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Pros outweigh the cons guys. Best way to connect the east and west too.

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But anon, Vshojo vtubers commission and pay for their own avatars.

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She already said she doesn't plan on joining another agency, drop it

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>She already said she doesn't plan on joining another agency,
for now

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Miori Celesta left her company, went indie and joined a different one a month later. Yogiri wasn't sure that she'd reincarnate and she decided to later. Veibae said she'd never join a company but joined VShojo. People change their minds, and VShojo would give her the creative freedom that she thrives in.

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now that's a high effort falseflag

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Yeah, it's not like these has ever been a case of the haters going after the person even after they moved to another company and harassing her till she quit.
And of course, other companies are just waiting to welcome her in because she has such a generic voice that no one would recognise.
And even if she did get recognized, other chuuba groups have such massive fan followings that they would be perfectly be ok to be harassed by the chinks, right?

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I'm still waiting for conclusive proof that vshojo isn't a CN honeypot.
All of vshojo publicly denouncing China and everybody from there would be acceptable.

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and every idiot in this thread see >>4931916

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>we will not attack anyone other than Kiryu Coco
that didn't age well

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People who think Coco will reincarnate are in the "bargaining" stage of griefing. You need to prepare yourself for the possibility that she's getting a job not related to vtubing and she may only tube as kson as a hobby on her free time.

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They might even want to prepare for her not being "Coco" long either as the Chankoro already know that identity too. She will soon have to leave the scene entirely

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Vshojo is already full of schizo targeted undesirables, that's basically their group identity. What's the worst Zhangs can do, leave mean comments? The average Tuesday for Vshojo is someone spamming doxx in chat with bots, harassment towards family members, someone taking a piss on a dead family member's grave, someone reminding you that you're going to be dead from Mexican AIDS in a year, and telling you that your cat deserved to die because you are a cheating whore. Zhang is powerless.

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Yogiri is back?

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Indie would be the best thing cause everyone knows her second account and she doesn't have to deal with giving a company a cut

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Or she can grown her old channel and see where that goes instead of joining another agency and potentially bringing the bug men after her would be new friends.
That's even if the harassment will still be an issue now that she's leaving.

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Her design as Coco stays with Hololive

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Coco only shine when she take care of other, she have that mother instinct. Asacoco was Coco watches every other girls find every of their cuteness and present it to the world like a mother proud of her children. It is not strange when Kanata who lacks of motherly love naturally attracted to Coco.
Vshojo are Westerners, they have that "muh brave and stunning", they will refuse that kind of help and Coco will not be better than when she is an indie if not worse.

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The fact that you don't even know where she streams (else you wouldn't be talking as if the spam is an issue) tells me you know shit about the the issues at hand. Go watch her member streams.

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This makes sense to be honest

>Froot's cat deserved to die
I don't think anyone said that, anon.

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old model was incredibly superior

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But anon, Coco/KSON has her own 3D Avatar already and she's probably not a poorfag after being literally one of the biggest stars in Hololive.

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True it was peak gap moe. This one is just more moe.

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She has a $9000 bed.

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I will make her my sugar mommy

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I don’t care if she join this, I just hope that she create a lore so that coco can get reincarnated into a new avatar, I dont think cover has the right to her silly dragon form drawing so if she make a lore with that to show coco is still there just in a new form then I would be happy. Using a new avatar out of nowhere wouldn’t sit right with me. Kyon will never be gintoki even if they share the same VA. I want coco. Kind of funny that she isn’t even my favorite in the holo girls but her leaving make me become disillusioned with the whole thing that I am in a state of wanting to give up vtuber all together and watching only anime again, kinda shocking.

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At least she won't be a Nijinigger cause they suck ChingChong cock also but Vwhorejo is terrible, she could just fucking stay as Kson
She is mostly leaving for the sake of the others I guess so no point in dragging the chinks to other companies

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While it's objectively better than Hololive or Niji at this point, I doubt she wants to be tied down to a company again. Hololive also gave a lot of freedom when she debut but as time went on, more and more restrictions piled on which is a large part of why she's leaving, and this is true of every company. Things are great and free in the beginning but then YABs start causing problems and the market or the regulations change, and so restrictions start piling on.

As for why she may not want to join VShojo in particular, she currently lives in JP, her primary streaming language is JP, the bulk of her fanbase is JP, it would be a strange for her to join a primarily EN group. There is also the fact that they're all on Twitch and her existing fanbase is on YT. That said, it seems she might be migrating to a JP Twitch equivalent called Mildom, so that might be where she ultimately ends up if YT continues to be too restrictive of an environment for her. We will see though, I don't expect her to get the sort of numbers required to stay afloat there since her EN fanbase is unlikely to follow her there.

Finally, there is also the fact that she has indicated that she wants to do things rather than streaming in particular. I even recall she said at one point that she applied to Hololive without the intention of streaming but got pushed into the role because she had experience and they wanted to use her to reach the EN audience. With that in mind, even once Coco retires, I don't expect a whole lot more activity on her personal account, maybe move to 2-3 streams per week to pay the bills, but I don't expect her to be nearly as prolific as she was with Coco.

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Her alt account is already at 450k subs. It has gained like 200k new subs in a matter of days.

She would be INSANE to join an agency and have to give up 30% of her income, when she can just manage herself and keep 100%

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>relevant to anything
>in any way

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Just like in the world world: any IP created while working as a direct agent of a company, belongs to said company.

If you write a bunch of computer code while on company time and on a company computer, then newsflash: that code belongs to the company, not you.

Similarly the silly dragon likely belongs to Cover since it was created on company time.

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The whole point of Vshojo was protection for litteraly the most hated vtubers (Mel was literally getting hit on mainstream media), i'm pretty sure they are used to this kind of stuff and wouldn't mind welcoming in coco.
Also fuck Zhang are they so delusional they genuinely believe the whole idol company and Yagoo's dream joke? the whole thing pretty much started as a spontaneous stunt from Sora and a corporate plot to sell cover's shitty software

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>VShojo would give her the creative freedom that she thrives in.
more creative freedom than being entirely independent with not even a label over your head that informs peoples expectations?

>> No.4937337

We follow her

T. Amerimutte Redditors

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I must saviourfag.

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Kaichou will be the largest indie. Trading that to be another corporate slave would be dumb. Her content does not even need any corporate work unlike in Holo where they setup concerts, ad deals, etc.

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I agree, this cringy whore should be put into containment with other such whores.

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yeah, remember Nobohime, me neither lol

>> No.4939698

She's going to be streaming primarily in Japanese, I think, and has said she won't join a company besides Hololive. She won't become a member of Vshojo's official roster, but will for sure be a regular collab partner and be in that 'unofficial member' slot like Haruka, Snuffy, Nux, etc

>> No.4939768

Say hello to VOMS's newest member.

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Some people don't seem to understand that vtubers don't need to belong to agencies. That's not a rule or requirement. Shigure Ui and Inuyama Tamaki for example have no use for agencies (in Tamaki's case, she created her own agency and started producing her own vtubers). Neither would Coco, if she decided to reincarnate. It's not even normal in general for youtubers to be part of an agency, let alone have their character be owned by that agency.

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She's not interested in those western whores

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Jesus christ, do your reps

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Coco joined Hololive to get friends and she will have them no matter if she's a member or not. Shojowhores don't interact with each other irl afaik, they're not real friends it's mostly about convenience I don't think she would be interested even if she likes Melody.

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Why the fuck do people keep begging for Coco to "reincarnate"? Do they seriously not know what else she does? Some loyal Coco fans they are.

>> No.4940561

>Shojowhores don't interact with each other irl afaik, they're not real friends it's mostly about convenience
Stop talkong about shit you don't know anything about and stop believing retarded rrats you read about vshojo on /vt/.
Literally watch any Vshojo collab, they talk about shit they did together off-stream all the time. Watch Ironmouse's birthday VOD. Vshojo is a group of friends.

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People know but the roommate isn't a vtuber. Occasionally streaming with a 3D avatar doesn't count.

>> No.4940634

I'm pretty sure being part of any big company would mean she have to get permissions for the games and such and slutjo have no experience with the Japanese market or contacts etc. they're pretty useless even if Gunrun doesn't take too much for himself.

>> No.4940661

I've did and she couldn't name a single one of them other than Melody when asked, also said that she's closer with the Japanese audience and Vtuber culture is special in Japan.

>> No.4940675

She could be a full time chuuba if she wanted

>> No.4940698

Not "irl" because they live far apart, but they're very close and do things together online when they're not streaming. Mouse can't have irl contact anyway.

>> No.4940827

>KSON almost at half a million subs
Why the fuck would she need to join another agency? She'll already be doing better than basically all of vshojo once she can focus on kson full time.

>> No.4941161

Vshojo basically consists of popular indies who banded together to make getting collabs and sponsorships easier withour getting tied down by corpo bullshit like restrictions on stream content or having your avatar and identity tied to your agency contract. Basically the only thing Gunrun has asked them to do is to stop retweeting NSFW art on their main account if they want easier access to sponsorships. Melody, Ironmouse and Nyanners each had hundreds of thousands of followers when they joined (I'm not sure about Veibae but she was inclining pretty hard before joining too). It's a pretty comfy setup.

>> No.4941365

>the only thing
thats wrong tho. after the last streams they were also told they arnt allowed to post porn and cursed images like dorses and goatse in the general chat of the companies discord anymore.

>> No.4941376

No one cares about your whore agency anon

>> No.4941450

coco is a perfect fit for vshojo. They can say and do whatever they want.

>> No.4941483

But anon, Coco is a literal millionaire who can commission a dozen new avatars for herself if she wants.

>> No.4941523

fuck, i'm suprised they haven't left

>> No.4941572

Imagine hiring girls and they post Goatse in the company discord you set up.

>> No.4941598

I was referring to OP's dumb image where he implies Vshojo would pay for it. I seriously doubt Coco is an actual millionaire though, unless she's swimming in sponsorship money. Cover, YT and taxes basically eat all her stream income.

>> No.4941791

People are suspecting that Mel could be helping Coco set up her own agency rather than joining Vshojo, the two agencies will just happen to be close and Coco's will be modelled on Vshojo. Coco has vaguely implied that she wants to do her own thing for a while, even pre-Zhang due to Hololive being restrictive.

>> No.4941816

I could see this happening. Basically a jp Vshojo.

>> No.4941844

Fuck off, VShits. You should all be hung.

>> No.4941907

You can't just write your own vtuber fanfiction and then preface it with "people are suspecting" to give it credibility

>> No.4942159

So it's "indies banding together" or Gunrun's project?

>> No.4942213

gunrun is the whipping boy the indies hired, along with mowtendoo

>> No.4942517

>due to Hololive being restrictive.
Fuck you

>> No.4942530

Didn't Vei get a special deal though? I remember her saying Vshojo only handles her merch and collabs.

>> No.4942537

Vshitjo consists of whores who couldn't make the cut for hololive

>> No.4942611

That applies to everyone in Vshojo.

>> No.4942812

>an established vtuber as the company director
This would be the best outcome for the future of the chuubas industry. Hololive will have to upped their game (and fix gura's rhombus) if they don't want to lose their talent to kiryu agency

>> No.4943603

When I think about cover as a company for some reason I think about digitrexv.

>> No.4943653

No fuck you bug man.

>> No.4943749

Go back fucking election tourist

>> No.4946624

VShojo fag here: They definitely did.

>> No.4946856

I think they're referring to Coco not being allowed mods pre-zhang.

>> No.4947467

That's because they were doing it in the company's discord where other employees who played no part of the collab saw what was going on in full view. While it was funny for them to react to Froot seeing what they'd posted it could easily be considered sexual harassment since it was extremely pornographic. That same shit anywhere else would have gotten you instantly canned but here it was just "please don't post that in the company's chat".

>> No.4947594

he's joking

praying for a cure for autism today as well

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She behaves like a subhuman sometimes but its not enough for her to join Vshit

Come on

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I don't think she would join Vshojo. They can deal with Western antis, but Chinese antis are far crazier, as we found out, so there should be a really big incentive for them to take her on board. But Coco won't really bring anything to the group, she's a Japanese vtuber first and foremost, and she doesn't even operate on Twitch. So none of them will get anything from this partnership, other than a whole lot of trouble.

>> No.4948095

I don't think the chinese antis would be able to do too much. Twitch has far better tools to deal with spam than youtube and if anyone is used to dealing with harassment on the internet it's fucking Nyanners.
I fully agree with Coco not bringing anything to the group and not getting anything from it though. At best I can see Coco creating a jp company that will occasionally collab with Vshojo.

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Are they? A bunch of VShojo girls were assaulted by 100,000+ bots each a couple months back and it was resolved in a month.

>> No.4951501

Most of VShojo doesn't really need to be there either. I do agree her starting her own company, or group (which would have more freedom than an agency) would probably suit her better. VShojo is also more EOP-oriented, unless they wanted to start targeting the Japanese audience too.

>> No.4955147

>Coco's irreverent ironic humor is intrinsically western
>going from the token bilingual in hololive to the token bilingual in Vshoujo is a lateral move
>western fanbase loves (to hate) her aready
>would legitimize Vshoujo as a player in the global marketplace and bring along her dedicated jp fanbase
>could even bring triangle along because the west still loves triangle

Coco and Aloe seemingly mesh so well with the Vshoujo brand it's horrifying how much sense a move to Vshoujo would make.

Veibae herself has literally and unironically already become western Aloe. Lewd horni debil? Cast aside by hololive? Hated by her own target demographic for being a turboslut? I didn't realize until the spell was broken that they're THE EXACT SAME PERSON. Absolutely and uncomfortably mindblowing.

>> No.4955351
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>> No.4955413

reminder that ironmouse was a vtuber before sora and hololive existed, retard holocuck

>> No.4956786

Most of them make more money that a lot of Holos with way more freedom and room for growth and don't have to split it with a corpo that leaves them with 30%. 10k subs is what most seem to have and that's over 20k or more a month depending on their contract and that's before bits, streamlabs, and revenue from other sources like Youtube and merch. All that money goes to them, and if they're in Texas like Zentreya there's no state tax cucking you. They're definitely better off than most Holos are.

>> No.4956889

her twitch activity only goes back to 2018 and afaik there's no proof she was using model then, so that sounds like bullshit

>> No.4956898

>twitch is the only streaming platform

>> No.4956924

Coco's roommate avatar was made with Koikatsu. A hentai "build your fuckdoll" game. She does not own the game, so her avatar isn't really hers if you twist the legalities.

>> No.4957092

why would Coco join another company let alone the fake whores that trash talk Hololive

>> No.4957212

So there's proof that you'll share, right?

>> No.4957273

If you care that much do your reps.

>> No.4957751

so its bullshit, good to know

>> No.4958226

Do you not know how to even check a wiki?

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>so its bullshit, good to know

>> No.4958502


>> No.4958578

>someone taking a piss on a dead family member's grave
no fucking way

>> No.4958592

the Holos are more popular than ever and some of the top superchat earners, they do give Cover a cut but its not like they are left with pennies cause its still a shitload of money and all the merch/music profit goes directly to them on top of sponsored deals they make like if a company wants to use their avatar in a game or pay them to advertise a game and event

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>he doesn't know

>> No.4958754

This, why is it even something people bother speculating

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Why the fuck would Coco join another agency when her roommates youtube got 240k subs in 3 days? She is almost at 500k subs already, and will probably reach 1mi again by the end of the year.
There is no merit for her to join this literal who twitch group. There is even a fucking man in Vshojo.

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>Why the fuck would Coco join another agency when her roommates youtube got 240k subs in 3 days? She is almost at 500k subs already, and will probably reach 1mi again by the end of the year.
>There is no merit for her to join this literal who twitch group. There is even a fucking man in Vshojo.

>> No.4958920

>someone reminding you that you're going to be dead from Mexican AIDS in a year
someone seriously did that? how fucked in the head do you have to be to pick on ironmouse? people exist who are so mentally weak that they have to pick on the most physically frail person they could find on the internet?

>> No.4958983

>defending vshojo whores

>> No.4958994

>There is even a fucking man in Vshojo
Wait they hired a fucking tranny?

>> No.4959016 [DELETED] 
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>>defending vshojo whores

>> No.4959074

heh heh if I post these it will make vshojo look bad...

>> No.4959165
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>> No.4959196

That's cause she's creating her own agency. Kaichou will become an actual kaichou.

>> No.4959291

Zentreya is a man not a tranny I think

>> No.4959309

As if cover is any better at this point.

>> No.4959334

>getting mad about people defending vshojo in a shojo thread

>> No.4960262

Subs don't equal viewers. Look at Gura. It's people being reactionary and swarming to the account, they don't even realize the content is still pretty different even if her personality is pretty close. She's so much lower energy and chill there

>> No.4960378

They're some of the top Superchat owners, but I've constantly heard about 30% goes to them. They also don't own their avatar or IP, so they likely make less from sponsorship deals even still. While I don't think VShojos are making millions, I'm still inclined to believe they're taking home more than anyone aside from the top Holos.

>> No.4960867

Nah. She should go indie.
She probably has a bad taste in her mouth in terms of working with an agency.
I feel like she wants to be able to do her own thing and not need permission

>> No.4960989

The money from membership, subs, music and merchandise stuff is all theirs with the cut from superchat going to Cover
I would assume with paid sponsorship stuff and using the likeness of their character both would make money especially if they have to say some paid promotion type of shit other people who take AD deals do yet I dont really know if that's the case

>> No.4961136 [DELETED] 
File: 1.07 MB, 3508x2480, __kiryu_coco_elira_pendora_and_zentreya_hololive_and_3_more_drawn_by_qtini__c45dbc93ae9b6023d0529ee8ec110fcd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ever if she was considering joining another agency (which she isn't), wouldn't she have to move to an American timezone so she could capture the English audience and have collabs with the other members at non-ungodly hours? [Spoiler]Is she even a US citizen?[/Spoiler]

>> No.4961201
File: 1.07 MB, 3508x2480, __kiryu_coco_elira_pendora_and_zentreya_hololive_and_3_more_drawn_by_qtini__c45dbc93ae9b6023d0529ee8ec110fcd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ever if she was considering joining another agency (which she isn't), wouldn't she have to move to an American timezone so she could capture the English audience and have collabs with the other members at non-ungodly hours? Is she even a US citizen?

>> No.4962286

Can someone tell me about the taiwan incident? please no holo bugmen responses.

>> No.4962350

>coco and haachama numberfag and check where superchats are coming from
>show flag of taiwan because bugs can't stop using taiwan vpns to send superchats

>> No.4962444

She wouldn't have to since Hime lives in Japan as well. I don't think she'll join just pointing out that where she lives isn't a hurdle.

>> No.4962501

kson just gained 2-3k subs within 2 hours. Why the fuck would you join a fucking agency when you can take all of the money?

>> No.4962743

It's people being reactionary and swarming to the account, they don't even realize the content is still pretty different even if her personality is pretty close. She's so much lower energy and chill there. You act like she'll keep making millions without a company backingher

>> No.4962828
File: 296 KB, 975x652, China.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still better than hololive, only a bug man will disagree at this point

>> No.4962840

> it seems she might be migrating to a JP Twitch equivalent called Mildom

Show me more about this rrat, traveler.

>> No.4962852

nobody said anything about millions schizochama and it's really pathetic that someone would go this far for shitpost OP made to trigger /vt/
does anyone here unironically like vshojo? the answer is no

>> No.4962867

holoshart btfo

>> No.4962871

there's a vshojo thread here every day touristchama

>> No.4962982

Made by the same person just to trick retards like you, don't tell me that the annoying orange threads are genuine too

>> No.4963016

the current one has 72 ip's in it

>> No.4963127

>ESL can't read
I said that the same person makes them, nobody here actually likes them and if they do they're a reddit tourist (like you) or have never seen a nip chuuba

>> No.4963161

does it matter if the same person makes it every day if people post in it?

>> No.4963237

It's not transgender stuff, it's just literally a man roleplaying as an anime girl. And he actually is giving a decent show. His entire gimmick of communicating through text to speech turned out just fine.

>> No.4963262

Just my personal rrat, I say it for no reason other than her Mildom account is listed in her personal Twitter profile and the fact that she may wish to move off YT because of how they handle content rights issues and spammers. Take it with a grain of salt.

>> No.4963335

Stupid fucking esl retard learn to read I'm not going to spoonfeed you every single detail like a baby

>> No.4963386

I do not exist

>> No.4963398

>but I've constantly heard about 30% goes to them
30% is the cover's share, it's the other way around you dipshit

>> No.4963439

>nobody here likes vshojo
>actually they have a dedicated thread
>they're made to trick people into believing vshojo has fans!
>the current one has 72 ip's
>i-i said the same person makes them, the number of posters doesn't matter!!
>does it matter if other people post in them?
>s-stupid ESL i can't move the goalposts anymore so i'll act like i won!

what a fucking baby

>> No.4963589

>there are people unironically shilling for vshoujo

>> No.4963620

Ahem, Taiwan is a country.

>> No.4963682

Lmao what are you on about. She will be making fucking BANK as kson, why would she join a bunch of nobodies?

>> No.4963803

>and telling you that your cat deserved to die because you are a cheating whore.
Lmaooo basado. The animal is obviously innocent but rhat froot cheater cunt getting dabbed on is justice

>> No.4964166

Stupid fucking esl doesn't know when hes being tricked into believing something
kick rocks nigger

>> No.4964309

hmm well she did fuck up a few lives while fooling around, wont say it was deserved but karma kinda does that shit from time to time...

>> No.4964347

More than half of these subs are due to spite.

Besides she in her alter makes more streams on mildom. Her Youtube account is almost dead

>> No.4964562

You're the type of retard that asks for a source when someone says the sky is blue.

>> No.4964670

She will need to get it remodeled or have a live 2D drawn up for it, but since its a representation of her own face there isn't anything Illusionsoft can do about her using their designer to make relatively accurate depiction of her real appearance.

>> No.4965864
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shit niggers I've figured it out
>zentreya uses a text to speech
>she decides to do a voice reveal some time this year
>rrats say that she's a tranny
turns out having a text to speech means anyone can adopt her model

>> No.4966027

>that one retard in the thread who thinks anyone in /vt/ unironically likes vshit and aren't just coomers cooming to their designs

>> No.4966067

anon she already has another vtuber account do your roommate reps

>> No.4966112

the annoying orange threads are genuine. stop deluding yourself

>> No.4966158

Move on faggot thats me shitposting

>> No.4966266

it's not tranny, it's literally just a guy and most of zen's viewers know that.
This just means that they don't fucking care.

>> No.4966466

stay mad chang

>> No.4966572

not gonna happen, staying indie is literally better for her no matter how much vtrannies beggars want her, she just needs to keep streaming as her roommate like always

>> No.4966746

She's not returning to vtubing, she's going to remain as kson before retiring from online activities altogether later down the line.
Disregard the marks, enjoy the present.
Antis and trolls alike will get the rope eventually.

>> No.4966985

Truth hurts doesn't it retard

>> No.4967112

She's already said she won't join anyone and if she were to do so, she'd be back to Hololive

>> No.4971445

Those 72 IPs are all me

>> No.4976353

no, best route is indie. she already has a loyal fanbase and connections

>> No.4976473

kson is a v-tuber

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