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It's not real. It's escapism. You're immersing yourself in worlds that are illusory. It's going to ruin your life, and before you know it, you'll turn 40 and the realization of my words will hit you like a bullet train and when it does.... well let's just say stop now before it's too late. You can turn your life around and be somewhat successful and happy with the right mindset, but this isn't it anon.

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I don't even watch vtuber streams. I just watch clips and browse this board sometimes cuz I think you guys are funny. Pekoooo~~~!

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my life is an unsalvageable mess and cute chuubas are all I have left so don't take this away from me.

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the anime girls are cute

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then can you suggest anything better to do in this decade?
>stop wasting your time messing around with vtuber and get a job
i'm already rich and have pretty much everything i need. even assuming i'm not, and i really need to work until i get rich, i'll ultimately still going to do the same thing anyway since there's nothing to expect from the modern age. vtuber is ironically the ultimate form of entertaintment. or at least for now.

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*entertainment fuck my ass keyboard

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I haven't taken my meds for months now and all of the girls are real.
Wtf are you on anon

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ironically this.

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cute vtubers are the only thing stopping me from killing myself.

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Fuck off, saviourfag.

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Wrong picture anon but don't worry happens to the best of us

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Thanks random anon for this picture, I've used it daily since I got it

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ogey 16 year old, I'll break it to you now. your entire life path was decided the day sperm met egg. your intelligence, chance of being able to have a family, wagie or neet, all of it, and if you're already here it's not looking good

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normie conception of 'happy' is a meme. life is about what you can find that happiness to be

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Keep your Stockholm Syndrome to yourself wagie

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>before you know it, you'll turn 40 and the realization of my words will hit you like a bullet train and when it does....
Then I'll escape by watching Vtubers even more than I do now~!

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Nigger I'm a 38 year old kissless virgin. Chuubas are literally the only thing preventing me from killing myself. There's nothing I can do to not feel the crippling loneliness besides watch vtubers. It's the only form of entertainment I have left that isn't infected by American politics and constantly telling me to kill myself for being a white straight male incel who doesn't have sex.
You think what you're saying is some world shattering revelation for people like me? You think I don't know this? I will die alone anyways. Chuubas just delay it.

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it's either vtuber or i rope

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These replies are unironically sad I thought everyone here just watches clips and shitposts on this board bros...

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I'm going to marry my oshi and there's nothing you can say or do to convince me otherwise.

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I have a full time job that I find rewarding and that gives more money than I need, I say I'm doing alright for a social outcast.

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>noooo you have to wage slave and raise a family!
I'd seriously rather die than do any of those things.

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>The economy is running to distant lands
>All attempts at stabilization seem to be founded on lies
>Cute anime girls give me a simple motive to learn Japanese/Chinese
>Escapism is supposed to be wrong here.
I'm listening to cute girls and dreaming of the day I can put together a seaworthy boat and make my way to Japan. Save the speech for Isekaifags.

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fuck off Marche
You were living in that world too, asshole.

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Ha loser I already ruined my life
I got a job now tho so I will wageslave until I can buy VR and a good PC and be a neet until I die of hunger

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I miss 4AM threads, this is just a convenient chance to get one going

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And how would you know? Today is a brand new day that has never happened before. THe world keeps changing and the people with it. There ahve been enough people in to this escapism for long enough, it's formed it's own somewhat functioning community. I mean, it's a multi million industry and Vtubers are as real as movies or rockstars and if you keep spending too much time watching them, you just might wake up 40 one day, working a deadend job AT COVER CORP, WHERE YOU GET TO CLEAN UP THE GIRLS LOCKER ROOM AFTER WORK AND TAKE HOME THEIR DIRTY UDERWEAR AND MAKE MILLIONS ON EBAY

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The concept of happiness itself is escapism. Its a pretense that your "success" and achievements have made your time on this earth worthwhile, when they are merely temporary victories in an overall unwinnable war.
No tales will be told of your exploits once you're gone, and even the most built to last product of your existance will one day be reduced to nothing. As was your ancestor, as will be your progeny.

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if chuubas didn't exist I would have blasted myself unironically

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>No goy, you are slave you must work more while i rape your kid

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Even a chuuba can change the nature of a man if he wills it, peko.

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good, now shut up

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>watch vtubers for entertainment
>get entertained
this is the most distilled version, how is it not real? it's just like variety TV but better

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theres nothing left for me in this life. if vtubers didnt exist id probably end up [REDACTED] a bunch of people who have really wronged me in my life and then kms.

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Man, you're all fucked up.

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Your real world is a steaming pile of shit

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I remember I was 23 and was pretty comfortable in my job and had gotten to know a lot of my coworkers I truly considered whether I wanted to keep going and get my life together to become a normalfag. The sheer time investment involved in trying to be relatable, developing real hobbies, and actually having to go out and meet people and maintain friendships just seems exhausting and unfun. I'd much rather rely on the few friends I have and weird, overly personal posts on 4chan to stay sane then waste my life as a normalfag

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i've already reached max difficulty. thousands of life-changing things can happen before you turn 40, live without fear, go for the most comfortable route

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my parents died when i was 7. i was raped by my uncle for years and i've been mugged three times, one which ended me in the hospital for three months. this world is rotten and i hope it all melts to brimstone, me along with it. fuck this human race and fuck this commercialized shit pit society we've erected. Chuubas give me a slight respite in the face of all this.

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They are sometimes the only thing from keeping me from ending it all. I watch funny anime girl and that's all I need.

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Since chuubas don't really affect career paths I assume you're talking about getting attached and starting a family. Unfortunately, marriage is the biggest illusion of them all, and unlike chuubas, it has the power to legally ruin your life against your will.

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Vtubers inspired me to start masturbating again, to stop playing video games as much, and to instead lurk twitter every day like a normal person.

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Sadly anon there's a reason we have named holo threads. I think you just missed the writting on the wall.

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Shitty bait thread, stop projecting your 0 achievements on us. I'm too young to achieve a lot but I already have ~~300~~ a stable job, good grades, connections and I will keep becoming better day by day until I'm successful, good-looking and smart enough to have a wide range of options how and with whom to spend my life. I don't have much right now but I have a plan and the whole life in front of me.

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>It's not real. It's escapism.
What's the difference between this... video games, TV, movie, and all other media?

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It's not yet controlled by the tiny hat tribe.

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>inherited parents wealth, dont need to work
>day consists of gym, games, chuubas

i dont know anything else anonchama, suggest something

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my parents inherited a shit load of money from my grandparents and blew it all, now i gotta work my ass off while they smoke weed

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Maybe try college if you haven't completely lost your ability to learn, give yourself some kind of goal

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I'm already 40 you pathetic, useless, jobless, loveless, depressed, balding, hatred-consumed faggot OP

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have a bs in education with a minor in mathematics. Was a teacher, never again. I'm actually pretty content with my life

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