants to retain her character and branding.

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This is an attitude I've noticed is exclusive to vtubers, what's with this

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imagine signing your IP away to phase at this point

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Those can't be the new invaders because invaders bring their indie model with them. Those silhouettes don't look like anyone.

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I'm not baiting anon, you can mention other people pretty much anywhere in any field and unless it's idubbbbbbbbz, nobody gets their feathers ruffled over it as long as you're not actively spam promoting someone

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kek, what a crybaby.

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>Pippa took the vax
>Pippa supports immigrants

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I don't usually care what people say about vtubers, but for this one fuck off. Lisa is way too nice to have stuff said to her for simply asking her discord not to talk about other companies.

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>Pippa doesn't understand the black person filming the karen

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it's an attention economy.

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Wrong tab faggots. This isn't /pcg/

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When Idol are interested in poaching, it's gonna look so bad on fishman if she ends up becoming a jewba instead.

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Please don't send him back. Keep him here. I don't want him.

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Moon Jelly ever collabed with Phase before?

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She used to have regular collabs with Lumi.

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Kirsche V.