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>there's still no general for this dramafagging event
guess ill liveblog like everyone else.
half the reason she got canned was she didn't "own up to" any of these mistakes during employment or apologize to any of her coworkers about it. I'm only 3 sentences in and I can already tell this shit is going to be one giant red herring.
Also 90% of you are not Zaion fans, you're just holofags looking for any opportunity to dunk on the version of Nijisanji this board has put in your head.

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I swear, it gets good after page 10

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get some sleep SEAnig

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I recommend you read the document and try to prove these claims are false:
>she got punished for pretending to be sponsored by deez nuts
>shadow suspensions are actually real
>she got punished for saying she had permissions for a game she did have permissions for
>she got punished for saying a game wasnt user friendly
>her entire gen was being managed by one guy who had only been working there for 2 weeks
>she got punished for saying she used to play rom hacks
>she got punished for saying "zionist
>she got punished for asking for help

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You didn't read it sister and neither did OP by her own admission, don't lie.

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there is quite literally not a single group of people more loathsome than the luxnoc niggers. if i could choose between eradicating child rapists and luxnoc niggers i would choose the latter in a heartbeat

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>>she got punished for saying she had permissions for a game she did have permissions for
And she has the receipts too. Niji lied like the black company they are..

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I wonder why Nijiniggers are completely despised by every person outside of mentally ill bugman sisters. A mystery. Even now from what I've seen /NijiEN/ is fairly peaceful while /hlgg/ is getting raided and some subhuman even posted CP.
You're the absolute tumors of this community and the sooner NijiEN dies the better.

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>she got punished for saying "zionist
not even saying herself, it was chat

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>implying luxnoc niggers arent child rapists

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>n-no one watched her! it's just those damn holobronies!

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To be fair, the whole "Comments that can be considered offensive to the rights holder of a game during a stream" can be literally anything and we only have her word for that being UNO

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prove she's a reliable narrator first. weird she has receipts for management but not her own internal accountability.
but yes, shadow suspensions are real in Niji and especially Hololive.

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yeah i fucking hate corporations, so I will laugh at one when it's failing
what about it, faggot?

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You're just as annoying a tribefag as these people you've screenshotted if not more. meds, grass, or at the very fucking least stop taking you leisure so fucking seriously.

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That even worse then.

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>Kiara constantly shit on Ubisoft and Uno during their collab
>the nijis were probably panicking the whole time, because shitting on Uno is a fireable offense for them

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They said her laugh was admission of fault iirc. Roru.

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that's perfectly fair. people trying to cock on all the other talents either directly or by proxy even though Zaion said they were all pleasant through out and asked to not do that not so much

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I'm guessing there's a reason she thought it was that one in particular.

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Why exactly should she help their shit management out? She admitted where she was at fault in the document, that is enough. Reminder she wanted to end on good terms and they did not. You are under zero obligation, morally or ethically, to help your enemy make their case for them. If management wants to fling even more shit than they already did in public to make Zaion look bad, let them do it.

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>shadow suspensions are real in Niji and especially Hololive.
>especially Hololive.

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>nijisisters cry about loli/shota
>post actual cp

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People there have been suspended for less

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>Bringing holo outta nowhere
ah, le classic

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same here, I have experience of working in several corporations (including the longest for the Japanese one) and I doubt that hololive is somehow significantly better than nijisanji

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Cover certainly isn't perfect, but they seem to have improved tremendously on that front. What examples from the last 2 years are you thinking of?

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>collecting fact and evidence = schizo
Oh no no no, department of justice bros.

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Wrong, Im indiefag who hates the Chinese.

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True. blackara is the blackest corpo in japan. Trust me, I worked with them, including some other japanese corpo too.

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How's gundou doing? Drinking at a bar with Yugo?

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Well, it's either she is telling the truth and got talk with management about this incident or lying and this is one of lies hidden in true statements.
Again, until we see receipts there's literally nothing to prove or disprove this one

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pretty sure that anon was referring to niji instead of holo

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proof next thread?

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I would wager most holos have a list of "fuck-ups" equal to, or worse than, Zaion's, their management just doesn't grill them over it and force suspensions because Hololive isn't a company of slave drivers.

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Youre right, I dont care about Zaion. I hate Niji, and I will latch onto anything that might damage them. Theyre a bunch of traitorous Chink agents who need to be shutdown/exiled/killed and they should have been taken down years ago.

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>brings up hololive out of nowhere

So how do you like that Zaion got suspended for ignoring her waves manager who was a new hire to talk to a more experienced JP one

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cheks out

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>especially hololive
so true sister!

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Nijisanji is a black company that much is obvious but some of these aren’t that
>Dee’s nuts is an actual brand and decently sized. They could have sued anycolor for at least one yacht
>Companies hire new blood management all the time including cover for the en and jp side
>She got punished for trying to go over her managers and asking that managers boss to undercut her. After you do that they are gunning for you if you can’t hold the leg of middle management. Everything else though absolutely retarded
This management one was about genshin so it might have happened first and would explain the hate they had for her

On a related note hololen/nijien management are giving too much considerations for Twitter troons

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Vesper Noir can get away with mentioning tax fraud, Magni can get away with calling overwatch an absolute dogshit game on stream, Mori can get away with telling one of her friends "KILL YOURSELF", IRyS can get away with talking about gay incest, Marine can get away with talking about prostate massages, Ollie can get away with asking how big penises get. Holo both gets away with more, and gets better returns compared to Nijisanji. So much for that talent freedom they tout over evil Hololive.

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Holy shit that takes me back

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That was a pro-hololive post chama

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She didn't say Dee's nuts though? She said Deez Nutz.

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This but unironically.

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>>48854349 me
Also, if you're right about management, that doesn't exactly reflect well on them.

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You are under one obligation and that’s the NDA. Their character, their rules, their management all fall under important business secrets. But she used general wording and only her personal feelings about each situation. It tows the line but I don’t know how Japan deals with these. Either way if they do sue they have a leg up because she unintentionally lied about the dee’s nuts one as that is a very real nut selling brand

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Reading the google doc made me genuinely physically ill, horrific experience. The blackest of black companies.

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>Dee’s nuts is an actual brand and decently sized. They could have sued anycolor for at least one yacht
I'm sure Dee's nuts is incredibly happy they get free ads all over the internet. Why would they sue if nobody is actually misusing their brand?

>Companies hire new blood management all the time including cover for the en and jp side
Yes, but they also make sure they are capable of such work and ensure everybody is satisfied.

>She got punished for trying to go over her managers and asking that managers boss to undercut her. After you do that they are gunning for you if you can’t hold the leg of middle management. Everything else though absolutely retarded
"Escalating" issue is absolutely normal in corporations. Zaion had a point and the higher-up should have solved the issue. Her manager being a salty bitch when it came to light Zaion needed senior help only shows that manager wasn't competent in the first place.

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Homobeggar go kys. They aren’t hololive

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She doesn't live in Japan, does she?

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This is unironically a deflection

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Nijisanji deflection

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>the version
No one made nijigirls act like backstabbing whores and the guys act like creepy discord groomers.

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>You are under one obligation and that’s the NDA. Their character, their rules, their management all fall under important business secrets.
No, NDAs are to protect company's secrets. NDAs do not protect companies against dubious conduct. Characters, rules and management are not part of it. Employees' names, financial results, patented technologies and such would be.

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>She got punished for trying to go over her managers and asking that managers boss to undercut her.
You know how it calls in corporate language? Escalation and there is nothing wrong with it, unless it happens in black company, which it was

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>half the reason she got canned was she didn't "own up to" any of these mistakes during employment or apologize to any of her coworkers about it
Source: the co-workers that have not allowed her to say her piece.

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No the actual asset is labeled Dee’s Nuts. I can’t speak on management I’ve had managers that got promoted after years and managers from outside hired into that position. Neither have been better or worse.

>> No.48855211

I stand corrected. I was talking about the third one though, the part about her manager being spiteful because she went over their head.

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>especially hololive

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==STOP *clap* USING *clap* TND *clap* CHUDELECTIONTOURISTKOSHERKINO *clap* FOR *clap* GOOFY AHH *clap* TRANIME OLDTROON SHIT *clap* *clap* *clap*==

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Why hololive out of nowhere?

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Just read the whole google doc, and all I can say that it was her own fault and she fucked up constantly.

First of all, this hypocrite first statement
>I’d like to preface this by saying I do NOT want any third parties to use what myself or Zaion are about to reveal or twist our words in any way to damage the reputation of NIJISANJI or its Livers.

After saying that she try to explain why she fucked up and it always her fault no matter what side you pick.
>Using a copyrighted song in her stream without prior authorization.”
She just use a copyright song that wasn't allowed to play on her channel, but she make excuses
>“Revealing internal information that can potentially cause issues for stakeholders during her stream.”
She said that the could play harry potter legacy, even after the staff told her not to speak about it because they didn't had the copyright for it
>Making statements that could lead to speculation or leaking of internal information using social media accounts that she personally operates during her activity suspension time.”
She started to like antis and doxxers on twitter, and even tried to sell merch as her old vtuber persona, but again is not her fault because it was an "accident"
>“Offensive remarks regarding discrimination and sexual assault.”
Again she tries to explain herself but doesn't own her mistake, she just fucked up and tries to blame it on her "nervous laughter" lmao
>“Several infringements of the Rules pertaining to the use of games defined by ANYCOLOR Inc. (including intentional infringements) and repeated false justifications given to ANYCOLOR Inc. regarding these infringements.”
She broke several rules, and what worse it was related to Nintendo and Square enix, which are famous about their copyright hell, and not only that but she logged and streamed on her past account, and all she say about that is that "she had a poor lapse in judgment"
>Expressing her will to perform streams using illegal games (also referred to as pirated games)”
Talk about ROM hacks and piracy as a corpo stream, but then again it was a "poor lapse in judgment tehehehe :3"
>“Comments that can be considered offensive to the rights holder of a game during a stream.”
shitting on ubisoft as a company streamer is just plain stupid, the fun thing is that she doesn't even try to explain herself at this point
>Giving false information to other NIJISANJI EN Livers regarding the contents of her communications with ANYCOLOR Inc.”
She literally told her genmates that it was ok to stream using old PL accounts, lmao, and she didn't even apologize
>“Falsely claiming to have received permission from ANYCOLOR Inc. after a viewer commented on Zaion performing an action prohibited by the Rules.”
Again her fault, she didn't tell anyone she would active membership and was the only member of her gen to active it, because she wanted money
>“Falsely claiming to be sponsored by a brand during a stream.”
The dee nuts jokes, all she had to do was check before making false claims about sponsorship even if it was a joke, because that company actually existed
>Giving “likes” to comments falling under defamation of NIJISANJI Livers and ANYCOLOR Inc. using social media accounts that she personally operates.”
Everyone know that she was liking tweets with her PL acc, and she was shitting on Nijisanji and her coworkers, but then again she say that it was not a big deal and she apologized, lmao
>“Numerous other actions and comments infringing the contracts and Rules.”
She say that this statement is too vague to say anything about it, lmao bitch, look at your previous statement, you broke several rules.

The rest of the google doc is she explaining how she isn't a shotacon and it was just a "joke" and that she didn't read her contract, her shitting on her gen manager, complaining about money and that her cat died, lmao.

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>pedo meido already deleted it

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Have you seen the uno interface? It's fucking dogshit. Saying it's not user friendly is diplomatic as hell

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>Also 90% of you are not Zaion fans
More like 98% dont pretend like she was big nor had a big fanbase

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Dee's Nuts even got CORRECT advertising in-line with their existence, in addition to it being free advertising.

>> No.48855729

The UNO VOD was privated

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Well she’s under another company, she’s made shotacon jokes which don’t work the same in America, and again the money they could get from suing anycolor would be in the millions.
I won’t speak on that person’s competency but you’ve never had a job where you know you’re better than your manager? Some people learn the dance slower than others
I watch genshin content creators and twitter tries to destroy them like all the time. I mean getting them banned from genshin, youtube, their sponsors, and the death threats. The bigger ones are afraid to say certain characters names now. You’d seen how often they yab and get Twitter exploding that was a good call

These are issues that ruin her argument and should have been striked. Everything else she said was solid and called them out in a very subtle way. I just don’t want room for any counters

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Anyone got the cap of that post where every Niji is permanently terrified of being suspended?

>> No.48855789

Nahhh dis nigga typing out da numbers

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Can you type that again in english? I don't speak NijiSEAnigger lingo

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>reads 3 sentences
already blaming the boogeyman lmao. Nijinog behavior

>> No.48855967

I think the clap thing is a reference to a post format on Twitter. The rest sounds like them being antisemitic transphobes to own the chuds? I don't know man

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Feels like her post-debut manager had it out for her after the Genshin shit and did everything they could to get her fired afterwards.

>> No.48856029

Wdym it’s perfectly articulated TND is /pol/ election tourist newGOD kino

>> No.48856080

>again the money they could get from suing anycolor would be in the millions.
Not a fucking chance, bitch. There was no intent aside making a joke.

>Some people learn the dance slower than others
And? If you don't want to be called company full of incompetent shits, make sure to educate and train your employees. Train both your manager and streamers. In this case it seems like none of them got enough training and the company keeps changing rules on the fly.

>You’d seen how often they yab and get Twitter exploding that was a good call
Twitter exploding is non-issue. All you have to do is ignore them. The real problem here is that NijiEN got locked between twitter and investors who are painfully braindead and cannot tell who gives them money anymore.

>> No.48856119

I'm sure your commentary deserved to be an OP instead of just replying one of the other 20 threads talking about it

>> No.48856214

Damn you didnt have to do them like that ouch

>> No.48856227

yeah, it's pure shit, but if you are a corpo streamer that represent a brand, you can't say shit about it, and even less if you are new and small on that company.

>> No.48856236

It was obvious the moment that laundry list of infraction went up. That idiot was trying to protect himself and wanted to show how Zaion "deserved" it. He was both trying to gather support from fans and convince the management. My guess he got into hot water too or is just retarded twitterhead who doesn't know how to handle shit privately (or at all).

>> No.48856284

Pretty sure the details mention a female manager IIRC

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None of the retards making threads and participating in the hatewagon have watched a single second of Sayu.

>> No.48856342

So basically if I read everything right like I'm not retarded
>She admits fault to some of the things she's been accused of
>She lights management on fire
>The actual xsoliel members aren't the problem, incompetent management was
Did I get it all?

>> No.48856398

Yeah and it was probably obvious that Zaion's manager was being unprofessional but everyone ignored it from the talents to upper management.

>> No.48856428

>you can't say shit about it
That age has been over for a long time. People are smart enough to tell shill stream from sponsored stream. Watchers are smart enough to discover shortcomings and marketing that is perceptive to it will have more success than the opposite. See Blizzard.

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Has anyone pretended they were? This doesn't seem relevant otherwise.

>> No.48856522

Holy illiterate anon

its just 22 pages just read the whole thing

>> No.48856552

>People are smart enough to tell shill stream from sponsored stream

>> No.48856581

>yeah so what if I don't care about her? I just want to shit up the board and spread disinfo
literally rent free sis

>> No.48856628

Again like I said to at least 10 other nijiniggers
I did, I wacthed her before joining the black company

but you dont care about that
you are just a payed intern

>> No.48856640

>3 sentences in, Zaion bad.
Why you even try when you are already biased from the start. Obviously you going to say Zaion bad in the end since it was already determined.

>> No.48856707

That's another sentence.

>> No.48856737

Yes, marketer that is responsive to his target audience is better.

>> No.48856743

Oh then yea that manager’s a petty bitch and it happens a lot. You can only get away with doing that by being bulletproof.

You are correct except in the case of vtuber companies because the vtuber is a patented ip using their personal iphones with their app. She herself never calls it dubious conduct she keeps it vague enough to point you in the direction but let’s you make the leap. If she directly attacked them NDA wouldn’t protect them but they could still sue and if the courts ruled in their favor it could be argued that their actions weren’t dubious. This would then lead to her being sued again for breaking the NDA. Now if she is sued she has a better chance of winning and it will only be once. If she loses her words will probably be construed as slander and they’ll have to break the NDA to get what’s actually going on behind the scenes for proof. Smart choice would be to stay quiet maybe make a public statement because unless you just want to destroy her suing her is not the play.

Actually don’t know

I didn’t say there was something wrong with it I said after you do they’ll start gunning for you. People get mad when you show their incompetence and also get mad when you insult their intelligence. Seeing how the upper manager couldn’t help it was more the latter.

>> No.48856793

Niji being black and incompetent is not disinfo.

>> No.48856798

no she has been to twitcon la and a bunch of other anime cons in LA

>> No.48856813

There were two managers I think, one was a woman and that got her onboard. That was the one Zaion spoke to when she was talking about how bad things were going in her life and how scared she was that she was messing up. She said everyone loves this manager specifically.
I think it was the dude that found out and decided he had it out for her by stealth-suspending her a week after debut. And if that guy is still onboard then I don’t want to watch NijiEN knowing the talents are working for a black company.

>> No.48856916

Someone correct this, theres to much wrong written here with their head canon

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>> No.48856975

this thread is proven false because no proof has been posted
this is called disinfo kids

>> No.48857012

What you say doesn't fall under NDA but libel and as far as I see it it's the response to the public statement that Niji put on first. NDA doesn't come into play in any of this, she disclosed nothing that did not have any relation to anything that would normally be protected under NDA.

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>Also 90% of you are not Zaion fans
yes you are right

I am a Sayu Okami fan!

>> No.48857098

Are you saying that niji didn't post termination statement full of obvious bullshit and Zaion is still part of the company?

>> No.48857114

Do you suppose she ran by her statement with a lawyer to make sure?

>> No.48857138


>> No.48857183

Considering how long it took and her experiences with the manager? I definitely would.

>> No.48857186


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stop with psyop Zhang Zheng

>> No.48857266

I don't watch her streams, doesn't mean I don't care about her. And I haven't spread disinfo, i've mostly been asking non-loaded questions and inveighing about small things I feel competent to.

>> No.48857441

Reminder that Feesh and the gayur they debut her with both threw her under the bus at mock fucking speed and there was a split of opinion on wether her termination was justified or fucking retarded

>> No.48857461

>deez nuts
Dee's Nuts*, that was actually the only valid shit they had unironically

>> No.48857467

She said she was sponsored by them while under another company. That’s enough

You’re basing it on her opinion when there are 30? There are other talents not in her situation including her genmates. You can’t base anyone’s abilities on her single opinion.

90% of hololive’s sponsorships are overseas or do at least half their business their they can ignore it. Nijisanji cultivated a twitter audience and their en sponsors are big in the west and china. You can ignore it but no guarantees the sponsors will.

You aren’t arguing anything your stance is ignore everything and be better. They’re a company from japan where their only understanding of the west is twitter and talents they hired that are also terminally on twitter. Zaion should have left these out of her statement

>> No.48857495

>she got punished for pretending to be sponsored by deez nuts
I can't get over the fact that this was a "yab" for them.

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>Denies being a shotacon
>Goes as far as saying she's "appalled"
Weak bitch deserves everything she got/will get thrown at her

>> No.48857644

>I'm only 3 sentences in and I can already tell this shit is going to be one giant red herring
lmao what a reddit thing to say

>> No.48857646

>That’s enough
No, that's not. It might have been enough for management to bonk her, but not enough for serious court case. Unless DN could prove financial or reputation damages they would not be able to sue for "millions".

>> No.48857733

It’s not because the talents have done tons of fucking Deez Nuts jokes. And even then, is some peanut company really going to give that much of a shit over something some random anime streamer said? Probably not.

>> No.48857795

Nijifags don't even know how an NDA works, don't take them seriously about anything

>> No.48857812

>You can’t base anyone’s abilities on her single opinion.¨
I base my opinion on the whole fuckup with the termination notice. The management is incompetent and I said it back then and I will stay by this opinion, they tried to bury her with the list of marginal issue instead of stating correct reason - they could no longer work together. See >>48856026, >>48856236.

>> No.48857974

Apparently she actually called it Dee's nuts though, I guess to make it a pun, because she didn't seem to realize it was an actual brand.

I've never heard of them, so I have no trouble buying that.

>> No.48858433


>> No.48858492
File: 231 KB, 361x291, 1671214928068146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In America an NDA is instantly non-enforceable if you are too vague or too all-encompassing. You're literally not allowed to void out somebody's entire work history for the time they worked for you. Even the government doesn't get away with that, although they usually give you shell references to use.
Also, to go after her for the NDA, they'd have to admit that the screencaps were authentic in a court of law, meaning they'd be openly admitting they're a two-faced black company. After the FalseEyeD shit, I suspect Nijisanji might be a bit shy about trying to enforce Japanese autism outside of Japan.

You are now aware that NijiEN basically can't enforce any of their contracts on any of their talents, because Niji has no legal awareness outside of Japan. Probably why Meloco and Kotoka both insta-turned on Zaion; they ARE subject to JP legal autism. Expect Niji to either overhaul, dissolve, or assimilate NijiEN in the coming year.

>> No.48858647

>Let’s say she went off about unfair treatment, money issues and what not
It could be considered a breach of fiduciary duty and would allow her to break the NDA. Then they would sue her for libel and if they win the courts could also prove with the other 30 talents as witnesses they were doing their fiduciary duty. This would mean not only did she lie but now suing her for breaking the NDA is back on the table. This is why she phrased everything in that way with taking most of the blame.

That’s how I meant it. I could have made it more clear I suppose. Zaion, the iPhone, and the app all fall under NDA as well

>> No.48858659

eops and seamonkeys having their panties in twist over some yank shitter is truly a sight to behold. maybe you all should consider your life choices.

>> No.48858705

If she was just straight up lying, couldn't they sue her for libel without admitting anything was authentic? Not saying she was.

>> No.48858756
File: 151 KB, 1500x1500, 1665923575568972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.48858861

Holos do this kind of stuff all the time. It wasn’t a sponsored stream and nobody would give a shit

>> No.48858862

Probably not, because then the company would have to prove without a shadow of a doubt that what she said did serious damage to their business.
Meanwhile Zaion said this months after she got the boot, and the branch has been pretty much declining on its own. So this coming out would do no additional harm.

>> No.48858899

Yep, which is just another reason to believe everything she said about what happened inside the company.

>> No.48859008

IRyS openly told her chat how she argued with her managers right in front of their studio and concluded that "some people are just incompatible". No direct consequence whatsoever.

>> No.48859051
File: 496 KB, 400x300, 20200307_143951.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anyone who doesn't like my oshi (Anycolor) is a holofag

>> No.48859335

to tl;dr even further
>new-hired manager tries their hardest to push everysingle blame on zaion to save face

>> No.48859572

>and especially Hololive
God, Nijiniggers are pathetic

>> No.48859609

Isn't like half of NijiEn just a big group of pre-niji friends and refferals? I would not be surprised if it comes out months later that said manager was pegging buddies with god knows which talent. This whole saga has been that stupid.

>> No.48859681

>visible seethe
and they expose themselves just like that

>> No.48859868
File: 146 KB, 902x882, 1668551449806708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love when catalog nijiniggers keep quoting Mori as example of shadow suspensions in Holo, as a big gotcha, showing that they just sucked up the narratives from the board with absolute zero fact checking
she was back to streaming and on social media after A DAY

>> No.48859870

90% of Niji fans didn't read the document and cling to ignorance to "win"
Who cares if it's Zaion fans or not, shit company practices need to be shamed and it's a universal win if NijiEN management became less fucked as a consequence.

>> No.48859944

>showing that they just sucked up the narratives from the board with absolute zero fact checking
wow, almost like 90% of all posters! great observation anon, now try and figure out if catalogfags even watch vtubers to being with

>> No.48860092

I think you misunderstood me I said she was being vague and general not the NDA. The basics of an NDA is names, revenue, and if it’s well written IP. There will be separate NDAs if you get asked to meet with other companies or in their case sponsored games. Everything she said was general, emotional, and taking all blame to avoid pushing too hard. And international contracts tell you what courts you’ll use before you sign. Youtube is American based, uses American laws, and they were the accuser so it’s American court. Not the same scenario in the slightest.

Zaion admits to being a shotacon and they wouldn’t want that associated with them they can sue. You would have to argue what she did is transformative or parody to win a case like that. She got an asset made called Dee’s Nuts while claiming to be sponsored. It’s using the actual spelling of the name so transformative doesn’t work and there commercials use the meme so parody is hard. They can sue and anycolor will settle at paying them millions because lawyer fees would be worst or tell her stop and punish her.

Except the one writing the statement would be from middle or upper management which she herself said were really good. You may not agree but by her own admission all those things did happen except Hogwartz legacy. I can’t understand why this is the hill you want to die on. There’s literally so much other things you can bring up to shit on nijisanji. Riku never being involved, secret suspension, management not clearing things with her from the start, her implying some members are snakes.

>> No.48860131

And yet everybody (rightfully) shit on UNO and Ubi during the Pomu x Kiara x Rosemi x Nina collab

>> No.48860199

Why did she have to backpaddle so hard on her jokes, bros?

>make a joke
fuck that

>> No.48860488

I honestly don't know why they even hired her when it was very clear that they were looking for any excuse to jump on her and ultimately fire her and then after "something", probably the newfag manager getting butthurt she went for the oldfag manager, they just double-triple downed on making her life hell to get her out.
I've seen this kind of behavior in a lot of places, just looking for an excuse, for the most minimal smidgen they can twist into a reason to fire the person.
Was it just to make an example of someone to keep everyone else on Niji in line? I don't get it.

>> No.48860516

Yes they could sue her. Will it go anywhere, yes there are things in her statement though accidental are false. Can they win off that alone, no they can not. They could only win by exposing everything.
Having to terminate zaion is a loss of tens of thousands in possible revenue, plus the loss of having to shelve the model and end the contract with papa/mama early. Definitely a loss but 1 person out of 30 isn’t big.

>> No.48860598

>and again the money they could get from suing anycolor would be in the millions.
WTF are you smoking?????
You can't just sue random people for millions because they mentioned your name kek
You have to prove damage to your revenue or to your brand (which fyi is REALLY hard)
That is ignoring the fact that no judge will see merit in a case like this

You're living in a fantasy world or are underage and watch too many movies

>> No.48860770

It looks like her first week she went over her direct managers head for help even though she was told it’s impossible. Turns out it was and it put a huge target on her back without making that luxiem money to afford a bulletproof vest. Corporate politics it happens

>> No.48860786

>Except the one writing the statement would be from middle or upper management which she herself said were really good.
Have you ever worked for a corporation? Approval is given by HR and upper manager but reasons are not. It was definitely prepared by the only one who knew anything - her directly responsible manager. At best, somebody from PR rewrote it from email to twitter.

>> No.48861101

>parody to win a case like that
Which it was. There was no intent to use it for anything else but a joke or a parody.
>They can sue and anycolor will settle at paying them millions because lawyer fees would be worst or tell her stop and punish her.
That's not how court system work. If you cannot prove damages, court will not award you any. How much did DN loose by somebody saying they got sponsored? Get it through your head that the court system doesn't exists just so people could cancel others over nothing.

>> No.48861369

Let’s try repeating this again maybe all caps will help.
>She’s has gone on record saying she’s a shotacon which is a lover of small boys. There is a stigma that vtubers are pedobait at worst and demonic at best. Way too many troons also adopt vtubing culture.
All they have to say is “I don’t want my brand associated with this” and they can sue. For anycolor to win they have to prove what Zaion did is transformative which isn’t likely because she made an asset with their name or parody also tough because their commercials are deez nuts jokes. He writes like a child and tries to call someone else underage

>> No.48861421

It's straight of the horse's mouth you fucking retard
How is that disinfo?

>> No.48861458

Your tongue is so far up Niji's ass it's embarrassing.

>> No.48861487

Nijisisters... it's so over...

>> No.48861552

>horse's mouth
Will you quit trying to bring hololive into this already?

>> No.48861610

You're beyond retarded.
>All they have to say is “I don’t want my brand associated with this” and they can sue
It is not enough to sue. Unless you mean anybody can sue for anything even if court will throws it out. Any court case needs a claim of damages. DN would not be able to claim any. Nobody, even on Twitter, mentioned even single time how Zaion should not be associated with DN. It flew over everybody's head until Niji pointed it by themselves.

>> No.48861709

>you're just holofags looking for any opportunity to dunk on the version of Nijisanji this board has put in your head.

>> No.48861716

> be niji inter-kun
> drama happen revealing all the bullshit going on in your company
> bring hololive randomly accusing them of something that is just not only impossible for you to prove but disproved by just common sence, at least for some reason hololive member keep giving news when they are in vacations, unlike niji members
> get called out for being a retard who don't deserve his salary
> Y-you are seething not me.
Every single time, how can you fall so hard in life that you become a nijinigger, please enlighten me, what happeneed, how can your brain be so disfunctional?

>> No.48861742

I really hope you are willingly stirring shit here and are not actually that fucking retarded. This is absolutely not how this shit works, give up.

>> No.48861841

>All they have to say is “I don’t want my brand associated with this” and they can sue.
No. Technically anybody can sue anybody for literally any reason whatsoever but I believe that your point was they have LEGAL GROUNDS to sue, which they do not.

>> No.48862128

This is the dumbest fucking response I've seen.

>has perms
>no actually she doesn't have perms bc of copyright

Nijjer she literally says that she got perms from staff then you boil it down to "excuses"

>> No.48862161

You don’t know what the word settle means? It means they come to an agreement outside of court in exchange for stopping the suit. I never said the courts would do pay outs. Now let me give you examples of parody
>Dragonfly is parody of Spiderman
>Spaceballs is parody of Star wars
Those are parody and easily discernible. SNL skits are satire and not to be taken serious as it’s a well known “comedy” show. She got an asset with the name Dee’s Nuts, actual name of the company and claimed they were sponsoring her. The intention is to make semi serious jokes with reference to it which is what their commercials do. Now it’s a battle of intent from an overseas company that’s already shakey on the use of American ip. Lawsuits are bad for business and nobody wants to be in court for months so they settle like 80-95% of all court cases. Are we clear now

We must have different experiences then because it’s written by whoever’s the overseer there which is middle or upper management. They write it up while hearing the story from that persons direct Manager and it’s then sent to legal to make sure it’s not an unlawful termination. I only made a point on who wrote it up not who gave the reasons. Her manager’s probably a snake but the others didn’t have her issues so it’s hard to say she’s bad at her job

>> No.48862269

Man don't waste your time on this subhuman. Everybody with a brain knows nijiniggers are mongoloids

>> No.48862333

>Said no one told her about using new accounts for games like Genshin
>Elira's very first Genshin stream, which was also NijiEN's first genshin stream, was with a brand new account
>Selen's literal multiple streams explaining how she has to make new accounts for all the FPS games she plays, even if she offered to purge every single friend on her old accts

Just this little tidbit alone makes me doubt everything else she says

>> No.48862382
File: 120 KB, 1280x284, 1670256091560949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nipple controversy


stolen merch controversy


stolen merch controversy 2


cancelled sponsorships and events


cancelled concerts


cancelled 3D's


no live2d updates in sight
discord leak revealing them seetheposting about their superior rival, marking them as jealous hololive rejects for the rest of eternity


Finana discord cancelled their b-day billboard project because she told them they're unoriginal and copying hololive


male crashing Pomu+Finana yuribait off-collabs as a "surprise"


Finana openly admitting to lying about it and selling it as a "girls night" despite the male being planned all-along


comment sections getting closed to hide complaints


girl streamers getting turned into accessories to the males and forced to exist just as walking collab platforms for males


literally getting numbermogged by hololive's new INDOGS
gen2 males are a huge flop
can't get elden ring permissions
Vox fails his subathon endurance stream for 600k and cucks out after a mere 5 hours because he realizes his subs are growing too slow


3/4 members of Ethyria are long-time IRL friends with Elira, leading to the term "nepotism clique"
Nina exposes how the Ethyria clique literally ghosted and excluded her early on when she was trying her best to build rapport with them, and just used their own secret voice chat channels


Finana has a menhera meltdown on twitter about how nobody draws her in group fanart and cancels streams because of it


AnyColor randomly tweets creepy vagueposts about "slander" for no apparent reason


their chuubas keep having freudian slips about Hololive such as Alban calling Petra "Gura" accidentally or Millie saying HoloJP instead of NijiJP in a tweet, which shows what really lives rent free in their head


AnyColor literally goes public, to be defiled by chink investors
Kanae gets canceled for using black features to make a gorilla avatar


Luca gets caught stealing Towa's and Okayu's copyrighted BGM music without permission or even crediting her, takes down his stream afterwards


"graduation rush" trending on JP twitter because their livers keep fucking graduating one after another


>> No.48862389

>Nijisanji vaguely talks about the vtuber crimes Zaion committed
>"Wow, what a fucking bitch, I'm glad she got fired"
>Zaion explains in detail what were the allegations against her
>"I don't believe her, how about some proof???"
Sisters were a mistake.

>> No.48862500
File: 1.92 MB, 3799x3082, 1675346146500389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Luxiem moving to bilibili to complete the chinkification


Luxiem blatantly being favored and getting more and better merch than Lazulight, causing a massive outrage


Vox fujofans sending death threats to Reimu for "invading" their dating RP stream


Vox has to tell of his chink fujos for it, then immediately flip-flops and comes crawling back to them to damage control and beg them to return to him after noticing the CCV+superchat drop


Finana jumps in during the drama with her infamous "L + Ratio you parasocial fucks" tweet (somehow this doesn't stop her from doing valentines dates and sell wedding ring merch though)


Vox uses thumbnail art from a Taiwanese artist for his Chinese learning Duolingo stream, and literally edits in the PRC flag, causing Taiwanese fans to revolt


Nippleman suspended AGAIN


Yugo has a drunken menhera meltdown on-stream, genuinely sobbing and crying over not being a "real man"


Yugo accidentally leaks discord DM's that show her manager breathing down her neck about her numbers (literally posting youtube stats)


Finana menheraposts on twitter about "trap" being a slur and bans the word, tells viewers to "educate themselves", then promptly backpedals unbans it and apologizes after backlash


Indian LGBTroon manager is caught damage controlling for Nijisanji online


literally the only major vtuber agency to not have a booth at AX


Finana gets caught joining a fan discord server with her official account where she constantly joins vc and plays games with its members, gets bonked by management and is forced to leave it only for her to create an alt account and join again behind management's back, causing her biggest paypigs to leave her over the preferential treatment to the members of the server


Finana's aforemention discord groomer circle leaks her Nijisanji audition tape


Vox having a meltdown because internet issues caused him to lose viewers so he literally canceled and re-did the stream because it made him "feel absolutely gutted" and "lose focus"


everyone becoming more and more shameless in the coomer pandering and degenerate fetishposting both in streams and on twitter, this is literally what NijiEN is known for now
everyone getting the same copypasted shit tier merch for their birthday because Rikike doesn't want to spend a dime


Obsydia getting no fucking new outfits for over a year
forced to squat on the FLOOR like second-class citizens in Niji panels at CRX, wheras Hololive got premium seats


Axia Krone having a meltdown and shitting on his own fans and consequently graduates


>> No.48862566
File: 662 KB, 2966x1179, 1678735269437627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AnyColor smugly telling people on twitter they will give NO REFUNDS to NijiFES despite them axing an entire part of it specifically due to Axia's leaving


Vox getting harassed by chinks spamming him to graduate, Bilibili subs are in freefall


Iluna being a COMPLETE FUCKING SHITSHOW of clown hires, all flops too and mogged by Tempus
Nina leaking discord again showing she literally considers deleting and reposting tweets if they don't get enough "traction"


Manager's name is Paul "of course its a chink, of fucking COURSE" Li


yet another discord leak showing that the "we are such a happy family we love nijisanji" larp posts are LITERALLY ORGANIZED


going all-out with the blatant peepee-poopoo "humor"


Luca nukes like half of their entire minecraft server


Enna says Kyo sounds like "he listens to Snoop Dogg and likes fried chicken", forced to do a 30 minute grovelling apology for it


Yugo gets unceremonially "graduated" (actually terminated) for no stated reasons


Kyo and Enna have an off-collab where they LITERALLY HOLD HANDS WITH INTERTWINED FINGERS, Enna later simultaneously tries to damage control the fact that she cucked her entire fanbase, and also makes fun of it with Kyo


Fulgur has to get axed from the planned NijiEN 3D concert due to "unforseen health concerns" (aka they realized he's LITERALLY too fat to fit into the mocap suit)


>> No.48862583

I don't see the contradiction, she asked her manager who didn't know shit, and he later had to make shit up because he didn't want to admit he was wrong which is why he made up 4 different reasons

>> No.48862588

You're getting baited into responding so this man gets more steam gift cards.

>> No.48862643
File: 2.91 MB, 3873x3151, selenfag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Millie does a stream for a "secret group chat" that aims to parody /vt/ by "ironically" insulting her co-workers (who did not consent to this "joke" btw) with real criticisms, gets flamed by the entire fanbase for it, then tries to shift the blame when everyone calls her out


entire NijiEN 3D concert gets abruptly cancelled


Luxiem openly calling out the bullshit Covid excuse for cancelling the concert on twitter with snarky vagueposts putting Covid in quotation marks and going "yeah sure"


Shu later reveals that the cancelled concert has left him feeling "betrayed, powerless, lifeless" and he essentially took his streaming break because he was suffering from depression - in other words, Nijisanji is literally grinding the souls of their streamers into paste with their gross incompetence


EN either can't get Hogwarts Legacy perms or pretends not to have any because they're scared of a handful of twittertrannies
Zaion gets suspended for alleged lies, refusal to improve and "insensitive jokes"


Kyo is caught throwing Zaion under the bus on his roommate account, damage controls as Kyo (???) once called out pretending he was talking about someone else, and takes a break from streaming because of his "internet"


Vox gets doxxed and exposed as not only having a girlfriend but also cheating on her, promptly goes into hiding in his cuckshed ("streams canceled indefinitely")


NijiEN's official twitter account fucks up linking the twitter handle of one of their livers, the wrong account then edits itself with dox info about Kyo, causing them to effectively dox their own chuuba. they only notice and fix it an entire day later.


Elira has a meltdown over a horny 5$ SC and proclaims her audience aren't her friends


AnyColor tries to take down dramatubers with illegitimate copyright strikes because of all the negative PR they've been getting, which not only gets even the normie internet to shit on Nijisanji, they also fucking FAIL to take down the videos


>> No.48862672

>You don’t know what the word settle means? It means they come to an agreement outside of court in exchange for stopping the suit.
Niji would first have to recognize DN's claim as valid. Which it would not be and niji could counterclaim any wasted money. You have no clue how this works, do you? Frivolous cases are shit and courts do not like them .

>I only made a point on who wrote it up not who gave the reasons.
You're arguing semantics, then. You have no point. Others' not having her issues is you claim and we've seen how incapable nij management is and how stealth suspending works already in the past. Just because some talents are untouchable or others' didn't encounter such direct opposition is not a sign that company is okay. The simplest fact they allowed that list out and said nothing to calm the twitter mob speaks volumes.

>> No.48862706
File: 1.65 MB, 2000x2000, 1680066415418516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hex Haywire is a creepy groomer fuck who heavily copied Vox+Corpse Husband's parasocialbait shtick, larps as a THERAPIST to his (mostly underage) fans, encourages them to "traumadamp" him on streamlabs (pay up), likes selfies of his (mostly underage) on twitter, which are untagged meaning he stalks their accounts, and is completely unapologetic about all of it. Even the sisters are creeped out by him and made a google doc to document his actions


Kyo implied on his Doctor stream that grindr (gay dating app) is full of pedophile groomers, which is a huge no-no for the LGBT community (VOD deleted)


all of Ethyria starts OPENLY talking about politics more and more, freely chatting about free healthcare, green energy, immigration, "down with capitalism", you name it


Zaion gets publicly tarred and feathered in her termination listing every miniscule "crime" she ever did


In the termination announcement Nijisanji reveals that she has been suspended since JANUARY, which was prior to her official suspension and actually when she allegedly took a "break", confirming the long-standing rumor that Nijisanji has shadow suspensions disguised as breaks


The entirety of Xsoleil torches Zaion after the firing, practically celeberating that she's gone, with Kotoka even saying she can't wish her farewell, meanwhile the entire NijiEN fanbase crucifies and harasses Zaion on twitter to the point of doxxing


Zaion getting unperson'd to the point her name even got removed from the titles of the duet cover she did with Maria and the thumbnail darkened to hide her (+ comments turned off to hide complaints)


Hex whips out a dildo asset mid-stream and his fans have a meltdown trying to "censor" the yab on twitter by spamming everyone to take down their tweets about it.


Nijishill admits to scripting a bot to shitpost Hololive threads because he's mad that Nijisanji is universally despised


Mirei Gundou gets indefinitely suspended for making a joke about baseball (seriously)


Nijisanji scams fans by "renewing" their birthday goods set to be much shittier yet keeping the same price, leading to huge outrage


Enna has so many yabs and instances of shitty behavior that they don't fit into the post:

>> No.48862715

The legal grounds would be negligent misrepresentation, and fraud. So yes they have grounds to sue and anycolor has no real understanding of the American courts seeing how they backed off those drama seekers. If they end up Japanese court it could also fall under their honor system. And here’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing ANYCOLOR thought of this as a REAL POSSIBILITY so they made her stop and punished her.

>> No.48862830

>The legal grounds would be negligent misrepresentation, and fraud
The legal groups would be nothing because it was an obvious joke and parody.

>> No.48862831

She has screenshots of her manager telling her she could, you retard

>> No.48862835

Is she responsible to learn rules from her coworkers' steams or should her manager teach her? How is that contradictory?

>> No.48862853

>all of Ethyria starts OPENLY talking about politics more and more, freely chatting about free healthcare, green energy, immigration, "down with capitalism", you name it

>> No.48862976

God bless you for the info. I'll get to reading all of them.

>> No.48862984

>it could also fall under their honor system
You really have no clue.

>> No.48863044

>Goes to the more senior manager for advice and information
>Leans on the green manager whenever she fucks up
She can't have it both ways, either she knew literally no one uses PL accounts via her senior manager (common knowledge by this point), or she relies solely on the advice of her assigned greenhorn and assumes there was a change in standards

I don't expect many of you to understand how grotesquely out of of pecking order this is, but for those of us that work for a living, this was as red of a flag as could be

>> No.48863079

Just because Chinese Legal Structures are Nepotistic Calvinball doesn't mean American courts are, Zhang.

>> No.48863115

Your logic falls apart at the fact that they told her not to do that and not to use the asset. Yes they were so sure they’d win that wanted it wiped away

No it’s not a claim 30 talents still there and only 2 have been terminated and the other termination is a different gen with a different manager. So it seems like at best she had out for zaion and at worse zaion is incompetent. The best you can say is her managers a bad person but can’t say it’s a bad manager if 4 other people aren’t having issues. And I’m not arguing semantics you tried to change my words. It’s written there I can’t edit it

>> No.48863116

I don't think the fact that the manager has been with the company for two weeks has much to do with it, considering that the rest of his peers are still able to operate properly.
And I know it says something about pre-debut accounts, but did anyone actually use them?
As far as I know, I think they were all playing with new accounts.
I mean, I don't understand the perception that pre-debut accounts can be used.
It's a mystery to me why they thought they could use the account they were using in PL if they couldn't mention PL.
Frankly, I felt she was too naive in her own perception.

>> No.48863142

The niji drama rundown has gotten pretty big hasn’t it? Thanks for maintaining it and dropping it when needed

>> No.48863202

Yes, that's how it works. Direct manager is responsible to teach and guide her. If it doesn't work yo go to upper manager.

>grotesquely out of of pecking order this is
lol, lmao. You never worked a minute in your life.

>> No.48863265

Fuck NijiEN and their cuck queens.

>> No.48863280

Look, I support almost all those things, except the “down with capitalism” part (mostly because it’s just the leftist equivalent of right-wing chuds thinking the Joker’s a role model).
But I still don’t want to hear about it in a fucking vtuber stream. If they could make rock music in East Germany, cowboy movies in Yugoslavia, and science fiction in communist Poland, they can make entertaining content in North America in the 21st century without getting into politics.

>> No.48863287

I don't think there's anything wrong with nijis discussing politics. It's probably a bad idea, but just saying left of center stuff isn't some kind of scandal.

>> No.48863311

>Direct manager is responsible to teach and guide her. If it doesn't work yo go to upper manager.
That's not how it works with japanese companies. To them, Zaion threw a tantrum when she didn't get what she wanted, and then ignored her manager's direct orders and acted against him

>> No.48863325

If Dee’s Nuts sues a japanese company who’s court do they use?

Japan’s defamation laws can be used if you think your honors attacked and even if the statement is true you CAN still win the case. But this is if they end up Japan’s court which the rest of my statement brings up when not cut out

Yet anycolor thought it serious enough to punish her for it and make her not bring it up again.

>> No.48863347

>Your logic falls apart at the fact that they told her not to do that and not to use the asset.
Which is completely different issue from "DN would be able to sue for millions". They thought it was inappropriate and bonked her. Which is questionable, but probably within their rules. Still has nothing with suing, courts, damages, NDAs or whatever. It's completely internal issue and a part of a reason why people claim niji is a shitshow.

>> No.48863446

>Yet anycolor thought it serious enough to punish her for it and make her not bring it up again.
Yes the entire thread is about how terrible, out of touch and retarded the company is.
Keep it up retarded-kun

>> No.48863445

Not that many people disagree with you that Zaion was being naive with a lot of things. But A.) it’s vtubing, of course there will be talents that are naive about real world stuff; and B.) it’s Nijisanji, ACCELERATE only increases the chances that some people are going to make mistakes.
If the minor mistakes Zaion made were really that bad for the company that they felt the need to overreact this much, then something is wrong.

>> No.48863514

Yes, and? Does that make them look good? Are you arguing that being stuck in different century means that somehow Zaion lied as >>48862333 claims?

>> No.48863599

Yet investors doesn't care about how many risks anycolor is involved in taking a lot of talents into their wing without providing proper support

>> No.48863645

Even if Anycolor tries to bring this into the Japanese courts, its doubtful that it'll go further than that.
I don't doubt that it could happen, I don't doubt that they'll use the threat of legal action on her immediately, but I do doubt that it'll go anywhere. Anycolor failed multiple times in the past trying to handle drama channels and the sisters Doxsite, and that was when they were absolutely in the right to do so. If they failed in the past, they'll fail again because the company is so poorly run that the cracks are showing.

>> No.48863652

>Ask your assigned manager if you can stream
with your PL account, despite knowing the people you allege to watch use fresh accounts
>Get told they don't know, they'll get back to you
>Ask the senior manager you know, they tell you absolutely not
>You go back to greenhorn, he says he thinks it's okay, you take that information as the preferred response
>You do your stream, get flooded with gifts in the game from PL acquaintances who are now sharing your UID
>Greenhorn who has now been severely scolded over this, is now saying he messed up, but you are also under scrutiny since you disregarded seniors response for greenhorn

PLEASE tell me what company you work for, where your direct lead prefers you going over his head to bother upper management for obvious ass questions. I would love to see how that actually works

>> No.48863668

>If Dee’s Nuts sues a japanese company who’s court do they use?
US one since NijiEN exists and operates in the US. I believe they even use a US company service too, I think it's called YouTube or something.
It would be cheaper for Dee's to sue them in the US and more expensive for Niji to defend themselves in the US.
Of course all of that would require them having an actual case with legal basis to bring forward, which they don't.

>> No.48863743

>bring up hololive out of nowhere during nijiyabs
>bunch of people call you retarded for randomly talking about hololive for no reason
>accuse everyone of being a holofag

>> No.48863786

Anon she asked the senior after her manager made up 4 excuses to cover his ass, not before

>> No.48863800

its so easy to unmask you

>> No.48863860

There's nothing in the document that says she went to upper management first to get approval to use PL account. There is however a screenshot how she got it and then they changed their mind. If that happened repeatedly and new manager was too new to know the rules properly, it's obvious she would go to upper management to get somebody who knows to handle her instead.

>> No.48863888

>If they sue them or release a statement, it'll be a PR disaster, loss of money and also, distrust from investors

>if they don't do anything, it'll fester within the community and it'll create bigger shit from the talents in the future. Enforcing contract on current talents would literally make talents super unhappy and break off.

>> No.48864017

They changed their mind because her UID was shared by the old PL fanbase to new, which in turn got her stream flooded with the purchased currency in game. Either that or there was a lapse in logic on how she/they phrased the restrictions
I draw this conclusion because Aia showed off her AR 59 account with UID blocked and friendlist purged, and that VOD is still up (www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MGKMCiVHeo). So getting money in game was the tipping point me thinks

>> No.48864068

It looks like her PL account was approved for use for the first stream but management didn't account for a bunch of her old friends sending her gifts through the account. That led to a new policy change regarding using previous accounts. The manager did apologize for it according to the screenshots.

The way she worded it made it sound like she was singled out unfairly but we haven't seen another liver use an old account since this change either so it seems, as far as we can see, to be applied company wide. She then attempted to drag other livers into it and circumvent her own manager to make it appear that she was unfairly treated.

>> No.48864163

Literally over half of these "her faults" are only a problem in a black company that tries to control your soul where that shit would matter, for anyone else these are massive nothingburgers you shouldn't care about. Yes, they are "her fault", as in she did do those things, but it shouldn't be a problem to do these things in the first place.
It's like walking up to a women about to be burned at the stake for performing "witchcraft" and saying she deserves it because she admitted to doing math, which the witch hunter said was a sign of witchcraft, while completely ignoring that doing math is not actually a bad thing and shouldn't be called witchcraft.
I don't even have to bother refuting any of these "arguments" because you're working off of false premises; that most of these things are a problem to begin with.

>> No.48864340

The manager made up 4 different reasons, either he's straight up incompetent or the entire management is

>> No.48864377

If they allowed it, they should have known it will happen. Or, they should have chosen to be careful and not allow it at all. How many talents this company has? hundreds? Is this their first time? I'm not claiming they were wrong for not allowing it, I wouldn't.

The manager is there to make sure this doesn't happen and to tard-wrangle talents. If he can't do it assign him to somebody who's not that hard so he can learn. Even a dumb woman has ability to recognize incompetence and has right to request somebody to fix it. The reaction we got out of this shows how deep the company has rotten.

>> No.48864528

Illiterate zoomers are cancer.

>> No.48864667

goodluck to all dramafags, let's see where this one will go KEK

>> No.48864941
File: 1.33 MB, 1247x692, 1664002381091029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The absolute state of NijiEN's rap sheet

>> No.48865033

zaion is a fucking retard and so are all her limpdick tribalist holofag supporters who cant stop obsessing over "NIJISANJI BLACK COMPANY" with full lists of entire nothingburgers. if you read the document it's all zaions self victimizing and constantly begging to be given exceptional treatment

>> No.48865068

hundreds and quite literally the first time it happened since most of them are around before genshin was, ofc they wouldn't have PL accounts
elira did show her PL account that one time IIRC, but just like Aia she never received primogems/money on her PL account on that stream CMIIW tho
also IIRC some JP livers got sent primogems the same way zaion did BUT they didn't use the primogems on stream, maybe at all, and then it never happened again at least on JP

I think that's the root of the problem right there, the "expectations" of the corpo that chat AND livers to follow japanese way of things lol, also ofc, monetary reason since someone said that all the money a liver got go through the company first, processed and only after that the money got sent to the liver, primogems sent to the account counts as a donation but how do you process that fairly since the liver already got the donation in full without corpo's processing

do forgive my rambling lol

>> No.48865176
File: 1.16 MB, 1309x820, Selen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Selen playing with her Pred account (PL account, since she never reached pred being Selen Tatsuki.

Selen was not mentioned in the document, but she shares manager with Xsoleil. Basically the same guy gave permission to Selen to use her PL account.

>> No.48865225

Dont mind me just saving this so i can find it easier on the archive

>> No.48865335
File: 90 KB, 563x525, The_absolute_state_of_Nijisanji.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>PLEASE tell me what company you work for, where your direct lead prefers you going over his head to bother upper management for obvious ass questions. I would love to see how that actually works
I work for a growing tech software company and consult with their clients. I have 3 managers - my team manager, a technical manager, and the client success manager. Let's call them 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
Number 1, I work with on minor issues, day to day processes, and improving our workflow. The 2nd presides over the first, he's who I go to for technical questions about customer specific data and scripts, he's often busy but we go straight to when dealing with specific optimization issues. Number 3 is our Client Manager in charge of all user concerns, who as far as I'm concerned works 24/7; I could message him on the weekends if a customer called in with a critical issue or bug and he would be doing damage control and contacting the dev team to look into it. He's the most spread thin, but he would rather I come straight to him rather than let an issue go on for 1h+.

This is how it works in an organization that treats hierarchy from management skill, not for hierarchy's sake.

>> No.48865353

well well well... niji is, indeed, a black company lol.

>> No.48865522

Not at all, but what Zaion did was picking up a fight against the japanese corpo autism, and I'm sure she was aware of what she was doing and she just didn't care. Both sides fucked up several times and didn't like each other, so parting ways was the best thing they could do. Nijisanji acted like fucking retards when they thew her under the bus with the termination tweet tho.

>> No.48865560

Lmao, turn out 80% of the shit in her yab list were nothingburger. You just need a half competent manager to short this shit out. Like, dude, suspended in the first week after debut, over what ? Can you believe it ?

>> No.48865874

Didn’t mention NDA or the form of damages. And now we’re on the argument of whether or not Anycolor is childish or worried about legal issues. At an impasse because none of us can prove this point

Yea because these threads are always correct. Those numberfags have certainly been right all the time. Remember that time someone there said selling out a concert makes you lose money, or when they thought en3 was coming, how about the people that believed vshojo gave the best deal in vtubing. I don’t think I want this thread to cosign me

If nijien works like holoen, or kawaii they operate from japan very few of them are exclusively from America and there is no physical English branch so it’s not US. Youtube wouldn’t be involved unless they do a takedown. And they have multiple grounds negligent misrepresentation, fraud, if they had a slow quarter they could sue for brand damages.

>> No.48865892

I bet the actual manager she ended up with was an island chink and hated her guts.

>> No.48865964

If the new manager doesn't know the rules or have the experience to assist the employees under them sufficiently, it is the responsibility of upper management to correct this via further management training. Employees being forced to oblige by an archaic hierarchical management chain rather than having the ability to reach out to senior staff if they suspect what the immediate manager is saying or doing is wrong kills productivity because a weak link in the chain doesn't get noticed fast enough. If a manager can't admit to their own fuck ups or lack of knowledge of what they're managing, they aren't qualified to be a manager to begin with, and the sooner that gets exposed and dealt with, the better for the company at large

>> No.48865988

Bill Burr made a great comment about dealing with women. When you are winning the argument and they bring unrelated shit out of nowhere, you know you already won.

>> No.48866059

is that the guy that married an ugly nigress that looks like a dude?

>> No.48866123

Now add Sonny saying the n word to the list

>> No.48866179

What is the 20%?

>> No.48866187

He said that shit before he married her, when his stuff was still good. His comment about arguments still apply to this day because women don't change.

>> No.48866265

I prefer getting my truth about women from Patrice O'Neal who died without selling out

>> No.48866324

>Patrice O'Neal
He would say the same shit. Speaking of which are you a women? You're already deflecting

>> No.48866330

As expected she's a nightmare to deal with. Gotta grow up and learn how to communicate with adults.

>> No.48866353

So true sister.

>> No.48866389

>Didn’t mention NDA or the form of damages.
Of course you didn't. You just went "Dee's Nuts can sue for millions" without even knowing what they need to prove.
>And now we’re on the argument of whether or not Anycolor is childish or worried about legal issues
We never were on that argument. It never had a relation to the initial claim.
>If nijien works like holoen, or kawaii they operate from japan very few of them are exclusively from America and there is no physical English branch so it’s not US.
Dee's nuts is based in US. If they wanted to use under US laws (and they should) they can't sue in Japan.
>brand damages
The hardest to prove of all claims.

>> No.48866918

>Employees being forced to oblige by an archaic hierarchical management chain rather than having the ability to reach out to senior staff if they suspect what the immediate manager is saying or doing is wrong kills productivity because a weak link in the chain doesn't get noticed fast enough

All companies above a certain size need hierachy. There needs to be people who make decisions and some people are gonna end up more experienced and/or qualified to make decisions.
You're 100% on the money when it comes to large and opaque hiearachies killing communication and productivity.
However at the end of the day Niji is a japanese company so non-flat hiearchies that kill productivity are to be expected.
Even within that context Niji management seems to be an absolute shitshow full of unspoken, unresonable and abitrary rules.

>> No.48866966

all i took from this is japanese companies are autistic as fuck about rules, which is not new news. i wonder if recent events will end up turning indies and other aspiring vtubers away from corpo vtubing though

>> No.48867047

So it's ok to lie now huh

>> No.48867090

She does have some holes in the document, she never mentioned all of the youtube comments she was liking that were actively shitting on Nijisanji. I understand her frustration, but it is a breach of rules.

>> No.48867144

Do you normally quote random posts with unrelated statements?

>> No.48867161

being autisitic af about rules is actually not the issue. as is evident by other people getting off scott free for way worse shit.
The problem is the unspoken social rules and hierachies that are expected to be respected.
Disagreeing with a boneheaded decision of a senior employee is tantamount to shitting on the floor, picking it up and throwing it at them.

>> No.48867220


>> No.48867259

like she mentioned in the document, it was a different in cultural values in the end. i hate the japanese seniority austism and how much it gets abused though

>> No.48867260

Like you just did? no.

>> No.48867295

>Management suspends Zaion for liking on a tweet on her old account on the basis of her not being allowed to use it
>Kyo was allowed to like tweets which shit on Zaion while Zaion was still his coworker
lol, actual black company.

>> No.48867355
File: 297 KB, 1701x2048, 07E45252-8144-4E3E-AC00-DE836D07C927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven’t been keeping up with vtubers and Nijien ever since the pomu hotel incident.

But it brings me great pleasure to see Niji imploding now.

>> No.48867428

Post more than one

>> No.48867445

I don't know the exact rules, but Nijisanji does allow you to use your RM accounts, not your PL accounts. For example, JP's Mashiro and Mayuzumi

>> No.48867500

>I haven’t been keeping up with vtubers
no shit chumbie you don't get streams to watch

>> No.48867528

She was already fired at that time anon.

>> No.48867538
File: 595 KB, 1280x720, BF65B25D-045C-4C9D-B7C1-B64F9526BEED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t watch gura, I just follow nacho for the art
Only reason I have any vtuber stuff on my feed is artists and artchuubas

>> No.48867628


>> No.48867645

wtf is this thread about

>> No.48867659

and...what is the difference between roommates and past lives?

>> No.48867679
File: 496 KB, 645x526, rgn89w1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when his oshi isn't even a 5-view

>> No.48867701

One is an IP you don't control and the other is a person you pretend to control.

>> No.48867718

Zion posted a giant sperg about why she got fired and dirty laundry about niji management

>> No.48867739

ok that makes sense

>> No.48867752

Show me where Nijisanji said this

>> No.48867833

I also work at a tech company and we have the same three roles, roughly, but with different names.
My direct manager is regular interactions, project management, 1on1s, career development.
Engineering manager is like an architect who has decided to be in charge of an entire realm of the product from a technical angle.
Product manager is the person who works closest to the customers, and normally works with my direct manger and some others to help set out roadmap at the high level, and prioritize the customer's needs.

>> No.48867875

Retard can't infer things based on people's activity.

>> No.48868121

You have almost no basis for your inference, schizo

>> No.48868355

Holy fuck it's an actual child
You're confusing 2 complete different things

Fair use is applicable to copyright infrigment, the court expects you to go trough certain (formal or informal, specifics depend on the case/jurisdiction) like sending a C&D before they even consider allowing such a suit to proceed

I mean that's just the start, not only did her content probably fall under fair use (sadly this is a huge legal gray area) you also have to proof in this case that she did it with intent, if she was unaware that the company even existed, the suit would be dropped but let's continue with your fantasy and assume that she is considered guilty she'd have to pay the minimum which IIRC is like 200-500 bucks in the US if Dee's nuts would be seeking statuatory damages in the first place

I'm going to stop here, throwing pearls at swines and all that but the numbers you bring up are beyond insane, even if you somehow manage to get the case in front of a judge without being laughed out of court

>> No.48868426

Somewhat similar.
But as awhole, even the tech manager defers to us when it comes to technical issues. We have to explain the justification but the rank and file workers are the ones with the most technical knowledge so we get away with whatever we decide for the most part, unless something explodes.

If someone were to come down on us, there's a higher management chain we can bitch at and then things will be decided there from a much more technical perspective.

That said there's a lot of other bullshit that comes into play like
>no you can't do (innocent thing) because company rules
>but that's stupid and makes no sense? can't we change it

>> No.48868506
File: 2 KB, 120x120, pill_1f48a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.48868593

>shotacon jokes which don’t work the same in America

>> No.48868784

>DM a manager for help
>get suspended for it

>> No.48868786

Holo use RM and sisters use PL.

>> No.48868814

5 RMB deposited to your account

>> No.48868876

Okay, but imagine being as much of a retard as >48856975, I mean, seriously.

>> No.48869399
File: 2.83 MB, 3000x3500, 1681547718685796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It sucks because Pomu is my oshi but I don't want to keep supporting Niji in any way

>> No.48869423

It’s unreasonable to expect a new talent to know everything about other branches activities during their debut week. Her managers straight up told her she could then got punished due her managers being wrong.

>> No.48869979

This is why I hate people joining in a conversation multiple post deep. Yes in this mythical situation where anycolor didn’t already make her remove that they could issue one. Now let’s go into a cease and desists. It’s benefits is bringing negotiations to the table to settle, which if you’re not following along means without a court battle. You don’t have to send one to begin a lawsuit. Fair use works as long as it’s transformative for example posting someone’s speech and talking over it. This is why the focus would be on parody but saying you’re sponsored by them while under another organization and spending money on an asset with their actual name on it is close enough to intent to get it into court. Enough so that anycolor decided to nip it in the bud. Which is where you should have stopped. They stopped it because they felt it would lead to trouble it ends there.

My initial claim was that Dee’s Nuts is a real organization, relatively big and they Could sue anycolor for a yacht which have a vast range in prices. That was it someone responded that they couldn’t and my assumption from then on had been that you people don’t have a grasp on the English language. Could means it is possible which they have multiple claims that Could make it to court. Anycolor would more than likely settle because 80-95% of cases settle. Now we move into you cutting my statements I don’t know if you’re the same anon but I was responding to the nonsense that Nijien is US based not making a point. I gave 3 legal grounds they could sue for not what they could win with and you focused only on brand damage. Misappropriating quotes isn’t how you win an argument and that’s been happening since I started so I’m not responding anymore.

tldr Defend Anycolor till you’re blue in the face

>> No.48870203
File: 114 KB, 559x506, Tako15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know how you feel.
>Like watching Pomu, Selen and Nina
>Supporting them means I am supporting a malicious management that prioritises their own arses over the talents, and will drag them through the mud if they don't like them or actually stand up for each other i.e. Ren

>Like watching Ina and Bae (when I can)
>Supporting them means I'm supporting a retarded management that fell ass-backwards into the job and seems to prefer hindering the girls above supporting them (Irys' remodel, Gura's Daki, hiring 2 stars gens before we even get a hint of HoloEN 3), or shit like whatever the hell O*ega was with his lore.

It's all so tiresome.

>> No.48870335

Both shit, but I'd take retarded over malicious any day.

>> No.48870357

remember, all these girls were indies before joining corpos.

take the indie pill.

>> No.48870448

>It’s unreasonable
No, it really isn't
I was going to say "She would have known that no one streams with their PL acct, just as much as she would have known not to make rape jokes on stream" but then she up and did just that

>> No.48870602

You're arguing that even if your superior says you can do something, you should still be punished and take full responsibility if doing that thing was wrong. I cannot believe you're a human being with a functioning brain.

>> No.48870715

>politics in vtubing is okay actually
go back

>> No.48870792

BASED grudgeposter

>> No.48870868

Well in my case, Selen is my oshi and I feel the same way. Every event she does, is paid and organized by herself. I want to keep supporting her, but sometimes I think "If the event is called Nijisanji, why they dont at least do some shit"

I didnt know that japanese corpos were that bad.

>> No.48870873

>Your direct manager doesn't have a clear answer
>Your higher up managing lead says don't do it
>History stipulates not to do it as no one else in the entirety of your branch has done it, save Aia only to showcase her account under strict censoring and gift refusal
>Hodgepodge some pseudo-response you want to work with where you were told yes and then tell your PL fanbase your UID which then gets bled out to your new fanbase
>Get showered with gifts in game
>When your noob manager apologizes about the confusion, use him to justify what you did despite the prior stipulating the cautious and actual brain-using route would have been just to make a new account

You seem like the kind of person that unironically believes the "he was a good boy, he didn't do nothing wrong"

>> No.48870912

No good company works under the idea that managers are always right anymore.
The specialized workers are the ones who know their job and should be given the freedom to do said job.

Unless you're a minimum wage mcdonalds worker, employees are expected to have the freedom to do their job and fight back if its being encroached upon

>> No.48870935

>tfw my oshi is from ID so Kurosanji barely even remembers she exists
funny how being neglected might actually be for the best

>> No.48870996

Let's not pretend like Zaion is fully innocent, she admits herself several times that she couldn't stop fucking it up. The thing is, most of the stuff she did wrong was... just a nothing burger. Even Vox did several ERP rape streams and no one did bat a fucking eye. Management fucking hated Zaion, and the statement of her termination was just vile. And let's not even talk about Kotoka and Finana throwing her under the bus for absolutely no reason.

>> No.48871005

Instead of doing this cringe third person shit why didn't she just say that she was publishing for a friend as Sayu and write normally in the document?

>> No.48871084

in the west, sure.
in japland, what you just described is a big part of why work culture is so bad there

>> No.48871087

>actively promoted pirating and torrenting games
>"Lol woops ehe XD"
She's playing her simps like a fiddle and even using a fucking dead cat to leverage sympathy points

>> No.48871142

Because when one speaks in the third person, one is presumed to convey a level of knowledge and wisdom.

>> No.48871184

Sure, but she's a global talent and its reasonable for her to expect reasonable and intelligent employers.

>> No.48871232

NTA but the anon you were responding to told me to write this:
How the fuck is that any worse than this?

>> No.48871279

>>48871232 (my friend)
Fuck I meant better

>> No.48871314

Meh. I just unsusbcribed from Pomu. Not worth giving my money to Niji.

>> No.48871332

>"I want to play some ROMhacks"
>actively promoting piracy

>> No.48871347

so true sis

>> No.48871387

>I want to shoot up some heroine
>actively promoting drug trade

>> No.48871487

>And let's not even talk about Kotoka and Finana throwing her under the bus for absolutely no reason.
The twitter mob fucking HATES Zaion, and some of the talents can't handle any kind of pressure.

>> No.48871693

Zaion mentioned once during her second debut stream that she used to play Pokemon rom hacks, and she edited it out afterwards. Sisters and Nijisanji management will pretend like she always talked about pirating games, tho.
Also, are we going to pretend like Pomu didn't hack her 3DS to stream stuff?

>> No.48871822

>The twitter mob fucking HATES Zaion
I still don't really understand why.

>> No.48871880

This, keep in mind Finana is already used to this since she was the scapegoat for Pomu during their hotel incident. And she was the scapegoat for basically everything in the earlier gens.
>sets up server
>asks people for IPs to whitelist
>nobody sends them in

>> No.48871916

>and then tell your PL fanbase your UID
wtf lol

>> No.48871929

>tldr Defend Anycolor till you’re blue in the face
tl;dr you're retarded and butthurt that your invalid logic has been called out repeatedly lol

>> No.48871958

Funnily enough, Kyo and Pomu streaming DS games actively breaks Japanese laws surrounding the modification of game hardware. Management really just hated Zaion and wanted her reputation to be as dirtied as possible.

>> No.48871983

>FalseEyeD confirming he now knows some things besides the Zaion issue
>there are actual nijis in his discord, not just shills
>nijis have spys from the company everywhere, not just on him
holy shit it's getting hot
I guess the finana post that was copypasted here is not a random ocurrence

>> No.48872048

I don't really care about the girl or niji that much but the thing that is in my mind right now after this bomb dropped is that, you know, will she get in legal trouble for sharing this?
I know she doesn't say "I" in this but she literally calls the company by the actual name, so I don't know.

>> No.48872105

Incorrect. Paste tense is not the same as future + want-to-try tense.

>> No.48872108

>I still don't really understand why.
It's mostly the rape joke she did once (and immediately regretted). Some people will never let that kind of stuff go, no matter how sorry you are about it. Please, ignore that Vox has literally done multiple ERP rape streams.

>> No.48872173

You're just repeating shit that people already explained to you are wrong. Nothing involving this shit could make it to the court, private settlement or even lawyer's table. That's not defending nijisanji, that's shitting on them for going overboard over nothing.

>> No.48872248

I doubt she'll get anything more than a C&D by AC but if she had a chance of getting hired by any other vtuber agency before that chance is pretty close to zero now. Whether she was right or wrong no company wants to deal with a person like this.

>> No.48872260

(You) can't possibly be this new while actually caring about this thread, this is bait.

>> No.48872276

Maybe? If I was Nijisanji I would do nothing about it tho. Zaion gave some details about how her termination went down, but she didn't point the finger at anyone and it was overall a pretty tame response. But they thought it would be a good idea to fucking destroy her and didn't even care about her getting doxxed, so who knows.

>> No.48872328

>Whether she was right or wrong no company wants to deal with a person like this.
Anon, they wouldn't have wanted to deal with her even before today. Nijisanji destroyed any chance of career she could have had.

>> No.48872355

>will she get in legal trouble for sharing this?
Nope. Worst niji can attempt is go after her for defamation, but they won't do that because they defamed her and would have to make everything they want to hide public. They'll do their best to bury or ignore this.

>> No.48872469

>actively promoted pirating and torrenting games
Like the other anon said, a nothingburger.

>> No.48872477

LOL okay, lemme just call every single justice and legal system on the planet that past tense statements are void

>> No.48872528

be sure to tell zaion that, i'm sure her termination will feel better over this newfound info

>> No.48872527

>I guess the finana post that was copypasted here is not a random ocurrence

>> No.48872588

Nijis have been streaming games from their 3DS' for years so it's obvious they have a deal with Nintendo about it.

>> No.48872598

Its one thing if she go directly to Tazumi or something. It probably will not go well and waste his time.

But on most company, just going one level above are really not that bad. Especially if the one she consulted with worked with her before. At worst, she just wants a second opinion on whether her actions are allowed or not, especially this concerned her content plans.

>> No.48872623

archive reps, there was a finana being "reasonable" post being copypasted as is, in a lot of threads, until people started calling them out.

>> No.48872784

My theory: Niji management treats Japanese and non-Japanese employees differently. They might not even realize it themselves, but there is an expectation that a Japanese talent would comply with all the Japanese autism, while non-Japs can be given some slack. Zaion is ethnically Japanese but culturally non-Japanese, and she reacted as a non-Japanese person would, which infuriated the management.

>> No.48873049

That tracks with Yugo, perhaps it's also the reason nijisisters hated Zaion so much.
It's so weird how a lot of the suspensions were over petty arguments like "sponsored by Deez Nutz" or saying she played Roms in the past.
Seems like mane-chan just personally hated her.

>> No.48873219

I agree on Nijisanji being retarded as fuck, but let's frame it in another way
>Talent wants to use their personal Genshi account
>There are no rules against it, so you warn them about hiding the ID
>It turns out that the talent was a prominent Genshi streamer, and your bosses would prefer if she played on a new account
>Talent complains that other talents can keep using their own personal accounts
>You explain that their situation is just different to hers
>Talent doesn't accept it and keeps complaining
>Talent talks with her coworkers and organize a reunion to pressure you into giving in
>You explain again that you can't do anything about it
>Talent starts ignoring you
>Someone tells you that the talent went behind your back to talk and complain to another manager about you and trying to get permission for the Genshin shit
So Zaion was labeled as a troublemaker and management just gave up on her. That's why the nothingburgers were used against her to kick her out.

>> No.48873424

>It's so weird how a lot of the suspensions were over petty arguments like "sponsored by Deez Nutz" or saying she played Roms in the past.
To be fair, the niji suspensions seem to be a pretty common thing, maybe the other talents got their fair share of forced breaks over literally nothing.

>> No.48873438

>>It turns out that the talent was a prominent Genshi streamer
Well maybe take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to actually learn something about talents you are supposed to be managing? Like, Genshin was Zaion's main thing.

>> No.48873526

I mean, the whole thing could have gone a lot better if management tired to give 2 shits about Zaion
>Hey, why is Zaion so frustrated and sad? Fucking troublemaker

>> No.48873603

We can agree that her direct manager is Japanese right? He's way too autistic not to be.

>> No.48873678

Magni shit on overwatch 2 way worse with no problems. Recently in the squad monopoly game Calli said and I quote "fuck this gaaaame"--so some companies can take a joke others can't I guess

>> No.48873746

The overall impression I got was that she got crushed by petty bureaucracy, brought on by indifferent management. My rrat is that the new hire was already overloaded with work and didn't have the spare time/energy to deal with Zaion's non-standard situations. They may even have developed resentment for Zaion for causing them extra trouble. Their own performance as a newly hired manager would have been under scrutiny and constant review, so their primary objective was to make themselves look good to their superiors. So while Zaion needed a representative who would argue on her behalf and do everything in their power to make things work - something a senior manager with experience, authority and connections could do - she instead got a yes-man with no negotiating power who would just proxy one-sided decisions from above, made by people who were indifferent to her situation and only cared about the brand image.

>> No.48873869

pretty much yeah. Zaion pushed against some manager decision and the new guy was both powerless and eager to prove himself.
Or he was a nepohire from some manager relative, and when zaion bypassed him to talk with her old manager, they realized it was gonna look bad on him so they nuked her.

>> No.48873883

> They may even have developed resentment for Zaion for causing them extra trouble.
I can see Zaion being a little shit about it tho. Kotoka didn't like her, so I'm sure she has a difficult personality.

>> No.48873940

There was unity at first. Kotoka threw her under the bus possibly because she's japanese so she's tied to JP bureucracy and laws.

>> No.48873994

this stream was waaay back
also the manager Selen had that moved to XSOLEIL is probably the pre-debut manager they had for 1 month
because Selen didn't hide this manager was a man, while Zaion's 2-week-hire is a woman
Selen manager helped her in japan during the nijifes before getting moved to xsoleil, clearly not a new hire and is probably the one Zaion DMed

>> No.48874019

What? Why would Kotoka throw Zaion under the bus to avoid jp bureaucracy?

>> No.48874100

>Kotoka threw her under the bus
i encourage you to watch her -still very much up- video on Zaion's termination. She did the polar opposite of bus her

Ver, yea, dude ditched her fast
Hex, had to stop fondling kids to make his statement on her
Meloco, indifferent
Doppio was more upset that Zaion ignored everyone's advice

>> No.48874242

That the main difference
Aia is not a "PL" genshin account, it was her personal thing since she wasnt a genshit streamer
also it took months for her to be allowed to use it, before she did the usual Lv1 genshit stream on her first month and stopped until she was allowed to use her old account
Basically sayufags fucked over Sayu with those gifted gems

>> No.48874418

I can't believe people keep applying to niji after all this bulshit. Especially female livers.

>> No.48874526

1 views are desperate.
ngl if nijisanji said tomorrow they'd hire me, pay for all my shit, and let me keep my current schedule, I'd probably say yes because I've been a 2 view for years.

That said I'm keeping my real job and if management starts being heavy handed I'm giving them the finger, they either fire me or get over it. My real job pays more than anyone except the top of the top streamers make.

>> No.48874529

Dee's Nuts and the Rape joke
hate it or not the rape joke was a PR no no
and DEE'S Nuts is an actual company and given how the japanese fear the living shit out of showing non-sponsored brands it's expected the reaction
everything else is pretty much the 2-week-hire Manager coming up with reasons to justify her terrible job handling Zaion

>> No.48874625

And yet it was ok for Vox to joke he was sponsored by Manscape... must be nice being Luxiem.

>> No.48874684
File: 125 KB, 804x1329, 1652138623595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Rape is a nono
>Marine casually talks on stream about how much she was to be raped

>> No.48874830
File: 1.63 MB, 1860x1862, kml19tbh47v61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know you meant to say "wants" to be raped, but
>Marine was to be raped
>Some big ugly bastard has her on the bed, unzips his meat out, ready to take her
>Thinks better of it, apologizes, and heads out

>> No.48874864
File: 49 KB, 814x893, 1656946381103837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nijinigger excuses are always the most pathetic in trying to excuse the joke that is Anycolor.

>> No.48874930

>are we going to pretend like Pomu didn't hack her 3DS to stream stuff?
Yes we gonna, are you fucking stupid?
That the difference here dumb fuck, as long you can keep under the wraps or use other words shit gonna be fine
nobody gonna say Weed, Marijuana or Drugs, they gonna say pomuleaf
So pomu never going to say she modified anything regarding any nintendo console she owns.

>> No.48875036

>Antis are so desperate to shit on Niji, they will downplay rape jokes and lawsuit avoidance as "excuse"

>> No.48875096

Also she ran it by her management, who themselves seemingly ran it by nintendo/sega
The fact that she can and did indicates they were okay with this gray area

>> No.48875264
File: 113 KB, 1080x1334, 1624386878234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nijiniggers unironically offended by a brief tame "rape" joke.

>> No.48875266

>>There are no rules against it,
there's was always fucking rules against it
they always had to create new accounts and only got permission to play old accounts WAAAY later in nijiEN based on how they can sever any link between Liver & PL

so Selen as an example, she could only use her Apex pred account for 1 meme stream where her name was of her Pet
and she duo'ed with iPN that was using Elira's pet name
But for Overwatch 2 Selen can use pretty much any of her old accounts
Aia took months to get permission to use her Genshin account and she wasn't a genshin streamer, so there's no random ass gifted gems during her streams

>> No.48875387

is assumed all of nijiEN manager at least live in Japan and have to clock'in to the office
including the chinks and indians

>> No.48875400

Rape jokes are funny.

>> No.48875414

>"Dear investors and shareholders, along with all fandom in today's society"
>"We would like to state the following"
>"It was a joke, stop being so mad"

>> No.48875420

My boy Doppio is alright.

>> No.48875471

not avoid but "understand" the creepy mindset

>> No.48875508

Marine is japanese, so it's literally ok. It's the same with everyone else joking about wanting to fuck shotas and lolis.

>> No.48875638

Weebs don't betray the icons they worship

>> No.48875760

Sure, can we talk about Enna's racist jokes? How many suspensions did she get? 0?

>> No.48876092

list it

>> No.48876097

Honestly I think it's a case that it is simply impossible to manage so many members without a capable management infrastructure. Probably managers are hired around the same time as a new wave and they are new, spread thin and according to most info, focus on the top subbed livers anyway leaving the rest to fend for themselves.
Something like this was bound to happen in niji eventually.

>> No.48876105

booking this for my future shitposting

>> No.48876170

She did take a "break" after the fried chicken incident

>> No.48876525

This but unironically

>> No.48877568

This but unironically

>> No.48877690

If they did that, I would kneel so hard the floor would shatter.

>> No.48877804

take medication ASAP. and if you're already taking it, take a fatal dose of it.