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Liking Nijisanji on this board is like being jewish in 1933 Germany.

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this but phase connect

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>prosecution complex
Ah yes. The nijinigs way.
Can we add this to the Nijinig law?

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Walk down the middle and like the individual talents.

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persecution complex.

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More like saying liking Hitler in Twitter

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>Liking Nijisanji
For what?

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The Nijisister cries out as she strikes you

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fuck off nijishitter. you don't get to play the victim after the shit your kind has been pulling for years.

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Yes, now face the wall

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Actually being more entertaining than idol music. My grandma would watch Hololive concerts if she didn't die two years ago. Nijisanji offers more variety and I like their shows, but EOPs can't watch it.

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A Reminder to all the lurking Tourists and newfags alike that every thread you see on this /here/ board that you are currently browsing through, scrolling through, is a hololive thread. If it's not a Hololive Thread then it's a Hololive adjacent thread. Simple as. /vt/ and all its board culture was built on the backs of holochads and would not exist if not for holochad influence on this entire board. If holochads were to leave one day this board would devolve into a ghost town barren wasteland. Your Luxiems Vshojo's and smoll corpos are but a speck when it becomes to the engagement and activity needed to maintain this board's relevancy. We OWN (You). Show some respect and kneel.

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>attacking hololive out of nowhere
this is why nobody likes you nijinogs.

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especially if you like finana. it seems like ryuguards are an endangered species everywhere.

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WHat do you like about niji? What's there to like?

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Her endless gachaspam doesn't help

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I like some of the vtubers

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no need to add the date and location.

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Okay since you seem to be a genuine Fan, what do you think about the 2% debacle?

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No, friend. it's 1942 and the Holochads are at the Wansee Conference working out the final details of what to do with the undesirables.

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You are retarded. You fucking whore chicken fucks with niggers and likes Blacks like matters. Hololive too is full of trannies,not white people. And just SJW types. They even have trannies and niggers that support the company. And work there.

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Yes, and?

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qrd? Why do I keep seeing 1% being spammed everywhere?

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Nice English, motherfucker.

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So do I (Hayama for example), but not enough to watch niji.

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Everyone hates phase for being the shitposters/kiwifags of the board
Everyone hates vshojo and eien for having hoes and backstabbers among their talents
Everyone hates prism because its owned by sony and they killed Kaguya Luna's career
Everyone hates HoloEN for being lazy fucks
Everyone hates idolCorp because of the /pol/ brainrot.

At the end of the day everyone hates each other in this board due to different stereotypes or petty reasons. If you really don't want to receive hate /here/ you have to watch irrelevant people.

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b-based sheep, us Holochads can't stop winning

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if only you could stop being the enemy of the state it wouldn't be so

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Wouldn’t it be the opposite? NijiEN is the second biggest corpo, it isn’t a minority being persecuted by any stretch of the imagination.
It’s more like one of those heavy left/right leaning insurrectionist groups in the US that start shit and then act surprised that people don’t want anything to do with them.

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Please kill yourselves

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ok but finana deserves it

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>implying they didnt deserve it

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No, OP. Nijiggers aren't human.

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Take the fucking hint.

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Cohencidencally, being a Hololive enjoyer after gen3 a lot times felt like being a German in Weimar Germany. Karmas only a bitch if you are, nijinigger.

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It's not our fault the company just can't stop yabing

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come on dude, you can just shit on holotards, there is more than enough to do it, especially when it comes to en.

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>engagement and activity needed to maintain this board's relevancy
I don't want the board to be relevant. I want the board to not be shit. "Activity" means retarded catalog bait that floods small corpos off. (You) dare demand respect from them?

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>Everyone hates prism because its owned by sony and they killed Kaguya Luna's career
Don't be ridiculous, Prism hate comes from the fanbases of unicorn-pandering other small corpos that feel Prism chuubas betrayed their unicorn (but somehow also coomer) ideals. Almost all of them are too new to even recognize the name of Kaguya Luna. But I'm happy (You) think they're relevant enough to make the list

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Niji is one of the most popular corpos on this board and has many active fans defending them. What a stupid post.
If anything this applies to some of the smaller corpos who get picked on by other small corpos plus the big corpo bootlickers

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Live isn't fun without a little adversity. I'd much rather play the "vtuber fan" portion on Niji Hard or Indie Extreme than Holo Casual.

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this but holostars

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as it should be

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Yea I wonder why…totally isn’t because of discord grooming, gacha spam, or being a poor entertainer

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The cause of all the problems?

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L + ratio

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Didnt you make your own board? Why dont you go back there

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wtf I hate Nijiniggers now!

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And just like the Jews, nijiniggers deserve it

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I'm going to make the Holocaust look like it was plausible after I'm done with Nijikeks.

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>Lies to her fans constantly
>Breaks promises
>Gacha spams
>All interesting games were abandoned
>Gets groomed by trannies
Only delusional people still watch Finana, the thing that is killing her channel more is that she is boring to watch

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With small tweaks, you could turn this into a song about Nijisanji fans

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you mean like being on the losing side?

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someone do this

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>nijinigs are Jews
6 million views, never again

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because you're vermin that are destroying society? sounds about right

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Well deserved desu

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Don't worry, in the future Nazism will be destroyed and the Jews will have their own state.

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L + Ratio + Cringe @ Parasocial fucks

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Hololive actually offers more variety with their idol thing, Most of them aren't just streamer while most Nijisanji are the same boring NND streamer but with anime avatar

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When Hololive does a 3D you know they will sing their boring ass idol songs. While you never know what's coming next when you watch Nijisanji.

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Are you saying that if we exterminate the nijifags we can save vtubing?

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sure thing sis

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She even had a Niji in this. I like Korone and I did sent her a superchat once. I hope they will continue to do shows like this.

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>When Hololive does a 3D you know they will sing their boring ass idol songs
There is multiple 3D variety streams already
>While you never know what's coming next when you watch Nijisanji
Yes i know it's just gonna be another boring shit because they are boring and when they try to do something else that requires real talent it's just awful

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>Everyone hates prism because its owned by sony and they killed Kaguya Luna's career
No one even knows what prism is anymore

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As they say nijifags start their sales pitch by saying how much better they are than hololive

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So you're saying Nijinigs are the problem of todays Vtuber sphere? Damn son.

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Doog god

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