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>a certain influencer streamer had just 'reacted' to the horse ai video
its a long explanation but you think that dead horse will be brought up again? should cover step in and stop this pseudo defamation?

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If they do is gonna cause one of the biggest streisand effects.

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Stop watching AI porn and go track down an uncut copy of Emanuelle In America. Greatest horse scene in cinematic history.

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horse what?

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as long the tools are out there, it will be used

that being said, if people make use of Tortoise TTS, I'm sure the /vAI/ thread would revive again

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i dont even get how out all the shit she has done, including one of her memeably awful songs, how this one quite literally turned so many normals against her, all at once. maybe its just how baffling normals' value systems are

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>a certain influencer
Well, now I'm curious. A name please, if you would.

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Who could it be if not Forsen

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The horse tapes. Crazy what happened.

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I expected something much worse to warrant a ban. Twitch moderation is all fucked up.

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It's has been beaten so much it's going to shoot whipped cream.

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I fucking hate Mori but this shit is so fucked up, I hope Cover sued these faggots.

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>Was actually posted 2 years ago and isn't about Mori

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Funny how it was actually the reason why I visited this board again, sauce:

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>The most attention Mori's gotten for anything in a while is horse porn that's pretty much making fun of her and making people who don't know much about her know her as "that girl that fucks horses"
>So bad management bans her from having a horse on screen for her cowboy outfit
>Makes deadbeats froth at the mouth at just the mere mention of horses now
Seems fine to me.

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Holy shit. It almost died down, but now it's gonna start up like a storm again. Jesus fuck.

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The only reason it sticks around as a meme is because Mori hates it so much. Kronii literally, explicitly admitted that she lusts after the male lions from The Lion King in her stream and it didn't become meme material because there's nothing anyone can do with it that would actually bother her, she just doesn't care.

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Now that xqc or whatever he's called guy reacted to him reacting to it lol

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I celebrate at every bad thing that happens to EN

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>reacting to a reaction
i fucking hate the internet

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>The only reason it sticks around as a meme is because Mori hates it so much.
The only reaction about it from Mori I've seen was very mild. It actually sticks around because it's AI, porn, really bizzarre to normalfags, and has been spread on both discord and youtube for normalfags to see it.

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xqc loves forsen

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>should cover step in and stop this pseudo defamation?
just make a horse video about the pseudo influencer

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>Cover demands no one talks about Mori and her horse porn anymore
>This causes literally everyone including the drama tubers to talk about Mori sucking off horses
Only Niji would be this retarded

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More people are now know that Mori a) exists and b) is popular enough to get an AI porn. If you think this is bad for EN, you are probably an xQc viewer.

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>Company walks up to the Holo office for a sponsorship.
>Gets introduced to Mori.
>"Hey, I know that girl. I heard her sucking horse dick once!"

Yep, no issues whatsoever. Not to mention the potential surge of fucking normies shitting up the twitter tags and comment sections.

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can't wait for the Bad Dragon sponsored stream

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Did you not see her new outfit reveal

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jesus fucking christ, absolute worst case scenario, the the linker must be vindictive as fuck

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