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Okay but seriously, all shitposting aside.

The only legitimate reason to be mad at Fauna for saying her fans aren't her friends is that she should trust her audience to not be so fucking stupid that they think the opposite. That 99% of us don't need to be told that, and that saying it is just an unnecessary buzzkill.

If you're mad at her for literally any other reason, though, you're insane.

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>I'm sure you've heard the saying don't meet your heroes, I don't think that necessarily applies to everybody, but I think its good if you can just watch streamers and enjoy their streams for what they are

>Fauna is mean in real life?
>I don't think so, and I think I try to be myself on stream but you know, if we were friends we might have disagreements, who knows
>there might be things that you would be like, like maybe, the fact that I made 10 servings of curries and you don't eat leftovers is irreconcilable
>Because I want to show you guys only the best side of myself you know
>I think that's best, because I don't want to bring your guys moods down, by showing you, like, a non positive side of me, you know

>But I think for friends its important to open up, show them more of you if you want to be really close
>Anyway, I hope that is okay, I know, I know, don't be sad, cherish your friends because they are just as cool as streamers I promise.
>I promise they are

>There's nothing particularly special about streamers, I mean like sure maybe there's a streamer and they're great at singing but does that make them a better friend, no, it doesn't
>someone can be a great friend even if they aren't great at singing

>My friends are cooler than you? I hope so, I hope so
>quite a few of my friends are streamers, what do I do? I mean that's an exception.

>I mean obviously streamers have friends.
>And I'm sure sometimes people have made friends with streamers and it workout out, but you know

>Anyway there's my deep talk, I answered it as honestly as I could, I am happy to be here, and entertain you guys and hang out and its fun

>yeah exactly, the great part of streaming is interaction.
>There's a back and forth which makes it great, the banter.
>you just try to make me laugh? You do, you guys type funny stuff all the time.

>I think I would've had a harder time be a lets player without having a chat to bounce off of mmm hmm
>But, you should always...I know I shouldn't lecture you guy...
>It's important for you guys to not neglect your real lives too

>Put yourselves #1 always.
>I'm just some silly streamer on the internet.
>And I will not be happy if you're neglecting yourselves
>No you wont? *laughs* You must, you must.
>Please take care of yourselves.

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She thought the SC was a real question and not just a shitpost

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Yeah, she should have assumed it was a shitpost and moved on.

But, that's it. I don't see how you can be angry at her outside of that.

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What she said was something you'd expect Finana to say. I can see the Niji influence has been slowly creeping into Hololive ever since Tempus became a thing.

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Why do you noggers want HoloEn 3 if at least 3/5 of them will be like this?

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ffs, leave it to the vegan to preach this much over a nothing burger

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Yup, absolutely unnecessary but not everyone can be Fubuki.

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She might as well do collabs with tempus if she wants to say that and really end the parasocials

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Why did this only happen after having a trip with Kronii?

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Okay but seriously, all shitposting aside.

The only legitimate reason to be mad at Anycolor for giving livers only 1% is that they should trust their audience to not be so fucking stupid that they buying merch supports them. That 99% of us don't need to be told that, and that revealing it is just an unnecessary buzzkill.

If you're mad at them for literally any other reason, though, you're insane.

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I'm just enjoying the drama.
I understand the reason why some anons are mad at her, but I'm going to keep watching her, just like I did with Kronii and Ame. I don't have an oshi so I don't really care.

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I don't. In fact I want all of EN to graduate except Kiara, Gura, and IRyS.

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Hopefully she starts collabing with da boys

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shhh stop noticing things!

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That's still on her. The guy wasn't subtle. She read "Are saplings your friends or just simps" and dove head first into lecture mode. And she didn't think of them as friends lol

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>That 99% of us don't need to be told that, and that saying it is just an unnecessary buzzkill.
Actually it's between 1-3%

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You weren’t supposed to point that out!!!

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There is no "legitimate reason" to be mad at Fauna, you're all taking the bait from drama-hungry niggers grabbing at straws for any petty excuse to shit on one of the most harmless holos.

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Post the whole thing, cuckling.

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not mad, just hurt

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I haven't watched fauna in a while but she was my Oshi. I saw she had an offcollab with Kronii. What did they do for their trip? This could perhaps have an effect. Fauna should just hang with Mumei they're good influences on each other.

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I'll add the rest for him, Anon. Don't worry.

>I mean, if you want me to be real, I'll be real
>we as fauna and saplings, we cannot be friends, or we should not be friends, there's a lot of reasons
>it is I think important for boundaries to be maintained
>I am here to entertain you, and that is all really
>and if you can have a good time here then that makes me happy
>That's if I'm being really real, which maybe, I don't know did you want me to be real? and this goes for every streamer I think
>I don't know, I used to.. really- because I've always liked youtubers and stuff
>And I used to look at youtubers and be like: "OMG if only I could be their friend! like I really wish I could be their friend, it would be so cool"
>But as I've gotten older, I've realized like there's nothing particularly special or that amazing that makes the youtuber different from anyone else
>Just because they're a youtubers doesn't mean they would be good friends to you
>The people you know in real life, your friends, they can be better friends to you than any youtuber can be
>They're just as cool, they have just as many interesting ideas and cool traits about themselves than the youtubers who you admire do
>I think its easy to look at youtubers and then admire them but I promise if you look at your friends through the same lens you will also see the cool things about your friends that makes your friends special too
>youtubers are just normal people, I mean I'm a kirin, keeper of nature but I'm pretty normal, or maybe I'm not I don't know
>but yea, I think I understand cause I used to always watch youtubers and want to be their friends and I think that's normal to some extent
>but its important to keep in mind that I'm just here to stream and hopefully entertain you and make your day better in some way
>I promise its better that way, its better that way, its better that way
>You should cherish your friends in your life. mmhm hmm, and I hope you can have a good time in the sapling community
>There are many people you can make friends with


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>ame image
>ame mention
Found your oshi. Good taste

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Like was said, not mad but disappointed

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ugh my cope doesn't work if you're not mad!!!!!!!!

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That wasn't even the question, the question was if she could ever befriend a sapling.
Not, are you friends with all of us or something like that.

And she just says no, everything after that is damage control.

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That's a bee, Anon.

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>vacation with "mama Kirin" coming up
>sudden desire to knock fanbase down a peg out of nowhere
it's not rocket science

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Alright just making sure I have the gist of it
>friendship is filled with fights and ugly moments, but I only ever want to be uplifting and show a positive face to you guys, so as "Fauna" the idol and you as my fans, we shouldn't get ugly
>you have value and deserve cool friends
>never give up or consider yourself a lost cause, even if seems like a really hard and difficult road
>take care of yourself because I do care and I want you to not neglect yourself for me
>I'm nothing special, don't value me over yourself

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>we cannot be friends
...as long as I still get to squeeb in the chat, i'll be gucci

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>doesn’t say “we’re not friends”
wtf 4channel lied to me?

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He left out that part, so yes 4chanel lied to you

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Why is gooba there? She just doesn't stream as much.

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We are her friends silly. If you want to go back to r*ddit feel free.

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That Gura one was the breaking point for me.

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The reason it's annoying is because Japanese vtubers can do it fine because they recognize you can be friendly with people online. Westerners are all in this weird social unfriendliness bubble which they project onto the japanese for some reason where they cannot be nice and they turn what is a funny anime crowdfunding thing into a weird scam where they take your money and tell you to fuck off. How is it so hard for people in the west to just -be nice-?

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Yeah I'd do that too if my fanbase joked about how they want to kill themselves after turning off my stream.

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>we're not friends and i hate to provide a service to you
>but please keep paying so i will never have to find a job
Yeah, that's the gist.

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I'm sure Gura's was something like "This is my new normal"

>> No.49083845

She doesn't want me to watch her which is fine. We are not friendly after all. I'll watch someone who does appreciate the viewers.

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Hard to be nice when your viewers are all rabbid dogs who should have stayed out of the vtubing space and never been catered to in the first place.

>> No.49083933

>damage control
Because instead of responding with a joke like "what's the difference between a friend and a simp anyway" and laughing it off every western woman always drops the mask and makes it weird for everyone, where a japanese streamer would say they're friends if you want to be friends and leaves it at that. Western women are so fucking unfriendly it's unbelievable, then we get the sequel where we get treated to news articles like "I'm 49 and when I was 29 I left my fiance, now I'm alone and will probably die alone- what happened?". They create situations where they're unfriendly, then wonder what the fuck happened.

Fauna plays games, Kronii contains retards, Sana got rid of a portion of the fanbase that's truly simp-tier. The remaining 2 are nice girls so that's fine.

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She's afraid of people talking about killing themselves, so she'll say something that will make those people want to kill themselves even more than before...?
It's one way to solve the problem i suppose.

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Faunabros... what a fall from grace...

>> No.49083999

Literally none of them. You're a paypig and a women will never see beyond that.

>> No.49084031

>I'll be real
she said, in her uwu fake-ass voice

>> No.49084048

It's not wrong perse but it's breaking the suspension of disbelief for no reason.
Imagine an actor stops acting in the middle of a play and says "You know none of this is real right?" to the audience.

>> No.49084055

Where's the lie? The same is true for any idols and vtubers

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I didn't even notice but I guess Kronii convinced her to keep the sapsimps at a distance. Sad. Oh well. At least you have the mommy memes.

What's weird is that the mommy memes kept her fanbase at a distance, but she shat on them and wanted to be closer as a friendly onee-san, then pulls back. What's even weirder is that fauna was never a "she's my waifu" kind of vtuber. It reminds me that people like Elira, Enna, Finana etc. are always the ones most touchy about their fans, even though no one ever thought of them that way. The girl no one is chasing is the one that plays the hardest to get.

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Look it's pretty simple

-normalfagcore type girls who 'watched a anime once' should stay in the 3DPD twitchspace
-rabid twitchfag esls should have stayed there too
-vtubing was better when it was just Mito, Sora and Ai
-western normalfag ironic weeaboos have factually ruined this hobby

>> No.49084176

>fauna was never a "she's my waifu" kind of vtuber
Speak for yourself

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Because there are easy third roads without basically saying "yes you're my simp paypiggies" like "you're my fans". But she can't say that because she thinks of you as paypiggies. It's sad, like a vampire reveals themself when they have no reflection. Oh well.

>> No.49084325

>so she'll say something that will make those people want to kill themselves even more than before...?
Basically the problem is that the hobby is being taken over by normalfags, people who might have posted on 4chan a few times and browsed MAL for anime recommendations think they're some kind of 'hardcore nerd' and cannot actually empathize with people who are more serious about hobbies. It's the "ruination of a hobby" comic.

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There isn't anything inherently wrong with what she said, hell she's actually right. The issue is that people generally don't like unsolicited life advice, no matter how right it is. It's a good way to get told to fuck off, believe me, I know. Plus, she's someone who literally did make friends with some of her favourite streamers so her Ted talk doesn't really land. Should have just said some cheesy bullshit like "I am mother nature and love all of my saplings, teehee". Could have avoided this whole thing.

>> No.49084371

Gook tongue and pussy too good, make a nigga act unwise

>> No.49084396

You misinterpret. I don't think vtubing should have expanded to EN because I think vtubing is a fucking blight. Japanese and SEA men are naturally weak betas cucked beyond saving. Vtubing was better when it was just Ai, and it would have been even better if it just died off after that.

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>leonardo gets up and says "I fuck 24yos because the pussy tight, fuck all you old bitches" to his audience of middle aged women who are enamored with him
I'm sure it'd be fine for him.

The funny thing is that these speeches always come from boring vtubers like Elira and Kronii. I've never seen someone who is aggressively spastic with their audience suddenly tone change to "okay, we're NOT friends, okay?".

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Don't forget the heart eyes

>> No.49084500

The entire point of the mommy schtick is that you're not going to fuck your mom unless you're a degenerate (and she doesn't want that anyway). She deliberately undermined that and then pulled away from it. She already had her fanbase in the simp cage at arm's length and chose to shit on them a bit more.

>> No.49084666

>she should trust her audience to not be so fucking stupid that they think the opposite
She probably also decided to address it seriously because I'm sure she has a young audience, and young people are stupid and impressionable. There's endless comments in streams or videos from people talking about the streamers as if they were close friends.
I don't think she was wrong in any way in saying what she did, everyone /here/ is just blowing this out of proportion because this is what this place does for fun.

>> No.49084720

Pretty much, but gotta deflect from the 1% so let's blow this thing out of proportion and add as many meanings that are completely opposite from what she intended as possible!

>> No.49084734

>removed the nijis from the image
I wonder who could be behind this....

>> No.49084778

And fake giggle

>> No.49084810

>The only legitimate reason
There is no legitimate reason. It's literally just /vt/sisters making drama out of fucking nothing. They've got like zero fucking yabs to work with when targeting hololive. It's been nothing but constant yab from vshojo for weeks now and they're starting to realize their intel is shit because a lot of EN haven't been streaming.

>> No.49084835

>fauna was never a "she's my waifu" kind of vtuber
you are both sexless and a literal homosexual if you don't see fauna's appeal as a "waifu"

>> No.49084846

Don't get it mixed up retard.
There's a holo only version and an all version now.

>> No.49084896

but no niji-only version? curious....

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>We're all here to make new friends.

Except for Fauna apparently. Or does that "we" only apply to the Holos and the fans can just shut up and give them money? Reminder that she only did this mask off after the Kronii visit.

>> No.49084944

1% deflection

>> No.49084969

Only 2 nijis so far. Find 2 more.

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best post in this thread

>> No.49085073

>making friends with other streamers is the same as making friends with viewers
you're mentally damaged

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I thought you were joking. But I checked the vod and she actually was saying that with the heart eyes turned on... What the fuck Fauna.

>> No.49085135

hi Fauna

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Damn, only vt sisters huh?
Wonder how many members comments survived the anti yesman purge.

>> No.49085146

take your meds, drama tourist

>> No.49085149

You deserve a (You). Or is it a (Yuwu)?

>> No.49085156

>says she isn't our friend because freidns show each other's bad sides
>shows her bad side doing so
Heh contradiction resolved

>> No.49085219

Holy fuck I didn't even notice that. Jesus Christ.

>> No.49085235

and thus CGDCT dies a quiet death

>> No.49085236

Yes Hobocat, only vt sisters.

>> No.49085261

I hate to break it to you, but at some point she was likely a viewer of Gura as well before she met her.

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Saplings. Let me save you.

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I don't give a fuck about Nijis I don't watch them.

>> No.49085341

She literally says that streamers can make friends with viewers, but the relationship of "Fauna" the character to a "sapling" fan is not the same thing as a friendship. Did you even watch the clip you're shitposting about?

>> No.49085356

>only 2
holy niji revisionism.

>> No.49085357

>does that "we" only apply to the Holos
They're the only ones who can talk to her off stream and in person. You can't be her friend considering your existence to her is a scrolling wall of text called "chat". She'd never let you crash on her couch, and she'd never accept your offer for her to do so either.

>> No.49085359

>Damn, only vt sisters huh?
Who else, the thin number of gachikoi that somehow simultaneously want to marry her but also get butthurt when she doesn't show overt affection toward an audience of mouth breathers and children?

Abstract this for one second: She stated she is not her audience's friend. There is nothing remotely wrong with that statement. Turning that into "If you're in my audience you are indefinitely excluded from being my friend" is straight up People magazine gossip faggotry.

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Marche for EN 3?

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>> No.49085404

The post that destroyed the simplings

>> No.49085467

It's so fucking cruel

>> No.49085482

She literally even says in the part that keeps getting copypasted that streamers can make friends with viewers, but the relationship of "Fauna" the character to a "sapling" fan is not the same thing as a friendship.

>> No.49085505

The only ONLY nice thing I will ever say about Nijiniggers is at least they spit in your face rather than stab you in the back
Rather the evil I know than the evil I don't

>> No.49085538

This is so boring

>> No.49085539

how old are you? it's not hard to understand that it's not the same to go from viewer to a streamer's friend because you joined the same company and became work colleagues, to assume you're friends with a streamer because you watch them religiously and give them money

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I actually feel bad for you saplings.

>> No.49085687

>People magazine gossip faggotry

that's this board in a fucking nutshell

>> No.49085726

this post is pretty profound, because despite how basic it is

Watching Fauna "be real" and break character while still keeping her fake constructed persona is a grade A example of cognitive dissonance, especially considering it literally goes against the entire reason people tune into the stream, which Fauna clearly knows

>> No.49085724
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Can you fuck off with these threads already? Literally nobody gives a shit about ANY of this outside this board. Grow up
Now I get why so many people hate this place.

>> No.49085753

reminder that the SC was from 1 Kronii schizo

>> No.49085780

wtf I hate Marche now

>> No.49085824

What does this change? I'm trying to figure it out. Fauna was a girl who watched Gura and then joined her company, so out of a few million fans she became her "friend".
How does that affect the chances that one of the hundreds of seething males here that would be filtered out of Holostars becomes her friend too?
It really just sounds like you're focusing on details rather than seeing the bigger picture.

>> No.49085863
File: 110 KB, 637x636, omg she a bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49085869

At least we thought she knew. Clearly she doesn't or maybe Kronii convinced her otherwise the other day.

>> No.49085875

This post exudes so much female energy I'm surprised it's not actually Fauna. Show boobs or fuck off.

>> No.49085930

Thanks asshole, now I read it in her voice.

>> No.49085941

yeah, honestly, have some respect for your audience. they don't need to be treated like retards.

>> No.49085954

Where's the problem here? This all seems very reasonable and she isn't even being mean or condescending about it.

>> No.49086001

Why are EN chuubas like this for no good reason. Fauna is a fucking retard

>> No.49086051

>They are special people to me, they support me and I'd be nothing without them


>Friends, next question
A white lie is all it takes to make the differences.

>> No.49086054

The problem is 1% and nijisansji damage control.

>> No.49086191

these art school white bitches put their own pussy on a pedastal
they dont want you to be close to them

>> No.49086228

But like... the streamer is not your friend. You understand that, right? I mean surely nobody here was under the impression that they were, that would be very silly.

>> No.49086230

>A white lie
As far as I see it her response is that saplings are her customers and she is an entertainer. That is a truth, if not THE truth, and if the people complaining about this actually believed any of the rhetoric they use they'd be praising her for honesty.

>> No.49086257

these aren't even all on the same level or on the same subject.

>> No.49086282

>what she's saying is true! Why are you being mad at the truth?
>stop bringing up roommates, i don't care who my chuba dates! I love the made up character, not the true person underneath.
choose one sapkeks

>> No.49086290

she should both trust her audience, and say, have some sort of disclaimer in her description

>> No.49086295

Legitimacy is subjective. Consuder now that the Anti-Tempus Alliance has now been weakened due to this misstep from one of their key figures. I think that's a legitimate reason.

>> No.49086304

None of it is a problem. The people who are making a deal out of it don't care though, that's not their aim. Do you think schizos believed the likes of Kronii, Elira, Ame weren't being mean or condescening either? Obviously they know they weren't. But they wanted to twist and make a narrative anyway and that's exactly what they'll do here as well.

>> No.49086306

>gossiping roastie calling others women

>> No.49086341

This nothingburger further reminds me I'm way too old for this fucking place if any amount of people here seriously believe what she said has any negative connotations that affect anyone beyond the most mentally ill.

>> No.49086356

doesn't matter, shitposters just have to spam that image anytime the CGDCT crew are mentioned and discussion breaks down

>> No.49086372

Fauna is definitely some kind of bio major, you might have known that if you actually watched her.

>> No.49086375

That's the problem. I'm not here for the truth. I'm here for the fantasy that I'm friends with an anime girl.
The SC asked if her audience were friends or simps. She could have lied and just said friends, she could have even been vague about it. But no, she shattered the illusion.

>> No.49086394

no, you're just a coomer.

>> No.49086396

its objectively the coldest thing fauna has ever said on stream

>> No.49086453

irrelevant to his argument.

>> No.49086530

Yeah true, guess I got a little autistic there and focused on the wrong thing.

>> No.49086570

what a cold heartless bitch telling her young viewers who grew in a digital age they shouldn't consider her a friend just because they enjoy her streams

>> No.49086582

This nigga got it

>> No.49086626

Yeah the vtuber isn't actually your friend. Are you also shocked to learn that santa isn't real?

>> No.49086663

No they're my friends and she's my actual girlfriend I have to believe this or else I go insane!!!!!!

>> No.49086722

The coldest thing she's ever said on stream was that you have value and deserve be happy and shouldn't neglect your health because that wouldn't make her happy?

>> No.49086728

you now understand how discord raids work

>> No.49086737

>The SC asked
So be pissed off at the guy who paid her to break the fourth wall.

>> No.49086738

there is no mommy schtick, retard, she never acts like that.

>> No.49086770

Shit only schizos on /vt/ care about. People need to see the sun once in a while before they parasocial themselves into a rope loop

>> No.49086837

She always goes extra uwu or giggly when handling too real and/or embarrassing subjects... have you even watched her b4 anon?

>> No.49086860

First, I am, at both actually.
Second, it's possible to answer the question without coming off as a condenscending roastie even if you have to lie.

>> No.49086914

Where's the mega version?
I need the one with Finana, Elira, Froot, and Omeg-I mean, Altare includes for maximum catalog shitposting potential

>> No.49086924

imagine if someone stopped a movie or play to say "you know this isn't real, right?". yes, let me watch the damn movie.

>> No.49086957 [DELETED] 
File: 39 KB, 500x500, peko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder if she ever discusses this with her bf

>> No.49087018

kill yourself

>> No.49087025

Then stay outta here, nigga. You were doing so well before, why come back now of all times?

>> No.49087051

>I don't want to show you my negative sides, please try to make friends instead of relying on me alone
Wow that sure is ice fucking cold huh sister

>> No.49087054

>if you oppose femoid moments you're a femoid
Mindbroken by the longhouse

>> No.49087057

What was the actual superchat question?

>> No.49087087

>it's possible to answer the question without coming off as a condenscending roastie
Well yeah, since she did.

>> No.49087098

So true estrosis! Don't forget to #cutforhex!

>> No.49087131

this is more real than her "real" self. it's like Batman's mask.

>> No.49087159

If she did, these threads wouldn't exist

>> No.49087190

I'm not mad, she just killed the illusion for me so I'll drop her and find another oshi
why would I spend so much time watching a girl when she outright says that she doesnt care about me?

>> No.49087225

No, people are just stupid

>> No.49087230

but you never watched her in first place

>> No.49087233

“are we friends or simps”

>> No.49087269

>If she did, these threads wouldn't exist
That's a perfectly absurd thing to say. There's cliques of chucklefucks shitting up this board with lies and disinfo all day every day.

>> No.49087300

She did, but people are trying very hard to deflect from the 1% so that's why these threads exist

>> No.49087305
File: 1.24 MB, 1200x1200, 1683664624344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please...the full collage...I want to have it...

>> No.49087321

welp my opinion went to positive to cold at this point...

>> No.49087327

Would you then take to the internet to make 500 posts crying about it? Or, would you just consider it the mild annoyance that it is and move on?

>> No.49087346
File: 31 KB, 419x419, 73279E5F-848C-47DC-A90A-B0922748AF13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even now I feel her gaze. Her tainted influence spreading its stinking roots deep into the crust of the hobby. To think, in 2021 I would have followed her anywhere… my God. My God, what have we done?

>> No.49087361

The metaphor doesn't work because they ARE real. They're real people. They're just not your friend, and they'll never be and that's ok because they're entertainers.

>> No.49087373

Where the fuck do you think you are?

>> No.49087438

It was a well-known shitstirring anti who unironically used a Griffith quote. Yes, let that sink in.

>> No.49087459

>This kill the Kirin

>> No.49087466

it's kind of an insult to the audience's intelligence.

>> No.49087502

>It'S LiKe A mOvIe
Different mediums, idiot. Music albums don't have a track in the middle titled "Just a reminder we're not friends even if you connect with our music" either.
Live streamers are unique in that they directly interact with their audience, sometimes through a character. Imagine being young, you don't go out much and stay at home watching a lot of streamers, you start watching someone a lot and comment in their chat, they respond back to what you say and start feeling like they know you exist. That shit is dangerous for young people who cannot tell between a real human connection and an entertainer on the other side of a computer.
It is possible for a viewer to eventually develop a friendship with the streamer in the right circumstances, but it's not the norm and a streamer is within their right to stop that from happening.

>> No.49087501

So what's the endgame here? You guys are jumping out of your socks trying to smear shit on Fauna, let's say it works. What's the next part of your shitposting master plan?

>> No.49087507

Go find an Enna stream and listen for like 10 minutes, you can make a whole chart out of the shit she says. Go to Millie and listen for 20 minutes and there you go.

>> No.49087508


>> No.49087536

So this is a massive goalpost moving. Can you settle on a point to be offended about?

>> No.49087548

>>It'S LiKe A mOvIe

>> No.49087598
File: 279 KB, 477x724, 1683664928529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Crashing the unicorn industry, with no survivors!

>> No.49087614

The thing is at this point you expect those two retards to shit on you. Elira was worth posting about because it was the equivalent of someone you like dumping a bucket of ice water in your face.

>> No.49087621

you're assuming she's saying this to grown up, mentally healthy adults. there's countless damaged people watching vtubers, and countless young ones too who genuinely can't tell the difference between a real friend and a funny anime girl playing games

>> No.49087626

Wait for the next holo en member to get triggered by some dumb shit she should have ignored and then make fifty threads about it

>> No.49087674

Can't wait until they start stopping reality tv shows with disclaimers like that

>> No.49087677

what changed?

>> No.49087682
File: 87 KB, 640x1138, M-ct9jNmHiduD5A2nKHcQFJuToRSpYqn1SziO-FVQTQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time to move to the best mommy GFE chuuba.

>> No.49087683

legit someone should point that out next time she streams. she needs to have a fucking reality check, like a real one not a pretend one.

>> No.49087703

> the next holo en member
God, I hope it’s Gura

>> No.49087704

Do music albums also have a track titled "I'm going to start reading the donations you sent after this album started right now"?
Shame they don't have a "pay fucking attention to what I said instead of listening for 10 seconds and thinking that's my whole message you retard" track either.

>> No.49087715
File: 521 KB, 658x572, 12312333476544[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F7qjdz1.m4a].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

let it all burn and in its ashes let TRUE unicorns rise.

>> No.49087725

Even if they did pretend to roleplay as your friend, which they don't, do you get mad at the actor playing spiderman that he is not the real spiderman after the experience of the movie stops? Seriously how delusional can you be?

>> No.49087731

by making everyone hate Fauna, I'll remain her last sappling and WILL become her close friend and fuck her raw

>> No.49087732

There was a Kronii schizo that did that dumb SC so she felt she had to shot him down

>> No.49087756

There is literally no saplings in these threads. It’s all just falseflaggers and nijisisters self replying trying to stir the pot. It’s so weird seeing this many people just regurgitate the exact same points from previous thread and pretend to “own” saplings
>in b4 sapcuck deflection
I don’t watch EN so I don’t really give a shit. Fauna is stating the obvious but there really just is no need to. Just take the neet bucks and stfu, nobody needs a life lesson from mid class white girl who got lucky and got in the biggest vtuber corp

>> No.49087760

Clearly, increasing Niji's merch revenue above 1%. Maybe 2%?

>> No.49087800

The vtuber is not nor will they ever be your friend. You should not think of them as such. They do not know that you exist. They are probably grateful that you spend your time watching them and for your support but that’s all. If this shakes you this much then you really should talk to a woman in person. Getting a girlfriend really, really is quite easy.

>> No.49087810

>acting like a femoid is opposing femoids now
go back to tmz, sis

>> No.49087811

I will side with the mentally ill over self entitled normies with god complex, you life can be as miserable as any other, kill yourself.

>> No.49087815

What if we just enslaved all women? I'm pretty sure that would solve the problem.

>> No.49087821

I honestly hope every single one of them have these kinds of moments now. I'm tired of this falling onto the shoulders of vtubers I like and ruining comfy threads.

>> No.49087858

weird think to focus on, but you do you
as an irrelevant sidenot, I hate when streamers just focus on reading donations and stop whatever they are saying just to read a bad joke

>> No.49087878

best thing about Kronii being a bitch is that she has no patience for these fags and banned him immediately and moved on. The others girls need to fucking do the same

>> No.49087916

You're only going to get fifty threads if there's a Niji yab to distract from.
Oh wait, they always have a ongoing yab. You're 100% right anon!

>> No.49087920

bold of you to assume anyone who posts here at any point in their lives is a normie

>> No.49087923

> They do not know that you exist
My chuuba knows I exist and thank me by name every stream for coming to support her.

>> No.49087924

No the previous one before she says that retard. Youre clearly in denial

>> No.49087928
File: 475 KB, 458x437, 1683156098583467.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49087936

You don't even know the meaning of the word "gossip", you retarded brown simp. Post cock or kys.

>> No.49087995

If a viewer wants to be friends with a streamer, either the streamer has to be crazy desperate for attention or the viewer needs tens of thousands of dollars to burn.

Saplings were already a fucking joke and they’re proving why again. If you think heart eyes during a serious topic somehow makes the streamer at fault, you’re coping harder than China when Taiwan comes up. Grow the hell up and get a life if you’re so desperate.

>> No.49088074

>Sometimes it stresses me out a lot, like after a stream where I feel like I'm being treated as more of an object than as a person. And it kinda stresses me out a lot, and I don't know how to- I'm not good with confrontation. Y'know? And we're not friends, either, in a sense. Like, I call you guys my besties because I trust you guys but we're not friends to the extent that I can just be like "hey." Y'know, like I hate saying it, and it sucks but we're not friends at the end of the day. Y'know? But, yeah. Yknow? Like, I love you guys so much. SO so so much. Like you are my... I don't know, like you are my child or something, I don't know. Like, I don't know what it's called, like I just love you guys so so so so much. But we're not on like a personal level, I guess, in a sense, to say. (Your fans?) Like, I guess so, I don't know, I just, I love you guys like so, so so much, you guys are so important to me, and I think about you guys first before, like I do most things. But, y'know, we'll never be on, like, a friendship level. Which sucks, but it's the truth. But it's so, like, I guess it's difficult. But yeah. I don't know how to describe it.

Anyone bringing her """yab""" back up to compare it to Fauna's "yab" is a retard. Still incredible how you retards take one sentence and act like she unironically did some rant about how she's not chat's friend or whatever. A bunch of you fags like to ignore the context of her saying that she can't just bring up that she's being made uncomfortable by some comments sometimes because she's not personally friends with all of the members of chat, she didn't just say "lol we're not friends" to shit on chat whatsoever. This entire board arc of shitting on her for this has been one of the most egregious and blatant moments of just repeatedly attacking Nijisanji livers only because of tribalism when there was no fucking "yab." She's still easily one of the most affectionate NijiEN livers towards chat, more than most of HoloEN, too, for that matter.
>Dumping a bucket of ice water in your face
Holy fucking hyperbole, this was absolutely nothing.

>> No.49088082

Fauna has now after one of the comments pointed it out, but it's too late. I'm guessing she regrets answering the dude considering that she reads every comment.

>> No.49088105
File: 57 KB, 412x826, scc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no saplings in these threads

>> No.49088106

i haven't thought that far ahead

>> No.49088134

when you go on the internet with a fake 'asmr' voice and a fake sexy anime girl avatar, you have to know what you're signing up for. there's no excuse. you know exactly what you're doing. you've signed away any right to criticize lonely men or their fantasies or to be a standoffish bitch whos too good for anyone.

>> No.49088142

agree, this place is just desperate to call every single little thing BIG YAB

>> No.49088149


>> No.49088196

i tried leaving a (positive) comment, but it looks like it got filtered. it doesn't show up when I use a different browser. or maybe she has me blocked?
ah well

>> No.49088205

Fauna did neither of those things and became friends with streamers and youtubers she watched regardless

>> No.49088246

Can't still believe this is real, how do you get to this level?

>> No.49088247

She didn't criticize anyone, did you even watch the clip you're shitposting about? She did the opposite, even.

>> No.49088288

In this board, I know for a fact that retarded tourist roam these threads I don't have to assume anything.

>> No.49088320

Famelira and delirious, delusional cope, name a more iconic duo.

>> No.49088322

Don't take it personally, they're going kinda ham on her comment section moderation (who knows if it's her or her mods)
Some people were out of line so I get it.

>> No.49088357

why are you here arguing with retards then “sapling”

>> No.49088359

She literally said that it's possible to become friends with streamers, but that friendship isn't the same as "streamer and fan" this isn't even threadreading. Look at the damn copypasted text.

>> No.49088361

90% of hololive controversies are actually nothing at all and don't even bother the parasocial fans.

>> No.49088370
File: 1.27 MB, 1660x934, 1664817164612807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>turn on a switch for a part of a costume to look cute during a usual stream
>say a thing that offends only the most fragile snowflakes imaginable
>some anonymous retards use the costume as proof of malice
Some of you guys should go to the Olympics. With that amount of stretching, you're sure to win gold in gymnastics.

>> No.49088402

People are still shitting up her comment section? We might get another official statement soon…

>> No.49088407

you won't change the mind of anyone here but I feel you, it's frustrating to see how half the big drama in this circus of a board are simple statements taken out of context because "MY TEAM BETTER"

>> No.49088414


>> No.49088477

>be legit retarded
>pretend you're in a cult
>forget your common ass sense
>forget the implications
>be an entitled bitch
pick one

>> No.49088494

>fails to grasp the point of the simile
it's self-defeating, retard.
yes, streaming relies on audience interaction to some extent. this kind of goes against that.
>imagine this hypothetical person with a tenuous grasp on reality.
and maybe most crucially, it doesn't have to be this blatantly didactic. that shit kills art.

>> No.49088516

That's irrelevant to the point
How do you rationalize sentence "We CANNOT become friends" with your cope?
"Cannot" doesn't imply there's some special real friendship waiting for you behind the corner, like Fauna and her content creator friends. "Cannot" is absolute. There is nothing you will do to EVER have that friendship with her

>> No.49088529

Just because there are mentally ill children on the internet that can't distinguish between 2D anime and real life means that what they're doing is right? Imagine defending this behavior

>> No.49088559

Are people doing this because they don't like have cocky Saplings have been recently or something?

>> No.49088577
File: 24 KB, 2055x57, 1683616387332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was a cringe Berserk metaphor to make it all the worst

>> No.49088599

>That's irrelevant to the point
He's challenging your point dipshit.

>> No.49088628
File: 3.05 MB, 194x155, 1642708322688.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah your delusions cant stretch to keep you in when reality has come knocking down, sapling threads permanently btfo, watch the cuck exodus

>> No.49088691

Nature says touch grass

>> No.49088768

The real question just makes it worse since it's clearly retarded and her answer essentially was "not friends" which would mean simps in the context of the question lol

>> No.49088872

How do you rationalize sentence (sic) "we SHOULDN'T be friends" which she said right after that, perhaps in order to correct it, in addition to literally everything she said afterwards for context?
Why are you still insisting that only the first 5 seconds of a 10 minutes conversation have any value?

>> No.49088883

Stop splitting hairs. She didn't just say it was unlikely, she said we "can't and shouldn't" be friends. She herself disproves this as she became a streamer and befriended other streamers. I don't even necessarily have to become a streamer to that. Theoretically I could go to twitch con, meet Hasan or Moistcritical and befriend them. Unlikely but it might happen. She wants to maintain a simple, "I'm the entertainer you're the viewer" relationship with her fans. Nothing wrong with that.

>> No.49088907

Simps would have been an unironically better answer as it could pass as a joke. She literally chose the worst answer possible outiside of outright calling the entire chat a group of nigger faggots.

>> No.49089029

>n-n-no I'm not a roastie, show me ur cock tho

>> No.49089080

She should have done that, not only it would have been hilarious but absolutely right

>> No.49089101

She could have answered it so much better off the back of this question too
Griffith's mistake was not understanding that the people supporting him could be his friends and not thinking of them as equals even if they follow his lead. It was their choice to follow him and believe in him
jfc she thinks like Griffith

>> No.49089202
File: 86 KB, 1601x408, image-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49089227

No balls? I can post mine though.

>> No.49089308

all that text ITT and still not a single source to provide that this actually happened. Nijisisters at their best.

>> No.49089327

why would I hang out with someone who just sees me as a faceless number and a monetary value?

>> No.49089360

That's ridiculously condescending coming from an ASMR whore who provides whispers for people to coom to. You really need your virtual prostitute to give you a pep talk? Just how ugly and pathetic are saplings?

>> No.49089369

>$10 USD

>> No.49089605

you can pretend one of the ones that get sent to you is yours, you mean?

>> No.49089646

the point is it undermines the experience of the movie.

>> No.49089721

of course, she thinks she's smarter than she actually is.

>> No.49089754

doesn't matter if the meaning behind the statement is true or not, there's some things that shouldn't be said in order to maintain the illusion. Simple as that.

>> No.49089779

>retweeting on tuesday
uh oh she is reading all the comments

>> No.49089829

It's actually so over

>> No.49089836

>Taking life advice from a white woman who makes a living pretending to be an anime girl and selling overpriced acrylic stands to simps
Saplings?...Really? What wisdom do you think a mid 20s woman has, especially one who earns money being a virtual geisha?

>> No.49089840

Qrd? Clip?
If you were a Sapling shitting on Famelira you deserve this.

>> No.49089853

Like every other streamer?

>> No.49089855
File: 438 KB, 1920x1080, juuuuustadream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Might as well get some OC out of this.


>> No.49089866

this seems to be what many vtuber yabs boil down to.

>> No.49089874

if she she were smart, she should start deleting the negative comments and any comment referencing negative comments or turn off comments altogether.

>> No.49089917

Would you dismiss the warning of a crack addict to not do drugs just because it is a drug addict telling you so? Wisdom can come from everywhere

>> No.49090081

It would be more like your drug dealer telling you not to do it. Vtubing already attracts dregs. Doing cutesy asmr is basically preying on the lonely

>> No.49090170

I've never looked into Elira before, but saw all the memes in the catalogue. If this is the reason for them, then it's an absolute farce.
Both of these situations occur simply because some ESLs can't understand the nuance behind the word "friend". "Not your friend" in this context doesn't not mean "enemy", it just means that you don't know each other on a personal basis, which is true for pretty much any normal streamer-viewer relations. Like she said, you can still care about your viewers.
Anyway, this seems like an issue with idiots, not Niji or Holo. (I still think Niji seems like a shady company for other reasons, but I'll definitely actively reject that Elira "yab" from now on. Thanks for enlightening me.)

>> No.49090171


>> No.49090244

The point still stand, the drug dealer may be hypocritical and also retarded considering he is losing profits that way but the advice is still sound, true and good.

>> No.49090261


>> No.49090285

I'm a stonecold incel you faggot, never seen a vagina in my life. I'm going to beat you to death for this accusation.

>> No.49090299

nta but no fucking drug dealers preach to their buyers, especially if they are a very successful drug dealing making money hand over fist. it's obnoxious. if you really have a moral objection to it, why the fuck are you dealing the drugs in the first place?

>> No.49090330

what a fucking malicious question

>> No.49090350

Funny thing about seeing the sun, it always burns you.

>> No.49090373

Someone should make a soundpost of this.

>> No.49090421
File: 188 KB, 556x670, PTR_US_cover_Parappa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"this is where you watched your gachis die, Fauna"

>> No.49090453

Did her words strike a nerve?

>> No.49090510

what's better than wisdom? a woman. what's better than a woman? a good woman.

>> No.49090544

>I'm a stonecold incel faggot, never seen a vagina in my life
was pretty obvious given how desperate you are to see my cock, no need to get so mad though.

>> No.49090673

Nah, this won't even be a bump in the road for her. The people actually watching her understood what she meant.

>> No.49090699

>everyone focuses on her friend comment
>everyone ignores her not so subtly asking her fans to commit ecoterrorism
Is this really what this board cares about?

>> No.49090714

Don't you mentally deranged autists get tired of making the same 6 gorillion threads for hours on end? Like the Holocaust, this isn't real.

>> No.49090723

Actually not true. I know a pair of dudes who are streaming their playthrough of FF14 and at the very least they are familiar with one chatter who had a kink for anytime a monster lady or lady suffering body horror appears on screen.

>> No.49090729

>it's obnoxious
Well no shit it is, but the advice "do not do drugs" isn't any less true even if comes from satan himself, that's the point.
>if you really have a moral objection to it, why the fuck are you dealing the drugs in the first place?
Who knows, people do a lot of bad shit fully knowing it is harmful to themselves and recognizing it as so. Warning others may be obnoxious and hypocritical but it may work every now and then.

>> No.49090768

The 1% reveal won't just undo itself you know. All they can do is outspam it.

>> No.49090784

my 3view indie says hello to me personally every day and sent me letters and presents. Sorry your cunt doesnt appreciate you

>> No.49090812

>p-please don't kil meee
>REEEE she hates us

>> No.49090846

why do you want others to graduate? you have some kind of condition that forces you to watch other streamers you don't like? maybe talk to a doctor.

>> No.49090884

Yeah and you can get familiar with small channels also, but it's hard to get to that level when you get bigger.
I don't expect Marine or Suisei or Gura to recognize someone and call "Oh my God it's xXxDICK_SUCKERxXx", hello, how are you".

>> No.49090916

for as much as they appreciate your support, you are still not your precious 3views' friend

>> No.49090930

rightfully so, those memes are shit.

>> No.49090941
File: 246 KB, 1604x772, muchotextosapling.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a sapling just dropped a motherfucking essay in the vod, based or cringe?

>> No.49090953

>Mori infected Kronii
>Kronii infected Fauna
>Fauna will now proceed to ruin someone else
Because the cancer spreads and they will keep infecting and destroying other girls unless they are cut out. We're literally down to Kiara, IRyS and Gura.

>> No.49090961

Yeah I'm hoping so too, I just wanted to make a funny meme.

>> No.49090962

Kronii used to think this too

>> No.49091040

cringe and sad, they should be a teamate instead and improve themselves unironically

>> No.49091057

Get better bait

>> No.49091063

MUCHO TEXTO but based, especially since he's doing it on his main account and not behind some fresh made alt.

>> No.49091127

Actual mental illness.

>> No.49091173

>You really need your virtual prostitute to give you a pep talk?
You'd be surprised how many people go to actual prostitutes for pep talks.

>> No.49091198

>The comment expresses the idea that many people watch VTubers as a form of escapism, and that part of the appeal is the parasocial relationship between the streamer and the audience. The commenter argues that, while most viewers understand that the relationship is not real, it still provides a substitute for meaningful social interaction, and should not be criticized. The commenter also suggests that being reminded that the relationship is not real can be hurtful to some viewers, and that without the escapism provided by the parasocial relationship, there is little reason to watch. Finally, the commenter acknowledges that they may be criticized for their views, but feels it is important to express them.

>> No.49091224

There's literally award winning movies, plays, and novels about people forming bonds with prostitutes.

>> No.49091276

I have a low opinion of those people too. It's not exactly flattering to saplings that Fauna thinks these people comprise a significant enough portion of her audience to make this statement.

>> No.49091296

Fauna damaged her reputation for ten dollarydoos rumao.

>> No.49091305

Thank you ChatGPT

>> No.49091331

right back at ya, now stop thinking about my cock.

>> No.49091346

People coom to Fauna? I just sit and listen. There are other whores for coom asmr

>> No.49091347

That faggot actually did it lol
based I guess

>> No.49091372

Why are all the 1% threads being deleted but this bait thread stays up?

>> No.49091373


>> No.49091376

I'm just interested to see how Fauna will respond since I know she'll see this. Not saying she'll respond directly to the comment, but I'm guessing she'll mention something in a stream.

>> No.49091382

You're on an anonymous incel anime website from the early 2000s, on the board about egirls who make being a fake anime girl a career, and you still want to throw that accusation around?

>> No.49091417

Wonder how long till it mysteriously vanishes like >>49085145

>> No.49091427

No she damaged her reputation in order to try and seem smart, but she just wasn't as smart as she thought she was. A smarter Holo could have answered that better or wouldn't have read it to begin with.

>> No.49091434

Not reading all of that mentally deranged drivel from a drooling retard.

>> No.49091438

truly a mystery for the ages

>> No.49091442

ummmm touristsisters? i thought saplings were okay with this?????

>> No.49091445

Gods says to be friends with all of humanity, so I don't appreciate Fauna's attitude.

>> No.49091467

Based for leaving a tl:dr. Cause I ain't reading all that.

>> No.49091506

Fauna really was bald in the end...

>> No.49091511

Hard to think of something that doesn't exist

>> No.49091554

>Fauna would Eclipse her fanbase without a second thought

>> No.49091593

He told what he had on his mind instead of going ´´Yes my queen´´, so that's in fact a good thing.

>> No.49091615

>she has no imagination
sorry I didn't realize I was talking to an actually mentally disabled person. my bad, sis.

>> No.49091619

It was funny, I'll admit.

You're out of your mind if you think this compares at all to Kronii's situation. But whatever, you'll see that I'm right in a month or two.

>> No.49091649

who better to know when someone is mentally ill, than someone who is also mentally ill

>> No.49091658
File: 335 KB, 463x453, 1676323922749279.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy moly. How many Saplings feel the same way but are afraid to come out and say it?

>> No.49091670

really? it's pretty easy.

>> No.49091691
File: 25 KB, 341x212, 1682304820046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a known kronie schizo - one who posts here to boot.
the managers are too dumb to ban him from every channel.

>> No.49091707

This is the main thing for me, she just came off as so condescending

>> No.49091729

based, but I feel bad that he put so much effort into a post that will just end up deleted

>> No.49091776

Me I'm ngl I can't go to sleep without her asmr so this is a little bit like a kick in the shins from fauna

>> No.49091817

Why it's always Poles? Why can't Germany and Russia destroy that shit nation for another 5-6 centuries?

>> No.49091877

I've saw this happen in real time with Kronii and the answer is, it sadly doesn't matter. Those who are hurt will be replaced with yesmen.

>> No.49091882

Fauna's ASMR is mid anyway, you deserve better

>> No.49091909


>> No.49091934

there are different types.

>> No.49091953

Fauna absolutely sucks at ASMR though.

>> No.49091961
File: 288 KB, 480x480, I MISS FAUNA 42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

noooo its just a nothingburger!!!1

>> No.49092096

neither the first name or the last name is polish

>> No.49092122

It's just her voice and tone less about the triggers and rather having the soft presence of someone there I'm aware its pathetic but it let's me lead a relatively normal life

>> No.49092238

Well there are better ASMRtists by far, even in Hololive. Also if you don't speak out now, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

>> No.49092273

Either way though seems like I'm going to have to find someone else after this it would just feel wrong

>> No.49092277
File: 2 KB, 119x125, 1673789223469553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49092300

>extremely cute
>always appreciate you
>suddenly you are not even her friend
guess why?

>> No.49092317

This. Regardless of your position in life, it feels condescending having someone lecture you about going outside and making friends.

>> No.49092335

I can't fault his points. Glad he took one for the team. I think it's a good thing for Fauna to read since it represents a sizeable part of the fanbase. (Though I don't think she should reply or say anything more on the topic.)
I'm 100% team Fauna and it's not a huge deal to me personally, but it was probably a mistake to address it in the first place. It's just an uncomfortable sore spot for most viewers, and poking it can never lead to anything good. That she got led on by that one bait SC is a shame, but I'm sure she'll learn to be even more careful from now on.

>> No.49092363

>/here/faggot deletes his post after it gets attention here
You're such a faggot.

>> No.49092369

The message was reasonable. It was too long but at least there is a TLDR.

>> No.49092396

I didn't delete my post, I stand by what I said.

>> No.49092402

>The message was reasonable
Too bad, no criticism allowed, chud

>> No.49092449
File: 138 KB, 1388x762, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If she was really deleting shit that was just negative this garbage wouldn't' be up. Stop being an attention whore.

>> No.49092457

I deleted it to make you mad

>> No.49092461

What exactly do you want her to do? Genuflect?
If you are smart enough to understand it's all a game of pretend than you can surely sweep a one time accident under the floor, if you aren't than by all means move on. You would have a point if it happened constantly but not even Kronii or Mori went on multiple streams tirades. Even assuming she is wrong, she isn't by the way, the best thing is to simply move on.
This idea of yesmen is simply too fucking retarded.

>> No.49092502

hope she rapes Kronii at least

>> No.49092519

>admitting to posting it and being /here/
Yeah, congrats on that. And now I definitely think you deleted it.

>> No.49092521

Do I get to go out like Corkus at least?

>> No.49092535

This board is really a never ending Mean Girls movie

>> No.49092610

Yeah I'm sure that's him and not just someone trying to get a rise out of you. I'm Bill Clinton by the way.

>> No.49092611

thanks chatgpt u a real homie

>> No.49092616

>new ip
Before any more retards get tricked

>> No.49092640

based for being brave enough to post it even though he'll be mocked and hated, even if it is sad

>> No.49092646


>> No.49092673
File: 595 KB, 1800x2512, FhGqw1lacAEkj8g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's just weeding out the shriveled up saplings from her backyard, as good gardeners do.

>> No.49092743

Based. Without the kayfabe it’s not worth watching.

>> No.49092750

The day of the furnace cometh

>> No.49092764

I know it's never going to happen, but this constant drama mongering is on its way to ruining this hobby. Too many people who didn't recognize stuff said here as funposting and then containment breaking has really messed things up.

>> No.49092810

I want her to not be a cunt and have actual human feelings but apparently that is way too big an ask for western women

>> No.49092846


>> No.49092879
File: 165 KB, 1629x820, basedsaplings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this one(third one) mysteriously vanished too along with some shitting on kronii which is understandable to delete

>> No.49092985

Well the shit happened, can't rewind time. Time to move to better pastures and leave the cunt alone for other saplings.

>> No.49093005

Why would someone make a long ass post but not want it to get attention

>> No.49093101

This shit gives me a stomachache. I wish no one cared.

>> No.49093167

she isnt yours you simpering retard, you are nothing to her

>> No.49093179

It's baffling how someone can listen to what she says and then completely twist them to attack her.

>> No.49093222

yeah it's honestly a bit frustrating when even as one tries to stay away from the "fandom" side of things, it rears its head somehow

>> No.49093249

>she should trust her audience to not be so fucking stupid
She's been doing this long enough to know that vtuber fans are genuine retards.

>> No.49093254

Is that flower the equivalent of a rainbow trident? If so, everything makes sense now.

>> No.49093312

The fact she felt she needed to say it at all is offensive. It's like someone walking up to you and saying you need to use deodorant. And then you defending it because "It's just good advice, stop being so sensitive schizo". The clear implication is that you stink like shit, whether or not it's 'good advice' is irrelevant because it's the context in which its said.

>> No.49093354

Again, twisting her words just to make up something to be mad at. You do you.

>> No.49093362

Okay? What does that have to do with the fact that the event happened and there is nothing to do anymore?

>> No.49093372

Justified deletion. She did in no way imply that she doesn't care about her viewers. In fact, quite the opposite.
I'm fine (or even happy) to see legitimate criticism, but speaking falsehoods ruins the point he's trying to make.

>> No.49093391

Already happened

>> No.49093408

I'm not twisting her words. I'm taking them at face value.

>> No.49093479

Fucking babiniku ruined everything

>> No.49093481

Jesus, if anything I'm more bother by the fact that she called herself "just an entertainer" something I have only heard from antis and beggars, what a fucking blunder.

>> No.49093509

Intention matters.

>> No.49093541

Cringe, it's a good thing Fauna put so many retard to their place, they need to come back to reality, you are not going to be her wife or friend, once she stop doing this, it's over, you will never hear about her again.

>> No.49093561

You are absolutely twisting her words. If you took it at face value you wouldn't be mad.

>> No.49093578

If you took them at face value then it would probably be an old lady on an autobus telling you nicely that you should take care of yourself for your own good, not that you stink like a congolese. Some of you niggas have some repressed high school memories that need working on but please do keep in mind that Fauna isn't your therapist.

>> No.49093592

> Failed to handle a known troll.
This yab is partly on Cover's fault. Trolls and harassers should get their accounts blocked across the entire holopro network.
> Tried to deep/real talk.
Fauna's a vegan. You can't have a deep conversation with a vegan.
> Failed to call everyone a friend
A lie as white as her being mother nature.

>> No.49093669

I would genuinely appreciate if someone told me I fucking stank without realizing it because I'm not a psychopath that takes everything said to me as an insult

>> No.49093674

People complain about things they cant change

>> No.49093785

>Trolls and harassers should get their accounts blocked across the entire holopro network.
hard agree, fucking management not doing shit that management should do, again

>> No.49093816

I can't find this autist on the comments anymore. Could it be he self deleted to make Fauna look bad and avoid call outs? Because that's definitely what he did.

>> No.49093821

True but it's exactly because you can't change it that it's better to let it go. Let it be God's problem to care about

>> No.49093837

that first dude is a complete fucking retard holy hell
do you need your skull to be rattled around a bit so that you can understand the difference between a cafe you go to *in person* and can actually get to know the owner vs a streamer who's only interaction with you is reading words off a screen?
actual mental illness jesus christ

>> No.49093859


>> No.49093865

I responded to him and in like a minute he deleted it. I guess he didn't like being told that his post was essentially shitting on her

>> No.49093926

Vegans are incapable of deep thought compared to those who eat meat. This is because meat eaters absorb the souls and life experiences of the reincarnated flesh (see reincarnation.) A plant does not offer the same soul nourishment. It’s that simple.

>> No.49094142
File: 166 KB, 720x462, IMG_20230510_050340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do HoloEN girls seem to be secretly trying to sabotage each other?

>> No.49094157

half the people in this thread and the comment section of that vod need to have their fucking brains checked, I want to think that at the very least the kind of people saying these are young and retarded because if a grown adult seriously thinks this they need to get off the internet for real

>> No.49094199

>I responded to him
>I guess he didn't like being told that his post was essentially shitting on her
You're one of those, huh

>> No.49094248

I don't think so honestly, I think I would develop imposter syndrome and panic about how I don't deserve any of it and how I'm a fraud and get depressed, if anything.

>> No.49094310

>actual mental illness jesus christ
I have completely accepted, between people getting angry at drawings, videogames, cartoons, etc. that all the boomers and the Church that said that people will not be able to distinguish between reality and fiction were completely right.

>> No.49094365


>> No.49094506

This doesn't look that far from Fauna >>49083059 this here seems low self esteem and having a low opinion of yourself.

>> No.49094628

of course, 80% vtubers I watch have imposter syndrome

>> No.49094659

She's always had. For fuck's sake she's talked about how she gets imposter syndrome and has literally had to cancel a stream to collect herself after the Holofes announcement because her imposter syndrome flared up and she didn't want to bring that on stream