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Intellectually, I know she's 100% correct. There is no feasible way for her to befriend 700,000 people, it's neurologically impossible for a human being to have that many distinct relationships.

That doesn't make what she said hurt any less though. I'm genuinely in love with her, each and every part. Her laugh never fails to cheer me up, her jokes make me cackle, her asmr lets me feel safe enough to try and love myself.

I understand that loving her is flat out stupid, but emotions aren't rational. I've tried, but I can't love her any less. She's the kind of woman I dream of falling in love with together and starting a loving family.

I know it is a better use of my time to work on myself instead of chasing after her, I know that, but if I was able to do that in the first place I wouldn't be here!!!!

So what the hell do you want from me fauna?! You can't make me fall in love with you and then tell me we'll never be together, that's too cruel.

God it hurts

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It's possible to love your oshi and still work on yourself. It is possible to use a girl (even a fictional version of a woman) to know your type, still enjoy her, while searching elsewhere for something similar.

Fauna wants nothing from you other than your attention. What's important is what you want from yourself.

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I’m eating a stromboli for the first time, it’s pretty good.

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Fauna has no say in how you enjoy her content, if you want to pretend that she is your virtual girlfriend, fauna can’t stop you, just memoryhole what she said cause it doesn’t matter anyways. Like you said, you were never actually gonna meet her and befriend her so it really doesn’t matter what fauna says. It’s her fault for not understanding her audience, but that doesn’t have to ruin the experience for you

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2% deflection thread

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Cheer up jannie

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its joever

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Sorry could you repeat that? I couldn’t hear you over mori’s declining viewership and kronii’s lackluster merch dales

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>The people who shit on Mori and Kronii are the same mentally ill fucks who agonize over Fauna's neutral statement
You deserve everything you get.

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I promise you, if you just take your meds, just take them once, you're instantly going to stop caring about this. It's not that big a deal. Just consider it, please, schizobro.

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I know you're joking, but I did take em today

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>I'm sure you've heard the saying don't meet your heroes, I don't think that necessarily applies to everybody, but I think its good if you can just watch streamers and enjoy their streams for what they are

>Fauna is mean in real life?
>I don't think so, and I think I try to be myself on stream but you know, if we were friends we might have disagreements, who knows
>there might be things that you would be like, like maybe, the fact that I made 10 servings of curries and you don't eat leftovers is irreconcilable
>Because I want to show you guys only the best side of myself you know
>I think that's best, because I don't want to bring your guys moods down, by showing you, like, a non positive side of me, you know

>But I think for friends its important to open up, show them more of you if you want to be really close
>Anyway, I hope that is okay, I know, I know, don't be sad, cherish your friends because they are just as cool as streamers I promise.
>I promise they are

>There's nothing particularly special about streamers, I mean like sure maybe there's a streamer and they're great at singing but does that make them a better friend, no, it doesn't
>someone can be a great friend even if they aren't great at singing

>My friends are cooler than you? I hope so, I hope so
>quite a few of my friends are streamers, what do I do? I mean that's an exception.

>I mean obviously streamers have friends.
>And I'm sure sometimes people have made friends with streamers and it workout out, but you know

>Anyway there's my deep talk, I answered it as honestly as I could, I am happy to be here, and entertain you guys and hang out and its fun

>yeah exactly, the great part of streaming is interaction.
>There's a back and forth which makes it great, the banter.
>you just try to make me laugh? You do, you guys type funny stuff all the time.

>I think I would've had a harder time be a lets player without having a chat to bounce off of mmm hmm
>But, you should always...I know I shouldn't lecture you guy...
>It's important for you guys to not neglect your real lives too

>Put yourselves #1 always.
>I'm just some silly streamer on the internet.
>And I will not be happy if you're neglecting yourselves
>No you wont? *laughs* You must, you must.
>Please take care of yourselves.

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What you need to do is stop making shitty falseflag drama threads and accept that Nijisanji only pays out 1%

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She was very soft-spoken when giving us that talk I think that will help in her coming back
Another thing in her favor is that her rant started in reply to a superchat from someone known to be a mentally ill troll
It would be really nice if she started her next stream with an apology for her rude words
What she did was not that bad compared to what Kronii and Ame did so I think she can be forgiven if she understands what she did wrong

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I sometimes wonder if responses to obvious falseflaggers like this are falseflags themselves

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How is it falseflagging to tell someone who shit on other girls to go fuck themselves?

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you guys are crazy, i'm a fuana day 1. Just trying to grapple with what she said, y'all suck

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Gandhi, is that you?

I feel something like that for my oshi as well. I enjoy the illusion but I'm aware of my own situation. It sounds like you haven't come to terms with your situation but blaming your oshi for being very charming isn't fair for her

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Apology for what?

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Just make mommy fauna word about make new irl friend as side quest...

Or you can just erase that from your brain...

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She had two options when answering the question:
2-Tell the truth.

And yes, I agree that she should not have adressed it in the first place, but once she decided to do it anyways, to me, being truthful is the better option, specially if she cares for her fans and takes them seriously.

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There is only Gura and IRyS now.

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The only realistic path is learn jp and join the jp fanbase. This is a cultural gap that is not gonna be close any time soon. The only EN types who might be good are the ones who are weaboos themselves like Kiara, but even Kiara doesn't come close to even vasic JP chuubas. There is just no effort from the girls to be real vtubers, to them it's just streaming with a mask on, no different from what xQc does, with that mentality you will NEVER have a good EN chuuba.

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I know it's not fair to blame her, but it's too painfull to blame anyone else
nah, I won't lie to myself. I owe myself that much. I'm lucky enough to have a few true friends I love and know I can rely on. It's just on the romantic side, i don't think i'll ever find someone as wonderful as her

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watch 2views, they'll actually be your friends

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What do you mean apology for what?

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Nah, i'm semi fluent in jp and fauna is still my oshi, its not even close
I think she wanted to adress it, which I respect Still hurts like hell

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Its just not the same... Maybe if my name was Eddy i would have a chance

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so only IRyS then

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idk if broski is joking but you guys need to watch this shit fr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAAmyhWspts

(if you still want to have some sort of mutual relationship with vtuber or any streamer you should discover low viewer count folks as another anon said, twitch obviously is better place for it, idk how you watch streams on YT)

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kek doxfagging "Sapling" forgot to remove the name before posting. If this isn't obvious for the jannies idk what they're doing

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You need to put more value on yourself. Is this the one thing that matters more to you than anything else? It might seem that way for some people but the truth is that it isn't. I think most people can't live the life they want but they can usually make the most out of it

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You give too much of yourself to someone who barely registers you exist.

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You are a unicuck. Who gives a fuck about mori and kronii?

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>I think that's best, because I don't want to bring your guys moods down, by showing you, like, a non positive side of me, you know
big fat fail on that one lmao

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Nah they will not be your true friend...
Chat or game, maybe can...
But when i am sick or need real help i cant go to vtuber for help...

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>Lovestruck Sappling
get fucked falseflagging doxxnigger, your larp was obvious from the start but you fucked up

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it was a nijinigger troll
she got baited

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Forgive the spelling, i'm retarded

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If only that were true..

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I saw the SC, i'm not ignorant. She's smart though, if this wasn't something she already didn't wanna discuss, she wouldn't have answered it

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Your mood is clearly not down and you've taken the entire thing out of context. Congrats, here's your (You)

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You're all replying to falseflagging phoneposting doxxnigger >>49078369

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she'll be a 3view a month from now

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I'm going to slowly watch less of her. I can't give a shit about the UUUUs after that and the comments on the video being deleted.

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That faggot is a kronie, specifically one from /inf/.

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So just memory hole the word from mommy fauna, coz that word its not for you...

Its hard get a good romantic partner like loving mother like mommy fauna...
I know that too...

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>There is no feasible way for her to befriend 700,000 people
What if she just befriended the top 2%? Would that be possible?

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no shit, that's true for all internet friends

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Oh hey, you're the menhera sapling who always spams catalog threads about Fauna when /uuu/ is not up. Wish you retards would stick to your thread.
Anyway isn't this kinda similar to what Suisei said? She can't stop people from becoming gachikoi but she's not going to reciprocate. Not exactly the same subject but the intention is the same. So it's up to you to decide how you handle that.
Lastly, I recommend you stop making Fauna threads. Just make /uuu/ if you want to talk about her so much, I'm tired of you spamming threads to sing her praises when no one gives a fuck. Doubly so now.

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Because I can make a snappy joke? Woah i never knew if you feel down you aren't allowed to make jokes.
Anyway what I feel is irrelevant. I obviously know the point she's getting at, it's obvious when she says "don't meet your heroes"
Regardless of that, saying "I cannot be your friend" will bring people's moods down so again, the whole speech was a big fat fail. The schizos are gonna schizo regardless but not the parasocial saplings are whining and the non parasocial ones have to deal with whiners and falseflaggers. The mood has undoubtedly been brought down because of this lecture.

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Holy shit retard anyone can put a name on. If he was a falseflagging doxx poster he'd be banned. Not making a post like >>49078480

>> No.49078940

>he isn't in the tier 3 Discord cabal that receives feet pics

>> No.49078979

But i didn't like it when suisei said that

>> No.49078982

And thats why mommy fauna said...
Looking for irl friend, coz they can help you when you need them beside you...

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kfp doesn't have this issue

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Is there a clip?

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It sounds like big corpo chuubas aren't for you. What you need is a nice 2view to groom. Check out Production Kawaii, they'd be right up your alley.

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>Content creator sets reasonable boundaries without being rude or disrespectful
>Everybody losing their mind calling the whole thing a failure
How the fuck does it work???

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but I don't love Production kawaii streamers, I love Fauna

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She got baited and wasn't quick enough to spot it. The SC was a variation of "do you still beat your wife?" Unless your stand back and refuse the premise of the question you lose. If you want to sabotage a vtuber, take note of how it is done.

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This is Riifu all over again

>> No.49079327

>Get hired in an idol company
>Get paid for being a virtual prostitute behind 2d anime avatar
>sell voice packs and ridiculous amounts of merch
>"we're not friends" two years later

She is not an entertainer. None of them are.

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this has to be fake

>> No.49079392

It's you, I can still see your name. And it's a new IP every post, you're phone posting. Anyone who actually believes this is a fucking retard, and this just shows the number of bots and niji trolls farming yous here

>> No.49079403

Why do vtubers constantly have to bash their fans over the head?
"We aren't friends"
"you're not my boyfriend"
"I need distance"

they're treating their fans like shit saying these things to them all the time

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EN Vtubers do because they can and people will still give them views and money.

>> No.49079437

Then I'd suggest you head over to /x/ and start learning how to make a Fauna tulpa, because that's your most realistic option.

>> No.49079445

it's literally her job to act like the viewer's friend, do you think people watch streamers because they're funny?

>> No.49079446

Well, that's how it is. I've been saying for months that Fauna has never been GFE or anything close to it. She's always had a clear boundary between her and chat, even if she likes to give her viewers fanservice from time to time. She doesn't break down on stream, always tries to be composed, she has said she always puts on a streaming persona to display her best version of herself.

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>genuinely in love with her

When are you going to introduce your girlfriend to your mom LOL she must be happy to hear you found a woman

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>Intellectually, I know she's 100% correct. There is no feasible way for her to befriend 700,000 people, it's neurologically impossible for a human being to have that many distinct relationships.
"Hey saplings, I'm your friend" these simple words break the foundations of reality I suppose, jeez.

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>not an entertainer
Except she is. She's actually funny and entertaining. idk why anyone else would watch her.

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western women are rotten whores
you can give them a cute anime avatar to dress it up but they're still basic bitches behind the camera

>> No.49079513

I've never bought a voice pack or merch from a friend

>> No.49079534

there's nothing wrong with you and your feelings, fauna just trampled over them
maybe convert to waifuism and love fictional characters instead? they usually can't hurt you, and if they do, at least you can send death threats to the author. or treat anything you don't like as non-canon. LET REALITY BE WHATEVER YOU WANT

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i don't get the bias against this in particular. like oh wow, look at the faggot with shit to do during the day and can't sit at his computer scrolling through 4chan. who fucking cares?

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You're desperate for attention, aren't you? Ending off the statement with 'lmao' suggests you're completely on the sidelines on this subject.
That speech was made in the most delicate way possible. I find it was Fauna's way of dealing with the real schitzos in the audience that aren't taking care of themselves, properly

>> No.49079591

You guys are all pathetic snowflakes lmao

>> No.49079625

they dont understand why people watch them

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I'm just gonna move onto someone else who won't lecture me about not being a friend

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Saplings realizing Fauna only ever wanted their money is pretty funny

>> No.49079709

Fauna, I just watched the clip
What I witnessed made me scream
Gave you akas every stream.
Fauna, our love just begun
But now you've gone and thrown it all away

>> No.49079752

to be fair, she is funny and that IS a big part of why I watch her

>> No.49079761

words words words

>> No.49079773

That's right. Because her job isn't being our friends. But prostitutes don't get to attack their clients.
>idk why anyone else would watch her
After today i'm not sure either.

>> No.49079811

I don't care that he's phone posting. All I'm saying is that namefag is cycling his IP and ban evading. He even doubled down and forgot to remove his name >>49078894

>> No.49079812

I watch streamers for different reasons but i never deluded myself that they are my friends, gf or personal psychologist. It's just a fun way to kill time and spam shit in the chat with da boys

>> No.49079827

I don't want to love a lie, I want to love someone who can love me back

>> No.49079843

You aren't entitled to a woman's friendship just because you give her money.

>> No.49079874

>But prostitutes don't get to attack their clients
you usually pay extra for that, but there's always an agreement beforehand
don't fucking slap my face when i requested vanilla sex

>> No.49079883

I want to type a comment, but I know it will just be used in bad faith, so I'm just going to say whatever comes to my mind here in the very small chance Fauna would end up seeing it.
"Even though what you said wasn't bad, it made me feel like total garbage. It made me feel unlovable and not enough. The fact hat an anime girl on the internet couldn't even pretend to be my friend or enjoy my company. I'd like to think I'm doing ok for myself. I have a handful of friends, going through education, have a job, but I'm not good enough to have an anime girl on the internet pretend to be my friend.
I, like many, use vtubers and streamers for escapism. I know that we're really not friends, that you'll never know my name, see my face, or hold a conversation with me. Everybody who watched you knows that. But to have a 10 minute lecture on why you assume I'm a friendless loner makes me fell like dogshit. Its insulting.
I feel like I'm never enough all the time in my real life, so to have be lectured to by a vtuber about having friend and meeting people really falls on deaf ears.
Watching you has given me a reason to get out of bed on many days, many nights I literally dream of you. I know its weird but I cant control what I dream of, or what gives me motivation to get out of bed each morning. So to have an idol in my life say that we'll never be friends, not even a white lie, or a sliver of hope, is soul crushing. I don't even get the chance to delude myself.
Lastly the part about not befriending streamers, that one is bullshit. Not to say people should go into streams with the intention of finding a friend, but one can consider the entity that is chat as a friend, that's not farfetched. I know a handful of streamers personally, the ones I've talked to seem to be really pleasant people. Fuck, I've even helped multiple make goddam D&D characters before. So to say just because of one's profession that they are unavailable be befriended is arbitrary. Unless of course you're also a streamer, then things seem to be different. You need to be in the club to become a friend I suppose. We're not good enough to be your friend, but if you have 4 millions subscribers and are a blue shark named Gura, you get to bypass the "never meet your heroes" and "streamers aren't your friend" rule. Its hypocritical. Also knowing about your past, this whole thing is fucking bullshit and you know it, you had a fucking gaggle of streamer friends, but against its different if you're part of the fucking club. Fuck off and let me enjoy my self delusion. It wasn't hurting anybody. I never typed cringe shit in chat or supers. I never bothered anybody with it. It was my little parasocial relationship that I kept to myself, that kept me sane, that got me out of bed in the morning, and exited to sleep so I might dream of you."

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There's a huge mix of falseflaggers, schitzos and schitzos that don't even watch.
Seems like the people that are vtuber fans on this post is less than 10%

>> No.49079920

>She got baited and wasn't quick enough to spot it.

nothing stopped her from taking it slow and ignoring the SC, she wanted to talk about this.

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Hostess clubs are entertainment. The issue is losers who don't have the life experience or social skills to realize they are being entertained. The industry is fucked up. Twitch and YT with bits and SC. It encourages an unhealthy cycle in the name of profit. Look at how many girls are excited by the idea of doing whatever it takes to play games online for a living.

>> No.49079970

It's not the "we are not friends" part what it hurts... it's the "we shouldn't be friends" part... what did we do wrong to the idea of something as simple and mundane as being friends clearly she's repulsed by?

>> No.49079988

Then you should genuinely not be bothering with vtubers in the first place if that's your goal. Even if you try to groom a 2view or a 1view, there's a high chance it all ends in nothing. You can try but I'm sure a lot of people on this board can tell you horror stories about it.
I'm pretty sure this post is literally copy pasted from another thread

>> No.49080084

doesn't make it any less true

>> No.49080093

real vtuber fans aren't gonna be here crying over nothing

>> No.49080094

Just up your meds dosage, delusional GFE schizos
Literally thinks a 2D character will be their girlfriend just because they're a viewer in their streams lmao

>> No.49080114

You just wrote the definition of an internet entertainer

>> No.49080147

kek literal bots reposting the same comments from last night.
You guys have fun. Bye

>> No.49080171

Holy retard. Is this what you faggots actually think like? Roru

>> No.49080185

A lot of prostitutes have pimps to attack their clients (what is cover? heh.) Anyway, prostitution at that level happens due to lack of opportunity. Lack of money or skills and a desire for easy cash. Give them a computer and some training...

>> No.49080187

Fauna is a girl, this is typical behavior from them. Probably have a better chance of being called a "friend" by the tempus boys.

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>Hostess clubs are entertainment. The issue is losers who don't have the life experience or social skills to realize they are being entertained.
You have it backwards. Not a single mentally sound man would spend money in a hostess club if they have good friends and/or girlfriend. Likewise, no one with a healthy social life (unless they just watch clips during transit or something) will member a vtuber, buy her expensie merch and all that.
Both are places where lonely people can throw money away for an illusion. If i want entertainment - i just watch a fucking movie or get shitfaced. Or both.

>> No.49080269


>> No.49080284

Post memberships with timestamps

>> No.49080292

i would say if you're not a schizo, then you don't care enough about vtubers and therefore YOU are the casual who's not a true fan. the rest of us are genuinely losing our minds over this hobby

>> No.49080300

People dislike phone posting because it’s incredibly easy for phoneposters to ban evade and so the stigma goes that phoneposters are primarily shitposting trolls who just want to fling shit until a janny makes them reset their IP.

>> No.49080313

You retards really thought this was a gf simulator when it's just an anime girl streaming

>> No.49080332

There's the possibility you have an oversensitive, selfish schitzos (world revolves around them). So I've taken that into consideration too. Despite that, the number of trolls is significant

>> No.49080339

>MY WAY IS THE ONLY WAY to watch and enjoy something!

>> No.49080379

?! Holy ESL anon
You're the one simping for a cartoon

>> No.49080403

>deluding yourself into the friendzone
See this is the part I find very hard to believe about everyone acting upset about this. If you were truly a parasocial gachi you would make her your wife, not your friend. All this reads to me is someone disrespecting actual parasocial delusions. Get serious, you faker.

>> No.49080408

This happened right after the Kronii visit too.

>> No.49080426

Dont fucking call me a simp, I don't even watch Fauna. I literally told him to look elsewhere if that was his goal.

>> No.49080465

Some people go to hostess clubs with friends for fun.

>> No.49080492
File: 61 KB, 622x674, 1645104394878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not friends
No shit, what is kayfabe and why are ENwhores unable to keep it up?
Better luck next time saplings

>> No.49080495

The one positive of Fauna's fuckup is it reminded me of why I refused to get into hololive back in 2021.

I knew this is how it worked but my pc/phone/diskdrive fucked up on the same day so very depressed I gave gura a chance instead of just only grabbing her porn. Then gura's summer "break" began and I gave Fauna a glance after the cowkini shit.

The temptation to actually pay for a membership is gone, I'll just get gift subs whenever I bother to watch fauna's future streams.

>> No.49080593

They sell illusion. No two ways about it. If she wanted to be "real" she should'be dropped the fake voice and turned her webcam on.

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File: 128 KB, 1080x1081, 1660902486121260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

meds onegai

>> No.49080626

You're not so mentally sound yourself. Certainly without a healthy social life if you're here posting; trying to feel superior when in reality you're pathetic. You're more pathetic than who you call out considering how maliciously miserable your life must be

>> No.49080667

I don't get the appeal, but sure.
Still, most of the clients come alone.

>> No.49080680

Why are Saplings deciding to not post the whole thing? Here's the parts you missed

>I mean, if you want me to be real, I'll be real
>we as fauna and saplings, we cannot be friends, or we should not be friends, there's a lot of reasons
>it is I think important for boundaries to be maintained
>I am here to entertain you, and that is all really
>and if you can have a good time here then that makes me happy
>That's if I'm being really real, which maybe, I don't know did you want me to be real? and this goes for every streamer I think
>I don't know, I used to.. really- because I've always liked youtubers and stuff
>And I used to look at youtubers and be like: "OMG if only I could be their friend! like I really wish I could be their friend, it would be so cool"
>But as I've gotten older, I've realized like there's nothing particularly special or that amazing that makes the youtuber different from anyone else
>Just because they're a youtubers doesn't mean they would be good friends to you
>The people you know in real life, your friends, they can be better friends to you than any youtuber can be
>They're just as cool, they have just as many interesting ideas and cool traits about themselves than the youtubers who you admire do
>I think its easy to look at youtubers and then admire them but I promise if you look at your friends through the same lens you will also see the cool things about your friends that makes your friends special too
>youtubers are just normal people, I mean I'm a kirin, keeper of nature but I'm pretty normal, or maybe I'm not I don't know
>but yea, I think I understand cause I used to always watch youtubers and want to be their friends and I think that's normal to some extent
>but its important to keep in mind that I'm just here to stream and hopefully entertain you and make your day better in some way
>I promise its better that way, its better that way, its better that way
>You should cherish your friends in your life. mmhm hmm, and I hope you can have a good time in the sapling community
>There are many people you can make friends with


>> No.49080683

just post it on the vod bro

>> No.49080685

These gachis dude, I just look towards the content of my preference and move on to the chuuba that wants to give it to her audience.

>> No.49080707

On the other hand membership is only 5 dollars. Hardly a huge dent on anyone's finances

>> No.49080736

tourists riding the bandwagon are too retarded to understand that this is what separates vtubers from regular fleshstreamers

>> No.49080750

they know the bit you posted/that they cut out makes her look like a fucking retard

>> No.49080757

Did i offend you in any way?
I mean, sure, posting here automatically means that you're a fucking weird degenerate, can't argue with you on that one.

>> No.49080761

The question was: are we friends or simps for you?
The answer was simps.

>> No.49080780

>Why are Saplings deciding to not post the whole thing?
Because that's the part they don't want people to see.

>> No.49080781

I've never paid for any memberships and I never will. Makes it easier for me to pick up and drop people as I please, but also means I won't be as bothered by shit like this.

>> No.49080813

He didn’t even call anyone out. Schizo

>> No.49080908

Post it.

>> No.49080924

So what I've gathered from these threads is that she's 100% right but you shouldn't remind your mentally ill fans that they aren't special

>> No.49080940
File: 39 KB, 500x500, peko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not everyone is mentally ill. Most people watch them like they watch any other online creator, to be entertained.
Grow up or take better meds.

Most of them don't sell YOUR illusion. You might as well have sex with your house plant and get jealous when other people compliment it. You're delusional lmao

>> No.49080959

We need to enable flags now because faggots are breaking containment. There are nearly 300 comments on her vod vs 175 hours earlier.

>> No.49080971

This is the beginning of the end for Fauna. She killed off most of her fanbase last night.

>> No.49080983

Click the link

>> No.49080985

Normal people do not watch vtubers.

I'll say it again for those who are in denial or retarded.


Normal people do not watch people pretending to be an anime girl. They most certainly do not pay ridiculous amounts for trash with said anime girl's face on it. And they DEFINITELY don't pay 5 dollars a month for "special streams" from said anime girl. Normal people watch sports games. They watch late night shows. Have you ever seen Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon and wonder "Who the fuck is this shit for?" NORMAL PEOPLE.

Vtubers are niche hobby for losers, mentally ill people, nerds, dorks, for people who are desperately trying to cope by finding a little escapism. As a Holo, you are making money off of vulnerable people but they are willing and happy to be exploited as long as you don't drop the fucking mask. That's all you have to do. What's infuriating is Fauna clearly had SOME awareness of this, she even said she just wants to show her good sides and not her bad. But you don't get to make insane amounts of money from a weak audience and then act all high and mighty on them. Just shut up and perform.

>> No.49081001

>Sorry but this is just business
Anyone who can't comprehend that is a sad little fuck, she isn't doing this out of the love of her heart, she needs the bread... BUT that's simply something an idol shouldn't tell her fans ever. She probably tought it was her being transparent but saying such a thing is in fact hurtful to the viewers who support her.

>> No.49081007

She really wanted to talk about it

>> No.49081012

I'm really not seeing a lot of memberships being posted from "true saplings" for whatever reason.

>> No.49081021

that's why it hurt

>> No.49081093

I don't understand why anyone would watch Jimmy Fallon either, that guy is creepy.

>> No.49081096

>If i want entertainment - i just watch a fucking movie or get shitfaced. Or both.
Calling out people spending money on their hobby while trying to parade above it, in /vt/. Excuse me?

>> No.49081098

>>49080959 (me)
It would be easier to tell a garbage eating SEAfag from the charcoal soaked niggers from Tennessee

>> No.49081104

Have you ever been to one? Where I live they are usually older guys in groups drinking and maybe singing depending on the venue. It's mostly been like that anywhere I've been in asia.

>> No.49081131

They saw what happened to the Kronies who posted under their membership accounts.

>> No.49081163

why would I wanna doxx myself

>> No.49081168

You're letting entertainment fags influence your thought here too much, op. Just because the bonds of friendship we share with Fauna are something new and uncharted in form doesn't make them any less of a friendship.

Don't listen to redditors who probably watch Hasan and other fleshtuber cliques and see themselves as having grown up.

>> No.49081187
File: 33 KB, 217x222, 1592695916207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Touches sceen
I cringed but I understand.

>> No.49081192

correct, I'm in the loser category.

>> No.49081201

Pretend to be your girlfriend to sell merch:ok
Pretend to be friends for free: not ok

>> No.49081220

Kronii is to blame. Jilted Saplings, you know what to do.

>> No.49081226

Glad I never fell for this snake

>> No.49081225

I don't understand why people do this. It's not like it isn't obvious that it's a raid when a bunch of greys and gifteds suddenly all post at the same time. You're not anonymous, they can see that you're a tourist on YouTube.

>> No.49081248

fauna is a definitely a /here/ chuuba but you would still have better luck on twitter/yt comments

and fauna i wish you luck! don't let fat mane-san yell at you too much. she will probably make you go through training again and relearn how to talk to coomers: https://youtu.be/DlnfiULnmMY?t=330

>> No.49081295

>Most of them don't sell YOUR illusion
Yes, that is why this company has just one or two talents, right? They definetly don't try to cover the broad range of all possible tastes, right?
Get real.

>> No.49081327

This is just light roleplay really.

>> No.49081359

Entertainers aren't your friends. That's standard. That's common sense. What's your point even?

>> No.49081379

We're talking about the same fanbase who've been falling in love with her despite knowing fully well about her situation.
She'll be fine, this will blow over in a like week and saplings will go back to pretending that she loves them.

>> No.49081403
File: 47 KB, 223x286, 1667074976030212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49081448

Because she kept that shit offstream and delivered CGDCT. They weren't unicorns. But this? This ruined the vibe of this stream and all future interactions? She can't even call you her friends? Not even good friends, just friends?

>> No.49081459

Learn to read, retard.

>> No.49081465

If it’s for money it’s okay

>> No.49081467

Why didn’t she just ignore the supa, just say thank you and move on. She should realize by now how easily triggered the vtuber community can get.

>> No.49081473

the answer was always simps

>> No.49081506

The projection is heavy in this post. Not everyone is you schizo anon. They don't owe anything to your made up fantasy

If you donate money it should be for appreciation of their entertaining content. When you interpret an anime girl talking into a mic as her pretending to be your GF in your lonely ass world, you begin thinking your donations are a mutual understanding of this dynamic, and you begin to demand she treat you like you imagine in your fantasy.

I usually suggest people like you to get some irl friends before shooting up a school

I bet you felt special going out with one of them for valentines day anon. I'm sure it felt real

>> No.49081562

She should do like EIEN talent and outright laugh at her simps offstream. Or like NijiEN and laugh at simps ON-stream.

>> No.49081576

Kronii passed the curse to Fauna but it began with Mori
She's the origin of this brainrot in EN
>every holo that hates their friends
Started with Mori
>every holo that hates idol culture
Started with Mori or Kson
>every holo that's afraid of parasocials
Started with Mori

>> No.49081589

We all know they aren't our friends. That's not the issue here. I think this dude said it best >>49080196

>> No.49081624

how vtubers different from normal streamers? There are streamers who stream without a webcam like LIRIK and he still has 20k viewers every single day. Vtube mask is just another way to try to keep your face/identity so weirdos like ppl from this thread don't bother you in a way creepier way

>> No.49081650

>I'm sure it felt real
Your point? Fake or not, doesn't change the fact that they explicitly sell the illusion.

>> No.49081659

The best way to be read by a chuuba is to comment in their clips. They love to ego watch that shit.

>> No.49081662

Does anyone outside of vt give a shit?

>> No.49081681

The only bad thing about this is that tempusfags would be more than uppity than ever now Fauna faltered on her stance like this.

>> No.49081697

I think Fauna was in the wrong but she literally does pretend to be their friends for free. Her unforced mistake was pointing out that it is in fact, pretend.

>> No.49081702

that was the big mistake.

>> No.49081726

Dream showed his face and lost everyone. You never drop the fucking mask.

>> No.49081741
File: 632 KB, 536x720, Screen Shot 2023-05-09 at 2.09.52 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ugh You Dang, Dirty Unicucks! At LEAST I GOT TO FUCK MY MOMMY!

>> No.49081748


>> No.49081751

People voiced their complains on her channel but the comments get deleted

>> No.49081824

Fair, but you forgot to mention Kronii just spent like an entire week muffdiving Fauna. She's more in a position to influence her compared to Mori.

>> No.49081843

Hopefully she starts collabing with da boys to really own the parasocials since that's what her goal is.

>> No.49081844

Not sure if its just a coincidence, but I've noticed this ongoing trend of western women not being able to keep up their kayfabe.
Not sure if its the entitlement brainrot they've been taught in collage, or just simply the mentality of cute being cringe, but something is making them drop the act as soon as they can.

>> No.49081861

Exactly just be a faceless dude from the internet and enjoy a fucking ride unless you are trying to be a commentator streamer like Hasan or Destiny

>> No.49081865

the video you linked is only for CN streaming culture
i'm sure jp/en is similar but skimming the curriculum for "vtubing schools" (yes it's a real vocational profession now), they don't have lessons on milk whales yet. imagine the outrage if they did

>> No.49081880

No, and anons like >>49081751 will conveniently leave out that most of the fags were people from here using alts

>> No.49081888

True it's undeniable that Kronii passed this on to Fauna

>> No.49081887

>People voiced their complains on her channel but the comments get deleted
why they should be allowed to criticize her? since we're not friends

>> No.49081892


>> No.49081891

Elaborate. Highlights lonely men spending habits on entertainment. Brings up personal alternative that doesn't sound as degenerate

>> No.49081917

The way Fauna talk reminds me of my actual mother and that's okay

desu, I love her even more. why won't Anon -kun just...stop being so angry about everything?

>> No.49081948

If she wants to be a entertainer why can’t she accept criticism like most entertainers do?

>> No.49081951

>saplings on /vt/ aren't saplings on youtube
Are you retarded anon?

>> No.49081962

More like you should commit to whatever you've established.

Are you a fleshtuber? Stay a fleshtuber.
Are you a vtuber? Stay a vtuber.
Are you somehow successful just being a faceless voice? Stay a faceless voice.

Stay in your fucking lane.

>> No.49081991

When is the earlicking asmr

>> No.49082001
File: 121 KB, 1116x585, 1671917851596194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It hurts like a bitch. When will I be okay? Any ex-teamates, ex-kronies? Give me some help please.

>> No.49082002

You're exactly why chubas decide to take the mask off. Get some help.

>> No.49082028

it smells like feminism bullshit where every woman needs to speak her mind on shit despite not fully understanding it

>> No.49082041

HololiveEN has a total ban on viewer criticism since the Kronii yab
You know since management put out that one statement and all streamers got more mods?

>> No.49082083

Go eat dirt. It's how a sapling grows!

>> No.49082091

>doesn't sound as degenerate
Never implied that. All i'm saying is: entertainment alone isn't the main draw here. Spend your money on whatever you want man, i don't give a shit. Alcohol is way worse anyway.

>> No.49082100

Give up on holoEN.

>> No.49082128

Then i don't understand why ppl mad at fauna when she continues to be a vtuber. Viewers are trying to make a definition of word Vtuber as an anime girl that likes you for 5 bucks a month but it's their problem and not the problem of vtuber. She just wants to play a game a whisper asmrs from time to time. Why she has to act as your pocket friend?

>> No.49082158

i understand your pain sap bro, i'm sorry

>> No.49082164

Apparently they don't fully understand their fans. Because well adjusted normal men give you hundreds of thousands of dollars just because you're an entertainer right? That's why so many people are donating to Jimmy Fallon, because they love him right?

>> No.49082166

Meh I couldn't bounce back. Jaded me to vtubers as a whole and now I just come here as an observer of the he medium

>> No.49082172

western women can't stop themselves from insulting their fans. Every single one of them.

>> No.49082184

Do what i did, find a schizo 2 view who loves to be insulted and cucked. I visit her streams and tell her all about my oshi. She loves that shit.

>> No.49082208

>Why she has to act as your pocket friend?
I'll give you a hint anon. Starts with m and ends with eds

>> No.49082240

Most shows have characters with different personalities and yet that doesn't stop it from having a target audience, if you think holofans have greater differences in taste than similarities when it comes to vtubers, you are wrong.

>> No.49082244

She broke kayfabe, thus she is not a vtuber anymore, she's a Twitch thot with an avatar.

>> No.49082292
File: 2.99 MB, 960x404, 1601989031856.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49082303

Name me one show with this many main female characters.

>> No.49082306

Go to Holo JP.

>> No.49082314

Drop it on the vod, pussy. Show some balls. You won't.

>> No.49082348

desu talking about holos with 1views is genuinely fun. they represent "normal" passionate fans a lot better than this board or discord. sadly those convos can't last very long because of the inconvenient chat interface

>> No.49082347

The funny thing is that Vtuber is a [insert insult] with an avatar. Parasocial trait is optional

>> No.49082358

When is subaru going to play more ACFA? Ive been waiting for part 2 for weeks.

>> No.49082379

ex-teamate here and I'm in despair as well. I can't believe this is happening again...

>> No.49082396

>watch the soulless brand entities
no thanks

>> No.49082408

Most making this a big topic of discussion are anti's. There may be some schitzos that are brainwashed to spread the rhetoric but it's really just a massive hate squad

>> No.49082415

Sure anon, and you're a false flagging nijisister if I decide it too. Funny how that works.

>> No.49082417


>> No.49082423

what kronii yab?

>> No.49082456

What happens when a group of guys who've been rejected by girls their whole lives also get rejected by a virtual-girl they never had hopes for anyway?Imagine the depression

>> No.49082467
File: 720 KB, 1907x2396, rto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's funny because she doesn't want your love, she doesn't want your friendship, and she doesn't want your "wrath" either.


She will happily take your money though.

>> No.49082502

It’s just women forgetting that their greatest value to a man in any industry is their attractiveness and agreeableness.

>> No.49082512

I didn’t say to watch JP either, retard.

>> No.49082540

don't encourage him she might not stream for the rest of the week

>> No.49082580
File: 146 KB, 500x625, 1654071953133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how vtubers different from normal streamers?
vtubers play a character
watch literally any twitch thot and you'll see that they're not pretending to be someone else, they're themselves, the good and the bad, meanwhile we have vtubers who pretend to be thousand year old catgirl witches who's biggest flaw is forgetting to get up one morning to stream
its a game of pretend and just like anime girls we get to see these women put on a fictional show that, unlike in anime, we can interact with

>> No.49082589


>> No.49082603

at least shondo loves us

>> No.49082606

Lie lol.
The entire point is to keep up the kayfabe / delusion, lie if you have to.
Do you see Lamy saying she's our girlfriend? Do you see Nene saying we're her husbands?
Literally just lie Fauna, it's not hard.

>> No.49082644

2-3 of the comments are still there but likely since they're still supporting her response while also explaining why it was a bad idea.

I'm already censoring myself when I comment in her chat/comments, I can't get anymore "nice" than what I've posted which got deleted thrice.

>> No.49082652

Then say give up on Holo in general not only EN, also meant for

>> No.49082661

That one time she lied to her entire audience to appease them after a male collab then went mask off and insulted them, followed by breaking every promise she ever made to them and then acting vindictively and spiteful towards them. Followed by going on her roommate account and talking about owning the haters (the haters being her biggest fans)
It was only the biggest backstabbing of a fanbase in all of Hololive, if she was a JP she would have been forced to graduate then and there

>> No.49082663
File: 1.56 MB, 1080x1080, 1675743311024453.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time to add her

>> No.49082667

She wasn't wrong in that clip, look at you idiots sperging over nothing as if it's the end of the world

>> No.49082688

I guess we just become more schizo until I develop a way to clone Fauna and sell her clones commercially to horny men.

>> No.49082715

The illusion is shattered. It’s over. Anime girls won’t hit the same. You’ll always wonder when the next girl you watch is going to remind you that you’re wasting your time watching them.

>> No.49082729

Unfortunately being a friend is a thing...

>> No.49082741

>Fauna somehow was all 4 of the horseman at once
Green woman I kneel...

>> No.49082746

Of course not

>> No.49082749

Really nigga? Idolmaster, fgo?

>> No.49082755

They're pretty bad at playing their characters desu

>> No.49082776

She is wrong for expecting people to give her money for nothing. She is supposed to provide a service, an illusion. If I'm watching a puppet show, I don't want to see the man behind the curtain or his hands. That's a bad show.

>> No.49082785

Welp, them i'm just a normie who enjoys usual ppl who decided not to show face
btw here is Lucy Pyre's take on that whole lore thing and that is why is based https://www.youtube.com/shorts/pLNmKa_nH00

>> No.49082798
File: 680 KB, 923x630, 1651849476669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49082824

Yeah, but even good streamers play a character. Look at Aris for christ sakes. When you open his stream, you go there to force him to laugh and/or insult and possibly ban you for laughs. That's the dynamic and he understands that.
And he's a old fat balding fuck who looks like hagrid.

>> No.49082827

I know what you mean bro, but think about it logically: there was never a good end in store for our kind. It's supposed to hurt. It's like that romantic cliche "if you truly love her, then you should let her go". That's unironically the truth about being in love with your oshi. We only exist to give and prop her up and expect nothing in return. Deep down you knew this going in, please don't blame her.

That said, if I could have one selfish wish it would be that she were never this nice to us to begin with... Maybe Kronii and Ame were onto something all along with their strategy... or maybe she hasn't been nice at all and this was just all part of some long elaborate ploy as part of her S ways she mentioned in the mario collab...

>> No.49082840
File: 113 KB, 600x600, 1683659230112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

welcome saplings

>> No.49082847

How does one obtain female friends?

>> No.49082868

The illusion is still there, just not the one you personally want. The service she provides is still there, if you don't like it find a 2 view to groom or something

>> No.49082870

She doesn't. She hates us too

>> No.49082875

forgot to ping

>> No.49082881

>Someone help! I feel sad!
>No thanks
You deserve the heartache.

>> No.49082888


It's time to /become/

>> No.49082902

Let's try original anime or manga and not soulless mobile shit.

>> No.49082923

Have money.

>> No.49082932

Girls und panzer

>> No.49082952

No idea, I'm already just meh about her streams now and that's extending to the other girls too, I know damn well IRyS is going to f up at some point (which is why I wish fauna just didn't read the idiot's SC).

At this point I'm only excited to see kiara play Tears of the kingdom to see how she dies but I never enjoyed kiara's vids the way I did for fauna's.

>> No.49082969

In vtubing, you can have principles or you can have money. Maybe some people have both, but I haven't seen them yet and they certainly aren't in Hololive English. It's just fucking shitty to sell yourself as a virtual geisha for a year or two and then suddenly turn around and lecture the people who have been funding your lifestyle that actually virtual geishas are bad and you're not a virtual geisha, you are a real human being and should be treated as such.

You know how people treat real human beings who aren't providing a service? They don't give them their money, that's for fucking sure.

>> No.49082977

>Mori and Kiara hated on /vt/ for years
>The only two to not fuck over their fans

>> No.49082980

Yeah I've been in the same boat on other channels before
If you post criticism, even if it's a well meaning one, your comment gets deleted
You HAVE to be supportive and even apologizing on behalf of the chuuba to even bring a topic like this up without getting removed by the mods
I can deal with the fake positivity on good days but not when I have a grievance I want to voice

>> No.49083013

The only one I saw get deleted was the one that kinda referenced her PL and directly insulted Kronii.

>> No.49083021

You're not wrong but you're supposed to let go when she graduates and then disapears from the internet forever. Not on a random superchat reading and then you're expected to show up to the ASMR two days later

>> No.49083022

>heart eyes
I'm in pain but this made me laugh hard. Thanks anon

>> No.49083037

Order one online, shit nigga, I don't know. You really asking that /here/?

>> No.49083042

good quote but text too small

>> No.49083061

The illusion of what?

>> No.49083063

Nyo, I dont like their vibe.

>> No.49083083

Yuru Camp is pretty good.

>> No.49083106

Yeah the thing about deleted comments is that you don't see them after being deleted

>> No.49083112

we're her friend

>> No.49083142

I keep seeing people say the character and acting matter, but idk. Most chubas have been telling us irl stories and family stories. From what schizos have been saying, you'd think they'd tell the chubas to shut the fuck up about their lonely childhood and keep being the lewd witch alien or whatever she's supposed to be, but they don't. Everyone here just says whatever's convenient in the moment right?

>> No.49083155

/vt/ has a lot of normalfags for some reason. I thought it was worth a shot.

>> No.49083157

>This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.
Intellectually, she's incorrect and you can just treat all humans as your friends, including those who have wronged you, which may not always be advantageous to you but is advantageous to the collective humanity if such a guiding principle prevails.

>> No.49083177

Mori fucked over her fans time and time again.

>> No.49083187

It's crazy that a fucking $10 supra from some schizo managed to bring down the current queen of EN. I fucking kneel Alex.

>> No.49083214
File: 1.19 MB, 768x1152, real.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine that you hired a prostitute to roleplay as your daughter during sex.

You're paying her top dollar and she's completely fine with this, yet during sex she says "Dude, there's something fucked up about you, maybe you should seek some help before you do this to your daughter, you sick fuck"

It's just like this Fauna situation, we KNOW that we're not friends but you don't have to say this shit, you're ruining the imagination for it, you're suppose to just sell the illusion and shut up, yet now you've just ruined it.

>> No.49083217

>The only two to not fuck over their fans
Mori called her fans cucks.

>> No.49083225

Guess that's what they mean when they say fanbase reflect the streamer. Like how these girls lean into parasocial and GFE tendencies when it's time to sell merch but then draw back once they've gotten your money. Must be convenient in that moment.

>> No.49083234

/vt/ is a menhera board we're barely ahead of /r9k/

>> No.49083241

I'm impressed by this man's ability to put his drunkenness into text. You can really hear the slurring there.

>> No.49083246

You don't get it.

>> No.49083264

I will never have to apologize to Kiara. For I never hated her. I did drop her ass though when she tweeted @ the fags. She’s still based for how she treats her fans though.

>> No.49083278

Because 4chan is mainstream. This place isn't a secret club anymore and hasn't been for over a decade

>> No.49083305

I mean EN is such a fucking shitshow that Fauna was the queen simply by virtue of streaming enough and not shitting on her fans. The bar was low and she still managed to fail.

>> No.49083340

Friends GFs is the easy one. You can try dating apps women that don't wanna fuck you are usually still down to be friends if you atleast matched. You can go volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter chicks love that shit.

>> No.49083346

Schizos gonna schizo. Thanks for being normal human being anon

>> No.49083374

So tl;dr
>friendship is filled with fights and ugly moments, but I only ever want to be uplifting and show a positive face to you guys, so as "Fauna" the idol and you as my fans, we shouldn't get ugly
>you have value and deserve cool friends
>never give up or consider yourself a lost cause, even if seems like a really hard and difficult road
>take care of yourself because I do care and I want you to not neglect yourself for me
>I'm nothing special, don't value me over yourself

>> No.49083395

>how can I reason with normal flags stopping me from ruining this chuba...ah incest!

>> No.49083408

Thanks I was looking for this, now that you posted it, I don't have to. Although this doesn't even apply because nobody thinks they are going to fuck these girls so in essence they have it even easier than the girl in this post. I mean fuck, they have it infinitely easier because they have an attractive 2D avatar and they never have to reveal anything real about themselves. And somehow they still can't fucking do it.

>> No.49083420

It's true I have a job, partner, female friends and touch grass regularly but post here.

>> No.49083429

We just cope together bro. But trust I feel the same

>> No.49083489

Thank you for prorving me right.

>> No.49083532

Hey man, just wanted to say i get you. Its rough

>> No.49083558
File: 484 KB, 671x420, FixVVxOUcAAsRjL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stop wasting your life watching me you fucking loser go outside i hate you
>but please continue to give me money so I never have to get a real job teehee
Why are the ALL like this? Every single fucking one.

>> No.49083564

>Soulless mobile shit
New faggotry like this should be bannable, fuck you goal moving faggot.

>> No.49083580

There's no arguing with normalfags, they shouldn't even fucking be here in the first place.

>> No.49083592

>they love you
>i don't know if i want that

>> No.49083597

DYRBI? It's very easy to lie in the internet, homie

>> No.49083617

wtf, this guy is right.
btw, at family get togethers the menfolk and womenfolk barely talk to each other, they just talk in their gender segregated groups!
so in conclusion Fauna should provide her vagina to saplings.

>> No.49083636

same here man doesnt feel great to have it put in your face

>> No.49083749
File: 324 KB, 960x960, 1678158066592501.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Imagine that you hired a prostitute to roleplay as your daughter during sex
I don't think this scenario works as an appeal to reason...

>> No.49083779

Nah, Mori forgot that sarcasm does not work well with text like a moron.

>> No.49083780
File: 450 KB, 576x838, saplings.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49083801

it is kinda fucked she did this directly after her birthday merch finished selling lmao

>> No.49083802

Because you need to go outside and when you comeback from outside you can spend time or even money on your favorite png. Isn't this how it supposed to be from the beginning of TV and internet media?

>> No.49083828

Can't be friends with women no matter what Kronni says
There is always TEMPUS

>> No.49083829

This shit was true in 2013, it's true today, and it will be true in 2033. Based drunk /tg/ anon.

>> No.49083836

I mean did she say anything you already didn't know? Like it sucks she said it but deep down you knew it.

>> No.49083855
File: 38 KB, 160x160, 1659918338344312.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always feel really lonely when I'm watching Fauna for some reason. I always start thinking about what qualities I'm lacking in and I start feeling like a subhuman.

>> No.49083861

Why do green women love breaking my heart?

>> No.49083868

You deserve it, gullible as you are. It would be a crime NOT to.

>> No.49083901

>this stream
I can't believe this stream happened. It was literally a bithday date.

>> No.49083911

I paid the ridiculous shipping fees for it and now I'm getting fucked for it again

>> No.49083927

I do go outside, I work all day so I have no time to make any connections outside of work
But when I come home I don't want the cunt I give money to to remind me how shit my life is

>> No.49083943

If it was anyone else rather than this bitch nigger Babski, I don't think I'd be as disappointed I am in Fauna right now. Granted I don't watch hololive anymore ever since the Kronii fiasco, but this shit isn't helping the NO MALES fight at all. C'mon, Fauna.

>> No.49083945
File: 883 KB, 693x817, 1630742091412.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's because you're a retarded EOP who only watches american women who think cgdct is cringe to be desu

aris is a guy, and not much of a looker either, who can't just flash his cleavage to get people to watch him, that's why i chose my words carefully and said twitch thots, rather than streamers in general
pic related

>> No.49083978

why are negative comments being deleted? if she wants to be a entertainer so bad she should accept negative comments. because otherwise she'll never improve as a entertainer if she only has yes men in the comments

>> No.49083988
File: 351 KB, 1101x2000, know your place saplings[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F1c4kh9.ogg].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49083990

The sad thing is they probably have soulmate-tier fans watching them who love them for reals and not just for their vagina, but they will never meet a guy irl who cares about anything other than their vagina because not even a hundred guys got to know them irl while millions of guys got to know them through watching their stream of consciousness zatsudan videos (of which only 0.01% fall in love with them).

>> No.49084029
File: 392 KB, 1276x1742, 1676922427935399.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i get you man. I really do

>> No.49084041

But she explicitly never said that. You are completely ignoring the positive reinforcent Fauna gives to her viewers on basically every single stream (including her most recent one) and instead listening to the voice inside your head telling you to devalue yourself and pretending it's coming from her. If you wanna be sad, fine, but at least recognize that.

>> No.49084047

the biggest mistake she made was assuming idiots like you were capable of being adults and not grizzling manchildren

>> No.49084051


>> No.49084134

mori literally made a song along the same lines though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9Asadvv1cQ
aside: this is why it's so rewarding to anti mori, you get fire songs written about you. i dunno what you guys stand to gain from bullying faufau.

>> No.49084156
File: 1.24 MB, 480x470, aaaaaaaa uuuuuuuu[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F6r289b.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're WEAK

>> No.49084186

She might as well have done
She already broke the illusion and nothing she says will fix it again
>Go outside and make friends
Is no different from saying
>you have no friends

>> No.49084219

Not sad at all. Most women are unable to lower themselves down to date a man of lower status.

>> No.49084291

i'm not trying to be rude or disrespect your hardworking lifestyle, but i think fauna haven't said a thing to remind about shitty life. She just made a reminder that she is another creator that you can watch when you bored. Yes, it's hard to hear that you need to make actual friends and relationships (i don't have any of it so i know) but it's her responsibility to prevent any extreme situations with whole parasocial thing

>> No.49084298
File: 60 KB, 600x850, 1672309049965512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Simple as come home drop the meatbag pretending to be 2d just to get your money.

>> No.49084307
File: 2.39 MB, 1048x826, 1679442789666635.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's what I don't get man. The first 20 minutes were full on her doing a date stream. She even would say retarded shit like "you're so tall" "i need to stand on my tippy toes to reach you" to the fucking camera
And then she goes and pulls back the curtain because of some retarded schizo who's been harassing the girls in SC for months. It's so fucking stupid....

>> No.49084317

Just like Kronii did.
Call your bank and cancel the charges. Dispute them.

>> No.49084395

>streamer but with tits
>streamer but with tits but she pretends to be your girlfriend
>streamer but with tits but she pretends to be your girlfriend but she really is your girlfriend

>> No.49084411

unicorns are such weak-willed faggot, jesus

>> No.49084448
File: 49 KB, 408x445, 1639065365013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cultivates annoying lonely manchildren, knowing that they're the only ones retarded enough to throw fat stacks at her
>Like omg why are you all annoying lonely manchildren, this isn't fair!
She's a victim, please save her

>> No.49084464

She is playing a character like all the others. Women are not capable of falling in love with their fans. Grow up, get over it and go outside or something and quit being a useless whiny fuck about shit you can't change

>> No.49084512

>it's her responsibility to prevent any extreme situations with whole parasocial thing
It literally isn't
It's her responsibility to stfu and maintain the illusion
She's my (ex)oshi not my therapist

>> No.49084519

>She is playing a character
Not anymore she isn't.

>> No.49084559

That's fine people were here for the character, the problem is when she stops playing the character which she just fucking did.

>> No.49084589

>not my therapist
This. I have an actual woman i pay for that shit. I watched her to relax and fall asleep. Since when did this bitch get her fucking certificate?

>> No.49084660

I've seen some fat fuckin autists pull dumb hotties but my autistic friends fuck it up.

>> No.49084677

Its Joever…

>> No.49084702

Mommy must've misspoken. She must've meant we can't be friends in real life but we're still online friends and we can have online sex if we come to her channel.

>> No.49084721

like i said, it's her fault for assuming they were capable of maturity but now the bandaids ripped off so everythings fine

>> No.49084723

That's why i said "most".

>> No.49084738

Post membership with timestamp.

>> No.49084744

Since the simple act of saying "don't be a schizo" into the void now is enough to qualify one as a psychologist: don't be a schizo.
I'd like my license and fat stacks of money, please.

>> No.49084757

Well, i have nothing to say. I guess i just don't understand how lore-based factory-made vtube scene functions and who watches such mess. Good for your if you enjoy stuff like that.

>> No.49084760
File: 37 KB, 156x156, Ft-PlDvacAAf3wu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know what it is, but something has changed recently. First, that level guy, now this. I really don't want to blame Kronii but everything just fucked up after her.

>> No.49084765

Because deranged autistic faggots who don't understand that wound up being the most vocal part of her fanbase. These faggots don't understand subtlety, they require a person to speak directly to them about how their deranged autistic faggotry is wrong. Can you unironically imagine Fauna in character telling saplings to quit acting like retards? It won't work

>> No.49084784

Mori best lolcow true

>> No.49084832

I can understand where Fauna is coming from, and objectively, it's true. She can't be friends with everyone, you literally can't have more than a few hundred friends let alone tens of thousands.

But on the flip side a lot of people without any irl interaction or friends turn to streams to fill that void, and like to pretend the streamer at least values them, even slightly. Boundaries are important but I think treating chat like they're just some entity only there to be entertained (like Fauna said she does) and openly saying that, 100% ruins the vibes for a large group who view the streamer on friendly terms.

>> No.49084903

It all makes so much sense now

>> No.49084995

I guess she's not as perfect as she seemed. She broke kayfabe

>> No.49085001

That's not what she said, retard.

>> No.49085048
File: 51 KB, 346x339, 1658983113514483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gonna miss comfy Fauna threads, bros. If only there weren't so many schizos here, but I understand that comes with the territory.

>> No.49085098
File: 1009 KB, 474x556, Bee Mogu[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F72l1d3.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49085117

>their deranged autistic faggotry is wrong
made her some fat stacks tho

>> No.49085183

I summarized it for your single (1) brain cell, retard.

>> No.49085332
File: 875 KB, 850x1256, 1668380152679898.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are these woman so egotistical that they really think we watch them because they're more entertaining than vidya and film and not because we treat them as our pretend girlfriend?

>> No.49085428

fauna if you're reading this, if I'm being really real, i want you to know that every single one of your male friends wants to fuck you.
most are only hanging out with you on the off chance that you break up with your current guy and wants a rebound. there is no such thing as a platonic friendship between man and woman. that's just an unspoken fact in life.

but if either you or male friend acknowledge this fact, there can be no friendship anymore. so much of life is built upon plausible deniability, which you lose the moment you open your fat fucking mouth.

that's the equivalent of what you did to these poor saplings.

>> No.49085493

If you find the answer to that question, you could probably make at least as much money as they do a year.

>> No.49085621

I hope she isn't reading anything from here, she will feel awful about all this.

>> No.49085652 [DELETED] 

She's fucking her bf right now, saplings. And he's laughing at you.

>> No.49085660

based Fauna creating a new generation of blackpilled Elliot Rodgers

>> No.49085719

I'm almost certain at least one sapling killed himself over her comments
His blood on her hands

>> No.49085801

To be fair, there are Holos I watch because they are more entertaining to me than vidya and film and I don't treat them as a pretend girlfriend. But Fauna sure as fuck isn't one of them. Know your limits Fauna, you're not Suisei or Marine. You're an off the bench role player, not a superstar.

>> No.49085902

Those are rookie /#/

>> No.49085984

Watch kiara. She would never betray you like this green snake did

>> No.49085989 [DELETED] 

nah she avoids it according to https://streamable.com/mv8tfy
but shondo being the "friend" she is, will gleefully summarize the threads and make sure fauna knows about it.
aren't we glad for friends??? especially ones like fallenshadow?

>> No.49086019

>Watch kiara
eww no I'd rather get betrayed

>> No.49086245

Actually, I'd say Fauna has been fairly watchable in terms of gameplay/roleplay content, with room for improvement. But yeah, obviously we're all here to cum on her anime tiddies.

>> No.49086606

I'm the real Fauna. Thanks for your thoughts, but I just friend zoned all of you. Sorry, sapling.

>> No.49086696

It's 2023, the hot anime of the season is Oshi No Ko. You do idol shit on the internet. Guys asks weird question via SC. What do?

>> No.49086715

>but I just friend zoned all of you
You're a fake Fauna
The real one wouldn't even let us into the friendzone

>> No.49086780

uuuu please pretend to orgasm from my sapcock next ASMR, FauFau.

>> No.49086813

Shit on them relentlessly
Those creeps need to know their place

>> No.49086915

Fellas, I think it's time to do your JP rep, unless you want to keep being treated like disposable income by the EN whores that don't know batshit about idol culture

>> No.49086996

EN was a mistake on /vt/. not the chuubas but EN fans have always been insane. it's gotten even worse over time too

>> No.49087208

I bounce my anime tiddies and call them sillyheads.

>> No.49087436

Anon I'm pretty sure jp and cn is more insane when they become insane

>> No.49087606

I cannot believe kronii infected fauna with the mind virus
we need shondo to interfere and correct her brain asap before its too late

>> No.49088099

Why are women like this
>"losers" give a woman the world
>wtf you guys are cringe losers lmao bye
Why are men grateful to be raised up and women act like it never happened and they were queens from birth shitting on peasants? Whats the psychology behind this different in sex?

>> No.49088230

>men are men doing men things
>women come along
>women drive the men to insanity
Many such cases

>> No.49088430
File: 37 KB, 501x613, 1 chang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

feels like is a pretty strong overlap between chinks and unicorns. making demands of hololive and purity testing on the basis that their support is what makes their livelihood possible
I think Fauna just hur0t the feelings of a billion people, so sad for them

>> No.49088620

>I really don't want to blame Kronii
I do, she knows she fucked up badly and now its trying to make everyone lower as her. I wouldn't be surprised if Mumei is next.

This shit sucks

>> No.49089025

Deserved. If women aren't allowed to have BFE and you hypocrites want to shit on people who enjoy male vtubers being parasocial then that's what you get. Next time don't be so fucking cocky.

>> No.49089276

The exact opposite of what she did i.e not be a retarded woman

>> No.49089428

why would women not be allowed bfe and besides women can just GET a bf, easy, lickety-split, so why bother?

>> No.49089764

Kronii is to blame. This wouldn't have happened if Cover got rid of her taint a year ago.

>> No.49089846

This but Mori 2 years ago
Kronii and Fauna could both be save today without her

>> No.49090105

Same reason why you can just GET a gf, easy, lickety-split but choose not to. 2D > 3D. Same reason why you could go out and kill people but you could instead play a video game. Fiction is more appealing than reality.

>> No.49090253
File: 300 KB, 657x557, 1632970488035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gets given the world by losers, just for existing
>shits on losers and gets away with it every time
you too would act like that if you could get away with anything and everything, while getting payed for being born with a vagina