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Is she joining Vshojo?

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No, but the company does start with V

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GYARI would never

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I really hope VShojo manages to trigger some thousands of schizos so they can experience the same thing as Cover.

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>You can recruit a reskinned version of a very popular ex-Hololive talent
>It's likely to bring unprecedented levels of harassment to your company and talents and just generally be a managerial nightmare.

I don't think vshoujo will take her. If Cover couldn't handle the zhang menace then why would vshoujo be able to?

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That means she wants to sudoku.

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>Other channel is brought back
>gets 100k subs overnight
>activates memberships and superchats
of course anon, she's totally going to join VOMs or Vshojo or whatever the fuck other corporate group instead of going back to her old successful account with the hype off her time on hololive carrying her


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FC2! FC2!

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GYARI taking a chance on a bilingual hafu? noooooooooooo never...

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They could not make an entire list of antis moderators for one

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Fuck off pedo

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She can still join AS Kson.

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What would be the point?

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Sounds like a straight up TV deal. Whatever it is I hope it's fucking humongous and she's happy.

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I hope not, Coco is cute i'd rather not have to stop supporting her

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You don't get the same kind of money as a 3D thot compared to being an anime girl.

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Guys, calm down.

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Coco is never going to be allowed in any other Japanese company because of the horde of anti she brings. VShojo is her only shot by proximity of being on twitch and run by westerners. Which, the possibility is also retarded when you know her roommate is gaining tons of subs and exposure as we speak. She'd do better off as an indie moving forward.

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Shes not joining any company, shell get all the money for herself now

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is gyari actually a Japanese nationalist?
i thought that was a joke.

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why? why would she join Vshojo and give 30% of her income to Mowtendoo?
she already has a successful channel and said multiple times she's streaming to that one instead now, why would she go through the extra steps to fulfil some retard's fanfiction?

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say what you want but cover is way behind vshojo in tech and management, ffs their model are worse than indies, i don't think she will join but i'm sure that if this shit happened to vshojo it would have been handled better, a 5yo could handle shit better

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Did you ever read it, dumbass?

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youtube still takes a 30% cut, then the japanese company taxes like half of what's left.
taxation is fucking theft.

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>models are worse than indies
maybe in rigging but having your model drawn by a famous manga artist is something that Vshojo cannot afford even now

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what would she do with some random EN sluts talking about their vaginas (even though one of them is a man) all the fucking day?
Her audience was mostly Japanese, paypigs in particular.

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vshojo doesn't take a cut from ads/subs nor dono you retard, they market on merchandise sponsors and the highlight channel

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Not having to make another Avatar would save trouble. Also Melody is her friend and she came up with Vshojo. I'm not saying she will, but it's not an impossible outcome.

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>good friends with melody, confirmed by the both of them
>vshojo's roster is basically melody's vtuber friend circle
>might have left hololive because she was tired of all the red tape and management completely stifling her creative freedom
>vshojo has a very loose style of management where the talents can do whatever the fuck they want and the company will always support them
>had to tone down her whorishness within hololive, can be as slutty as she wants in vshojo
>most of her problems stem from chingchong harrassment and seeing it spill over to her fellow holos
>twitch makes it piss easy to filter out this kind of brigading, basically a non-issue
>roommate account has been gaining traction but still will definitely not get even close to her hololive persona numbers-wise, will be bleeding numbers as the shitstorm calms down and people slowly stop caring
>joining vshojo means she gets raided all the time by the other members with their thousands of viewers, guaranteeing a healthy audience size
>vshojo has been making timid steps toward developing their JP presence with collabs, a JP twitter account and signing veibae, this could be the break they've been waiting for
I'm not saying it's gonna happen but it would make sense

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Twitch actually spam bots anon, vt can hate twitch culture but they are thousands of years ahead of youtube as a streaming platform

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Reminder that siding wiht Vshojo is siding with Zhangs. Coco deserves better

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Vshojo already took the chinkpill when Nyanners collabed with Kizuna Ai, she's not going there.

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It doesn't matter who she joins or if she goes indie, it won't be Coco

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obviously not, she has self respect.

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stop backpedaling and answer the questions faggot, what does she actually have to gain from joining an organization she is already bigger than instead of being an indie?
other than your autistic "holofags btfo" fanfiction

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maybe not people like huke but a lot of other hololive artist even work with indies

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I'm pretty deadass sure Vei was unaware of the truth about Artia's true nature.

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yeah, but free healthcare and affordable education

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siding with Vshojo is siding with talents
only idolfags seethe over this

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No, I'm asking what would be the point of joining Vshojo as kson if she can just stream as kson and not give a cut from supacha to randos. It's not like she needs exposure and it's not like she wouldn't be able to arrange a collab with Vshojo members as an indie if she really wanted to.

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>still giving susan money

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fucking retard i was correcting you i never said she would or should join

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>Shes going to be just as relevant a year from now

Retarded Nigger

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it's not free you retard, you're just forced to pay for it via taxes.

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Melody may be a whore, but her heart is bigger than her tits.

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>I was merely pretending to be a faggot
of course

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Why would a Japanese vtuber with an overwhelmingly Japanese audience join a western focused one?

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Coco can speak english and is American.

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Artia’s “real nature”? What happened? What did she do?

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doesn't answer the question

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She still speaks like a high-level ESL despite that. Look at her collab with Calli and Ollie

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>We all watch you because of (you), not because of Hololive
>Artia's reincarnation does worse than her Holo's days
>This bitch never showed up to any post-hololive Artia's stream

Taking this Coco's issue from another perspective. Her reincarnation could be a great experiment to see how much Hololive name weight on a chuuba's popularity.
Even tho
>Her roommate already had some fame before joining Hololive
>She is one of the big shots
>Her roommate account is crazily inclining right now
Still, it will be interesting to watch

Oh and Vei should go back to sucking cocks

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She does a voice

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Something something her roomate is a crazy chinese nationalist, the surprise.

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The real answer is because Vshojo has better management and less restrictions, and Melody and her already have a past relationship before Hololive. Coco herself wanted to collab with Melody badly for a while. If there's one person that'd take her in, it's Melody.

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How the fuck did this even happen?

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I kinda feel like she doesn’t know how to make the voice sound not retarded in English.

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I'm sure the Taiwan incident spurred all of this on, but I'm quite interesting in knowing how much of this is her ego vs company's restriction ever since said incident. Quitting is probably still the right choice. Doubt she'll do anything rash like abandon her Japanese audience. If she's still going to be a vtuber and collab with vtubers, she'll still bring some heat if she collabs with another japanese company, so I don't know. At least she'll be her own boss, I guess.

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The rrat suggests that she is the one that talked with Veibae about Cover, leading the latter to think the worst of the company. She also played innocent about the harassment post yab, despite sparking it up herself, then denying having done so.
>ArtNigger is autistic like all bugs and Vei is an SJW whorecunt that bought it

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I have no interest in her unfiltered on Vshojo whatever, the fun thing about Hololive is they occasionally talk about kinky stuff and when they do are usually childish about it, such as what are the color of your panties.
Notable exceptions are Matsuri and Coco and that is them with some filter, imagine without one.
Also Marine, but she comes off as a middle school boy obsessed with the idea of sex rather than a cat girl talking about the the folds in thei vagina.
ASMR Choco would also fit that bill but they’ve significantly nerfed her since then.
Anyways, I want her to be happy, so if she left to be able to talk about the folds in her vagina, I won’t follow but I’ll be glad she’s doing what she wants.

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Sora, Shion, Aqua, Suisei, Fubuki and probably a lot more lost 10-25% of their income from bilibili subs alone. Fuck that dragon and fuck son if cover didn't want her they would have fired her long ago.

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>better management
>hey why don't you join a company about half the size of your own channel instead of being an indie
jesus christ you faggots are beyond delusional

>> No.4858094

>has better management
what management? all they have is there simp admins that do it for free. there is no manager-san for any of them

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Melody isn’t the issue with Vshojo, though.

>> No.4858131

When was this from? I'm at work and missed the chatting stream earlier.

>> No.4858136

You guys are mentally retarded.

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As far as I know the only "issue" /vt/ has with Vshojo is that they're unfunny and use sexual humor every 5 mins.

>> No.4858193

That style of text appears to be from a clipfag video. What's the source? Depending on who translated it, it may not be that accurate..

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Lmao, so Artia is a nationalist? Damn dude that population really is really brainwashed, this isn’t even a politics thing to me, look at Hind nationalists also retarded as fuck, the Asian people really are scum of the earth.

>> No.4858271

Yeah, it's fine if it's one chick, but that's literally their personality as individuals and as a group.

>> No.4858277

I wouldn't put much faith in reincarnation, even if it is the worst kept secret since her roommate. Coco likes pushing boundaries but there are some which probably wont be crossed, one of which is affecting other vtubers especially hololive. Reincarnation as another holo or otherwise would do that, for good or ill.

I keep hearing rrats about this melody and coco connection and I have no clue why you fags are spinning this nor why you would believe its that fucking personal.

>> No.4858324

Oh so Artia actually kept on streaming? Kinda just forgot about the CN girls, whelp that’s disappointing hope they are as happy as they could be with that boot up their throat.

>> No.4858340

>Oh and Vei should go back to sucking cocks
I agree, it's only logical conclusion

>> No.4858348

Or she could collab with Melody as an indie without associating with a brand when she has the pull and networking to make it on her own?

As you said yourself, Vshoujo is less restrictive so it's not like anyone on the Vshoujo end would have a problem with that.

>> No.4858352

>hired a hafu that looks 100% American to be the face of his franchise
Oh yeah that totally screams racist

>> No.4858359

You don't even live there. China has like billions of people. Even a small fraction of fuckheads from there is a big number. Then you have to account for the pro-china propaganda they're fed and them being blocked from experiences the rest of the world freely through the internet.
Also it is all politics. Just because you don't understand it doesn't make it not that.

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Only once she loses relevancy. Within 1-2 years.

>> No.4858447

She is going to do JAV and get her asshole plugged.

>> No.4858462

My current image of vshojo is slimy, cowardly opportunists, and Mel is there too. If the group takes in Coco I can no longer call them cowardly at least, and given all the knee bending to China it's arguable if this would even be an opportunistic move.

>> No.4858494

Yeah, that's what Vshojoanons don't understand. When Holos talk about this it's often just on occassion for most and when they do it, it's always in a playful manner, not a "Damn I could gurgle a 9incher right now" blunt over your face whore-a-ton. Mind, I know that VShojos don't talk about it all the time but when they do, they always dial it to 11 and that is extremely off-putting whereas Holos will always keep it somewhere between 5 and 8 at worst.

>> No.4858536

Because hololive literally owned by chinese company.

>> No.4858553

If they really hired her ... and stuck with her, it would actually make them respectable to a certain degree because, as you say, wherever Coco resurfaces she is bringing her special fan club with her.

>> No.4858582

Magnet was going to be the face but she had to be fired because she failed.

>> No.4858585

Vshojo is basically just a combined resource pool for its talents regarding legal stuff and collaboration with other companies. Its members have basically indie freedom regarding content and that includes chat moderation. If she's in vshojo Coco could go scorched earth on chink spam without having to beg management for help.

>> No.4858629

haha what colour paties xd so quirky haha

>> No.4858634

Why not? Vshojo cares fuck all about china.

>> No.4858693

Knee bending to China?

>> No.4858701

anon vei is a retard but that is before even I stop watching artia I am pretty sure. so stfu
wouldnt mind it, wonder if they would do a reunion collab with new coco or if it would just be too much of a minefield so they'd only talk off stream.
either way, I want this to happen actually..

>> No.4858717

her tits arent very big

>> No.4858751

Are you suggesting that equates to talking about wanting to being gangbanged or Vei’s meatpad story? I can understand a modicum of vulgarity, sure, but there’s a difference there, and I believe you already know that.

>> No.4858758

Ask Gura

>> No.4858766

You're getting my hopes up. Fuck you for that. This scenario is sounding more and more based by the minute and I'm conflicted about that.

>> No.4858792

>inb4 that's what Coco aspire to be

Cocohi...you are better than that

>> No.4858811

She has a roommate account dumb

>> No.4858831

Coco has said on occasion she takes great pride in her sexy body so there's that.

>> No.4858858

>you don’t live there
Thank God
>muh propaganda
Oh no, poor Artia with no access to internet, shut the fuck up, bugmen are retarded in their nationalism, they don’t even have the Arabs excuse of their religion telling them to do a flip for jihad, thus extends to a lot of Asian countries, including some Japanese nationalists, but the bug men are particularly retarded.
>Also it is all politics. Just because you don't understand it doesn't make it not that.
My point is it isn’t a politics thing to me as in they are retarded because they are commies, I’m familiar with Cuban and Venezuelan nationalist and they definitely aren’t as cringe, Asians are particularly cringe. I’m not saying politics isn’t associated with it you complete mongoloid, learn to read.

>> No.4858878

Cover was clearly against Coco and trying to sabotage her for months.

>> No.4858917

Gura also has an entirely different buff, one that I’m fairly certain wouldn’t be applicable in Coco’s case.

>> No.4859049

Even if you hate Vshojo, it's basically the safest talent agency for her. Melody fucking owns it for cthulhu's sake. Nijisanji and VOMs likely won't take her for obvious reasons, but Vshojo can and should.

>> No.4859111

wtf i love china now

>> No.4859175

stop randomly hinting at this, chang

>> No.4859189

Go back

>> No.4859357

The thing about Vshojo is that she can join it with that character. So she wouldn't lose subs except because of platform moving.

>> No.4859398

Fuck your "go back" shit. It's true and you god damn know it. No Japanese vtuber agency will take Coco because of chinks or business reasons. Vshojo is her best choice whether you like it or not.

>> No.4859451

Go back

>> No.4859459

You are retarded dude.

>> No.4859600

i mean their big
but thats because shes like 150kg

>> No.4860120

Melody had the idea for it and made the Team, But Justin and Phillip actually "own" it. The group is just an extremely marketed and hyped "Teams" project a lot of other Vtubers use on twitch to help each other out (Ricebowl, Seiso, MonsterGirls, etc). No doubt they'd want Coco to join them, but I don't think they'd let her be free reign

>> No.4860299

Fuck, boys, tell me, I need to know.
Did she ever stream with her blonde bitch avatar?

>> No.4860318

yea, for a reddit meme review.

>> No.4860366

Disappointment. Thanks, anon. Fuck. I really wanted to see more of Coco Caine. I wanted more Coco. This is sad.

>> No.4860410

Doesn't Cover hold the rights to her model?

>> No.4860781

He's talking about the OTHER one.

>> No.4860936

>Having pride on your sexy body =/= cheap and easy peepeepoopoo coom und deez nuts jokes maker

Like even Nijis' lesbian sex addict teacher is better at the sex jokes than most of vshojos
So being confident on your sexy body does not equal on having free pass to do cheap and tasteless sex jokes.
Even Holos sex jokes are better, despite coming from people with self steem issues:

>> No.4861154

Xian Xinah, and other such situations.

>> No.4861637

Honestly I only hate Vshojo because of Nyanners

>> No.4861818

I don't mind it anymore.

>> No.4861829

Was Pomf really that bad for 4channers?

>> No.4861934

Most of her fans are japanese. I doubt she'll join an english vtuber group.

>> No.4861970

Pomf was good, it's her future hypocrisy and calling us pedos that isn't

>> No.4862103


>> No.4862323

She could start her own company tbqh.

>> No.4862387

sorry but no idol, no watch.
simple as.

>> No.4862453

when you frame it like Coco not having her limiters on, it makes me feel a lot better. I selfishly want her roommate to do at least occasional english content, and this would be an avenue to that

>> No.4862568

She's going to join EN2 without her fake accent

>> No.4862666

Denounces us despite making all of her questionable content out of free will.

If she wants to leave her edge behind as she goes mainstream that's fine and all but crying and saying "le evil 4chan haxors made me do it uuwwaaaahhh" is not just retarded but leaves a terrible taste and it's no surprise she becomes persona non grata around here

>> No.4862688

Ok, hear my rrat
>Coco applies to hololive as staff, with ideas of how to run the company in new ways
>gets hired as a talent
>everything going alright anyway
>hololive starts blowing up
>the taiwan incident happens
>coco gets sidelined by cover
>can't make more asacoco
>shitpost review starts to get stale
>while being one of the flagship talents of the company she knows that the recline of her channel would come
>asks cover management to allow her to take some executive post in the company that allows her ideas for new stuff to work more easily and help the other girls too
>management tells her that she can't do both, and she has to decide
>chooses executive position
>Becomes C-chan and appears sometimes like A-chan
thanks for reading my rrat

>> No.4862739

If Coco actually joins VOMS I'm gonna kneel so hard to Gyari, might as well just suck his nuts

>> No.4863133

I don't respect anyone in VShojo but if Coco will ever come back under new corporate persona i would rather her to appear in twitch under western management who's not going to throw away their talent under bus because of bug spam and on platform what actually respect streamer instead of being managed by nip cucks on jewtube.
It's fun rrat to fantasies about but it's not going to happen.

>> No.4863400

>western management who's not going to throw away their talent under bus because of bug spam
But will throw her away because of racism or pedo accusations instead.

>> No.4863560

>what does she actually have to gain from joining an organization she is already bigger than instead of being an indie?
Creative freedom, pretty much the biggest reason why she's NOPING the fuck out of Hololive, you can argue day-long about how it is because of Chinese harassment or Internal Bullying or racism, you can even go full rratard and say it was because she got raped or some other zero evidence shit, but it is most likely because of this:
>Her own comedy news segment gets canned by COVER
>Gets collab restricted
>Gets EVEN MORE restricted regarding what can she do or ask
>Has to ask her workmates directly for collabs without talking to the managers because otherwise she gets plain "NO" 's or no responses at all
>Upper management gives half-a-fuck about her situation with Antis and doesn't even let her have mods, she eventually just says "Fuck it" and gives the role to several long-time members
>COVER didn't approve of above but can't disagree either because they couldn't take decisions in time
>Any type of request involving Coco gets inmediately thrown into the trash or purposely forgotten
>Damage control goes as far as to avoid asking her to participate in their 3D series and anything that could involve promotions
>She keeps asking for collabs with the EN gens
>She gets ghosted instead
>Probably very fucking mad about the "containment procedures" the company has enforced around her
>Decides that if she can't do stuff with others, she should do it by herself
>Plans A LOT of personal projects that aren't like her news segment
>Gets everything ready for it
>Asks management to let her do the solo stuff
>They say no to it too
>At this point she can't do anything with others nor can she do stuff by herself that isn't tightly controlled by upper management
>Management shift or firing rrats start around this time because of COVER asking for staff
>Dragon restrictions have been lifted
>At this point you can assume 2 things happened:
>She decided to leave COVER after their incompetency pretty much got to her nerves and she valued herself and other more than her character
>She got persuaded into leaving under her own conditions and she accepted or had to accept it or otherwise things could have gotten worse by the day
>Regardless of what happened she starts scheduling her last month in advance
>Also aggresively collabs with everyone as much as possible
>Announcement happens
>Probably trying to get every single EN to collab with her RN
>Anons worried COVER wants to try a second CH branch
>Anons worried about the Antis going turbo once Coco is out
>Some people already theorizing this snowballs into WW3 which wouldn't be a bad way to start things
>Antis probably have no idea what to do after this
>Tatsunokos on suicide watch
>Schizos already trying to find Xi's TOP SECRET e-mails which ordered Coco's bullying
>Your average anon just expecting this entire situation to end to see if she pops-out somewhere else, liberated.
Not a bad way to go through and start July, this is going to be a very interesting year and decade it seems, let's see where we end up, I want to see it.

>> No.4863650
File: 21 KB, 1050x149, poach.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4863698

I mean, all of those restrictions on her are due to the chink harassment.

>> No.4863718

>creative freedom
>going back to suck corporate cock instead of being an indie and doing whatever the fuck she wants
god at least put some effort into your retarded posts

>> No.4863800

She's big enough that she could make a small company like VOMS bend to her will.

>> No.4863855

literally anyone could handle the antis if they werent dicklets.

>> No.4863889

kiryu coco was bigger than anyone in vshojo, kson isn't
you're fooling yourself if you think even a quarter of coco's audience will actually follow her in her future endeavors, she's just getting a big boost in subs now because the drama is still hot

>> No.4863989

>anon she's totally going to go join VOMs where she has to give Gyari all licensing and merchandising rights to her persona
jesus christ how fucking schizo are all of you?
VOMs conditions are very clear and concrete, streamer makes 100% of superchats and memberships after youtube cut, Gyari has 100% profits in everything in regards to model, design, merch, and other collabs
it's objectively worse than she has on kson right now

get your head out of your asses, she's at the very least going to go full indie if not start her own indie group, she's not joining an existing indie or corporate group for anything

>> No.4864027

Yeah, but she probably got over it sometime ago or has accepted it happens and therefore gives no fucks anymore

To be fair VShojo is fairly relaxed but if she gets into another corp that is probably because of the same reason Gura entered Hololive.
>"I was lonely"
>"I want to join"
>"They have like an insider group of friends"
NGL, I'm still more inclined to her just going full-on Indie, then again, there's the possibility she just says "Not again" and stops her internet activities forever, it happens, we eventually have to let go.
I'm actually abandoning this board if she joins NijiEN, that would be like getting shot trying to rob a small bank, escaping and recovering and then later accept to rob a jewelry store

>> No.4864045

This. Imagine bending over to fucking bug commies.

>> No.4864106
File: 136 KB, 1280x720, 我们都是中国人.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coco has agreed to seppuku on her final stream to save company face

>> No.4864271

IF Coco joins VShojo, what ALL OF YOU guys do?

>> No.4864291

She's an adult she can make her own choices

>> No.4864307

shes gonna isekai?

>> No.4864494
File: 39 KB, 304x232, Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 13.25.32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On an unrelated note, Pika started following a certain someone, is she the next VOMS?

>> No.4864540

Go back

>> No.4865173

i hope.

>> No.4865561

iron mouse replied to a tweet to that certain someone, doesen't mean shit and if it did vshojo got there first lmao

>> No.4865600

watch her. skip her collabs with that pink cunt or males though. but that's not happening, and if it did, it just won't be the same

>> No.4865634

That'd be nuts. I approve.

>> No.4865649

Look on the bright side, now if Vshojo X Hololive collabs happen, it'll be like Coco never left.

>> No.4865749

Coco switching to Twitch alone would have completely and 100% shut down the bugs. Twitch culture is cancer sure but the website has layers and layers of things you can do to keep people from being able to easily spam your chat.

>> No.4865753

She's as natonalist as any other japanese but she made a mistake by being born as chinese, so now you have to hate her

>> No.4865772

As it should
bugs should be exterminated

>> No.4865781

Still allergic to males, I see.

>> No.4865888

she's going to start her own vtuber agency and eventually buy out Hololive.

>> No.4865907

>they don’t even have the Arabs excuse of their religion telling them to do a flip for jihad
Not that guy, but communism is literally a pagan religion. It's replacing God with the state. That's why they have so many fanatics. They're all brainwashed fundamentalists.

>> No.4866260

Coco Kaine chaturbate streams when?

>> No.4866350

Fucking no way she joins Niji EN. Nijisanji has a chink branch.

>> No.4866357

muh deck

>> No.4866507

I don’t think Coco is gonna be joining another company any time soon as Coco. It seems like, despite being one of the most well known roommates, people are seemingly ignoring that Coco’s roommate is already an established personality with a fan base of her own prior to joining Hololive. Granted she won’t have the same professional support, but considering how incompetent Cover has been with the whole situation she isn’t losing much. I wonder if she’ll go back to cosplaying more. She absolutely killed it as Tifa for a FF7R stream shortly after that game came out.

>> No.4866687

She can always reincarnate and make a new VTuber persona as either another independent VTuber, establishing her own group (since she has the experience) or joining a different corporation.

>> No.4866820

she'll just go indie
i imagine half the reason she left was other girls getting harassed after interracting with her

>> No.4866847

>I don’t think Coco is gonna be joining another company any time soon as Coco
she is never joining any company as Coco. Cover has the rights to the character, the character is basically dead from july 1st.

>> No.4866868

i kind of stopped watching woms after the new outfits that basically ended up being permanent design changes

>> No.4866932

I just don’t see why she would though. She’s always had an interest in the industry, but she originally wanted to be a behind the scenes/managerial type position. Even as Coco that was still something she wanted to do, but declined pursuing it cause she’d have to give up being Coco. Now she’s giving up being Coco, so why wouldn’t she go with her original plan?

>> No.4866958

From most likely to least likely
>voms green ranger who eventually becomes team leader
>Vshoujo green ranger who whips those whores into a bunch of slightly less cringe personalities
>languishes in indie hell without chinkbux to support her like mea has
>Starts her own company

>> No.4866974

>Will be tainted by nyanners

I know you motherfuckers forgave everything once the bitch became an anime girl but I will never forgive the shit she brought to the site 9 years ago.

>> No.4867003

>cover is way behind vshojo in tech

Absolutely not. Zentrey and Silvervale stream with hockey pucks attached to their head, hockey pucks that they bought on their own dime years before joining VShojo. The rest use iphones with VTubestudio. It's really not THAT high tech and they don't even do studio stuff

>> No.4867057

New rratt:
Coco joins management at Hololive under an alias, chinks none the wiser

>> No.4867099

When you've been here for 18 years, stuff like that is a drop in the bucket.

But I'll be damned if that bucket doesn't stay dry as a bone. Vshoujo would be the death of Coco's reputation, even if the rest got a buff from her presence. Then again, if the dragon emperor makes them less shitty just by being present, they could be a turnaround success story as far as normalfags are concerned. Still wouldn't watch, but I'm not a die hard Coco fan to begin with.

>> No.4867171

what made Coco the most super chatted hologirl???

>> No.4867216


>> No.4867263

This should make her happy. If she was crying on her announcement stream, it only screws herself by portraying the company she'll still be working for in a bad light. That's a stupid thing to do. I know she's a woman, but that's still well into full on retard territory. It probably isn't what's happening. She's leaving cover and either reincarnating or focusing entirely on being kson.

>> No.4867292

Remember how Notch was hated for years because he made it from chan but never actually said it publicly until a couple of years ago? Well it's the same for Nyanners but she's actually a backstabbing bitch which flooded several boards with her beta orbiters.

>> No.4867313

Cover doesn't even have movalbe PNG attachments to their model that 10 viewer indies have...

>> No.4867339

company wide gap moe. acting unapologetically non idol-like, strong international base, asacoco success

>> No.4867346

i actually have to kneel to Twitch after this bullshit: Ninja had 200k viewers when he was playing with Drake and somehow chat was alright. Coco gets 12k viewers and 3 chinks destroy the whole thing without trying

>> No.4867435

It won't be the same. At best we will get something like Cocokaine/ rude Kiara. If she collabs with nyanners I will stop watching her altogether.

>> No.4867468

never said it's high tech, just that is better than cover's or at least it works better, ffs it was big deal that miko could use her hands a month ago

>> No.4867537

>This should make her happy
Anon a consolation prize for having to leave a lot of unfulfilled dreams behind because you don’t want to keep causing trouble for your close friends isn’t gonna suddenly erase the pain of doing so. Stop being an autistic retard.

>> No.4867644

As part of the management she could still stream as her regular IRL persona, though, so she can literally do both.

>> No.4867768

I really have a hard time believing that someone can be this dense.

>> No.4867909

She Should

>> No.4868016

Nyanners can pretend a bunch of faceless oldfags groomed her and forced her to do all those loli voices and say racist things, and I'm sure twitter randos will believe it, but that doesn't mean that the people she backstabbed have to accept it and act like everything is copacetic

>> No.4868167

Twitch as a platform is actually based AF, the culture around the website can be kinda shitty, but its a much safer streaming space than youtube

>> No.4868291

>I just don't see
Because you aren't her, neither am I.
That's up to her, really. She still has her other persona so it's not like she's totally jobless. This could very well be the window she needed to start up her own agency/group.

>> No.4868336

This. I don't think youtube even has a feature where you have to be following for a certain amount of time before you're allowed to send messages.
Twitch does, and it stops constant spam of bots in all the popular channels.

>> No.4868491

Plus, Coco DID say she wants to move to twitch at one point. So undoubtedly she may go to Vshojo.

>> No.4868572
File: 274 KB, 1158x758, bots.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Twitch sucks for a lot of reasons but it can recognize bots and does things about them. A lot of VTubers got assaulted by bots a month or so back and you can see the results in their stats. +100k followers over the course of a couple days that are all banned shortly after.

>> No.4868850


this shit is a serious matter and a very important conversation, if the Zhangs keep harassing the girls to the point they are sad about it like what happened already with Aqua, even after Coco's graduation. Cover need's to seriously look into changing platforms to a streaming service that will actually protect their talents

>> No.4868931

We're aware. Twitch is the perfect place for that. Youtube in general is just a shitty website.

>> No.4869096

As long as they have an option to turn off global emotes

>> No.4869118

Let's just hope A-chan is smart enough to make that happen.

>> No.4869128

I hate that Virtue Signalling shithole but if it becomes the only way of protecting my oshi smile i will put up with it

>> No.4869180

If it isn't an option, I think they can just ban the word combinations from their chat and they won't pop up.
Not sure how that would work for the infinite amount of subscriber emotes from other channels though.

>> No.4869219
File: 517 KB, 1178x3005, 1623015560503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol this reminds me of another thread i saw discussing how a bunch of people lost their followers by a huge amount in the stats for that month. blue line is followers and haruka wasn't the only one targeted

>> No.4869250

Then let's make it happen. let's ask Melody to take Kson with her to Vshojo. She'll be happier there. And she won't be that far away from Hololive either. Hell she herself openly said her name won't be taboo.

>> No.4869258

Joking about panties is sexuality for virgins and middleschoolers.

>> No.4869298

Who even gives a shit about emotes?

>> No.4869339

I'm pretty sure Nyanners and Zentreya alone where harassed more then Kiryu ever was.

>> No.4869340

She already does that with the plug-in type asacoco

>> No.4869358

Me if Hololive ever went to Twitch (doubt it) and Twitch retards and children shitted up the chat with their shitty meme emotes.
Not for me, I don't look at chat. More for the girls' sakes.

>> No.4869359

its unbeliavable how incompetent youtube actually is, the taiwan shit happened almost a year ago and they still dont know how to deal with the chink bots, twitch killed the Zhangs in less than a month

>> No.4869672

y nyanners?

>> No.4869689

If you hate shitty memes and emotes you must really hate Gura streams.

>> No.4869711

Its a shame it has come to this really, but a positive of the change would probably be the death of V-shojo cannibalized by a much bigger company, most of their streamers would not survive in a truly competitive enviroment

>> No.4869811

Hard to hate what you don't watch
For me at least. I know most of /vt/ doesn't share that sentiment

>> No.4869919


I will follow the chubbas anywhere not BiliBili, Twitch does not look that bad

>> No.4869932

Even official companies like Tsuburaya Productions have an influx of chinese bots.

>> No.4869984

Lemme guess, you hate VShojo cause they have one girl who has her polygon vagina stuffed sometimes to earn some money on the side?

>> No.4870329

My hatred for Nyanners is much greater than my dislike of melody

pink cat forgot where she came from and now acts all high and mighty, pretending she was never and edgy faggot in the first place, making us look like bad guys because we would have "manipulated" a little girl into doing dumb shit that she went way out of her way to do herself

>> No.4870437

>not get even close to her hololive persona numbers-wise
>2021-06-09 Wed +157K
give it a month for casuals to catch up

>> No.4870458

Vinesauce started out posting his stream on /v/. He stopped referencing /v/. Now he's retired due to one of his schizo former employees faking documents to make it look like he groomed his fans for sex. The schizo former employee? GeePM, who also came from 4chan's /v/.

>> No.4870595

You think Nyanners wants to be related to a place who for a fucking year, posted 'cuck' because they were upset at the AVGN movie?

>> No.4870608
File: 230 KB, 439x306, 1618558532948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

+You motherfucker better pump those numbers even if she's not your oshi.
if Coco proves the exit strategy works, Cover loses all leverage for future negotiations with (You)r oshi

>> No.4870635

She used all of us to incline her way to success and then once she made it, the bitch started shitting on us as well, its unforgivable, nyanners HATE 4ever

>> No.4870699

Lurk more, post less

>> No.4870776

>doesn't want to be grouped with a bunch of people who scream the following:
I can't see why.

>> No.4870868

no i know about the pomf shit but like, nyanner was a lil kid at the time just spouting /a/ memes. The loli in the video is still in 4chan banners so it is for sure a meme. Its when taking out of the 4chin context it looks bad.

A lot of people hated her for deleting it. Basically some chick named aria rose started the drama against nyanners because of that vid and attempted to perform cancel culture against a minor nyanners for the vid. So nyanners caved to it as she obviously would.

So I dont get the drama unless its for some thing else i dont know about.

>> No.4871065


>> No.4871090


This land is peaceful. Its inhabitants kind. But you do not belong.

>> No.4871138

Holy shit dude dont get so emotionally invested on this, a shitton of e-celebs has done the same, nobody wants to admit their involvement with this shithole, and for good reason, do you think they own something to you boy, this a lesson for life, think about your school mates or your co-workers, gratitude doesnt exist in this world, people you liked or trusted will be shitty to you all the time, you just gotta stop being a fucking faggot, and go with your life

P.S: you're stuck on 4chan because you're an austistic schizo not because you wanted to be here

>> No.4871216

>this land is peaceful
Never ventured into /b/ or /pol/ huh?

>> No.4871436

Or pretty much any board. Including this one. Any given thread on /vt/ is full of antis of some flavor or another.

>> No.4871670

You joke but rev has already become a vtuber so this is less outlandish than you might think.

That said as a "brand" vinesauce barely even exists so haha fannee joke.

>> No.4871712

honestly, /pol/ needs to have a GR 15 placed on it.

it literally spills out everywhere.
>go on /v/
>gets ever so slightly political
>/pol/ spams memes on it and it devolves into shit flinging political shit.
It should 100% be forcefully contained on /pol/.

>> No.4872339

>unironically defending nyanners

>> No.4872693

>nyanner was a lil kid at the time
She's still doing the exact same hypocrited shit even now.

>> No.4872750

Point is, you can just use this place and whatever. See Minecraft. But Nyanners claims that she did the evil things like the pomf video, the vocaroos and the moonman thing because this hellhole forced her. She tries to take the moral high ground when she was just as much of a retarded shitposter as any other anon and became an attentionwhore.

>> No.4872780

Gyari wouldn't hire someone whose identity is just a Google search away, unlike that fag Yagoo. That's the best part about VOMS.

>> No.4873016

Yeah, why would she want to distance herself from current 4chan.

>> No.4873254

The apropiate wording would be "Yeah, why would any person with a public image associate with 4chan". For example the Bug Fables guys did the same, dropped this site for Reditt once their game got public traction. It happens all the time....

>> No.4873395

You responding to >>4872750? She could've just played ignorant
>what, that place? yeah, I was young and stupid, like anyone else
And there. You distance yourself from this place and just silently enforce rules so you can cull the retardation from your chat. But she went the extra mile. That's the entire point.

>> No.4873451
File: 215 KB, 489x700, 1598139252972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coco said she wants to help other VTubers, so I imagine her using her roommates account to do Asococo, but for VTubers in general.
It would be great.

>> No.4873521

That iit would be, but I'm pretty sure she'd have to vet the not!Asacoco with all parties involved lest they complain about "mischaracterization".

>> No.4873573

yeah, nyanners really fucked us over on that one. I would have been so excited for her becoming a vtuber of it wasn't for that. I wonder if she even feels bad about it.

It's a two way street, if she isn't good to her fans then why would i be obligated to keep supporting her? Honestly i would be happy with a HINT of remorse from her, if not an out right apology.

that said i like melody, mouse, and snuffy. On the flip side i don't know the others well, I've heard some things. All said my opinion is mostly positive and i think coco would fit in, though allot of the fun was contrasting with the more traditional Idols, and that might be lost a bit.

>> No.4873601

Whatever she does it'd be smart to move to twitch

>> No.4873673


>> No.4873869


So how much money did you spend on her when she was "one of us"? None? Shut the fuck up then, you casually watched her videos and that's it. You didn't make some big investment in her and now you believe you're owed something.

>> No.4874578

>So how much money did you spend on her when she was "one of us"?
Time is also a form of currency. Pretty sure some retards think their time is more valuable than any coin in the world.

>> No.4875312

Watch her of course.

>> No.4875350

I'll just leave this here

>> No.4875370

The cuckold lifestyle isn't for me

>> No.4877071

me and him atleast, idk about you.

>> No.4878393

They're not like that over there. Look at that one MMA guy who is just going around and fighting "Masters of the Chinese Martial Arts" to show how they are all bullshit. The problem is that the credit system basically means you have to shut up if you disagree or you end up like that MMA guy where he's not even allowed on public transport anymore.

>> No.4884086

Yea Pika's old outfit is 1000x better.

>> No.4884748


>> No.4884853

she probably meant her other channel, you know the one

>> No.4884880

>Vshojo starts WW3 between Japan and the US
Finally the timeline redeems itself

>> No.4884920

It only matters if you care. China has zero leverage or control over those who aren't owned by them/have financial interests with them. If anything, being hated on by China is a plus with a lot of the Western audience, its free advertising.

>> No.4885173

That's not paganism at all. If anything, it's more similar to Abrahamic/monotheistic religions, being one entity. One of the defining traits of paganism is polytheism.

>> No.4887998

>Hate Vshojo because of Melody
Melody is one of the least hated if not THE least hated members out of VShojo. Bar maybe Silvervale seeing as she doesn't really get posted much (both a good and bad thing really).
Nyanners, Vei and Zen get shit on the most.

>> No.4888118

Mel makes it really hard to hate her by being a massive fucking dork. You either love her for it, or feel like you're punching down and so can't hate her that much

>> No.4889108

He means her roommate, she has a vtuber avatar.

>> No.4889167

Now get out of your basement anon and get some fresh air.

>> No.4889355

This thread had one good moment which was the discussion regarding Twitch vs YouTube as a streaming platform, a rare moment of logical discussion in /vt/, since then its been a hela cringe thread, even more so regarding the nyanners shit, holy fuck dudes get over it

>> No.4889540


>> No.4890833

are not things in Sunrise Land, yes.

>> No.4890870

Bigger than yours, and at the end of the day, that's worth it

>> No.4890908

>on 4chan
Thanks, trannychama

>> No.4890973

Wouldn't it then be worth it to pull a Mori and call them on their trash so they improve?

>> No.4891094

The issue is hypocrisy and integrity. You know, the thing that no channer has until it comes time to stand on their soap-box. Don't worry, fellow faggots, I'm guilty of it too - like right now.
t. Pink Cat

>> No.4891279

This, and she'd have to avoid the sensitive sjwcuck vtubers that have infested. Thankfully, she does have standards, but you get me.

>> No.4891466

I would like to see her join any company. Doesn't matter which. Because it would mean that Hololive actually treated her like shit

>> No.4896519

NTA but I agree. Melody is chill.

>> No.4896759

How new are you? There have been dozens, probably hundreds of e-celebs who originated from some board or another here, then cut all ties to the place.

>> No.4896795

I'd watch her at first, but as soon as she collab'd with the trashier members, I'd move on and not look back.
At least she would get an avatar upgrade, the dragon one is okay but nothing special, she could design her next character from the ground up.

>> No.4896799

>fucked us over
Explain. What, were you expecting nyanners to personally uplift every shitposter here to become vtubers themselves? Pave the way for some glorious future?
You're an anonymous shitposter on an anime discussion board. Nobody owes you fuck all and you owe nobody fuck all in return.

>> No.4896896

No, Coco doesn't care about Vslutjo, she couldn't name a single member other than Melody when asked and Japanese audience is her primary focus, always has been.

She is likely to start her own project though, a chuuba agency perhaps? Name likely to be related with stars or brightness (some other holos already teased it on twitter).

>> No.4896934

I also hate that dude Zentreya and gigguk's cumdumpster and that bitch veibae.

>> No.4896976

Strangely, I find Melody to be the best of the bunch. Really don't like the literal cam whoring. But I do like her. At the very least, she's being honest about being a cam-whore and not just tiptoeing around the line as many do.

>> No.4897187

I mean it's not much of a rrat she said that herself like a week ago, what we don't know is if she actually took the C-chan road or will she try to start her own agency because she have both clout, contacts, money and know how to be succesful despite things getting more and more competitive in the chuuba market.

Altough quote from the OP might be related to Hololive Alternative because apparently she's still included even after graduation.

>> No.4897377

Literally no one would be upset if this was the case however Kanata has said she isnt sure if their living situation might need to change and has no idea what would happen if coco's voice accidentally was heard through her mic during a stream. If she was staying with the company neither of these things would be a problem so its certain she is leaving.

>> No.4897402

it's from the Vtuber equivalent of keemstar, get something more better anon that thing got reposted in other threads now.

>> No.4897576

Truthfully, the issue with VShojo is that you have to suck up to them for even a minute chance of success, and thats if they like you. They call the shots on twitch

>> No.4898813


The coco kanata roomate thing will be seen as a BIG problem by the corporate/law side of hololive if Coco joins or makes another agency

>> No.4899016

The nyanners issue I think its mostly a bad timing one. It was at the height of 4chan vs tumblr SJW so her switching sides was a hell of a jab.
She's not THAT SJW crazy now, even if she still leans that side. If it happened nowadays, it wouldnt be as bad as it was back then, the process to disattach from here has since being improved. And we have other relationship models now like Nina's "plausible deniability", or Risu's "SHE'S HERE".

tl;dr It was a shit move for sure, but also a product of the times

>> No.4899252

Oops i tripped and fell and stabbed you in the face schizo it was an accident.
Take your pills.

>> No.4899521

With the quality of healthcare i get for free i wish i had to pay for it so i wouldn't have ever bothered to go.

>> No.4899895

t.mentally ill xtian fundamentalist

>> No.4899943

Sounds good on paper, but Twitch isn't exactly popular in Japan so she'd lose a HUGE chunk of her audience.

>> No.4900011

Dude, Nyanners wasn't successful back in 2015 when 4chan turned against her. She didn't ride us to success, if anything, all of her success is in SPITE of faggots like you.

>> No.4901289 [DELETED] 

It would be really funny that Cover mistreating Coco were to create their biggest rival, like Nintendo and Sony

>> No.4901314

>couldn't name a single member other than
Mori can only name Coco but she joined Hololive anyways. You don't need to know or care for a group to join it

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