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Today I will remind them:

>been here longer than (You)
>did their reps
>on another plane of existence, literally do not give a shit about what the EOPs are up to

>open-minded, adventurous spirits
>wanted to try something new, found something that they enjoy
>also enjoy chuubas from other groups, wishes everyone the best
>no purityfagging, can handle a little bit of crude humor

>just wanted to watch girls have fun
>"oshis? chuubas? goslings? what the fuck are you talking about kid, speak english"
>permanently in kenjataimu thanks to constant jacking off, giving immunity to being mad for prolonged periods of time
>instead holds rest of /vt/ by the balls, being capable of throwing the whole board into a fit of autistic rage on a moment's notice
>will not leave

>enjoying the epitome of soul
>wants to see their favorite grow into a successful vtuber, there for her along the ride
>realizes that eventually they will have to let go if their ever girl makes it and joins a group, but has made peace with it

>the holobronies, constantly shitting up other communities
>hopped on the most popular bandwagon
>not only constantly mad at the other groups, tearing each other apart non-stop as well
>filled with idolschizos, tribalfags, redditors, newfags, literal children and various other kinds of undesirables
>their oshis live in fear of the community

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what about the annoying orangechads

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>hated by everyone else
we've truly become the next bronies...

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I was one of the good Holobraps. I'm heartbroken right now.....

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I'm sure being a tribalfag proves your point

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Nice try Holobronies. But >we prefer to be called Holoantis.
Unity against Hololive

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This is true but they will dogpile you for saying it, because 90% of this board is made of holoniggers. They don't even know who the big 4 was when kizuna ai was king.

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Fuck off and die, Chink.

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Kill yourself cumstain

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Nobody who unironically watches female streamers is in any position to look down on anybody else.

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(You) are correct

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cope and eat more zhang cum

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proving op right lmao

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>>realizes that eventually they will have to let go if their ever girl makes it and joins a group, but has made peace with it
Mine didn't.

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>post-2016 N99s that think they're oldfags because they never knew any board culture outside of their 2hu containment
>equally low value retards who just watch a different company
>lower form of life than redditors
>groomers who think going after a low sub indie gives them a better chance of developing an individual relationship (it doesn't)

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what male vtubers do you watch?

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For someone tribalfagging so hard you sure do hate tribalfagging holofags.

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Every single person on this board speaks Japanese except for you. We only speak English to call you a fag and have you understand it.

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>brand wars

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Kanae and the boys from KNR(Sapp,ShibuyaHal etc)

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you are not the guy I replied to so fuck off, nobody asked you.

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Orangechads are JPchads.
> Been here longer than (you), checked
> Did their reps, checked
> On another plane of existence, literally do not give a shit about what the EOPs are up to, checked
and checked.

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Nice "trolling outside of /b/" bro!

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>wants to see their favorite grow into a successful vtuber, there for her along the ride
Yeah haha... I sure want her to become the biggest alright...

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nijiniggers are the most tribalistic faggots here

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Kenmochi Touya and Amane Kanata

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hololive and coco where trending here in brasil i think it was the first time that this has happened

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dont care didn't ask plus your black

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I don't even feel like joining the shitposting in a Nyanners thread today...

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Nice try Holobronies. All Nijichad I know watch Indies and other small company since all of them know Japanese and been in Vtuber culture since Eilene Era or Ai.. Unlike Holobronies newfag who only watch clips and subs to HoloEn only.

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Nyanners is a fake 30-something whore who will die alone being eaten by her cats and no one will notice until she stops updating her youtube profile.

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>realizes that eventually they will have to let go if their ever girl makes it and joins a group, but has made peace with it
I don't think any indiechads actually think their girl is going to join a group, it's more likely that they have to quit to get married or pursue a full time job.

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>full time job

Who is hiring? What would they do? The economy is fucked, the new meta is fleecing neets.

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Twitter trends are personalized.

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hear hear

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whatever you say nijinigger

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>>realizes that eventually they will have to let go if their ever girl makes it and joins a group, but has made peace with it
Literally Tirol and I am happy to see her become so big.

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Zentreya :^)

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based, we need a e-celebs/Vtubers board and another separated hololive board

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based and truthpilled. Numberdrones are always holokeks. Awkward shoehorning of vtubers in an unrelated topic are always holokeks. Hating of old/new/upcoming/non-idol/non-holo vtubers are always holokeks. Rabid spamming of /pol/tier memes are also holokeks

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Hang yourself election tourist. None of you spamming underage tourists do anything other than post your hideous off-topic garbage out of spite for the board.
>Orangechads are JPchads.
False, falseflagging cancerous tourist. Time and time again you retarded faggots made no secret of actively hating anything Japanese or Japanese culture related. You're an election tourist who has been here since 2016 earliest, never used /jp/, didn't do any of their reps and have literally made a point of having the concept of VTubers piss them off to the extent that they do nothing but whine about them for the rest of their lives.
Now kill yourself, falseflagging delusional faggot.

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Unironically all true. Good thread, pink cat poster.

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from the shit i've seen from the holofag fanbase both in /vt/ and outside, this is pretty fucking accurate

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where are these vniggers even coming from, why are you even here when there are other websites where you'll fit in better?

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Anon, this board (and Holofans particularly) is probably three quarters redditors, and that number has gone up 10% since this coco shit.

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I've been here since God knows when, started with Kizuna Ai, Mirai Akari, Kaguya Luna, and then Nijisanji. Never did my reps because I don't have time to waste on this shitty language. Yeah, I'm a fag for watching translated clips and listening to my oshi's covers for almost 2 years, but whatever. Of course I checked hololive out and watched them quite a lot, but I dumped them once NijiEN became a thing and couldn't be happier right now.

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Idolfags continue to be a real fucking menace no matter the medium. Cover modelling their vtuber model after Sora's idol persona was a mistake. They got lucky with youtube's algorithm during the pandemic and all sorts of retards got into hololive as a result. Just look at the "Holobased" larp threads we have here.

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i told you holobronies should be banned from this website for at least 1 month to see if things change

>> No.4861419

This entire board is made to contain them.

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Watching newfags complain about hololive will never not be funny. Only nijisanji and other small jap companies have any right to talk shit. Imagine finding out about vtubers because of hololive gen 5 or HoloEN and thinking you have the right to gatekeep kek.

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It always makes me laugh when Holofags have the gall to talk about gatekeeping when if anything they're the cultural invaders who don't actually know shit about vtubing beyond Hololive.

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Ancient aliens living in a different galaxy, only fly over here on safaris to laugh at the primates flinging shit at each other

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