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why doesn't a single black Vtuber characters exist in this industry?

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We dont need your twittertard here faggot. Most of japans aren't black they cant relate to black nor do they want to people how hard is that to understand?

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inb4 Flare
Dark elves are NOT niggers

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What people dont know is that the original vtubers were from africa

The rice folk just stold this from us black kings and claimed they did it first

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If you cant tell Miko and Sora are obviously black

Hololive hired them so they would succeed as a company

They made their skin as white because of them racist ass weebs but theyre played by black females

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Because the big companys are scared of other races besides asians.
It's why we also barely have any europeans.

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For the same reason ugly people don't want ugly Vtuber models. They'd rather be pretty.

Yes it's racist. No it's not hateful. It's the fucking TRUTH. Just like no Vtuber has fucked up inbred British people teeth. Also black culture is objectively shit outside of a few Aftican tribes which is why they're constantly adopting other people's cultures en masse.

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Fuck off Bot #51664

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This is why T9 is the best , he was a PNGtuber and even when he became a vtuber he kept his model ,he's doing pretty well overall, and he isn't lazy like most vtuber and actually do pre-recorded video and stream at the same times

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Proof ?

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Why would black people want to be Vtubers in the first place?

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Black people are people too you retard

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That doesn't answer my question
What reason is there for a black person to be a Vtuber and not just a regular streamer? Especially considering the community

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There is but she uses white skin avatar anyway

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You know why.

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>t. Dark Elf

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There was cuppofcocoa but she hasn't been the same since she was forcefed meds.

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Because blacks can't create, only destroy

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just for that im not sharing my qt wife's channel with you

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im a black girl that wants to become a vtuber but i dont want a black model. people probably won't be able to tell im black anyways because i dont have the vocal mannerisms (raised in the suburbs). vtubing is glorified roleplaying anyways so whats the fun in RP'ing as the exact same thing that you are irl?

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yeah because anime facial structures are clearly more japanese than european

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Because your retarded

Some black people aren't in the community shit, some of them are weebs or don't want to show themselve

It's like Slick goku/regis before passing (rip) we never saw the dude face yet he was black ,dude just wanted to make content and sometime used a png while streaming or talking in Vods

We got his name and face only because he passed away and keepung it secret was litteraly useless

Just like Technoblade, we only got his fucking elbow reveal but when he dies he let his family show his face Because again ,it's useless to keep it a secret

Black people are still fucking people, not all of them want to be known and use avatar

They have as much reason to show themselve than any other person

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I'm Asian and I want a blond hair white skinned model myself.

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Mixie Mixin both has a black model and is black IRL, admittedly she's a small indie (FLaVR)

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Based. Good luck kween.
Also Twitter is going to hate you when they find out you're black using a white avatar. Prepare to be called uncle Tom.

Ignore them until you can milk them for content, go the Pippa route. Unironically, racist 4chan chuds will have your back and want to watch you much more than Twitter faggots will.

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>Wondering why there are no black vtubers
There are black vtubers you just don't know them because you can't formulate an english sentence to save your life.

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go back

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i grew up being called an oreo and so did my parents so im used to it lol. crabs in a bucket mentality plagues the African American community unfortunately

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can you do
a brown tomboy model tho

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LOL Of course you do. Asians want to be white anyway.

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Anyone sane wants to be white

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>no nappy hair or gorilla features, just a generic westernized anime style man but browner
das raycis

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Can you go Michael Jackson irl?

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Because no one wants to watch dumb, ugly poop skin chewba

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bet you feel silly now huh?

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alice alucard is based and her rm is black, you can make it but it's going to be just as hard as it would be for anyone. make sure your goals are very clear before you start out and head over to asp. i wish you luck.

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They would be successful duh

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hes british

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Tanned tomboy tho...

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Because black women are just inherently less pleasing to look at. They are also the furthest of the idea of "cute" which is essential in an anime rooted culture.

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It doesnt make me think.

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because black weebs aren't real, duh

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same reason any en weeaboo would

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like how i destroyed your mom's vag last night

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Not many black people in Japan?

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that's where it's at bro

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black people look different from each other.

i'm basically full silverback, but my sister looks like flare's model in terms of hair texture and skin tone

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If we're talking a legit like, black person that you'd usually see as a fleshtuber on twitch or some shit. They'd never be considered for any big corpo because they're unable to not say the slurs whenever they speak

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literally the most based combo

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any black corpo tuber would be canned in a week for dropping 6 hard r's in one stream

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It’s a kinda simple-most blacks not all, can’t do anything without making it a point to make you know their black, like their whole existence revolves around their race. That’s why they’ll never be successful in the vtubing world, because people watch vtubing or anime to forget about the real world not be constantly reminded of it. Look at black anons in the catalog, they can’t help saying shit like, my nigga or look at the white bitch, nobody else pointed out the fact ( most of the time) about their race or sex. Personally I don’t give a fuck about anybody’s race or sex, we’re all anons and we’re here for the same reason to talk about vtubers.

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Black 2view with a black png, did have a white model for a bit but I switched for other reasons. There are black chuubas, just look for them.

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they can't afford a streaming setup because they spend all their money on PCP and water melons.

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actually we spend most of it on fried chicken, check your facts, tard.

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While black weebs exist, they are an extremely niche audience, and would make the core of the audience.
Your alternative are white libs or

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dark elves are cope fetish for nigger lovers.
yall just dont wanna admit it to liking ebony

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Because this industry, unlike the kike throttled one called Hollywood, doesn't run off make believe nonsense. Niggers go last. Pale is King.

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> black vtuber model
> black steamer behind model: 4chan does 4chan stuff
> not a black streamer behind model: twitter does twitter stuff
it's a lose lose situation

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Based and true. I'm an Asian and I want to roleplay as a hung, monster cock haver.

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It's not really a black thing, Is probably seem as lame by most of the black community. Also black personality doesn't fit since vtubers are cutesy and black women are known to be very loud and confrontational, and not in a cute way.

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You don't want that audience, they will turn on you the second you stop being their token minority.

I think best course of action is to have a black vtuber model but don't call attention to it. Also get used to having jungle fever type unicorns if you get any type of following. The reason is because I think vtubing isn't really rp, is meant to but no one really does it, is more like an extension of yourself.