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Why are hard working hags so attractive?

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why do they hate eachother?

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Lui is down to earth and makes lots of connections with other Holos, Koyori is ambitious and cutthroat. They just have two seperate approaches to vtubing

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Lui is the shame of HoloX while Koyori is the rising star with an award.

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Lui wants children, Koyo wants degenerate sex. They are not the same.

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I don't buy that they do but my best rrat is that Lui is insecure because she thinks her voice is holding her back as it isn't a typical cute vtuber voice which koyo excels at as a former seiyuu.

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How could Lui possibly be the shame of HoloX when La+ exists

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Koyori's voice is super grating though.

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You got your answer

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Koyori is the future of hololive.
Lui is alright but the comparison is akin to comparing noel* to marine. Ludicrous.
I was very deliberate in not saying furea because I am not trying to impy lui is dogshit

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racist, dwarven hands wrote ths post

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>he doesn't immediately become diamond the moment Koyori calls him Josh-kun

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she grates my dick I'll tell you that much
>muh that doesn't even make any sense anon
She makes my penis hard my heart doki doki and my brain absolutely retarded. Don't fucking (you) me.

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She's by far the worst holo. It's not even fucking close.

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>Damn, real life is hard. Im glad that now i have this cushy job.
>Damn, these superchats be bussin frfr. Why can't everyone just make money lol. God, i need to take another 5 months vacation, this job is so stressful.

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pretty much this
only a few younger ones i enjoy and its mostly due to passion and enjoyment in what they do

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Like Chloe?

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