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i kneel

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For what? Not like she called out the chink menace.

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She must be smiling while sucking her 3rd daily cock right now

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Vei was right.

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Holos need to gatekeep harder

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Never doubted her. Anyone who defends Cover is a mental vegetable or a gigaweeb.

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No one likes Cover. People like the girls under Cover. And no one likes this slut either.

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Nah still fuck her. Anyone who didn't believe Cover had problems was always deluded, but she still spread blatant misinformation and then doubled down so fuck that.

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Congratulation on your new acquisition. KSon is going to be great

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congratulations on killing hololive, you will be suffering the losses as well, though

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If she's smart, cocolive won't let vshitshow near her group either.

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I never doubted Vstacies for even once in my life.
Truly the pinnacle of western Vtubing, unlike those Holoposers.

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she sacrificed her collab for our sins

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>cocolive won't let vshitshow near her group either.
Kiara already confirmed that she's doing a collab with Nyanners in a few weeks.
It'd be nice if the bugmen were trying to prevent that instead.

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It's hard being so based.

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Vei-sama, I kneel.

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oh how the turn tables

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vei was right all along

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Nope.still a dumb whore

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No. She's still an S tier faggot

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I’m sorry you are a disgusting thot with negative brain cells.

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Eh. A broken clock is right twice a day.

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Imagine /vt/ trying to gatekeep a collab because she was telling the truth and then ultimately getting gatekeeped 10x harder by china

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what did she say? Haven't paid attention last few weeks

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cover is not a good company

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No, she and the rest of Vshitshow will remain in 3rd place at best even if Hololive goes under.

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Coco left on her own behalf. Please disregard vshojonigger comments

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she trashed idol culture and holofurs got mad because they felt attacked

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Even if everyone graduated Hololive, Vshojo are still gross whores for the ironic weeb audience

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>criticized Cover is a black company
>it is
>holocels continue to defend them anyway
The absolute STATE!
Vei-sama, I kneel!

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I've been wondering. What's the source of this accusation?

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I kneel.

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You holobronies were praising hololive just a few days ago. Are you guys really that fragile AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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I kneel. Cover is a black company, and we should have trusted her.

I also kneel to Mori. I wouldn't feel too hyped about my job if I saw my senpai harassed out by management.

Finally, I kneel to Trash Taste bros for not being 100% on board with Hololive. They had insider information from Mori and knew that Cover was betraying Coco.

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She's next

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I kneel, Cover did this so they can work with China again...

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What? The one that Coco got bullied by Cover into graduating? That's Narukami, and of course dumbass anons are buying into it, just like how they bought into Roa bullying Meiro.

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No, the froot cheated on her husband accusation.

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A /k/ thread then again after her debut on /aco/ and many times again throughout /vt/.

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For what? People hate her for the shitty uninformed takes about the talent, >we globaltards are the first ones to shit on cover and their management for the retarded shit they pull

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Veichad I kneel...

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Cover did nothing wrong.

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>People on /vt/ start liking vei now
Based? She's basically the CEO of SEX 2.0

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Even pressured, she never apologized.
What a chad.

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Semen demon... I kneel

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Go back to your old 3D model, Vei. It was too sexy.

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Meanwhile this whore still remains blacklisted from hololive collabs even with coco gone. Way to ruin your whole company lmao

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God she's hot

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Nah, fuck that skank Polish whore.

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she should

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I just love her new model and rigging

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>Vwhorejofags and Veisimps trying to spin this as a gotcha
She's completely off on the reality of Cover's incompetency and spinelessness, her entire rrat was a bunch of dumb misconceptions about how Cover works or how idols work, literally nothing to do with China or the antis or anything that has any bearing on Coco's graduation.
Just cause I see Jaundice and pull shit about how it's definitively liver Cirrhosis and then try and get in the good graces of the person who has it (I'm trying to make an analogy about her trying to collab with Holos after shittalking the company and being a liar/two-faced bitch in general), doesn't mean I'm still vindicated when the dude dies and turns out it was Lupus instead just cause I was "generally correct".
She's also unfunny, untalented, revolting, and incredibly irritating to listen to because of her retarded up-pitching of every sentence so even if she got everything on the money and wasn't duplicitous as fuck I still wouldn't like her, and I don't get why you fags do.

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For what? Has she said anything against China? No? Piss off then.

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>mfw the vthot was right about hololive

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They hated Her because She told them them the truth

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Vsluts whore.

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don't forget her pulling shit out of her ass concerning Aloe's graduation.

>> No.4835872

But she made up garbage about Aloe graduating and still Streisand Effects her own clip to this date
She's a dumb talentless whore who will get her comeuppance one of these days because she streams on twitch

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Huh, it's almost like you should view big corporations with some scrutiny instead of blindly following them and attacking anyone who doesn't

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This but literally.

>> No.4835948

So what does that make Vshojoniggers who blindly follow a "talent agency" run by some guy who used to work for twitch?
Just as retarded?

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I'm sorry you cheated on your boyfriend.

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she's 100% british

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Imagine kson joining vshojo

>> No.4836510

why would she want to sign her soul away to another shady company when she's now a self-made personality

>> No.4838085

fk her and fk cover

>> No.4839777

you don't sign your soul away when you join vshojo, it's their whole selling point

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Not with that accent

>> No.4840214

Thread could've ended here

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Her accent is a mix of bong and burger accents. Polish accent sounds Borat tier.

>> No.4840243

could you give me a quick rundown?

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Literally who?

>> No.4840499

If her mother is polish then she probably speaks English with a more American accent, most Eastern European’s who speak English well, have a more American accent. Vei learned from her, hence jumbled accent.

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You may kiss the tattoo /vt/

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this delutaya girl made some tweets recently pretty cool vtuber you shold check her twitter

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Veibae was indeed wrong, things are actually much worse than she thought.

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I was wrong, Veibae.
Please, forgive me.

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Veibae is a native english speaker born in the UK. She used to speak normal british english but now her accent is americanised because she has been hanging out with american english speakers for years

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God, Vei's design is so hot.

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Can you guys stop this?
I don't want you drama-loving autists anywhere near my chill western whore

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She sounds like a girl who was brought up watching yankee trash on the Disney channel.

>> No.4841795

Yikes, that’s pretty cringe. Imagine having your entire accent tainted because you spend time with Americans.

>> No.4841992

No. In fact, she should apologize to me for having such a disgusting voice.

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I kneel

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Alright VShojofags, you won this one...

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That's kind of hot

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>corps are shit
>to pull off big projects you need corp backing
It's all so tiresome.

>> No.4843282

>big projects
>click amogus
>create lobby
Remember girls no politics

>> No.4843789

Disgusting whore that looks down on idol culture because she comes from a decadent dying society that frowns upon any kind of social standard except "don't hurt peoples' feelings". Some people have higher standards beyond e-whores, because thankfully western non-culture hasn't taken over the world (yet). People like her make me pray for economic and social collapse

>> No.4844019

i kneel

>> No.4844046

Sorry I didn’t believe you, qt

>> No.4844213

Redditors still believe Coco quit on her own lmao

>> No.4844307

>girl says peepee coom
>anon wishes for the collapse of modern society and to get murdered for beans in a ditch

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>> No.4844488

Will Veibae triple down on her comments or will she get told to shut the fuck up in case she actually does get vshitshow completely blackballed from collabs, as they should be?

>> No.4845595

Wrong one.

>> No.4845940

the amount of copium on reddit is insane right now

>> No.4846062

Why would i apologize to a whore, kys Vshitshow fan

>> No.4846401

How can one girl be so based?

>> No.4848250

shouldve been futa

>> No.4848397

I can see why the Nips like her.

>> No.4848657

the absolute state of /vt/, having to grovel back for her forgiveness after making an ass of yourselves

>> No.4849184

Wow you seem really butthurt, how will you ever recover from being so wrong

>> No.4849272

I don't get it, what happened?

>> No.4849388

This thread is stupid. Apologize for what? For not liking this bitch for talking about her mushy period?

>> No.4849472

That all you can muster after getting exposed?
Here you faggots are, looking for any scraps to justify your oshi's terrible conduct and trying to salvage her rep with something unrelated and you have the audacity to be smug?
Vei is still wrong about what she said and she still pulled rrats out of her ass, she still was a duplicitous bitch afterwards, and she's still not worth watching. Nothing that has happened has changed those things.

>> No.4849473

There's literally nothing on her twitter that support's Vei's argument.

>> No.4849861

She deleted a part of her tweets.

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>> No.4849998

>she and her fans are literal zhang goons

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Anon, that's Veibae, not Artia. She's a British vtuber, part of the VShojo group.

>> No.4850312

>Vei told everyone how she was contacted by a former holo and said holo trashed Cover
>no one believed her, because apparently Aloe had "no ill will" for Cover
>now after another huge JP graduation, her roommate comes out publically with a huge rant supporting everything Vei said

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>> No.4850477

God I wish Kiara would fucking learn how shitty Nyanners is and that she hates Gura and her fanbase.
I know Kiara is too stupid to learn or listen but I really wish she would just give up on pink cat and collab with pretty much anyone else.

>> No.4850525

>A person who speaks no English reached out to a person who speaks no Japanese.

do u rele beleeb?

>> No.4850537

delta also claims on the regular that she had 16 orgasms in the last day...

>> No.4850585

For women, that's not a stretch.

>> No.4850678

Knowing this bitch must be having an orgsm with the news of Coco's graduation.

>> No.4850686

What kind of rratium are you on
Anytime nyanners mentioned gura or hololive on stream she had nothing but nice things to say

>> No.4850788

Nyanners did nothing but be super kind, sweet and supportive to Kiara. She just doesn't have the same perspective of the Vjosho girls that /vt/ has.

>> No.4850790

Vei has a huge Japanese fanbase, probably bigger than any other EN indie. Maybe she reached out, maybe Aloe herself did, but them talking to each other with DeepTL's assistance is quite possible.

>> No.4850800

>for women
lmao someone hasnt had a prostate session i see

>> No.4850842

Pink cat betrayed the lolicons and they still seethe to this day

>> No.4850859

She won't, the coward.

>> No.4850907

Now that is a face I want to punch the shit out of everyday.

>> No.4851013

she was right. watch the holoshills try to shame her.

>> No.4851044

Why tho? Vei was a literal who, who had no known position on Hololive/Cover before the infamous clip. Aloe/Delutaya had no reason to speak with her. Maybe Vei is right about Cover being a black company but it would be completely by accident.

>> No.4851149

Not him
Something something 2D is 3D, but I suppose she doesn’t hate her, I hope they talk about cunny if they collab
I don’t hate her compared to others, but I’m not watching your Pink cat, I just avoid her
That’s not what she said, she said that the talents spoke out. Why don’t directly say that she had a contact then?

>> No.4851165

Well well well, look how the tables have turned.
And while /vt/ is shitposting about Vei again, zhangs are throwing a celebration party.

>> No.4851169

For what? All she did was get mad that Cover wont tolerate her whorish behaviour, not that cover was capitulating to China

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I'll be watching her streams. If she doubles down then this will be the final coffin for Vshojo/Hololive collabs.

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>hololive "idols" own nothing
>they graduate into homelessness

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Don't forget to sub while you're there

>> No.4851331

I hope the collab with Kiara actually happens now, really wanted to see them becoming friends

>> No.4851345

>shits on hololive
>supports the mental illness that lgbt is
>ultimately an e-thot whore baiting ironic weebs
she is worse than zhangs, she is poison

>> No.4851351

hololive took Ame from homelessness into being able to afford a house. cope harder

>> No.4851427

>That’s not what she said, she said that the talents spoke out. Why don’t directly say that she had a contact then?
Because Aloe wouldn't want to cause a scene, and she never did so, before now. Obviously she asked Vei to keep things hush-hush, and if someone asks, to not point at Aloe.

>> No.4851428

And? That’s part of the contract
Nobody has issues with that part dipshit, that’s one of the few true facts she told

>> No.4851466

Yeah I'm sure coco is homeless right now fucking retard

>> No.4851471

Ah yes Coco will definitly end up on the street and not get a huge boost on her roommate.
Vei is still a retard and will always stay one

>> No.4851480

>afford home
making enough for a mortgage isn't affording anything. once you get older you'll realize that.

>> No.4851486


Nah, sorry falseflagging Zhang, but the world literally became a much worst place because of you. Even if you play 4chan's buttons like that it'll be a very hard case to push, Veibae is a young dumb girl, but China is raw evil.

>> No.4851512

>shitting on Hololive bad
After all this you fags still can't accept that it's a black company. Sad.

>> No.4851520

>He talks as if idol culture was anything but shit.

It's the most retrograde, retarded, Neanderthal crap to ever come out of Japan.

>> No.4851521

Based Vei supporting her favorite chubas. Kys zhang

>> No.4851524

>moves goalposts

>> No.4851556

Now let's see your hololive personalities pull that off.

>> No.4851603

>japan has low birthrate problem
>creates a consumer subculture around parasocial relationships

>> No.4851637

>holobronies like getting touched in the butt
i literally can't make this shit up if i tried

>> No.4851651

lmao so her shit rrats did come directly from artia after all

>> No.4851670

Ill accept its a black company when Fubuki leaves as written by the pact. Not because some cumbrained anti who can only watch women streamers if they talk about sex dicks piss and shit said it was

>> No.4851686

The most reddit post in VT history.

>> No.4851694

Schizoposting really runs wild today
Fuck the CCP, but also take your meds

>> No.4851725

admit that she works for the zhang, so do you.

>> No.4851734

I fucking hate China but I also hate you for being a simpleminded tribalist

>> No.4851753

Show me your whore doing that on stream nigger. You got nothing and you are nothing

>> No.4851765

Nobody said the Japanese were smart

>> No.4851817

>muh fubukki
Your Canary is now a Crow. She is corrupted now by Pooh and Yagoo's tiny dick.

>> No.4851819

thats not what she actually looks like

>> No.4851821

and USA is not evil? KEK nice bait retard

>> No.4851888

Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha

>> No.4851890

>he cant help but mention sex in his rebuttal
sasuga vshojo coomers

>> No.4851977

I don't see your point.

People are perfectly capable of both hating the Chinese and agreeing that Cover is incompetent and shady

>> No.4852113

Holobronies truly a lost cause.

>> No.4852152


>> No.4852177

If becoming one of you means being found Id rather stay lost thanks

>> No.4852178

He is literally a Cover shill. He is in this thread too

>> No.4852187

Sasuga shitposting

>> No.4852189

>b-but USA
USA might as well burn for all I care, hopefully one day you and them just finally nuke each other. But until them learn that in websites like this most people you are arguing with are not even American.

>> No.4852263

Yes it is. The clip where she shittalks Cover was before she got this model, so she looks different there.

>> No.4852414

you can pretend to hate zhangs but you seem very happy for what they accomplished just now, congrats on helping them

>> No.4852460

>it's 2020, the peak of hololive Taiwan/Aloe bullshit
>some people in Vei's chat ask her how she feels about all the stuff happening
>she gives her honest opinion based on stuff she's heard from her close friends, but doesn't disclose anything further than it was "a former hololive talent"
>probably didn't realize how much this narrowed it down
>people close in on Aloe but they think she left on amicable terms because she never talked shit directly about Cover
>Vei swallows her pride and refuses to elaborate further, taking all the blame on herself about "lying" and "talking out of ass"

>months later
>Vei is now a pretty big vtuber, among the biggest on Twitch
>Kiara would love to collab with her
>antis dig up old clips of Vei "lying about Cover"
>she has every opportunity to name her source but refuses to keep her friend safe
>she has every opportunity to put her head down and apologize for "lying" but refuses because she knows the truth
>instead turns the collab down

>another month or so passes
>vei was right all along, turns out aloe wasn't so happy about being made to leave after all
>all this time Vei kept her friend's privacy while refusing to hide the truth, taking all the shit she got from everyone by herself
>yet she receives no apology from anyone

so we'll hunt her because she can take it...

>> No.4852543

Is this tweet supposed to be discriminating or show her in a bad light in any way?
Is it really the worst you could find?
And she is right, I watch Vtubers because of their personality, not because of company behind them.
Companies are never your friend.

>> No.4852581


>> No.4852665

peak schizophrenia.

>> No.4852671

You just don't have the perspective that is not being a corporate bootllicker. I'm not forced to pick a side.

I'll keep supporting their company as long the girls are in a comfortable place where she and their fans can be happy. Cover needs to know that people are angry, and that they disapprove the way they do things, otherwise you will just be enabling them to keep destroying what you love.

There's faggots that literally go around hating some of the girls, shitting on them all the time and being obsessive antis, you probably did the same. But "oh no, you're not allowed to criticize a company?" Oh please.

>> No.4852746

Vwhorejo hoes need to collectively stop drawing breath.

>> No.4852749
File: 1.80 MB, 2733x1840, 1536703081000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>saying Taiwan is asian hate
Go back to the gole you crawled out of, normalfag.

>> No.4852758

>swallows her pride
She sure swallows a lot of things but a western whore wont swallow her pride

>> No.4852759

Where did she says this?

>> No.4852799

Are you unironically watching vshojo as a political statement and not because you enjoy the content? Thats kind of sad.

>> No.4852818

Could you be any more easily baited? I bet you reply to every post with the word "incel", "chud" or "latinx" in it too.

>> No.4852865

Thank you for taking the bait
You are way too emotional to be an anon

>> No.4852888

Woman tough as steel.

>> No.4852894

I don't watch vjosho, no idea where you moving those goalposts but you way too far out of the field

>> No.4852912


>> No.4852928
File: 117 KB, 385x216, 1623208081539.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Transcript
"I actually... I hate that. Like, that side of Hololive that roleplays. Because it like, when you know, about all like the uhm... background stuff, that they have to do just to be in Hololive and how they have to be roleplaying it's like spooky. Hololive personalities don't own their model. They don't have any decision making when it comes to how they look like. They don't own their YouTube or their social media. If they get fired, they lose everything. Yeah, it's called graduation, it's so fucked up, dude! Fuck that shit! You get graduation into homelessness that's so fucked! [reads comment: They promote their talents as idols.] Yeah, fuck, then they get doxed and shit. I dunno I hate it. I like, I like the uh, streamers, I think. I don't know, I don't know like what I like. I like the roleplay but the whole idol culture is so messed up. It's hard for me to watch Hololive a little bit. It feels really scripted, no? Yeah I think, I think that they just have to stay in roleplay. They literally support a terrible company. After the actual idols that have left Hololive talked about it, and the way that they're treated... Keep defending it dude."

So, which part were rrats and which part is ffacts /vt/? I'll curse this company forever and ever and its zhang contractors. or we can come to an agreement that vei is still a bitch for spreading unfounded rrats... I'm open to either side.

>> No.4852966

she literally said she hates the company but loves the talent, do you just eat all the rrats without even listening to anything?

>> No.4853019

people shit on veibae of talking shit about cover and calling them a black company that doesn't protect their talents>>4818268

>> No.4853026

Veibae is veibased.

>> No.4853036
File: 48 KB, 139x162, 1617167165721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haha gottem xD

>> No.4853071

NTA you were replying to but
>You just don't have the perspective that is not being a corporate bootllicker. I'm not forced to pick a side.
reads like you think people watch holos and only holos because they are forced to or something

>> No.4853127

May God bless you

>> No.4853146

seeing all these holofags finally wake up is hilarious, its almost like they have no brain and only jump from trend to trend, its like reactionaries in America, holy shit lmao

>> No.4853152

>he doesn't know

>> No.4853206


>> No.4853289

no collab lol

>> No.4853340

I agree with her. Kayfabe is fun, but when you realize how much shit there is behind the scenes, things become much dicier.

>> No.4853351

you are a fucking retard.
narukami isn't even close to being the first person to cover this,
few others have LITERALLY talked about this 2 weeks IN ADVANCE, meaning this whole thing was something a lot of people in the jp community knew in advance

>> No.4853380

no vtuber lol

>> No.4853386

Everyone on /vt/ knows that Cover is shit, it's only plebbit that sucks Tanigo's cock on a daily basis.

Vcringe is still edgy garbage.

>> No.4853394

Only autists care about the behind the screen, it applies to any form of media

>> No.4853440

>The one that Coco got bullied by Cover into graduating
everyone who watch hololive know that

>> No.4853489

I wish you could just ignore what happens there, but then you get shit like this or Aloe, and it becomes much harder to ignore fucking anything. How am I supposed to cheerfully support my oshi when I know she's one yab away from getting her metaphorical head lopped off by the management?

>> No.4853502
File: 267 KB, 675x1200, 1622686291804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont you get dizzy trying to spin this as hard as you can?

>> No.4853538

I have no idea how can you read my post and take that as conclusion, maybe retards like you should check the context in a conversation before butting in. The whole point of the faggot I'm arguing with is that somehow Veibae is worse than the Chinese after everything they did.

>> No.4853566

>She sure swallows a lot of things
>doesn't shower
>lives with her parents
i don't think she gets a lot of action desu. probably more pure than the average hololive.

>> No.4853574

most streamers use kayfabe, even vshojo.

>> No.4853599

I apologize, to Reddit
They tried to warm me about this place
Fucking Coco graduates and everyone is only interested in tribalism and spreading rrats
I’ll come back once the month ends

>> No.4853610

Holy cope. Her body count is in the triple digits.

>> No.4853621

what was it?

>> No.4853668

and they can take it away just as fast

>> No.4853722

Yeah, and Vei agrees with that. But the more this vtuber thing evolves, the more we become aware that kayfabe is not the only thing we should be aware of.

>> No.4853747

It takes a lot for a man to turn down a blowjob, she'd have to be downright repulsive.

>> No.4853787

Do Delta and Veibae communicate with each other? An Anon posted a translated Twitter thread where Delta was almost saying the exact same thing as Vei was

>> No.4853849

This is what we want to find out. Because if they do, it does essentially vindicate Vei. People might still not like her for, reasons known to themselves, but it would prove that what she said was probably true.

>> No.4853883

Vei is far from ugly even if the pictures she posts are filtered.
she's literally employed by Amazon and makes thousands of dollars in donations every stream
>doesn't shower (or shave)
This is fixed at her discretion in 30 minutes to an hour.

>> No.4853896

holy shit the holobronies trying to cover their own tracks. of course they would be scanning /vt/ at this time.

>> No.4853897

delusional lol. she's a literal incel

>> No.4853931

you realize psychologists have already shown that the ones who have sex the most are the ones who mention it the least.

she literally acts like a kid that just discovering sex and sex words, shes more likely to have literally never even touched another person

>> No.4853936

Femcels don't exist and if they do Vei certainly fucking isn't one. You've seen her pictures, right?

>> No.4853959

>Vei is far from ugly even if the pictures she posts are filtered.
We're not sure if the pictures she posted on Twitter are actually her pictures, she never elaborated on that.

>> No.4853960

This >>4852928 definitely not the same as this >>4850084

>> No.4853966

please stop already, your virgin is showing

>> No.4854007

...She literally streamed with webcam on

>> No.4854042

It's in the same spirit of "Holos good, Cover bad, give your idols some breathing room you niggers". She made those tweets just now, while Vei had her rant back in September. Both obviously share their views on Cover.

>> No.4854084

Nyanners did, not Vei. She started out as a faceless OW streamer and then became a Vtuber.

>> No.4854138

Vei was right. I'm so sorry Vei
Fuck Hololive, I hope Coco joins vshojo and finally gets the collabs she wanted

>> No.4854153

search veibae twitter, she didnt even change her account to vtube

>> No.4854206 [DELETED] 

[spoierl]it was artia, not aloe

>> No.4854226

She's still an unrepentant rrat whore

>> No.4854242

That doesn't make sense, Vei ranted about Cover before Coco mentioned Taiwan.

>> No.4854250

it was artia, not aloe

>> No.4854283

I did, and I've seen the photos with merch. But no videos or anything.

>> No.4854343

The clip of Vei talking bad about hololive that got spread around when she was gonna collab with kiara. The person who uploaded it to YouTube literally took it down a few minutes after it was posted here.

>> No.4854377

I wouldn't kiss her body anywhere. Imagine the taste from all the dried up cum from other men

>> No.4854438

that doesn't really prove much just that she wanted artia to stay on twitch, but she also mentioned aloe as well

>> No.4854488

>I don't like hololive and also don't watch vshojo i just come here to rant about China and companies doing business with them
cope or >>>/pol/

>> No.4854579

>vshojo viewers call holobronies incels for liking girls who dont talk about sex all day
>love to watch a sex obsessed incel and simp hoping she will have sex with them one day
the ultimate and final projection

>> No.4854623

Apologise? To a woman?


>> No.4854684

Veisimps are spinning this faster than her cock turnover rate at this point.
Literally nothing changed about her being wrong with her rrats and citing """"sources"""" that didn't exist. Cover being incompetent was well known since before even Holocaust days so don't try and make her out to be some sort of whistleblower instead of a liar who pushed false narratives cause of sour grapes.
People just didn't want someone that duplicitous collabing with the Hololive talents, and her not owning up to her retardation makes it worse.

>> No.4854728

kys sandnigger

>> No.4854801


>> No.4854820

Sure bro. And Aloe is totally best buds with Cover Corp, just like you were saying all this time.

>> No.4855016

I was hesitant for a while, but I’ll renew my sub with her now. Sorry Vei, you were right all along despite not always being accurate or coming off as bitter and selfish.

>> No.4855066

every reason she gave for hating the company overlapped with the talents and was uninformed normie bullshit
cover is shit, vei is shit, youre a retard
kill yourself

>> No.4855069

You what m8? Don't mix me up with whatever schizo you're thinking of, Aloe is the same type of absolute menhera slut that gossips about shit she didn't know about. If I was a nijinigger and someone made rrats about graduated talent that was unsubstantiated I'd be fucking livid too.
The difference of course being, Nijiniggers took it too far and harassed her irl and led to her attempting to an hero, and her shitty irl circumstances definitely didn't help either.
Holofags just didn't want someone who shat out rrats out of her ass citing a phantom source collabing with talents, neither did they want someone so duplicitous/two-faced. I'm sure there was also a sizeable contingent of people who just didn't want absolutely vile whores like her collabing with the Holos either.
There was NEVER any targeted harassment though, just a bunch of shitflinging on a Laos bamboo puppet show forum between antis and simps.

>> No.4855104

>Aloe is totally best buds with Cover Corp

>> No.4855281

Ironically, she would be able to collab with Melody, swear and even keep ownership of her alt character. Vshojo does have a good contract, eh.

>> No.4855399
File: 452 KB, 424x414, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Today, I will remind them.

>> No.4855563

Veibae basically said that Cover was scummy and that she was concerned for the talents, because they lose their characters and the company using creepy euphemisms like "graduation".
In the description of that video, the Holofag that uploaded that was gloating about how Veibae was full of shit.
The uploader and the comment section were saying stuff like "even Aloe only said good things about Cover after graduating", which we now know is full of shit.

>> No.4855668
File: 303 KB, 750x741, 1621641258492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i feel physically hurt listening to this

>> No.4855673

Holy shit, so this is literal damage control from idolfags.

>> No.4855679

> I agree with her. Kayfabe is fun, but when you realize how much shit there is behind the scenes, things become much dicier.
She never said that though. She called the talent fake, stated everything they do is scripted, and that idol culture is some horrid “toxic” mentality despite all of that being 100% applicable to a majority of Twitch streamers as well. She also either flat out lied when talking about knowing a former graduated talent or was getting her info from Artia, both of which come with a whole can of worms of their own.
Also her calling Cover a black company isn’t the issue. ThingsCoverShouldDoForTheirTalent.txt existed well before that clip of her did, the issue is she acted (and probably still does) all high and mighty on a subject that she had no clue about and that she was in no position to comment on since she was no better. Because the moment someone from VShoujo eventually decides to pack it up you just know there will be a ginormous shitstorm that follows with them too.

>> No.4855694

And the Americans, they enjoy this?

>> No.4855705

The absolute state of Holofags

>> No.4855753

Based, I forgot to buy meat today.

>> No.4855783

She has a point but I still find her personality offputting and prefer to watch Holos

>> No.4855785

We are witnessing a conspiracy here. The rrats are right, even Narukami's.

>> No.4855794

Coco for VshojoJP?

>> No.4855807

Right, three sentences is a "meltdown" now. I know you smoothbrain cretins don't like to read, but at least try to make a rebuttal if you won't consneed

>> No.4855838

>the issue is she acted (and probably still does) all high and mighty on a subject that she had no clue about
Wow, not to derail the thread but that reminds me of another faggot who is constantly spouting his retarded poorly researched opinions.

>> No.4855853

I know it will happen eventually (to all of them) but I wouldn't wish graduation on anyone even hypotetically.
I agree however with your post in principle. It wont look too great on vshojo or veibe's tweets when they do finally have a graduation, or on vtubing as a whole someone leaves altogether.

>> No.4855863

>The uploader and the comment section were saying stuff like "even Aloe only said good things about Cover after graduating", which we now know is full of shit.
Read the thread nigger >>4854250
Also she still talked shit about about the talents for supporting Cover. Vei is still a piece of shit and will always stay a piece of shit.
Also here is the original video so you fags cant spin this anymore

>> No.4855896

I kneel.... I'm sorry

>> No.4855957


>> No.4855977

Why is idol culture such a boogeyman anyway? It's not like Hololive is the only vtuber group out there, what's up with them sticking to a selling point?

>> No.4855990

Based Connor.

>> No.4856054

I'm kneeling into three inches of diarrhea and period chunk stew.

>> No.4856068


im sorry vei
im sorry you are a polish whore
im sorry that you will never have as much respect or influence as orange dragon
im sorry that all your coworkers are twitch thots
im sorry your company is already struggling to stay relevant outside of twitch
im sorry that someone with more skill did not get your avatar
im sorry that you have nothing to offer but crass toilet humour or sexualisation
im sorry for your paypigs
im sorry for your dance instructor
im sorry for your parents and brother having to deal with you
im sorry for the men who double teamed your asshole

>> No.4856076

So why did they decide to remove the video now?

>> No.4856077


>> No.4856096

Anon, there's a transcript of what she said in this thread. She didn't call anyone fake, she said that having to wave and smile as one of your close friends gets fired for retarded reasons, without being able to say anything, is fucking disgusting. And idol culture, which was the reason for Aloe's graduation, is also retarded. And she's right about both.
Don't be a retard. Vei's commends were made long before Artia's graduation. Aloe was rightfully pissed with Cover, and she still is.

>> No.4856126

Isn’t that video just him talking about some specific over zealous fans and not about Cover or Hololive? I’ve seen people mention it but all I’ve gleaned from watching it is that he doesn’t really “get” idol culture and that he thinks some fans are cringe. If there’s some shit I don’t know then I apologise, but I don’t see the problem in that specific clip.

>> No.4856151

I dont know ask them not me

>> No.4856154

>sad moment where people should be thinking about coco
>no, lets make it about shilling someone not related to it at all because she has some vague connection in the past to the company

>> No.4856172

V-shojo fags are slowly taking over this board, are they?

>> No.4856260

She has tweeted about having a boyfriend and has talked about having sex in college.

>> No.4856301

I don't what Artia has to do with it. The comment section definitely was using Aloe as an example of "look how good Cover is"
>Vei hates Japanese idols and idol culture
Me too. Most westerners too.
>Hololive uses scripts
Also true
>"graduation" is creepy
Also true
>kayfabe is forced
This is the only false thing she said.
Veibae is based

>> No.4856320

Reddit hates idols. They think idols are misogynistic creations of the patriarchy and girls who go into it are groomed.

>> No.4856329

They are how normies find their way into the vtuber community yes. Gatekeep now or your hobby will be co-opted by western feminists like mtg and warhammer

>> No.4856358

>Hololive is over

>> No.4856399

Multiple Hololive vtubers have over a million subscribers. There are several viral memes based around the talents. Most Hololive fans only joined the vtubing hobby in 2020, 3 years after the initial vtubing boom, making them the newfag invaders. It is far too late to gatekeep.

>> No.4856487

>idol culture, which was the reason for Aloe's graduation
I can't believe it's current year current month and people still believe that Aloe dying has more to do with muh idol culture and muh boyfriend dildo sashimi than Aloe pissing off rabid Nijisanji corporate bootlickers with her leaked stream.
Let me riddle you this, why is it that most of the Holo roommates have been doxxed by antis before and have been shown to be titty streamers and e-thots or even had circumstantial evidence pointing towards them having had boyfriends before yet not one of them had received as much targeted harassment irl? Why the fuck do you guys think the one Holo that shittalked Ichikara with a baseless rrat was the one who got the most animosity targeted towards her? Are you guys pretending to be retarded or are you seriously just stereotypical english only pleb clipviewers that don't know a lick of japanese and parrot whatever they hear from regurgitated narratives and shitty """"""""translators"""""""" on YT who are bad at both english and japanese?
Everything points to a fringe group of Nijisanji hyperautists cum holoantis looking for any ammo at all to fuel the fire; yet you guys, deaf and blind as you are, fall for their narratives completely and divide the Hololive fanbase between the japanese and the kaigainikki because people think idolfags/purity autists are to blame when most jp fans didn't and still don't care about all that shit.
I guess the streamer really does reflect the viewers as both of you parrot false narratives and talk shit about stuff you don't understand.
It's like your entire understanding of idol culture is second hand information you heard about AKB48 or the Sakamichi series or some nebulous assumption concerning a dating ban or purityfaggotry or whatever. Idol culture isn't just AKB or Morning Musu, there's a bunch of different subgenres that idol groups fill in Japan and that's why you get groups like Migma Shelter or Minanaro or ANALSEXPENiS or Dots Tokyo; thing is "Idol culture" is just a boogeyman for you to use whenever you want your specific brand of degenrate entertainment to be the norm.

>> No.4856494

>about some specific over zealous fans
No, I think he just has a natural disdain for all hololive fans and believes they're all unicorns.
There's no direct comparison I wanted to draw, it's more so the fact it's just another western influencer who feels welcome to openly talk about subjects he has very little knowledge in.

>> No.4856555

Hololive is how normies find vtubers, don't be delusional

>> No.4856562
File: 15 KB, 689x256, 1615148020131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4856631

Meds, now.

>> No.4856639

I think you mean HoloEN

>> No.4856700

Won't say anything? Just gonna accept what I said to be true (cause it is)?
More power to you.

>> No.4856751

There is no fucking vtuber Community. 99% of this board only watches hololive, and knows nothing about vtubers outside it. The only thing they know is that kizuna ai is the "first vtuber".

There's a million vtubers out there and they all speak different languages and are on different platforms. They all have their own fanbases. The idea of gatekeeping vtubing as a concept is the stupidest thing ever, especially coming from people who mostly know nothing about them.

>> No.4856788

Thats why its a good thing theyre not allowed to talk about things that go against their idol image. The company gatekeeps degenerates out of the content which is what make you subvertive cucks so angy

>> No.4856791

>meltdown 2
The absolute state of Holofags

>> No.4856794

>And idol culture, which was the reason for Aloe's graduation, is also retarded. And she's right about both.
It’s legitimately impressive how you’re able to completely expose that you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about, I guess Veikeks really do have something in common with their oshi. First off, when Aloe’s ‘SEKSU’ tweets came out people gave them shit but they didn’t go on some puritan rampage that you just schizo’d up. They went on a rampage after a twitcast was also found where she started shitting on Niji management, the rest is history. You would actually have to be informed to know, but you can keep schizoing something up so you can make your queen Vei happy, I bet she’ll be happy when she sees it.

>> No.4856803

The easiest way to our newfag redditors is to say you like idols. It's honestly funny how easily it puts them. Their hatred for it is on a psychological level.

>> No.4856845

If he ever visited this place I wouldn’t be surprised if he had sustain for the Hololive fans. Someone in another thread said “fences make good neighbours” and I’m realising while all the people that are mentioned here (TT, Hololive, Vshojo etc), have a place, that their adjacency shouldn’t become more than that.

>> No.4856907

>The company gatekeeps degenerates out of the content
If by "degenerates" you mean LGBT types just look at KFP. In an Animal Crossing stream, one of the islands she visited had a trans flag on the wall. Whoever you're attempting to gatekeep has already infiltrated the community a long, long time ago. Not to mention Mori's recent Trash Taste collabs which 90% of her audience received positively.

>> No.4856958

Still waiting on that rebuttal
It'd be less maddening if they actually knew anything at all about idols or could name more than five groups instead of parroting bullshit they ascribe to the scene because of an agenda of theirs or whatever. Hololive attracts this sort of autism where the fans think idol culture is some weird puritanical blood contract where you aren't allowed to so much as look in a males direction, while antis and vwhorejo-types go to the opposite extreme and attribute stuff to idol culture that it doesn't have to pull Hololive down and proselytise for their brand of western ethot degeneracy

>> No.4856961

of course its the EN gang lmao

>> No.4856996

this would be true if r/hololive didn't suck the absolute dick out of cover

>> No.4857038

>one of the islands she visited had a trans flag on
Did Kiara react to it?

>> No.4857068
File: 2.57 MB, 1920x2400, 1611341010028.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep sucking Yagoo's cock, m8. Maybe he will be merciful and send your oshi flowers after graduating her. You don't have to worry about others too, she will be memory-holed so well that even her genmates will forget about her existence the next day.

>> No.4857071

idol culture is the leash that keeps whores at bay, anyone who attacks it is either a literal cuck or a legbeard

>> No.4857086
File: 174 KB, 1598x2048, 1592186492100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reddit idolfag holobronies vs chad 4chan vshojo degenerates

>> No.4857087

you have japanophile brainworms if you think marine's fans aren't "degenerates" and that she's any better than a vshojo whore

>> No.4857094

She turned the camera away quickly after she saw it and played it off well, but the chat went crazy with "trans rights" retardation.

>> No.4857129

Doubling down on retardation and misconception. Like whore, like paypig.

>> No.4857142

i hope this is pasta. if not, calm the fuck down bro. we can clearly see you’re quite passionate about this whole idol shit, but have you ever asked yourself why are there so many “hyperautists” in these communities (enough to physically harm the talents and cause so much drama) in the first place? you don’t even need to look at the threads here, there are some real hardcore schizos on twitter too. who cares right, the idol “boogeyman” is totally healthy and we should all embrace it.

>> No.4857143

>lgbt types
bro all holo idols are openly lesbians what are you projecting for.

>> No.4857216

Just keep on sucking.

>> No.4857269

I can't believe the website full of degeneracy is even trying to act morally pure about this.

>> No.4857288
File: 135 KB, 750x728, 9d3180d647de0e907d6a593710cfb782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont you have to join some discord channels?

>> No.4857317

very true

>> No.4857370

Point me to any stream or any tweet where Marine has ever talked about guzzling cum or her one night stands or her fetid womb lining coating her vagina in pus. Literally nobody cares about her talking about her goddamn doujin tastes.
You vwhorejofags love to conflate their degeneracy with Holos who talk about raunchier stuff but even fucking Choco and Mel aren't as crass as the polish slut, nor does any Holo depend on any sort of grossout peepeepoopoocumsex humor as their bread and butter.
I'll wait forever, clipwatcher.

>> No.4857687
File: 280 KB, 687x458, holo meds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and that she hates Gura and her fanbase.

How in the fuck did you even come up with that shit lmao

>> No.4857704

You can stick to your own safespaces then, just don't peddle your false narratives as fact to try and strongarm people into falling in line with your brand of western degeneracy. If you don't follow, just don't condone shit like Vei collabing with the Holos.
I've mentioned my problems with Holofags and their retarded hardline stance on what idol culture entails already, I'd sooner side with that than see subversive types ruin something out of some misplaced sense of morality or cultural hegemony.
Listen to some altidol groups for a change.

>> No.4858111

So what exactly is the difference between idol culture and twitch simping culture anyway?
Both seem transactional when it comes to peddling parasocialization.
I guess idols have the whole watching their growth thing going for them as well as all of the Japanese conventions that have been passed down over centuries (they're pretty much modern day Geisha), and I'm not as well versed as the alt-idol autist ITT but he mentions all of the different niches and genres they fill. Meanwhile twitch thots or whatever the hell is the accepted name for them are much more upfront about what they do and why they do it, there's barely any abstraction at all and I'm sure there's a lot of people that appreciate that.
What delineates them for you guys?

>> No.4858140

afaik the vshojos (vei and nyan specifically) are the only big vtubers confirmed to still actively use 4chan
vshojo are /ourgirls/, hololive and associated idols are /jp/'s girls

>> No.4858191

with idol culture you know that your money passes through the hands of a grooming 50yo japanese executive before a cut of it reaches your pure waifu, and said executive also controls what your waifu can and can't say or do
in a sense being an idolfag is the ultimate cuckoldry

>> No.4858207

Do you hate sex?

>> No.4858247

this is the /jp/ containment board, how new?

>> No.4858330

Not taking over but Vshojo is inclining for sure.

>> No.4858386

with twitch vtubers your money goes to supporting the lifestyle of a woman who will hang out with popular male streamers and let you watch as she flirts and simps over another man, afterwards she will recount to you all the sexual things she wants to or has done with that person while the viewers masturbate and praise their queen for being sexually liberated. In a sense being a twitch simp is the ultimate cuckoldry

>> No.4858400

when you donate to vei your money goes towards beer, hot skeb fanart and her tipping guys with weird dicks on chaturbate telling them to cum faster

when you donate to a hololive vtuber about 90% of your money goes to youtube/japanese salarymen/taxes and the rest goes to food and rent so your oshi can barely survive living in tokyo

>> No.4858452

moralfags should neckthemselves,
morality is a spook. altruism is masochism.
god is dead, and the world is yours.

you are the unique and the ego is your property

>> No.4858463
File: 33 KB, 1000x500, 1601736375829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my tribe good other tribe bad

>> No.4858522

In Hello Project's case most of it would probably go to Tsunku and I think literally every single fan of theirs is fine with that. Idolmaster-fags and similar multimedia idol franchises also appreciate the brand over anything else.
What you said is also blatantly untrue for startup idol groups and any smaller idol group in existence, which there is an absolute surfeit of in Japan. This is going into /biz/ territory and geopolitics, but there is literally no nip in existence who will think their consumerism and buyfaggotry is a bad thing or should be stopped since it's drilled into their heads early on how much deflation fucks with their economy what with it stagnating it for close to three decades now. There is nothing that will ever sound worse to the Bank of Japan than "People aren't spending their money" since that will fuck up the target inflation they want to attain.

>> No.4858523

One is engineered or steered by a company into certain norms and guidelines to keep a job
The other does their shit on their own and isn't wholly owned by a corporate entity
That's it. It's just about how much control some seedy executive has over them.
Holos, Nijis and Indies are all just ethots but with a cartoonish looking outer shell

>> No.4858677

I hate people making false dichotomies. Shit like Matsuri's lolifaggotry or Marines coombait or the SKB-bu's h-manga writing sessions are funny to me. Vei's grossout humor and general crassness and reliance on nothing but it as her bread and butter is revolting to me. People who think the two are the same are fucked in the head or are purposefully being disingenuous

>> No.4858694

Local schizos made a shitstorm from NijiEN's Fish making a fart joke on twitter. These fags would faint at the sight of goatse.

>> No.4858893

I’d say Stirner himself would be proud, but he was so based that he thought that people agreeing with him was cringe.

>> No.4858899

So I take it you don't watch porn right?
It was outright pathetic how hard they made themselves become upset at a fart joke.

>> No.4858939

Not him but I'm pretty sure Twitch counts somewhat when it comes to a company that steers content towards what is and isn't acceptable with their terms of service, you also support twitch when you support the streamer and I don't know if anyone is actually okay with that, even the people who watch nothing but Twitch

>> No.4858967


kizunai ai isn't even the first vtuber that goes to ami yamato or eliene, all these newfags like the retard scamboli literally think kizuna ai and hololive are like the only vtubers then complain about them being monotonous....

>> No.4859013

>I take it you don't watch porn right?
I don't, what does that have to do with anything?
I find myself skimming lewds from time to time just for the titillation and the art and sotries but I barely masturbate anymore ever since getting hitched

>> No.4859092

this board is literally filled with reddit tourists who pretend like their old fags lmao,

should have seen 2011-2014 when cumdost and pinkcat were constantly posting the most degen shit in these boards, these retarded tourists acting like literally normies going "OH my pure pure idols are different than these whoreessss" man i guess 4chan really is dead, everyone moved to 7chan guess it died as well

>> No.4859182

There are a bunch of protovtubers to be honest. You can make the case for stuff like Super Sonico or the NND Cookie Anekis who came earlier than Eilene or Ami to be the trailblazers. Or someone like Weatherroid Ponko establishing alot of the conventions we take for granted now like the separation of roommate (producer in her case) and vtuber personality.
People just call Kizuna AI the first Vtuber since she coined the term and popularized the short video format that made it into a thing.

>> No.4859298

Goaste is funny, but not when women do it. Thats uncouth male humour.

>> No.4859346

There's also a bunch of red boards and porn boards if you haven't noticed.
Don't misconstrue the allegation, this entire board is a /jp/ tumor and discourse as a whole has been shaped by /jp/ conventions and Holofag's autistic brand of idolfaggotry. People are right to call out alot of the subversive types to be tourists, all of the people who actually were here before the creation of /vt/ were and still are in /aco/.

>> No.4859363
File: 37 KB, 559x392, quick rundown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let me see it

>> No.4859537

>there's a transcript of what she said in this thread
yes, we can literally all read it.
yet, a couple retards are still in here acting like what she said was reasonable
So many things to criticize cover for, and she misses all of them instead exposing her ignorance

>> No.4859580
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meanwhile on nyanners' stream

>> No.4859629

What a thread of absolute spinning, should have been over from here >>4834137

>> No.4859653

>its in the same spirit
not good enough retard

>> No.4859678

not really, he thought that people who agreed with him for validation were stupid.

but if it was within your self interest to have similar views as him, then it is your own ego guiding you not some spooked longing for fake belonging of validation.
in order to be an egoist you must first reject egoism itself and create your own form of egoism, that is the core of its philosophy

>> No.4859721

So does Nyanners actually denounce 4chan or what? I've never been able to follow her flipflopping over the years but it always seemed to me like she went for maximum grift every time

>> No.4859931

technically lots of vtubers had the short video format, kizuna ai wasn't the first for that one ether, she got popular because of googles deepmind being popular at the time and pretending to be an actual ai and some people actually believed it for a short while.
and desu you can even say ZONE tan is one of the first vtubers.
but the reason why i say eliene is because she was the first person to actually follow the shit posting show video style, with the exagerated voices and also ironicly you know the shit posting asacoco style you see coco do? that shit has literally been done by eliene since 2014. one thing i absolutely hate upd8 and cover for doing, is normalizing this whole idol bullshit in the vtuber industry, it basicly destroyed any innovation and stagnated the whole industry, at this point the only innovated vtubers are indies at this point, i meantion eliene a lot also because i see her do very interesting 360% style videos, which literally no vtuber has done before her, and also holographfitii was literally inspired by her as well (she even appears in one of the earlier ones as a collab) and these days i feel like shes literally the only vtuber who still tries new things and innovates, while EVERYONE ELSE JUST fucking plays apex and minecraft for fucks sake.

>> No.4860036

>JP holo
>who only wanted to stay low at the time
>talks with literally who twitchtuber
>through deepl
>and says things that are verifiably untrue
impressive rrat retard
fucking mongrel

>> No.4860049

she got hundreds of death threats after she took down her loli video (which she did because people tracked her down irl and told her friends and family about it)
and then she denounced this site and spluged to tumblr for a few years, but now i think shes back as she also denounced tumblr as well

>> No.4860119

she did it eight years ago
she's moved on since, antis have not

>> No.4860211

It was Nijisanji with Live2D that changed the meta imo. I can't really fault upd8 or Hololive going for what became popular either, it's not like they wanted to change the meta as much as they became frontrunners all of a sudden due to market forces. That, and alot of the drama going on with Idol-bu and Kizuna at the time.

>> No.4860445

If she's moved on why does she still go here to get herself pissed and pander to 4chan-lite humor?
Pretty sure most of the people from back then just dislike her all over again because she suddenly got into vtubing as it was becoming the new hotness after her VA work foundered, like a bad joke coming back to haunt a new hobby you found or something. Not to mention it's pretty easy to dislike her if you're in the know, she and vei are pretty similar with their manipulaitve rrat skills since she did the same to get Tumblr on her side with those grooming narratives from years back

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