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Since the girls are all together for holofes, do you think their periods have sync'd up? How does Cover manage to keep them from regularly getting into catfights over makeup?

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Anon, it's all prerecorded. They only have a few girls in the office at a time. They stagger them specifically so they won't all sync up and get the tummy hort at once.

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What the fuck?

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>Anon, it's all prerecorded
Cope more nijinigger
Go watch your shitty ar concert
Oh wait you cant

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that's smart. Yagoo really knows how to deal with them.

I mean can you imagine having them all in one place? They'd probably all start having cat fights because one of them didn't make a sandwich right.

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You think any of these bitches know how to make a sandwich?

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Pathetic coping attempt, lol.

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Some of the hags do

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Only this board would give shit about chubbas’ periods

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You must be 18 to post on this board. When you're older you'll understand the importance of knowing which ~5 days of the month a woman is going to behave irrationally (or more irrationally than usual depending on your perspective).

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Ame does. Or at least Gura says so.

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Some like Kiara and Mumei confirmed to use pills so they don't have periods.
I bet most use it except the JP ones since all women say periods fucking suck

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Why would I give a fuck about the menstrual cycle of women I don’t know nor ever will know?

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i heard that when japanese women have their periods onions sauce comes out is this true

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kek, this is small time
there is AKB 48 with 48 girl on a stage

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Most have already left Japan retard, why do you think they were there a month in advance? It’s basically a karaoke cutscene.

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A good considerate husband and boyfriend keeps track of their periods to help them.
Chumbuds and Teamates figured out their oshis menstrual cycle 2 months after debut.

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do you think their periods have sync'd up?

when you don't have a mother

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Because they’re autistic virgins who have no life

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the question still applies though. Did their periods sync up while they were there? They must've gotten so bitchy as a result of the PMS.

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Someone post the chart.

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Whose periods do the others synch up to? Who is the alpha female?

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Yes, where do you think they work before hololive?

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Do mens erections start synching up when they spend too much time together?

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Yeah that's how gay people are made

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Sora of course

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There isn't even just one "Hololive office", there's a dozen of them throughout Tokyo and each girl thinks the office they go to is the "real one". This system was instituted after the Hitomi Chris incident.

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Maybe Ina and Gura since they were together for all the UNISEA stuff. Plus Fauna and Mumei, since Bae is a bug and they don’t even menstruate.

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I remember those days. What the fuck happened to teamates? Chumbuds have mellowed a bit, but are still numerous and strong, but teamates are far more rare and just seem defeated these days.

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They all menstruate into my mouth

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stagger? like in combat? how the fuck does that relate to their menhera time?

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I really am surrounded by children and third worlders, aren't I?

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Stagger in this context can mean in succession to. That will be $5 for your english lesson.

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Good thing about being vtuber. You don't need to worry about makeup

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you know how women are though. That's the sort of stuff they fight about with each other. Probably fight about their bras too due to the PMS

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