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For those who just tuned it Adam, explain to the folks at home why your oshi never streams.

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She's on the toilet constantly

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One of the most popular vtuber event for 2023 is Hololive's "Our Bright Parade"
One of the least popular vtuber event for 2023 is Hololive's "Our Bright Assrape"

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throat hort
busy with projects
also depression

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This week I learned just because I masturbated to Coco's graduation announcement doesn't mean I have to share it

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.LIVE might have invented the male vtuber, but I invented the male vtuber up my ass.

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There're rules for how to capture the viewers' hearts, it's for Vtubers. All these rules, they have to follow and they will capture the viewer's hearts. Rule number 1: Have huge breasts.

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A gold plated dildo would make a good retirement gift for a very very very loyal ninjisanji fan

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Vtuber and rapper Calliope Mori released a new album this week and immediately broke chart records. The album is titled "I was there when Nicole and Ron died, OJ did it"

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I miss him

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"Well it's because no one watches streams. The fans hate video games. All they want to see is concerts and karaoke which can't be done all the time."

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People say the worst thing about PekoMiko was the hypocrisy, I disagree.
I thought it was the rape.

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>I’m pretty sure, I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure if you die, the cancer dies at the same time. That’s not a loss. That’s a draw.
Pippa when questioned on the idea of shutting down /vt/

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she walked through blood and bones in the streets of Nanjing looking for her grandpa (he was in northern Hokkaido)

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This Miko's a real jerk

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I want your dick. Please share it.

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I'm sick of these kind of characters. I think we should kill Coco, me and you, go suicide-kill her.

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I just realized that only Ame own a dog. Meaning she own a doghouse. MEANING she's the only straight Holo.

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Both Kronii and Ame.
and they both collab with men...

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drug addiction

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>explain to the folks at home why your oshi never streams.

she died

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Now dont laugh at this.
she killed herself

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Her dog keeps dying for some reason.

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the light was on

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>why your oshi never streams.

Tummy hort, please understand and buy membership thank you.

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Good thread

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I told you not to laugh, Ame
I went through blood and bones...