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if nyanners made a video saying that she understands she has a bad habit of flip flopping, being too easily swayed and influenced and says she feels bad that she has a weak mind, but apologises and says shes sorry for saying a lot of stupid things, would you forgive her?
I had a dream she did this last night. and it made me think, I would probably forgive her if she admitted it like this.

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That's like Calli being enthusiastic in Holo collabs just because she got called out, when we all know it's just a ruse.

So, No.

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No, because people would be curious what it's about, find out she's semi-retracting an apology about distancing herself from pedos, and go wild. Best to just not bring it up, the amount of people that care is really miniscule.

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Forgiving Nyanners is harder than forgiving Cover.

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I don't care enough about nyanner's past to forgive her, I just don't like her fake whisper voice or attentionwhoring tendencies, never did.

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fuck vniggers and fuck westnigger vtubers

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She literally did nothing wrong, if you care about pomf you're already beyond help.

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I never really hated her but do find her hypocritical. I’d be willing to give her a chance if her content were good.

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i feel the same way
she was in a tough spot imo

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I don't really hate her, I feel apathy, the answer is yes
As long as she makes clear she believes 2D≠3D
I don't care about 4chan drama

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Imagine trusting anything she says in the first place. Or any of her cumleagues, for that matter. Literally bottom feeder trash.

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>As long as she makes clear she believes 2D≠3D

>A report has failed to show that people who read cartoons depicting child pornography will proceed to actually abuse children
>Cartoons and drawings depicting paedophilia do not encourage people to commit child sex offences in real life, a report by experts who treat sexual problems concludes.
>The report, carried out by Sexologisk Klinik, which is a part of Rigshospitalet, was ordered by the former justice minister, Lars Barfod (Konservative), after the Socialdemokraterne, then in opposition, demanded a ban on drawings and animations of children being sexually abused.
>The subsequent Sexologisk Klinik report could not support Hækkerup’s claims, however.
Science confirms: no link between lolicon and child abuse, cunnychads win again, discord trannies on suicide watch (more than usual)

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And the very next report these clowns write will promote the very trannyism you have just mentioned. Don't you see it's all in the service of an agenda? Literally all of it?

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So either the source is reputable and therefore lolicon is not child sexual abuse, or the source isn't reputable and trannies are just mentally ill freaks. Sounds like a win win to me.

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It's because the endgoal is not covering your lolicon ass, but enabling pedos to diddle actual flesh and blood childern.

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Forgive her for what?
Lolicons should burn in hell.

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It’s not our fault that you are attracted to actual children discordtranny

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Rent free

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I don't believe in nyanners or Vshoujo. They operate in the west which is like operating in the CCP. Both impose public morals upon creatives. She'll do what's socially acceptable and like it.

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Bitch, what? You're some milk-slurping newfag - there's no way you're old enough to even feel slighted by what Nyanners did, cuck.

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It would just feel like another one of her grifts don't think it'd work

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Probably, but I still wouldn't watch her because I don't find her entertaining.

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Cry hard troons

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they will never enable pedos to such levels because the point of high level pedo activity is intelligence agencies using it as a honey pot to manipulate influential people. See Epstein network. They did the same thing with homosexuality back when it was a big issue.

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But she already kind of did that in her Dark Souls stream, except that instead of saying that peds are alright she said that she could've worded some things in a better, less inflammatory manner and that all websites (including a certain unnamed one wink wink) have both good and bad people in them

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>apologises and says shes sorry
She really shouldn't. Never apologize on the internet, even if you look back and genuinely think you were wrong, don't do it.

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This. The retards who hold onto a grudge for 10 years over something so minor definitely wouldn't care if she apologized.

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I never hated nyanners. I just don’t think she’s interesting.

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>they will never enable pedos to such a high level, like they used homosexuality
>homosexuality is fully legal and ENDORSED at the highest levels of government, including the fucking army
Anon, you're gonna have to explain this one

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but most troons are pedos anon

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In NA it is, which is obviously whole world.

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>he doesn't think the nyanners personal growth arc of 2010-2021 isn't among the most kino things to ever come out of this website
Bad taste desu

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not him but you need to learn to read sentences fully before you ask stupid questions.

I'll spoonfeed you though
>back when it was a big issue.
the anon is talking about the past

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But one of her friends is a lolicon.

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Pink cat good

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Yes, and how do you think it got accepted?

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Bully stream was funny. vtubers should do more Rockstar outside of GTAV.

>> No.4899544

Pink cat wa sugoi!

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>still half of Monday's stream and the entirety of yesterday's stream in the backlog

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No, she is still a vulgar whore, and her friend Vei is even worse.

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because faggots like you bitched and whined

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Yes, nothing but pure Christian vtubers on this pure Christian website please

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I hate all vtubers who grift, nyanners is nothing special in that regard. The amount of hate and disgust she feels for her viewers is palpable and nothing will change that I imagine, I can't stand Mori for the same reason.

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>would you forgive her?
I have already forgiven her because I'm not a schizo and what she did wasn't even that bad.

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Nyanners is anything but vulgar, you're right about Vei though.

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That's right

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If I wanted to see e-thots, I can see them any day.

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I dont follow 4chan camwhores unlike (you)

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Its nothing compared to Holo

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Sad, you should see what Milk is up to these days

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But Mori is smalltime. Mori won't even be talked about in ten years. Meanwhile pink cat already is in her second decade.

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These aren't just e-thots though, they're v-thots.

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I partially retract my previous statement, pink cat truly is extraordinary.

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Why did all clips of this get prunned off youtube?

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Spoonfeed me please

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Yes, without a doubt. And I would actually watch and support her as well, instead of telling every normie that mentions her what she's done.

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Absolutely not, she has a comfy amount of obsessed internet stalkers right now. Nyanners is what happens when you have an uncomfy amount of them.

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>instead of telling every normie that mentions her what she's done.
What exactly do you tell them? I imagine most normalfags aren't gonna be very sympathetic to lolicons in this whole situation.

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That only applies to leftists. If she apologised, I would gain respect for her, stop spreading negative info about her, and I might even start supporting her.

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That's ogey. I never liked her anyway, it was just curiosity.

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The truth, instead of the Discord tranny version you're referring to. She made content, then she condemned people for enjoying it and went into fringe extremist, radical-leftist communities like "GamerGhazi" to do a victory lap about how much she supports social justice, the moment they said anything nice about her. Also her mentally ill, psychotic beliefs that drawings are living human beings with rights.

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>so you see, there was this teenage girl on 4chan who posted vocaroos of herself reading dumb erodoujin lines 10 years ago, which people didn't like so they doxxed her, started harassing her family and pissed on her dead sister's grave. so she left 4chan and started a tumblr blog where she called the people from.4chan creepy pedos (what an idiot lol, everyone knows cartoon children aren't real and it's fine to jack off to them). so years later she debuts as a vtuber and she still hasn't apologized for calling me a creepy pedo, can you believe it?

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I'm sure they all thank you for opening their eyes when you tell them all this and don't just think you're a weirdo.

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That's correct.

>> No.4900721

Did she really go into GamerGhazi? I don't care about the rest, but those people were mentally ill.

>> No.4900746

Ahe posted a heartfelt thank you for their support when they had a thread about her there once, it's very damning

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>That only applies to leftists.
Bullshit, I've been on the internet long enough to see that it never goes well when some internet personality apologizes to the mob for something, no matter what it is. It doesn't matter if they're left or right or whatever, an apology just makes them feel justified in harassing them and they just start pushing harder because now they see they're having an effect.

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I just told you how I would react. Accept even a symbolic apology, and move on.

Yep. That's basically the main issue, not so much removing a video she doesn't like. She literally could not have picked a more psychotic community.

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Yes, but she'll never do it, she always thinks she is right.

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>I just told you how I would react
Yes you individually, but not everyone. An apology would bring in far more hate towards her than forgiveness, happens every time.

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I've been on right leaning communities for years and not once have I seen people act like that when an apology is issued - most times, it's met with overwhelming support, and at WORST, with some skepticism.

>> No.4900932

t. nyanners
But yeah, admitting that she wasn't the most consistent person instead of blaming the world for her opinions would increase my respect for her.

>> No.4900996

>Also her mentally ill, psychotic beliefs that drawings are living human beings with rights.
are lolicons capable of not strawmanning their critics?

>> No.4901002

There is no such thing as a lolicon critic, only people who belong in a mass grave.

>> No.4901061

Didn't she make a moonman cover? How the fuck does she still have a job at vshojo

>> No.4901102

The issue people have with her isn't that she isn't consistent or that she's a hypocrite, it's that she doesn't agree with them. Prove me wrong and find me a vocally anti-loli vtuber that is respected on this board.

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I forgot to post this too. "I LOVE gamerghazi!"

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wtf I hate Nyanners now

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Ok Nyanners, you went full retard.

>> No.4901277

Acknowledging her problems is the first step on the path to recovery, but I would also want to see her be actively talking to a counselor that would help her overcome those psychological hurdles.

Being willing to acknowledge your shortcomings is one thing, how you act and behave going forward is a completely different topic.
If you continue flipping and flopping then you aren't making any self improvement, you're just heading down the same damn ladder system like always.

>> No.4901294

Funniest thing about this is GamerGhazi is on the record as being pro-child-molestation. I can only assume she just assumed the sub was generically pro-SJW. But even then I can't forgive her for it, it's like saying "I LOVE NAMBLA! How heartwarming!".

>> No.4901303

Nyanners is a retard but loli pedos are fucking thin skinned retards also.

>> No.4901309

no because she fakes her voice

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>the issue isn't that she's a hypocrite
>it's just this one particular focal point that's going to be maximized, zoomed in on, and enhanced.
Tit for tat, anon.
How many people on social media, twitter in particular, have made arguments and megaphoned being anti loli (2d), and was later found to have been in sexual misconduct with actual (irl) 3d minors?

>> No.4901344

>gamergazi mods outed as pedos years later

Is her subconscious trying to tell her something? Everywhere she goes child grommers follow, or maybe is the other way around.

>> No.4901363

I didn't even know that and I was a part of GamerGate since the start. That's beyond hilarious. But not surprising, since literally almost everyone who is anti-loli ends up being convicted for kid diddling at some point. 44Anon, could you spoonfeed me about that?

>> No.4901382

So how many shotas has she fucked?

>> No.4901397

post her boob, then I will consider forgiving her

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>> No.4901418

I think it was just generic "all sex stuff is good"/tranny nonsense, similar to Alison Rapp's views that got her shitcanned. And they were Rapp defenders afair. But honestly all tranny-adjacent stuff is filled with people who are legitimate sex offenders. I hope someone else has the deets, I only vaguely remember reading a thread there like years ago, I haven't been back since GG died.

>> No.4901435


like 99% of vtubers

>> No.4901447

KotakuInAction2.win is pretty much GG as it's always been, just continued on its natural course. It's pretty good. Win network in general is well-run.

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>people e-stalking nyanners

Why though? She was just an attention whore from /jp//a//v/, last of the Weebhicans, a dying breed of white teenage girl who is now an old hag who still wishes she was born in japanland.

>> No.4901483

I'll forgive her when she says retarded kike nigger, that's how I'll know she means it.

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Nyanners is just tsundere for pedophiles.

>> No.4901601

I relate to her on a deep level, see >>4899428

A weeb who liked posting on 4chan around 2007-2010 but has since become disillusioned with the batshit insane culture and the post quality on this website but can't just quite let that old shitposter spirit die yet? The juxtaposition between the crude 4chan humor tied to genuine mature sensibilities? The Hegelian growth from a weird kid posting edgy shit on 4chan, to a complete rejection of her former self on Tumblr, to finally the synthesis of these two she is today? You don't understand how kino this all is to me.

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>batshit insane culture

Oh no he's serious.

>> No.4901812

Wow, I can't tell if you're trying to be sarcastic or if you're genuinely this much of a clown.

>> No.4901873

Had you made friends in pre-2010 4chan or 4chan adjacent communities, you'd realize that this is by no means an uncommon idea. A solid half of the people I know from around that time basically followed in Nyanners' footsteps, sooner or later. It's amazing, really.

It's ok if you don't understand, my obsessions can be peculiar to the norms.

>> No.4901895

I think none of you actually care that much about her and are just shitposting. The only one who genuinely seems to care is her

>> No.4901950

>sooner or later
>by becoming weird failed normalfags like moot

Yeah about that. Your friends are the insane ones.

>> No.4901994

>endorses pedo subreddits to "own 4chan pedos"

I think she's just dumb, like every other idiot who chases fame.

Imagine claiming that you're 30 years old but posting like an edgy teenager who just discovered basic philosophy.

>> No.4902032

>failed normalfags like moot
You still lack critical knowledge

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Nah. Once an attention whore, always an attention whore. Imagine watching EN roasties.

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I'm sorry sweetie I dont forgive evils racist like her that makes Moonman covers. #BLM

>> No.4902419

Was this thread made by nyanners

>> No.4902427

People hate moot because he made it. Lives well in Japan (and rent free in our heads), probably has a chill lifestyle and distanced himself from internet niches in general. He doesn’t have to worry about a single thing.

>> No.4902494

Get a life you fucking faggot

>> No.4902564

I don't hate him, but I think he's pathetic for joining up with pretty much the greatest evil in the modern world aside from maybe China - that being Google. Aside from that, I liked the guy. I even talked to him occasionally way back in the day.

>> No.4902624

>you should turn down a position at Google where you do fuckall all day at 200k starting because, uhh, it's evil and some guy on the anime forum you created would think less of you

>> No.4902634

It's called principles, Anon. You, like most people, would not know what those are if they stabbed you in the throat.

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Hey Nyanners, you'll never, ever be welcome here again. Fuck off forever. Make sure you tell your fans to fuck off too.

>> No.4902701

This cat is based because she makes /vt/ seethe.

>> No.4902734

I thought we were supposed to look down on camwhores here so why is this bitch still living on so many people's heads rent free after all this time?

>> No.4902747

The secret to 4chan is to not give a shit about what other people think about you or your opinions because, first of all, the userbase here is retarded and the more they disagree with you the righter you are, and second of all, you're anonymous if you want to be and you'll never know you're posting with Nyanners right now (unless the anon you're chatting with starts talking about how much they want to fuck Emet-Selch, in which case be wary)

>> No.4902760

Every time I come here and see someone start some drama and it's got 30-100 people screaming at each other over a picture of an anime catgirl and it's hilarious.

In fact, why do you even give a shit what she thinks? Do you seriously feel your pride hurt because she called you creepy?

>> No.4902788

Remember the time Nyanners tried to cancel Nekopara?
Fun times

>> No.4902844

After this much time, even if she actually takes personal responsibility for it, it better be accompanied by unedited logs of everything those slimy fucks talk about on discord and twitter behind the scenes

>> No.4902887

Rrat. She canceled a collab, she didn't talk shit about the game.

>> No.4902901

Why do people keep saying she's hypocritical. It's almost as if the autistic on here cannot even grasp the concept of personal growth

>> No.4902905

There is nothing nyanners can do to redeem herself.

>> No.4903028

She was talking shit about the game for 4 years straight before she became a vtuber

>> No.4903200

The voice in your head isn't Nyanners, anon.

>> No.4903254

Oh I see
How about the text on her blog and twitter?

>> No.4903323

why would nyanners ever give a shit about the opinions of fat virgin pedophiles who live with their parents? she already has a fanbase

>> No.4903326

Ah, I see. Let me know when you find her Tumblr and Twitter posts where she mentions Nekopara. There should be many, since she talked shit about it for 4 years straight after all.

>> No.4903507

>WE were the ones who raised her! She owes us! Noooo you can't grow up and realize jacking off to cartoon kids is kinda creepy and call me out! Nooo, hypocrite noooooooo

That's what I imagine their thought process is, but then again trying to get into that mindset dealt physical damage to me so I might be wrong.

>> No.4903508

How fucking retarded are you newfag?
She deleted her blog

>> No.4903544

Eh, it's worse that she parrots 2D = 3D.
I'm no snowflake, sir. I feel pity for her since she moved from one group of creepy pedos (4chan) and ended up with another (GamerGhazi). She's always been rapebait.

>> No.4903553

Convenient, isn't it? At least her Twitter is still there, maybe try that then.

>> No.4903616

Don't bother. You'd need at the very least legalized statements before austismchama even considers believing you.

>> No.4903635

>not give a shit about what other people think about you or your opinions
Nyanners clearly still struggles with this.

>> No.4903762
File: 140 KB, 1080x793, ss1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I found it bros, the damning tweet. She called Vanilla from Nekopara a "stupid character" in 2017. She's clearly disgusted by the game.

>> No.4903769

Her newest twitter account is from 2016, her old account, deleted
convenient, isn't it?
And it's also really easy to delete tweets you little newfag
I'm really eager to hear your new cope
I'm convinced that Nyanners fans started browsing the internet in 2018

>> No.4903826

She debuted in 2020 so surely 2016-2020 was the period you were talking about, right?

>> No.4903836

>it's also really easy to delete tweets you little newfag
Archives exist. There's archives of ironmouse's at the very least.
I miss her soundcloud.

>> No.4903938

>nooo i swear she hates the game as proven by numerous blogposts over the period of 4 years that I can't point to at all, I swear this isn't just me schizing out

>> No.4903970

This bitch has been on the internet longer than some of her fans have been alive

>> No.4904017

newfag sama, nyanners was well active before 2016
>nooo please, you can't just show the same proof that has been posted over a million times in nyanners threads nooooooo they are not real they are not real they are not real

>> No.4904128

>you can't just show the same proof
You haven't shown anything.

>> No.4904178

>nooo please, you can't just show the same proof that has been posted over a million times in nyanners threads nooooooo they are not real they are not real they are not real
You have literally made the Nekopara thing up in your head, the only time she has negatively mentioned it was during the collab when she said it got a bit weird and instantly afterwards made sure to mention that she means no offense to any fans of the game. The only time she has mentioned Nekopara explicitly before vtubing was when she wanted to cosplay Vanilla. You are slowly going insane over your obsession with pink cat.

>> No.4904327

Nyanners defenders are pathetic

>> No.4904375

You're literally mad at her because you are a pedophile.

>> No.4904506

Not him
>”it doesn’t matter if they’re ‘just cartoons’, they’re children and that’s that, I’m not going to argue about it”
>”Sexual abuse and especially sexual abuse of children is not something to make light of…”
>Talking about drawings
Anon, one of the signs of schizophrenia is to confuse fantasy with reality

>> No.4904559

Is she apologising because 4 channel pressured her into it and she's easily swayed?

>> No.4904586

You know what's a sign of pedophilia? Fantasizing about having sex with children.

>> No.4904722

What children tho? I only see fictional characters
There’s only two possibilities for you:
>You are a literal schizo
>You are projecting
Please anon, go to therapy until it’s too late, I don’t want you to ruin your life

>> No.4904756

Pretty much. I can’t even get hard to oji-chan loli hentai shit, it just feels wrong. Which sane person would want to fuck kids?

>> No.4904799

I still don't understand Nyanners attackers
You're mad because she doesn't publicly endorse Loli porn but jills off to it in private?

>> No.4904857

>can’t even get hard to oji-chan loli hentai shit
Good taste. Now rediscover the world of lolishota and oneeloli.

>> No.4904924

What children? Don't tell me you're one of those 2d=3d retards.

>> No.4904994

For me the appeal is that lolis are like pretty dolls, but I can’t watch CG or any other thing without an anime artstyle
Pretty much every lolicon I have seen outside of here (Twitter)

>> No.4905194

Whether she actually likes loli or not herself doesn't matter, it's the 2D = 3D concept she supported where you're considered the same as child abusers based on fictional content you consume. It's the same sort of issue as when people push that playing violent video games makes you a psycho that actually wants to kill people.

>> No.4905268

If she played Nekopara like she wanted to and told the vtweeter cancer mob to go fuck themselves, I'd probably start watching her. Right now she just feels like a clout chaser that bends over for numbers.

>> No.4906535

shes steadily growing without apologizing to doxxhappy pedos

>> No.4906591

lol no

>> No.4907087

Which one so I can follow them

>> No.4907137

The literal prostitute, I think.

>> No.4907143

Melody, and I think Ironmouse and Hime

>> No.4907150

No, this whore spreads her legs for whatever she thinks will get her the most exposure

>> No.4907242

Melody, she's into all sorts of things as you'd expect.

>> No.4907273

Something funny about her is that she's an ironic weeb, but because of that, she just goes along with whatever. She doesn't go "this is cancel", she just "lol look".

>> No.4908782
File: 34 KB, 592x290, 1594430051005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. If Nyanners went upfront and admitted her faults and made it clear to people that she won't antagonize them anymore and don't condone that kind of behaviour then we can let bygones be bygones. I will keep hating on Nyanners for as long as she keeps up this image of her being an anti. It's also encouraging other people to become an anti, and it's all so tiresome.

>> No.4908890

No, I'd forgive her if she'd just disappeared

>> No.4909431
File: 160 KB, 1050x1204, EyEDU-5VcAs2JT0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pink cat love
Antis mad
Can't wait for more of your chink-owned corpo idols to get graduated

>> No.4910011

desu, she was like 15 at the time of that video.

>> No.4910094

Nyanners is trash.

>> No.4910271

Nyanners is cute!

>> No.4910290


>> No.4911748

Funny you mention Discord, a lefty server kicked me out last night for saying that the age of consent and the concept of consent are social constructs, even though it's true. So your agenda narrative isn't quite holding up.

>> No.4911868

She's a Chameleon in human form, changing pigment to suit her environment as a tactic. 4chan attention whoring wasn't quite doing it for her anymore so she shed her skin like a snake and did a 180 personality change and cashed in with the money bag.

Just typical women shit, nothing to get mad at like a ton of retards in this thread are doing.

>> No.4912266

>He got the gist
This should be a rule

>> No.4912279

t. schizo

>> No.4912317


>> No.4912336


>> No.4912421
File: 120 KB, 460x392, 1599295417868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>forgiving traitors
a bullet in the head is all they deserve.

>> No.4912692

lol'd, well done

>> No.4912827

also even if loli didnt encourage pedophilia (it does, by encouraging depravity rather than repression) it still doesn't make it less deplorable
reminder that hentai has a market because 2d sexy adults trigger the biological horny response in humans, and loli has a market because it triggers the broken biological horny response in pedophiles, this cannot be refuted

>> No.4912852

I don't think Lolicon should be outlawed I just think it's cringe and for faggots. This post was brought to you by big mommy milkers gang.

>> No.4912916

The thing is that once she was proven a hypocrite, it's very hard to trust her words.

I wouldn't trash on her whenever I get the chance anymore, but the damage is already done.

>> No.4912919

First of all it's Danish, second nice theories you have, unfortunatelly science says you're wrong. But feel free to cling to your fantasy

>> No.4912928

finally, a based post

>> No.4912951

samefag desperate to find people who agree with him because nobody does

>> No.4912977
File: 23 KB, 1168x239, cope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seethe retard

>> No.4913004

simply edited via inspect element

>> No.4913045


>> No.4913164

>nyanners as pettanko takane.
i have the wierdest boner right now...

>> No.4913187

>Loli encourages pedophilia
>loli has a market because it triggers the broken biological horny response in pedophiles, this cannot be refuted
Got a source for that?

>> No.4913223

>the userbase here is retarded and the more they disagree with you the righter you are

This is a fucking stupid take. This isn't much better than "Everyone I don't like is literally hitler!".

Naturaly many anons here are just going to shitpost you to hell and back, but many others will tell you why you're stupid in which case you can argument back why they are wrong.

But just dismissing everything with "always do the opposite 4chan says" ain't smart and shows you don't have a backbone, nor a solid opinion and belief to stand your ground.

>> No.4913281

>reddit spacing
Go back.

>> No.4913314

Kys retard. Im posting from my phone while I'm taking a dump before returning to my wagiecage.

>> No.4913343
File: 52 KB, 1080x607, 1623349282311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nyanners did a racist cover of a moonman song? I won't watch her.

>> No.4913351


>> No.4913368

>phone poster
Flush yourself while you're at it

>> No.4913379

yeah but after so many years i don't really care and it would feel pretty hollow.

>> No.4913431


>this was once revealed to me in a dream - the thread

>> No.4913455

Anonchama, lolis are unrealistic drawn characters, you can’t compare them 1:1 with actual children, without saying that they aren’t real people and don’t supposed to represent any individual. The brain learns to separate fictional settings from the real world, that’s why you don’t feel guilty or horrified after killing demons in DOOM.
What you spouted is nonsense, what about rape hentai/furry/guro? Does that encourage real life depravity by merely consuming it?

>> No.4913529

As opposed to Cover who bends the knee to China, right. Kill yourself.

>> No.4914242
File: 718 KB, 693x649, 1609589143198.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Free Nyanders Pomf Pomf protests of 2012 The Canadian Baby Seal Massacre The Anti-Nyanners Struggle The Great Nekopara collab The Great Pink Cat Cultural Revolution Pink Cat Rights Slime Rights Wife Democratization Vshojo Freedom Waifu Independence Multi-Nyanners system Not looking both ways before crossing the street Pink Cat Liberation Republic of Blegh Nyanners IRL Jerma Pedo Autonomous Region The 4chan Pedophile Autonomous Region Nobel Peace Prize Hololive, Twitch copyright strike, anti-nyanners, counter-toilet humor protest movement, Discord, harassment, anti-seiso, Nyanners hair length button, International wife shortage, Nyanner's true age, Simp purification, Nyanners human-catgirl experiment, Anime hybridization, Elon Musk, Nyanders returned to power and peaceful evolution of the people Tumblr, Twitter, SJW, Traps, Lolicon struggle, Nyanner Russian Origins, Pink Feline dictatorship, dictatorship, suppression, unified surveillance, suppression, persecution, aggression, plundering, destruction, torture, massacre, and abduction of live organ harvesting, trafficking in vtubers, smuggling, Catnip prostitution, gambling, lottery, Pomf Pomf, Feet pictures, FFX Leaks, Fredrick the Slime, The Catnarok.

>> No.4914292
File: 592 KB, 1536x2048, ErDLMSgXAAIqxY7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyanners is currently live watching the Summer Games Fest!
Come show her your support / hatred!

>> No.4914317

No thanks, i'm watching Asmongold

>> No.4914399
File: 167 KB, 1406x933, 1613079117412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4914464

Asmongold always said WoW is garbage, ever since he started. He's always been consistent.

>> No.4914578

kek, true

>> No.4914741

WoW was my life for years, the way it sucks you in is crazy, eventually I was multiboxing 10 accounts (because blizzard allows it - 10x the subs, they dont give a fuck).
going around 1 shotting alliance losers and getting retarded amounts of gold (enough to pay the 10 subs by the way as about 10% total of gold I earnt) dominated marketplace on the couple realms I played on, became a meme on the wow forums - holy shit the dopamine rush of seeing a meme made about me... damn, I wish I can put my autism to an actual good use

>> No.4915672

He's always said that. However, you can call him a hypocrite sellout for buying the TBC boost.

>> No.4916138

She's just like everyone else, everyone makes mistakes, questionable decisions. No one here is an angel. I don't think I've lived my life without "sins" to blame her for them.

Who am I and who are you to apologize to? Apologize first for all the bad things you've done, then demand it from others.

>> No.4916163
File: 975 KB, 1000x1425, 1621387593409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She's just like everyone else, everyone makes mistakes, questionable decisions.
Wrong. Nyanners has never done anything wrong.

>> No.4916337

you can add #towelgate to the list now

>> No.4917184

Fuck off zhang

>> No.4917218

Oh please, you don't leave your house

>> No.4917222

discord tranny

>> No.4917347

I dont even think she hates lolis thats likely an excuse to distant herself from her old fans

>> No.4917592


>> No.4917687

Principles and morals dont exist faggot,
Hierarchies are a spook

>> No.4918646


>> No.4918907

Nyanners doesn't owe anybody anything. She does a Twitch stream now with half a million followers and is in the driver's seat. She doesn't need to apologize for anything in her past, much less anything that happened in this dump.

>> No.4918984

>>Nyanners doesn't owe anybody anything
>builds fanbase off of core audience then throws them under the bus

>> No.4919042
File: 104 KB, 784x611, 1622137008949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4920152
File: 35 KB, 524x504, 1616881242970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nyanners is the 4chan vtuber whether you like it or not

>> No.4920224

Nyanners is a whore who's only capable of backstabbing people to try and increase her standing

>> No.4920244

oh nyanners is against p*dos now? weird, considering she was one.

>> No.4920316

She developed shame

>> No.4920318

>loli has a market because it triggers the biological horny response in humans
FTFY. Someone post that study of 14 being the ideal beauty age.

>> No.4920322

she really is, but converted reddit tourists have it ingrained in their mind that everything reddit = bad and everything 4chan=good, so when they meet a 4chan thing that's bad their brains just implode.

>> No.4920350
File: 26 KB, 1019x480, gura knows.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gura is. She's a literal zoomer, but she represents this hellhole better than an actual oldfag like Nyanners.

>> No.4920386

>has never done anything wrong
Taking Watame's catchphrase?

>> No.4920434

shes still has the sickness. and there’s only one cure for it

>> No.4920562

she just referenced this on stream
I don't think someone with twelve layers of corporate censorship over what they say and how they behave can represent 4chan better than this pink cat

>> No.4920687

I raise you this.

>> No.4921253

so does 4chan itself, no one is truly immune to it. as much as i find the shitposter to make everything even more confusing, at least theyve learned to treat everything as a joke and rarely do they care outside of fucking around.
honestly it seems she has a lovehate with nekopara just going off of that, she wouldnt say shed wanna cosplay stupid characters if she really didnt like them. there are guilty pleasures for a reason
while i feel theyre just wrong to kick you b/c of your opinion; age of consent and consent itself are social constructs for a reason, both morally and psychologically, plus brains is variable and social constructs arent just excusive to humans.
anon, the anime industry had a huge loli period in the mid-late 2000s with a lot of shows about lolis being made around that time, since then the amount of loli focused animes have gone down, especially in popularity and lolis have just become a normal character trait, this isnt just b/c people were morally upset by the lolis but more likely caused by people finding they didnt care if they were young or not so they just made it a trait rather then just being underage girls.
if loli stuff actually encourage pedophilla wed see an increase in pedophillic activity after the mid 2000s more then what we do now and there would be known links to it by this point, especially in otaku communities.
also most-likely pedos brains were already broken into being attracted to kids before interacting with this sort of media.

personally i feel like shaming pedos is fine, us shaming them means theyll know that society will punish them if they act out their desires and self-control, but we shouldnt dehumanize them generally, most never act out their fantasies and just b/c their sex drive is broken doesnt mean their morals are. theyre mentally ill; not necessarily scum of the earth

>> No.4921368

>shaming pedos is fine
When hasn't it been fine outside of the walking mental illnesses that believe in the trans-age shit?

>> No.4921446

doesn't her character have huge boobs now?

>> No.4921463

her character has very regular sized boobs

>> No.4921608
File: 257 KB, 680x680, 1622168373329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldnt forgive her but I dont hold it against her anyway. women are going to be women. I would be proud of her if she said it was because she's a girl, even if the yab would end her career. She could probably allude to it with plausible deniability I guess.

>> No.4921646

its not personal growth though, its regression.

>> No.4921668

i meant it as more so in my opinion, since i dont hate pedos, i hate child molesters. the shame is more a defensive thing against them becoming child molesters then them as pedos

>> No.4921783

https://twitter.com/rainbokuto/status/1402773363316121609 also by happen stance i saw this tweet soon after i made this post lmao

>> No.4921897
File: 24 KB, 500x500, uoh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4922246

Just dropping by to say pink cat is my oshi and it feels good to see her inclining so hard.

>> No.4922489

>i feel like shaming pedos is fine
No shit retard, but the whole reason why anti-pink cat niggers are mad at her is because she believes 2d=3d.

>> No.4922495

yeah inclining on my c0ck

>> No.4922623

and she's making a living from pretending to be 15 up to this day, people call her a hypocrite because she never moved on from her nyanners persona just removed the edginess and called her old fans pedos on her way to tumblr.

>> No.4922638

>she believes 2D=3D
Wrong, she implies 2D=3D, but doessn't actually believe it. You don't make something like pomf without knowing that 2D=/=3D

>> No.4922639

Are you that chaturbate streamer Nyan and Vei watched for an hour because they were fascinated by his cock?

>> No.4922681

Is that supposed to be any better? The implication is that she believes there's a link. There's no link, though

>> No.4922739

You missed my point. She doesn't "believe" it, she's just a puppet. See >>4903544.

>> No.4922792

It wasn't just about the song idiot, she evolved into an SJW and pedos weren't even her biggest problem from this perspective. God knows what she believes now but it's likely pretty cringe and hypocritical considering whole Vshojo model of coomerbaiting.

>> No.4922802

Understandable, I guess I'm like what your post says.

>> No.4923053

They're not her friends though she just streams with them because they're big and give her more clout she doesn't like Vtubers or even her own content.

>> No.4923063

What the fuck do you think Hololive and Nijisanji do? Have you seen the meltdowns on this board from moralfags freaking out over Holos mentioning that they've had sex/relationships?

>> No.4923089

>she doesn't like Vtubers or even her own content
Do you have a single fact to back that up?

>> No.4923110

Anon, Nyanners is bigger than any one of those people and if anything they're riding on her coat tails...

>> No.4923163

>she just streams with them because they're big
Isn't Nyanners the biggest one of the group?

>> No.4923218

that's nothing new...

>> No.4923271

>Nyanners is bigger than any one of those people
She was a waning star. She was on the same level as Dakooters and Blue Nyanners, two literal newcomers.

>> No.4923285

You know she was streaming on Twitch as a vtuber before joining Vshojo, right?

>> No.4923289

She was irrelevant for years though I cringe when shojocucks try to bring her 4chan fame to make cat more badass.

>> No.4923353

And that changes the "waning star" how? She should've been on Oyabun-level if she had her same popularity. Instead, she was only talked because of her past fame, not because of anything new.
>streaming on Twitch as a vtuber
Wasn't that only after becoming a partner?

>> No.4923374

>And that changes the "waning star" how?
It means her recent incline started before joining Vshojo, and she was bigger than any of the girls in Vshojo before joining Vshojo.

>> No.4923412
File: 107 KB, 636x900, 1622343381187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking idiots I made this thread and turned off (yous) and forgot about it now it has 261 posts and btw I changed my mind fuck nyanners

it was just one of those moments you wake up and think huh, I just saw the truth in my own dream. it wore off an hour later
fuck stupid toilet cat!!!!
I dont forgive her
t. cumbud

>> No.4923447

>the pedophile is a cumbud

>> No.4923579

Anon, she had the remnants of her popularity. She still can't catch up to ironmouse, who broke 500K followers a while ago and just now broke 14K subs live.

>> No.4923738

Anon, I love Mousey, but Nyanners gets more viewers than her...

>> No.4923741


>> No.4923791
File: 101 KB, 636x900, 1622333703641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my thread, my rules. everyone go give membershrimp to gawr gura right now, just to spite nyanners

>> No.4923861

>They're not her friends though she just streams with them because they're big
You have absolutely no fucking clue about Vshojo. Watch some of their collabs, watch Mousey's birthday vod. There is some real fucking friendship there and pink cat has the biggest numbers in the group, she is not there to leech.

>> No.4924068

Isn't it pretty damning that she has like 75% more stream time than Mouse and yet they're almost equal?
>almost a whole year more
That'd only make the number 10%. Yet they're equal if you consider both followers and viewers.
Even if you go just by last month or last quarter, the comparison is the same.

>> No.4924074
File: 493 KB, 2149x3035, 1622347708493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please just come to my other thread its much better

>> No.4924150 [DELETED] 
File: 632 KB, 960x1280, nyanners.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nyanners irl has quite the honker

>> No.4924453

mouse got the trash taste bump this year thanks to conner and his fans. also thanks to the "shipping" too

>> No.4924555

for top friendship there's also the vei - nyanners collabs

>> No.4924637

Meaningless comparison and goalpost moving. You said she's unable to catch up when that is not the case at all. Mouse is very successful and deserves all of it, but the cat has some real talent too. Watch any of their VR collabs and you will see that pink cat genuinely cares about Mouse and the other girl too. Some of you guys have this weird image of her that she's a chaotic evil monster only waiting for the next opportunity to backstab someone, when the reality is that she's just a degenerate girl that has flaws like every other person.

>> No.4924771

>chaotic evil monster
I'm >>4922739, and I peg her as more of a chaotic neutral.

>> No.4924784

>Some of you guys have this weird image of her that she's a chaotic evil monster only waiting for the next opportunity to backstab someone,
Well that is essentially her v-tuber lore.

>> No.4924908

True, but even in her lore she abandoned the evil monster activities to be a ddgenerate instead.

>> No.4924960
File: 1.93 MB, 1271x1964, 1600939813851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the reality is that she's just a degenerate girl that has flaws like every other person.
Wrong. Nyanners has no flaws.

>> No.4925088

She's a catgirl without a tail, big flaw right there.

>> No.4925125

She still hasn't finished FF10 on stream. That is a flaw.

>> No.4935493


>> No.4935623
File: 197 KB, 354x290, 1616698384193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4936047

I watched some of her VOD because of the shit I have seen here. Went with the Bully streams, it was alright. Not the best, it just feels kind of meaningless. Like Ren & Stimpy 'Adult Party Cartoon', when you have unlimited freedom you hit the bedrock of creativity quicker, but if you are dancing around restrictions you just become more clever.

>> No.4936846

She has no reason to apologize
she is doing great and the only people who care are the pedo schizos from this shitboard

>> No.4936847

No. She is subhuman.

>> No.4936927

Confusing lolishit with actual harmed children only causes more children to be harmed due to pedophilia actually. Actual child protection programs get spammed with retards that think lolicon=pedophilia which clogs up the system and prevents the real children in need of help from being saved. A few places have issued statements asking people to stop reporting loli because of it.

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