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hi guys i am new to the vtuber world and i would like to hear recommendations for good vocalists from the community. I only know Melissa so far but unfortunately she graduated.

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go to /vsinger/
also Suisei. don't listen to their mediocre opinions on suisei there.

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Bar none, Leona Shishigami.

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I heard in the niji threads she wasn't good in live performance

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her performance in her 3D debut was not very good but they were pretty good in karaoke stuff. I also enjoy her covers and originals.

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Melissa does still make music even if she's no longer a vtuber

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The Hololive section can be ignored for the most part. Only Rikka, Izuru and Astel are any good if you don't mind male singers.

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>The Hololive section can be ignored for the most part
Kill yourself nijinigger

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>Muh Niji boogeyman
Grow up. Holos can't hold a candle to most of the singers on that list.

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Noel is a cute singer

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Suisei alone absolutely destroy your entire company retard

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Ryushen is pretty good

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Nobody from "my company" is even on that list. Keep seething.

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