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Can someone please help me understand the dynamic and/or the purpose here?

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what even is the point of Nazuna?

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She realized that joining Vshojo was a mistake

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purpose is to watch stream and point at laugh at their antics, what's the issue?

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Do you even care?

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Naz is a twitch partner

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Mikeneko is just sad and pathetic, she clearly wants to Hold on to the remaining fanbase she has left which are ESP since we know the Japs abandoned her

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Yes, to the extent that I'm very intrigued about the strangeness of it all. Collabing on stream isn't just haha funny playtime. You can do that off-stream. That's how most people enjoy the company of one another.

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>what even is the point of Nazuna?
twitch money

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This game looks like shit. I recommend listening to the collab with eyes closed.

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No one watched her as Nazuna, that's why. Brand and avatar matter

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Platform matters, too.
JP Vtubing has its roots on Youtube and she has better odds of finding success being there instead of the shitshow that Twitch is.

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if she graduates as Nazuna.
and just stay as Mike. i might consider watching her again. maybe

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Her fans are psychic?

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You can't understand how women brain work
Especially women with proven past shameful display.

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>image board
>image:reply ratio is 0:16
Hiro should consider to nuke this board entirely.

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Don't bother, faggot. She's mine anyway.

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Same way La+ has now collabed as 3 different characters with ddto.

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She just wants to steal money out of her cucks, and wouldn't mind switching sides to get some more money out of them.

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played this with lap before she's gone.

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All this talk about money and they somehow walk out of it with a "she really does love us".

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>anon clearly pays attention and puts in effort to inform anons in the most concise way he can
>hurr durr words words words not going to read schizo
The shameful state.

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Reading that, it seems like quite a cluster fuck (that she kinda built herself). But feels like she really need to decide and make clear what direction she wants take.

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it was one of her first collabs with pekora as well
fucking granny simulator was one of the first and last games rushia played

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By Asian fans they're including anything Asian or just Japanese? And if the artist they're talking about is @saka11205 then I don't get how this person is anti-unicorn when they're doing art of Holomem like Chloe, Marine, Miko and Kanata, especially the latter who has been public about not wanting to collab with dudes.

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So what you saying is that no brand is better than vshojo brand

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She's wants to be queen of the unicorns.
She joined the unicorn hate agency.
She is not very clever.

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Your logic is backwards. Is that artist supposed to dislike those holos because they don't do male vtuber collabs? They're just not in a situation where they have a significant portion of their fanbase harassing them into depression every time they talk to a guy. Well maybe Kanata is but she avoids it as much as possible and it's not the same situation with her anyways.

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extra income I assume

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The problem is more that Nazuna/Mike's unicorns are super aggressive (harass her in her DMs, comments, etc.) and she is mentally unstable.
For her mental health it would be better if she would just cut her unicorns off, but she'd definitely have to start building something new.

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I don't know how biased was that anon's description of the situation but it doesn't seem like the unicorns were the ones doing most of the harassment here.

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Unicorns were the ones doing the harassment because they literally talked about doing it on this board, anon. Why would the anti-unicorns spam her DMs? It was always the unicorns doing it whenever she did anything with a dude.
Her saying they never harassed her is just her trying to "protect" them because she wants to keep them around. It doesn't mean they didn't actually harass her.

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Read >>45969682 again.
Basically Unicorns harass Nazuna/Mike -> anti unicorns start harassing the unicorns
And she doesn't take a clear side, so both factions feel validated and betrayed at the same time, depending on how schizo they are.

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K, but the anti-unicorns are still being as schizo as the unicorns. It's not their place to defend the streamer or harass any fan outside of the audience, especially if the streamer tells them to cut it out. They're literally being as hardcore parasocial as the other side who think they're in love with her.

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Yeah of course. They should as the "reasonable ones" just enjoy the content as it's the best way to get what they want.
There's really no sane people that watch this woman anymore.

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Um, that's very wrong anon. She has taken a clear side in this, she's been defending the unicorns and calling the anti-unicorns antis for harassing them.

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Yeah in words, but I mean more long term. This is what you have to see over time. She'll go back to the "I love all my fans, because they love me in their way" thing, and both sides will feel validated again, because they are both kinda menhera in their own way.

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She's set out clear ground rules for this though, just don't harass the other side of the fanbase and don't hate on people for tweeting what they like and don't like. She's also made it clear to them that she likes unicorns, this is not a "I like them more than you" type of thing by the way it's more of a "stop putting words in my mouth because I don't hate unicorns and want them in the fanbase" type of thing, since the anti-unicorns constantly tried to put words in her mouth about her supposedly hating unicorns and wanting nothing to do with them, so as to justify themselves in attacking unicorn fans. Right now, she's pissed with the Asian nekofami because they are hypocrites for the most part.

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Mikeneko fans being "unicorns" is really funny because any actual unicorn would steer clear of her.

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I'm not saying it's bad but it is I guess. Some people choose to stay away if they are part of a certain group. Just look at this board tribalism for example

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Some unicorn lack the critical info.

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It's not even that though because they constantly react to her doing something with guys and know she has male friends.

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by Allah they goslingpost and discuss their girls' boyfriends in the same post. move that cursed general to /trash/

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I don't understand why they keep making bunch of online personas. Why not just sticking with one persona and focusing on improving your own content?

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>Sakana leave her fanbase
not even an hour ago
so what's the truth here?

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Double the membership money from simps if they have to subscribe to two accounts instead of one to see all your content.

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Mike cat's new model is worse than her old one.
Nazuna's is worse than both.
Why does she keep downgrading?
The only explanation I can think of is that her original model looked kind of menhera and less cute compared to her new one, which is probably the image she wants.

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The point of Nazuna was to have a character owned by Vshojo, Mikeneko's design was created by some chinese fan. Another part was that Vtuber antis in Japan knew of Mikeneko but didn't know Nazuna.

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>Kson: I've explained my views on this on stream before.
>Kson: Those who get it, get it.
>Kson: And guys, being frank, the day VShojo JP's idea of "talent first" is at odds with mine, I can leave.
>Kson: The same is true of Nazuna.
>Kson: We both hold the rights to our characters.
>Kson: So we don't have to suffer anything in silence.
>Kson: This is my interpretation of "talent first."
islandpajeets will ignore this

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She didn't own the rights to the Mikeneko design and Kagura Nana dropped Nazuna/Vshojo (which is funny since Vshojo made her involvement with the company such a huge deal in the first place).

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It's kind of dumb that she makes such a big deal about this when anyone can see that V-shojo is getting a way better deal than she is. Of course they're going to agree to whatever terms she wants. They get a bunch of free publicity and all they have to do is hire some yuppie minimum-wage manager for her. She could already Collab with anyone in vshojo and her viewer count didn't see any sustained growth since joining. Its not like they're ever going to reject her stream ideas either when their founding member does chaturbate streams.

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What did they do to piss Kagura Nana off?

>> No.45986309

To shill vshojoJP

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Kagura didn't drop Nazuna or Vshojo, the original model and this new model was both worked on by Kagura and Jannyhero, the original model was mostly in Kaguras style while the new one is mostly Jannyheros style, but Kagura is still on for Nazuna.

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why the fuck did she abandon her previous outfit? It looked so much better

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I believe that Nazuna and Kson joining was a ploy to poach JP vtubers from hololive and nijisanji and that it backfired spectacularly. I think they paid both of them money up front to join Vshojo and shill it. Kson even did a little shill stream about all the advantages of being a vshojo member compared to the other JP corpos. Right before they joined they also had that entire "Talent freedom" ad campaign in tokyo which was weird because why would viewers give a shit about that?
In the end it backfired because Michael cat prefers to stream on her own channel and Kson is slowly fading into irrelevancy. Established JP vtubers aren't going to join Vshojo after seeing that.

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>Its not like they're ever going to reject her stream ideas either when their founding member does chaturbate streams.
Except, you know. Having Nazuna play the wizard game after Vshojo's core fanbase doxed silvervale.
Pretty sure they'd refuse any stream idea that would piss off leftist looneys.

>> No.45987679

>Vshojo's core fanbase doxed silvervale.
Vshojo's core fanbase attacked a bunch of twittertrannies for being cunts. No vshojo fan would dox their own. That what the dickless scumbag antis are for.

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This design was great and I would actually watch her if she stuck with it.

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Imagine being such a shitkin ESL that you can't even spell ESL.

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>Michael cat prefers to stream on her own channel
8 streams in the last year+

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>no true scotsman
Completely ignoring the fact that Froot threw silvervale under the bus for troon brownie points.

>> No.45987926

>muh fictional bus
I am a true scotsman. I'll lift my kilt so you can suck my dick.

>> No.45987963

He meant to say Twitcast anon. Like about 8 2+ Twitcast streams in the last week. She's starting to stream more on her YT channel though.

>> No.45988007

Vei bailing to join a another group should've been enough indicative of something nasty going on behind the scenes as well.

>> No.45988096

She didn't even bail, all she said was "Vshojo is a management agency, Mythic gets me sponsors and merch" which is honestly such a huge jab at Vshojo's management.

>> No.45988102

It's so weird and funny.

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A lot of confusion and rrats, but I genuinely believe on the things said by Nazuna and Kson, there's probably a third party playing around whether is a lawsuit from breaking her contract with Cover, or VShojo that made a pact with the devil (Twitch) for Nazuna exclusivity for at least some time. Nazuna remains as the only poach from VShojo that wasn't from a company that got a new persona only for the company, so she kept streaming in Youtube as Mike to technically avoid this sort of policy, since she's not working under any company as Mikeneko.

>> No.45988298

Wait, that's Chat Michel? Her old model looked more interesting and like a much better fit for her.

>> No.45988899

Wait, so Veibae is only Vshojo in name only now?

>> No.45989034

It's been that case for a long time. All Veibae does on stream now is sit on a discord call with her boyfriend she now lives with. .

>> No.45989039

More or less, the brand name is so useless that she needed Asmongold's agency to actually get her shit.
IM is also signed to that one agency Shoto is part of.

>> No.45989619

But he's never been on her stream and she's still living in the UK
You okay bro?

>> No.45990073

So what the point of vshojo anymore? It seem vei mythic and whatever IM in seem to provide an actual support and sponsorship

>> No.45990167

go jump off a cliff henri

>> No.45990963

VShojo set up the deals with makeship for the plushies and ironside for the custom pcs. Mouse seems to have had more sponsors recently but I haven't actually seen mythic provide anything yet (except a home for about 100 random streamers most of which are 3views)

>> No.45993212

Depends on what you want to do. They are best if you need VTuber tech solutions. Meet&Greets at Conventions, connections to get a 3D studio for 3D lives, etc.
Also more Otaku oriented merch opportunities.

I'd see them more as a VTuber tech support company than an agency, though they are kind of in-between. But that's likely why there is no conflict of interest when a talent joins a agency more focused on getting the typical stream sponsors, because that's not what they do.

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That design made her look like a super unstable menhera.

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>> No.46002378

yeah man, they lift shit with their minds

>> No.46002446

bruh, talk about two faced

>> No.46002888

vshojo jp is a black company with evil work practices and contracts, and they tricked mikeneko into joining
Mikeneko is realizing she's better off as an actual indie

>> No.46003269

But she is a super unstable menhera. No?

>> No.46003538

>The problem is more that Nazuna/Mike's unicorns are super aggressive (harass her in her DMs, comments, etc.) and she is mentally unstable.

>> No.46003673

Yes, but she doesn’t want to come across that way. Same reason we all come /here/ to bitch about vtubers instead of elsewhere where we can be identified.

>> No.46003710

Anon, Mike has literally stated in the same Twitcast where she btfos the anticorn that she gets DMs from that same crowd as well.

>> No.46003777

Anon, this board has several posts saying they are going to DM her, that they DMd her and that nobody should DM her again because she will lock her DMs again due to all the harassment.

>> No.46003855

actually i don't think i've seen such a mid "upgraded" design before. menhera was superior

>> No.46003864

And she has stated that she has gotten DMs from the anticorn fags as well. Simple put, just don't DM her retarded shit.

>> No.46003924

Sure but recently the "unicorns" have been trying to claim they never harassed her.

>> No.46004842

You have awful pattern analysis if you consider that to be a meaningful read on her situation.
I don't know where you're perceiving the "lots of fans get hurt, but stay, and eventually recompose" trend throughout this last year.
The fanbase has dwindled to its point precisely BECAUSE her menheras cleaves DO cut through and cripple whatever particular targeted portion of her fanbase she cleaves through
The only reason unicorns survived not one but two cleaves is because the first would have been a KO if not for an abrupt total 180 and she managed to salvage most of them
The second cleave hit fucking hard and had no immediate reversal, and the pouring out of unicorns had already started.
The only difference in the end is that her western unicorn fans were on the stickier end of fan groups she's hit. Not even the stickiest, either.
This is the first time she has specifically cleaved her anti-unicorns, and it took out 2 of their biggest donors, the biggest outlet for the harshest anti-unicorn sentiment, and left the previous outspoken ones into a stunned silence. They also failed to do something Unicorns DID do, which is a major reason for why we haven't seen the same emotional response dynamic between them and her happen like it did with unicorns. And at this point the window of opportunity for doing that has already closed because her opinions were left to solidify. I'll let you try to figure what it is I'm talking about out on your own though.

>> No.46005020

She literally calls herself menhera every week and talks about being menhera and how menhera she is
She doesn't want to be seen as "unfit for society" tier crazy hag, but if you think she has an issue with being seen as a menhera you don't fucking watch her

>> No.46005455

No unicorn has claimed that, they are saying that they haven't harrased her recently, which even she says is true. They've not caused any problems recently. Only in January actually.

>> No.46005799

>They've not caused any problems recently.
They did literally just a month ago.

>> No.46005980

What did they do last month?

>> No.46006093

Freaked out over her calling random guys on saito-san. The thread was on full meltdown much worse than a lot of the other times they ended up DM harassing her. How am I supposed to believe they didn't do it then too?

>> No.46008578

She never called unicorn DMs harassment.
Go take a look at the logs of her reactions.
The worst she ever said about unicorn "harassment" only ever went as far as
"the absolute lowest"
"I'll have no choice but to quit if you don't leave and that is super stressful"
"I won't listen to what you have to say ever again"
"there's this guy Arigathanks, and I really hate him"

Compare that to that to what she said about anti-unicorns:
"shut the fuck up you awful bastards"
"I want block you all"
"you're together with the antis"
"I'm going to let my company know about this"
"you're more annoying than antis"
"I completely despise you now"
"I'll have to take a break and will get my lawyer to sue you for compensation of lost income"
"I'll hate you for the rest of my life"
"I kept forgiving you but you are assholes so I'll never forgive you again"
"I think I'll stream on bilibili"

Gee. I wonder which one she felt harassed by.

>> No.46008725

first, the thread didn't melt down because of the saito-san stuff. The thread was in perpetual slow meltdown since the Jan collab. Most people there had a sense of dread. And secondly
>how am I supposed to believe they didn't do it
because she fucking talks about dms whenever she gets them lmao
she hasn't exactly kept it hidden

>> No.46013316

jesus christ
if this is true cover really got off lightly offloading this piece of work and her "community"

>> No.46015365

>if she stuck with it.

>> No.46015458

She got harassed by the unicorns.

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>trusting this liar's words

>> No.46015708

Even Vshojo hates Vshojo

>> No.46017760

wait did she just loophole her way to double ?
bcs if i recall nazu is twitch only.

>> No.46020086

If you wanna go with that, in the end she got harassed by anti-unicorns even harder than she was by unicorns.

>> No.46021643

This is different though because dtto isn’t a Holo’s roommate. If it was like Sora singing with nayuta that’d be weird.

>> No.46025709


>> No.46026415

Vshojo a management agency lmao

They won't even tard wrangle veibae when they need it the most

>> No.46026496

She got twitch partner at the start instead of earning it. There's your exclusive stuff

>> No.46030420

they're friends?

>> No.46032454


>> No.46033250

it took like two months

>> No.46036529

no purpose needed

>> No.46036672

Luck is a big part of success in any entertainment field. Even no name, no connection indies often get a decent amount of viewers during debuts because there're people who just love scoping those out and share them.
People pumping out new personas are basically throwing resources into rolling the dice more. Even if they're already well established but don't pull in good numbers, people who already stopped watching them are likely to come back and might get drawn in again or they might pull some big fish who just takes the excuse to catch someone they put off before.

>> No.46038831

It's odd how Kson waited a year and tricked Rushia to join Vshojo with her.
Probably to cover up her backpedalling about joining another company kek

>> No.46039397

I love watching /vt/ards talking about VShojo. It's highly entertaining. Don't mind me, do keep going.

>> No.46040781

Two friends, not that complex.

>> No.46043880

A project that didn't do as well as she expected

>> No.46047002

she's my wife.

>> No.46050438

Um they’re friends?

>> No.46052060

I fully believe they used all that venture capital money to dangle in front of Kson, who then managed to trick them in shelling out even more when she told them she could bring in JAPAN'S #1 HIGHEST SUPERCHAT QUEEN ALONGSIDE HER, THE FORMER #1 SUPERCHAT QUEEN.
I will honestly admire Souchou when she dumps Vshojo after grifting them hard, she probably managed to get a cut out of Mi-chan's share as well, telling her nobody will ever employ her without her backing.

>> No.46052913

I unironically started posting 4chan because I was too lazy to type my email and password everytime in forums.

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