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>bad end is canon

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What is this image supposed to represent? Did Gura kill her?

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it's a way out

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There is no way out. You're here forever.

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no it's a way out

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Learn punctuation and capitalization

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>dog ending is canon

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>Cop dude lives, gets to reconnect with his wife but the thief dudes family is distraught
>Thief dude lives and has to spend the rest of his life as a fugitive.

I feel like the thief guy got it worst.

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>gura screaming as she tries to separate ame from the in-game character

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The final stream of this game was angered me. To watch Ame keep fucking up and come up with excuses in an attempt to push the blame on Gura was peak Watson bullshit.

I'm so glad she stopped being such a salty cunt.

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Ame's an abusive woman.

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Hello newfriend.
You are dearly missing out on one of the best GurAme collabs.
Please take the time from your day to watch the following two VODs.

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This looks like art of that one guy's ARG, not A Way Out.

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I thought both endings were bad end.

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There actually is no canon end confirmed by the developer himself

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No such thing as a happy ending to a tragic story. Both endings needed to suck.

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Which ending is actually the "canon" in this game?
I think the other ending (Mori & Kiara collab) makes more sense, IMO.

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But Gurame actually follows through on the letter plot point and makes the final hand holding sequence make sense

Also fuck Vincent, not even Mori likes him

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Leo ending is way better than Vincent. At least there's an arc. Otherwise it's just what's expected.

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