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On April 15th, 2022, CookieSwirlC (independent) surpassed Gawr Gura (Hololive EN) to beome the most-subbed VTuber in the world.

She continues to maintain the top spot with a whopping 19.4 Million subscribers!

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Legit question, not caring about OP's bait.
How many new subs has she gained since she started using her vtuber model?
Assume for a moment that the day she got the vtuber model is the day she starts with 0 subs, how many would she have today?

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Rainbow wamy...

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>implying it's bait
There's no Chumpedos left to defend Gura's dead legacy anymore

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The number you end up would be a giant cope anyway, so what is the point?

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I'm honestly surprised there haven't been more big channels that contract a Hololive artist for their VTuber model, I dunno if they hate anime or what but it's always the ugliest shit possible. Cookie is one of the few who went for a legitimately great artist and the result is amazing.

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Zeraxos yumes it's OVER

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Actually it's pewdiepie.

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Post one livestream.

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You can access them via membership

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She gained 1.8M subs since she started using the vtuber avatar.
Looks like she will mog every vtuber except Gura.

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nta but why is it bait?
She had 17m or so pre vtuber and 19m now while consistently using the vtuber model on almost every video since.

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she's one of those kids channels that are creepy and weird. worse than anything the vtuber industry created. she didn't work her way to that she was already there with it.

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>Looks like she will mog every vtuber except Gura.
Correction, sweetie, she's already mogging Gura by about 15.1 million subscribers
>she didn't work her way to that she was already there with it.
Neither did Gura :^)

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I never said gura deserved anything. kiara deserves more

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Wonderful Chumcope. Face it. Gura is dead.

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>actual shitter
Fucking Aia and Scarle make more than her.

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retard i hate gura

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>she didn't work her way to that she was already there with it.
If this anon is telling the truth then she's earned 1.8m as a vtuber so far. >>46234989

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You cant just ignore the old subscribers who would still have subscribed when the vtuber "debut" happened.

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would've done that anyway without the vtuber model. those channels are huge kid bait.

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She gained 1.7kk subs from April 2022 to February 2023. Notably, her average gain of about 170k subs per month didn't really change from before.

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Are you saying Kizuna AI wasn't a vtuber when she just uploaded videos?
How many people think that vtuber=livestreaming thanks to N*jisanji?

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The only argument for Cookie not being a "legit" vtuber is
>she's just a trendhopper like Pewdipie and Pokimane
Which was valid when she first debuted, but she's used her model for about a year already while those two used it for a week (?) as a meme.
>She didn't start out as a vtuber therefore it doesn't count
So by that logic Nyanners and countless others who built their respective fanbases for about a decade are not vtubers either.

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Give them credit bro, Holofags still think Iinchou created the typical format.

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>she's one of those kids channels that are creepy and weird
roblox let's plays aren't elsagate videos jfk

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gura is vtuber
this trash and so are you nigger

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You know it's a slow day hen they drag out the Youtube Kids lady for a shitpost

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how many zoomers are being brainwashed at a young age to coom to anime girls, we are truly going downhill as a species

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>19.4 million

For reference, the entirety of HoloEN, including IRyS and Sana, have a combined 15.4 million subs. The entirety of NijiEN, not including Yugo and Zaion, have 14.1 million subs. I kneel to the queen.

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rent free

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>On April 15th, 2022, CookieSwirlC (independent) surpassed Gawr Gura (Hololive EN) to beome the most-subbed VTuber in the world.
Not really, that title still belongs to pewdiepie

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I don't think this image means what you think it means lol

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Unironically, no. Kizuna did not have the proper format ergo not vtuber. She just used the same tech. This is like saying since most stand up comedians are loud black people then every loud black person you see is a stand up comedian.

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why is there this weird condition that "oh nonono a vtuber must start from zero in order to be considered a REAL VTUBER"
i mean, you can argue that none of the hololive girls other than Sora actually "started from zero" since they have brand recognition marketing already pushing them forward even before they started any vtubing activity.

this headstart was admittedly very small with gen0/1, but it was not zero.
this headstart was fucking huge by the time we reach gen5/6/en and it was definitely NOT ZERO.

so cookieswirlc comes around with her own selfmade headstart, which was all from her own hard work over the years, instead if riding the coattails of their predecessors or brand recognition, and suddenly OH NO IT DOESN'T COUNT

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this. the only people who keep bringing this up are faggots so obsessed and butthurt with gura they fantasize that this rando kid's channel is really the top.

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ah yes kizuna ai, the person who coined the term vtuber, was not a vtuber /vt/ is on top form today

people were coping in much the same way when gura rocketed to the top of hololive, truth is, everyone has their own definition of what vtuber means and, unsurprisingly, numberfags really obnoxious about it

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let's do a drag race only I'm gonna put my car ahead of the finish line. totally fair right. gura had a mil subs on her old channel but started over from 0.

however, protip so did mumei - it doesn't always work out like that. gura actually worked back to her old count fast and then exceeded it many times further than she ever had.

if cookie started as a dedicated vtuber with 0 subs, it'd be legit even if 5 mil of her random 6 year old audience immediately found and followed her over.

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But her views are shit for a 19.4 million subscribers channel. Just look at the last 10 videos. She will get a video with over a million views, only because of the YouTube algorithm feeling generous.

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Then if you set her subs to 0 from the day she got her model, and restarted the count till today, you'd have just shy of 2 million.
Now why is this also not allowed?

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did she wipe every single old vod off her channel and change the name? probably not. her old stuff being floated around on algos brings in a residual tail.

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Literally any corpo vtuber that is this pandering to children would be fucking bullied off of the internet, but it is somehow fine for her because she was a fleshtuber years before that, is that your logic?
All kids-oriented content on youtube should burn in hell anyway, might as well start with her

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being in a corpo also brings in a "residual tail", why is that considered OK but bringing in "residual tail" from her own PL hard work isn't allowed?

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reminder she is:
a wamy

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Literally the most retarded post in the history of /vt/

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it's a vtuber corpo, people come to see and grow channels in it because they're vtubers. it's industry buff.

cookie's growth came from kids being fed algos to go watch weird fomulaic stuff made for toddlers. it's kids left alone with ipads buff. they are not the same source or reason for the growth.

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Based queen

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so is the audience the dealbreaker now?
"if a vtuber's audience isn't primarily lonely adult men, it doesn't count"?
"if a vtuber's audience isn't above a certain age, it doesn't count"?
"if a vtuber's audience doesn't intersect with the weeb otaku audience by at least xx% it doesn't count"?

keep coping and moving that goalpost

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Excellent bait, very good

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I think the problem is not so much the demographic but that cookieswirl probably doesn't "have an audience".
Her views come from kids being handed a device with youtube set to autoplay. I'm convinced only a handful of them memorize whose video they're watching

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Same can be said for Gura. How many of her 93% (or however high it is) dead subs came from anime and other vtuber-adjacent communities, watched a stream or a VOD, subbed, then literally never watched another stream or VOD again?

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Bad example since Nyanners is literally not a vtuber anymore and pretty much always hated vtuber culture and wanted to destroy it.
I think Cookie is at least legit in the sense that she just wants to keep doing her kiddie content but as a vtuber.

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>Gura has 4.3M subs.
>Shark'd has 4.3M views.
I don't think she has any dead subs. They just don't watch every video.

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she at least seems to know about v tubers unlike all the other bandwagoners. the others just pay a small artist and rigger for whatever they can shit out. having a kids channel for a decade probably helped pay for the model

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Interesting...hmm but I don't see her

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Yhorm always gets his ass handed to him every playthrough so this is accurate.

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Yeah, Nyanners is great.

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Go read her comment section.

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>all these arbitrary, illogical arguments and absurd coping trying to find excuses to not consider her a vtuber
Absolutely hilarious

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111 million subs
Pewdiepie is the most subbed VTuber in the world.

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Just like trans women aren't considered real women, her persona wasn't born as a vtuber she just transitioned to a vtuber model but will never be considered a real vtuber

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>April 15th, 2022
anniversary soon

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Yeah so ironmouse isn't a vtuber either?

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dare I say..........Gura killer?

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And (you) transitioned from reddit to 4chan so you will never be a real 4channer

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She wants to groom kids. A pedo.

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We always knew that when Gura lost, it would mindbreak some people. It just happened sooner than expected.

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>youtube kids
we really going this low? that place is horrifying and i still cant believe it exists.

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You mouth-breaking nutbrain don't even know where the term "vtuber" came from. Get the fuck out of my hobby.

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this must be bait

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Just like Gura.

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and yet they try to blame tiktok for what youtube did.

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>they hate anime
That's basically all it is. The normie 3D content creators see the animu style as a niche thing that won't appeal to a mass audience at best, and a pedobait style at worst. That's why Pokimane and pewdiepie had shit model designs and why the Zuccverse avatars are hideous and the Apple face tracking emoji are cringe. Because westoid artists cannot into appealing CUTE design unless they embrace eastern styles.

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You want to know something ironic? When anime was first created back in the 60s, they specifically imitated Disney's art style. Anime basically wouldn't exist without Disney.

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I'm interested. Does she have any clippers? What is her member's content like?

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Read before that cookie mentioned Lamy, anyone can spoonfeed?

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>why is there this weird condition that "oh nonono a vtuber must start from zero in order to be considered a REAL VTUBER"
Because using OPs retarded logic the number 1 vtuber would be pewdiepie and number 2 through 50 would be other normalfags who jumped on the bandwagon for a week for the memes. CookieswirlC probably wouldn't even be in the top 50.

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cookieswirlc completely rebranded her channel and never stopped using her vtuber persona since her "vtuber debut"

>> No.46252420

Who the fuck is she anyway? I legit never heard her name outside /vt/. Even some trash-tier indies and corpos get into my recommended yet somehow this one is never there, not even as a part of a collab.

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No vtuber fans watch her. You don't watch her, Nobody in this thread watches her. Her content is aimed at toddlers.

>> No.46252639

It's probably because her channel is tagged as kid-friendly, which puts you into a youtube ghetto

>> No.46253009

>t. Jealous woman.
Sry honey, that not how the real world work, if it is then pewdiepie already the biggest vtuber in the world. Don't quit your day job in the kitchen sweety, because math are not for you and neither is logical thinking.

>> No.46253016

>No vtuber fans watch her.
Cope, all her recurrent viewers are technically vtuber fans
>You don't watch her, Nobody in this thread watches her.
Nobody here watches JP or male vtubers.
Doesn't stop them from being vtubers
>Her content is aimed at toddlers.
And all the content of vtubers discussed here is aimed at incels and fujocels.
Fringe fanbases have no impact whatsoever for a vtuber

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Yeah, I want content from adults pretending to be lolis, and not content from adults aimed at lolis.

>> No.46253135

Riddle me this nijinig, if she the biggest vtuber in the world, why nobody talk about her on the news, except for nijinig.

>> No.46253258

I'm not a vtuber

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Maybe you should learn English before you try to insult someone else's intelligence.

>> No.46253341

Tbf, even though Nyanners didn't start out as a vtuber, she's always represented herself using anime girl images. When Vtubers became popular, it was the logical next step for her. Same situation with Shondo.

>> No.46253479

ok but like who cares. everyone and their mom has a vtuber model these days.

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she's not even close to #1, not sure what you're talking about. pewdiepie is the #1 vtuber in the world with a whoppign 111 million subs. gura killer? more like gura doesn't even exist to him. she's not even a pebble in the road or a droplet in an ocean.

>> No.46253696

Quality strawman, except it doesn't hold up because Cookie has in fact been a vtuber for the past couple of years. It's in no way comparable with a one time gag.

>> No.46254187

> more like gura doesn't even exist to him.
Pewdiepie went into Gura's chat and was literally ignored by her and the entire community.

>> No.46256924

> Cookie has in fact been a vtuber for the past couple of years.
10 months. Your point still stands but please don't exaggerate the truth.

>> No.46257809

that was found out to be a fake

>> No.46259419

you're literally retarded. this is what chumbuds are like?

>> No.46259603

I care because it BTFOs Cover's prepotent narrative about MUH SOOBSCRIVERZZ #1, PLS IGNORE KIZUNA AI TOO, BUY MUH STONKS

>> No.46260104

interesting that some people defend cookie swirl when pewdiepie exists

>> No.46260221

Bait aside, I don't see why she had 19 Million subs in the first place.

>> No.46260264

Same reason why gura has 4.3M.
Toddlers on their parents tablet.

>> No.46260386

Yes she isnt
Shes a twitch whore that cant point a camera on her yoga pants ass because shes a cripple

>> No.46262420

* Please ignore Kizuna so Marine can be #1
* Please ignore cookieswirlc so Gura isn't totally stomped in sub count and stream count.

>> No.46263754

I'll defend pdp too once he commits to the bit, rebrands his channel as a vtuber channel, and never goes back to fleshtubing.
Like cookie has done