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This indie just gained 82k subs in the last 7 hours and reached 300k subs!
Say something nice about her

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Not a vtuber

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What would happen if she starts doing 4chan meme reviews?

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People have been claiming for months now that should a talent graduate their roommate would receive the same amount of support as their Holo self did, and they've been using Kson as an example. It's time to see if that claim actually holds any water.

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Did she dye her hair grey? Why?

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will mods let us have kson threads

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Kson will be at a million subs by the end of the month.

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Turned grey from stress

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I... I love this indie bitch.

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god damn one google search for reps and you failed anon...
stick to reddit, we got new uprising indie to simp for

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She said it was blue but fades away
Maybe she was cosplaying as Suisei

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I hope she updates the model, I ain't jerking off to another koikatsu rip off

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they let the Delutaya thread stay despite the fact that it'll have been a year between the last time she had an avatar in a different life and when she'll get one again

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I love this indie bitch.

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I’m gonna cry anon wtf

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Cosplay I think

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I don't see why not, they allow Senzawa threads since she is also a vtuber.

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Let it out, anon. Tears have healing effects, I've seen it in anime and movies all the time. Maybe you'll revive someone you love.

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don't know what to tell you anon. this board's hololive fanbase is probably 90% redditors who get banned for their posts in the main subreddit so they come here to post them

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Kson love!
Kson-gumi represent!

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shes cute

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Yeah, we have plenty of indie vtuber threads.

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And again Mori will use an orange woman to test the waters and then to do the same thing except applying the lessons learned from her

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Maybe it's because she doesn't stream that much recently, but playboard numbers don't look encouraging for SCs.

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kson inclining hard
vshojo niggers btfo

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Matsuri roommate start streaming again. Guess who gonna graduate next

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Shion revives hers around the same time she's announced to be in meme review

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She's literally pokimane. Only uses that model when she doesn't wanna use any makeup.

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now this makes me wonder how many holos have roommates they can fall back to.

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Has /vt/ ever produce anything other than schizopostings and rrats?

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A million seems extremely unlikely.
Some are dead subs. Some don't know. Some don't care.

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What did she mean by this?

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A-list holos like Marine, Pekora, Rushia or Miko could all quit from that garbage company today and would get 500k subscribers during the first two weeks of their indie adventures.

B-list holos would """struggle""" for a while but still be able to live confortable off donations.

No more Cover taking a 30% cut, and they'd be able to use streamlabs to fuck YouTube over as well. Honestly this will set a precedent and I wouldn't be surprised if we get at least three more graduations this year.

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She'll get a bunch of subs but most won't watch her stuff regularly since she won't be talking about HL memes anymore.

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its a chat room bro...

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Haachama, Pegoora, Aqua. They are all independent enough (within hololive) that they could do this, although Aqua would have to be led by someone else.

The only problem is Pekora is a numbers enjoyer and would only do this when she could know for sure that she would make more money doing it. Expect them to revive or create new accouts over the next few months.

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$9k in her birthday stream today doesn't look bad.

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retarded failed abortionchama

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