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I'm starting to believe none of you have matured mentally past 14 years of age

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what that mean?

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That's the website where /v/, /pol/, and /r9k/ make up the vast majority of the heart.

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That's the secret nobody ever tells kids.
No one ever mentally matures past age 15. We just pretend we do.

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I haven't. I got a nice easy going job that pays me well enough to afford my needs and hobbies. Why should i bother maturing when it has no basis on my monetary success and I get to enjoy my hobbies regardless.

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>thinking money is the only point of self development

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It's all just 1% deflection but fuck fauna for giving nijifags a smokescreen.

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Many posters here are women yes

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He's starting to believe.

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True, I became withdrawn at that age and it probably affected my development

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>Just cooooomsume and be happy
Really mature retard, back to r*ddit.

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>implying /veetee/ isn't terminally underage

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if nijinigs are able to manufacture a shitstorm out of that they're able to manufacture a shitstorm out of nothing, because thats what it was.

Do not believe for one second that the threads about Fauna on the catalog are authentic even in the slightest.

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>depending on the internet to socialize and play-pretend relationships
See the sun sometime faglet

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You don't get it anon, I want to win, I want you to lose.
I will stoop to any low and act as petty as possible, side with anybody who is against you, even if I hate them, if benefits me at the end of the day and hinders you, I will do all of it with the sole purpose of you losing and me winning.

Or something like that, was I convincing enough?

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Why sad face tho

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This board is full of disgusting, underage, 75IQ thirdies, mostly spics and SEAniggers. /vt/ DESPERATELY needs flags and UIDs, or a rangeban of everything that isn't Europe, NA, and East Asia. Sadly it isn't going to happen because the jannies are also 15 y/o SEAniggers. So Hiroshima can just delete the board.

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I feel bad for them anon

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Yeah, yeah, Axel. Keep up with the damage control like the dog you are.

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these posts were made by the same entity. no person can be differentiated out of this vacuous empty whole.

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I'm starting to believe normalfags who keep invading nerd hobbies need to be holocausted with prejudice.

That's true. You should leave.

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Why do you think we watch virtual anime women?

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That’s true. You should go back to >>>/lgbt/.

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Idk man I watch them solely as content creators because they're entertaining and a bit escapist. Anything else is mental illness central

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>T. doesn't get matches
Sorry to heard that, wannabe chad kek

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I used to think that too until I found out how bad nerd shit has ruined western men. Burn it all. No more starwars and anime, no more relaxation for the people that let Anita S. stand in world court over videogames.

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that's why i love her so fucking much

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how many jabs at his expense do you think OP has missed in his life?

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Neither have you, OP. Go do grown-up stuff instead of shitposting in the worst board with the worst topic in the whole shitpit that is 4channel.

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Peko-chan I'm mentally retarded LETS GOOOOOOOO

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I will gladly do that lmao. I merely took a break. I'm sure you'll have great fun in here in the meantime!

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Some of us just leave in silence, that's the most mature approach.

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See you tomorrow

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It's what happens when you're molested

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Sure thing, Fauna.

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It's closer to 12 for me, but yeah.

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Or physically.

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if i were mentally mature i wouldn't spend my time and money on png whores
do you think it's convenient for vtubers to have a mentally healthy audience?

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>I am le better than you
No wonder you are op