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Why are they trying so hard to turn this "friend speech" thing into a yab? She didn't say anything incorrect or offensive. The only people who could take offense are either incredibly insecure or false-flaggers with ulterior motives.

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>Why are they trying so hard to turn this "friend speech" thing into a yab? She didn't say anything incorrect or offensive. The only people who could take offense are either incredibly insecure or false-flaggers with ulterior motives.

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It's pretty retarded to think you need to give people a reality check when they are only here for some after-work escapism and want to enjoy their cute anime gf
Shut the hell up, do your job, get their merch and SC money and be happy

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Too many parasocial retards in the fandom, same shit for mixed collabs

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Because it fits in that stupid big head meme and nobody really checked the last few times.

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/vt/ is full of gossiping no-life femcel hens who just want to have catty bitchfights and pretend they're stacies, talking shit about unpopular girls.

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It’s also pretty retarded to get offended over someone telling you something that’s objectively true. You should work on your insecurity.

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>how dare she set boundaries with her clingy fanbase!

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It was a bad move but the backlash was way overblown by disingenuous actors

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I didn't tune in to get a reality check. I didn't ask for objective truths. It's objectively true that Fauna is just a regular uglier than her model woman most likely but we don't talk about that because not everything needs to be reality checked in vtubing

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>the first reply is some njinigger whore

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Of course, like it always is. Fauna shouldn't even have addressed that SC or if she did, done it in a far less stupid way, but people are exaggerating a lot now

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>Why are nijiniggers trying so hard to deflect from the death by thousand yabs?

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If you actually cared about escapism and suspension of disbelief you wouldn't keep posting new threads about it on cooldown
There is no explanation for this behavior other than mental illness

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I hate nijisanji too, now what?, can't keep deflecting simpling

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Does she have mods? It was really the type of thing that should have been caught.

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this is too pathetic

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Can you point me to one of these threads I supposedly posted?
I literally only came in here to respond to OP

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>nooooo you can't discuss this thing because it paints my oshi in a negative light
Looks like your more parasocial than be, buddy

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Imagine a wrestler picking up a microphone and telling you wrestling is fake?
We know it's fake. Everyone knows it's fake. People don't need a 10 minute rambling lecture for that. It's not a deflection. It's not grey names. Actual members who have been subbed for over a year were hurt. But she's drawn her line in the sand now and it's up to them if they want to accept it and move on or be in denial about it.

I'm not sure why this needs to be explained again. If people still can't figure this out, then I'm sorry your brain functions in such a way that explaining the obvious causes your brain to go the complete opposite direction.

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Uh-huh, sure thing, nijikek

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Exactly, just move on to the next chuuba if you want.

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it's the faggots who can't stand the purity of her.
want to drag her down to kronii's mori's level.
we all know it's them cause in 1 day they just gave up. faggots/sisters with no motivation at all.

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if you don't get it either you are an extreme autist or have never hit rock bottom

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Wrestling is gay and stupid.

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>done it in a far less stupid way
There was nothing stupid about it. It’s probably the most eloquent way she could’ve said it. Antis gaslighting the board into believing a nothing burger is the real issue here.

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The biggest supporters for the idol who pay to consume her parasocial content probably feel weird about it, remember love and hate are on opposite sides of the same coin and the biggest antis are usually former whales. Imagine being a huge sports junkie and your team's star player takes about how shitty your city is, makes you feel weird about wearing their autographed jersey you bought at a premium.

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Post your membership history

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Anons need to turn into Vergil for simping, crazy stuff.

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A good way wouldn't have given antis fuel to shit up the board for days.

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It was definitely stupid. She even said she thinks it's this way for all streamers.
Imagine talking on behalf of all your holo senpais.

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bitter nijisisters who want to distract from their shitty company

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>hiding shitposting behind "le discussion"
Asses like you are the reason we can't have nice things.

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>Why are they trying so hard to turn this "friend speech" thing into a yab? She didn't say anything incorrect or offensive. The only people who could take offense are either incredibly insecure or false-flaggers with ulterior motives.

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>Someone asks if she considers saplings friends or simps
>"Well they certainly aren't friends!"
How was this an eloquent way of handling it? She literally chose the wrong answer

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If you're here replying to the same threads with the same posts days later then you're obviously part of the problem

She's not my oshi. Literally just watch someone else, or pretend she didn't say it since you're already pretending it's not factually true of every vtuber

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Is therapy too expensive for you, buddy?

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If a JP had said that, they'd be in massive hot water.
People wouldn't appreciate you speaking on behalf of how your senpai thinks with something pretty contentious.

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Nice inspect element trick, bro.

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And so is Hololive in the literal sense of gay and stupid

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>uoooohhh wrastler didnt really get wrastled muh immerjunnn

Why do you defend these people?

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Old Fubuki looked a little worse than I remember

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If you don't get why people have an issue with it then you don't understood the appeal of vtubing

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/vt/ IS just a bunch of women. Kek.

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Post boobs

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I'm sorry long sentences scare you and you stopped at the first sentence.
Since you're too lazy to read, i'm not gonna bother reading anything you have to write either past the first word.

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It is true for all of her Hololive senpais. None of them are your friends.
Antis conjure narratives from thin air. Ame telling her stream to not bully any Council girls had anti threads targeting her on this board for weeks.

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OK, now explain why your highly intellectual debate about why they shouldn't have said it needs to be repeated every 45 minutes for a week when every possible point was exhausted within an hour of the stream ending

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>liking cute girls is gay
This is the kind of mental illness you get from watching wrestlers.

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Don't make this a thing, please...

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It's not even a vtubing thing. Ludwig would get a lot of shit if he said the same thing. He would never though since he is a better actor than Fauna.

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Funny, Mori never felt the need to tell me she wasn't my friend.

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FBK looks like she has seen some shit.

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Femcels are not real

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I don't get the hypocrisy. You are pissed for Fauna speaking on behalf of other streamers. Fair enough. That's your opinion.

But why are you speaking for everyone else? "People don't need a reality check". Why are you speaking for me faggot? Don't assume everyone has issues with it.

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Retard I was calling the girls gay

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Take your shirt off and look in a mirror. Bet your tits are small.

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It's not like I think I'm actually an rl friend of a vtuber or that I'll ever meet them or become their partner or anything like that.
But at the same time I don't really feel keen on them going "we're not friends, I'm only here to entertain, you're nothing" to my face. There's a reason the majority of them don't do this and instead tell you (the fan) how they love you and are thankful to you and how much they love spending time with you.

This is meant to be a two-way street where both sides benefit. The viewers, many of which are lonely guys, feel like they got a cute girl here who spends time with them singing, playing games, chatting and whatnot while in return these dudes buy their merch, go to their concerts, send them superchats and support them. Both sides can be happy when all is over, there's no need to rattle the cage and upset the status quo by going all Marche on your audience.

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but she felt like telling you this

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I'd be scared if I have any, now onto yours sister

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Anon, she lifted parts of her speech literally from that Ludwig video

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Sure sis, but all those people calling Holos a bunch of whores and flooding the catalog with anti threads, those don't exist...

>> No.49335780

Why are you being so defensive about it?

>> No.49335786

Show me a single person that says "What I really want from a holo is for her to give me the cold and harsh reality and do away with all kayfabe"

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Imagine if Undertaker during his final match would scream "Wrestling is fake btw and everyone who watches it is a manchild", he wouldn't be wrong but people who watch it are looking for entertainment not for a reminder, that's the reason why vtubers stream under an avatar, to sell an illusion, anyone who can't do it is garbage at his job, you won't see jp saying this shit, anyone who watches fauna everyday and says he isn't parasocial is lying or worse, he is an ironic weeb.

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>how they love you and are thankful to you and how much they love spending time with you.
Fauna says this like every other stream

>> No.49335815

None of the other EN girls have either because its a stupid thing to say

>> No.49335835

Ogey but she didn't say
>you're nothing
and did in fact say she appreciated her fans and was thankful they spent time watching her

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That doesn't have to with anthing, femcels are just not real. Plus, there are two (2) threads, both defending Fauna's actions. You're full of shit sis.

>> No.49335870

And she made it kinda meaningless by going "actually, ACTUALLY the truth is that no we're nothing, not even friends".
I'm sure she's thankful for you supporting her financially, but you mean nothing to her.

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>internet celebrity tells you "We are not friends"
The only people who take offense to this are mentally children.

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Because I'm not a part of a japanese idol company where my job is to make my audience happy and comfortable, nor am I speaking for you.
You're attempting a gotcha and it's a sad attempt at one.

>> No.49335900

Yeah I don't get how people get this simple concept, especially her

>> No.49335903

>cold and harsh reality
That's your subjective interpretation of what she said. I found what she said pretty wholesome. Don't speak for me or for others.

>> No.49335910

Then she was lying

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>incredibly insecure
Bruh you know where you at?

>> No.49335961

This is not even real, you can literally go and check. Meds, now.

>> No.49335967

How the fuck is it wholesome by any definition

>> No.49335972

She didn’t say that though.

>> No.49335980

You can Shift + Click to hide threads.

>> No.49336027

that's what I meant

>> No.49336028

It's what she wanted after all, you don't have to worry about watching her streams anymore, you don't have to worry about watching her perform at concerts anymore, and you dont have to worry about getting merch to support her. You can just watch her streams with no reason to attach yourself to someone you might consider a friend

>> No.49336034

It's pretty amazing how literally none of the people still complaining about this watched the stream. It's like 3 minutes and they've been posting about it for days, you'd think they'd have time

>> No.49336043

How about you try to find a clip of what she said, in full, rather than trying to parse what she said via threadreading?

>> No.49336045

You're right, she called her fans simps.

>> No.49336052

>90 posts
>31 IPs
Waffen-SisterS don't have a job, huh

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Whenever things like these happen with western vtubers I wonder why it's so much easier for the JP ones to just go "of course, you're my husband!" or "I love you too! chu" and just let people be happy.

>> No.49336091

Really makes you think, huh?

>> No.49336099

She didn’t say that either

>> No.49336101

Anon those head pats, hugs, and chus are strictly professional.

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the archive has been unusable for the past few days because every time niji had a yab (which is pretty much a daily occurrence) a bunch of nijisisters kept spamming deflection threads.
you fucks did this shit with gura too, and then all the sudden there's a shortage of threads targeting her and instead gunning for Fauna, funny that huh?

>> No.49336141

Nah, I'm sure plenty of the JPs have told their fans to fuck off and stop pretending they're friends. I just can't think of any right now...

>> No.49336143

Western people are obsessed with having the moral high ground. It's the same reason they can't just enjoy fan service and have to constantly screech at titties in video games.

>> No.49336148

>half the thread are people arguing
Do you need people to cut your alphabet spaghetti for you too?

>> No.49336163

Is it so hard to imagine that people might have different interpretations?

>> No.49336178

Marine did

>> No.49336188


>> No.49336211

Saying anything at all is retarded
Chuubas ignore supas all the time, why acknowledge this one?

>> No.49336224

Which EN has told their viewers that?

>> No.49336231

>"Are saplings friends, or simps?"
>Goes on a 5-minute rant about how saplings are not friends
What am I missing here?

>> No.49336237

Woman moment
She just had to show off her intellect

>> No.49336244

People will probably try to claim Suisei did, but she didn't say what Fauna said. She said that you shouldn't expect to ever have a chance to actually be with her and that nothing would come from it but you're free to gachikoi for her.
No she didn't, that is also wrong. Marine said that you shouldn't make your entire happiness in life depend solely on her streaming and being there and that you need to find other things that make you happy as well.
That's not even remotely the same.

>> No.49336246

They also break character to say "we are not friends" sometimes too. It's just that you don't understand Japanese enough to understand it when they do say it. You are either an EOP who only watches translate clips, or a beginner Japanese-learner who's like a child that only understands the grownups when they speak slowly or with a funny voice.

>> No.49336261

>Bargaining (You are here)

>> No.49336267

She said that she didn't want you to emotionally rely on her completely

>> No.49336277

>She even said she thinks it's this way for all streamers
Can you fucking retards stop lying for even a second?

>> No.49336278

Correct, femcels are not real. They're an impossible existence.
>the archive has been unusable for the past few days because every time niji had a yab (which is pretty much a daily occurrence) a bunch of nijisisters kept spamming deflection threads.
You know people can just go check it and call out your bullshit, right?
>you fucks did this shit with gura too
Who is (you) here? I'm a Soratomo.
>all the sudden there's a shortage of threads targeting her and instead gunning for Fauna
>people are targeting someone because she made a mistake rather than someone else who didn't? The horror!

>> No.49336282

That's not what marine said, retard

>> No.49336292

Again, proof?

>> No.49336304

And yet you will be unable to provide proof of it happening. Curious, no?

>> No.49336313

Stop falseflagging. She literally didn't.
Watch streams and stop reading threads.

>> No.49336317

I mean her oshi is NL and she definitely seems like the type of person that watches Ludwig too

>> No.49336337

Ironic. Considering half the the thread is misinterpreting what Fauna said.

>> No.49336346

Mind linking some of those moments? I'm sure it'll be a breeze for you.

>> No.49336350

That it was a freaking 10 minute rant

>> No.49336378

How do you interpret this >>49336231

>> No.49336384

I think we both have a very different definition of irony. But if that butters your bagel, you carry on.

>> No.49336388

>Marine said that you shouldn't make your entire happiness in life depend solely on her streaming and being there and that you need to find other things that make you happy as well.
That's basically the same thing that Fauna said. If you defend Marine but attack Fauna, you are a hypocrite. A big, drama-obsessed, yellow-fever hypocrite.

>> No.49336399

You’re missing the functioning part of your brain for one.

>> No.49336400

It's just feminism that ruined western women

>> No.49336401

The start wasn't even the worst part of her rant

>> No.49336414


>> No.49336420

Which is quite different from stating "we are not friends"

>> No.49336462

Because Fauna might be one of only a handful of good EN chuubas and everyone is only supposed to eat tranny propaganda and not enjoy anything good.

>> No.49336466


>> No.49336484

Marine never said anything about not being friends, stop desperately trying to desperately equate them. Marine's take applies to friends too, you shouldn't rely on your friend to be the savior of your life

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File: 1.47 MB, 1280x3360, nijibronies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>im a soratomo
>the soratomo in question

>> No.49336523

Hey that's a good start. People can have different definitions of "friend" too. But don't let that discourage you from shitposting.

>> No.49336531

So you have no argument? It's fine if you resort to insults, but it doesn't make you right.

>> No.49336543

I created the original ONE PERCENT thread but you do you sister

>> No.49336551

She literally said it though, look at the transcript or watch it again

>> No.49336554

You're either a pathetic fan trying to gaslight people or a retard

>> No.49336559

Learn Japanese for 3-4 years and watch streams.

>> No.49336561

By her own admission she will never like you, OP

>> No.49336587

God fucking damnit, why are people like you as thick as mince and manage to omit the part where the guy who asked was saying he couldn't be happy without hearing her voice and she found that dangerous? If I told my best friend this right now, he'd likely say the exact same thing.

It's absolutely nothing similar in anyway to Fauna who got a troll superchat asking if we're her friends or simps and instantly got "real" and said they're not friends.

>> No.49336600

>That's basically the same thing that Fauna said.
It isn't and you have room temperature IQ if you think otherwise.

>> No.49336608

Shut up, you drama-obsessed weeaboo. Watch Fauna's stream instead of echoing what you read on /vt/.

>> No.49336612

She likes me enough to show only her best side to me. And that's enough.

>> No.49336620


>> No.49336624


>> No.49336630

"Reps" is not an argument

>> No.49336629

Why can't you provide a single example of it? Could it be that you're wrong?

>> No.49336636

>devious enough to not directly say she isn't your friend
>instead merely implies it
>has plausible deniability

>naive and honest enough to actually come out and say it
>nijiniggers will forever falseflag as saplings to attack her

>> No.49336639

I watched it and she explicitly said we can never be and should be friends

>> No.49336644

You will never be Japanese.

>> No.49336645

Do you have any idea what board or site you're on? I swear, Twitter is not sending their best.

>> No.49336662

Dear wrestling fans,

I am writing this letter to apologize for my recent actions that broke kayfabe and went against the tradition of professional wrestling. I understand that kayfabe is an essential element of the industry, and it is what makes it unique and entertaining for all of you.

I know that by revealing the scripted nature of the matches and storylines, I let down many of my fans who have been following me for years. I realize that my actions have also hurt the integrity of the industry and caused disappointment among my colleagues and wrestling fans worldwide.

I want to make it clear that I deeply regret my actions and understand the seriousness of what I have done. I take full responsibility for breaking kayfabe, and I promise to make it right by rededicating myself to my craft and respecting the traditions of professional wrestling.

I would like to express my sincere apologies to all of my fans and colleagues who have been impacted by my actions. I hope that you can forgive me, and I pledge to work hard to earn back your trust and support.

Thank you for your understanding.

[Name of wrestler]

This post was powered by ChatGPT

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>> No.49336676

She didn't even imply it, she literally only said that you shouldn't have your entire joy in life depend on her being around.
That has NOTHING to do with "we're not friends and cannot be" in any way.

>> No.49336682

all I got from that is "become a whore so whenever I'm not around you won't feel sad"

>> No.49336683

Stop trying to project how you're green woman feels about you into Marine, simpling

>> No.49336685

Strange insult considering what board this is

>> No.49336688

Yeah? Is she wrong?

>> No.49336690 [DELETED] 

Marine literally says you shouldn't stake your happyness on a friend either. Kys.

>> No.49336696

Holy shit this is olympic-level gymnastics right here

>> No.49336711

No, I’m just assuming you’re either trolling or genuinely retarded. It might’ve been a binary question but that doesn’t mean her answer was a binary one, she just rejected one of the answers.

>> No.49336714

But that's what friends are for? Emotionally rely on them? And let them rely on you? With balance, of course.

>> No.49336719

I'm not the guy saying it's the same. I just provided context. Good on you for coming to your own judgement.

>> No.49336723

Now make an apology for vtubers that broke friendship kayfabe

>> No.49336729

Show JP membership faggot, you won't

>> No.49336733
File: 605 KB, 954x939, 1682624632436.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Come home

>> No.49336755

Did you miss the rest of if? Where she said she does a share a relationship with saplings and loves hanging out with them. She just doesn't consider it same as a friendship. Are you intentionally leaving that part out?

>> No.49336759

Are the posters here your friends?

>> No.49336760

She's wrong for saying it, yes. Some things shouldn't be said

>> No.49336765

More lies

>> No.49336771
File: 309 KB, 1068x1176, 97b604e703fec81cbedb77077cf96d82.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I now understand why 90% of these board despises saplings.
They don't just act like children, they have the IQ of one as well.

>> No.49336782

Do you know why she can't even be friends with saplings? Do you guys know who Alphonse's brother is? There is no more place in her heart for saplings it seems.

>> No.49336789
File: 1.28 MB, 1273x717, uy8x9xlxhkn71.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are yellow-fever weeaboos so obsessed with turning everything EN does into a yab? It's not going to undo Hololive going global. You might as well find a smaller JP corpo to obsess about. EN will never leave, and you will never be Japanese.

>> No.49336800

Cry white Boy

>> No.49336799

Yes and marine was saying not to just use her for 100% of your happiness aka no balance. You shouldn't do that with any friend

>> No.49336822

Hey, don't lump me it with these retards.

>> No.49336836

Most western women just don't get what it's like to be lonely.

>> No.49336838

I think completly is the keyword in that statement, Marine doesn't want to be the only thing her fans care about.
The same way you can rely on friends, but not to the point that you should make your entire existence reliant on them.

>> No.49336839

Ah so the relationship she prefers is farming money from her simps, got it

>> No.49336842

Not a good look in this thread so far

>But Marine said the same...
She didn't
>But she never said that she thinks this goes for all other holos and streamers too...
She did, linked above

>> No.49336845
File: 25 KB, 352x414, 1683949512976303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hit too close to home, friendless weeb? LMAO

>> No.49336852

It's pretty self-evident that the only reasons people would still be posting about this are they didn't watch the stream, misinterpreted it on purpose to shitpost, or can't speak english

>> No.49336863

I'm sorry, rare sane sapling.
But you have some unfortunate company to be around.

>> No.49336883

I doubt that Marine schizo is a sapling

>> No.49336892

They're naive and fauna thinks he reddit tier tips will work fly saplings to find friends if you're a guy. Woman really have no idea man

>> No.49336905

>Upset about not being friends
>It’s obviously about love
>Unicorns persist it’s about Freud ship

How the fuck do you friendzone yourself?

>> No.49336907

You don't actually understand Japanese.

>> No.49336909

Behead your fellow saplings and you shall be pardoned

>> No.49336918

The fragility of anons to get offended by something they themselves admit is true. You all must have lived a good life without any actual problems when this is the level of inconvenience you freak out over.

>> No.49336931

I don't even know if this is the marineschizo. i saw multiple people parroting this shit before a few days ago.
Saplings are bleating the narcissist's prayer right now

>> No.49336963

Fuck off, 2.434%

>> No.49336976 [DELETED] 

Correct, watching vtubers is a first world hobby. I'm sorry your genetically-inherited brown low IQ doesn't let you enjoy it.

>> No.49336989

She could've either ignored it, or simply sucked it up and said "Saplings are friends". That would have literally hurt no one other than the troll who asked the question. Instead she decided to get "real" and focus on the ABSURDITY of her being friends with her fans. If she felt as strongly about saplings being called "simps" as she did "friends", she would have addressed that too

>> No.49336995

>Friendzoning yourself with someone who doesn’t want to be friends

The absolute mental gymnastics.

>> No.49337000

People eat at mcdonalds and fully know it's shit. Doesn't mean they want you to go up to their faces and scream "this is shit, you should feel bad for eating it you unhealthy swine"
Reminding vtuber fans of all of this only being kayfabe and her not even considering you a friend which would be the lowest possible level (we're not even talking about lovers or husband) isn't needed

>> No.49337009

Telling a guy who sent her a message saying "I can't be happy without you, please marry me", that he needs to find his own happiness because she won't always be there for him is totally different than getting message saying "are your fans friends or simps" and going, "well we're not friends...".

>> No.49337013

>friendless as an insult
Back to whatever hole you came from

>> No.49337015

Calm down sis

>> No.49337018
File: 205 KB, 491x382, 1683992116814654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Correct, watching vtubers is a first world hobby. I'm sorry your genetically-inherited brown low IQ doesn't let you enjoy it.

>> No.49337020

Ohh I'm very well aware that they are not arguing in good faith. I'm taking one for the team and engaging with these retards so that they are contained here and don't shit up other threads.

>> No.49337040

You guys notice a pattern? Fauna went to college unlike the rest of EN that dropped out. She was probably poisoned by the liberal institution. Mumei is smart enough to not say it and Bae is a lost cause with the homo collabs

>> No.49337053

>it is the nijinigger!
Doesn't work anymore
>it is the JPnigger! >>49336789
Do you really think it will work? Saplings please see the truth! If you chose to bury your head in the sand in this regard you will end up like teacucks and Kronies!

>> No.49337054

The guy in your pic is more intelligent and productive than you swarthoid.

>> No.49337055

You are really insecure if you actually believe that.

>> No.49337066

he does it for free

>> No.49337077


>> No.49337093

What she said didn’t actually hurt anybody though. None of you watched her stream and you don’t really count as people either.

>> No.49337092

Sure, anon.

>> No.49337104
File: 21 KB, 582x587, 1683732623053221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nijisis calling others sis

>> No.49337124

anyway ______1%___

>> No.49337125

>McDonalds tells you their food is bad

>> No.49337128

Probably learned to give reality checks to men while taking their money in her women studies elective

>> No.49337135

You can't let these whores get comfortable giving "the talk" because when you let them you end up with another Ame

>> No.49337143
File: 793 KB, 2500x1445, 2%434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only women wouldn't be able to take an obvious joke, so I was merely stating the obvious

>> No.49337152

It’s a good thing she didn’t say anything remotely like that then. Not that you’d know, since you didn’t watch her stream.

>> No.49337154

>deflecting to niji
Anything new, sapling?

>> No.49337168

What friendship kayfabe? I thought you want to pretend that they're your girlfriend/wife.

>> No.49337171

What does friendship have to do with marriage

>> No.49337176

Lying is not sustainable long term. She definitely could have put it in a better way that would not negatively affect people's enjoyment of the stream.

>> No.49337190

Ask yourself why 95% of holos don't do what she did and you'll see why it's a dumb idea that she said all that.

>> No.49337191

She said she thinks other streamers are the same too. Fuck your green bitch

>> No.49337208

The Sapling's Prayer:

Fauna didn't say we aren't friends
And if she did, it wasn't that bad.
And if it was, that's not a big deal.
And if it is, that's not her fault you took it that way.
And if it was, she didn't mean it like that.
And if she did, you deserved it.

>> No.49337217

And? She’s right and you know that.

>> No.49337236

No I just want friendship but apparently fauna can't even pretend to do that. I know none of en is gfe and don't expect that

>> No.49337252

I’ll defend Faina from all these Snoys and Pc fags.

>> No.49337253
File: 279 KB, 1200x815, 1679667199036693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49337260

Quite literally pilpul strategies kek

>> No.49337266

Not gonna lie, I was hurt at first, but I got over it when I realized that she said it out of respect for us. She wants us to be happy rather than chasing after the unobtainable goal of getting close to her. Of course, I'd rather she didn't respond to that SC at all, and the wording wasn't as perfect as some would have you believe, but I've been watching Fauna long enough to know her intentions weren't bad. She does care.

>> No.49337272

Stop. She literally never said that and you're exposing the fact that you didn't even watch the stream.

>> No.49337283
File: 150 KB, 607x794, 1683749484483499.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't fool me, nijikeks. False-flagging as niji-antis won't work.

>> No.49337295

I noticed that Ayame was the only one in holoJP that doesn't get that close with her viewers. From EN side I can certainly feel that from both Fauna and Mumei. Ame arguably. Surprisingly Mori is not pushing away deadbeats like them.

>> No.49337301

>I want women as friends

Absolute fucking brain let. Get smacked by a truck door.

>> No.49337328

Not to mention somehow trying to tie it niji deflection as if company drama and talent drama are good smokescreens for each other. I fucking hate niji and their black company but I also think fauna is a retard for saying this

>> No.49337337
File: 3.39 MB, 1700x2550, FEAT. RYAN GOSLING AS MYSTA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made that meme faggot

>> No.49337341

Everyone knows. She knows everyone knows. Everyone knows she knows everyone knows. People still watch because she's cute.

>> No.49337347
File: 31 KB, 400x400, 1683969793128713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a really dumb bullshit excuse. If you actually believe it, I hope you get treated for your mental illness.

>> No.49337371

Sapling your cope level is admirable

>> No.49337390

Silent majority chad I kneel

>> No.49337396

That is a sad cope, cuckling.

>> No.49337428

This nothingburger is starting to get boring. Anything else bad about her aside from being boring?

>> No.49337451

>fauna is a retard for saying this
I'm not denying that. But let's not pretend that this isn't blown out of proportion. When Kson dropped her 1% tweet, multiple Fauna bait threads were instantly created. You can call that coincidence but seems unlikely.

>> No.49337455

2. Bargaining

>> No.49337462
File: 12 KB, 329x229, 1683747936322920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49337464

These threads reek of false flaggers.

>> No.49337467

I love when people I'm friendly with at work outright tell me I'm not their friend. Oh wait, no one does that because that means they'd be a rude cunt regardless of the truth

>> No.49337472

I'm talking about Ayame you stupid fucking retard

>> No.49337481

What are they coping about? people are still watching her because she's cute, no amount of femoid seething will change that.
how are your organ failures doing right now?

>> No.49337486

No, watch as the sister replying to themself until thread hit limit

>> No.49337500

>This nothingburger is starting to get boring
Why are you still here then?

>> No.49337518

What’s the %1 tweet

>> No.49337524

I thought it was 2%, where is the 1% from?

>> No.49337534

>And if she did, you deserved it.
We are now here. It's a weird mixture of denial and deflection. It's sunk cost fallacy.

>> No.49337551

>blown out of proportion
No it is not. This is basically her "improved yourself" moment.

>> No.49337564

Think Op think
What happened to nijisanji recently? Yes a fucking yab of 98% black company

>> No.49337568

/vt/ unironically declared her as one of the worst ENs even if she did not collab with a male. Christ, and I thought schizo Kronies were bad enough.

>> No.49337580

1-2% to be precise

>> No.49337583

or maybe because it just happened to be the morning of the vod when everyone got to see the clip or catch up on the vod. Not everything is a grand conspiracy. If they wanted to deflect they'd make up shit about covers management to make cover look bad. Fauna is only doing damage to her own rep not the company

>> No.49337589

I'm waiting for things to get spicy. So far, it's been all faggots arguing.

>> No.49337590
File: 665 KB, 1219x1158, 1683770400612417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You've never had a job in your life. How sheltered are you?

>> No.49337592

case in point

>> No.49337593

I agree, she could and probably should have avoided the SC, but at least she showed that she cares. If she was only interested about keeping the paypigs, she wouldn't have said anything of what she said.

>> No.49337611

People at work probably don't call you mommy. She was just trying to set some boundaries.

>> No.49337614

Do you think the girls talk to each other about what people say about them here and on other sites? Like, I can imagine Mori and Fauna sitting in discord chat being like "well FauFau, you really stepped in the shit this time. Hope things go better for you than they did for me and Ame".

>> No.49337627

>h-hey, at least she didn't collab with a male right?????????

>> No.49337628

I declare her the best. Only what I say matters. Fuck /tv/.

>> No.49337629

You need to stop taking shitstirrers at face value.

>> No.49337659

Ok I agree niji is a black company and stated their shitty cut too, why are you reminding me, simpling?

>> No.49337666
File: 2 KB, 120x120, pill_1f48a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when they are only here for some after-work escapism and want to enjoy their cute anime gf
Back when actual anime was the only option for escapism with an anime gril, did (You) think the CGDGT on the screen was your friend, let alone your gf?

>> No.49337670

On the contrary that could be a completely reasonable thing for a coworker to say if they wishes to establish boundaries, provided they put it nicely enough.
At the same time, it’s also completely different from an anime woman you will never meet telling you the same.

>> No.49337696 [SPOILER] 
File: 19 KB, 739x415, 20230510_205457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't do that when this shit has been cycling for the past few days.

>> No.49337706

Ah yes, the old “What are the false flag niggers on 4chan discussing” discord call Roundtable

>> No.49337721

Anime girls didn't sit you down and start talking about how escapism is unhealthy.

>> No.49337723

There was no need to, there wasn't a problem and all she had to do was ignore the troll

>> No.49337728

Drama-queens/false-flaggers are so desperate for a new HoloEN yab that they'll take anything at this point even if it's a nothing burger.

>> No.49337753

Speaking of things blown out of proportion…

>> No.49337759

Are you retarded? Anime girls in actual anime don't respond to you or have conversations with you

>> No.49337763

Some measure of lying is necessary if you're a vtuber
If she wanted to be completly honest she should stream under her real face and name

>> No.49337780

What job do you have where your coworkers state they aren't your friend? Everyone pretends, it's workplace keyfabe

>> No.49337781
File: 143 KB, 997x521, 1683863863667434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

While saplings are still coping, the fact that she think this entire shitshow is somehow the fault of the fan that sent her the superchat is hilarious.

The speech didn't change my opinion of her, but banning someone because of her own fault for responding to a $10 SCs with a speech is what makes me think she is pathetic.

>> No.49337782

Maybe jannies should do their job that they get paid to do then!

>> No.49337803

I like her but it was just really weird, this is the kind of speech you give when you're getting harassed or your fanbase is behaving improperly, but I don't recall saplings doing anything wrong to warrant this to be honest.

>> No.49337820

>morning of the vod
The Kson tweet was more than 24hrs after her MC stream.

>> No.49337832

Considering you think anime grills did ASMR videos or interacted with your audience, am I to assume that's your dose?

>> No.49337847

That's actually funny cause it means Fauna saw the backlash afterwards and then went and banned him long after the stream was over

>> No.49337849

>Why are holofagz so angry about oshi #24 dropping the parasocial act to remind them to stay in their lane and stop being cringe?
The mind races

>> No.49337859

so she can just say "hey im not actually an animu girl and despite being all lovey dovey with you on stream im actually in a commited relationship with someone else in real life and im only in it & giving you the time of the day for the money only you know that right" over & over on every stream on the basis that because it's the truth it's okay to say it?

>> No.49337861

Not really. It was a pretty positive and wholesome speech.

>> No.49337868

If the marks started taking things seriously to the point of stalking and harassing the refs?

>> No.49337881
File: 434 KB, 160x160, 1671747680621309.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please understand, the sisters were desperate to find SOMETHING to shit on Fauna about. same with Irys and the rigger nothingburger

>> No.49337882

t.the faggot who sent that superchat

>> No.49337892
File: 1.76 MB, 360x396, 1683821528719068.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Escapism is unhealthy, anon. It's the first step towards schizophrenia.

>> No.49337898
File: 2.42 MB, 2979x3072, 1681671689351223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you serious? That nigger needs a restraint order

>> No.49337924

Where are her mods? Why wasn't the faggot banned before the stream? Why was the SC allowed to last?

>> No.49337943

>What job do you have where your coworkers state they aren't your friend?

>> No.49337960

Exactly. I don't really see that as him baiting either. If you wanna bait the streamers you go for red SCs especially for someone as rich as him.

>> No.49337961

Look, I like Tempus and I respect Fauna's decision in avoiding male collabs, but the fact that this is the drama that makes /vt/ seethe is hilarious.

>> No.49337962

Yeah this exactly, I might understand this type of speech if you have super creepy fans trying to get close to you and stalking you. I guess she's creeped out by the current state of saplings

>> No.49337978

When entire thread rages with unicorn behaviour it's normal but when streamer can't even display an illusion of being friendly background noise it's "hurr durr 1%", i know we aren't friends but i don't watch streamer everyday to be reminded about something obvious but for my own entertainment and escapism. Anyone who doesn't get that is just an ironic weeb, you don't want to watch a movie with shitty actors don't you? People say that Marine said the same thing but no she didn't she just said something simmilar without being yet another unproffesional EN vtuber who treats her fans as walking piggy banks.

>> No.49337988

Blame Youtube for creating the expectation that paying for a comment = getting it read.

>> No.49337991

Without escapism, there is no reason for vtubers to be a thing. They're not particularly skillful, entertaining or fascinating to listen to.

>> No.49337996

Probably, but there was a sapling that warned her about that schizo and she even replied

>> No.49338003
File: 43 KB, 335x426, 1683947845216801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This dude is a troll, though.

>> No.49338016

The SC wasn't even bad. It was just her response and 10 min lecture that was stupid.

>> No.49338042

Stop doing literally anything other than working, eating and sleeping then anon.

>> No.49338054

The weird part is that he was banned once before in her chat then unbanned.

>> No.49338062

they are desperate because of 2%, even that doxsaugi was pissed lol.

>> No.49338074

He cucked when he payed others to tell he's sorry. Fuck Kronii.

>> No.49338077

>same sentences structure
??? I don't really see it. What is this schizo image?

>> No.49338091


>> No.49338094

Escapism is only unhealthy when you let it consume your life. I can't say that people on this board are particularly good at avoiding that but I still believe that there is a place in this world for escapism.

>> No.49338095

It's the fact that SC was sent that made the whole thing stupid. SC is a dramanigger unsociable autistic retard while Fauna is an idiot for biting the bait.

>> No.49338099

No, it's because her chat was immediately telling her to ban him afterwards. Fauna was just Pontius Pilate.

>> No.49338125

the hero we don't deserve

>> No.49338127

this is why the parasocial shtick doesn't work on/for an EN audience, the actors themselves thinks it's cringe. they're too liberal for it. they're literally being showered in money on one of the easiest job they could ever have and all they do is pretend, AND THEY CAN'T EVEN DO THAT.

just do your JP reps and stick to the JPs.

>> No.49338129

It was one of his less schizo ones yet it had the most impact because of her response to it. Talk about fumbling it

>> No.49338140

Faggot faked that "message not sent" in youtube studio, he was never banned

>> No.49338159

Bae said she will be my friend, I don't care anymore and I have forgiven Fauna

>> No.49338165

I know that the guy is a troll, just saying in a vacuum the SC itself wasn't bad or worthy of a deletion

>> No.49338171

I assume you think that while you are watching vtubers everyday you are different, and it's suddenly not escapism?

>> No.49338201

>Why wasn't the faggot banned before the stream?
Ahahahahahahaha. Sorry I had to laugh. The answer is because that SCs is really not the issue. The issue is what Fauna said.

>> No.49338233

>People wouldn't appreciate you speaking on behalf of how your senpai thinks with something pretty contentious
And this is why western streamers are unironically better, they don't have to put up with retarded rules like that.

>> No.49338241

If you try and tell people that, they tell you "sumemasen last samurai go back to /jp/" because they can't be bothered .

>> No.49338249

There's nothing wrong with collabing with a male. The same people who sperg out about that are the ones sperging out about this.

>> No.49338253
File: 617 KB, 1200x900, FvcsUEXacAAHWFv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah no thanks nijifaggot, I will continue supporting both

>> No.49338255

From these SCs it seems like it is just him going a little overboard. Sad to see there is no one screencapping the original SCs he was referring to.

>> No.49338260

I'm not trying to escape reality. I just watch vtubers on the side while I do other stuff like work or eating.

>> No.49338300

>NIJIEN exists
This is a joke right?

>> No.49338320

It's from /swarm/, after the Kiara/Neuro collab was announced he started going crazy, and probabily made that random twitter account to accuse Vedal (Neuro creator) of being a pedo. It is schizo but might be true

>> No.49338327

are there ANY EN holos that would call their viewers friends?

>> No.49338351

It's true but fauna has to take her rage out at someone else for her own fuck up

>> No.49338360
File: 467 KB, 640x426, 46824-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49338372


>> No.49338383

I watch Fauna because she has a great personality, and plays games that I like. I skip her ASMR.

>> No.49338386

I find this worse than a male collab, at least Fubuki will collab with a male professionally but keep the kayfabe and not have a woman moment where the immersion is killed

>> No.49338396

Fauna never had a big yab so the 1%ers are desperate to make something stick. Sadly for them, she gave full context on everything she said, so their shitposting only kind of works if they ignore everything after the first line, which was evident by how hard they tried to stop people from talking about it.

>> No.49338402

Streamers have to come up with responses on the spot. Superchats that intentionally bait them into giving responses that would be offensive are malicious no matter how you look at it.
Also you type like an autistic ESL schizo.

>> No.49338405
File: 146 KB, 1000x1000, 20230208_084948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49338409

She didn't ban him specifically for the contents of that SC though. Unlikely. Cause she did read respond to it. Many saplings in her comments pointed out that guy is a shitstirrer and has caused problems for other Holos. Fauna replied saying she didn't know and probably decided to ban him after that.

>> No.49338426

So true, sis.

>> No.49338431

From the top of my mind, Gura and Bae have done so already, Mumei also doesn't outright say it but hoomans are pretty much her friends

>> No.49338437

Like a moth to the flame

>> No.49338444

i wouldn't believe Gura even if she said it. Bae i could trust. im gonna try watching more Bae
either way im not watching kaira lol

>> No.49338468

as an avid brrat, you'll get used to her voice and zoomer antics.

>> No.49338472

watching the unikeks & saplings trying to defend fauna will never not be funny.
>Noooooo she didn't mean it that way.

>> No.49338496

None of them would outright deny it and that's the part that matters

>> No.49338516

so is Fauna the first?

>> No.49338538

Fauna, mangement, and/or her mods also banned a few of the commenters who voiced disappointment on the vod. So her only making an army of yesmen is I guess how she treats feedback

>> No.49338541

So is Fauna calling them liars? She basically is, isn't she

>> No.49338561


>> No.49338573

Screenshot this

>> No.49338604

Because her antis talk to her directly.

>> No.49338620

Very organic thread

>> No.49338623

I also skip her ASMR because to me she was just "friendly" background noise but you can't pretend spending your time listening to streamer isn't escapism, i just want streamer to be proffesional without speaking obvious things that break my immersion, isn't this the reason why vtubers name their fans by nicknames, to pretend you have some kinship with your fans?

>> No.49338641

Yes and that's why there's a big stink from the 'parasocials' about it. For what it's worth, I don't think some level of parasocial is had and it can't be helped

>> No.49338669

>Superchats that intentionally bait them into giving responses that would be offensive are malicious no matter how you look at it
It is part of the job and it was a 10 dollar SC. The problem with her response is that she got "real" with her fans when the SC didn't ask her to do that. She is either stupid or this thing is on her chest for such a long time she picked a random SC to unload it.

>> No.49338676

do you usually let your irl friends to be fully emotionally attached to you & solely depends on you to be their only source of hapiness? and if this isn't the case you dont consider them as your friends at all?

>> No.49338697

Parasocialism is what allows streamer job to exist without sponsors. Ironic weebs just like to say "parasocialism bad am'rite reddit?"

>> No.49338698

Thanks Fauna for being the Tank this time and suck up the drama sisters. You took one for the team.

>> No.49338705

Ah i see the sisters are still making these very organic threads
Oh well it's been a tough couple weeks for them.
The Zaion stuff, 2%, Selen graduating soon, probably wearing on them pretty hard.

>> No.49338707

>"we're not friends, I'm only here to entertain, you're nothing" to my face. There's a reason the majority of them don't do this and instead tell you (the fan) how they love you and are thankful to you and how much they love spending time with you.
The problem here is that (You) hallucinated the "you're nothing" part, and there is no contradiction between the options you present.

>> No.49338715

Even if the SC asks for that, she should know better than to give her entire audience a ten minute reality check lecture because of one troll.

>> No.49338719
File: 486 KB, 640x639, 1683626471133458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/vt/ never cared if a vtuber had a love interest until Mori donated to Conner's Twitch stream
>/vt/ never cared if a vtuber collabed with Males until Tempus appeared
>/vt/ never cared if a vtuber considered their fans "friends" until Fauna answered the SC about it
Wow, so genuine and totally not fabricated...

>> No.49338731

Yes, she's calling gura, kiara and fbk lying bitches

>> No.49338742

Indirectly, yes

>> No.49338747

Unless you also think that watching sports ball or reality TV is escapism, I can in fact deny watching streamers being escapism.

>> No.49338762

>trap questions aren't a thing bro

>> No.49338786

As long as the parasocialism doesn't lead to harassing/stalking/being creepy then let people live their illusion ffs

>> No.49338853

You first line is already so retarded, why even bother

>> No.49338860

Is this ironic?

>> No.49338866

>and I think it's the same for other streamers too
The most annoying part of her speech is saying that everyone shares her values or is lying

>> No.49338878

Shitting up the catalog is both sides' fault, quit flooding away the generals I actually care about.

>> No.49338881

You’re both helping retard. Now the next few hours they’ll be making fun of you for being a newfriend and all of your points being wrong.

>> No.49338888

no, there's still some issue with what she said in the full context. (not as much as they make it out to be, though.)
it's just kind of an insult to the audience, since it's so obvious. it also goes against her entertainer stance, it's too "real". an entertainer doesn't need to say that.

>> No.49338890

thanks to people like ludwig, that's what most people in the west think parasocial means now

>> No.49338897

troglodyte iq the post
/vt/ cared about all those things but there was no point complaining or speaking about them before the aforementioned incidents occurred. retard. kill yourself

>> No.49338923

As long as vtuber doesn't do gfe it's safe, besides saying things like "we aren't friends" won't stop creeps who think they are already something more.

>> No.49338938


>> No.49338942

>watching sports ball or reality TV is escapism
Yes. You're in denial.

>> No.49338950

No she isn't you retarded schizo
Did all of nijien get suspended or why are you 'people' shitting up the board again?

>> No.49338959

>/vt/ didn't care about aliens nuking our planet until they nuked our planet. Gotcha.

>> No.49338969

Wrost false-flagging ever
Asked to leave the thread

>> No.49338971

And it seems like she just ripped the points from his video and thinks they're applicable to a vtuber 1:1

>> No.49339007

They call it a vacation or a mental health break.

>> No.49339024

Exactly, it was pointless to say and disillusion the harmless fans that did think of her as a friend

>> No.49339044

In that case I’d argue you’ve muddled the definition of escapism to the point that it’s completely lost its effectiveness as a descriptor for human activities.

>> No.49339084

She literally said other streamers are the same

>> No.49339096

Well Niji fan sure need a vacation at this point, from life that is

>> No.49339104

>I shouldn't be friends with my fans as Fauna because friends fight and stuff and I only want to show them my best side
Yeah sure what a huge issue

>> No.49339129
File: 201 KB, 463x453, 1683957573782369.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go back to your drama-seeking discord and stay off this board.

>> No.49339132
File: 2.55 MB, 1920x1080, 1666245703781754.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just calls everyone husband and kisses them
>no one is mad, everyone is happy
Others could learn from her

>> No.49339154

>>/vt/ never cared if a vtuber had a love interest until Mori donated to Conner's Twitch stream
1. Not true. I fucked you're oshi (yeah, me) was a meme.
2. Look at where Mori is now.
>>/vt/ never cared if a vtuber collabed with Males until Tempus appeared
1. Not true. Look at the archive. Homobeggar is a term predates vt.
2. Look at where Tempus and Kronii are now.
>>/vt/ never cared if a vtuber considered their fans "friends" until Fauna answered the SC about it
1. Not true. People wanted companionship from streamer even before vtubers exists. Most importantly Fauna is hypocritical for giving that speech considering you know what.
2. You know the drill. We will see if it is "totally fabricated" few months down the line.

>> No.49339167

Proof next thread?

>> No.49339179

Sorry I don't want others to get in trouble and make apology streams because they traced art.

>> No.49339218

>60 posters
>389 replies
really made me think
(clicked update)
>60 posters
>394 replies

>> No.49339231

Just because 1-2 random schizos posted it doesn't mean it was the board mentality.

>> No.49339233

watch it

>> No.49339275

The entire thread is people arguing with each other
If you have to think that hard, you may have brain damage

>> No.49339301

All me btw

>> No.49339305


>> No.49339308
File: 1.89 MB, 498x230, hololive-hololive-en.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We did it, bros! We defended HoloEN from the NijiEN menace!

>> No.49339315


you retards are silly. just end the nuke this thread already.

>> No.49339325

You know, adding le random chuba pngs really doesn't strengthen your point when it's retarded, quite the opposite actually

>> No.49339337

Ok, now what? She literally says "and this goes for every streamer I think"
Imagine being someone like Okayu or Koyori or Lamy and then Fauna comes along and tries to speak on behalf of you about your relationship with your fans

>> No.49339344

Does this look like 1-2 random schizos for you?


Look at how many of the replies there are. Does it look like 1-2 people samefagging to you?

>> No.49339358

No you don't you parasocialist fucks

>> No.49339373

>She said that you shouldn't expect to ever have a chance to actually be with her and that nothing would come from it but you're free to gachikoi for her.
How is that different?
>you shouldn't make your entire happiness in life depend solely on her streaming and being there and that you need to find other things that make you happy as well.
>That's not even remotely the same.
Yes, yes it is. People apparently acting that way is literally the exact reason Ludwig had to do his speech in the first place.

>> No.49339387

Oh hey it's you seachama, welcome back musta got hit with a 24 hour huh

>> No.49339395
File: 1.08 MB, 1535x1800, 1683943283222423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't care, will keep doing it

>> No.49339404

how is that relevant to the audience?

>> No.49339405
File: 136 KB, 551x272, 6bf8e8b44bb5efc6453562cebb1b0d5b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49339410

Yeah I don't care if fauna broke friendship keyfabe with her fans personally but with that statement she's saying my oshi(gura) is a liar too

>> No.49339420

All me

>> No.49339440

>Does this look like 1-2 random schizos for you?
Yes, and you are especially schizoid.

>> No.49339446

Saving your own thread omegaKEK. These niggers keeping track of their shitpost to turn it in for foodstamp or something.

>> No.49339448

You'll keep being retarded?

>> No.49339454

How do people as stupid as you even exist? I really ponder how your brain functions if you think what Marine said is the same as "we're not friends".

>> No.49339463

funniest ESL shit

>> No.49339472

Sure, find a clip where she she says that she's your friend

>> No.49339508

Quite ironic when you try to reduce Fauna's entire 10 minute rant to that single phrase.

>> No.49339520

Nope, look to me like Nijinigger desperate enough to resort to wumao now

>> No.49339521

Based greybud outing himself

>> No.49339523

holy rent free, return to /pol/

>> No.49339525

Please stop trying. You can tell these people the sky is blue, and they'll tell you "ACTUALLY IT'S SPAGHETTI COLOURED YOU RACIST"

>> No.49339536
File: 813 KB, 763x675, 1683641430008316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know you are, but what am I?

>> No.49339556

It's like a hot dog stand telling you how the sausage is made and grossing you out while eating it.

>> No.49339565

Saplings are getting more and more deranged by day.

>> No.49339584

Most retarded take in this entire thread.

>> No.49339597

Oh I hit a spot

>> No.49339601

it goes against the distance she wants to maintain as an entertainer, dumbass. breaks "character", as it were.

>> No.49339617

Case in point.

>> No.49339630

Never said I was, do you have the clip? I'm genuinely curious, no hard feelings

>> No.49339636

>food analogy

>> No.49339637

Evidently a nigger.

>> No.49339640

If you want her to be real like that, would you also want her to go "uh I'm not actually mother nature" and then go on to describe how she's just a normal human woman from x city playing a character for Cover?
That's how dumb you sound if you try to claim that being more real is always good

>> No.49339647

No. It is more like a prostitute telling you that you can never be lovers and ask you to go find someone to get a meaningful relationship, after taking the money you gave.

>> No.49339676

I hope she collabs with a male.

>> No.49339679

425 replies
Damn Fauna sure is popular

>> No.49339700

Hey, I had to get it in here

>> No.49339739

why did she even say it?

>> No.49339769 [DELETED] 

wasn't* ups

>> No.49339775
File: 313 KB, 486x420, 1683820277388741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't (You) me, retard.

>> No.49339781


>> No.49339782

It's because there isn't a good agreed on term for relationships between streamer and audience as an alternative. So without that it does seem like it does make people insecure. Plus the fact that being "parasocial" has only negative connotations for the majority of people in the hobby. Some people like to use the word friend really easily, but for others someone you talk to regularly or share hobbies with doesn't fit that definition.

>> No.49339801

western woman moment, unable to let people just be happy and rake in the money for a few years

>> No.49339802

Yeah not to mention all the forbidden stuff that I can't say here but if she said them on stream then even some of the saplings defending her for this would leave

>> No.49339810


>> No.49339813

she's retarded

>> No.49339827


>> No.49339828
File: 28 KB, 227x222, 1683760201520080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know you are, but what am I?

>> No.49339833

We don't have women on this site able to decrypt her thoughts, only trannies

>> No.49339853

fuck you

>> No.49339864

>Damn Fauna sure is popular
>Just because 1-2 random schizos posted it doesn't mean it was the board mentality.

There is actually double think happening in their head right now. Fauna being too real actually gave them brain damage.

>> No.49339871

Pseud Woman moment

>> No.49339876

Yo include me in the screenshot, I need to get my foodstamp

>> No.49339884

It's a nothingburger. /vt/ drama-queens are blowing it way out of proportions.

>> No.49339886

Funny how they say this shit after they have already secured money and a stable following.

>> No.49339906

>some of the saplings defending her for this would leave
We both know they wouldn't.

>> No.49339905
File: 209 KB, 352x381, pngaaa.com-2655195.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's no point in arguing about it, the people causing problems are legitimately insanely mentally unwell. Its pretty obvious Fauna's overall message was basically "Hey, I'm just an entertainer, I'm not a substitute for personal interaction". Only someone who is insanely unwell would take offense to this. And people who do take offense are actually just one step away from outright schizophrenia.

>> No.49339924

>streamers cannot be friends with their fans
>you should never get close to a streamer you're a fan of

Kinda ironic coming from Fauna considering she's a huge Gura fan..

>> No.49339930

Yep no way she'd have the guts to say this near debut

>> No.49339933

Her actual personality slipped in

>> No.49339936

why hasn't gura said anything like this then? oh right, she doesn't stream

>> No.49339944

>I have le sekrit knowledge
Anon please. Call Fauna a retard all you want but at least don't sound like a chuuni middlschooler.

>> No.49339950

Yeah, I'm sure you think you're the majority on this board because you spam your "opinions" all day.

>> No.49339953 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.21 MB, 4000x3000, 16839971765704004626026094463324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also evidently 10.

>> No.49339982

You sure found a convenient way to transform her 10 minute lecture into something different that sounds kinda acceptable. Impressive cope skills.

>> No.49339999

Surreee, ironic coming from you and your wumao army kek

>> No.49340008

I really doubt that. Maybe some hardline simps would stay but for most it would be crossing the line. This isn't VShojo

>> No.49340020

Ideas planted in her head fished out by well crafted bait

>> No.49340026

It's relevant because it's what her autistic little mind thinks about friendship and it provides context to everything she said. Without it you might as well be splicing her words into a youtube poop.
It doesn't matter how many times you samefag and post on cooldown, it will never change the fact that all she said was in good faith. You will never get these gift cards.

>> No.49340045
File: 43 KB, 622x709, 1663999977970471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>400+ posts in less than two hours
>64 IPs
At this point it's not even tourists anymore, it's literally the same schizos trying way too hard

>> No.49340060

Quite a convenient way to say you have no rebuttal. Genuinely Impressive cope skills.

>> No.49340062
File: 278 KB, 785x1097, (you).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49340067

Gura gets close to her fans? I thought she's been avoiding them for the past 10 months.

>> No.49340070

I'd say Bae, but she unironically flew to JP to take Roberu's cock for a week

>> No.49340108

Between this >>49339218 and now
>64 posters
>468 replies
3 more IPs (plus my own), 72 more posts in the 18 minutes that passed.

Really really made me thing.

>> No.49340111

Gura wouldn't say this even if did she stream. She's smarter than this

>> No.49340112

If you mean the 2-3 schizo saplings in here who each made 50+ posts defending her then yeah

>> No.49340114

I admire their dedication. Sadly its going to waste

>> No.49340146


>> No.49340165

Hah, thanks for doxxing yourself. From your hand print, I've pinpointed your address and I'm coming over there as we speak. Prepare yourself for the storm, fucker.

>> No.49340199

There are 2-3 cucklings and around 5-6 antis (including me) going back and forth

>> No.49340213

>Finally understanding how /vt/ drama shit flinging works
Unironically numberfags, who are also dramafags, trying to stir the pot with Fauna because Zaion's return stream was a fuckhuge let down and nijisanji apology video

>> No.49340227

>smarter than this


>> No.49340243

It's almost like people are having arguments on a heated topic. Not to mention the occasional retard like you contributing nothing

>> No.49340270

>the superchat asked if saplings are friends or simps
>she ranted about the friend thing
>therefore she must think everyone are simps! KWAB!
Are we really all going to keep pretending as if she actually read out the superchat? Because she didn't, and the """logical""" deduction here (it's not actually logical btw) is dependent on that context. So, yes, unironically only the troll is hurt in the first place, VOD viewers who don't come /here/ would have no basis at all to reach your already strained conclusion.

>> No.49340274

>shifting blame

>> No.49340276

>many IPs
"Wow tourists! We don't care what tourists think!"
>less IPs
"Wow same schizo samefagging so we don't need to care about what they say!"

It is almost like you are trying to look away to other things than looking right at where the problem is.

>> No.49340284

There is only 1 anti against 64 rational human beings.

>> No.49340296

Explain the matter to me using DBZ as an allegory

>> No.49340318

Gura might be dumb with her ghosting but you gotta admit she would never say anything of this sort

>> No.49340332

All me

>> No.49340350
File: 1.80 MB, 4000x3000, 16839974952419209456470755284350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bring it on faggot

>> No.49340355

Yeah, just shitposting. Honestly, Gura deserves the credit for never getting into yabs like this.

>> No.49340374

Do you ever wonder what the psychological reason is behind people always attempting to find some scapegoat to blame for anything?
Like I obviously saw a lot of different people unhappy with how Fauna handled this SC and how she went on such an unnecessary speech over it, yet if you were to believe others here every single one of them HAS to be a fan from some other company trying to deflect or some falseflagging anti or whatnot.

It cannot possibly be that maybe some of these are just normal holo viewers who didn't like that.

>> No.49340405

It's like Goku stopping mid fight and telling you that it's all scripted for him to be the hero and you shouldn't idolize him and that he's just a plot device for entertainment

>> No.49340416

>no hands
Damn. I should call you an African American or else it would be real racism.

>> No.49340455

Vegeta does Final Flash while simultaneously saying that Ki attacks are not real right to the audience.

>> No.49340477

Retarded saplings trying to cope and downplay it even though they never showed this same energy for ame or kronii

>> No.49340505

I've already shown my hands, why do you want to see them again? Are you perhaps enthralled by my aryan white milk-coloured hands?

>> No.49340545

>dramafags literally jumping on any iota of shit from anywhere to blame
>Some are so bad they spam post the same image on /#/ as well
>s-stop shifting blame!
No one cares about your top viewer count faggot

>> No.49340561

>even though they never showed this same energy for ame or kronii
Why would saplings defend ame or kronii?

>> No.49340599
File: 854 KB, 233x242, 1670247978971362.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not even bothering to hide that they're arguing with themselves

>> No.49340600

It's like if Doc stops administering his medicine to Vegeta just to tell him he's not actually a doctor.

>> No.49340603

This is like if sesame street or dora the explorer or Mr.Roger gave you a speech about why they aren't actually your friends

>> No.49340617

Seeth more Niji sister

>> No.49340652

Exactly, it's only about downplaying Fauna, not pointing out supposed 1% deflection

>> No.49340667

Hi how ya do dont mind me just bump the thread to limit

>> No.49340670
File: 73 KB, 1024x1390, hand-of-african-american-man-with-open-palm-on-white-background-2ARWHNR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Black people often have white palms and soles.

>> No.49340680

My girlfriend just sucked my dick.

>> No.49340688

You're doing the same thing.

>> No.49340731

>It cannot possibly be that maybe some of these are just normal holo viewers who didn't like that.
Who is denying that? There were some saplings who were hurt. A few long term members also criticized her in her comment section. But that isn't representative of the entire fanbase and pretending otherwise is retarded. And whatever she said, regardless of your opinion on it, doesn't warrant 20 catalog threads.

>> No.49340736

How was it?

>> No.49340784

Post your palm, then I'm posting my whole hand. Deal?

>> No.49340796

She sucks at it because she's new. But eh, whatever, I'm happy I have her.

>> No.49340800

Fauna don't look!
Mr. Rogers is a liar!

>> No.49340804

These past days are pretty good psychological lessons.

Saplings said they don't care and yet they come to these thread every time.
Saplings said it is blown out of proportion and yet they are analyzing each word she said to find any way to back peddle what she said.
Saplings said it doesn't affect the enjoyment of watching her stream and yet they feel the need to correct the shitposters about it.
Saplings said it is nijiniggers deflecting towards Fauna and yet they are the one who deflected to nijinigger in the Fauna's yab thread while no mention of Fauna in niji 2% threads
Saplings said it is a manufactured drama and yet they are the ones that are posting it the most.

When all else failed they can just call you an ESL, dramawhore or nijinigger.

>> No.49340805

>Let's be real tonight kids, I'm just an actor, god you know how little they pay me to act this nice? Not nearly fucking enough *lights up a cig* I'm so tired of your shitters' dumb ass letters you send me

>> No.49340807

>my coworkers, who are forced to share physical space with me for several hours a day, don't deliberately act like assholes to me
>this is "workplace kayfabe" and they are pretending to be my friends
Holy shit. Meds onegai. This probably has a lot to do with how (You) retards fall into parasocial behavioral patterns so easily. Yeah, sometimes being an adult means dealing with assholes, but basic courtesy is not goddamn friendship. Quit acting so desperate.

>> No.49340856
File: 110 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any sapling that isn't into femdom isn't a true sapling.

>> No.49340885

wtf the old times were weird, how dare they let him get parasocial with his fans

>> No.49340921

Take your meds, schizo.

>> No.49340948

I respect a sapling that goes "yeah I know, but it turns me on if she treats me like this" more than one that tries to deny that she said these things like the ones we had in this thread

>> No.49340984

Cool post, alexander.

>> No.49341024

>comparing to Fauna to an actual pedophile
A bold strategy

>> No.49341040

>while no mention of Fauna in niji 2% threads
This pretty much confirms it isn't some deflection conspiracy and it doesn't make sense since it's a company issue vs a talent. Saplings just can't admit Fauna fucked up

>> No.49341087

Proof? I don't think chumbuds were around then
Go back to twitter

>> No.49341131

This thread better get 1000 posts or everyone here is a bitch ass nigger

>> No.49341185

fauna's Minecraft vod has 800 comments

>> No.49341243

>they think this is relevant somehow
Touch grass.

>> No.49341292

Leave it to absolutely braindead two-digit IQ monkeys to employ their twitch lingo

>> No.49341325

This make me realized I am one of the retards that post on 4chan 24/7 shitposting about vtuber...

>> No.49341428

Fans are allowed to vent their frustration

>> No.49341435

For my part I’ve defended both Ame and Kronii on the catalog, over a bunch of equally as retarded nothingburgers.

>> No.49341451


>> No.49341482

Kronii is an actually bad person though

>> No.49341501

Don't pretend anyone mad about this 'yab' ever even watched Fauna before
You're all just a bunch nijiniggers trying to taint Hololive's image

>> No.49341517

Nice try Alexander

>> No.49341522


>> No.49341567

>another "every single person who doesn't like this is x" post

>> No.49341589

Thank you anon I didn't realized it until now.
But yeah, watching them try is hilarious though

>> No.49341676

How dare he make people feel happy by calling them his friends
Meanwhile with Fauna:
>Ackshually we aren't friends

>> No.49341704

This is sweeping people who were upset by it under the rug.
People not being unhappy about it is real. What isn't real is the niggers acting like she said that she hated her fans and that it's the end of Fauna's career.

>> No.49341716

>while no mention of Fauna in niji 2% threads
What fucking reality have you been living in? They've been mentioning Fauna every chance they can get.

>> No.49341763

*not being happy

>> No.49341786

>over an hour ago
Board seems kinda slow today...

>> No.49341796

I miss Mr. Rogers.

>> No.49341804

I am by no mean a Fauna viewer as I only watch Myth and JP, these niggers unironically made me check out her stream and watch her with how they can not shut up about her.

>> No.49341838

Look, I'm sorry that you don't actually understand what the word "friend" means, but that isn't my fault.

>> No.49341841

>This is sweeping people who were upset by it under the rug.
Good, sweep all those faggots under the rug. They don't deserve to be called saplings.

>> No.49341898

>A true sapling would be HAPPY about this reality check, in fact they'd want many more!

>> No.49341908

Stealth /uuu/ at this point

>> No.49341927

Parasocials need to be purged from the Hololive fanbase already. Gura should say this too and help Fauna out

>> No.49341931

Oh so you have no business being here and need to fuck off? Got it.

>> No.49341932

If you put flags and IDs on people here I think the amount of SEA would be incredible

>> No.49341969

Sis this is 4chan, I can be anywhere I want

>> No.49342027
File: 209 KB, 1844x303, Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 13-42-50 _vt_ - Virtual Youtubers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you ever SEEN how saplings behave?

>> No.49342053

So the opposite way?

>> No.49342077

If you rid everyone out of parasocial behaviour not only they would be purged but vtubbing as a job as well.

>> No.49342176

They don't post that because they actually feel sad. They get off to it.

>> No.49342189

actually yes, that swede cuckxiem fag went on break "for mental health" reasons, that might be what's causing this, or maybe it's Vox "numberfag" coomer getting sub 10k for a karaoke, nijifags are living in a perpetual state of seething

>> No.49342352

>false-flaggers with ulterior motives
hmmmm couldnt be you OP

>> No.49342367

That explains it
Fucking losers