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How long has it been since you last had a real gf?

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Uh, 4 minutes ago?
>Dating my V-sibling.

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Does a wife count? If so, presently.

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18 years 137 days

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Depends how 3D she is

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2004. That was also my first girlfriend if you don't count girls that let me dry-hump them in kindergarten.

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3 years and I regret it, my last gf was a mistake

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I was also a kindergartener at that time if it wasn't clear.

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8 years ago back when i was in high school

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13 years. We even lived together.
I'm dying alone. Not falling for the gf meme again.

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Sure, anon. sure

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bold of you to assume I've ever had one at all, OP

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Good save

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17 years

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∞ years

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Only ever had one, but 5 years ago.

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>there are unvirgins on /vt/
Get out of my hobby right this instant, normies.

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Since generation five debuted and I've never looked back. When these girls are giggling and having fun my world good. Being a parasocial retard is much better than betting that some tramp won't betray me.

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Never had one
Now piss off normalfag

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My entire life.

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She wasn’t really my GF but I was the male equivalent of a side chick. She was cheating on her boyfriend with me. I loved her so much but she tossed me aside when she didn’t need me anymore. She told me she loved me but she just loved the attention. That was 2 years ago

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I had a girlfriend but I am a virgin. She said she was saving herself for marriage. I BELIEVED HER AND DIDNT TRY TO FUCK HER GOD IM SO DUMB.

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In what way is this related to vtubers? Fucking lazy jannies

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It's okay, retardchama. We've all been spurned by whores.

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I'm asexual aromantic, I don't even play the game

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You know very well how it's related anon

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Aside from some quick flings and online-only relationships, it's been ten years. I got close to tying the knot with her and in retrospect I'm glad I didn't, but it was still a good time while it lasted. I wouldn't get back together with her but I still wish her the best and hope she's happy wherever she is.

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About 4 years, ended very poorly
>living at some private IT school far from home
>meet a girl far from home too
>8 years older than me
>everything is great
>start making plans with her
>get my degree
>find a job and apartment near the school since she still has 6 months or so left
>Christmas vacation, school closed for 2 weeks
>she goes to spend Christmas with her family
>wait for her at the school the day it reopen
>see her from afar get out of a car with some dude
>they kiss
>wait for her to leave
>speak to the dude on the parking lot
>she was fucking married the whole time
>told that dude how much of a whore she is
>left my job
>left my apartment
>went back home
To this day i'm not sure who had it worse.

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37 years

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Get the fuck out normalfags. I'm 38 and never held hands with a woman. This board is fucking reddit lite.

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Fucking winner

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4 years. I'm never dating again. It's hard when they die on you.

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Two more years and you become a sorcerer, why would you risk that for some tramp?

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32 years 4 days

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Happy belated birthday.