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Going to cancel all my memberships. If even well-established holos can graduate any time without warning, then what's the point of paying for a membership?

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>If even well-established holos can graduate any time without warning, then what's the point of paying for a membership?
That's every vtuber

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>OP didn't actually pay any membership at the first place

>> No.4859200

>without warning
>graduation is set three weeks away

>> No.4859202

It's literally every thing. Any company can pull the rug at any time and we can't do shit (yet).

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>what is the point of living if you're going to die anyways
Kill yourself faggot?

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Just say you hate your oshi

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Kosugaki is next.

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What do you want, a refund? You already got the shit you paid for

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Do you think Coco made that decision, OP?

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Not OP, but I cancelled (almost) everything. Fuck this black company.

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Mother of basED

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Cancelling mine as well. I've been on the fence for a while and it's not like they need my money anyways. Going to support an indie instead.

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Jesas... I hope cover releases an apology to Coco and to her fans for bullying her.

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Why are americans such paypigs? And such drama queens as well?
Yes america is a continent, made of people with very similar mentaliites

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>Paying for memberships in the first place

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thanks for supporting the girls (except Baqua) all this time.

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you aren't suppose to take breaks to shitpost in coalmines brudda, back to work before you get reorientation

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This. Let's not pretent the latin americans are any different. In I am betting they are worse.

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Membership content will be available for 3 months after Coco's graduation, so what are you bitching about? If anything you're getting a 66% discount

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Doing this too only keeping my Kson and Pikamee meberships. Also going to red supa my oshi for the last time explaining that I can't support that company anymore.

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you soulless brand loyalist faggot consoomer, have you ever tried watching anything other than hololive

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America is a country, Anon.

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Dude I just watch clips and follow the big moments like someone leaving. Never subbed or donated

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>No warning
>She will graduate next month
Retardbro, I...

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Imaging being this dramatic. What will you achieve with that anon? Why do you want to make your oshi feel uncomfortable? Hate on Cover all you want but keep that shit out of streams

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