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*Streams more in one year than your oshi did in three*


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the quintessential dead air vtuber

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Ela builded difrent

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M-muh quality over quantity

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The dead hours killer

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I agree with you. Ela provides better quality over quantity. I'm glad she's not streaming as much as she initially wanted and decided to focus on quality.

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You guys must like DSP then if you like content so much.

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It's a shame how some JPs get rewarded for doing absolutely nothing. Most of them are red colored as well.

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I respect it. I just can't keep up with it.

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She has been slacking off lately. Multiple times I went to sleep and she wasn't streaming when I woke up.

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1000 Quality x 0 stream is still 0 anon

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Good for her fans, but that is the most unhealthy shit i've ever witnessed.

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don't use my kawaii penguin idol blacksmithwife to tribalfag. she just has debilitating autism and doesn't know how else to live her life.

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>the most unhealthy shit i've ever witnessed
god damn this board is pathetic

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I give her a year before the health problems start catching up

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and? I only watch my oshi

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She was forged as a corposlave, I think she will be fine. I hope.

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Why are cumbuds so eager to see vtubers who actually stream suffer?
Truly the most hateful fanbase

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>Autism on Ice: The Autism of Autism
We know.

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sex with probably involves with a lot of begging to end the ejaculation torture endurance

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So was Marine and she's semi retired now.

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