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So we're keeping underperforming trash like Mel, Choco, AZKi, Flare, Aki...

But LOSING Coco?!

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Aki....ouch I love my elf girl

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piss off you twat

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Op wants to throw out the actual talents, amazing idea

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If cover trades eop's for china then towa is dead.

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Yeah, because Cover only care about money, that's why the fire their #2 biggest earner and keep the filler members.
Isn't that obvious?

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She's a fucking POP STAR you dimwit. Streaming is a side thing for her, her priority is releasing songs and singing on stage. Stop thinking in fucking numbers and use your fucking brain.

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Last I checked Flare doesn't get the views but has some crazy simps.

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Mel could murder multiple people in broad daylight and they wouldnt fire her after the manager incident.

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The "underperforming" group isn't fucking it up for the others

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Yes “Reddit meme review” so special and unique Reddit memes top tier comedy.

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Unlike Coco, they actually have talent and seem like people who are pleasent to be around with and they also doesn't screech like a banshee with a pole shoved up its cunt.

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If Flare is under performing then most of the company must be in fucking gutter.

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It can't be a financial decision, since Coco earns a shitload of money. She's the second highest earner on youtube. Way more than every other holo besides Rushia, who is about equal to her.

Makes me think Coco decided she was big enough to do things her way.

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Wow, it's almost like, she decided to leave on her own...
Nah, couldn't be

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Reddit meme is shit, the hillarious thing is she shit on their meme and they still simp for her.

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yo anon you do know flare is like 1 of the top earners

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Who bought a 4chan ad for Mel's mama?

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Of course she would leave after the agency she works with practically isolates her so they don't have to fire her.

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Flare has been getting pretty good views recently. Still kind of middle of the pack, but not really low. Definitely wouldn't rank her as underperforming anymore.

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>Flare underperforming
>Flare has "pretty good views"

Negro you for serious?

Check some of her *numbers*. She's fucking broken.

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Clearly they liquidated an entire branch at the cost of millions, got blacklisted from China and pulled out. Just to fire Coco anyway!! Ha-ha, nobody expects the Yagoo Inquisition!

Really though I'd think whatever happened is more complex than Cover just deciding "nah nevermind she's done" and that it seems this was actually decided months ago and was just kept under wraps. Also considering Coco was always rebellious and got restricted hard not long after starting really with the demise of Asacoco it's not implausible a rrat to me that she actually was truly fed up with the situation overall of being on a leash + the spam + being a walking liability to other Holos all in one.

Even if Cover did have second thoughts about China, the situation there changed - they're going to (or did already) implement new in essence anti-Vtuber legislation that makes it damn near impossible to be a streamer there without being a complete CCP bootlick, or to make much money off it under all the hoops they have to jump through now to please the CCP. It'd be outright pretty dumb to come crawling back to them after all this months of shit only for the environment to make it really difficult to operate in anyway.

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>Top 10 most suupa-chat revenue
And the fact that the 3rd gen has the strongest bond of any other gen,. She's not going anywhere.

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Coco wanted to go its her choice

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Yes, thank fuck

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Smartest post so far on the subject. Though I understand why, sadness and lashing out go hand in hand.

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>after the agency she works with practically isolates her so they don't have to fire her.
That happens way more often then you think in japan

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Go fuck yourself gayshit

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Thing go slow in Japan. They tried to get low and eventually get back to china, but antis are too strong.

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Here, have your (you) and I hope you die tonight.

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Happens everywhere, so? are you trying to defend Cover for throwing coco under the bus?

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Im actually mostly sure she left of her own will, because cover was treating her like shit and she started streaming more on the roommate channel, and it's popular enough she doesn't have to deal with a company that hides their biggest earner in a corner because they are afraid of spambots.

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>But LOSING Coco?!
You aren't.
Coco, Haato, Aqua are being moved together for what would be a variety pack version of HoloEN1.5 traveling the world type of thing.
HoloEN will participate with support mostly from Kiara, and collabs from other ENs. While establishing collabs in the JP market which everyone will notice who Cocos new character is, Haato and Aqua will still be themselves.
Chinks will attempt to spam and get shut out due to the Wests turbo virgin mode, they will try to shift to other JP streamers and fail since it will force jewtube to do something about the bots.
Jewtube has a massive new change to its streaming service coming in July that is supposed to help eliminate bot spam from chats since a large number of actual "we bring money" streamers on youtube are getting tired of it.

I know it seems like a L right now. Its not. Let the bugmen click and clack, the bug spray is coming.

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I'm hoping you're right, anon. Honestly, I want to believe any rrat that Coco freely decided to have a new role in the company

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I think what he means is in Japan they don't fire you. They make you miserable enough that you quit on your own

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>that clip where Flare helps Coco in Minecraft and she has to change her chat to members only

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They were testing out the new filter though. Coco's chat was nice and clean when it was active. Things were looking up on that front, it just needed to be rolled out to the rest of the members.

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>we are keeping the ones that don't do shit
>and losing the one that does

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Very cool post hope you cop a ban.

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>Very cool post hope you cop a ban.
This isn't reddit faggot

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she earns more superchat than korone last month

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