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Considering that Kiara confirmed on stream that the Nyanners collab is back on and they are settling on a date what do you wish for, anon? Gaming? Zatsudan? Karaoke?

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Graduation so she can fuck off to Vwhores and not fucking ruin JP chuubas with american politics cancer when?

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I want GuraXNyanners collab so bad...

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Youtube to go down at exactly the same time they start the collab

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>I look up to you
>when she started streaming as EN vtuber first
>when she was in the industry longer than any of the other faggots
>when she had to build up from nothing and the HoloEN girls got popular because of branding name
Kek. I bet she's seething on the inside. That two face bitch.

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Suck each other trashy cunt. Cause that's what they good at.

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my nigga

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dual suicide preferably

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It'd be a shame if the russian hackers that attacked the gas lines and then meat industry set their sights on youtube around that exact time. Oh no it would just be an absolute travesty.

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A chess match or shadow verse

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first post best post

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pekora to drop a nuke on them before they start

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Gaming. Hopefully something silly where they can just have fun with it.

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Politics i hope, so all the retards here seethe and get stroke

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I fucking hate these discussing orange woman, but i hope Nyanners atleast have a fun with this collab

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>That two face bitch.
thats all of them huh
kirara is probably being a smug cunt under that text

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This. Nyanners must be fucking seething. Having to grovel to people not in the industry as long as her.

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when were you when hololive dies?

i was sat at home streaming heart monitor when chiara ring

‘niyans is in’


and you???????

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This is it, schizos. The final yab is in motion. Nyan's masterplan can no longer be stopped at this point. Each word spoken by my oshi carries enough dark magic to corrupt an innocent hololive vtuber and ruin her forever.

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I fucking beg Nyanners to talk about how Lolis are bad and say "trans rights are human rights". I want this place to seethe like its never seethed before. You have no idea how badly I need this. I want the ultimate 4chan temper tantrum.

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I'm not letting hololive die and neither should you.

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Nyanners and Blue Nyanners collab when?

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Mainly wish for their collective schizo antis to protest the collab via self immolation

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You're right
I'll ask /b/ to write a letter, word at a time

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This place is in for a treat when the collab gets a ton of views and more of these collabs are planned in the future. Can you smell it anons? Thats your oshi streaming with Nyanners. It is inevitable now. It is Hololives fate.

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>Kiara WILL lust over Nyanners avatar, Kiara WILL be sure to let the audience know she's a loli, Nyanners WILL be forced to pretend not to hate loli
Orange Woman 4D chesd.

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Talkshow format. The host being Merryweather

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/vt/ meme review so they can laugh at the seethe

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>I don't give a shit about people who are not excited because we're just going to have a FUN TIME
antibros... not like this...

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Suicide, from the both of them at the same time

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>american politics

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Nyanners and Gura are pretty much the same person, it'll be fine.

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It’s gonna be that meme tumbling bunny game or that disarming explosives game and you’re going to like it. Honestly I wish they would play something else tho.

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First time watching nyanners?

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Zen tweeted in support of burn loot murder.
Melody tweeted in support of fag month.
That company of tumors needs to stay FAR AWAY from everything that's not infected by that cancer.

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Anon you will not stop my sexual fantasy of watching this place burn to the fucking ground in tears and anger.

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I honestly don't care, Nyanners is harmless as fuck. She behaved herself and was professional when she collabed with Kizuna Ai and Niji and she will do the same when she collabs with hololive. This is a nothingburger. The seething on /vt/ is top tier entertainment though, I'm enjoying it a lot.

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I don't know man, I don't even watch Kiara let alone Nyanners. I guess Kareoke would be the easiest to watch

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Go sent some $1SC and throw that political shit out there. Would be funny af

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I don't watch nyanners but WTF?
Is she that deep in American politics?

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Just a rrat. Vshojo is not political and they actively avoid politics on stream, but Zentreya has tweeted something political in response to the capitol raid in january (and later deleted that tweet and apologized for it) and Melody has recently tweeted in support of pride month. That's it.

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Yes, some of her buddies like Zen too.
Check her chat's word banlist.

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That would be glorious.

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Nyanners is harmless and she’s not going to fuck up her first collab with Hololive by talking about or doing anything remotely controversial. Seeing you faggots seethe so hard makes me laugh tho pls keep it up.

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Imagine if anons started spamming "Pomf pomf" superchats.

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Trust me on this. Kiara will murder nyanners on stream. Her stupidity to make awkward remark would put nyanners speechless. Just look at every collab she has, Kiara is a next level genius in shit over herself. God this will be so much fun kekekek
just prepare to clip it bois or send the timestamp on ur clipper friends.

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You're insane, everyone who follows this line of logic is insane. Please, explain how Kiara collaborating with Nyanners will somehow lead to a poisoning of the well situation where JP chuubas will be ruined with "american politics cancer" because two OTHER vtubers once spoke about american politics at one point on twitter. What chain of events will occur that will lead to Korone endorsing BLM or whatever "american politics cancer" entails from Kiara and Nyanners collabing. Be as meticulous as you need.

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Nyan probably expects it. Hell, her own friends tease her about pomf sometimes. Haruka mentioned it in her congratulations to Nyanners back when Nyan reached 1 million youtube subs.

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By merging their sjws fanbase

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>Korone endorsing BLM
Fucking hell, anon, this is a blue borard. I'm now literally jerking off to the thought of this entire board going up in a mushroom cloud over that.

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The same sjw fanbase that I'm pretty sure got zentreya to the delete the very tweet you're complaining about?

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I know. That anon needs to stop. I can only get so erect

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Live streaming Nyanner suicide with Kiara as commentator.

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>what do you wish for, anon?
Mutual retirement.

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Why does Nyanners highlight the English Hololive girls. Why not just write all Hololive girls? Does she hate the Japanese ones? Give me your best rrats.

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She doesn't like Pekora

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She fears the samurai.

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Like all ironic weebs, they actually hate japan. This shouldn't surprise you.

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>what do you wish for, anon?
I just want the collab to be a giant fucking nothingburger. I want it to be the blandest collab in existence. I want it to be so dull that neither Kiara nor Nyanners nor anybody that watches it have any concerns or doubts or fears about anything regarding future collabs, and that this entire thing becomes KFP's version of the Lethal League Blaze collab.

Most of all, I want Kiara to stop being talked about. I'm so fucking sick of opening the catalog and a third of the fucking threads are "CHIMKEN?!?!" or "Kiara can X what the fuck is wrong with (you/her/KFP/Cover) and "why do you (like/hate) (kiara/my car/my car/my car)".
Any post that mentions "Kiara" should autosage the thread, and posting about Kiara more than X times per day should rangeban your entire fucking continent.
I'm fine with Kiara; I'm sick of schizos, fans, and everyone in-between talking about her. I welcome a terminal meltdown that sends her to the narrative void for a bit.

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Nyanners is pretty reserved when collabing with people she doesn't know so it probably will be a nothingburger.

>> No.4578062

I wasn't a Kiara anti until the collab was announced. Sorry, at this point I have no idea how anyone could possibly defend her actions.

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Came to post this

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Your delusion will unfortunately shatter soon.

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>"trans rights are human rights"
does nyanners say that under vshojo. if so then based.

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It's always a nothingburger, especially anticipated things like this. Anons will wear themselves out before the collab even happens and by the time it does no one will care. Same thing happened with Trash Taste which was arguably a bigger perceived faux pas than a collab with Nyanners could ever be.

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She can collab with whoever she wants for all I care, I just hope they keep their poisonous fangs away from trinity

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Sweet Summer child. Nyanners would never say such a thing because she's smart enough to realize that she can only be two faced in private or obscure ways. There will be no seething if she says something stupid, any drama will feed us and you will be the one copeing. Thinking that you can break 4chan's resolve is like trying to punch down a brick wall with your fists. The only one getting hurt will be you.

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Trash Taste had problems with it (namely that they prepared no fucking questions and kept trying to do behind-the-scenes shit when Calli was blatantly trying to maintain kayfabe) and TT blatantly tried to shoehorn themselves into HoloEN's graces behind the scenes (hence why Cover blocked them from further collabs and why they're trying to get in with Ollie now). That said, I don't actually care about that shit. Dumb collabs do not bother me that much even when there's actual problems with them.

I am mostly angry because you could change this board to /kfp/ and the nature of the board would not change significantly. I have zero beef with Kiara as a vtuber despite her problems, but people come on this board and try to make every thread about her, either as advertising her or as an anti. I'm sick of it. It's a detriment to the board.

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Cringe. Have sex.

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Karaoke would be interesting, but I'd take gaming... just please not it takes 2 again, I'm over that game after seeing it everywhere in the holo circle.

>> No.4578680

It won't be that game, it's got to be something more suitable for a one-off like this.

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obviously she hates japan, because she thinks lolicons are child grooming pedophiles, and 100% of the holoJPs love lolis.

>> No.4578899

>he doesnt want to watch his favorite chuubas torturing and murdering a cute friendly elephant against their will
Anon please

>> No.4578957

I'm hoping for a suicide pact

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ENMA.....why did you fail us?

You were supposed to ban vshitshow collabs. Nobody wants pink cat near Hololive. Or the other hypocrite.

>> No.4579267

Same shit as what happened with the ccp bugs. Nyanners mentions ANYTHING about american politics and a holo refuses to answer. Suddenly you have an entire army of these SJW insects making demands and threatening to klill holos.

>> No.4579298

The other hypocrite is still banned, there's just not enough concerns about Nyanners to block her as well.
Honestly, though, this makes Nyanners look like a moron for openly saying "I don't want to continue without Veibae since it's her collab" and then turning around and continuing the collab anyway.

>> No.4579345

4chans "resolve" is chimping out like BLM the moment you say "trans" anon. There is no resolve. Just seething and rrats.

>> No.4579454

>Nyanners mentions ANYTHING about american politics
She won't, she has yet to do so on her own streams never mind during a collab with Hololive.

>> No.4579462

>Nyanners who has a history of backstabbing anyone she comes into contact with and being a hypocrite spanning more than a decade proceeded to backstab Veibae after saying she would never do the collab without Veibae.
GEE ANON. How didn't you see that one coming.

>> No.4579516

Forcing her company to cancel the nekopara streams because of their portrayal of women offending her counts as being political on her stream.

>> No.4579575

Maybe pink cat's desperation kicked in.

I'm just disappointed that HoloEN fell for the vshitshow meme instead of collabing with decent number vtubers not part of that clique. Someone like Pikamee would have been much safer for example. I'm sure others could mention a few more.

>> No.4579604

Based. Ollie, Kiara and Mori have this weird obsession with "breaking the rules" of Hololive

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It's over, holoteens. Just like we took your video games, anime, and capeshit movies, we're now here to take your dumb fucking cartoon streamers as well. You can try retreating to a new hobby but know that it is just a temporary refuge and that we will follow you and claim everything until there is nothing left for you but the rope.

The collab will be pride month themed by the way, check Nyanners' patreon discord.

>> No.4579783

What do you think Nyanners will say exactly?

>> No.4579861

Pikamee is too busy collabing with another Vshojo. She has no time for has-beens like the HoloEN.

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Fpbp, incredibly Holobased

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>> No.4580077

If this happens I’ll never doubt the Orange Woman ever again

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>> No.4580321

Just hope at that time also happen:
>Aqua return stream
>Korone return stream with Okayu as guest
>Peko Miko or Peko Moona collab
>Coco Marine 3d collab.
All happen at once and mog the collab into irrelevant.

>> No.4580327

Reminder that your Oshi is a young (18-35) female who spends a lot of time online and in subculture spaces Statistically she is at least neutral-to-positive on LGBT rights, as are the vast majority of young Japanese people (70%+ in 2019). Cover's rule against politics might protect your cynical delusions but they won't last forever.

>> No.4580395

Hope its a double an hero on stream

>> No.4580450 [DELETED] 

I'm okay with LB without the other letters if it's between 2 hot Japanese women. That's hetero as fuck.
Every other letter is degeneracy, and Japanese politicians are luckily opposed to it because they're based.

>> No.4580521

She's harmless until she thinks she can get something better by throwing you under the bus

>> No.4580542

I hope Trails 20 is a cast made up of just Mcs with cannon wives, everyone would be pissed.

>> No.4580580

You mean something you made up to justify getting mad about. Just be honest and admit you don't personally like them or the people they're interested in collabing with instead of weird justifications.

>> No.4580612

Cover should really picked better talent next time. Not these childish bitches. If anything happened in the future they'll be the one taking the blamed by these cunts action, just like aloe's case.

>> No.4580650

cannot wait for the mass holofart suicide event that this collab will cause. it'll be amazing.

>> No.4580667

Very base

>> No.4580688

They did. They hired Ina who is professial enough for the three of them.

>> No.4580860

Honestly, I have nothing against hololive itself but the fans are just too fucking obnoxious. I’m cheering for this collab out of spite as well.

>> No.4580874

I will join you in this fight brother. I will continue to report Nyanners as much as I can

>> No.4581081

Loling at all the butt frustration itt. Nyan is going to cuck 4chan forever while lolipedos and maps piss their pampers.

>> No.4581135

>this makes Nyanners look like a moron for openly saying "I don't want to continue without Veibae since it's her collab" and then turning around and continuing the collab anyway.
Her fanbase is too stupid to notice such contradictions. They only pay attention to pee pee poo poo humor and woke stuff. I even went through her discord to affirm it for myself before they closed the access despite yet another lie claiming that there won't be role purges. Career hypocrite.

>> No.4581173

>Calls lolis pedos
>Is a loli herself

You can't just stop shoving your head up your own ass now, can you faggot?

>> No.4581204

If it's karaoke, i'm going to send ARS red supas to kiara until they do a PONPONPON duet to see her squirm

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>You can try retreating to a new hobby but know that it is just a temporary refuge and that we will follow you and claim everything until there is nothing left for you but the rope.

>> No.4581230

Do your reps newfriend

>> No.4581249

The power of german humor would make kiara do it

>> No.4581261

I will continue to shit up your boards and streams as much as I possibly can I will not stop. You will not deter me.

>> No.4581263

Awww baby needs his mommy milkies? You likely have bigger tits than most women lardmaxer

>> No.4581309

>Korone endorsing BLM or whatever "american politics cancer" entails from Kiara and Nyanners collabing
I really hope they do, the thought of half of the people in this board committing sudoku at the same time makes me hard

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>> No.4581351

What the fuck is this, did you learn how to insult from your mother? Reddit is really not sending in their best, you pedo.

>> No.4581425

Live assassination of Nyanners. Her only path to redemption is to say nigger live on stream.

>> No.4581442

Maybe if you keep spamming pomf every time you see her name you'll earn some reddit gold from the hololive subreddit

>> No.4581500

You know what, I think I will do that. I would just love to see how fast I can get banned in a matter of zero seconds flat fir posting that.

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>> No.4581573

I bet that 8 year old you see at the local park will think you're really based king

>> No.4581607

>she thinks lolicons are child grooming pedophiles
She's right, no?

>> No.4581672

reminder that holobronies aren't even people

>> No.4581674

Making the same post twice doesn't make any more correct

>> No.4581677

we woul live in epstein paradise if it was any true
but those traffickers and abusers actually hate anime

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Pisscat Gamerghazi leftoids will defend this as just a joke right after she cancelled nekopara for objectifying women. Personally can't wait for the collab. If she fails to tread the thin line either her own kind eat her alive with cancel culture or she makes the same mistake as Veibae and vshojo gets permanently banished to the toilet in the pits of hell where they came from along with her pet Leddit sub.

>> No.4581811

Still didnt change the fact that Ina and the other girls will receive the massive backlash from their eventual screw up. When that time come these girl can lived on as their loyal pigs will blindly fight for them while shitting on hololive, leave massive damage to the brand and the girls that represent it.
That's why you see people defending cover and hololive at times when they screw up, they werent protecting the company but it's brand that the girls work hard to built. But well, you wouldnt the kids and retards that has the loudest of voice know that.

>> No.4581845

>American Politics
>From a European
>Who has never expressed any strong opinions on American specific political issues

>> No.4581857

your mother cries when she thinks about how you turned out

>> No.4581908

I can't wait for the collab to go perfectly fine while you seethe.

>> No.4581942

Shadowban for Kiara

>> No.4581957

What did the whore do?

>> No.4581970

>Kiara goes all in for it because she doesn't know about pomf
>Nyanners forced to go along with it to not bring attention to the meme

>> No.4581982

Nyanners has her own share of antis, but, they're all butthurt pedos/MAPs still upset about her taking down the pomf video. Which is still easily available to view, by the way. You can see them still going at it trying to get a reaction under literally anything posted pertaining to her.

>> No.4581989

An explanation as to why they passed over all the genuine indie talent for a peepee poopoo thot

>> No.4581994

They're still mad that she left anon behind years ago and she's more popular than she's ever been.

>> No.4582011

I'm sure that anon will give you a very unbiased account of what happened.

>> No.4582024

>he doesn't know

>> No.4582061

I hear far more about American politics from this fucking place than from any vtuber.

>> No.4582108

Nyannercuck being disingenuous as always. Most of the argument against nyanners is her being antiloli and not about some video 10 years ago

>> No.4582132

Living proof that nyanners has the most delusional fanbase right here.

>> No.4582140

I’ll play this at full volume on the day of the final yab collab


>> No.4582143

Most people in here are /pol/ tourists who let politics live rent free in their heads

>> No.4582163


>> No.4582164

Go fuck a kid about it then anon, that'll show her

>> No.4582188

4chan has too many pissbaby reactionaries. This isn't what I'm here to discuss Vtubers for

>> No.4582259

Your first mistake was coming here in the first place

>> No.4582268


>> No.4582270

>watching traitors?
Do chikens really??

>> No.4582288

>Who has never expressed any strong opinions on American specific political issues
You could literally not be anymore wrong, newfagchama

>> No.4582323

Why dont you take your own advice niggerfaggot? Nyannerfags are obvious groomers projecting

>> No.4582325

Stick to Breadtube comrade

>> No.4582331

>watch me as I start roommate posting like a schizo

>> No.4582351

This. And Calli can f-word off as well.

>> No.4582359

No u

>> No.4582426

Let's be honest. They're made for each other, so why are people seething? You guys can't do shit about it so just let the clash of cunts happen.
If for some reason you're worried about your oshi being "corrupted by vwhores" or some shit, instead you should be worrying about how much she cares/gives attention to them.

>> No.4582451

I don't understand how you guys can make the argument that 2D=3D when it comes to loli's yet hide under a fucking rock and be afflicted with the most severe case of ostrich syndrome I've ever seen when it comes to Nyanners and her own fucking design.

>> No.4582480

As if the "what did the whore do?" anon expects a nonbiased opinion.

>> No.4582519

I always see the Zen tweet here, but I haven't seen the apology yet, have a link?

>> No.4582523
File: 1.54 MB, 1192x1536, 1607025500476.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If anything Nyanner threads have only proven me that the people who support Nyanners are SJWs for the most part
They have nothing to latch onto but their SJW moralfagging when discussing about Nyanners
And they need to go back

>> No.4582556

>the Lethal League Blaze collab.

I've heard about this before. What actually happened? Why is it remembered?

>> No.4582572

It's almost like not every woman has massive fucking tits. But, the headcannon has decided that small tits/flat=loli and none can be swayed.

>> No.4582578

She hasn't. The closest thing she has ever done to expressing an American political opinion is owning a gun. She's also shown hints of being Anti-Troon but nothings been confirmed.

"But muh BLM post! muh BLM post!"
The image was photoshopped by Orc anon. She even admitted to it. Don't tell me to do my room mate reps when your reps consist of believing whatever any schizo here says that fits your narrative.

>> No.4582601

>Post evidence that specifically counter your exact claims
>Gets called a schizo
Man I don't know who needs their meds more, you for all the copium that you clearly need or your parents and everyone else that exists around you for dealing with your bullshit!

>> No.4582604

>hey, what if, what if I call them... MAPS

>> No.4582608

She's afraid of Ayame

>> No.4582609

>her own fucking design
No booba on a model == loli, right?
No it's not.

>> No.4582665

as people have been saying, nyanner discord groomers are projectors
they think 2d and 3d is the same thing and by their own logic, that also makes them groomers/abusers
they keep telling themselves
>hurr it's not loli
as a way to cope with their inability to differentiate

>> No.4582674

There's a german cover, you know? By Selphius.

>> No.4582714

here comes the "le epic picture" schizo anti, you're kinda late to the party my friend

>> No.4582739

So I guess lolcow, kiwifarms, and fucking /jp/ a couple of months back are all clearly the work done by orc schizo and not clear and undeniable evidence on where Kiara's stance is on basic bitch American politics.

I'm not even trying to be a Kiara anti here, but you are just clearly wrong anon. Just absolutely wrong.

>> No.4582769

Yeah? Did you even read her manifesto?

>> No.4582806

It's true and they're loli. And that's because of the anime style
If you remove the anime aesthetic in them then they stop being loli, for that reason sculptures and paintings cannot be classified as moe or loli in any way

Stop coping. It's pretty cringe

>> No.4582807

The question is why do you fucking care?
Close your eyes my nigger. Walk away.

>> No.4582874

>at HoloEN
Why limit it to just the ENs, Nyan? So, she doesn't like the JP girls?

>> No.4582893

Are you the Rushia shower rape rp greentext guy?

>> No.4582932

>I'm not even trying to be a Kiara anti here
Oh I’d never have such thoughts, you’re one of her biggest fans. Completely obsessed.

>> No.4582942

Tell that in court, im watching

>> No.4582951

How about asking them to do Selphius rendition of doggy?

Fuck it, we need to force Kiara play Unteralterbach!

>> No.4582964

You're right, she is clearly a tall and mature woman in her mid to late 20's that certainly doesn't have a youthful appearance or a cheerful, high pitched voice that is unlike that of a loli at all. Nope! It certainly has nothing to do with Nyanners ERP'ing as loli on these very same boards back in the day and is in no way similar to her now mature and refined peepee poopoo jokes that she tells today.

Just how fucked are your eyes and ears you stupid nigger?

>> No.4582996

>attack to virtue
>the most stupid fallacy kind
Do pink farts really?

>> No.4582997

What actually happened:
>Vei and Nyan talk off stream
>Vei tells Nyan to go ahead with the collab on her own
>Nyan does

Not everything pink cat does is a backstabbing of some sort. Nyanners collabs with Vei every week and they're in a huge DND campaign together. Offending Vei would hurt Nyanners way more than a holo collab can benefit her.

>> No.4583097

That is not what the bitch said. She did no say "Oh I do not wanna do it cause I am not sure if Vei would be ok with it." She clearly said that if they do not want her """friend""" then it does not feel right to her to nevertheless collab with them. In other words "if my friend is not good enough for you guys, then fuck off."
But of course that was just a lie like usual. In reality they were just playing poker with HL and the bluff did not work. She is a lying cunt.

>> No.4583099
File: 2.64 MB, 1871x1594, 1616599364150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like collecting those too. Saves a lot of time.

>> No.4583183

Seems kinda sus that you're so defensive about it. Maybe /pol/ can back you up about your anime girl buttfuck rp.

>> No.4583198

One of you anons made the claim that Kiara has never said anything about American politics ever. I simply stated that this is in fact the complete opposite

>W-wh-why would you defend you yourself in a debate? Would you ever care to prove yourself right in an argument?
Go get fucked you stupid troon.

>> No.4583201

And that friend then obviously said: Don't hold back for my sake. Go and do it."
And that made her change her mind. Shit like that is completely normal.

>> No.4583211

But do you have her actual pomf rant? That rarely gets posted.

>> No.4583279

Or Vei simply reassured her that she shouldn't feel bad doing it without her.

>> No.4583308
File: 35 KB, 1067x423, Screenshot_20210604-092222_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually am a member to her you stupid nigger

>> No.4583391

Wrestling match

>> No.4583398


>> No.4583421

Good job completely ignoring what I said, Pinkshits. Did not expect anything else.

>> No.4583477
File: 144 KB, 556x1037, Nyanners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one?

>> No.4583501

>Good job completely ignoring my headcanon
No problem.

>> No.4583529

She legit could've just said that she's taking down the video because she doesn't like it anymore and it'd be fine. Why the need for an entire 5 paragraph rant?

>> No.4583648

To being accepted by SJW squad, but remember she not in their squad and have nothing to do with what they do

>> No.4583700

to dab on the peds so hard that they are still shaking with anger 6 years later

>> No.4583736

I've said before. She only had to say
>I'm taking it down because actual pedos are using it
And it would've made all the difference.

>> No.4583810

You mean replace ""pedos"" with actual pedos. Just look at all the kiddies in her discord, lmao.

>> No.4583812

She did, just with extra words

>> No.4583831

I like how in the first sentence she herself blows the "i-it was just the pedos specifically" excuse out of the water

>> No.4583918

Only for her to come out as a pefo herself then? Man, I wish I knew which head doctor you reddit zoomers got to, so I, too, can be live my life in complete and blissful dissolution

>> No.4583920

Stop posting your own threads pink cunt stay out of hololive and focus on ruining your own company.

>> No.4583953

Don't forget the bragging about numbers at the end, as if she wasn't being enough of a dipshit.

>> No.4584001

So what's yr argument? Pedos are cool and good because she doesn't like a video she made that pedos happen to like? Or she might not like the video for reasons in addition to that?

>> No.4584154
File: 97 KB, 904x904, 1599636819983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Make me.

>> No.4584173

You know you keep throwing that label pedo around as it actually will stick or mean anything, but all your mush brained actions are resulting in is a watered down version of a word that is trying to compare real sex offenders to fat and sweaty neets that get off to a drawing.

>> No.4584195

No, it's the dumb nigger tourists forcing the "only le pedos are mad about it" meme, as if she didn't take it down and discard her entire original fanbase as disgusting to get a crumb of attention from tumblr

>> No.4584242
File: 21 KB, 653x362, KCuc4vCdTeddCNrFMmOpUWVJRU-WHp2pMHo_wCd2UnA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you not even read it? She was groomed by Gamerghazi. If you look at her moderators, most of them are related to that site. The roots run really deep. She was shamed by her own kind for being a channer which is why she removed the video and made it public that she doesn't want anything to do with 4chan or lolis anymore, and even went so far as to disavowing her previous entire community in-group who were channers, and a very large portion of her old fanbase.

>> No.4584450

I'm sorry, chronic underage drawing coomer. I'm sure none of them are imagining themselves fucking a real child during or after. And geez it wouldn't take too much effort to go actually fuck a kid when the drawings don't hit the same anymore. But, hey I didn't log on to be the faux child porn defender today. Thanks for the hard work you're putting in.

>> No.4584522

What child porn?

>> No.4584564

More like REAL pedos who act on their preference are disgusting pieces of shit. And who is one of them? Nyanners herself. You might not know, but her little song does not merely reference loli, i.e. a bunch of drawings that do not hurt anybody, but real non-fictional CP! But instead of apologizing for this disgusting shit, she goes on a rant about lolis.
This is the kind of person you are defending. Somebody who baits REAL pedos and then pretends it never happened and then goes after harmless lolicons.

>> No.4584567

Seems like she's doing fine without you or them

>> No.4584579
File: 71 KB, 354x385, 1603774571399.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4584591

I thought Nyanners was hated even since the 4chan days. She self-inserted herself into a lot of things with unfunny uwuu tier lines

>> No.4584608

Do gamers go shoot up people when they get tired of CoD or something? There's a very, very big gap between drawing stuff in your room and committing rape, my retarded friend.

>> No.4584628

This is just the video games cause violence logic again
>I'm sure none of them are imagining themselves killing a real person during or after. And geez it wouldn't take too much effort to go actually shoot someone when the games don't hit the same anymore

>> No.4584684
File: 148 KB, 242x286, 1618410657231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Literal archive.is links

>> No.4584727

>children EVERYWHERE

>> No.4584777

>underage drawing coomer
Nope, I have better tastes than that.

>> No.4584802

And she can do fine on another website. Without a single nyanners or vshoujo thread being made anywhere on 4chan again

>> No.4584859

honestly i want this colab to happen soon, it could be so good that hololive name rise even further in the west, or it could be so bad that kiara need to rest for 2 weeks (and possibly graduate). the uncertainty result it will bring to the community get my pp real hard ngl

>> No.4584896

Yet here you are

>> No.4584917
File: 282 KB, 700x699, kuriri upset.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A reminder that you should feel pity for pink cat. She still hangs around with her original groomers.
Let's just not enable her self-destructive behaviour and ignore her threads. She just wants attention from the only other place that gave it to her so she can feel validated.

>> No.4584922

I thought Nyanners didn't care about hololive and was happy to give up the collab for her friend. Was that just PR? Won't Vaebei go nuclear?

>> No.4584937

With every post you make, Reddit-kun, you keep making yourself and Nyanners look bad while getting people to defend lolicons from seething puritans such as yourself.

Your bitch of a mom must be proud.

>> No.4584986

She should have tried out for HoloEN instead of being salty.

>> No.4585009

Nah anon you're just getting baited

>> No.4585075

Once the Annoying Orange kills herself we can work on Mori. Then HoloEn will be saved.

>> No.4585131

More likely that it won't be particularly good or bad, Nyanners will spend it being awkward and trying not to say anything wrong.

>> No.4585171

Shitty people deserve no pity.

>> No.4585209
File: 35 KB, 480x580, mouse b&w.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. I hate pink cat, but she's a wreck at new collabs, and Kiara's gigastacy energy will be too much. That said, I'm expecting the exact opposite from Mori's collab.

>> No.4585242

>get my pp real hard ngl
Do you have no shame anon for typing like a third world esl speaker? Are you disappointed that your mother hasn't slapped your dunderhead around like a volleyball for acting like this? Because I am.

>> No.4585270

I don’t think so, nyannerbot

>> No.4585276

Double suicide stream

>> No.4585305


>> No.4585323

Ina would hate you

>> No.4585345

She pretends to like anime like 99.99% of Twitch thots and OF sluts

>> No.4585374

>trying not to say anything wrong.
How hard could it be?

>> No.4585377

Ok so since Hololive is shit now, can somebody recommend some nice indies to me?

>> No.4585403

couldn't be further from the truth. if anything, the people who vocalize the most about lolicon are the real pedophiles who routinely get caught for child porn and trafficking.

>> No.4585430

I've always hated her and never seen the hype or why people always posted her shit here. Her "voice acting" was always just the same fucking voice.

>> No.4585438

>Twitch thots
>pretend to like anime
Are we talking about the same whores that tried to cancel Melody for proving that 2D > 3D?

>> No.4585440

Not that anon but if you're gonna rag on someone for ESL, use dunderhead correctly.

>> No.4585461

Gura would hate you schizo

>> No.4585484

maybe people also just hate that she's a huge hypocrite and a raging SJW that calls using "trap" of all things problematic and actively fought to cancel nekopara playthroughs because she said it objectified women. just look at her list of banned words.

>> No.4585490

The second macho ma'am tranny savage walks into a bathroom while any of the vshojo girls are in it, trans rights turns into "I felt violated and unsafe" lol

>> No.4585499

wait, people actually still care about shame in this board? that's new to me, thank you kind stranger

>> No.4585547

In all honesty, compared to her previous chat, she probably thinks her schizos are cute.

>> No.4585553

So basically when Zen tries to join the others.

>> No.4585557

After her debacle with V*nti? She needs all the gatekeepers more than ever on her side.
Gura hates redditors like you. Gura is the only Holo without a reddit account.

>> No.4585560

You haven't watched her either

>> No.4585602

>some literally who attentionwhoring and failing

>> No.4585612

She was asked a question about EN vtubers when she shouted out Kiara.

>> No.4585656

I don't watch cancel-happy political chuubas.

>> No.4585709

Hololive probably throw her in the junk instantly, one Mano Aloe psychose was enough

>> No.4585738

Who has she cancelled?

>> No.4585766

You're the only one trying to cancel someone here

>> No.4585780

Eh zen is probably more like lost_pause but with long hair and even more social autism but is generally non threatening looking. I'm talking like Caitlyn Jenner tier snu snu troon. The thing with women and politics is that they are always virtue signalling

>> No.4585806

based pink cat dabbing on pedos and redeeming herself

>> No.4585814


>> No.4585840

He's probably talking about her twitter TBAs fans trying to cancel Kyuotto, another literally who EN "smoltuber".

>> No.4585849

No one is trying to cancel anyone. They're just trying to gatekeep.
Took the bait hook line and sinker. /vt/ards really gotta learn to stop spoonfeeding.

>> No.4585882

>self described lesbian supports lgbt
wow how shocking

>> No.4585946


>> No.4585973

I think you're in the wrong thread bro, but I agree, I hate that harem bullshit

>> No.4586006

Encouraging censorship is essentially an attempt at cancelling certain artists and their works.

>> No.4586020

A reminder that Nyanners is basically anglo Nimu.

>> No.4586067
File: 665 KB, 823x609, 1622164532050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they think they can stop this train now
You haven't been paying attention. The more you struggle and make noise the more sympathy Nyanners gets from the rest of the community. All your gatekeeping only proves Vei's point about the inherent toxicity of hololive idol culture. You are playing into their hands.

The beautiful part of all of this? Even if you know the plan, there is nothing you can do about it. You were checkmated several moves ago. It's over.

>> No.4586069

Nimu actually apologized.

>> No.4586071


>> No.4586076

Are the HoloENs canceling porn artists by not retweeting r34?

>> No.4586093

Based kiseki-chad

>> No.4586135
File: 49 KB, 540x540, 1600640156889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop having a losers mentality, /vt/.
It's not too late to take action.

>> No.4586148

>the more sympathy Nyanners gets from the rest of the community
You mean other groomers?

>> No.4586155

I had a gut feeling that Kiara was a fucking cunt ever since debut. And she just happenes to be the first one to collab with the pink retard. I guess cunts attract other cunts. This just goes to show you to always go with your gut feeling.

>> No.4586194
File: 223 KB, 1369x299, Rrrrrrrat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nyanners takes the collab a few days after saying she does not want to do it because her friend could not
>Vei definitly didnt grit her teeth wihle encouraging Nyanners to go forward with the collab after hearing this

My rrat is growing more powerful by the day

>> No.4586206
File: 26 KB, 1019x480, gura knows.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not retweeting r34

>> No.4586226

Oh sorry, I must have missed those tumblr posts where holoEn equates making drawings to raping someone.

>> No.4586256
File: 89 KB, 736x885, mexican rrat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have a mexican rrat.

>> No.4586293

He means everyone except /vt/ards.

>> No.4586322
File: 86 KB, 723x694, 1622671250782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's right, spam Cover until they are forced to make a statement and the normies figure out that there is a harassment campaign against Nyanners organized by lolicons.

What's the next step of your master plan?

>> No.4586358


>> No.4586385

>You are playing into their hands.
I dont know man I only see them gathering worthless followers riding the current trend creating a huge bubble. Remember the bigger the bubble the bigger the fall And the bigger Nyanners backstab when she will throw everyone under the bus again for the next big thing

>> No.4586411

>make a statement
THey're a jaapnese company, pinkcatchama. You'd need janitor-tier level of spam for that. They'd consider this "opinion from kaigai-nikki" at best and "regular spam" at worst.

>> No.4586428

Why can't some Austrian anon just dox Kiara and lock her in his basement so the stream doesn't happen.
If you don't want the stream to happen, make it count faggots

>> No.4586436

The ensuing chaos would be likely enough to scare that shitty coward or the orange menhera off. I don't give a rrat's ass about what ironic weebs think of us hololive fans.

>> No.4586457

as someone who has known nyanners back from 2010 when she was desperately hanging around 4chan mumbles for scraps of attention it's hilarious to see her do an about face and jump on the social justice bandwagon when she was making moonman "kill nigger" jokes back in our chat in 2012 when she was playing bf3. roasties will do anything for clout I guess and simps will happily eat she chunky gamer girl shit as long as she keeps up the "tee hee im lewd sometimes XD" act on stream.

>> No.4586470

Nyanners is unironically becoming my oshi.
The seething she causes here is incredibly entertaining. I hope pink cat continues to live rent free in /vt/'s heads.

>> No.4586472


>> No.4586485

>Uoh emoji
>Nyanner's loli model
>to Nyanners despite her stance
Kiara is taking the piss isn't she?

>> No.4586515 [DELETED] 

Does anyone has access to the zhang bot source code? It’s for research

>> No.4586516

I don't understand how veibae gives vshojo a bad rep when Mel does actual porn, the blonde one voices hentai, and Snuffy talks about sex just as much as vei. Plus nyanners talks about retarded topics, shit, piss and cum all the time and arguably has the most global influence out of any English vtuber

>> No.4586520
File: 81 KB, 1200x675, limmy face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>le ebic false flags where Nyanners is taunting hololive
Meanwhile vshojo fans have no hostility whatsoever
If you don't like a collab just skip it you absolute schizos

>> No.4586523
File: 173 KB, 326x314, ame came laugh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're only proving >>4586385 right.

>> No.4586533

WTF is the Lethal League Blaze collab?

>> No.4586534

seething simp

>> No.4586576


>> No.4586580

Yeah she was a teenager once who went along with 4chan jokes, shockingly she's changed in the 10 years since then.

>> No.4586583

Same but it's Vei. I love her AND love being a contrarian faggot.

>> No.4586585
File: 49 KB, 240x240, query curve (.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seething over what?

>> No.4586601

I'll say it every time, women don't have principles they just chameleon whatever community is the most popular at the time

>> No.4586611
File: 13 KB, 225x225, 1622142056020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crash Nyanners career with no suvivors by making her a liability to work with for companies due to her baggage

>> No.4586665

Vei just has Stacy energy which generates immense seethe

>> No.4586674


>> No.4586677

>roastie reprogramming her entire persona to garner the most amount of money and attention possible
Are you surprised?

>> No.4586685

As soon as you used the pedo safe abbreviations you lost

>> No.4586695

I unironically like her streams too though and have given her money. The seething she causes here is just a nice bonus.

>> No.4586699

>e-everyone secretly agrees with me!

>> No.4586729

There u go anon. Watch her yesterday stream. She go full nut busting seeing rocket launched.

>> No.4586748

Tribalism is a hell of a drug

>> No.4586794

So what? We all make jokes like this? What's the big deal? She's incredibly entertaining and cancelling her over stupid crap like this is dumb. Get a different angle and stop shitting on people for no reason retard.

>> No.4586797
File: 720 KB, 1106x745, smug mineta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ok so since Hololive is shit now

>> No.4586834

I don't watch nyanners but this is a good parody cover.

>> No.4586867
File: 639 KB, 250x141, 1408400037213.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Welcome, touristchama. Hope you enjoy your stay.

>> No.4586920
File: 84 KB, 240x240, eliisa-6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The one voice she does she can do well.

>> No.4586945
File: 1.74 MB, 177x150, 1350489995623.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Welcome, touristchama. Hope you enjoy your stay.

>> No.4586955

Kill yourself simp.

>> No.4587013
File: 36 KB, 720x765, ErGMeMwWMAEOGLv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>for no reason

>> No.4587020

>roasties will do anything for clout
Truly the lengths they'll go to, like not saying "kill niggers" on stream, are staggering.

>> No.4587044
File: 639 KB, 1200x1200, 1616987392588.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who will be her first vshojo collab?

>> No.4587078

>defending westshit

>> No.4587121

My oshi would say that
She just, hasn't had a reason to yet

>> No.4587157

Yes? Is is no reason. Take your meds.

>> No.4587180
File: 19 KB, 680x357, 1620066648793.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4587189
File: 56 KB, 500x500, ratanas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like the dying spic and the literal prostitute, though.

>> No.4587214
File: 256 KB, 1011x1011, 1621158463875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A month or two after debut, Mori and Ina did a collab on Lethal League Blaze, and it was just a really bad collab. Not really anything wrong, just that the two struggled to make the stream in any way entertaining to each other or the audience.
Takodachis and Deadbeats have mutually agreed that the collab never happened, especially in light of the cringekino that was the Recorder Rap Battle.

>> No.4587227


>> No.4587239
File: 40 KB, 540x517, c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the best girls have the best chemistry
Yeah boi

>> No.4587299
File: 1.91 MB, 331x197, Banderas.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my god the schizos going after Ironmouse would be actual kino I didn't even realize
They would have to grasp so hard to have any argument

>> No.4587302

i still have the nyanners vocaroo of her doing the loli voice telling "daddy" to give her cummies after coming home from grade school I don't think her SJW friends would appreciate that very much...

>> No.4587330
File: 61 KB, 678x641, ame shiggy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most schizos that tried to go for Ironmouse have been laughed out of any thread.

>> No.4587334

Some symptoms of autism include:
>Black and white morality
>Love of repetition
>Crippling fear of change
>Assuming everyone knows what you do
>Autistic meltdowns when not getting your way
When were YOU diagnosed, /vt/?

>> No.4587374

This whole seething is cringe as fuck

And it reeks of american politics
Being midly progressive is a given for most of the population if you live in any developed country

There is no controversy except the one fed by this cesspool

>> No.4587383

Woah the secret black file

>> No.4587401

post it i wanna bust a nut

>> No.4587409

Her friends are well aware of her past.

>> No.4587449

investigators are traitors huh

>> No.4587466

The """"""""""""""""progressives"""""""""""""""""""" she hangs out with know exactly what she did before. If she wasn't as popular as she is now they would cannibalize her and set her on fire, but since a lot of their own success hinges on how well she does, they will defend her and turn a blind eye.

>> No.4587474
File: 314 KB, 879x876, ame left.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Being midly progressive is a given

>> No.4587522

>women have no morals and will say/do anything for attention and success
Ok why does this surprise you and who the fuck cares? I just wanna see cute chuubas.

>> No.4587533
File: 3.79 MB, 540x304, ame wink.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's literally no arguments or rrats against Mouse.

>> No.4587570

>the Recorder Rap Battle.

Well I don't know about that. Seems I'm behind on this. At least I experienced Calli's Meme Review.

>> No.4587612

Well, I guess you understand that your opinion is controversial in most developed country

Enjoying being edgy

>> No.4587630
File: 185 KB, 1439x1242, 1612698798126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one outside of this shitty website, let alone this board actually gives a fuck.

>> No.4587637

Sure thing r*ddit spacer. You know where to return to.

>> No.4587683

Harassing artists and labeling them as criminals while doing the things you blame others for yourself sure is midly progressive huh.

>> No.4587690

You do realize that the very mention of 4chan in mainstream outlets causes people to recoil in disgust yes? Do you really think your schizo rants about how much you hate someone posted on this shithole is going to have any impact whatsoever? You will die a failure and no one will even know you existed.

>> No.4587700

If Trump won 2020 and turned america into a total Nazi superstar nyanners would be openly joking about killing niggers again. She doesn't actually care about black people, she just wants to be popular.

>> No.4587738

if trump won 2020 america would be even more progressive to counteract it you fucking moron.

>> No.4587751

Twitter is starting to notice too. I've seen a few comments popping up on Youtube. Guess we're not that good at keeping secrets, hypocrite cat.

>> No.4587797

You really have to be trying to miss the point this hard

>> No.4587885
File: 515 KB, 1000x1414, __nyatasha_nyanners_vshojo_drawn_by_puppeteer7777__b80858443f47fb157845801c97c236b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Vei were you watching my Kiara collab? OMG that shit was hilarious
>Did you see the way she stammered when I told her to say "Trans Rights?"
>You were right, all you have to do is say you like her and she will do whatever you tell her to
>That dumb bitch really believed it, I swear she was actually crying at the end
>What's that? She's going on a week hiatus? Holy shit lmao

>> No.4587901

>Korone endorsing BLM or whatever "american politics cancer" entails
Now that I think about it, Korone DID kinda like Karl Marx in AC Syndicate...

>> No.4587911

For a sense of context, Nyanners recommended Kiara to Kizuna Ai, and Kiara heard about it.
Considering the awkward translations during that Ai/nyanners interchange, she may have been envying Kiara's Japanese language skills.

>> No.4587938

>Did you see the way she stammered when I told her to say "Trans Rights?"
Is this the kind of thing that happens on Nyanners streams?

>> No.4587986

>trap is a blacklisted word in her chat

>> No.4587999
File: 16 KB, 372x323, projection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Every compliment is secretly a taunt

>> No.4588006

Yes, that's my point. Why are people indulging in murica politics such piece of shit? And I mean right and left. Do you feel like 4c have a moral standard to look down on any sort of activist?

Nah, I mostly don't belong anywhere in particular.

Just seethed a little about the level of retardation put into this thread

Sure nobody wants kiara to go full sjw but there is no harm into being vaguely progressive as long as she doesn't any short of political comentator

>> No.4588015

That’s people from here posting it there, just like the clear containment breaches on the Ollie video. Don’t forget that this place is a containment board.

>> No.4588029

Thanks but I am looking for English speaking Vtubers. Sadly, I do not speak moon.
Oh what a beautiful voice! Thanks.

>> No.4588050

Does it or not?

>> No.4588072

90% of nyanner's content on twitch I have seen is been her watching videos or playing stupid games while saying weird nonsense to excite sicko fans.
I'm sure she has non silly content, but I haven't seen it.

>> No.4588076

They would be ok on their own, but as long as they associate themselves with Nyanshit, they are also shit.

>> No.4588093

I don't care about moral standards or liberals or whatever, I'm not even american. I just don't want people touching my loli stuff, fuck that.

>> No.4588117

What do I put in "company" though? And I will not post with my real name or email either.

>> No.4588139

You can send it as "Individual" too, at the top.

>> No.4588197

anyone who's been around for the general ivan days knows that nyanners is actually a toxic cunt so seeing her act like a moral authority is a real knee slapper.

>> No.4588210

Me neither but that's not like Nyanner will destroy exhentai by herself

>> No.4588229

No. And if anyone's going to be stammering during the collab it'll be Nyanners, she was barely containing her spaghetti around Kizuna AI.

>> No.4588248

You're a pedophile and drawn child porn is still child porn retard.

>> No.4588284

That people doesn't care that much about 4chan drama as much as Nyanners denouncing lolicon. Even then, they're not trying to cancel the collab, they're just voicing extreme dislike towards the collab and Kiara or Nyanners; and I have noticed that they're getting called out, mostly by other lolicons nonetheless, for bitching about Kiara allowing the collab or for holding a grudge towards Nyanners

>> No.4588389

She has a large following and is very confrontational, I don't think it's wise to sleep on people like that. Sooner or later something will happen, and I'd sure as hell wouldn't like Hololive to be involved.

>> No.4588401

Ok thanks. I send three different ones with three different IPs via VPN. Hope HL does not filter VPNs.

>> No.4588448

Yeah people really need to change the narrative here.
Has everybody forgotten that Nyanners references real non-fictional CP? How about pointing that out? This would get normies enraged as well.

>> No.4588474

Gonna need a source on that one.

>> No.4588485

Not him, but go back niggerfaggot, I listened to people like you about "being a pedo" and I went to therapy only to be told that 2D≠3D, something that I already knew.
>drawn child porn is still child porn
Morons like you are allowing CSA for trying to report drawings, you go to therapy for being schizophrenic or for being a projecting pedo

>> No.4588522

ok chomo in his 20s jacking off to drawn pics of gradeschoolers lmao

>> No.4588534

It is the lyrics of her POMF song. Obviously I cannot proof to you what it is referencing by showing it. But it is something that has been circulated back then on 4chan, so everybody, including Nyanners, knew perfectly well what that line was about.

>> No.4588619
File: 83 KB, 600x888, Pedo projection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4588724
File: 1.74 MB, 1260x2120, E2UbeTKUUAUv8If.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this cat and your seething gives me strength.

>> No.4588801

then I guess it's not something you can actually prove to anyone (even though you're right)

>> No.4588809

clinging to some buzzword meme doesn't make you any less of a pedophile lmao you crank ones out to drawings of children

>> No.4588823

I also love Okayu, anon.

>> No.4588870

I see the similarity too, but I don't think that's supposed to be Okayu, anon.

>> No.4588881

>All anti-pedophiles are actually pedophiles because of this collage I found on the internet
>Never mind all the lolicons that actually got charged with CSA, they’re the minority.
Also your picture made my autism radar explode, I hope you can pay for the replacement.

>> No.4588914

wow the one JP that all pink cat fags parade around...

>> No.4588930

Who needs prove for public outrage? When enough people claim it, then people will notice. People will start to look into it and put Nyanshit on the defensive. Ideally, the FBI finally pays her a visit.

>> No.4588941

I was just posting the source of the image.

>> No.4588979

lmoa XDDDDDDDDDDDDD so randumb.... >.>
Kill yourself faggot lolicon isn't cp.

>> No.4588986

before the thread 404s I just wanna say Nyanners LOVE Kiara LOVE

>> No.4589003

before the thread 404s I just wanna say Nyanners DUMB CUNT Kiara DUMB CUNT

>> No.4589024

whore loving cucks btfo'd

>> No.4589053
File: 82 KB, 1200x816, 1618934865432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4589180

She keeps winning. /vt/ is seething while simps shower her with money.

She's dabbing on this place.

>> No.4589209

Hear me niggerfaggot, I don't care if you're bait, I'm getting this out of my chest. I listened to the Twitter crowd, I wasn't able to sleep for almost a week, I told my family that "I was a pedo", I spended money to go to fucking therapy, I came out of there feeling like a retard and all of that was weeks ago. I don't even care anymore, I'll nut to loli hentai whenever I want, children are fucking gross. Now go back to groom a kid discordchama
Yeah sure man, do you think I don't know that? Go to fucking /b/ then. I have seen people from both sides being outed as predators or groomers, anti-lolis are such retards that they save pictures of real children to compare them to anime characters

>> No.4589213
File: 174 KB, 1533x891, shit cat mad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4589318


>> No.4589396

As long as you’re not fucking kids that’s alright, but don’t get mad about people hating loli. That kind of social pressure is what prevents shit like dudes in fetish gear talking to children at the Pride Parade.

>> No.4589472

You will never be welcome here, Nyanners.
Seethe forever. Your fans too.

>> No.4589509


>> No.4589540

>That kind of social pressure is what prevents shit like dudes in fetish gear talking to children at the Pride Parade.
Not him, but you're still in the mindset that lolis have a real correlation to children. The dude legit just said that he went to therapy just to get told 2d is 3d. There isn't supposed to be, "Just don't touch kids", because lolicons won't be touching kids in the first place. Just like how gamers don't shoot up schools in the first place.

>> No.4589578

*2d isn't 3d. typo esl shit, don't worry about it.

>> No.4589602

People don't have to like loli, but pushing that it's equivalent to actual pedophilia is genuinely harmful, you end up with child protection services having to waste time processing reports that turn out to just be lolicon that they could have spent helping actual children. It's like wasting police time by telling them there's a psycho shooting people so they check it out only to find it's a guy playing a video game.

>> No.4589826

I’m not saying lolicon is actual pedophilia or all lolicons touch kids, but there’s absolutely a link between the two. A lot of the other weird fetishes were mostly just 2d too, but when people start accepting it as normal, freaks start using that acceptance as an excuse to engage in the 3D stuff. I’m not talking out my ass either, I have a weird fetish and I’ve seen this shit happen with my own eyes as it got more “accepted.” Just don’t take it personally, assume they don’t know what they’re talking about, and move on with your life.

>> No.4589960

>but there’s absolutely a link between the two
Do you have definitive proof of this absolute link?

>> No.4589991

>I’m not saying lolicon is actual pedophilia or all lolicons touch kids, but there’s absolutely a link between the two.
Source? because this is literally videogames cause violence tier arguments. You realize that both this stuff fall under the same kind of media right? It's both fiction. If there was any real evidence of this we would've gotten this already. We would've gotten this with vidya, music and other pieces of fictional media. So since you KNOW there's a link, tell me what's your source so I can educate myself.

>> No.4590253

Well, there haven’t been any studies done on it so far as I know, but I’ve seen enough lolicons put away for CP, including mangakas, to think there has to be some link. Not to mention, think about it logically. Furries are supposed to be 2D only, right? But they have a huge beastiality problem. Obviously not all furries fuck dogs, but there’s enough to be a problem. I don’t see why that same logic wouldn’t apply here. I’d prefer we all just hide our powerlevels.

>> No.4590323

>freaks start using that acceptance as an excuse to engage in the 3D stuff.
Freaks are gonna be freaks regardless, this is like thinking that coming down on violent video games will somehow prevent school shooters because it stops them making the leap to thinking violence in real life is acceptable, it won't, people capable of doing such a thing would do it regardless of if they have such an excuse, you'd have to be mentally ill in the first place to not be able to distinguish between fiction and reality after all. The only thing you achieve is distracting from the actual issue of twisted people hurting others by making out certain media is to blame.

>> No.4590428

Source: My ass
Fucking retard. You have zero fucking evidence to support your claim. Now that we're done with your dumbshit I got a claim for you.
Lolicon isn't pedophelia. Source you say? https://pastebin.com/rSgvf6J6 Here you go you damn nigger.

>> No.4590461

I don't really care what Kiara and Mori do, like I suspect a lot of people do in hlgg. If Gura, Ame, or Ina were to get involved, yeah I can see this going very very badly, you'll see 5ch tier harassment campaigns.

/vt/ being on fire is like a weekly thing, especially outside of /hlgg/ where it's filled to the brim with schizos, falseflaggers, and newfags

>> No.4590510

>freaks start using that acceptance as an excuse to engage in the 3D stuff.
Can you please elaborate on this? What does "using it as an excuse" even mean?
"Why are you guys mad at me that I shot up this church?! Don't we all play GTA??!"

>> No.4590512

Plenty of non lolicons have been put away for that as well, again this is like saying enough murderers have turned out to have played violent games so there must be a link right? This is a dangerous way of thinking, it ends up just hurting innocents while real criminals can get away with more while everyone's distracted by this bullshit about whether this fictional thing is bad.

>> No.4590583

Yeah seriously, if someone was delusional enough to think that was a good excuse they were already dangerous.

>> No.4590711

Everyone who thinks 2d is 3d are dangerous anon. Studies have only shown that pedos who consume loli art already had some attraction towards real children before their consumption and their brain fucks up and thinks 2d is 3d. It works the same for any guy who mistakes fiction as the real word.

>> No.4590715

I’m not talking about coming down on anything, I’m just saying it’s better for everyone if weird fetishes are shamed. Just look at a pride parade if you want to see what happens when degeneracy gets accepted.
Not clicking on your dolphin porn.
I’m saying that NAMBLA would piggyback off of any mainstream acceptance you got, just like they’ve been doing with the LGBT for decades. I’m not saying they’d be reasonable to do so but they would. Just because the consequences aren’t your fault doesn’t make said consequences not happen.
I’m not debating whether it’s bad. I think it’s neutral. I’m just saying that if fetishists hide their powerlevel, they’ll be fine.

>> No.4590790
File: 273 KB, 450x401, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not clicking on your dolphin porn.
You can't fucking win with these people. I give a direct fucking source and the guy deflects. Don't give this nigger (you)s it's fucking bait.

>> No.4590807
File: 87 KB, 485x485, Image (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whoring and Dick Sucking

>> No.4590848

Pardon me for being cautious about drive links in a thread involving pedophilia.

>> No.4590876

This isn't just about shaming though, it's about equating it with actual child abuse. I've explained multiple times already why that's ultimately harmful for society and helpful for the actual degenerate molesters.

>> No.4590931
File: 1.51 MB, 3000x3000, 15217343039810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At this point, no matter how bad the collab goes, it won't be as bad as this thread.

>> No.4591006

I don’t think most people equate it with child abuse though, just think it’s creepy and weird. I agree that’s not helpful but I think it comes from a position of ignorance instead of malignance in most cases.

>> No.4591017

Oh sweet child...

>> No.4591022

You're a faggot for arguing in miscontruing ideas, making bs claims, and deflecting. I don't know how much I gotta say it. There is no correlation. The only correlation you're seeing is your delusions. Kill yourself you 2d/3d conflating faggot. The world will be better off without (you).

>> No.4591106

>I don’t think most people equate it with child abuse though, just think it’s creepy and weird.
Sure, but this whole conversation started over the kind of people who do.

>> No.4591185
File: 276 KB, 1668x1028, storm status.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice, I remember the link from that one video.

>> No.4591272

You’re the deluded one here if you really do think that. The furries told me the same thing you’re telling me now about how it’s only 2D and nobody ever does anything real, but after that massive zoosadist ring got uncovered I’m real reluctant to give lolicons the same benefit. I don’t think you’re a pedo personally but to pretend a community like, say, Inkbunny doesn’t have some inner circle sharing CP is insane.

>> No.4591499

2D =/= 3D.
Furry is inherently 3D because from the onset the yiffers talked about actual bestiality. Lolicon has existed in 2D form since forever. And pedos tend to hate it because they recognize it's a safe-ish outlet that makes all their justifications about why they are not at fault for being kid diddlers worthless. "Alicecon" has existed since way before in elevenland and it's only recently that normalfags have conflated it with pedophilia after the thought police noticed its existence.
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

>> No.4591500

Faggots deserve their own space where they can be freely sexual without getting criticized, just don't allow children to be near them like with any other group engaging in sexual acts, common sense. Just make clear that lolicon/furry/guro or whatever is entirely NSFW and depicts taboo situations.

>> No.4591569
File: 2.26 MB, 640x495, lulu question mark.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make clear that lolicon/furry/guro or whatever is entirely NSFW and depicts taboo situations
Isn't that a standard banner in every doujin?

>> No.4591583

Like I said, there's no correlation and I posted sources. What you're thinking are fucked monsters who were already bad from the start. Again, if this was true we would see a lot more school shooters affiliated with gaming. But there are none. The only way to believe 2d is 3d is if your brain isn't developed properly, So that's kids and people with illnesses. I'll say it one more time bro. 2d =/= 3d. It's something you need to realize and it's something Nyanners and her fans need to realize. No amount of screeching and "thinking" is ever going to change that.

>> No.4591613

I mean, of course. But also remember ignorant people still believe anime is for kids

>> No.4591676
File: 46 KB, 512x512, lulu gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, normalfags also believe cartoon pornography is worse than "yoga" videos, so whatever.

>> No.4591704

Normalfags can be very deranged sometimes.

>> No.4591763
File: 1.57 MB, 640x460, hima faces.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just put it to them thinking that cartoon = SFW and whatever differs from that makes it worse than literal pedophilia.

>> No.4591844

never, enjoy seething every day

>> No.4592082

I know that 2D isn’t 3D, that much is obvious. All I can really discern from the sources is that pedos might like loli, but liking loli doesn’t make you a pedo, which I already knew. Just be careful, alright? If you don’t want loli associated with pedophilia, my advice would be to keep careful watch for rings showing up and expose them if they’re found, that’s what the furries did with their zoosadist ring and they’ve got my respect for that. I know for a fact that there’s at least one ‘loli’ discord that does that but they’re locked up too tight to expose and require dox to join so there’s no way for me to prove it.

>> No.4592169

>ust be careful, alright? If you don’t want loli associated with pedophilia, my advice would be to keep careful watch for rings showing up and expose them if they’re found,
You really don't think lolicons don't do this? This is the exact reason I don't touch the /b/ loli threads. Glowies shitting up the place and unironic pedos getting way too close to the line.

>> No.4592170
File: 23 KB, 685x288, 1438249148748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eh, I blame it on the west.

>> No.4592182

>watch for rings showing up and expose them if they’re found
they do that all the time because pedos try and sneak in constantly but are unable to blend in at all.

>> No.4592210

>unironic pedos
They make their own threads. Like the many midnight threads.

>> No.4592258

Wow that's so brave of you

>> No.4592347
File: 160 KB, 1282x715, lulululululululululu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4592430


>> No.4592431


>> No.4592528

for Kiara to dust off her steyr aug and end Nyanners

>> No.4592591

A good collab.

>> No.4592612

Pink cat bad

>> No.4592673
File: 114 KB, 565x600, 1619649785663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4592696

Normalfags call anime pedophilia and then go dress their girlfriends up in baby onesies and have her call them daddy

>> No.4592776

Now that we’ve got that settled, does 3D = 4D?

>> No.4592919


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