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A gentle reminder that none of these "parasocial" yabs would happen under JP. It's not too late to join us. You can:
>Have a wide variety of corpos and indies to enjoy
>GFE and not be judged we don't talk about green Benoit
>watch entertaining streams that can casually go 8-12 hours
>have the authentic idol experience
>have non-parasocial or GFE streamers make it clear they don't want gachikoi from the beginning (see Suisei)
>have streamers that actively endorse drawing porn of them
>watch streams even with a limited amount of Japanese and learn for your oshi
>get punched in the face on a regular bases by this dog
It's not too late anon. What are (You) waiting for?

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Nijinigger don't dare using my oshi for your shitpost to deflect.

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Been a HoloJP Chad for a while now, OP. You're fuckin late to the party.

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Teach me japanese onegai... I'm tired from all these reality checks when i just want to watch an anime waifu in peace

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>advocating people to watch HoloJP
>"1% deflection post"
Were you born stupid or did you sniff the glue sticks too often?

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it is a known fact those who started watching vtubers after 8th of September 2020 will have a bad time
sure they can avoid the cancer, but it will always haunt them

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no thank you

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>JPnig memoryholing Rushia again

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Tell me that cancer is curable...

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t.EOP clipnigger from /#/

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Definitely not late. Just guiding those that have lost their way.

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>Still doesn't have an answer to the previous question

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>Shirayuri Lily

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Learn hiragana and katakana first then some kanji while reading Tae Kim's guide or watching Cure folly's videos

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Ah, hello my fellow Poma

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He's holoEN viewer, please understand.

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Oh no, it's the former then

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ezpz. This course will give you the foundation to watch most jp streams. Equivalent in time to a 4-cour anime (52 episodes, around 26 minutes each):
iirc the workbooks were in thepiratebay, but you don't really need to write in order to understand the streams.

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You probably learned Japanese long ago, I don't think this is still a good ressource.

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I did learn Japanese like 15 years ago, mainly because I wanted to watch idol TV shows. The course definitely served its purpose.
It won't make you bilingual, but by 5 episodes or so you'll get most of what's being said in a stream, and once you finish it, you'll easily get 95% unless it's a very technical one. Japanese is only complex due to the writing system. Spoken Japanese is really simple.

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>just learn Japanese
I'm learning Japanese but thinking is an overnight thing is just dumb

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>"thinking is an overnight thing is just dumb"
>watch streams even with a limited amount of Japanese and learn for your oshi
>a limited amount
>next to no japanese

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>Spoken Japanese is really simple
Exactly but I absolutely hate those old course where instead of learning you how the language works they learn you sentence and tell you to memorize them. Japanese is a very logical language and when you understand this everything becomes very simple.
I made my biggest progress in Japanese after watching some videos of Cure dolly

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Already did, feels nice to still have the actual service providers around.

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How far are you now?

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I can understand about 85% of a difficult stream and even more for an easy stream, my trick was to learn a lot of kanji and not doing that much real reps but instead playing games and reading manga in Japanese while looking up at words I didn't know.
I really started my reps like 1 year ago btw

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>learning you how the language works
>learn you sentence
The word you're looking for is "teach". I'd suggest brushing up on your English first.

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Korone QUITE LITERALLY said on stream that she wants a man that would "rough her up" or treat her roughly but not in a violent way, BUT NOT THE LISTENER SAN!
Someone please link the clip I lost it .There was a streamable of it and she was playing Apex or something with Shion? (not sure if it was Shion)

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see >>49063356

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I'm also doing my English reps actually

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So why did you choose Korone, the least parasocial jp for this thread?

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JP doesn't have to do that and it wouldn't even matter anyway, because I'm not a pathetic subhuman who gets attached to internet personalities because my life is pathetic. Dudes who do said stuff to women entertainers are doubly so pathetic. They're so starved for female affection that one just making something that they like makes them develop feelings for them.

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>Last samurai seething
Go back to /jp/.

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>the least parasocial
That's not even including her membership streams or that one clip where she talks about betraying the fans trust

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This entire board was literally kicked out of /jp/

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Giving advice and spicing it with a joke is not it.

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>gives example
>"n-nah that's a joke"
>ignores the other examples also given
okay anon, believe what you'd like to believe.
The sky is also purple and water is dry.

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>the least parasocial jp
holy mother of all poorfag EOP.

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>least parasocial
>least parasocial

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Anon you are joking? Korone is super parasocial, she is like a grandma and the chat is her grandchildren

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Another one for you:
least parasocial btw

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Look at this retarded EOP clipwatcher.

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I heard that learning Japanese that way can help a lot. I'm doing that currently but with Uma Musume (mostly because I don't have a choice)

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I need a jp cunny chuuba that does GFE and also speaks(or tries to learn) English. Is there any? Bonus point if she is indie so I can groom her.

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Are you the same anon from the eiEN thread?
Why do you keep asking for cunny ASMR? Go ask the ASMR thread or /uoh/ or something something ffs. I'm not supplying you with that garbage.

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Go away

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What if I want to watch both EN and JP vtubers? Do I have to pick sides?

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she was drunk you fucking retard

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Just give it up. You're wrong.
Take your L like a man.
Also watch membership streams.

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If you're indifferent to everything going on, go for it

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There's no way that a person growing up as an English speaker can get all the subtleties and nuance of a holoJP. Let's say that I somehow magically understand all Japanese words perfectly, I'm still out in the cold when Korone talks about a Japanese comedian or Marine makes a boomer anime or 2ch joke.

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>least parasocial
*se rie en Señor Koro*

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She's dead dad. Let her go.

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Unironically mike cat might be right up your alley, if you don't mind the menhera bits

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You’re right
At least it’s the based kind of parasocial

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Are you confusing this with Okayu?

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Yes because all English speakers (ESLs included) will absolutely get all references an EN chuuba makes. Not to mention you can just simply look stuff up on the spot or after the stream and understand the reference next time. This is a weak af excuse.

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no. they arent welcome. let them go back to streamers.

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I'm not learning an entire language just to watch some anime girls.

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It's not even about the yabs, it's being reminded most western women are just fucking horrible to be around. The only time they're nice is when they're a fat post-wall tattooed chick from Pennsylvania who works a minimum wage cashier that's trying to fuck you because she's 80 IQ, has college debt, doesn't have a degree and will have to move back in with her parents because she heard you're going to get a big office job with your college degree and no debt and you're fit and she thinks maybe she can parasite off you.

They are only, ever, trying to get cash from you.


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Stop putting JP women on a pedestal. They're the coldest breed of women there are and use men for the sole purpose of incline or monetary gain. Japanese women are literally, genuinely unfeeling

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Just normal ordinary women, then.

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>the coldest breed
>can still manage to keep character for literally 25 hours at a time while western women go full bitchmode after only 2-3 hours
Strangely tattoos and obesity are also rare among japanese women. Almostl ike they understand if the game is "I give you money and you give me pussy" you need to actually be good pussy, instead of being a literal fat, indebted, tattooed whore.

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You aren't wrong, but at least japanese woman can be professional when it comes to vtubing and we ain't asking for more

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The least translated clips the better that way I don't know what they sayen just make cute noises BITCH

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Who hurt you, anon

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Just being realistic. People need to stop idealizing JP women, they're just as evil as any other woman

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>green Benoit

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Western roastie feeling called out?

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>"rough her up" or treat her roughly but not in a violent way
What the fuck does this even mean?

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Who hurt you?

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Treat her roughly, but not to the extent of domestic violence (i.e punching / kicking). Pushing or screaming are fine, for example

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Some women like getting choked