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No more variety streams.
Gotta support the cause.

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Variety streams aren't that good any way. I don't know what's so political about that.

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Options are good regardless of your personal preference.
Freedom is always political.

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The fuck you're talking about? Someone confirmed management is prohibiting them from doing variety streams?

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Ame said "we're not allowed to do them" in her last Oblivion stream.

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That's just lovely. I'm reading the archives and people think the most likely reason is perms related which is fucking stupid, and apparently there might be a problem with how youtube doesn't let you tag more than one game per stream like twitch. At least they can still have multiple different streams a day, even if it's a dumb and bureaucratic process.

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? Do you mean playing several games or doing different things in the one stream?

Or they’re not allowed to do creative streams and can only play game and karaoke? If it’s that then EN management is severely and utterly brain dead

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But Ame is the biggest Cover's bootlicker. Surely they could make an exception for her if she sucks more Holostars dick.

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How are the two related?

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Support nothing. Where is EN3?

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I haven't seen anyone else complain about this, not even in the comments of the video? Timestamp doko.

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That would require EN to actually stream.

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go back

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I'll support the cause the moment Omega actually streams.
Blue man does not count.

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But I thought the entire 'cause' of lgbtqrstuv++++++ is to support 'variety'...

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>Source: my ass
Post timestamp.

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Kaela said in her Diablo 4 stream they aren't allowed to play 2 different games in 1 stream

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