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>> No.4675817

I think Ina deserves a shot at the tag title. Flare and Noel have held it too long

Partner Unnecessary

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ALOE LOVE. OP PLEASE DEBUT ALOE!!! HER MEMORY MUST LIVE ON !! Holofightz dark doesn't count. Aloe needs to kill nene.

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So I think I actually have an idea of what's actually wrong with the takobomb. I should probably collect a little more evidence, but I feel like this is a good staroting point. When Aki kicked out of the takbomb today, Ina did something that struck me as a little odd, something she repeated when Miko kicked out of the takobomb. Normally, when the AI misses a pin, they take a moment to show frustration about it before getting back up to their feet. However, when Ina missed both pins, she got up to her feet and started parading around as if she'd gotten the pin (pic on the left and on the top). Now, you could just write that off as a taunt, but for it to happen two times in two separate matches after missing two pins on a specific move is a bit strange. The other odd thing that struck me is that when an AI misses a 2-count pin, they usually take a moment to show some frustration (see pic on the right), and even if they do taunt afterwards, it's after a short break on the ground. So my current rrat is that the game registered both takobombs as pins even though they got kicked out of. Not only would this explain the Ina AI's bizarre behavior after each kickout, but it would also explain why two best 2/3 championship matches ended in what seemed to be a single pin. I could be getting worked into a shoot by Vince's game here, but those two final matches were just weird and seemed off after the stream today

>> No.4675900

Not Hololive, not on the roster.
Simple as.
Go shill for Genshin Impact and stalk that complete menhera nutcase Delta instead MASStard

>> No.4675941

I think Ina sucks as being in the spotlight She may have shown the skills to hold the belt, but has none of the charisma to be the main spectacle.

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Is Ina still rent free in hfz anon heads

>> No.4676448

Nobody cares anymore about Ina. We are waiting for the King of the Ring tournament. At least that thing could bring some hype. Last stream was kinda lackluster.

>> No.4676483

Torrent the game and collect some actual data

>> No.4676752

I fucking hate Ninomae Ina'nis so much for not putting over HolofightZ superstars. I can't fucking believe Ina buried Aki after she won from Number 3, Miko after she won MITB and some yellow dog named Konore

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Both of you are literal faggot marks working yourselves into shoots.

That being said an Aloe run in or one off fight would be Kino as it opens the door for Hitomi Chris vs Yagoo and Ryan Gosling entering the Holo Zone.

>> No.4676854

>Trusting Jobbler ever

>> No.4676910

You don't want the champ to look like some geek losing all the time. You want the champ to look strong. Squashing talents only sells this more. It's not Ina's fault the previous Champs were a bunch of losers!

>> No.4676975

Well with this, at least Aki and Miko can form the Ark stable now

>> No.4677988

Squashing midcarders does make the champ look strong, however destroying actual contenders just makes the roster look weak and buries their rep rather than putting the champ over.

>> No.4678758

So whats next for mikoler?

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ark vs apex

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I don't hate Ina but I'm kind of excited to see how far she can go with this and can she beat Hunk's record of 16-0. I'm also looking forward to see who's the chosen one to take her down...
Aki and Miko kicking out of Takobomb shows that there is a chance even tho it might be a small one...

>> No.4679313

I too want to see if she can beat Hunk's win record and surpass the seethe he generated.

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Kiara deserves the takobomb

>> No.4681115

the only issue I have with hunkposting is Fightz has a limited roster compared to TFR, the only thing on the horizon to shake up the meta is the two new EN groups that are really dragging their feet on debuting

>> No.4681208

Is there a way to clip matches from VODs that's not just directly downloading the video?

>> No.4681242

streamable seems to be the easiest way

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Neat. Guess I'm replacing that music.

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man japanese copyright laws suck

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Yeah they do. Anyway, here's the magnet link for Stream 20.

>> No.4685731

Maybe having miko fight at the end was a bad idea

>> No.4686647

Mistakes were made and we learn from that.

>> No.4687406

Ina was a mistake and OP never learn from it

>> No.4687437

new training arc

>> No.4687598

Even Brock Lesnar puts over his contenders. What is Ina's excuse?

>> No.4687676

Ganging up on Ina backstage

>> No.4687961

this is pure cope, miko match wasn't 2/3 match, it was 1 fall.

>> No.4688373

I can't believe I spent 99 cents on an mp3 of the GLORIOUS song to use as an alarm, thanks OP

>> No.4688545

Ina is a mark for herself.

>> No.4688635

At this point Ina should watch her back. She has earned many enemies, I wouldn't be surprised if some of them start confabulating against her, or even gank her in backstage.

>> No.4688996

Ina getting a monumental amount of heat is good for actually getting a storyline and engagement from watchers, but it'd be better if her matches lasted a bit longer

>> No.4689026

Oh that sucks. So you can't even post a raw version at all.

>> No.4689086

I think Ina should just be given less matches. People are tired of her because she shows up every stream to rub people's noses in the dirt. It wouldn't be as upsetting if she only showed up every other stream. In the meanwhile we need more Aqua matches.

>> No.4689096

>Ina getting a monumental amount of heat is good for actually getting a storyline
Shame she doesn't have a single one yet

>> No.4689224

Correct, but you can download it straight from me if you want.

>> No.4689317

Maybe if my good computer didn't shit itself and not using a 100gb laptop.

>> No.4689486

20gb is everything, just the stream raw is less. You can pick and choose what files to download.

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HOLY SHIT INA IS GETTING ME ALL THE CASH, she really is doing what's best for the business. such a good sport, AND a great entertainer who's fun for the whole family

>> No.4692178

remember to say THANK YOU INA
for all the work she's put in!

>> No.4692267

Is this real?

>> No.4692284


>> No.4692294

>almost 6k for 340 new users
how in gods name to they even make a cent off that game

>> No.4692343

Not real, fuck off.

>> No.4692503

>inspiring and exciting Miko redemption arc totally buried by INAWINSLOL
Niw I am understanding why John Cena was so hated. I'm fuming.

>> No.4692515


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>> No.4692712

LOL HOLY SHIT. That's actually unreal. BOOK IT OP

>> No.4692760

Alright, probably shouldn't try to make money off of this unless you want this thing to get shut down.

>> No.4692806

If you do decide to take it I'm sure there will be some people who'll be salty. ie the people making promos. You get all the money but they do all the work?
fuck off with that shit

>> No.4692837

based ina drawing the house

>> No.4692851

lmao bro stop taking it so seriously, besides they dont do all the work last time i checked

>> No.4692884

We're getting REAL ADS on holofight Z, we're in the big leagues now boys.

>> No.4692914

>John C.Ina keeps winning
>OP sells out
>Hololive gets into Raid: Shadow Legends
>Another wave of gacha takes over Hololive
>Chuubas doing rolling streams
Dark timeline here we fucking go!!

>> No.4692956


>> No.4693073

Now the next promos will have fragments of the ads to bait people

>> No.4693196

To the HFZ Dark anon, I think you should give ren'py a try. I think it's smoother than rpgmaker for cutscenes and it didn't take me too long to learn how to use it.
t.used to do college presentations on VX ACE instead of powerpoint

>> No.4693321

>vx ace
there's your first mistake

>> No.4693362

I personally blame OP for that, he ain't even trying to give her anything since he wasn't expecting her to be this strong. Worse yet, he just letting it ride hoping it just end one day. He should just do a reverse NoeFure by teaming Ina with Ame/Nene to increase her chance of losing her win streak buff.
Hell, the fact that she could've saved Gura after beating Matsuri but didn't, just to have Ame for herself, could be a storyline by itself. (Just make her beat up Roboco off-stage before the next team match or something.)

>> No.4693383

>Ina is now representing Raid Shadow Legends
holy shit actual Ina lore, now we have a reason to hype it up. Who is going to be her tag partner against APEX?

>> No.4693485
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>> No.4693619

>the UNSPEAKABLE EVIL that was unleashed was this
Watamages return from the future was a lead up to stop this.

>> No.4693626

Fucking leeches man...

>> No.4693691

who needs shit like story lines, Ina is SAVING the business and a role model to EVERYONE,

>> No.4693862


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>> No.4694129


>> No.4694135

Ren'py cutscenes would be bad because vtubers are real and any difference from their actual personalities would be noticeable and cringe.

>> No.4694158 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
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>> No.4694175

>OP refuses to make lore for Ina
>the world literally dumps lore AND money right into his lap
OP you fuckin' lucky shit.

>> No.4694252
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>> No.4694258

>he doesn't believe in the power of kayfabe

>> No.4694267

Is this what they mean when they say "exposing the business"?

>> No.4694323


>> No.4694492

Ina saved HoloFightZ when it was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Thank you Ina.

>> No.4694572

Fucking raid shadow legends man, too funny OP

>> No.4694609
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>> No.4694771
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Holy shit

>> No.4694906

You mean like holos and the people making OC for them that the holos use in monetized streams.

>> No.4694928
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Jesus Christ I never thought it would reach this fucking far lmao.

>> No.4695003

I for one I'm downloading Raid: Shadow Legends™ (the most immersive RPG experience you'll find anywhere) after hearing that it is the favorite game of superstar Ninomae Ina'nis™ from the Holofightz™ universe. I'm using code INAMANIA for a gift of 50000 silver and an epic champion!

>> No.4695039

What promos have you made?

>> No.4695075
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Don't drink the chalice op,i know it will solve your life problem but you will be different person.

>> No.4695082

Ina the sellout is a storyline I can get behind.

>> No.4695108
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We need a hero. Someone not affiliated with HoloFightZ. Someone who is willing to walk in the darkness. An Avenger willing to save us from the Corporate Champion Ina. Someone Anyone! Make the Call we need SEX now more then ever! Only she is strong enough to defeat the final yab!

>> No.4695130

That's because once you make any form of fanart, Cover can claim that it's theirs at any point. They even have it written out in their fan content guidelines. You can make anything you want with the Hololive girls but you can't try to monetize it. A similar situation just happened with HoloBass which caused him to sperg out on Twitter and nuke his YouTube channel. OP is good to go as long as he doesn't try to profit off of the streams since he is not a Cover employee, unless he secretly is...?

>> No.4695144

>1.5k live viewers on average for months
That shit was bound to happen eventually, ESPECIALLY with motherfucking Raid Shadow Legend.

>> No.4695181

I think the good solution to the whole Ina situation would be for her to appear less often, cause it actually builds seethe on seethe every fucking time.

If she's hyped as an absolute heel, would be cool to create some good storyline about it, make the contenders make actual plans, picking difficult opponents and training for the sake of defeating her. (also dark deal with watamage and her secret plan to steal Ina's powers seems like kino storyline)

Cause right now Ina is just crusher of existing storylines.

>Haachama three belts gathering arc
Ruined, and I'm still hoping that it will be used one day...
>Matsuri cunny collection arc
Stopped dead in her tracks
>Mikoler return arc
Maybe something still can be done...

OP onegai...

>> No.4695202

I knew the RAID money was good but I had no idea it was fucking almost $2k. That's literally all my expenses covered for a month, and some left over.
No wonder people shill it so much. Power to 'em.

>> No.4695213


>> No.4695277
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>> No.4695298

uh rrats????

>> No.4695311

OP should just proceed as normal imo. Ina is gifted with drawing talent by god and hfz ina lucked out with the AI.

>> No.4695313

I think OP knows that well enough, trust him. He can't even rig matches cause the AI won't let him.

>> No.4695366

matsuri arc isn't stopped though? they're still trapped, reine tried to help but matsuri crushed her, and miko isn't going anywhere, not winning the championship doesn't destroy her
open your eyes brother, there's a new storyline happening RIGHT now

>> No.4695396

>forgeting the ruined story arc that lead to the doggyfucker pasta

>> No.4695403
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>huge international viewerbase from taiwan
>more average watchers than most of holoID
>open positive recognition from hololive
>now corporate sponsorships on the table
he can't stop now

>> No.4695416


>> No.4695420

Subaru will take Ina down. Screenshot this.

>> No.4695441

Quit your crying dogfucker.

>> No.4695474

I think the Yagoo being a dogfucker storyline just got sidelined by all the other stories coming together at once, we haven't seen how Okayu plans to get her revenge for that squash match

>> No.4695483

>we have insider knowledge on how much youtubers get paid by Raid now
based fightz anon exposing the business

>> No.4695488

I will laugh if Ina loses the second he signs the RAID contract.

Part of me thinks that all AI controlled stuff has some degree of self-awareness just to fuck with people.

>> No.4695490
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>> No.4695505

>He can't even rig matches cause the AI won't let him.
Lies. We all know OP likes Ina the most. You can tell. I bet he prerecords matches and only shows the one where Ina wins.
Screenshot this.

>> No.4695531

This is literally what Cena did in actual WWE though so it kind if makes sense to have a character like that. Popular storylines and arcs were completely buried for the sake of CENAWINSLOL.

>> No.4695562

>Plarium is an Israeli mobile, social, and web-based game developer and publisher

>> No.4695582

ogey, we know his actual oshi is someone introduced in week 0 because why wouldn't he make her first. I want to say he's denied Subaru so my money's on Korone

>> No.4695584

I know. I trust OP more than anyone else in this thread.

>> No.4695617

nah i didn't make them first

>> No.4695620

Gacha + the worst types of predatory schemes to ever exist.
Those "games" are designed to suck you dry of money, anon, and they can honestly break even, if they managed to fish one whale out of the 340 users

>> No.4695625

The Raid: Shadow Legends™ storyline is the only one we need dogfucker, the rest is pale in comparison to the most immersive RPG experience on the fucking market!

>> No.4695631

OPcoin inclining.

>> No.4695645

literally top 0,04% of all twitch channels

>> No.4695658
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The next step is becoming THE Hololive Alt and having the girls give us voice packs to use.

>> No.4695691

But meds straight from AO-chan were too powerful.
Haachama might not be able to recover her previous powers after it...

>> No.4695715

Is that a lot?

>> No.4695762

even better, hololive cover of GLORIOUS

>> No.4695772

Fucking take it.

>> No.4695794

Are we inclining?

>> No.4695807
File: 843 KB, 1200x675, Sheepnem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4695846

Would be fucking epic.

>> No.4695944

If you watch real wrestling you see things like this all the time. Story lines are extremely fluid can and will be dropped on the fly. Angles just killed with 0 explanation. OP is doing a really good job.

>> No.4695958

Realistically, if OP does indeed take that sweet Raid money, do you think Cover will go after the stream? Most of the promos aren't using hololive assets, the wrasslers only bear some resemblance, and even if we won't be able to use hololive songs there's still a million Stack songs we can use.

Do it OP, become the actual Vince McMahon of HolofightZ

>> No.4695965
File: 223 KB, 2254x1740, 1622933084477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I live INA weird timeline

>> No.4695996

brb, gonna report this money making scheme to hiroshimoot and get Holofightz banned from 4channel.

>> No.4696051

They will, the only reason we've gone this far and this long is cause OP doesn't make cash out of this. Even if the characters are custom made in game, we still use a lot of Hololive material like songs n shiet. Plus he would be targetted by the DMCA bot so we can't use any song we want.

>> No.4696077

It's extremely likely, they're already aware of it and he's using a modified version of their logo so it's inarguably a fan work, and after the recent holobass, marine doujin artist and clipnigger shitstorms they're probably on edge

>> No.4696108

>already aware of it

>> No.4696141
File: 1.02 MB, 1409x1437, 1615276046540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4696152

obviously it wont really happen, hopefully people in the thread aren't so gullible to think it's something that would actually happen lmao
but kayfabe wise it's definitely happening

>> No.4696190

Literally 4 holo members tweeted it.
And chances are anything they tweet has to go through their manager. And if their manager knows then chances are everyone knows.

>> No.4696197

Ask the guy offering you the money if he understands that holofightz is a fan project of an existing corporate entity and if that is a problem, if they say it isn't then just go ahead, lay it on Raid's heads if cover gets antsy.

>> No.4696214

FBK, Roboco and Aki I think retweeted one of TWbro clips

>> No.4696223


Not directly referencing HFZ but a reminder for content creators that use anything related to Hololive.

>> No.4696239

Aki, Boco, Friend all retweeted the Mukirose entrance. Boco acknowledged it on stream when she was SC'd about it, Aki too. Both of them didn't real delve into it much. Plus I'm very sure the IDs watch it especially Zombie and Treerrat.

>> No.4696240

Someone, please make a promo of Ina being a fucking sellout. Holy shit, the story line to finally make her interesting.

>> No.4696248

>last stream had the lowest live viewership in months

>> No.4696249


>> No.4696262

Not even hololive, but a swathe of copyright vultures will immediately descend on him and nuke fightz out of existence.
The only reason he/we can do shit like this, like using Hololive's characters likeness, their songs, and copyrighted songs as well is because it is technically not against copyright as he has not made money out of this.
The moment he takes even a cent, all hell breaks loose

>> No.4696268

Newfagchama...there's 6+ confirmed holo that know about us, excluding their fucking managers...

>> No.4696273

Aki/Roboco have retweeted a clip, Coco has mentioned it on stream and said it was good quality and i think maybe a couple more know. I almost forgot but Anya does too.

>> No.4696287


>> No.4696326
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China apology promo when?

>> No.4696338
File: 61 KB, 603x769, aki tweet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4696415

When is archive anon uploading next stream?

>> No.4696452

I want to saviourfag the Chinese girl using my superior Canadian cock. Chinese girls love the Canadick.

>> No.4696491
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I wasn't really sold on the John Cina stuff, but this shit is just too perfect.

>> No.4696515

Should be sometime today. He was posting in this thread about a song that completely prevented the video from going up on YT so he's editing it

>> No.4696763
File: 309 KB, 850x1378, Machine_God_Ina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Needing to bend the knee to the chink now that we have Raid: Shadow Legends™ as our secret weapon
It's over Zhang, John Cina have already surpassed the original, shilling where everyone have shilled before!

>> No.4696881

>Raid: Shadow Legends
>Publishers: Plarium, Plarium Global Ltd
>Plarium is an Israeli mobile, social, and web-based game developer and publisher
would have prefered china to be quite honest

>> No.4697013

on it but I'm an unfunny piece of shit so it might come out cringe

>> No.4697022

Youtube just needs to process it, whenever that happens it will be up and running. Youtube basically decides when that will happen though.

>> No.4697046

Aki is going to get a rematch, right? Right?

>> No.4697085
File: 58 KB, 963x177, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot to add the image I captured.

>> No.4697117

30 minutes of extreme rules ironman

>> No.4697144


>> No.4697166

OP should double down on the authority vs resistence arc and take 2 streams between championships while it takes place. You can still have Ina squashing someone from time to time, but at least she will be just a sideshow while the real dimes will come from the charismatic wrestlers of this industry.
Also, new promo when? Question for OP, has anyone other than RBC elaborated a promo of their own?

>> No.4697174

The only winning move is not to play...
I WILL NOT PLAY Raid: Shadow Legends™

>> No.4697326

holy fuck why are all you faggots so susceptible to being worked into a shoot? I swear it's like none of you have ever followed a WWE storyline.

>> No.4697362

This is actually a good strategy. Ina going around squashing jobber or worse losing to jobbers.

Luna and Shuba had one of the greatest promos of all time which turned into a minifeud Shuba won and then they reformed Team Hell Naa.

>> No.4697396

This one.

>> No.4697411 [DELETED] 

evil pomu just ruined the path

>> No.4697417
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Because most of them have not. They don't remember the Summer Of Seth. Or Super Cena or the Eternal Cena vs Orton matches.


>> No.4697423

Like i said in the previous thread, i have very limited free time, but i can give it a try, may mean less cutscenes this week. also
unfathomably based

>> No.4697473

pls ignore watermark I'm planning to get an actual video editor before the next stream no one told me making shitty amvs took a lot of work


>> No.4697531

Looks awesome so far, can't wait to see the finished product

>> No.4697576

Woah, that is some high quality stuff so far

>> No.4697641


>> No.4697715

Yo this looks incredible so far. I love this OP and seeing the recreation is awesome. Good luck man.

>> No.4697756
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Looking good.

>> No.4697953

I am literal wizard and both of you have cancer now, enjoy

>> No.4698115

Rad, now I have twice the cancer.

>> No.4698163


>> No.4698200
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>Doesn't realize he's already been conquered

>> No.4698357
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>> No.4698516
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Holy shit
congrats, man

>> No.4698618

>OP wilkl now start making "Spoof" hololive raid shadow legends promos
>As a joke, you know
Comfy is over

>> No.4698986

Nah, he wouldn't make money on it from Raid because they're autistic about how you have to do the script exactly.
But you can bet that people will start jumping on "Ina == Corporate Sellout" narrative. That's cash money ina pocket.

>> No.4699322

So I mentioned that I never watched any ENs or IDs at all and only got my knowledge of them from Holofightz a few weeks back.
Turns out I now sort of regret leaning into the GRADUATE ALREADY memery about Ollie since I've come to realize she's just a really naive retard despite genuinely meaning well. Big Unitychad too.
Never thought it'd be Mori who I'd find the least likeable since Mori in HFZ is fucking hilarious

>> No.4699340

Anyone has the correct Ina vs Muki promo?

Chat said the one shown on stream was the wrong one.

>> No.4699464

That's the right one. Chat was retarded and said that because the opening was the same as the ina vs hachama promo. Probably thought it was the same.

>> No.4699467


>> No.4699592

afaik the one shown on stream was the most recent version uploaded here by takobro
He mentioned maybe completing it as Ina's current arc comes to a close, but don't quote me on that. Should be on the second match thread

>> No.4699594

I wonder how goddamn lost Reddit tourists and Tawanese Bahamut users are whenever they tune into stream and another fresh set of narratives arrives on scene from the thread

>> No.4699622

The shown promo was correct, I just wasn't able to finish in time due to render issues and BBADBEEF. Had to reuse a couple of shots as a result, which was the probable cause of the confusion >>4699464.

>> No.4699670


>> No.4699684

even the unfinished promo was fucking great takobro

>> No.4699697


>> No.4699793

>it’s real and israel

>> No.4699802

do it OP (and add this to Ina storyline). This will be actually funny.

>> No.4699833


>> No.4699931

Wait do the Chinese drink milk from bags too? I didn’t know.

>> No.4699967
File: 136 KB, 496x235, 1619890300853.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please let treerrat fight Mori so we'll have karaokes onegai

>> No.4699974

Well, that was the plan - but I can't really ignore this new development. How the hell am I going to work this into the promo?

>> No.4700102

>Nah, he wouldn't make money on it from Raid because they're autistic about how you have to do the script exactly.
Didn't Internet Historian get away with quite a bit of creative leeway?

>> No.4700179

I'm a leaf so i already drink milk from a bag

>> No.4700403

sponsored by R'lyeh Shadow Legends

>> No.4700657

Promo makers, you know what to do: Sponsorships and advertisements.

>> No.4700763

>inb4 Risu loses
I mean, I want karaoke as well, but I'm also affraid of alternative.

>> No.4700766

Can you show this image during some of the intermissions during the stream?

>> No.4700902

>one sponsored stream (2 hours)

Does that mean he has to stream for 2 hours and shill raid at some point or do they want him to play raid for two hours?

>> No.4701209

No, that's why the idiots didn't keep at it like Ray and Nord, imagine not wanting to be a part of the kinomatic ad-verse

>> No.4701235
File: 459 KB, 2800x2800, EgdWR7_XcAA9Z8R.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She lives in Canada, which is Chinese proper

>> No.4701625

When will someone make a collage of all the logos made for HFZ so far?

>> No.4701672

When someone makes a promo out of logos.

>> No.4701888

Reminds me of the SnK opening made out of anons post

>> No.4702447

>Somebody slipped GLORIOUS into Ame's Supa Sunday song queue.
Which one of you fucks was it

>> No.4703461

Hey germanbro, are you going to continue to seed the current massive torrent after you hit the 99.9% I have available? If so that would be cool. I plan on making individual torrents for every stream since it seems that it would be better for everyone if there were bite sized chunks. Plus the few things that are stuck at 99.9% for me would be able to be fully downloaded if I do that.

>> No.4704460
File: 85 KB, 359x429, Screenshot_20210404-144342_Twitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4706294

good to know

>> No.4706500

Did she let it play?

>> No.4706695

I wonder if Raid is going to get upset when every promo made for the next 2-3 weeks includes their logo somewhere as a joke

>> No.4706785

They get memed into oblivion all the time, they don't care, to them it's more exposure.

>> No.4706860

It's free advertisement for them. OP isn't going to get a cent and they still get their name out there

>> No.4706865


>> No.4706903

Roboco - Apex
Aki - Ark
Ina - RAID
Kiara - KFC
Brand Wars arc when?

>> No.4706906

I will now watch your superchat reading

>> No.4707000

Already sort of happening, minecraft needs a stronger representative to play with the big boys. Maybe Haato/Moona

>> No.4707048

This wasn't even the first time

>> No.4707381

You can't make this shit up.

>> No.4708361

Based as FUCK

>> No.4708664

I wonder if hulk and cena had haters with this level of schizophrenia

>> No.4708936

This is literally nothing compared to wrestling fans, anon.

>> No.4708977
File: 379 KB, 614x615, Mano Aloe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tierlistanon here, decided to finally catch up on what's going on in the HFZ Dark stuff, and while I was at it, I made a tier list for it as well in case people need it. Feel free to suggest characters that might be missing, I feel like I got all the ones that really made a proper introduction to the show now.

>> No.4709498


>> No.4710124

what if, only for that stream, OP used alter names for the fighters to avoid the copyright?

>> No.4710261

that's another thing that companies usually ignore, it only actually works for trademarks and only if the name and likeness is completely different.

>> No.4710378

Please do it, i wanna see a RAID SHADOW LAGERS ad in middle of the stream.

>> No.4710820

>Raid Shadow Lagers
>It's a dark beer like Guinness
>Crayon Earbuds
>Nordic BPM, a sound editing software
I could back that kind of shit.

>> No.4711098


>> No.4711104

I love HolofightZ but I wouldn't watch this RAID commercial if OP can't make it a shitshow. Would you?

>> No.4711183

this is going to be the real shitshow, if he makes a Raid joke in chat or on stream, about half the viewers will never believe he didn't take the money

>> No.4711920

A fan literally tried to attack Hogan when he turned heel kek

>> No.4712034

Man people are retarded, what did he think would happen? The wrestling might be fake but their muscles aren't.

>> No.4712194

Moona kind of is already representing minecraft as one half of the USAKEN, could be tagged with any other minecraft player

>> No.4712721

he needs to do a 2hr minimum stream of Raid so if that happens then you know he took the money.

>> No.4712798

just says the stream has to be 2 hours, not 2 hours focused on RSL

>> No.4712902

OP really needs to book Ina like Lesnar and have her shows up less, otherwise it's gonna gets repetitive real fast

>> No.4712907

i watch a guy who does sponsored streams on twitch at least once a month he has to do either 2 one hour sessions of the game or 1 two hour session as the sponsored portions. i never watch but i do download and increase he goals as i like his content then scrub my fucking soul after the tutorial cancer.

>> No.4713793
File: 368 KB, 668x409, simple as.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sweet! you have everyone that's debuted officially so far.
there are a lot of debuts this week, testing now while reading up on Renpy.

>> No.4714103

except they also want you to have:
- Bot command & timer
- Alert or goal counter
- Panel banner
obviously if these aren't there, then no money would be made

>> No.4714924

Does anyone have a link to the NGRI video? It's muted on the VOD

>> No.4714965


>> No.4715004

Wheres the pasta with the movement list ?

>> No.4715029

Thanks mate

>> No.4715103

>two kino Towa promos
>squashed and buried by Haato killing all the push she had gathered

>> No.4715123

Amazing, can't wait, even if I might have to catch up on it on the vod

>> No.4715190

You know I try to add everything to the promos and intros playlist right?

>> No.4715253

Speaking of finding promos, anyone know where is the intro with Slam for Everyone's Soul? I noticed it wasn't uploaded alongside everything else.

>> No.4715282

oh fuck, the crowd audio broke 3 matches in and the general murmurs don't play, so between cheers its DEAD silent, its creepy.

>> No.4715312


>> No.4715330


>> No.4715651

>John Cena and Randy Orton vs the entire RAW roster

>> No.4715928

She even reversed the first Big Red Heart, landed 2 signatures and a finisher but not even 1 pin for trying so hard

>> No.4716010

all of that sucked

>> No.4716391

the meds numb the pain, towa needs to learn how to break some bones if she's going to compete in the big leagues

>> No.4716715

Anyone have a clip of the Kiara Mori friendly fire?

>> No.4716945

Towa's still a jobber at heart, just slightly less of one now.

>> No.4717401

Priestess Ina promo sponsored by RAID Shadow Legends when?

>> No.4718392

I really have to wonder who the fuck is actually playing it though. Third worlders? Actual children with their parents credit cards? I have just literally never ever seen or heard of anyone actually playing the game that wasnt part of a paid shilling stream

>> No.4719198

Which fight did stack play again?

>> No.4719300
File: 384 KB, 512x512, 1617704015503.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TWBro's recap

>> No.4719765

>Kept the Ame being dead for 10 minutes bit.
Do the JP bros watching know about the Watamage lore, or is it just a slightly weird design choice for them?

>> No.4719809

My bad, I don't frequent this thread enough to know there was a playlist. I did check the links in the OP and didn't see it there so thought I'd ask.

>> No.4720649

>everyone literally had to gang up on Nene to eliminate her asap
>it already happened twice
They really fear catching Nene's potatoes

>> No.4720984
File: 652 KB, 1100x619, 1622803920344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was like 3 finishers in the space of less than a minute too wasnt it? They really did fear her.

>> No.4722548

Idea: Ayame gives a promo because she is mad about the new champ

>> No.4722919

Ayame could do with some love but she needs a build up arc first, if the motivation is being angry that Ina's korean dog hands are touching the belt she could go on an EN and ID gaijin removal rampage

>> No.4724118

That edit always gets me, all it takes is a rumble as 30 and some rng

>> No.4724322
File: 17 KB, 282x326, Subaru Nene.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4724324

what IS the lore behind watamage?

>> No.4724884

Watamage is the bane of all internet and technological function.
At any time Watamage will strike, ensuring her own victory (or revenge for failures). OP's internet and game functionality is a goner.

>> No.4725604

Are you even allowed to make money of this? If yes, actually take the deal.

>> No.4725804

Nope. The moment he does Cover's ninja corps and copyright maggots will attack.

>> No.4725832

come to think about Miko has the same bomb move as Ina and seems to be effective as well

>> No.4725932

People kick out of it regularly. Takobomb probably just does a huge amount of damage or something.

>> No.4725943
File: 73 KB, 185x187, 1619773228264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My heart is still broken after that match...

>> No.4725972

Has the Miko vs Watame matchuo happen yet?

>> No.4726123

Isn't supposed to be punished Miko (or maskler, I'm not sure)

>> No.4726508

Mikoler vs Watamage extreme rules Magic Book weapons only fucking when?

>> No.4727810

But Magic Isn't Real.

>> No.4728712

i don't think that's entirely true - holobass was caught because he used samples and official artwork. as long as OP didn't use any official hololive creation e.g music in intros then he would be fine to monitize assuming he wanted to

>> No.4728785


>> No.4728786

>those characters that weirdly resemble these of your IP? don't worry it's Amo Wetson and Guar Guacamole, my original creations!
that shit never works

>> No.4728886

>It’s only Monday
>Dark has managed to make me even more impatient for wrasslin than before
Altonchama, save me...

>> No.4729017

you know that nabi released an entire artbook featuring ame? things like holoket or the doujin probably wouldn't exist either if fan creations weren't able to be sold

>> No.4729327
File: 122 KB, 357x420, i fucking hate stack bros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking hate stack, bros

>> No.4729330
File: 2.36 MB, 1920x1080, Venom roboco.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4729410


>> No.4729554

Please OP make Ina and Yagoo team up and have them go after the Tag Team belts, and after that have Ina go after the Queen of Jobbers title so sshe can be the first Triple Crown Champion PLEASE

>> No.4729591

>Now that Ina is a commercial success she pressures Yagoo into a tag team.

>> No.4729654
File: 32 KB, 444x555, 1605749897253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's mining

>> No.4730533
File: 228 KB, 1550x1050, 1600942146808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Towa and Nene Team up would be fitting this week

>> No.4730761

Say something about white ref.

>> No.4730818

He is an agent of Watamage

>> No.4730827

He's not a rigger so it's not the same.

>> No.4730881
File: 26 KB, 338x304, Nene gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's time.

>> No.4730948

Waki waki doku doku....

>> No.4730974

what even caused his appearance? does OP usually manualy selects the rigger or did the game suddenly remembered that there are other ref models?

>> No.4731025
File: 2.66 MB, 498x328, 1621497112169.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dont try to understand

>> No.4731106

As indicated by chat, OP was surprised to see the white ref. He also said it would cause the game to crash, and it did. (Lamy vs Marine).

Sometimes OP will choose certain fighters for matches and the game will disobey it, causing the game to crash, like one of the Elimination chambers that kept repeating Ina's theme music. One of the fighters that came out was Moona, who apparently wasn't meant to be there.

Also one of the very early streams had white ref for a bit.

>> No.4731119
File: 385 KB, 912x461, my-image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only list that matters

>> No.4731173

Post HFZ Dark match ideas.

>> No.4731231

HFZ OP vs Dark OP.

>> No.4731285

35p vs Battler mark

>> No.4731424

actual sakura miko CAW vs rrattler

>> No.4731445


>> No.4731520

White ref vs Black ref

>> No.4731615

Alton gauntlet match

>> No.4731680
File: 607 KB, 1120x629, battler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4731696

Where's the HFZD roster?

>> No.4731850

Make HoloFightZ OP the Yagoo of HFZDark and make him fight RRatler

>> No.4732033

What is Alton fans name?

>> No.4732218

Altomodachis? Altomos?

>> No.4733133

well, with all of the hiccups/glitches with testing last night, i didn't get to working on any of the promos, nor did i learn much about ren'py. hoping to get at least the two i'm excited about finished.
i actually considered that at the start, but i have someone else in mind
i can't believe alton gained enough popularity to have a fanbase rep in DARK, and his fanbase reputation is stronger than he is. altonchama..

>> No.4733496

<accepting that magic is real

>> No.4733581

the archive with chat is quite small even in 480p i can still read Holofightz/Surai chat might wanna increase the size for next archive.

>> No.4733599
File: 3.38 MB, 2076x771, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Usaken 4v4 Tornado tag

>> No.4733668

Legit forgot that Kiara was in Usaken.
>Peko v Moona
Shachou and Tenchou squaring off, it seems.

>> No.4734377

KFP vs Raid Shadow Legends

>> No.4734403

yeah, i realized after i uploaded. Looked fine in the vods but too small in the YT player. thanks for the heads up

>> No.4734540

it was Haato instead of Lamy, which is also starting to lead to some frustration in the jobber belt being held by a main eventer. Only thing keeping it from boiling over is Haato likes to play with her food and let the other fighter give a show of dominance before ending the match

>> No.4735342

People are breaking containment

>> No.4735492

Containment has been broken since the Taiwan invasion in Stream 4, be more specific

>> No.4735540

I need holos to cut all the famous promos. Everyone needs to do Steiner math.

>> No.4735774
File: 224 KB, 320x321, 1620066704860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Okay, playtime's over"

>> No.4735817

You WILL play RAID: Shadow Legends

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