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>retards trying to cancel Nyanners because of her 4chan past
Fuck off hypocrites. Saying the N word back in 2011 wasn't a huge deal like it is now so I have no idea why people are making a huge deal about it. Everyone was young once and we've all made mistakes. Also hyped for the collab, seethe all you want.

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Go back to being a hypocrite, dumb cat

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fuck off false flag anti

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Her only mistake was renouncing it.

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u should all kill yourselves for liking vtubers

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If you guys ever want to know why nobody ever openly admits to using 4chan, this is the reason.

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Oy vey 10 years isn't enough time to reform from using that awful terrible word.

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All she had to do was say something like "I was a different person back then, I've changed now" and leave it at that. Going full virtue signal is straight up sjw/twitter pandering bs

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>Fuck off hypocrites

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>announcing via pic
Enjoy your vacation retard.

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I'm honestly surprised how little shitposting there is about this collab. I've seen a few threads here and a small amount of twitter posts by retards that are obviously from here and breaking containment, but I expected way more pushback against the collab, especially here on /vt/. I guess the Nyanners antis really are just a few very dedicated shitposters and the majority of the board simply does not care about her.

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Even on /vt/ it's just newfag zoomers who are complaining because Nyanners doesn't fit their post-Trump idea of what a 4chan user should be like.

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vacation sama...

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This is the most blatant bait thread I've ever seen and /vt/ is so packed full of retards I bet it'll work anyway.

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Now make Mori look bad or do a hack job rigging then we'll have some buzz

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You are kinda mad OP

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What the fuck does orange man have to do with literally anything vtuber related?
Kill yourself

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imagine being this brain poisoned to the point where you can't make a post without bringing up politics

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kys cucks
he won

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Go back tourist piggy

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*pomf* gamergate, triggered, etc

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>tranny janny deleted my post

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I will support her if she says the C word.

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It's almost as if people don't want vshitshow members to be near Hololive people unless it's someone like Ironmouse.

Veibae was cancelled for good reason, and nobody wants Nyanners too. Kiara forcing Nyanners to happen is just going to make people hate her more.

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Can this bitch please choke on her BFs dick already and be gone?

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This is good bait

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The fact that I don't like Nyanners, doesn't mean that I will go out of my way to harangue and harass people on twitter or whatever to try to stop the collab. We have lives. There are already 20+ vtubers I fail to keep up with, so not watching this collab doesn't really change much for me. Though I admit I will have to cringe really hard, if I have to keep seeing fan art of Nyanners + hololive. The worst scenario is the fanbase getting infected by the vshit wokefaggots who will make the complaint that Gura is loli trying to appeal to lolicons, or start some other political shit.

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kys holonigger

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Isn't this kind of behavior the same kind as underage and sjws (sometimes both) on twitter who try to cancel people for something they did or said ages ago? Isn't 4chan supposed to be against that sort of thing.

(I'm referring to the lolicon thing, that is like the only ground they have to stand on and it's pathetic to watch.)

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She’s single now

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I'm more worried about the significant segment of her fanbase that think 2D = 3D than anything. I don't want her to specifically apologize to 4chan or anything, last thing this place needs is more attention being drawn to it, if she simply told them not to harass lolicon artists or something to make it clear she doesn't condone such behavior that'd be great.

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>He tried to bump the thread again after 9 of his post deleted
I sure hope anon won't fall for such obvious bait.

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Nah, i just don't want to bring in more newfags

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nyanners is a cunt and will do anything for clout

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she's part of the reason why we have an influx of zoomer retards.

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Okay nigger

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>nyanners said nigger
Honestly based ngl

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I liked her better when she said the nigger

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This >>4590429
Also this >>4591532

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So she claims to get more simp money

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you are fucking pathetic

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the core nyanners fanbase consists of 2003-2008 oldfags who have long since become jaded with current imageboard culture and have joined nyanners in her quest to become a nicer person in general

nyanners antis on the other hand are post-2014 gamergate and trump activist tourists who have yet to grow past their edgy imageboard phase

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people don't hate kiara. only you and a few other anons with voices in your heads do. you are not people.

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It doesn't matter what you do, she is a winner, loved by thousands of fans and earning a lot of money.

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Pomf :3
Take your meds

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lmao unironically obsessed

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take your meds schizo

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KFP aren't people either. Get back in the oven you flightless birds.
t. KFP anti

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It is. And given the current state of the world, its effective. So why fight it? Why not use it to your own ends?

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Agreed. Problem is, one side doing this is socially acceptable/encouraged. When the opposite site tries to do it, it tends to be suppressed on most platforms

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>its a newfag pretends to be an oldfag episode

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Most people saying they're oldfags came to this website in 2015. Nigga I was here when Sparta remixes were the top "meme" when they were still being called "joke videos"

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Not falling for your tactics, Discord tranny

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yeah ok grandpa
drink your prune juice.

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I doubt there is anyone alive and sane enough to be in his 30s and keep up with some dumb whore.

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Ron paul, anon

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Fight fire with fire, faggot.

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I'd do anything to go back to the 2007 era.

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>the core nyanners fanbase consists of 2003-2008 oldfags who have long since become jaded with current imageboard culture and have joined nyanners in her quest to become a nicer person in general
>oldfags who have long since become jaded with current imageboard culture and have joined nyanners in her quest to become a nicer person in general
>quest to become a nicer person in general
Yeah, I'm sure calling your previous fanbase pedo's, the very same ones that brought you up and put you in the spotlight is just the first step in becoming a "better person"!

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I bet the people in this thread haven't even won one internet.

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Saying racial slurs is never socially acceptable the fuck are you on? it's bad in 2021 it's bad in 2011 it was fucking bad in the 1800s.

Her career is finished she shouldn't have brought it up and neither should (You)

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>2003-2008 oldags
Hated tripfags and attention whores which included Nyanners so nice fucking lie retard.

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It's awwwwwright!

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you say this as if early 4chan wasn't half trip/namefriends to the point where shii started seething about it

stop projecting your newfag ideas on old 4chan

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I still remember hanging around /v/ in 2009 and getting upset when I discovered that not only was Facebook reposting some of 4chan's memes, but they were posting some shitty photoshopped images with the Impact Font text on them and started calling those meme's at the time

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Which word? Nigger?

>> No.4599278

Moonman cover
Loli voice moaning
bullying other girls on stream

I can go on and on and I got receipts bro, but it's common knowledge how much of a two faced cunt she is so I doubt anyone really cares anymore.

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>tfw we'll never get old /v/ comics again

>> No.4599305

>Reddit Spacing

>> No.4599422

>you say this as if early 4chan wasn't half trip/namefriends to the point where shii started seething about it
Like less than 5% of all users at the time were either named or tripfags at the time, even at the height of popularity when being a tripfag user was at it's max of during the LancedJack era you fucking newfag.

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>Her career is finished
lmao take your fucking meds

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seething incel

>> No.4599515

Take your meds, incel

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Anon.. it's 4ch.. people talking shit for fun, they aint gonna go extra lenght to harass her, unless some holofags outside started it first.
Only real nolifers and retards with serious schizo case would take /vt/ seriously and breach outta containment.

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>he doesn't remember how moot literally had to implement forced anonymous in an effort to make people start talking anonymously because his autistic pedo coder friend really wanted to

>> No.4599773

does anyone have the nyanners moonman cover?

>> No.4599779

>implying anyone is actually trying to cancel her

>> No.4599943

This used to be the link I had but it expired rip.

>> No.4600005

discord troons are trying to yeah.
they're not big enough numbers for anyone to even give a fuck and they're the kind of woke retards even normies think are repulsive so she's pretty much in the clear.

>> No.4600063

>discord troons are trying to yeah.
Her own fanbase is trying to cancel her? Why?

>> No.4600099

>insane trannies needing a reason for anything

>> No.4600150

someone has to have downloaded it to their computer on either /b/ or /pol/. id ask around there.

>> No.4600153

True. But it's funny the audience she panders to, would want her cancelled

>> No.4600161

Man forcedanon wasn't shit. And snacks was literally just some faggot with an overblown ego that literally got turned into meme here with anons asking to bring him back even though he contributed little to the entire site.

What I posted was much worse. LancedJack was at the height of tripfags and namefags not only attention whoring, but also avatar posting and role-playing in every single fucking thread they could fine to get them (You's) before people even started to call (You's) as a thing.

>> No.4600172 [DELETED] 

This makes zero sense. The tourists weren't even around to experience the backstabbing in person. Of course the ones still upset are those she shat on.

>> No.4600297

i wasn't talking about snacks, newfag

>The tourists weren't even around to experience the backstabbing in person.
that's right, they only know nyanners from the anituber video calling her a hypocrite and the screenshots you keep posting

>> No.4600342

Plus Kiara said the N word in 2021. 2021!!! Nyanners has nothing on that.

>> No.4600348

there are trannies who will turn a blind eye to the shit she's done in the past because they want the chance to ride her coattails into clout stardom, but of course you have your rabid top tier percentile frothing at the mouth SJWs who will cannibalize anyone and anything that even remotely goes against their beliefs in the slightest integer and those are the people currently trying to get her cancelled. Like I said, a laughable minority at the moment.

>> No.4600370

Nyanners? Yeah, she's based now.

>> No.4600661 [DELETED] 

That's all they need to know about her. She renounced everything she created in the past anyways.

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if you say so, but you shouldn't confuse them with "disgruntled old fans" when they are actually just drama addicted tourists

>> No.4600824

Utter nonsense. Either it's always okay, or it never is. Me, I think it's always okay, but if you're the type who would crucify someone for saying it today, you deserve to have your own past dredged up and used against you.

>> No.4600894

I'm from 2008 and don't consider myself an oldfag

>> No.4600992

I first came in 05, I think, and still never really considered myself an oldfag. That was the first generation of posters who came with moot from SA.
Also, who cares? They were mostly faggot.

>> No.4601047

Have you seen screencaps of the earliest posts here? It was gaia online tier cringe.

>> No.4601065

No one actually gives a shit when you joined. We're all faggots in the end, it's just how much you can be one. Taking this website seriously is autistic and schizophrenic.

>> No.4601261

All you Nyanners antis, if you really want to cancel this collab need to bring up the fact that Cover employs a bunch of vtubers who are into 2d loli/shota. Ask why Nyanners is okay with associating with an organization that, according to her, is employing pedos. She either has to double down on the view and cancel, or attempt to defend Cover and seem even more hypocritical. Or she just ignores it, I don't know. I dislike her, but I don't really care either way.

>> No.4601265

moot turned into a Zuckerberg wannabe, and half of the OG 4chan crowd turned into batshit insane Twitter SJWs. We need to get over admiring these people. They were dickheads.

>> No.4601539

that's right, the real 4chan spirit is with the election tourists

>> No.4601669

there is at least some sort of proof that it did exist

>> No.4601692

Election tourists aren't real.

>> No.4601708

To a degree, yes. Politics aside, the tourists are more "old 4chan" than (You)

>> No.4601711

The rule is and still:
Everyone that's 2007> onwards is a newfaggot, forever and ever.

Just sick a dick already, newfaggot

>> No.4601737 [DELETED] 

Keep doing it guys, sometimes you gotta act like a Nijinigger to keep whores away

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>Keep doing it guys, sometimes you gotta act like a Nijinigger to keep whores away

>> No.4601779

seething incels think they can stop a collab by acting like enraged chimps lmao

>> No.4601810

Meds, now. Incel

>> No.4601870 [DELETED] 

>nyanners thread
>expect it to be shit
>its absolutely shit
Never change.

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Only here though. The letter I sent Cover is pretty formal.
If anyone wants to do the same, here's the link.

>> No.4602199

nice try

>> No.4602258

The mask comes off, Nyanners antis were just newfaggots looking to take over 4chan all along

>> No.4602286


>> No.4602318 [DELETED] 

It's cover's fucking website.

>> No.4602319

>anituber videos
It just keeps getting worse, how low can the antis sink?

>> No.4602338

Sure thing bro...

>> No.4602459

So you agree with the video then

>> No.4602487

>watching anitubers
What do you take me for? I only watch cute vtubers like Nyanners.

>> No.4602512

nothing he said was wrong and this isn't an argument

>> No.4602558

She's that western hypocrite vtuber, right?

>> No.4602828

seethe incel

>> No.4602880

Ok, delusional incel

>> No.4603009

>trying to cancel Nyanners because of her 4chan past
This is a good bait thread.

>> No.4603244

imagine dick swinging on an anonymous virtual youtuber imageboard

>> No.4603324

t. 2018 post-election tourist teen who came here through a twitter account sharing epic /pol/ greentexts

please lurk more, in this imageboard we respect oldfags such as nyanners

>> No.4603365

imagine complaining about "dick swinging" on an anonymous virtual youtuber imageboard

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>> No.4603514

>r*ddit spacing

>> No.4603913

Nyanners isn't even an oldfag, she's 2010 Cancer. Your fucking timeline reps, Cancer

>> No.4604014

2009 is just when she started posting vocaroos, she was lurking before (like you should be doing)

>> No.4604043

That's a newfag then, newfag.

>> No.4604102

>failed to read beyond the first word
not only a newfag but also a retard...

>> No.4604138

Do "oldfags" really?

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Retard. You can be a 2003fag, and any zoomer that knows to lurk and not act retarded is asworthy as you. Oldfagging always has been attentionwhoring.

>> No.4604266

Newfag pedophiles will never live down the fact that Nyanners will forever have been here longer than them

Leave, tourists, this is Nyanners territory

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File: 218 KB, 385x532, lulu disdain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>projecting this hard

>> No.4604555

>w-we loved Nyanners back then fellow 4channers!

>> No.4604681

They're just scared she could come into a thread like this at any time she chooses. Call them lolicon newfags and walk away, then watch them seethe and she'd be right.

There is literally nothing you faggots can do to stop her now.

>> No.4604754

>she could come into a thread like this at any time she chooses
So that she can complain about how ebul 4chinz is bullying her again and how she should quit?

>> No.4604760

>reddit spacing simp
cant make this shit up

>> No.4604791

>the mad is astounding.


>Jesus christ dude, I hope you aren't serious, nyanners is the closest thing to a goddess that /a/ even has
uh, based?

>> No.4604865

>cherrypicking this hard
Just hang yourself already

>> No.4604945

can i see the n-word in question?

>> No.4604985

Why quit? Your impotent rage just makes her wallet bigger, she doesn't give a fuck about you

>> No.4605055

Just saw this thread was still around lol.

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File: 101 KB, 1050x813, Screenshot_20210513-175918_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no no no nyannerantis how could this happen

>> No.4605091

Time for a prostate milking newfag

>> No.4605115

who cares bitch

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>EVERYONE! Petition for Nyanners to have a role in Madoka dub. Even if it is a small part like the Teacher or Madoka's mom, it will still make the experience 10x better. Plus, our fatasses can feel like we actually did something.
>Nyanners is the best thing /a/ has, let's support her!
>Huh. We should get Nyanners to do a dub of this.
>She enjoys what she does, and has a fanbase that enjoys it too. Stop ruining everyone's fun.
>Jesus christ dude, I hope you aren't serious, nyanners is the closest thing to a goddess that /a/ even has
>>>>>>>>>>>Polite Sage

>> No.4605166

and? she shares nothing in common with you. she does not reflect 4chan in the slightest outside a few references and callbacks. Who nyan was 7+ years ago is a gigantic far cry to who she is now. I don't care how long ago she came here, she shares nothing in common with the average user. She is a reddit-tier normalfag through and though. why worship her?

>> No.4605186

Nyanners said nigger? Based!

>> No.4605199

There are whole pages of /a/utists mad at her. Your cherrypicked examples don't prove shit. Nyanners was an attention whore and you're still whiteknighting her 10 years later like the beta low t pussy ass bitch you are.

>> No.4605205

>I don't care how long ago she came here, she shares nothing in common with the average user.
that's because the average 4chan user in 2021 needs to go back already

>> No.4605256

Nyanners simps are somehow more beta than KFPs. It's hilarious watching them writhe about the truth

>> No.4605328

>More cherrypicked examples
Imagine being a white knight to some 3D whore for a decade and she still hasn't fucked you and rode the cock carousel all those years you were jacking it to her hideous voice.

>> No.4605364

your reading comprehension reps...

>> No.4605372

Do you still wear the fedora you wore 10 years ago, fagboy?

>> No.4605398

The truth kills nyancucks
Her fans who use the
>she was le 4chsn oldfag royalty back in the day!!!
Are still in denial about this

>> No.4605486

found another
looking pretty damning

>> No.4605607

>well they post cringey soijaks and say nigger and hate trannies!
Because when it was time to teach them you whimpered "i-i'm not spoonfeeding you!!!!" and slinked away.

>> No.4605649

Not Moonman, sorry.

>> No.4605768

Big sigma male energy

>> No.4605838

Can you post the rest of them, Jim? I remember you streaming a couple years ago and you played like 2-3 of them.

>> No.4605889

The real crime of Nyanners is not even whoredom or some such. It is that she's so damn b o r i n g.

>> No.4605939


>> No.4605964

Like two soundbits.
And another one.
She really doesn't have any other voice.

>> No.4606053
File: 98 KB, 516x435, sander.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hated by her original 4chan fanbase because she betrayed them for tumblr
>Now being hated by those same people she turned to + new twitterfags for being on 4chan at all in the past

>> No.4606090

Thanks, Jim. I specifically remembered that Japanese nationalism one. Hearty kek.

>> No.4606093

This is why you don't try to start a fanbase here. It's the kiss of death.

>> No.4606135

And nobody cares outside of the extremely online faggots here

>> No.4606202

Why are you on 4chan?

>> No.4606283

To see how big of a faggot you are

>> No.4606297 [DELETED] 

Only this.

>> No.4606362

Only an old vine link.
And an archive.

>> No.4606399

(You) do
Thanks for the reply, fag. Here's one back

>> No.4606428

Not really. As long as you're not a retarded grifter, most seem to be doing fine

>> No.4606449


Not all of them ended up shit, only the ones that completely turned their back on and tried to renounce their past. Grifters and "I've changed!" fags deserve no respect and rightfully deserve to get shit on.

>> No.4606487

This. You either just say "Yeah, that happened. Anyway" or try to cancel your past like a faggot.

>> No.4606498

I only know sseth and to be fair he has talent too.

>> No.4606522

based anti-loli anituber, death to pedos

>> No.4606563

>t. actual pedophile

>> No.4606599
File: 1.82 MB, 360x343, this is bait [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fkpur8h.mp4].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4606784

rent free for 7 years

>> No.4607050

I don't like Nyanners and will never be but I won't go as far as to destroy her newfound career. Only twittards do that and I'm not a twittard. I have principles

>> No.4607083
File: 18 KB, 600x600, EFG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I the only one whose an oldfag and appreciates Nyanners random callbacks to old internet culture? The fact that she remembers shit like lucky star amvs, gi joe videos and shiis song is cool to me.




>> No.4607170

Im pretty sure that the oldfigs I know of would silence anyone who would mention her name on the websites and IRC discussions I go to. Nice try though

>> No.4607215

>IRC discussion
i don't know what gay servers you use butnyanners is universally loved on rizon, dude

#/vt/ is vshojo territory

>> No.4607254

Her moonman parody was made in 2015 and she was well into her 20s.

>> No.4607314

now she's an overcompensating hypocrite however. she is the worst

>> No.4607375

tumblr. go back

>> No.4607379


>> No.4607404
File: 1.18 MB, 2080x1560, crayons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A reminder that, as always, Naruto is to blame for Nyanners' existence.

>> No.4607423
File: 2.80 MB, 1288x714, EN5-pioPmNmhWVoQ.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's pretty comfy

>> No.4607538

pot calling the kettle black

>> No.4607545



Man I wish I had friends who knew dumb 06-08 internet memes like Nyanners

>> No.4607595

Why do people keep bring it up? its been years man years

>> No.4607631

it was an important step in 4chan's downfall, if not the point of no return

>> No.4607733

it's a fun channel, you should join

>> No.4607739 [SPOILER] 
File: 26 KB, 329x302, 1622852736009.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because it lives rent free in their heads. To this day, retards get assravaged by the mere memory of it, so they mix it with whatever they don't like.

>> No.4607997

It was basically Chanology 2 and prepped 4chan for the newfag shitstorm that was the 2016 election. Anyone that tries to prop it up as some kind of IMPORTANT EVENT IN THE CULTURE WAR is a dumbass. Nothing really happened during it and the only actual effect it had was the creation of a new generation of grifters and faggot journalists trying to leverage it as proof as proof of victimhood and persecution. My rrat is that it was a massive psyop to distract from the Fappening that was happening at the same time.

>> No.4608048

I corroborate with >>4607631. Yes, the cracks were already there long before that, but gamergate opened the coffin and 2016 closed it.

>> No.4608077

thanks doc

>> No.4608083

I'll go one step further with your rrat and say that it was a testing ground for "pride" shit.

>> No.4608177
File: 1.37 MB, 1100x1558, nyan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I literally don't care what Nyanners did to you dipshits in the past or what she said about you. She amuses me for free, that's all I care about.

>> No.4608217

The Vshojo girls have a shared experience of being exposed to the anime "Ninja Scroll" at a young age.

>> No.4608322

Ironmouse is the better option in any way.

>> No.4608505

>Man I wish I had friends who knew dumb 06-08 internet memes like Nyanners
man, same, but nearly everyone has left this cursed website years ago and i was too stubborn and/or retarded to leave with them

now they have all these fun communities and i'm here stuck with you people

>> No.4608650

All she had to do is say nothing
Now the entirety of vshojo suffers because of that. Which is a shame because some of their models are completely wasted now

>> No.4609088

People give a shit about her?

>> No.4609095

Spoken like a newfag. Discord is down the hall and to the left.

>> No.4609525

>notch comes to /v/ to get help with his minecraft
>after anions did all the heavy lifting and fixed his absolute garbage code the game pick up traction
>Microsoft offers to buy the game and shit regarding to it
>loaded and royalties out the ass
That's the way you use whatever fanbase you have from this site, you don't even have to renounce the people here. Just take the money and fuck off, notch was legitimately a better traitor than nyanners

>> No.4609618

Don't fear even after getting all the money he's still an unlovable incel who will die alone

>> No.4609663

He was never gonna get pussy anyways

>> No.4609709

>why are people justifiably upset that some whore betrayed them and sold them out even after all these years?
Traitors get the chamber

>> No.4609793


>> No.4609806

>hurrrrr she betrayed 4chan
Who gives a fuck? Having allegiance to a fucking website is cringe

>> No.4609826


>> No.4609864

You will never be a woman

>> No.4609917

Just like all of the "oldfag" Nyanners beta simps in this thread?

>> No.4609938


>> No.4609965

>You're implying that SJW will ever forgive you. They're evil , spiteful, hateful. If you ever did something wrong they want you to be their slave and forfeit your entire existence to appease them, otherwise they'll drag your problematic past back out and run a campaign to ruin your life.
>They're fucking cults.

how ironic that this could be applied to this very situation

>> No.4609999

Seething simp

>> No.4610054

4chan has never ruined or cancelled a person's life though
>inb4 muh pol and r9k

>> No.4610097


>> No.4610117

>wanting traitorous snakes like notch and nyanners to suffer and die because they shat and betrayed their original fans and 4chan is being a simp

>> No.4610118


>> No.4610179

Name one time either of those boards have done that. They're both harmless as fuck and only snowflake trannies

Boxxy was already fucked way before that though

>> No.4610209

defending a whore on an anonymous Indonesian ant collecting chain letter is about as pathetic as it it gets
but sjw's are doing it on the behalf of others. 4baums world and its users were the target of nyan's comments. justified.
rightfully so

>> No.4610239

People aren’t actively trying to ruin her life though, they just seethe and shitpost as always. Personally, I’m enjoying it and I want her to succeed just to see how far the seething goes.

>> No.4610243

Making it okay how.

>> No.4610249

No one who browses or has ever browsed this shithole should be anywhere near hololive.

>> No.4610320

>implying I'm defending that whore
I hate her fucking existence but seething about people ((betraying)) this shithole is just as pathetic as simping her. No one on this website are friends with each other and if given the opportunity they'd do the same thing because this site legitimately doesnt deserve better

>> No.4610365

Quoting for truth. Hololive is way past 4chan's grasp for appreciation.

>> No.4610379

Because theres no proof that those boards or this site as a whole ruined people's lives. Stop blaming this site for your or other people's problems. Boxxy was already fucked from the start

>> No.4610460

I just want to see her canceled because of her hypocritical bullshit. She probably won't though

>> No.4610473

People still care about this bitch "selling out" this website?

>> No.4610481
File: 575 KB, 1000x994, 1622489785686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*makes the entirety of /vt/ seethe for saying the N-word*

>> No.4610493

yeah but he is rich

>> No.4610506


>> No.4610566

Still better off than 99% of the seething and hateful faggots here. Atleast he can afford to fuck a whore or get therapy or take pills

>> No.4610589

then what's the source of your anger if you hate her so much?
That she can only do one voice?
Hardly something to hate someone over
That shes not that funny?
Neither is that a good reason
That shes an sjw?
So are a billion others. its only from her past on 4chan that it makes it relevant at all
That she's a hypocrite?
Still stems from her comments from the old 4chan days

So tell me your reason

>> No.4610598

They care enough that Nyiggers had to get all of her "oldfag" buttbuddies (which over 50% of them are now MtF trannies) to make it seem like 4chan always loved her when in reality we hated that attention whore and her beta enablers.

>> No.4610659


>> No.4610692
File: 87 KB, 240x240, ichihime-11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks. But

>> No.4610704

Women have no morals they just chameleon into popular groups for maximum clout

>> No.4610713

There's 200+ pages of archives about Nyanners' reputation on /a/ and it's 25-75 positive-negative.

>> No.4610735

all me

>> No.4610752

I love this cringey /v/ and /a/ oldfag


>> No.4610795

Too bad she's riding the cock carousel and she isn't fucking you

>> No.4610804

Men do the same shit too though

>> No.4610848


>> No.4610882

I hate her because shes a fucking femoid

>> No.4610903

nobody is watching nyanners for the GFE

seek therapy

>> No.4610932

Good, the thought of being a woman is disgusting

>> No.4610962

>you are now remembering the /v/GAs and nyanners co-hosting it

>> No.4610992

Read the fucking thread

>> No.4610993
File: 63 KB, 614x1146, 37j3AVg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a schizo spergout even /vt/ would be in awe of

>> No.4611019

Thanks asshole now I also remember that faggot General Ivan

>> No.4611063

I dont because I barely went to /v/

>> No.4611109

he deleted all his old dub videos and went on to become a successful voice actor

more living proof that leaving this website behind is the #1 step in fixing a miserable life

>> No.4611135

>says this when notch exists

>> No.4611147

He was a faggot but he could do voice acting.
Guess why Nyanners is still streaming.

>> No.4611178

notch is still miserable, he just has a fuckton of money

>> No.4611233

or did you mean that he left yet he's still miserable

i guess you also have to do something about being a friendless incel but that's step #2

>> No.4611314

Honestly having a fuckton of money and remaining miserable is still better than having none. The majority of this site is literally muh crab in a bucket

If it was that bad he would have gone to therapy or fucked a hooker, he may be miserable but he isnt THAT miserable

>> No.4611367

>more living proof that leaving this website behind is the #1 step in fixing a miserable life

No it isnt

>> No.4611460

He means that notch is still better off despite being being miserable

>> No.4611747


>> No.4611823

How is notch a traitor? Notch has never shit on /v/ and he has kept the /v/ reference in the game all the way up until microshaft bought it

>> No.4612090

Exactly, hes a fucming se,lout and deserves to die

>> No.4612372
File: 914 KB, 320x240, 1605155535277.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nyanners is fuckin awful


>> No.4612561

I don't like her because she's a 2d is 3d sperg.

>> No.4612625

Can we cancel her because she should've fucked off a decade ago instead?

>> No.4612909
File: 232 KB, 357x568, 1599549376564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*casts spell that makes nyanners die(

>> No.4612967

>cancelling someone because you dont like them
fuck off tranny

>> No.4613116

The best way to deal with this is to never, ever acknowledge it and move on. The Internet will shift towards the next target of outrage in a week.
Calling her a hypocrite is asinine. You aren't the same person you were 10 years ago. Why should she be? I'd rather be a hypocrite than the same person my entire life. Never growing, never learning or evolving.

>> No.4613206

>in a week

Its been 8 years, how long does a week last on your planet?

>> No.4613280

this. just dont comment and duck as hard as possible

>> No.4613464
File: 201 KB, 1134x240, trusttheplan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry, we've already alerted our West Taiwanese friends.

>> No.4614134


>> No.4614470

Ok the "Add text here" with LCD Soundsystem and Breaking Benjamin got me

>> No.4614794

this is it anon, you have single-handedly ended nyanners' career

a round of applause for this brave man

>> No.4614845


>> No.4614984

I still like her anon, shes one of the few vtubers thats actually funny

>> No.4615017

The shot that was heard around the world.

>> No.4615146

Why are you on the board then how much of a limp dick faggot do you have to be to go on a random thread about a topic you don't give a fuck about just go back to your dog shit board like pol or mu

>> No.4615239

not your personal hugbox

>> No.4615288

Not your personal army either.
Go defend your pink whore in your groomer-approved discord.

>> No.4615312

im not defending the pink whore, im shitting on her and wishing for her death. you retarded fucking simp

>> No.4615429

Only when theyre trying to fuck a girl, but otherwise no.

>> No.4615477

>competing over who's the coolest and edgiest guy in a thread dedicated to a pink catgirl streamer on a taiwanese table tennis forum

>> No.4615591

I never fucking said it was if you don't like what the board is about don't fucking go on it I who'd not go on the fucking pony board and expect to be entertained so just fuck off

>> No.4615642

>only when they're trying to fuck a girl
lmfao you naive retard men can and will do the same shit when money, clout and exposure is involved too not only when women are involved in something

>> No.4615670

>fucking, fucking, fucking, fuck
Bedtime is soon, kid.

>> No.4615706

Beggin ya to dilate

>> No.4615722

Those aren't men, faggot.

>> No.4615774


>some lonely faggot's attempt to get a vtuber cancelled
Touch grass you sexless incel.

>> No.4615797

Holly shit I can't come back from this that cut deep bro like actually I think I just cut my rists right now

>> No.4615852

Now THIS shit is based.

>> No.4615917

Is this thread all fucked up with unavailable posts for everyone else? Wtf is wrong with twitter?

>> No.4615966

Danm these faggots are really mad over nothing by that I mean no one because no fucking cares it's like when kiara said nigga and no one cared

>> No.4616037

the silicon valley nerds shut the whole thing down to protect their sjw oshi

the corruption runs deep

>> No.4616055

>n-no those men arent actually men!!
concession accepted. both men and women are equally capable of being pieces of shit

>> No.4616057

This website is a piece of shit. I'm out.

>> No.4616064


>> No.4616112

where's the "holobronies are hypocrites" collage?

>> No.4616134

Yeah twitter is pretty shit

>> No.4616319


Frankly i don't give a single Fuck nig**, She still is a piece of shit and kiara a disgusting fake bitch

>> No.4616379
File: 2.64 MB, 1871x1594, this one.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got your back friend.

>> No.4616435

no no i'm looking for a collage that shows that holosharts don't actually have principles either and we'll join in cancel culture when it suits them

>> No.4616507


>> No.4616570

King moment

>> No.4616579
File: 344 KB, 449x600, 1488688973432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4616633

You seem to be under the impression that holofag give a damn about your pink cat. It's mostly dramafag doing their thing. But don't worry, after the collab happen all the thing she did will be public knowledge.

>> No.4616656

>like nyanners
>dislike hypocrites

>> No.4616659

oh this guy definitely cares about social justice

>> No.4616712

Why are you giving a faggot (yous) for posting his own twitter account?

>> No.4616760

Principles are only for stuff that does not matter. Everyone is a conservative about the stuff that they care about.

>> No.4616772
File: 239 KB, 800x1122, 1475942100704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tangbro being based as always

>> No.4616802

at most she'll have to apologize. then people will just collect evidence showing that it was a deliberate effort from /vt/ to get her canceled and if they ever try something like that again, they'll just get ignored

>> No.4616812 [DELETED] 

where's the "vshitters have big mouths" collabs?

>> No.4616955 [DELETED] 

where's the "vshitters have big mouths" collage?

>> No.4617187

holy fucking based

>> No.4617239

>all these antis
>not one of them wants to step forward and like/retweet it
You're all a bunch of spineless faggots and you'll all die sexless and alone.

>> No.4617290

>having a twitter

>> No.4617316

I just want her cancelled because she's a grifting cunt. She pandered to SJWs before becoming a vtuber about being anti-loli and what does she do? Have her avatar as a loli cat girl. Fuck this cunt and fuck you if you still watch/support her despite knowing this. Die.

>> No.4617324
File: 133 KB, 983x1024, rats winning.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty sure none of them have >twitter accounts.

>> No.4617344
File: 105 KB, 121x121, 1622847605893.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're first mistake was thinking /vt/ out of any places actually wanted to cancel nyanners. The second mistake was thinking the people who are really mad at nyanners actually use twitter.

>> No.4617458

Why the fuck would I ever have a twitter account?

PS: I pay prostitutes for sex. Most relationships end in disaster and are not worth the trouble. At best, they are just prostitution with extra steps.

>> No.4617621


>> No.4618207

The problem with nyanner is that she’s a two face bitch. All woman has two or more face but Vtuber is an escapist fantasy. The whole point of 2D girl is that she’s perfect and ideal…unrealistic yes but it’s your dream girl. Nyanner break that illusions and not in a good way either. she break it in a way that remind you why you need an escape from 3D in the first place…by betrayal.

>> No.4618231

Married my nigga

>> No.4618258
File: 88 KB, 1239x649, lulu danger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Nyanners is trying to establish herself as THE alternative to hololive. I'd literally prefer the dying spic or the literal prostitute to do it.

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