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Coco's about to do a stream to discuss her upcoming graduation, get in here!

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It begins

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time for Coco cope...

>> No.4845622

The Zhangs in the chat will be celebrating...

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Let's go support!

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>New OP on graduation month
tell me more about how this was her decision

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Cancel the graduation. Do it /vt/

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bros i dont understand japanese

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Feel the subtitles in your heart.

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And growing Jesas

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60 000 losers dominated by Great China

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*West Taiwan

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jesus fuck the chat is fast. yet i still haven't noticed a single chink

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this fag doesn't even know how to use LiveTL HAHAHA

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She's saying how she tried so hard and got so far.

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Anyone else getting her membership?

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Translate, weebs

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>wake up
>this wasn't all just a nightmare

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Curious but Nobody will be able to read the super fast chat for sure so it will be some half assed shit

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Ok, I'll balkanize China while I'm at it.

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Can somebody translate?

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80k now

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There's no point in kicking a corpse. She learned her lesson. We won and our next target is Akai Haato.

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I don't have enough power anon
I'm sorry

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she ganbatried

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Nice try, brain. But I'll be waking up any minute now. This dream just feels a little too real at the moment.

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We have a month.

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Translations are in the chat.
Get LiveTL, you dumbs

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based chinks

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I only subscribed now...

Holy shit I'm tearing up! WHY?!

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>Everything is fucked because evil orange man kept forcing pointless audits on Coco membership and viewer counts o the point Cover just pressured her to quit
>Coco feel relieved she no longer has to deal with evil orange man's bullshit.
>A reminder to not to renew membership after she graduates

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But in the end...

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Or Cocope, if you will

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for newfags too dumb to use LiveTL I'll spoonfeed the important part

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Dont be sad as Coco breaks the shackles that weigh her down.
This month Coco is unleashed and nothing can contain her.
This is going to be the happiest and best month for Kiryu Coco and you can be part of it!

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I'm not even a schizo or into parasocial relations, I was just watching hololive for entertainment, but when I saw the announcement in my feed I just had the same hole in my chest feeling as when I lost a loved one

What the fuck

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my youtube tab is at 2.5GB and growing

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Y'know, despite it all, it's uplifting to hear her laughing.

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I've never even watched her and I got the same thing.

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So I guess she really graduated out of her own choice huh.

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Oh thank christ her streams will stay up after all? Idk where I heard that her channel would be taken down.

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Keep posting anon, since I can't really watch right now, appreciated.

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Please don't hate Clover, such a great company they didn't ban my name nor my VODS.

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How many live views for the graduation stream? How much SCs? Is there a chance that she can break both records?

>> No.4846253

Don't take the risk, anon.

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Probably here.

>> No.4846274

Her membership stuff would likely not be available, because I doubt cover could get away with memberships for a dead channel.

>> No.4846277

So it will be like Kira. All the stuff remains and you can still talk about them. That's cool.

>> No.4846289

What would you do if Coco said she was graduating because she's going to come back as part of HoloEN 2, with absolutely no change of character.

>> No.4846311

how fucking retarded are you, you dumb niggers

>> No.4846314

Too mean a joke at this point

>> No.4846318

how does that prove it?

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>After I graduate, it's not like the Holomems will become banned from saying my name.

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Gen 4, daisenpai lol, ok.

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Typically those that graduate on less that good terms get all their shit deleted.

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Is she going to address (((THAT)))?

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why would she do that? she just could do the same thing Fubuki did with gen 1 and holo gamers

>> No.4846363

Love ya Coco <3

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KEK, tempting fate until the end

>> No.4846376

Very angry. Then very happy. Then slightly angry.

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Why the fuck are any of you goddamn niggers upset? This is a GOOD thing.
Now coco can be what she wants

>> No.4846399

All these mems and supas, i wonder how much money she's going to make this month

>> No.4846403

I would still tell chinks to kill themselves

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>Nonstop member story

>> No.4846418

whats the good news

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No great company kneels to Zhang.

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Because almost all the other Hololive/stars graduates had their videos removed, but a lot of people seem to be forgetting Kagami Kira (who graduated of his own volition due to health issues) still has his channel up with all the VODs
Of course it's entirely possible this channel could still get nuked randomly one day, but it's not the first time a Cover graduation left the channel up

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bugs confirmed

>> No.4846460

Are chats always like this?
It's just subhumans spamming the same emoji over and over like on twitch

>> No.4846478

Graduation is Yagoo cashing in 1 last check

>> No.4846483

Too cruel to make her fans panic like this. It's 100% real at this point.

>> No.4846494

If it was Covers choice they would purge her channel and probably wouldn't want talents talking about her. Leaving all her stuff up leaves the door open for her to unretire if she may choose to do so at some point in the future

>> No.4846507

All these memberships are giving money to cover, I don’t get it

>> No.4846508

Her roommate is inclining hard.

>> No.4846514

Practically guaranteed she'll break both records

>> No.4846518

Coco is talking about Mori's asshole.

>> No.4846536

Always, it's fucking annoying and no way to filter the emoji spam.

>> No.4846559

>Install translation extension
>She starts speaking English

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There's a size treshold after which any livestream chat will become unintelligible.

>> No.4846574

What's her roommates channel?

>> No.4846579

is it normal for graduations to be this sudden? she must have other projects lining up

>> No.4846582

>and no way to filter the emoji spam.
ytcfilter, anon

>> No.4846583

How hairy is it?

>> No.4846584

Her roommate is cute and will be streaming more

>> No.4846595

>I'm gonna be super staring in another world

>> No.4846605

>I’m gonna be a superstar in another world

>> No.4846610

retard, this is literally the number 1 worst kept secret on this fucking board right now. just look at the fucking catalog. holy shit

>> No.4846612

>I'm gonna be a superstar in another world
What did she mean by this?!

>> No.4846615

Shit, I wonder if she's even been here and read our anti-zhang rants.

>> No.4846620


Are you guys fucking tech wizards? I'm fucking 48 I can't fuck with this shit.

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This is the least sudden graduation so far.

>> No.4846646

She's gonna be WHAT

>I'm gonna be superstar in another world

Niji?! Vshoujo?!

>> No.4846653

It's more chill with streams like Bar Coco.

>> No.4846666

Amelia Watson confirmed for reddit shitpost review

>> No.4846680

just heard this, it could be kson, or something entirely new

>> No.4846689

holy shit ame on shitpost review!

>> No.4846695

membership streams will become inaccessible after the channel is demonetized, hopefully someone is archiving it all.

>> No.4846707

Didn't specify, but it's dirty.

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>> No.4846717

Come on dude you’ve had personal computers your entire adult life I know you can do it

>> No.4846727

Counterargument this is the most high profile graduation in hololive ever. The same logic doesn't necessarily apply

>> No.4846738

A months warning isn't that sudden

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Ame wears diapers?

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>> No.4846751

that was pretty on the nose, wasn't it?

Or am I still in the bargaining-phase?

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It's happening

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>> No.4846783

That's how it works. She graduated, she's emeritus.

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Will she cry in her collab with Coco?

>> No.4846791

>I'm gonna be a super star in another world

I guess it's time to sub. I've been avoiding watching it since I first found out.

>> No.4846796

I'm being autistic, why diapers?

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>hint: she's wearing diapers for this stream

>> No.4846830

I wanted gurame but this is fine

>> No.4846832

i think it's fair to suspect that getting so much hate for reddit shitpost review was the straw that broke the camel's back for her.

>> No.4846833

This feeds the rrat that she is still at Cover as a consultant and will eventually start her own company.

>> No.4846842

Jesus Christ, I can't believe Coco managed to convinced Ame to yell "Taiwan Number One" and "kill all fucking reds on mainland china" on stream

>> No.4846851

Yagoo wears diapers?

>> No.4846856

did coco just call mori a dirty slob with roaches all over her room in her face?

>> No.4846862

>Yagoo has diapers on his head
Holy shit Coco just called the CEO a shithead fucking BASED

>> No.4846871

you haven't worn a diaper on your head since last year? lucky you

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Vshojo, huh?

>> No.4846874

Ame is a crinkler? :(

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Does this mean Kanata is back on the market guys? Do I have a chance with the cute loli angel?!

>> No.4846896

>Still joking about YAGOO
That feels like a good sign to me.

>> No.4846903

Will you spoonfeed me?

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>> No.4846931

ame literally talked about how she doesnt get emotional about stuff a few days ago

it will be normal

>> No.4846956

It's likely Cover would let her return anytime she wants. She is a goddamn cashcow and makes big bucks. Shit, if anything if Hololives starts to decline they'll probably pay her to come back during big events.

>> No.4846974

what's better for her though? going twitchfag indie or going to another group?

>> No.4846976

The fact that she keeps saying "I'm gonna be a superstar in another world" just fucking confirms she was forced to quit. Why would she still stream outside of Hololive when all of the fans and money is there? It's not like the antis don't know her roommate account either so it's not like she's hiding out there. Fucking bullshit.

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an actual madwoman

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>> No.4847016

It is a reddit dragon thread at the end of the day.

>> No.4847018

Why does everything good have to end. This is the fucking worst year ever. 2 of the other shit I like disbanded this year as well. Now my favorite Vtuber is graduating.

>> No.4847024

K son, I'll spoonfeed ya

>> No.4847026

It just means she's getting TOPPED by Kson now.

>> No.4847046

it sets a precedent that if any other member upsets west taiwain and they harass them enough the bugmen will get what they want.
fuck that.

>> No.4847057


>> No.4847101

No it just means hearing Kanatan's girlfriend on stream is proof you're being cucked instead of kayfabe yuribaiting.

>> No.4847106

>I'm gonna be a superstar in another world
where was that schitzos picture of all the tweets from holomems with stars and bright shining he was fucking right

>> No.4847113

Chink bugs are going after her as long as she's a vtuber so I don't think she will continue vtubing

>> No.4847120

She can tolerate it when she gets the harassment. She can't when other Holos are getting it.

>> No.4847127

Towa baby cried the most at hearing the news.

>> No.4847129


>> No.4847147

Countercounter argument being its a Japanese company they aren't known for their compassion if they fired her they would probably want to move on as soon as possible. Being that Kanata hasnt been advised to move so no accidental interaction happens and Coco is being allowed to collab with EN now when they probably knew she was gonna graduate wouldn't make sense. You wouldnt want her in the spotlight

>> No.4847155

My rrat is that she was just unhappy with hololive and by their new rules and what not.
Company didn't fire her, she just quit because it was because shit.

>> No.4847158

Thank you

>> No.4847174

Yeah that's super weird wording

>> No.4847176


>> No.4847177


>> No.4847203

>stay positive
I really wish I could kaichou, I really wish I could...

>> No.4847209

In two months time she will be debuting "Bright Future Productions". An indie vtuber collective.

>> No.4847212

That was literally always the case. She probably felt creatively restricted or something.

>> No.4847217

I believe this too. It's still Cover's fault but she was the one who decided to leave

>> No.4847251

Coco: I might come back 500 years later. It'll be over in a flash. Wait for me.

>> No.4847270

>Calli said there's a cockroach in her apartment
I've actually never seen a cockroach irl and I always thought they're only in most disgusting places. Now I'm a bit concerned about Calli's living conditions...

>> No.4847291


YouTube sjws and chinks were suddenly forgiven lmao Fucking shit board

>> No.4847293

Because Hololive finally had it first actual graduation.
Aloe was genuine retard and anyone with a brain realized she didn't belong, so Gen 5 starting out fragmented didn't feel all that weird, they're probably better off without her.
But Coco was just an amusing person, and she actually had a lot of influence in her generation and even in general hololive, she was already shown in the hololive alt anime and etc. This is a big hit to hololive, Gen 4 looks so weak now, and what happens to those side projects and hololive "lore"? Does Coco just gets written out now?
Hololive is fucked at this point, there's no way to know when and if more members will graduate, and those have a lot more impact because of their belonging in gen and etc than for the average vtuber agency.

>> No.4847294

I missed everything what's happened so far?

>> No.4847295
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Hi im still here and still not taking my meds

>> No.4847298

Dragons are good at roasting things afterall.

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File: 2.86 MB, 1080x1600, 1615866027502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kanata won't be able to see her roommate every again. I'm sad.

>> No.4847308


>> No.4847312

She's probably just super dirty.

>> No.4847313

I'm scared guys. It feels like Kaichou's limiters has been released and she's going to build her brand that will usurp Hololive.

>> No.4847315
File: 30 KB, 128x128, 1600819796758.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want coco to say "Bugs Begone" and then wink in the end of her live3d....

>> No.4847317

It just means she leaves food waste around

>> No.4847328
File: 73 KB, 1080x755, jnko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4847364


>> No.4847377

Oh god it's an uprising!

>> No.4847379

Could also be a reincarnation, add space-themed member of EN 2 to the rrats

>> No.4847381

That's everyone rrat. The question is just was Cover being intentionally shitty to her so she would make that choice (as per Japanese Keemstar) or where they just shit through incompetence (basically the official narrative, Coco's basically just said that their inability to protect her friends from harassment was the final straw).

>> No.4847384
File: 23 KB, 316x331, 1616010648032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Put your grasses on, nothing will be wrong

>> No.4847390

it's not a blacklisting. it's just she doesn't want to fulfill the contractual obligations anymore. you might see her in the future.
only unknown is how cover sees this. do they think others will quit if they let her colab in the future?

>> No.4847413

The sky is made of air.
The sun is in the sky.

>> No.4847429

others are shcizo reach cope but watson and mori both using bright future is pretty weird

>> No.4847454

If she continues vtubing, we will know Cover was at fault. I mean it's pretty obvious already, but if she quit by her own volition because of the antis, she'd still have that problem outside Hololive..

>> No.4847460

Makes one wonder just how much long term planning there is for the Hololive brand.

>> No.4847484

no, it's a graceful exit. she's not being written out.

>> No.4847489

We already know she is going to continue as Kson. She might stop Vtubing tho.

>> No.4847500

I never understood why they didn't just share Coco's ban list and have every user that was banned in Coco's chat be banned in every Hololive channel.

>> No.4847511

Speaking of reddit, no new posts since 9 hours ago apparently.

>> No.4847517
File: 1.14 MB, 1778x1000, 1611667009459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only ever watched the clips of Coco's streams, I wish I had been there for her.

>> No.4847545

where are the translations

>> No.4847547

Oh I would love that so much but Coco's a good girl. She knows stuff like that will only hurt her friends in the end.

>> No.4847552

Coco used those words herself in her announcement that's why everyone was mentioning it

>> No.4847556

They can appear everywhere if your house is old and/or made from shitty materials. t. Slav living in a commie block, I'm a clean freak but still see cockroaches from time to time, likely because my neighbors have them

>> No.4847558
File: 195 KB, 1014x1035, 8i4x28xtph431.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now i'm double sad

>> No.4847563

It depends on how unlucky you are as well. One single cockroach egg can create an un-ending infection unless you go through a whole strict process to terminate them for good

>> No.4847575

I don't believe the "Coco starting her own company" rrats, but if a new indie group with a sun logo pops up soon...
I'll be on the lookout

>> No.4847578

Either back to her roommate account (which is experiencing a crazy incline rn) or, unironically, like the rrats on twitter say, a new company.
Bets are on Vshojo (she said to be close to Melody) or Nijisanji.
But not gonna lie, ever since her rommate posted an image of her laughing at the word "ochinchi" just minutes after the announcement and now she saying she will be a star on another world makes the Vshojo rrat more believable (because you know, sex joke)

>> No.4847579

if she would come back as EN2 I doubt the other girls would cry.
So it's safe to say she will continue somewhere else.

>> No.4847595

Watch out for any new vtuber agency.

>> No.4847601

thank you I kneel

>> No.4847610

They locked it down. Even a corporate reddit with all of its moderators couldn't contain the displeasure.

>> No.4847617
File: 184 KB, 1920x1080, E3bgzCoVIAUNasz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4847620
File: 15 KB, 898x169, chrome_vspK4C6Avb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How is this shit acceptable

>> No.4847647

The problem isnt harrassment targeted at her though it only started bothering her when they would attack her friends whenever they collaborated with her. She can continue being a vtuber without having to worry about it on her own channel

>> No.4847651

You could be in a super clean environment and a cockroach would still appear depending on where you live

>> No.4847656
File: 3.54 MB, 1448x2048, 1606653628121.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The collab that's never to be.

>> No.4847665

Funny story, I went to a Chinese restaurant once and when they brought out the plats, there was a dead cockroach in between some of them. Caught the waiter off guard since he dropped them all.

>> No.4847675

You think ame will carry on the torch of reddit reviews or will the show die off with coco?

>> No.4847676

not gay but i want the dragon to fist me

>> No.4847687

There's still time. Mori Ame and Kiara are all getting theirs, Ina and Gura might too.

>> No.4847691

Streaming is an afterthought for Youtube so they didn't put much work into optimizing it.

>> No.4847692
File: 177 KB, 810x864, 1597382836840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's too late. It's too late...

>> No.4847704

>using Chrome

>> No.4847718

They've stopped people making new threads but posts on existing threads are still happening

>> No.4847724

Decided to finally get LiveTL. Is it always slow as hell? Half the stuff doesn't seem to get translated at all.

>> No.4847730

Has Gura even said anything about all this yet?

>> No.4847739

I could see it come up as a yearly thing. Regular? No, it's dead.

>> No.4847743

Ame doesn't even use reddit, anon.

>> No.4847744


What the fuck would they do together?

>> No.4847748

This is a classic Japanese company way of forcing someone to leave.

>> No.4847753

Then get on stream right now. She's going to stream for 22 more days. Don't miss the chance.

>> No.4847756

It'd also be less of a problem if she joins VShojo and streams on Twitch where there are better tools to deal with any spam. But yeah, you could tell she was feeling really guilty about the spam, other girls have commented on her feeling bad.

>> No.4847758

Reddit niggers that dicksuck Cover deserve to never be mentioned again.

>> No.4847762

Kiara would probably be the one to pick it being that she actually can speak Japanese

>> No.4847765

What is that? How do I know it's credible?

>> No.4847778

MH rise duh.

>> No.4847783

Depends on the place. My old high school's cafeteria accidentally served a friend of mine some noodles with a live cockroach (one of those tiny, light brown ones)

>> No.4847785

LiveTL isnt a bot that translates everything, it picks up translation that people post in the chat

>> No.4847788

no fuck, that i don't want antis to rub off on them

>> No.4847791

Everyone's making these grand conspiracies when in reality, she probably had enough of management. She's not been a fan of them for a while now.

>> No.4847797
File: 56 KB, 1914x186, firefox-youtube-use.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Firefox + GPU Rendering + LiveTL
Try it. Feels breddy gud.

>> No.4847799

You install a bitcoin miner by mistake?

>> No.4847806

She's on break

>> No.4847811

The original goal of the chinks after Coco's suspension was the destruction of Cover as a whole so I seriously question whether or not this will actually reduce the spam.

>> No.4847812

We still never got that Projekt Melody collab too.
I hope at lest in her next life.

>> No.4847844

I don't think she has
I dunno, I just want Coco to collab with all the ENs at least once. She pushed so hard for the branch.
Antis already went after Ina without her doing anything Anon. Avoiding Coco won't keep anyone safe.

>> No.4847846


That dude's been her translator for a while now.

>> No.4847856

Well, because the person who is translating doesn't translate everything?

>> No.4847863

>not being mosaiced
based, I hate that the japs have ruined JAV with that shit.

>> No.4847888


>> No.4847890

I ask this myself every time I watch yt stream for extended period of time. I need to refresh stream or reopen chrome as a whole so the ram for it resets

>> No.4847892

Currently on lockdown
I'm assuming it will stay that day for another 15 hours or so

>> No.4847900

you are right. they are just starting to attack every holo member, so this wont solve the chink bug issue

>> No.4847909

They didn't even have the competence to sort out the copyright stuff well in advance when that whole debacle happened and just thought "aight let's just nuke everything"

I'm banking on incompetence.

>> No.4847911

Niji would be weird because China

>> No.4847921

Did the Chinese branch continue streaming?

>> No.4847926

Time to keep an eye on this.

>> No.4847942

>Coco, Mori, Ame, Ollie, Kanata, Marine, Nene and Polka
Just how strong would this hypothetical mutiny be

>> No.4847954

Live TL extension...

>> No.4847965

I don't even recognize the website, let alone the dude.

Kiara tweeted that she was speechless after the graduation announcement. Why would Kiara be surprised when that image says Coco told the holomembers before she made the announcement?

>> No.4847973

Doesnt work when a new wave of schizos just test out the list for weaknesses. They can make more accounts than the lists can compensate.
Honestly, Coco could work for google as a test case for anti-spam tech, and not just for youtube chat, a TON of applications could be found for finding spam users and messages.

>> No.4847982

I only have a phone

>> No.4848001

I still want chinks dead

>> No.4848004

At least 6 of those are heavy hitters.

>> No.4848009

I thought their original goal was coco's graduation?

>> No.4848012

about 5% stronger than it would've been without her

>> No.4848013

Outside of Civia and Artia they were pretty much rushed out the door

>> No.4848015

She didn’t know about holoALT either

>> No.4848020
File: 880 KB, 1054x660, 1606601329913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chinks will think they won and she graduated because of them (not saying that was/wasn't the case) so i can imagine them to ramp it up now that they think they can get them to bend over. Rookie mistake.

>> No.4848025

Great, now they'll just come here.

>> No.4848026

She'll return as a Sun themed Independent?

>> No.4848052

Of course no and cover know this.
Cover tip toe on coco case fuck them up, if they're to stand their ground and protect her and didn't apply management bullshit on her, coco wouldn't graduate in the first place.
The next target is of course hachama, then fubuki, then aqua.
If cover didn't protect haachama this time, they'll doom themselves.

>> No.4848062

You're forgetting Korone too, who mentioned during a recent stream that there was an event within Hololive making her think about quitting.

>> No.4848071

chinks were literally nearly all blocked on cocos channel. you are missing something

>> No.4848084

Ame doesn't even speak Japanese. The whole point was to show EN memes to the JP members.

>> No.4848107

This is the rrat that she wants to start her own company. Possibly with a sun/light theme

>> No.4848110


I'm aware. I guess I was under the impression that there'd be enough people translating at once that all the messages would eventually have a translation. So LiveTL just filters messages so that we can see what this one guy is writing?

>> No.4848117

I'm listening along and it's accurate
Kiara was probably surprised when she was first told, rather than at the stream

>> No.4848121


Because that's just how she decided to word it? If you're being paranoid about the translator twisting her words, he didn't. That's what she said.

>> No.4848122

Coco said the same in her graduation announcement, and others have already talked about knowing beforehand (Watame revealing the statue she made in Minecraft was for this, Choco and Miko talking about how they tried to convince Coco to stay, etc.).
Most likely Kiara just meant that she didn't know what to say, not that she was surprised.

>> No.4848124

Did she say she'll continue in general yet?

I would hate if she stopped on her alt as well,
the loss of "coco" is already bad enough but a complete withdrawal would be devastating

>> No.4848128

Oh wow, I forgot about that completely

>> No.4848129
File: 63 KB, 1280x720, challenge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no, they're infected!

>> No.4848130

How fucking new? It's literally LiveTL extension feed, it picks up translations tagged with [EN] from volunteer translators in live chat. And yeah, I'm watching it and translations are accurate.

>> No.4848143

Kiara having a meme review section for holotalk would make more sense.

>> No.4848144

well she‘s still too nice, with that amount of follower she can put an end to cover if she want.

>> No.4848147

>89k viewers when I dropped in

Is this the greatest simultaneous viewer count Coco has ever had?

>> No.4848157

>Reddit frog
Either I've missed something or 2011 4chan is reddit now

>> No.4848159

No, she said it was something that happened in her personal life.

>> No.4848161

EN and ID weren't told before the announcement, it seems

>> No.4848170

Probably only told JP members, i don't think she knows the EN side that well.

>> No.4848191

Fuck this....
So that's why senchou talking about what if she graduated....
That's why shion can't appear on meme review....

>> No.4848197

It won't. This move is completely misguided and stupid. Cancel the graduation.

>> No.4848204

it catches the [en] tag, yeah, and other languages if you use those. and then you can do stuff like adding people or whatever if you're in a niji thread and theyre using weird tags

you can also use their hyperchat thing to reduce youtube's chat ony our cpu by about 85%

>> No.4848211

She's going to link the fire

>> No.4848213

Probably double that since youtube doesn't count people who use adblock.

>> No.4848218

Let's be honest she didn't fit the idol style at all, her style woulda work wonders in niji but now that she is going full roommate account she is going to get really big

>> No.4848239

Shion is unrelated. Her roommate has been depressed recently.

>> No.4848255

add Pekora to that and I'm all in. Ans I assume Gura is already with ame and mori.

>> No.4848257
File: 245 KB, 837x477, seele all is right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have evolved beyond the need for meds
This is the power of hopium

>> No.4848275

So far only Kiara has implied she didn't know ahead of time.

>> No.4848283

She will link the first flame once again and bring about a new golden age of vtubing

>> No.4848284

Come out from under the Cover and stand in the Sunlight.

>> No.4848290
File: 855 KB, 981x471, 1613721997231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least we had fun

>> No.4848306

It's not about shitty materials, old blocks or old buildings, it's about the climate and your neighbours. They can be in new buildings and in nice houses too. If one of your neighbours has them, they will likely spread. Actually, blocks are pretty good at separating insect between separate flats. Climate you live in helps them too.

>> No.4848309

Her not fitting the idol style at all is why she's so good. She's a charismatic black sheep.

>> No.4848312

kiara isnt funny though

>> No.4848316

90% chance Gura follows Ame wherever she goes. Pekora is enough of a numberfag that she'll probably stay with Hololive until it dies, sadly.

>> No.4848326

I wonder if this is why Calli took the random emergency break last week.

>> No.4848329

Seeing how antis are getting worse and worse scared her even more.

>So that's why senchou talking about what if she graduated....
God. It'd be the peak of hubris if they were to all leave and expect the new agency to be worth a damn. Or was Senchou talking about normal person activities?

>> No.4848335
File: 29 KB, 2000x1333, 2000px-Flag_of_the_Republic_of_China.svg_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Taiwan flag is made of a sun

>> No.4848345

>going to be a superstar
Did she already got invitation from jap tvs?

>> No.4848349

She just started streaming again after 10 months of no activity and just opened her membership a month ago

>> No.4848367

>last gaming stream
>coco decides to play Pooh baseball game
How would you react?

>> No.4848371

>FRIEND in chat
I guess its Kaichou's decision after all

>> No.4848386

>don't forget about me guys

>> No.4848415
File: 142 KB, 463x453, FB_IMG_15941677671438120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fuck

>> No.4848416

"Don't forget about me, guys. Don't forget about me."


>> No.4848417

Now combine that with coco graduation.
Did you forget that coco and shion 3d collab? Coco was like a big sister on that collab....

>> No.4848419

>It'd be the peak of hubris if they were to all leave and expect the new agency to be worth a damn.
If it was a new agency founded by Coco and the others that followed her it probably would be. They've got good hearts, and Coco's good at management type stuff.

>> No.4848432

>t. Miss Kids channel representative or something
She's fine with the restrictions in hololive

>> No.4848436

Imagine Coco graduation stream being the peak of HoloLive with 250k attendees

>> No.4848444

>I said on Twitter that what I wanted to do was try to dissuade her (from graduating) with all my might, and in reality I *did* try with all my might
She left on her own accord, She clearly could stay if she wanted to.

>> No.4848450

Kneel. Cry. Keel over.

>> No.4848451

>10 months of no activity

>> No.4848458

Kiara would have leaked if she knew ahead of time because she's a retard

>> No.4848463
File: 69 KB, 463x453, oh no jeezas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4848472

it catches the [en] and moderator messages, so in most streams that means all translations and all messages from other Holos, but because Coco has active mods that post randomly I turned the moderator off in settings for her streams

>> No.4848477

I'll make this post AGAIN.
Get the LiveTL extension for Chrome. Not only does it include the Live Translation aspect, it also includes a replacement for Youtube Chat that fixes their godawful chat.
Get VLC and Streamlink and then create a batch file (open a text file, paste this in, then save it as something like streamlink.bat, I use shortcuts on my desktop after putting it in the Streamlink folder):
SET /P _inputname= Youtube URL:
@ECHO Youtube "%_inputname%"
start streamlink "%_inputname%" best

Then just copy the stream URL into the command window that pops up (copy it from chrome and then just right mouse click in the open command window then push enter).
This will open Streamlink, which will open VLC, with a stream at the best quality (ie, 1080p, unless for some reason the streamer is doing a higher res stream). No chat (unless the streamer is showing it in the video) and no translations but it is by far the least resource intensive way to watch a stream (Streamlink & VLC combined will only use 0.2% of my 8 core CPU, negliglbe memory and only 25% of my 3080 GPU).

>> No.4848494

Senchou blurted it out and then immediately play it off as joke...

>> No.4848498

At first it was, but after the suspension and the disbanding of HoloCN they turned more anti-cover in general. They even had that schizo comic about not!aqua being forced to "abandon her fans" by management. It's been a while since then though and I have no idea what the current chink antis think, they might just hate Coco now.

>> No.4848500

i will forget about her and move on. not really a big fan of her but i dont like this half assed sudden consequence with tons of questionable things

>> No.4848504

it will easily be the largest stream they've ever had until a possible EN 3D....if they don't just slowly eat shit from here.

>> No.4848505

Kaichou debuts as K-sun

>> No.4848506

I like the sound of it anon

>> No.4848508

To be fair, Gen5 still talked about Mano after the fact, so ...

>> No.4848516

who said that? PPT?

>> No.4848547
File: 22 KB, 463x453, 1600819796752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There it is.
Fuck china!

>> No.4848554

Why Chrome specifically?

>> No.4848573


>> No.4848574

It'd be glorious and justified

>> No.4848575

what comic?

>> No.4848578

She left on her own accord because Cover was being a shitty company through to the end with her

>> No.4848588

Mio. She's singing her heart out right now.

>> No.4848597

Just found out her birthday is on June 17th oh no

>> No.4848608

>Sun theme
>Japan flag is the sun
>New Vtuber group will have the theme "Gas the chinks, glory to The Emperor!"

>> No.4848633

Use Firefox its better on memory

>> No.4848634

Maybe Coco left because she no longer liked the job due to the bugs? It might be that the bugs killed her passion for hololive and it is better that she quit now then come to resent the job.

>> No.4848639

What was the Gura outfit reveal peak?

>> No.4848641

Do your gorilla rep anon, she's not leaving the house

>> No.4848643

I disagree, if Cover wanted that they'd have "graduated" her as a streamer but also announced that she was still going to work at the Hololive offices. Maybe even given her the A-chan treatment and given her a staff-outfit Live2D, and brought her out occasionally for collabs and rare guest appearances.

>> No.4848645

rumao rumao roru roru

>> No.4848648

Anon. Everyone knows she herself chose to quit. The question is if Cover was being deliberately shitty to make her want to quit.

>> No.4848660

This will be it
The last and final failure of the Zhangs
Kiryu Coco will be immortalized as someone they couldn't hurt

>> No.4848663


A new agency would require new models. Where would they get the funding? Could they buy out the characters?

>> No.4848673

Talking about Aloe doesn't cause to get hundred of chinks to shit on your and your coworkers chat

>> No.4848674


>> No.4848690

>why would I tell a guy using chrome to get the live tl extension for chrome

>> No.4848691

Then Peko would definitely join. And Ayame too, because she's a massive supremacist.

>> No.4848714


>> No.4848715

Streamed 9 months ago
Did a membership stream(3months ago)
Im not talking about her streaming on the other site im talking strictly about youtube

>> No.4848723

Bros will the buttplug tail be on sale again before she graduates?

>> No.4848726

Use holodex
Add it to your homepage
Open a stream
Open comments and use the live tl function

>> No.4848730

do you live in Iceland?

>> No.4848733

Watson is the most holofags from the EN.
She graduating will be the biggest surprise of the EN.
But then again Coco graduating was unexpected as hell.

>> No.4848776
File: 14 KB, 539x412, Screenshot_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thanks for the spoonfeeding. Is this the right way to get tagged translations shown?

>> No.4848777

Polka already jumped ship once, how likely is it she'd do it again?

>> No.4848789

What heavy hitters would Coco need to recruit to be a force and which heavy hitters would join her?

>> No.4848794

Thanks anon I'm a fucking boomer that sucks with technology

>> No.4848805

>I'll be with you on a night when I can't sleep. Super thank you too! [Tsunomi Watame / Holo Live 4th gen member]
anon you'll be there to cry together with sheep right?

>> No.4848806

>Very Large Cone

>> No.4848809

>Going back to NicoNico

Are zhangs over there too or is only on youtube?

>> No.4848817

>Yes we want our 2nd biggest earner, our bridge to western fans and a pillar of our company to quit
Explain this one to me

>> No.4848854

Did you really think someone like coco would have a difficult time to find someone to back her up on her new project? When her rommate was trending at the same time with her avatar? DYRBI?

>> No.4848873

Most of the have enough clout to not need another agency, but their current models will be gone, they cannot be bough out

>> No.4848878

Zhang shareholders and managers. Yagoo either let it happen or was powerless. I think he should resign.

>> No.4848896

It's cheaper than offending China

>> No.4848914

Zhang market. Have you been living under a rock?

>> No.4848921

So. Are you done venting or are we going back to shitposting ?

>> No.4848933

Did you guys forget that Cover cut off an entire brach of their company just so they could keep Coco
There's no way this is their fault

>> No.4848937

>When her roommate was trending at the same time with her avatar
Was she really? In Japan or America?

>> No.4848946

Accelerate it, in fact graduate kiara aswell

>> No.4848949

office politics can act irrationally, especially if Coco and someone in higher management did not get along

>> No.4848961

They don't let her do her holonews, denied all en collabs until she said she will quit. And no matter how much Coco earns, it's nothing compared to company sponsorships

>> No.4848962

There should already be an option for that built in, click the "tlpopout" button

>> No.4848970

Those little fucks couldn't even support a branch.

>> No.4848984

Accelerate it more, Graduate all of them and delete everything

>> No.4848992

She's bad business.

>> No.4848995
File: 6 KB, 362x234, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In Japan.

>> No.4848996

COVER has chinese executives and shareholders , Coco was always meant to leave, but Cover couldn't fire her outright or else they would suffer major PR fire. Pushing her to quit is a more acceptable way to save face.
If Cover starts releasing products in China again it will confirm this rrat

>> No.4849010
File: 1.07 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20210609-090105_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Youtube is really gimping the live stream number count, never passed 90k when live, now look at it right after she ended it

>> No.4849011

Unless a Holo has totally wasted their money literally all of them should have enough to get a design and a 2D rig done.
>Buy out characters
Cover would never let them
Between them all they've surely got more than enough contacts to get high quality designs & models done. How quickly they could set it up would be an issue. I wonder if any of them have a back up design ready to go.

>> No.4849014

Coco was unwilling to "pay reparations'" for her actions

>> No.4849016


>> No.4849021

her mom is dying bro
the emotional toll was almost too much on her

>> No.4849057

Suisei owns her model so if she joins then it could still be a bridge to let people know. Miko owns hers too, I think.

Yagoo wanted to keep her and cut bait with uppity zhangs, shareholders and board members want a chinky revenue stream. His old investors had no idea what really happened since they were technology people and didn't realize how much money they missed out on until recently.

>> No.4849071

superchats are only a fraction of covers revenue

>> No.4849078

if you're en you dont gotta do anything. it'll grab that and moderator messages automatically. if you're not en then you can change the language filter to whatever instead of having to like set up a filter for es

the filter is good for like lulu streams, where you could put like [trans] into your filter, or just add planateer, and then it'd just get every post by planateer

>> No.4849080

They fired all of their chinese talent anon

>> No.4849081

The ship has already sailed for that, that market are already dead for Cover, sacking Coco at this point will not give them anything

>> No.4849085

Do you think Winnie Xi Pooh is the one spamming her chat retard? The same bug eating little emperors that fuck up all the tourist spots are just as worthless in China as they are abroad.

>> No.4849129

>Bird Tier List
1. Subaru
2. Kiara
3. Reine

>> No.4849144

A really good model is like $4k.
That's a lot, don't get me wrong, but hardly more than any of these girls can afford.

>> No.4849160

probably counting how many times the stream was opened (regular view) unlike the actual live viewer count.

>> No.4849165

Suisei yes. Miko might have relinquished it? I'm not sure.

Didn't she specifically state her mom is fine?

>> No.4849171

what if this is just a big larp for holoALT? she was the evil dragon boss at the end right? how the fuck you make that kind of animation when she's about to leave just a month later?

>> No.4849191
File: 2.84 MB, 1440x810, 1597504509339.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reminds me of PSG
the director couldn't get along with the manager who got them to the champions league final
in the end he managed to get the manager fired on christmas eve

a few months later he won the CL with Chelsea

>> No.4849192

Yes, this clearly has something to do with Google Chrome.

>> No.4849203

You gotta be a blind or a redditor if you think Cover ever tried to do something good for her

>> No.4849217

They were already in that market and it wasnt doing shit for them. And being that Niji has that market and its nit doing shit for them as well. And their being no major popular Vtubing group (that I know of) Being in the western market is more lucrative and Coco would have continue helping with that growth by acting as a liaison.

>> No.4849219


Alright, thank you fellas.

>> No.4849235

>to let people know.
Coco's roommate is enough for this.

>> No.4849252

BIG number.

>> No.4849280



Who's ready!

>> No.4849284

How convenient timing. Probably done to protect herself.

>> No.4849288

she is for now but shes been in the hospital forever. She got a surgery recently, which seems to have gone fine. Who knows if whatever was complicating her will come back or not.

>> No.4849304

Based Finland.

>> No.4849316

fuck, now I'm thinking about a Pochi designed Coco model. glass half full boys

>> No.4849320
File: 7 KB, 238x212, ogey smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit

>> No.4849338

Duck is not bird!!!

>> No.4849351

She honestly never speaks about other members except of her genmates. Makes me suspicious.

Then again she's the most successful vtuber in the world.

>> No.4849366

I'm guessing the only financial reason would be sponsorships. Since they're the biggest international vtuber group sponsors want in but still want the chink markets. The Asus debacle looked bad for everyone.
But Coco quit because Cover failed her, doubt that cover fired her.

>> No.4849470

>star in another world
Got scouted by a new company, starting her own, jumping to Nijisanji, joining Vshojo? I need answers!

>> No.4849477


>> No.4849497

>Yagoo wears diapers
>Yagoo wears diapers ALL THE TIME
>he wears them on his head haha
What did she mean by this?

>> No.4849531


>> No.4849544
File: 438 KB, 678x671, 1587244923778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4849557

He has literal shit for brains probably

>> No.4849565

She's joining the UN to fuck with China

>> No.4849572

I'm totally with everyone on them passive aggressively trying to get coco to quit and the evidence is all there, like the new years thing, no collabs, maybe, but imagine if the company actually was, like, nice to her? Like, we fired all of china, we got staff members to sit in on your streams and moderate them, and we worked to resolve your complaints and we abandoned a huge profit source and we closed an entire branch of vtubers to support you, and everyone here and everywhere else is like, man, fuck cover. what a bunch of assholes

>> No.4849647


>> No.4849667

and then she just quits anyway. man, we should have just kept that china branch

>> No.4849678

he has a humiliation fetish and that why so many holos are disgusted with him

>> No.4849681

>we got staff members to sit in on your streams and moderate them, and we worked to resolve your complaints

Then it would just mean that Cover is even more incopetent than previously thought

>> No.4849691

They literally fired an entire CN branch opting to keep Coco if they were that interested in keeping China and if Coco was bad business why wait 6 months and push her out when literally every holo is inclining and this would bring a dark cloud over the company and could affect other members?

>> No.4849730

someone maybe wanna take a screenshot?

>> No.4849736

vtubing is where the money is though. No one is going to drop that kind of money on a mediocre looking asian woman.

>> No.4849737

but if they want to make max profit off a hololive gacha game?

>> No.4849808

>like the new years thing
she was invited but decided not to come thinking not many would participate, what about it?

>> No.4849819
File: 91 KB, 743x893, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Studied in Shanghai/Hong kong universities, worked in China 'till Cover.
Yeah, as Chink as a Chink could be.

>> No.4849845

Anon, she literally tweeted about not getting invited and streamed at the same time.

>> No.4849867

She has a vtuber model anonchama

>> No.4849868

Coco was just their first target. China was never gonna work, they'd get mad over something else.

>> No.4849890

She's joining a Chinese cheerleading agency to fuck with China?

>> No.4849902

There's more market opportunities for cover in china then just having chinese vtubers.
Mainly chinese investors and sponsors. All the superchats in the world can't compete with what companies like Tencent and various chink gatcha peddelers would be willing to pay for cover to make their talents play their shitty crap on stream.

>> No.4849908

I dunno
Would chinks still take them back after all this

>> No.4849921

>hong kong
hong kongers hate mainland.

>> No.4849927

It doesn't even matter

>> No.4849930


whoa i guess the event planner must have just forgot

>> No.4849935

Shitcanning some manager would cause nothing, graduating one of the faces of the company will cause a meltdown.

>> No.4849943

she said otherwise in her own stream, that she didnt know everyone was supposed to come

>> No.4849949

The chinks are coming from inside the house!

>> No.4849972

Not true. Cover can do no wrong.

>> No.4849983

you jest, but she probably could do exactly that

>> No.4850024
File: 40 KB, 781x599, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's not from Hong Kong.

>> No.4850136

If they start playing chinese games and expand to chinese market, we will know.
For now, to me, it seems to be more of a disagreement over other things, in addition to china problems. Like the asacoco ban.
But then again, would she really leave over that, seeing how they were willing to abandon chinese branch?
Nothing makes sense

>> No.4850148

Haachama is still there, Friend came out immediately and supported her. They cut the branch. Theres so much ill will that theres no way they can get back into that market . and even if they did the backlash would be massive from literally everyone

>> No.4850166

they werent terribly upset with exiting the restrictive market of China to begin with and they couldnt fire Coco anywhere close to her suspension without guaranteeing the Final Yab. being unsupportive and having her exit on her own was the only way to to have it blow up in their face

>> No.4850174

>wage slave
>worked for years in tech and finally got into middle management for our new china branch
>out new hire just cost us an entire market and almost my job
>she cannot take a hint and wont quit no matter how passive aggressively I speak to her
>she suddenly makes more than me and my coworkers combined
>a woman nobody who have not paid her dues is a top earner
>starts declining all her requests until she agrees to set a deadline when she voluntarily quits

>> No.4850186


Coco was probably not close enough yet to HoloEN to be telling them about her graduation plans a couple weeks ago. Some of them might have been genuinely blindsided.

>> No.4850246

She said on a zatsudan that she's been talking to HoloEN a lot behind the scenes and knows them quite well. They must have known.

>> No.4850344


>> No.4850347

>planing director
>BD manager
>camera man
doubt she has any real input on cover decisions. How many planning directors exists at cover?

>> No.4850551

Her demeanor changed to boot,

>> No.4850615


>> No.4850621
File: 199 KB, 1600x929, rengoku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You did your job splendidly, coco

>> No.4850653

Why do you think chrome is so shit?

>> No.4850667

>But then again, would she really leave over that, seeing how they were willing to abandon chinese branch?
This is my point they cut the CN branch with the quickness, they had to know keeping both Haachama and Coco wouldnot be accepted well in China. To come back to it now would make no sense. I maintain that the spamming of her friends and just the toll of constantly being barraged with spam just got to her. Aqua recently had to take a break for various reason which Coco might blame herself for. she couldnt collab with EN because they were worried about antis anytime she appeared on anyone else stream antis would immediately start spam it would wear down on anyone. Im sure there were some other factors too but thats just the main one imo

>> No.4850761

For live TL's use Holodex and install HyperChat for YT add-on to decrease load.

>> No.4850767

Chinks fuck up everything

>> No.4850874

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone but Kiara knew already. Kiara can't keep her damn mouth shut. She hasn't been able to stop mentioning the VSinger for weeks. Mori in particular has seemed off for the past few weeks.

>> No.4850902
File: 37 KB, 640x425, Rats0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's joining EN Gen 2

>> No.4851015

>Mori in particular has seemed off for the past few weeks.

That's just because she did a really cringy Meme Review.

>> No.4851024

This makes sense.

>> No.4851026

(of vshoujo)

>> No.4851072

I don't watch chicken often, who's the VSinger she mentioned?

>> No.4851079

Is that true? I never knew that.

>> No.4851088

Or V Shojo is getting a Japanese branch

>> No.4851109

Mori got called out various things. Some of them legit, some of them just idolfag shit.

>> No.4851184

She's going to be gen 1 Vshoujo JP: Vshoujo sakura

>> No.4851224

Hmmm, good point

>> No.4851265

>Got scouted by a new company
No new company would be able to hire someone this high profile from the beginning.
>jumping to Nijisanji
In bed with China. Never ever.
>joining Vshojo
Not impossible but I'd rather not think about such a possibility.

Having an avatar does not make one a vtuber if most of the time you show up in 3D.

>> No.4851352

Ayame would join because she can't differentiate between Koreans and chinks

>> No.4851424

Well Coco did say she might come back in "500 years" and considering she's what 3502 and how it relates to her roommate's age it would be like 3 or 4 human years so not impossible.

>> No.4851551

Incompentence, 100%. They weren't just shooting down Coco's ideas. Nene wasn't allowed to play that NGKDICE game or whatever it's called, and even Pekora has publicly complained about a project she really wanted to do being rejected by management.

>> No.4851602

even if you don't have a parasocial relationship with them, you can get attached to them since they become a part of your routine

>> No.4851649

It's a shame. I would have really enjoyed Nene innocently shouting Manko and ochinchin

>> No.4851706


I have to wonder how much Coco is interested in reappearing as a Vtuber, even as an Indie.

She was a regular streamer for five years, and a V-tuber for about a year and half. Obviously she had fun with it, and loves the role playing and fanart and shit, and under better circumstances probably wouldn't have quit, but it's not necessarily the case that she needs or wants to jump back into being a Vtuber again.

Not saying she definitely won't, or definitely will, I don't actually know.

>> No.4851905

In hindsight, she was probably so cringe in that collab because she knew Coco was graduating at that point, and was terrified she would fuck up and say something that gave it away

>> No.4852016

Yeah no

>> No.4852048

As stupid as that sounds, it IS Mori and has precedence for this.

>> No.4852062

Well it's not like she have to cover for COVER this much if she felt betrayed, wronged and forced to graduate against her will, especially since they made it so clear in the official announcement that it was her decision and all that hard to imagine she wouldn't sound sarcastic and joke about it just to give us a hint.

>> No.4852158

She made insane money from vtubing to the point she topped the superchat rankings. She won't be making that kind of money in 3D, she's gonna need a new character. Hell, she's probably leaving so that she can get creative freedom.

>> No.4852160

What if she reincarnated in Vshojo with model even more atrocious than Hime Hajime.

>> No.4852280

it makes gachikoi less generous

>> No.4852339

If there's one thing I can guarantee, it's that she wouldn't have a shit model. She's too high profile for that to happen.

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