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>can barely get 6k people to show up for a stream where all you have to do is click on a youtube link
>instantly sells out a 6k concert venue that people have to fly out to and make expensive arrangements for

Why is this the case?

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I honestly don't know what this post is supposed to mean.

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I dunno, I used to watch them religiously, but for the last year most of them have barely streamed so I mostly watch other vtubers.
I still watched HoloFes and got a ticket for Connect because I like them, though.

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As it turns out, vod watchers and clipwatchers are also fans and can buy merch and tickets

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This. They know you'll happily pay double or triple.

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in someone like Ame's case she refuses to even advertise her streams on twitter
she wants the "real ones" only to show up

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I'm fat, i bought 2 tickets

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>trusting YouTube numbers
>focusing exclusively on CCV

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cumbuds dont watch streams where Gura inst on

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1. scalpers
2. the cases of aqua, ayame, shion and now gura prove that you can screw streaming entirely as long as you do some events
...and this is a huge event in their main audience's country

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There's members like Gura, Aqua and Ayame that print money without contributing to the views of other members because their fans don't give a fuck about the rest.

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Dude, Mori's last solo concert was 3k tickets and sold out in an instance, it just stands to reason that a concert catering to 9 other fanbases would sell twice that much.

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Don't know enough about the others but Gura's a gateway for new fans and normies though; there are fans that just stick with Gura but also there are other idol fans that saw Gura first before discovering their oshis.

Still amazes me how big and shapely Bae comes across when standing next to Gura here.

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The one who told her fans to buy her blurays so she could get more concerts?
The one who has trouble beating Kiara's gameplay streams with her own these days?

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Yes, and she alone can sell 3k tickets. It's a no brainer that all of HoloEN can sell 6k in a snap

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>doing basic advertising is supposed to be bad

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Scarcity principle. Live concerts of anime girls are virtually non-existent in the real world.

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NijiEN AR concert sold out ticket!

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Alot of the concert goers are already in town for Anime Expo. This concert is a topper for them.

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scalpers and tourists anon
mush-brained zoomers could care less about any other stream they can see a clip for in a discord, but will happily plunge their wallet to buy out an undersold concert experience and get sleazy distributors involved for up-charging
sure hope this thread and the other one aren't some indirect form of tribalism >>46784785

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noooo ccv is the only thing that matters

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Are you guys bad at math. Gura and Fauna can have 17k and 11k playing minecraft at the same time. Even if only 10% of each fanbase based on their average ccv that would still break 6k easy. This is not counting average vod watchers which is weird that some of you went to clip watchers before vod watchers. You could also use 1000 of their loyal members. For EN to struggle selling out you would have to remove half of them and still triple the size maybe more

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YT CCV for those with heavy EN audiences is highly culled

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Yeah, she can be a bit shameless, but what does that have to do with anything?

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It is all of them together. That is way more than 6k dedicated people. More like 21k

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not my problem

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Numbernaggers seem to genuinely believe it.
I almost never watch my oshi live but I was gonna go to fes to see her, I had my plane tickets and hotel days reserved before the holofes lottery opened, but lost the lottery.

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>all of HoloEN present can't get 6k people
Is this the most retarded post ever?

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/#/ seems to have genuinely accepted that CCV is only useful for the horseracing that’s the thread’s bread and butter. They know that it’s not going to be the sole factor going into ticket sales.

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Who the fuck would go to that? That is the dumbest shit, it’s like paying to watch tv at someone’s house.

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Are you guys fucking retarded? Even if its just on the argument for CCV, this is ALL of HoloEN, not just some random Kiara or Baelz concert. Gura alone would have easily filled in those 6k seats.

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Of course, but anons are getting sidetracked by Mori’s sololive being used for comparison.

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hotel isn't a problem since you can cancel unless you booked a retard rate but you booked your flight way too early